which one is noodles

*walks up to a lesbian couple*

“so which one of you didn’t think you had to cook noodles and which one of you tried to cut butternut squash with a hammer?”

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Good day! How are you doing today? I have a question. How do you deal with Rouge's legs? Some artists draw her with a human lady's legs but others draw her with noodle legs and I'm not sure which one is correct.

hi! i’m doing fine thanks! well.. i woudn’t dare to say which one is correct since it’s each’s one style,

but if we want to do it the SEGA style we’d have to look at the official art

on official art, Rouge’s body is shaped like a peanut, and her legs are endeed noodles, its a way to do it of course, its very simple too

now, Rouge on 3D model, she hasn’t exactly thin noodles, she has thighs

so i’d just say the one wich is easier to do or the way you like the most is the correct way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hehe hope this was enough understable :D

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Can you write scenario where boys (RFA and V + Saeran) try to kiss for the first time MC, but someone interrupt them? I love your headcannons and scenarios <3

Thanks! Hope you like these:) We made them extra fluffy~


  • You guys were on your first date
  • After having a nice dinner and a good time outside, he brings you back to his place
  • He wants to set the mood, so he brings you up to the rooftop of his apartment
  • You two are leaning against the railing and the stars are glittering above you
  • You two were standing apart, but then somehow you drifted closer
  • Zen feels goosebumps when your shoulders touch
  • His fingers brush against your hand, and you turn to face him
  • His breath is carried away in the wind when you turn to face him, your eyes reflecting the moon shining above
  • You’re just so beautiful in that moment and he finds himself inching forward in anticipating
  • He barely manages to whisper your name when you two are inches apart
  • A loud creak shatters the moment and another apartment resident seemed to have the same idea with his own girlfriend
  • With the moment already ruined, Zen just offers to walk you home since it’s getting late
  • You’re near your doorstep when you push yourself onto your toes and press a kiss to his lips
  • He’s stunned for a few minutes after–even after you retreat into your home
  • When it registers, adrenaline rushes through his veins and he just can’t stop grinning for the rest of the night


  • You two are studying for your upcoming test and Yoosung takes every opportunity to be close to you
  • Thankfully the library is mostly empty
  • He’s feeling shy, but at the same time, he’s trying to be a little bolder today
  • When you ask a question, he makes his move and gently slides his arm behind you
  • He answers, but doesn’t move his arm away
  • A few more questions later, and you finally look at him
  • Your eyes lock, and Yoosung could feel those butterflies in his stomach
  • He felt like a schoolboy really…giddy and on cloud nine
  • You were so close, your cheeks dusted pink
  • He leans just a little bit closer
  • But then the librarian walks by
  • He pulls away and pretends to look at his book, his face hot
  • He doesn’t want to give up, so once she leaves, he tries it again
  • Again, the librarian passes by
  • By the third try, Yoosung gives up and pulls his arm back to his side
  • But his attempts didn’t go unnoticed
  • You call his name gently and he turns to look at you
  • He flinches when you’re mere inches from his face
  • Your finger grazes under his chin, pulling him closer until your lips brush against his in a gentle, feather light kiss
  • It lasted less than three seconds, but small currents of energy shot through him
  • When you pulled away, you were blushing and he stared at you slack jawed
  • He gives you a small smile before interlacing his fingers with yours and returning his attention back to his studies


  • He invited you to his house for a relaxing evening
  • You had a pleasant meal and a little wine, and now you were just enjoying each other’s company in his living room
  • The conversation led to dancing and you admitted you’ve never danced before
  • He puts some soft music on and moves the furniture out of the way
  • He extends his hand to you and offers to teach you
  • He’s an excellent teacher, and you have the waltz down in no time
  • Maybe because he’s really taking the lead and your focus is more on his grey eyes that are fixated on your own
  • It’s as if time stops, and the music in the background is slowly pulling you two closer
  • After a while, the gentle steps slow to a stand still
  • His grip on your waist tightens, and his eyes trail down to your lips
  • His heart is pounding and his head feels muddled
  • For once, he doesn’t try to control himself and lets his head lean forward
  • Your foreheads touch…then your noses brush together…his eyes flutter shut…
  • Then the yelp of a woman makes you two jump three feet apart
  • One of his cleaning staff entered but quickly fled upon seeing you
  • Jumin didn’t realize it was so late…and also that he forgot to lock the door
  • He apologetically goes to lock the door
  • When he returns, there is a thick silence between you two
  • You exchange hesitant glances and mumble a few broken syllables in attempt to start a sentence
  • Finally, Jumin can’t take it anymore
  • He cups your face and captures your mouth in a searing kiss
  • For the next few moments, you are lost in a swirl of heat, then you both pull away flushed and breathless
  • After you both recover, his lips twitch upwards in a small smile before pulling you back in his arms and leading you in a dance once again


