which one isnt i dont care

anyways i think shit around voltron and allura is complicated bc i think the reaction to say that not shipping her w someone is racist is like. valid. but tbh if shipping her w one of the boys gets her the same treatment as sha/llura which was to ignore her chara and just have someone for a boy to fuck then im good. i dont need that. no one in this fandom who isnt black cares about her and id rather see more content with allura just interacting with the team and being herself than a completely bland version of her shipped w whoever the boy of the week is.

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i have been following in love with astro lately but i need to desperately know, who is the gayest member of astro?? please hook a homie up

sorry this took so long to answer but i didnt really??? know what to say lmao like unless someone /really/ strikes me as lgbt i dont usually think of it much tbfh?? but for the sake of this message i talked to @mama-kisu about it and this is what we got:

  • jinjin probably bc he doesnt give a fuck?? like he’s always so happy to call himself the mother which isnt an indicator of his sexuality but does kind of show that he doesn’t care much about gender roles and stuff
  • one hella gay astro moment i always remember is this . they had to do that bc that was the script/mission, but they?? didn’t turn it into smth funny more than it was needed, like they didn’t mock the mlm situation bless i love astro
  • also eunwoo in that video didnt care at all lmao at one point he was leading jinjin even though it was jinjin’s mission?? like he put his arm around him and when the girl asked jinjin what he likes about eunwoo, eunwoo looked jinjin in the eyes like???? no shit given
  • that’s why i also see eunwoo as one of the gayest members
  • tbh all astro members are chill af and they?? dont care lmao 
  • apparently at some fansign event a male fan showed up and they all hugged him and were cute and nice af and i cry
  • eunwoo is the actor of the group so he often ends up having to act up stuff like this and idk if it’s his professionalism and love for acting or he just really doesn’t mind stuff like that also jinyoung is next level
  • in conclusion imo it’s not necessarily about who’s the gayest but more like??? none of them care lmao i’m thankful for astro 

one time i was crying and said something to the effect of “i feel like everyone but me knows this relationship isnt real and im an idiot, i dont like feeling like an idiot” and he told me no, no, that wasnt true, he cared about me, this was indeed a relationship, blah blah blah. but it was true. it wasnt a relationship to anybody else except me which is why he didnt bother telling me when he slept with other people because! well! it isnt Really a relationship so it isnt worth telling me??? i guess?? it’s all so humiliating. i feel like such a moron to let myself get played like that, and for so long too. we had some wonderful times and i dont regret those but i wish people would just communicate what theyre feeling instead of just saying whatever you gotta say to keep me calm. id rather temporarily have my feelings hurt and be told the truth than go through over a year of not being told what was up. it’s hurtful and makes me insecure and untrusting of all my other relationships-romantic and platonic.

You know a lot of people dont realize this….

But All animals dont make the best of parents…Sometimes animals say to us “Hey this isnt what i signed up for” and then we have to raise the baby for awhile until she comes to her senses or the baby can take care of itself.  This baby Milky Eagle Owl is just one such example. Owl hatchlings are somewhat in between two main categories of hatchlings know as precocial and altricial know as “semi-altricial. Which means that although they maybe covered in down feathers and can stand(more like wobble then fall) they still need parental rearing…

"Precocial” and “altricial,” two words describing the degree of development in young birds at hatching, are good examples of useful scientific jargon. A precocial bird is “capable of moving around on its own soon after hatching.” While Altricial means “incapable of moving around on its own soon after hatchling.” It comes from a Latin root meaning “to nourish” a reference to the need for extensive parental care required before fledgling. 

With most animals we keep, we like to leave as minimum of an impression as possible. To allow nature and instinct to be the main factor in mental development. The best way(well 3rd best technically) to handle that is whats know as puppet rearing(seen here). This is a way of feeding and imprinting so little old man fluff fluff here learns he’s an owl

To learn more things people dont realize about zoos here ~> Zoos Queues

okay so if it wasnt clear enough, i am ENTIRELY against shaladin,like all antis (as mentioned prior i dont really care for the term anti so i dont refer to myself as one) but i dont entirely get why antis dislike otayuri (which im quite fond of). I mean yes its weird for a 15 year old to be with a legal adult, but yuri is now 16 and has been for over a month, if u go by real time. if u go by america’s romeo and juliet law, their mutual liking really isnt bad at all (and they dont even live in america). Including so, why does every relationship include sex? i mean when u think of a relationship of two teens, u think mostly of kisses and holding hands, which hopefully, is what i expect out of otayuri. the only anti-otayuri stigma i can think of is that it might tend to fujoshis???? and otabek could be far more mature than yuri?? im not entirely sure but i would love to hear what antis have to say. (also this isnt a callout post or anything!!! i just wanna know whats so bad so i can stop shipping it if i need to!!) 

