which one is noodles

*walks up to a lesbian couple*

“so which one of you didn’t think you had to cook noodles and which one of you tried to cut butternut squash with a hammer?”

Sooo, I said I’d finish one of these. Well, it’s not 100%  finished but at least its coloured now

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Good day! How are you doing today? I have a question. How do you deal with Rouge's legs? Some artists draw her with a human lady's legs but others draw her with noodle legs and I'm not sure which one is correct.

hi! i’m doing fine thanks! well.. i woudn’t dare to say which one is correct since it’s each’s one style,

but if we want to do it the SEGA style we’d have to look at the official art

on official art, Rouge’s body is shaped like a peanut, and her legs are endeed noodles, its a way to do it of course, its very simple too

now, Rouge on 3D model, she hasn’t exactly thin noodles, she has thighs

so i’d just say the one wich is easier to do or the way you like the most is the correct way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hehe hope this was enough understable :D

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It was a sunny day when Napsu decided to go on adventure. Unfortunately he tripped while walking and fell in to a ditch. THE END

remember when I asked you guys about some awful bedtime stories? This isn’t it.

he doesn’t get the word allusion

If Noodle tries to say ‘2D’ in Japanese, she’d only be able to say 'Ni’ (2) properly but if she referred to him just by that + an honorific, she’d be calling him (O)nisan which means big brother in Japanese.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks it’d be cute if she used to call him that in phase 1 and 2.

McHanzo Week: Day 6 - Domestic Life

McCree-Shimada House Rules 

See if you can guess who wrote which ones…

  • Noodles should not be encouraged to sleep in the bed. They have their own bed. That bed can be, in certain circumstances, Jesse’s nightshirt.
  • The Great Shimada Dragons should not be referred to as ‘noodles’ as much as possible. Some exceptions will be allowed.
  • Hanzo may not go grocery shopping while hungry. Not only because he is prone to ‘impulse purchases,’ but also because he is very mean when he is ‘hangry.’
  • Jesse can enter the kitchen for cleaning purposes, but any elaborate cooking plan must be supervised.
  • Hanzo can enter the bathroom for cleaning purposes, but has to clean the sink because his ‘meticulous grooming process’ leaves so much hair everywhere, how is it even possible.
  • The mat directly at the front door is not the appropriate place to leave cowboy boots.
  • Sonic arrows are not a better alternative to finding where each other is. Get up and look and stop leaving holes in the walls.
  • It is rude for one to throw their prosthetic limb when asked if they can ‘lend a hand’ on a given chore.
  • It’s even more rude to refuse to give back one’s prosthetic limb after a well-executed hand joke.
  • Both parties will never end the evening angry, even if they both must remain awake for some time to handle a disagreement.
  • Make-up sex is extremely encouraged, please and thank you.
OTP Questions- Sick Edition

1. Which one gets sick fairly often? Which one almost never gets sick?

2. Which one wants to be taken care of when they’re sick? Which one wants to be left alone?

3. Which one hovers over the other when they’re sick?

4. Which one makes amazing homemade soup to help the other feel better? Which one ruins canned chicken noodle?

5. Which one stubbornly tries to pretend that they aren’t sick?

6. Which one refuses to kiss the other while sick? Which one insists on kissing them anyway?

7. Which one hates going to see the doctor? Which one drags them there when absolutely necessary?

8. Which one insists that the other isn’t contagious, then proceeds to catch what they have? Which one tries not to say “I told you so”? (Or doesn’t!)

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Kara and Lena are basically an old married couple before they even know each other’s names.

When Kara starts college, she practically moves into the library. Deciding to double major in astrophysics and journalism, means you just have to resign yourself to that fate. But Kara ends up less resigned and more delighted when she winds up sharing a table with probably the single most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen. What starts out as a quick solution to limited space in the library soon turns into a quiet companionship.

They rarely talk beyond quick hellos and quiet complaints of ridiculous workloads, until one day they realize they’ve fallen into a pattern. They know each other’s library schedules, bring each other coffee and study snacks, remind each other to eat and sleep, and even have a rotating system of who picks up their dinners while the other mans the table each night. Somehow, Kara reaches the last month of the semester and realizes she doesn’t even know her library buddy’s name? She knows that she takes her coffee with one sugar and light cream, knows that she only eats twizzlers after rough calc exams. Kara even knows that she prefers tomato soup over chicken noodle when she’s sick (which she learned one weekend, crashing at Pretty Lady’s apartment after Pretty Lady came down with the flu but insisted upon being there for their usual study date … meaning Kara had to practically carry the poor sick woman home and force-feed her meds)

So Kara’s left wondering, How does someone go about asking the girl who she’s practically dating what her name is?