  • It was another RFA party, and the guest list was huge
  • It was near the end of the night, and Seven noticed you were getting a little overwhelmed with the guests bombarding you
  • He interjects himself in the conversation and somehow manages to pull you away from the crowd
  • He asks if you want to escape the place for a little, and you can’t refuse
  • You two go to the convenient store across the street and get one bowl of ramen and two cans of iced coffee
  • Not wanting to return into the building again, you two just sit on the street curb and eat and talk
  • You start to notice Seven watching which noodles you pick before intently choosing one of his own with his chopsticks
  • You’re starting to catch on to what he’s doing
  • Finally, he succeeds and he manages to find the same noodle you had put in your mouth
  • He’s on the other end, and he suggests you two play a little game: see how far you can eat from both ends without breaking the noodle
  • He thinks it’s a great idea until the distance between your face and his gets smaller and smaller
  • The noodle breaks when you’re only a few centimeters apart
  • But neither one of you can find the willpower to move apart
  • He keeps inching closer, his gaze flitting down to your lips before snapping back to your eyes again
  • The warmth of your nearness banishes any chill in the air, and when your foreheads touch, he’s sure he’s going to burst into flames
  • The invisible string pulling you closer snaps when a familiar voice breaks the silence
  • Seven is vaguely aware of Yoosung calling you two back into the building and mildly scolding you for leaving in the first place
  • Seven’s face floods with heat and he’s mentally slapping himself for trying to get close to you in such a devious way
  • You two both stand and make your way towards the building, but just before you go in, you grab his arm
  • You grasp his tie and yank him down so his lips finally meet yours
  • His brain short circuits upon contact, and all he registers is the taste of coffee on your lips
  • His entire body goes into paralysis, and he barely remembers to kiss back before you pull away
  • You mutter a thank you, your cheeks red and yours eyes darting to the ground  
  • He’s left outside in a daze for a little longer before following you back inside


  • It was a nice breezy day, so you two decided to take a stroll
  • You guys take a rest under a large tree in this secluded area
  • You’re feeling a bit tired, so your head ends up falling between his shoulder and chest
  • His heart starts thumping a bit harder, but he tries to stay calm as you quietly talk to him
  • The wind teases your hair onto his cheeks, carrying your distinct sweet smell to his brain
  • He’s suddenly aware of every place you’re touching him, and his senses are overloading his mind
  • Then you look up at the same moment he looks down at you
  • He bites his lips and attempts to look away, but he just can’t
  • He opens his mouth in attempts to say something, but he’s not sure what exactly to say
  • Should he confess? Should he push you away? 
  • All the while, you two are drifting closer and closer
  • Just as he resolves to just kiss you already, some kid runs over and shamelessly asks for help to retrieve his kite from the tree above them
  • At first, Saeran was a little annoyed, but he couldn’t deny the kid
  • When he gets the kite and hands it off, you turn to him and press a chaste kiss to his cheek
  • He grabs your arm before you can retreat
  • His crashes his lips against yours, somehow translating all his unspoken emotions into a single touch
  • You’re the one left a little breathless as he takes your hand and continues walking as if nothing ever happened 


