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holy shit if you wrote a fic based off my art i'd die omg you should do it

@trashtacular15  Based on this post  Have a college-ish au.

Thomas had discovered it when he went to Hamilton’s usual library haunt and found the man actually napping. There was a white noise sound coming from his desk and it took him a moment to figure out that it was supposed to sound like rain, and a split second later, there was a rumble of thunder. It was odd, as he’d heard that the man was terrified of storms. Why didn’t this one bother him?

Maybe because it’s far from realistic and didn’t pose a threat. He’d been to a journalism club staff party where everyone crowded around to watch a movie, which had a scene with a storm throwing a wrench into the plans of the protagonist, and that didn’t bother Hamilton. In fact, he had dozed off.

From then on, he started to experiment. He’d watch Hamilton after turning on the rain noise on his phone, and it only took a few minutes for the man to be out cold. Even during a club meeting, the guy started to fall asleep on his feet mid-speech. It didn’t take long for Hamilton to figure out what he was doing and during one meeting, Hamilton stormed over to him, mid-rant, and muted Thomas’ phone to shut it up, and then went right back to what he’d been yelling about.

The fun came when they went to class and Hamilton was paired into a group with him and James. They came to an agreement to not speak to one another, and Thomas took this chance to turn on the soundscape with the volume as low as possible, and then every few minutes, he’d bump the volume up a little more. He watched as Hamilton’s eyes kept drooping, his head falling forward every few moments, only for him to jerk awake again. It was adorable.

Until Hamilton slumped over, asleep, on Thomas’ shoulder. It took everything he had in him to not jerk away from the sudden touch. Thomas gaped at the man at his side, blinking slowly as he took in the smaller man. He looked a little healthier overall, now that Thomas had been knocking him out every now and again.

James leaned forward, brow raised as he took in the sleeping student beside Thomas. Thomas could only shrug with his free shoulder, and when Hamilton started to slide back, Thomas immediately reached around to wrap an arm around him to keep him from falling backward. The nuzzling was new and oddly welcome, and the guy squirmed in his seat to get closer to Thomas and leach the heat off of him. Thomas didn’t mind at all, except for the fact that his typing was a little slower with his weaker hand. Oh well.

Maybe the guy would be more bearable if he had a little more sleep in him.

don’t get me wrong, high school is stressful af but it’s also such a weird time?? last friday i was in ap world history which is supposed to be filled “”smart”” kids when this one student pulls out a water bottle that has 4 fish in it and passed it around the class so everyone could see it and i genuinely feel like that sums up my entire high school experience so far 

Dancing the tears away

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Mildy angsty fluff for your enjoyment. Newt can get a bit of separation angst sometimes.. Thankfully you are there to fix it!


Newt loved dragons. He absolutely adored them so he kept bringing in dragon eggs to raise. The problem was that Newt couldn’t keep the dragons when they got to large, for a few reasons. The first being that they just got too big and the second being that they breathed fire which turned out to be a real danger. Now here comes the dilemma, saying good bye to his beloved dragons and setting them free.

You always gave him space during the days before he was supposed to say bye. He would always spend his days down with the dragon in question, going as far as to sleep next to it if possible. The day of the separation was always absolutely terrible. Newt would get teary eyed saying bye to the dragon, releasing it into the wild, petting it one last time and then watching as it soared into the air. You never let him do this alone though, always being be his side when he said goodbye for the last time. He’d lean against you, letting his tears out. Sometimes he’d hold it in though if the dragon was extra clingy and had a hard time saying bye too. Apparently as it turns out, dragons are very emotional creatures and understand tears, smiles and anger.

That was the case today. Newt ad kept the Romanian longhorn for almost a year before it finally got too big. He had even gone so far as to naming it Erik. Newt had one hand on Erik’s snout and one hand fisting your shirt. You wrapped an arm around your boyfriend, holding him closer.

“B-Bye, Erik.” Newt said and you could hear the thick sound of tears at the back of his throat. “I’ll miss you, buddy. But you have to go now.”

Newt took his hand away and made a shooing motion with his hand. The large dragon cocked its head to the side and blinked a few times before looking around. Romanian longhorns enjoyed deep forests and water so Newt had chosen a perfect location for it. Eric looked back at you and Newt one last time before taking off, flying away and leaving the two of you on the ground. You lifted your wand and quickly apparated the two of you back to your house.