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I dont even care. Ive made her (@marythenurse) quit writing which was what I wanted. One less of you sick people writing this trash! Buh bye

You know what’s funny, that you say I’m such a horrible person for what I like when you’re going out of your way to go on someone’s blog (that you don’t even like) just to send hate. (Anonymously might I add.) Cause people like you are cowards lol. Who’s the real sick piece of shit now? And we’ve got a whole Negan thirst squad WHO ISNT GOING ANYWHERE so get used to us 😘😘😘😘

Please take notice

Its great that youre all praying for paris but keep in mind that lebanon and baghdad have had bombings in the same day, mexico and japan have had natural disasters. Nyc is in lock down as i type this. Millions are having mass panic and caring about one country and avoiding the others isnt going to do much so please open your hearts to others whom are suffering as well please keep them in your prayers and hope for the best, even if you dont believe in anything please donate to charities which will help them get back on their feet. They all need this and you all need to pay attention towards the others aswell. Please be safe out there and keep your loved ones close, we dont know whats happening out there.

What happened a year ago (Part 1)

Genre: Angst/ Smut? (mentions of alcohol & smoking)

Members: Jungkook x Taehyung x Jimin

A/n: Hi everyone, this is my first BTS scenario and i decided to write one on the maknae line ^^. Im not sure if this series will contain smut but i guess we will see as time progresses (since i dunno if i have it in me to write a decent smut let alone a decent scenario HAHAHAHA!!!) But I hope you guys enjoy this. Please feel free to message me for comments regarding this fic ♡.

As soon as you arrived at Namjoon’s for his weekly “get together”, you fought your way through the crowd as you headed straight for his bar grabbing a bottle of vodka and filling a glass with it. You drank everything instantly getting yourself ready for what you were to go through tonight. As soon as you drank everything in the glass, you turned around and leaned against the bar as you scanned the room for him. And as expected there he was.

Jungkook was across the room from you holding a glass of scotch on the rocks whispering something to a brunette in a mini-skirt. A scene all too familiar to you by now but never the less it still stung you. It was as if the universe was mocking you displaying the two of them right in front of you for a front row seat to the show. Upon seeing this you refilled your glass again not removing your gaze on the two. You could see Jungkook’s view going lower to the brunette’s legs as he intentionally grazed the cold glass of scotch he was holding against the girl’s legs startling her. The cue for you to drink your recently filled glass of vodka down again.

You were about to refill your glass once more when..

“You seem thirsty.” Taehyung said snatching the vodka bottle from your hands and drank a bit of it straight from the bottle. “I didnt know you drank vodka these days?” he said upon reading what it was he just drank since it hit him by surprise.

You just sneered at him annoyed that he was disturbing you from drinking. You would have fought for the bottle back but you were just too pissed off to give him attention.

“Fuck off, Tae” You said before you decided to just give up on the bottle and grabbed the pack of cigarettes you had out of your pocket. You already had a stick between your lips and had it lit when..

“And you smoke now too.” Taehyung grabbed the stick away from you as well puffing a smoke from it before placing it on an ashtray by the bar away from your reach.

“Seriously?” You said rolling your eyes at him before trying to get another stick from your pack when Taehyung beat you to it as well. Now he was ticking you way off.

“Ya, those are whats keeping me sane right now okay? so hand them over.” You said demanding for the pack back but taehyung wouldnt budge.

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Why are there going to be transmysoginistic jokes? I'm not caught up but I didn't think there was a new update yet, what happened? D:

this isnt an update thing

march eridan is a running joke in the hs fandom in which people draw eridan in an outfit featured in one of the homestuck calendars in? 2011? idk which year, but the original is the third image along in that link. the “joke” is basically… a guy in a skirt. even the artist admitted that. and during march every year everyone draws eridan in this outfit, but its usually coupled with further transmiogynistic jokes.

the idea of eridan in a skirt is cute, but the fandom portrayal and execution of it isnt cute at all. its usually just blatantly offensive and like i said, just perpetuates the original “man in a skirt "joke”“ that it was originally drawn as

people have tried to turn march eridan into something a little more positive and less of an offensive joke, but too many people want to follow some weird gross Tradition of keeping it offensive and disrespectful.

it was even in canon where sollux made a jab at eridan in the outfit in one of the ministrife flashes which? doesnt make sense considering trolls apparently dont care about gender or anything. they care enough to make jabs at male trolls for wearing ~girl clothes~ though i guess. i dunno. i hope this makes sense.