  • You guys went out to get ice cream together
  • You two are just sitting by this nice closed area in this park, enjoying each other’s company
  • You notice he gets a smudge of it on his bottom lip
  • When you point it out, he asks if you can wipe it off for him since his hands are full with the ice cream and his camera
  • He leans forward, but because his sight hasn’t fully recovered so his depth perception is a bit off
  • He ends up getting really close to your face, but he doesn’t realize until his nose bumps with yours
  • Blushing a bit, he pulls a little back
  • He gets shivers when your thumb brushes against his bottom lip
  • Unknowingly, he gets closer until your noses are brushing against each other again
  • You are forced apart when a dog charges in between you
  • The owner comes by a little after and apologizes before catching his pet and returning to the trail
  • There’s a little awkward silence between you and V afterwards
  • He lets out a nervous chuckle before turning to you again
  • He asks if there’s still some ice cream on his lip, and you don’t miss the teasing interlaced in his voice
  • You take the bait and claim you would check before getting super close to his face once more
  • This time, the distance between you really does close with a delicate brush of the lips
  • It’s enough to send a thrill through your limbs
  • When you two are done eating, he lay back in the grass and you gently rest your head against his arm

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If Noodle tries to say ‘2D’ in Japanese, she’d only be able to say 'Ni’ (2) properly but if she referred to him just by that + an honorific, she’d be calling him (O)nisan which means big brother in Japanese.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks it’d be cute if she used to call him that in phase 1 and 2.

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It was a sunny day when Napsu decided to go on adventure. Unfortunately he tripped while walking and fell in to a ditch. THE END

remember when I asked you guys about some awful bedtime stories? This isn’t it.

he doesn’t get the word allusion

McHanzo Week: Day 6 - Domestic Life

McCree-Shimada House Rules 

See if you can guess who wrote which ones…

  • Noodles should not be encouraged to sleep in the bed. They have their own bed. That bed can be, in certain circumstances, Jesse’s nightshirt.
  • The Great Shimada Dragons should not be referred to as ‘noodles’ as much as possible. Some exceptions will be allowed.
  • Hanzo may not go grocery shopping while hungry. Not only because he is prone to ‘impulse purchases,’ but also because he is very mean when he is ‘hangry.’
  • Jesse can enter the kitchen for cleaning purposes, but any elaborate cooking plan must be supervised.
  • Hanzo can enter the bathroom for cleaning purposes, but has to clean the sink because his ‘meticulous grooming process’ leaves so much hair everywhere, how is it even possible.
  • The mat directly at the front door is not the appropriate place to leave cowboy boots.
  • Sonic arrows are not a better alternative to finding where each other is. Get up and look and stop leaving holes in the walls.
  • It is rude for one to throw their prosthetic limb when asked if they can ‘lend a hand’ on a given chore.
  • It’s even more rude to refuse to give back one’s prosthetic limb after a well-executed hand joke.
  • Both parties will never end the evening angry, even if they both must remain awake for some time to handle a disagreement.
  • Make-up sex is extremely encouraged, please and thank you.

foods of thedas :  TEVINTER

as with most things in tevinter, the food aspires to be effortlessly stylish & oppressively opulent. for those who can afford it, every meal is fine dining, combining rich flavours with expensive ingredients. it is a matter of pride for magisters to be able to transport exotic items to their villas, no matter how far away the source is. the most impressive ingredient, however, is lyrium, which is often mixed with spiced wine or tea at the more decadent parties. being able to acquire these ingredients illustrates wealth & power, and many use this to their full advantage with the tradition of VENDITATI LUCRIS – the offering of food made to a new neighbour, as both a greeting and a statement of superiority. traditional dishes include fugu sashimi, bun bo hue, honey-roasted figs, and red jasmine tea.


I only really joined the band to make music, and now, I’m being held captive by a bastard bass player in an underwater submarine, being attacked by sodding pirates who are trying to take over this rotten piece of broken plastic in the ocean that Gorillaz call “home”. All this, just to make a video.

OTP Questions- Sick Edition

1. Which one gets sick fairly often? Which one almost never gets sick?

2. Which one wants to be taken care of when they’re sick? Which one wants to be left alone?

3. Which one hovers over the other when they’re sick?

4. Which one makes amazing homemade soup to help the other feel better? Which one ruins canned chicken noodle?

5. Which one stubbornly tries to pretend that they aren’t sick?

6. Which one refuses to kiss the other while sick? Which one insists on kissing them anyway?

7. Which one hates going to see the doctor? Which one drags them there when absolutely necessary?

8. Which one insists that the other isn’t contagious, then proceeds to catch what they have? Which one tries not to say “I told you so”? (Or doesn’t!)