You gently eased the two of you down in a comfortable laying position on the couch, his head resting on your chest with his arms around your waist. Newt couldn’t hold it anymore and let some tears out with a shuddering sob. He hid his face in your shirt as the tears just came flowing. You hushed him gently, rubbing his back and dragging your other hand through his hair. The tears didn’t face you much since this wasn’t your first rodeo with an emotional Newt.

This time though something was different. He wouldn’t stop sobbing. Usually he’d resort to “manly” silent tears after the first five or so sobs but this time it just kept coming.

“Hey, are you alright?” You asked softly, kissing the top of his head.

Newt shook his head quietly and crawled closer to you, burrowing his wet face in your neck. You stopped stroking his hair to hug him close, feeling his hands clutching at your clothes.

“I-I had a nightmare.” He finally choked out. “Y-You left me and I just.. This just..”

“Reminded you of it?” You asked softly and craned your neck so you could manage to kiss his partly exposed cheek. “Hey, sit up for me?”

Newt hesitantly sat up, rubbing at his eyes with one hand whilst still holding onto your shirt with the other. You lifted your wand and turned on the radio, soft tunes escaping from it. With less grace then you imagined you got up from the couch and grabbed Newt’s hands, easing him up from his spot on the sofa.

You placed a hand on his waist and clutched his hand with the other. Newt sniffled but carefully put his hand on your shoulder.

“I can’t d-dance.” Newt mumbled but you just pulled him closer and kissed the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll lead.” You said and slowly started to move into a rhythm with the music. He kept his eyes on his feet mostly as you danced around the room.

You pulled him closer, forcing him to look up at you. Your hand slid further in on his lower back making him flush lightly.

“Eyes up here, alright?” You joked, making him blush even more. “You’re so beautiful.”

Newt laid his head down on your shoulder to hide the fact that he was blushing and placed a shy kiss on your neck. You noticed how he got slightly more confident as he got the rhythm and actually could dance along by now. He had thankfully stopped crying by now, which was your main goal for the dance.

“I love you.” Newt said softly, lifting his head to look at you now that his blush had disappeared.

“I love you too, my angel.” You said and leaned down to capture his pink lips in a passionate kiss.

Kent Parson’s party boy image is extremely carefully crafted. Sure, he takes his team out clubbing on the Strip after big wins, etc., but he learned really quickly that if he talked enough and bought enough rounds “for the table,” no one noticed he’d actually been nursing the same drink for an hour. And once he figured out his favorite spots, he tipped all the bartenders completely outrageously so he could befriend them and have them craft nonalcoholic versions of his supposed signature drinks, which they all know to switch out for him after three drinks (or his signal). And really, no one’s lying when some tabloid reporter tries to get “deep background” on Kent’s character by asking the bartenders what his favorite drinks are, because they are his favorites, he just drinks far fewer of them than most people think. (The Kent Parson Bartender Conspiracy of Silence is one of the best-kept secrets in Vegas.)

The dancing isn’t a lie, though. Kent genuinely likes club dancing. It’s like the easy physicality of the locker room, but cranked to eleven. So he’ll grind, and he’ll flirt, and he’ll go until he’s sweaty and exhausted and his hair is completely beyond help, all with a grin on his face because he knows it’s going to go up on TMZ if there’s some actual celebrity on the floor with him (and there usually is, it’s Vegas), and it makes him laugh that this will start a dozen rumors about who he’s sleeping with this week when in reality he’s going to leave by himself and go home to his cat. (A few of the older guys on the team have actually figured this one out, and they gleefully feed the rumors just for the joke. Fuck the tabloids.)

But the truth is this: Kent is the captain of the Las Vegas Aces, a professional hockey team. He takes it seriously. Giving the reporters something to look at means they never look any deeper, and that’s just fine with Kent, because he has things to do. He’s the first one at practice, and he’s the last one to leave. Then he’s got to help his rookies with some one-on-ones. He has tape to review, and coaches to meet with, and, god, so many workouts, not to mention finding the time to shovel enough food into his face that he doesn’t shed weight like water every time he blinks. Honestly, just eating enough during the season takes up an unreasonable amount of time. His little free time is quite amply filled with trashy TV and Kit Purrson, quite frankly.

