which one of these losers should you take home

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Hey! Just wondering what your favourite fics are? I always see you pop up in the comments section and you always have really interesting things to say :)

Oh wow thank you that’s so a nice compliment. I try but it doesn’t always pan out, sometimes it’s just a ‘’wow this is awesome’’. 

I’ll just name a few of my favorites (bc there are way too many!!) so hopefully no one will feel left out😅

Heart Rise Above by @onceuponamirror​ which is basically brilliant writing with mechanic!Betty. But chapter 17 in specific is a masterpiece that I will never ever get over.

Born Losers by @sylwrites​ who doesn’t love BH meeting and sleuthing together leading to tons of flirting with an awesome JB in it as well? also special mention for the Fall In Light series bc that is just required reading imo, oh and Take Me Home of course……should I just mention everything? naah you get it :) 

Tacos and Tequila by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency​ because sometimes a complete feel good fic is just what you need and this is it.

Something To Tell You by @findingbetty​ which is an amazing character exploration honestly.

The Stacks by @bughead-fic-request which I may have reread like 6 times already, I just love the way BH grows together so much in this one.

And I also want to mention the one-shot The Ninety-Ninth Precinct by @cooperbettycooper which seemed to have disappeared but was an awesome combination of my two favorite things, Bughead & B99/Peraltiago

I’ll leave it at but I could keep going for a while so I tried to limit myself somewhat 🙈

gay-for-rey1999  asked:

So a lot of people rave about @sylwrites and her stories, and rightfully so. But I've noticed that nobody ever refers to her first one, Break Free and Run, which is my personal favorite. Thoughts?

I actually agree with you, Erin. Not enough people are talking about @sylwrites’ first series - Break Free and Run. I adored it as well. It was my first introduction to her awesome talent and I loved her even then. More people should read it and talk about it for sure!

You know, I don’t know if I have a favourite (I lie - my favourite is born losers - but I love all of them - so I know how hard it is to choose a favourite… take me home might soon overtake my born losers love though. I’m a sucker for happy).

But yeah. Thank you for the fun ask! <3