—Have any themes for OTP question lists you’d like to see? Drop me an ask!—-

Spinach Pesto Pasta

Here’s a super fresh dish that keeps getting better in the fridge. It’s great to pull from for packed lunches or simply just to have around for a few days. It uses one of my favorite pantry ingredients, which are these edamame noodles. They bring an amount of protein equivalent to a 4 oz portion of chicken with a notable share of iron and potassium. You’ll get your fiber and your noodle fix without a crash later on. The pesto wallops you with flavor, healthy fat, and micronutrients. You’ll be set on vitamins A + K, folate, and manganese. Vitamin C doesn’t look shabby either, so paired with the macronutrients you’re looking at a powerful player in your lunch box.

10 oz Explore Cuisine Edamame Spaghetti
2 TBSP butter or butter substitute (I use Smart Balance) + 1 TBSP olive oil
4 oz white wine
small onion, diced
4 oz mushrooms, diced
1 oz fresh basil
1.5 oz baby spinach
3 cloves garlic
1 oz almonds
2 TBSP olive oil
juice of a whole lemon
salt, to taste
black pepper, to taste

In salted water, prepare the edamame spaghetti. It cooks very quickly so get that done and set it aside to drain off in a strainer. In a food processor or blender, add the basil, spinach, garlic, almonds, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Blitz it until smooth and then set aside. In a large skillet, heat the butter until it melts into the olive oil, then saute the onion until it’s soft and fragrant. Add the mushrooms to begin softening them for a few minutes. Salt and pepper the vegetables and deglaze with the white wine. Once it bubbles, lower the heat and allow the wine to reduce and cook off the alcohol. Next, add the drained noodles and thoroughly combine. Once it heats through, add the pesto and do the same. The goal is to cook off some of the raw flavors without losing the freshness of the basil. Serves 5-6.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Requested By: Both Anonymous

Hey :) How about a Peter X Tony sickfic ?☺️ That would be wonderful xxx

Helluu, a fanfiction where tony stark is sick and Peter cares about him. That’ll be great💚💙💜

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader x Tony Stark (Dad goals af)

Description: Where Tony gets sick and Peter takes care of him with an endless amount of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Warnings: It’s really cute, slight swearing, and Tony is dad goals to Peter but we already knew that !!!

Word Count: 2,196

A/N: I hope you don’t mind, I added the reader into this also because I though it made the story flow a lot better and it was easier to write it that way :)) So therefore, I kinda changed the request up a bit, but it’s still so funny. Enjoy!

Originally posted by hardyness

Incoming Call From: Y/N

“Shit, nononono end call, end call.” Peter whisper yelled, but he was too late, up on the screen came Y/N, and beside her was Tony.

“Mr. Parker!” Tony spoke casually, taking his glasses off nonchalantly, as you sat next to him.

“Sorry Peter, he took my phone since you wouldn’t answer his call.” You shrugged, picking at your nail polish as Tony rolled his eyes.

“Yes, next time, answer my call. Anyways I needed to talk to you.” Tony coughed, making you scoot away from him as Peter was cautiously looking around him.

The boat soon blew its horn, making Tony’s eyes widen and his eyebrows raise in curiosity.

“What was that? Where are you?” Tony questioned skeptically, making Peter nervously swallow as he glanced around and saw the bad guys meeting.

“I-I’m at band practice.” Peter nervously responded, but Tony wasn’t having it.

“That’s strange, Happy told me you quit band practice two weeks ago..” He trailed off, looking into the screen as Peter’s eyes widened.

“Yeah well, I gotta go, end call!” Peter shouted, before flying off the side and interrupting the bad guys meeting.

“Hey guys, am I late?” He asked casually, as the bad guys whipped their guns out to shoot him.

You on the other hand were stuck in the car with an angry Tony Stark, making you groan.

“He’s doing some stupid shit isn’t he?” You asked, making Tony nod his head and instantly call someone on his phone.

“Like usual, I’ll probably have to fix his mess.” Tony groaned, rubbing his forehead.

“Not to be rude or anything Mr. Stark, but you aren’t looking so good, are you okay?” You questioned, noticing how pale he had gotten and how he was starting to sweat a little bit.

“I think I’m coming down with something, Cap probably gave me it knowing him.” Tony rolled his eyes, as you did your best to hide your laugh.