So yeah, he has a flashy car and a shiny watch, and a very carefully crafted selection of provocative tank tops and cheekily rumpled plaid shirts, but that’s window dressing to distract from the fact he also bought his mom a house with a lawn she doesn’t need full of reporters… and he has a best friend who hasn’t spoken to him willingly in seven years and also hates reporters with the fire of a thousand suns.

Kent is taking one for the team. Like he always does.


You guys are so far up the ass of Alexander Hamilton that you’ve been missing out on the badass that was Abigail Adams

In a letter to John from 1776:

“I long to hear that you have declared an independency – and by the way in the new Code of Laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make I desire you would Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If perticuliar care and attention is not paid to the Laidies we are determined to foment a Rebelion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation.

That your Sex are Naturally Tyrannical is a Truth so thoroughly established as to admit of no dispute, but such of you as wish to be happy willingly give up the harsh title of Master for the more tender and endearing one of Friend. Why then, not put it out of the power of the vicious and the Lawless to use us with cruelty and indignity with impunity. Men of Sense in all Ages abhor those customs which treat us only as the vassals of your Sex. Regard us then as Beings placed by providence under your protection and in immitation of the Supreem Being make use of that power only for our happiness.“

I love this woman.

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Hey do you have an idea of which songs the kid and the lady in pink are supposed to be? they're the only ones i can't figure out :/ and no one seems to fit premade sandwiches

I made this thing for the 3 or so people who allow me to talk about this with them:

as far as I know the kid doesn’t have his own song per se - I’ve done some talking on this with other people and gotten cool analyses from them! premade sandwiches is like an interlude thing, what is it? I dunno, is it you? is it me? Is it everyone? We’re all complaining, isn’t everyone on this album complaining? hahaha


Public Male Bonding. Over the weekend, a lucky fan met Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, and an unnamed friend while they were out midnight snacking on kebabs because why not. 

According to Jessi, Lee didn’t agree to a pic because he’s shy. (which is Lee-speak for “No one’s supposed to know I’m in Berlin because as far as anyone knew, I’ve been filming my new movie in New York.”) Other than that, Jessi seemed to have a lovely encounter.

Please please please anyone thinking of watching a documentary on “Girls to Men” about young trans men, please don’t. It’s on Channel 4 tonight.

Two of the men in question have spoken out saying they were lied too, and have had specific, deeply personal videos they didn’t wish to be aired put on the TV. One of them has spoken out saying he spoke to one of the people working on it about how he didn’t wanted it sensationalising trans people, all kinds of stuff, for hours and they didn’t listen going ahead with the typical cis bullshit.

The title was originally supposed to be called The T(estosterone) diaries which is a bit :/ enough as it is but the chosen title is far worse.

Please avoid. Spread word. These young men have had their consent violated by channel 4.

Tell Me Again Tomorrow

You were feeling no pain, the doctor had given you a muscle relaxer and a pain killer. You’d be better if the drunk asshole hadn’t hit your car and ran, which is how you ended up in the ER. You weren’t seriously hurt, just bumps and bruises.

You were ready to be discharged and go home except one thing you didn’t have a ride. Your house wasn’t that far from St. Thomas, you could walk, no need to bother anyone.

Gathering your things together, you wobbled out the door. By passing the nurses station, you didn’t want to get caught leaving. You were suppose to wait for someone to pick you up. You lied and told her your boyfriend was coming, truth was you didn’t have one.

You made it to the end of the parking lot before you fell on your ass. Laughing you started talking to the small red child to your right.

Laying back on the grass, the sun was blocked out. Looking up you see your friend Opie standing above you. “Ope! What are you doing here?”

“Your car was towed into TM! And I’m your in case of emergency.” You laughed, he reached down helping you up.

“Can we give little red a ride?” You point to your friend. Hearing Opie chuckle, he lifts you up in his arms.

“That’s a fire hydrant, I don’t think I can get it in my truck. Let’s get you home.” You relax in his arms, smiling at him.

“You’re my favorite giant Opie. I love you, always have.” Laying your head on his chest, you twirl your fingers in his beard.

“I love you too, your my favorite short stuff.” He carried you to his truck, placing you inside.

