which one of you is the geek again dean


all of them are x fem readers, but if you ever request anything I’m down with any gender or none at all, let me know


Bucky Barnes
in which he blames himself.

Bucky Barnes
in which iris by goo goo dolls is his song.

Tony Stark two
in which he swore nothing to be beautiful again.

In the night / Tony Stark 
in which dollar bills and tears fall down her face.

Bedless / Bucky Barnes
in which he doesn’t notice her drowning.

Bucky Barnes
in which he’s not the only one with the fucked up arm.

Peter Parker
in which he doesn’t even notice hurting her because of the secret.

Peter Parker
in which she’s friends with Spider-man, not Peter Parker.

Peter Parker
n which it’s young, dumb and cliche.

Peter Parker
in which she’s better than Night Nurse.

Peter Parker
in which she’s an artist with a stalker.


Dean Winchester
in which he attempts to protect her, only to have her hurting.

star wars;

Kylo Ren
in which his only purpose is to destroy.

Cassian Andor
in which she knows that he’s going to be gone soon.

Casssian Andor
in which blood loss gets him to admit his feelings.

harry potter;

Newt Scamander part two
in which there’s a flower shop, a lost creature and two shy nature geeks.

Newt Scamander
in which they’re best friends with benefits (but not really since the benefit is literally just sleeping together).

Newt Scamander
in which she does it for him.

Newt Scamander
in which they both have lots of scars.

Draco Malfoy
in which it’s an arranged marriage, so she refuses to believe in anything real.


Jerome Valeska
in which she can read minds, but all she hears from him is silence.

Dick Grayson
the proposal AU.

joker x harley 
part two
part three
part four
part five 
in which it’s you u(nu)sual fucked up love story.