You both soon arrived back at the Avengers compound, Tony flying off to save Peter’s ass like usual.

You on the other hand were watching the news, seeing a boat had been cut in half and was sinking in the middle of the ocean, and sure enough there was Peter, trying to save the day, before Tony flew in, fixing the ship.

He was so dead.

You eventually went to bed, you heard them both arrive late in the morning, around three am, Peter was being scolded by Tony, probably for the millionth time.

You decided to find out more in the morning.

Bright light soon shone through your window, making you cover your eyes before you forcefully made yourself get out of bed, going to get your morning cup of tea.

You spotted Peter sitting at the table, a distraught look on his face as he pushed his food around on his plate.

“Morning Spidey.” You smiled, making his head snap up at your voice, his eyes narrowing at you.

“It’s Peter, you know that.” He muttered, making you roll your eyes slightly, someone was in a mood.

“You know, if you want to be in a bitchy mood, you can go somewhere else.” You suggested, putting the tea bag in the hot water.

Peter groaned, covering his face before letting out a deep sigh.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that.” He glanced over at you, as you gave a slight nod in response.

“I know, I saw what happened, but just because it did, doesn’t mean you should take your frustration and anger out on others alright?” You sat down at the table, pressing your spoon against the tea bag.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did, I’m just annoyed that Mr. Stark doesn’t trust me enough. He took my suit.” Peter sighed sadly, as you listened carefully.

“Well, you’re still great without it Peter, we all know that, I’m positive Tony knows that too.” You hummed, taking a sip of your tea, which was delicious by the way.

“I know something you can do, to make up for what you did, it’s not going to fix things instantly, but it should help bump you up.” You offered, making his face light up a bit.

“Tony is sick, and I have to leave, therefore, that leaves you, I bet if you help take care of him, you’ll work some magic.” You smiled, motioning towards the cans of soup.

Peter nodded, getting up and looking at all the different types of soup.

“Since that’s settled, I gotta go, see ya later.” You waved, before exiting to your room, and getting ready.

Peter on the other hand was still looking over all the soups, there were so many choices, and he had no clue which soup Tony liked.

He eventually decided on Chicken Noodle Soup, one of his favorites that his Aunt May would make him when he was sick.

He put it in a bowl, heating it up, before putting it on a tray with a glass of orange juice, before walking to Tony’s room.

He hesitantly knocked on the door, hearing a ’come in!’ before he entered, seeing Tony laying in bed, tissues scattering the area.

“Parker, what are you doing here?” Tony wheezed out, before coughing and groaning.

“I brought you some soup, y-you know to help you f-feel better.” He responded nervously, wanting this to be a start to a recovery.

“Oh, thank you.” Tony replied, sitting up as Peter placed the tray in his lap.

“It’s Chicken Noodle.” Peter smiled, proud of himself as Tony gave an approval nod as he ate the soup.

“Thank you Parker, this was really generous of you.” Tony smiled slightly, before laying back down.

“Everyone kinda left, so I’ll be here if you need anything.” Peter offered, as Tony nodded, before exiting the room.

As Peter walked down the hallway, he gave fist bump to the air, it was already working.

A few hours passed and Peter had given Tony some medicine, some more orange juice, and lots of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Peter was now in the kitchen once again, making another can of Chicken Noodle Soup, a grin on his face.

In a way, Tony was a father figure to him, he was someone that actually saw something in him, and it meant a lot.

Therefore, all the soup making and orange juice giving, it was like he was taking care of his own dad, something he never thought he’d ever do in his life.

“Knock knock!” Peter spoke through the door, as Tony allowed him in.

“Parker, let me guess, Chicken Noodle Soup?” Tony rolled his eyes playfully, a small grin on his face as Peter laughed, handing him the tray once again.

“How’d you know? It’s the special soup of the day!” Peter joked, making Tony laugh slightly.

Although Peter had made a lot of destruction in the past twenty-four hours, Tony was glad Peter was there to help take care of him, sure there was a lot of soup, like A LOT, but Peter was willing to look past everything, and so was Tony.

“You know, kid, I really appreciate you doing this, you didn’t have to.” Tony spoke up before Peter left, making him stop dead in his tracks.

“I know, but, I mean, you mean, you know?” Peter stammered, unable to find the right words, making Tony nod in understanding.