“No, Ope! I mean I really love you!” Sliding across the seat as he gets in, you wrap your arms around his neck kissing him.

“Let’s talk about this when your not drugged.”

“You don’t love me?” You hear him growl, his hands go to your face.

“I just want you to remember it, when I tell you!”

“You can always tell me again tomorrow.” Laying your head on his shoulder, you slowly start to doze off.

As a linguist, it is absolutely hilarious to see someone trying to point out the language difference in fanfics and getting so worked up over it. THEY ARE JUST WORDS, MEANING IS AMBIGUOUS.

Also congratulations for trying to point out how far Holby is from London because oh wait, didn’t Mo drove Jesse Law to London at the drop of a hat in a sport??car?? Which fuel would run out so quickly???

The reason no one knows the exact location of Holby is because Casualty used to film in Bristol and moved to Cardiff. Holby City is filmed in Borehamwood which is in London suburbs. Yet they are supposed to be in the same hospital. Well have fun trying to put a pin in the map of England.

TL;DR If I blow my top every time I see arse spelt as ass, I would be in utter despair. So who cares write fics for yourself and have fun. (And if anyone like to have a geographical discussion please message me)

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Mercy 'n' Pharah for that Ow ask

how often I play them: she is my main i suppose !! i play her the most, i do enjoy playing her but only to a certain extent. she gets extremely frustrating if the team doesnt help out. nothing is more horrible than having ult and nobody fucking pushing or everyone dying extremely far apart 1 by 1 instead of together on the point
which maps I like to use them on: any maps, i rly think mercy is a lot stronger than ppl believe her to be. she CAN be, at least. work with her please
which skin I currently have equipped: im using the fortune one right now from the new year event but i wanna change it since everyones using the exact same loadout as me fgdjgj (fortune + gold wep)
who I ship them with: PHARAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lowkey mei and i used to like her with zarya too but thats a lil faded for me now cuz pharah is her one tru love

how often I play them: she’s my most played offense. wish i could play her more but ppl usually wisk away offense p quickly and she’s feels easy to counter … the moment an enemy team has a good soldier or mccree my team doesnt take care of, im out of the game 
which maps I like to use them on: volskaya and numbani are fun. eichenwalde too but mostly the first+second point only
which skin I currently have equipped: the uhhhh jackal one atm! i rly like them….. u’d think i like the mecha ones being the robot fucker i am but for some reason they dont appeal to me much
who I ship them with: TAKE A GUESS mercy obviously but also symmetra 


Imagine: Finding out your best friend Jack has a crush on you…

Word Count: 1,147


When you first met Jack you thought he was a jerk. But you had been friends with Alex for years and every now and then you’d be forced to hang out with Jack. He was in a band with Alex and they’d practice in Alex’s garage which was next door to your house.

Sometimes Alex would invite you over to listen to them play and you had to admit they had some talent and would go far. However you didn’t like Jack’s flirty reputation and you tried your hardest to ignore him when he’d try and hit on you.

However your relationship changed out of the blue one day. Alex was supposed to give you a lift home after school but had a last minute emergency that left you stranded without a ride. You didn’t mind walking home until the heavens opened up and you realised you didn’t have an umbrella or anything to stop the rain attacking you.

A familiar car pulled up along the sidewalk and the window rolled down revealing a dry Jack.

Jack: ‘Get in Y/N you’re going to get drenched.’

This wasn’t a side of Jack you’d ever seen before, he sounded too nice which made you suspicious.

Y/N: ‘Nah I think I’m good walking, I wouldn’t want a repeat of last time I got in a car with you Jack.’

Jack groaned and shook his head.

Jack: ‘Seriously one time and you’re never going to forgive me.’

A few months ago Jack had given you a lift to the mall and had tried to come onto you in the car and you put him straight. Even if he had changed for the better you were stubborn and once you refused to budge then you didn’t budge.

Y/N: ‘I like the rain Jack.’

You continue walking down the street leaving Jack. The rain continued to get heavier and you struggled to see a few feet in front of you. Then you noticed Jack’s car creeping along side you, he still had the window open.

Jack: ‘Please get in Y/N before you catch a cold. I’m not the same person I was a few months ago.’

By now your uniform was clinging to your skin and your hair was plastered against your face. You bite your lip and look Jack’s car over.