“I know.” Tony smiled, making Peter smile back before leaving his room, the smile never leaving his face.

Tony on the other hand, was having his sixth can of Chicken Noodle Soup, secretly praying he’d be feeling better tomorrow before he became a Chicken Noodle himself.

Eventually everyone returned back to the compound, checking in on Tony, before heading to bed.

Peter did the same, but not before giving Tony some orange juice, then heading to bed.

The night went by fairly quick, surprising Peter as he woke up to the smell of bacon cooking.

He stumbled out of bed, seeing Tony cooking breakfast, something that he wasn’t used to.

“Mr. Stark, you’re feeling better.” Peter spoke, as Tony gave a small smile, nodding at him.

“Indeed I am, please, sit.” He motioned to the table, where Peter sat down, unsure of what was happening.

“You know, being sick, I’ve been thinking a lot, and I’ve decided to give you your suit back, I know you were just doing what you thought was right, and when I was your age, I would of done the same thing.” Tony explained as Peter listened intently, playing with his fingers anxiously.

“Thank you Mr. Stark, I won’t let you down again, I promise.” Peter swore, making Tony chuckle as he put some food down on a plate and gave it to Peter, who was a bit shocked.

“I know you won’t, eat up kid, big day ahead of us.” Tony winked, making Peter’s smile widen, before he dove into the breakfast, which was amazing.

Tony soon left the kitchen, going to get ready himself, as Peter sat there eating his food, his heart racing with excitement.

He got his suit back, Tony wasn’t disappointed in him, he was proud of him.

“Hey Spidey, or should I say Peter?” You asked, walking into the kitchen, starling Peter, before a smile broke out on his face.

“Hey Y/N, your plan worked by the way, so thank you.” Peter smiled, making you grin, nodding in approval.

“I told you it would, Tony is a sucker for soup.” You laughed, once again making your cup of tea before joining Peter at the table.

“So you got the suit back?” You questioned, sipping your tea as Peter nodded in response.

“Yeah, I think I’m going on a mission in a few, Mr. Stark even made me breakfast.” Peter grinned, bragging to you, making you laugh slightly.

“Congratulations, you must feel very special.” You teased, making him blush slightly.

“You know, I couldn’t help but notice every time I see you, you’re drinking tea?” He commented, making you raise your eyebrows slightly.

“Sore throat, helps ease it.” You responded vaguely, watching Peter carefully as he processed what you said, his eyes widening.

“Oh my god, you’re sick! You’re the guilty one!” Peter whisper shouted, a smile on his face as you sipped your tea again.

“Shhh he doesn’t need to know.” You laughed, as Peter laughed with you, however Tony soon found out it was you and not Cap.

“Hey Y/N, I have someone that wants to see you!” Tony smiled wickedly, making your eyebrows raise slightly, you weren’t allowed to leave your room now since he’d discovered you were the one that had gotten him sick.

Therefore, this was Tony’s punishment to you.

“THe SoUP oF ThE DaY iS ChIcKEN NoOdLE!”

stone-cold-roses  asked:

If you dont mind me asking, how much does owning a snake cost? I really want to get a ball python but im not sure how much to save? Between the vet and enclosure id really appreciate a rough estimate. Thank you!!!

Okay! *cracks knuckles* The BEST tumblr resource you can find is @wheremyscalesslither​ ‘s snake resources, I suggest you find them (Click on Heather’s blog, then its right in the description) and thoroughly read them. At least twice. xD (But seriously… do it)

Ball pythons are kinda like the opposite of a cat or dog - the snake doesn’t cost too much itself (Aren’t cats like… at least 300? or is it 3,000? I forget xD), but the enclosure costs a lot more. I’d also like to let you know that BP’s live for 40-50 years, so they’ll be a pet for life.

Snake: Depending on what morph you want, you can get a BP for 60$ (or free if you know where to look - breeders often give away their extra normals) or anywhere up to a couple thousand dollars. I got my girl for 150$, but you can get morphs other than a normal for 75$ and up.

Enclosure: BPs are actually best kept in sterilite tubs, large ones. I got my large tub at Target, for around 20$ I think. It needs to be large enough for the snake to stretch out, so about 4 feet of length on one side will do you good!