Y/N: ‘I’ll get the inside of your car wet.’

Jack: ‘It will dry, now come on before I change my mind and leave you.’

You sigh in defeat and open the car door before sliding into the passenger seat. You hated to admit it but Jack’s car was warm and a lot better then standing in the rain.

He pulled away from the sidewalk and the two of you drove in a comfortable silence, you both hummed along to the radio neither knowing how to start a conversation with the other.

Jack: ‘Can I ask you something Y/N?’

He turns the radio off and you turn to face him before nodding.

Y/N: ‘What do you need to ask Jack?’

Jack: ‘How come you’re the only girl who can say no to me? I mean all my attempts have failed since the day I first met you. Where as other girls throw themselves at me.’

Okay that was the last question you expected him to ask. You didn’t exactly have a straight answer for him, you heard about his flirty ways and that put you off him. Though you’d never openly admit that you found Jack slightly attractive, Alex did have some very good looking friends.

Y/N: ‘Err I guess I heard about your ‘ways’ and that put me off you. And come on you must know why girls throw themselves at you Jack, no one’s that blind.’

Jack: ‘Do you think I’m attractive Y/N?’

You can’t help but scoff and roll your eyes.

Y/N: ‘And there you go again acting like a jerk. And you said you weren’t the same person anymore.’

Jack: ‘Everyone’s allowed one slip up Y/N. Besides I have changed since that day at the mall.’

Y/N: ‘Okay what made you change?’

Jack scratches his head with his free hand, why did he suddenly seem nervous.

Jack: ‘You made me change Y/N.’

Okay now this was the second time Jack had taken you by surprise during this car ride.

Y/N: ‘What do you mean?’

You were confused by his words, how did you make him change?

Jack: ‘Haven’t you seen little changes in me?’

You had noticed little changes in his behaviour over the last few months; firstly he stopped trying to flirt with you and it turned out the two of you had a lot in common and secondly he stopped getting with every girl who battered her false eyelashes at him.

Y/N: ‘But how did I change you?’

Jack: ‘You always treated me like every other guy in school, you never showed me any special treatment and no matter how many times I tried to get with you somehow you managed to talk me down. You’re not like every fake bimbo in school.’

You bite your lip as you process Jack’s words. Did you really treat him that differently? The car came to a stop outside your house, the rain had stopped and now you had to say goodbye after Jack’s little confession.

Jack: ‘Did you ever have any feelings for me Y/N?’

You sigh and nod your head, you couldn’t lie to him after he’d just confessed everything to you.

Y/N: ‘Maybe when I first met you but then you changed.’

Jack smiles and next thing you know he’s leaning over the divide and kissing you. At first shock runs through your body but then you relax and realised just why every girl in school wanted Jack because this boy could kiss.

He pulls away and the two of you are breathing heavy.

Jack: ‘I really like you Y/N, when you kept turning me down I got with other girls but whenever you’d come over to watch us rehearse I just wanted you to like me.’

Butterflies flutter in your stomach at his confession. Jack liked you, as in actually liked you with real feelings and all.

Y/N: ‘I like you too Jack.’


Jack: ‘So that’s the day I told Y/N I had a crush on her…’

Interviewer: ‘And you’ve been together ever since. Damn now that’s what you call high school sweethearts.’

You can’t help but blush as your fiancé tells the interviewer about the day he confessed his feelings to you and vice versa. That day would be etched in your head forever, and was definitely a story to tell the children.

Alex: ‘How do you think the rest of us feel having to put up with their loovy doovy business?’

You roll your eyes at Alex’s comment and chuckle when Jack hits him across the back of the head.

I can’t seem to connect to most people but the translation does not mean I don’t fit in… It’s the connection to humanity that I feel I am losing … nowadays most conversations I have leave me feeling as if I’m merely a notification you glance past. Irrelevant, insignificant. Wholeheartedly I’m trying to understand how life operates around me but my false smiles leave my cheeks to ache. Their words air in an out of my ear as our interest share to common. Once again I’m at the end of the road, though I have yet to reach my destination? 3 brightly colored doors each holding a unlike … Can’t decide which I’m suppose to take… But I wonder why I must open a door, there may be a window I can climb down from? … To take me far way from here, I need to get far away from here.
News flooding in at High Speed!

Finally, pretty much the whole High Speed! cast has now been revealed! Naturally, the official site also updated with profiles, twitter icons, wallpapers as well as character sheets for all boys (go check them out!). Of course, the relationship chart has been greatly modified too so I decided to translate it:

When news about High Speed! were starting to trickle in, I noticed a few changes the staff at Kyoto Animation made for the adaptation compared to the source material (a light novel published under KyoAni’s owned literature brand KA Esuma Bunko) as well as a few other details so I thought it’s time to note them down.

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Naruto’s Next Generation (So They Said)

Did not Kishimoto say that part 3 was about the next generation and it would be 10 to 15 chapters long? correct me if i’m wrong,

 so we are into chapter seven of this manga, and what have we been given so far, 

1) (The main storyline) A soap opera on who is Salad’s mother (Sakura or Karin)

2) very little appearance of the next generation that have mostly only appeared in one chapter (was that not what part 3 was suppose to be about?) Unless your ChouChou who’s main role seems to be comedy relief and therefore always stuffing her face, NOT EVEN HER FATHER WAS THAT BAD

ChouChou PLEASE just disappear for a couple of chapters 

3) Naruto’s daughter and Lee’s son are so far non existent (Which makes me wonder what was the point of making them if he was not going to use them) another red herring it seems, so that Kishimoto can justify all his BULLS**T that he has been giving out since chapter 699/700 and the Last

4) A world that is suppose to be at peace

yet it is having the same problems popping back up again (Such as the Akatsuki) and more recycled story lines like  the one with the villain sprouting sharingan eyes in every conceivable place, 

Yh it sure look’s like it at peace and everything is smelling of roses

5) Once again a damsel in distress (Hinata kidnapped In the last, Sakura kidnapped in Gaiden, Gaara’s princess kidnapped in Gaara Hiden and it will be used in the new movie involving Salad)

6) (Crappy artwork) everyone is looking old and tired, unless your lucky enough to be Orochimaru and team Taka,

(Wow they must have found the fountain of youth)

7) And lastly they all turned out to be miserable and unhappy (Mind you Orochimaru seems quite content amid his experiments)

All in all so far a very disappointing manga

By threatening TSDF with legal action, AMC essentially confirmed that Glenn is not the one who meets Lucille.

You can google “Steven Yeun” right now and all the top hits are articles from various sites saying that the one killed is Glenn because he has been in South Korea for so long now and hasn’t been seen on set. It’s already out there. Look at any forum and Glenn is the number one pick with Abe a second choice for most people.

Are they going to sue all the authors of those articles? Sue every single message board where people are saying it’s Glenn?

It’s not Glenn. They wouldn’t have freaked out if it was. Gimple and co. want us to think that it’s Glenn. From AMCs point of view, their tactics are working. If it was posted by TSDF that somebody else was the one killed, that would really screw with their plan which, so far, has been successful.

We are supposed to think it’s Glenn. Which to me screams that it’s not Glenn.

'Gilmore Girls': A deep dive into the 'thousand yellow daisies' scene | EW.com

This article is so interesting.  I find this quote about Lorelai from ASP very illuminating:

‘It felt like a very Lorelai thing to do to blurt out something— if you really ask Lorelai, I don’t think she considers herself an ultra-gushy romantic. She loves the boys and she loves the flirting and she loves the sex, but as far as down on one knee, stuff like that? That’s not her style. She was so pissed that this proposal would come out of a moment of weird jealousy and weird guy sh–, which is not what a proposal is supposed to come out of.’






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The theory going around that sometime between Last Christmas and The Magician’s Apprentice, Twelve and Clara’s timelines diverged and he saw her die in her future is starting to make entirely too much sense.

It’s the way he looks at her when she turns up in TMA, the way “when do I not see you?” just sort of rushes out of him, the way he crushes her with a hug when she asks jokingly which one of them is dying.  It seemed really out of place, even in the context of a man who thinks he’s going to his death.  It puts his desperation and helplessness in The Girl Who Died into a horribly perfect place because of course, of course he can save her, he’s the Doctor, he can do absolutely anything…but he’s not supposed to.

I’m starting to think that my guess for this season’s finale might not be far off - the Doctor will reach a place where he is willing to do absolutely anything to save Clara, and Clara won’t let him cross that line.