UTH: 20$ (Here’s mine)
RHP or CHE: My RHP is 97$, and I love it, because we didn’t have to cut a hole in the plastic tub lid so we could put it in (we were worried a lot about if the plastic would melt, ect, and then when we actually got some of the wire mesh to glue on the hole it kept popping up. I’d say, if you get a tub, get an RHP. It’s like the compensation cost of a tub - you don’t have to pay 140$ for a good sized tank but the heating costs a bit more. Tanks don’t hold humidity as well anyway xD) CHE’s run at about 10-12$. Don’t buy a red light, they’re bad for your snek :)
Temp Probes: You can buy a combo thermo/hydrogometer at Walmart for around 10$, You’ll need one of those and then another one if your thermostat doesn’t have a temp probe itself (Mine does!! Which is great xD)
Thermostat/Thermoregulator: This is IMPORTANT!!!! You need two: One for your UTH, and another for the RHP. This is also hard, because there’s two types: Off/On and % based. Off/on is cheaper, running at the lowest around 20$, but Off/On works from extremes (Literally, only off and on) and can wear out your UTH which can put your snake in danger of getting burnt if it breaks. The % based controls the% of electricity your UTH runs at, and will have it running at, say, 75% power which keeps the temperature EXACTLY where you want it. These also happen to run anywhere from 150$ (This seems too low, tbh, I have to double check my sources) to 450$.
Temp heat gun: 20$ (mine)
Fake plants: anywhere from 5-20$ at Michael’s
Hides: You can make your own out of leftover food take out containers (check out Noodles or LeeAnnChin xD), buy a rubber dog dish and cut out holes (5? $??? idk), or just buy one at the store for around 15$. (Don’t get those half log things with two holes tho Dx they don’t give a good enough hiding space)
Climbing materials: You’ll need to buy a couple wooden things for your snake to climb on. I got a large dowel at Michales (5$) which I cut to fit in the cage, and ended up with 3 climbing dowels for the snake. I also got a wood platform thing (3$?), which I screwed into the side and created a second level with. You can also buy wooden bird perches (I’m not even kidding - they run at around 3-5$ instead of the snake perches which run at 15-20$, and they’re just as good. And super easy to install)
Substrate: You can get fancy wood chips (5-10$??) or whatnot or just use paper towels. You’ll have to spray the enclosure a bit more with paper towels, but, hey, it’s more time with your snek and that’s a good thing :)
Waterdish: You can buy one for 10$ ish, use a dog bowl which is more of 5$, or just use a serving dish you have lying around at home you never use (LOL guess which one I did xD)
Spray bottle (x2): For misting the noodle. You can pick one up for 5$ (x2, one for water, one for disinfectant) at Home Depot or Target.  
Disinfectant: I use one part white vinegar and one part water. You either have this at home or it’s a couple bucks for a giant bottle :) (I also have the regular disinfectant wipes for myself to use after handling the snake and wiping down my phone, which are? 3-5$?)
Food: A younger snake eats about once a week, which means you’ll be spending 2-5$ on food each week. If you get a snake that eats live, be prepared to feed them live rats, because not every snake switches over well. You’ll need to find a store (or breed your own which is a whole different adventure), and then the rats usually cost around 5$ each. If you can switch your noodle to frozen/thawed food (you can buy it online), it’s can be anywhere from 1-2$ per rat.
Ratto Tongs: If you feed your noodle f/t, you might need to perform a “zombie dance” with the rat. I don’t know about you, but having a pair of tongs makes everything better and minimizes the snake accidentally thinking your hand is the rat xD They’re just a couple bucks :)

I personally haven’t been to the vet yet! My noodle’s been happy and healthy since the day I got her from the breeders, so I can’t give you an estimate of a vet bill. Sorry ^^;

I… think that’s everything. (if I’ve forgotten something, followers, please let me know!) Of course, you’ll need shipping on all the supplies too…

Lighter side/being thrifty on literally everything: 350$ + a ratto/week and shipping
Heavier side: 560$ + a ratto/week and shipping

So, I’d probably save around 600$ for your snake. If you have extra by the time you’re all ready to buy your noodle, you can put it toward getting a pretty morph or stash it for future rat and vet bills!

Good luck, and don’t forget to look at @wheremyscalesslither ‘s snake resources!

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