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Uff. This first chapter of the GBBO AU totals out at 13.5K words. Which is a long chapter, but at the same time I don’t want to cut it up because I’m aiming for one chapter per week of the competition. 

And there’s nothing really I can cut back to put in later weeks. 

But 13.5K is a long-ass chapter. I have visions of people starting to read it and going ‘dear christ when will it end!’ I mean, not that I think my work is boring, by any stretch of the imagination, but still…

*screams into the void*


i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)

Zach Dempsey X Reader imagine

Warnings: Cursing, very slight sexual abuse 

~* Y/N’s Pov*~

 "Okay everyone, please remember to do the homework I assigned on page 416" 

 Chemistry was probably the worst class of the day. Not because I was bad at it, its just boring. So here i am sitting in the back of the class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. Today my boyfriend and I were supposed to skip lunch to hang out. Zach and I always do this and honestly its so much fun. We could go to the park, which is where we go most of the time, or we go through some random drive thru and get food from there.

 While I was lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice that every one was already packed up. The bell finally rang and everyone went to lunch while i was still putting my things away. The teacher left and told me to turn off the lights on my way out. The room was empty but that quickly changed as Bryce Walker came in closing the door behind him which left me confused. I never liked Bryce he always seemed like an asshole.

 "Hey (Y/N)“ he said approaching me. 

 "The fuck do you want Bryce?" 

 "Ya know (Y/N), you’ve always had this attitude towards me and i think you might have a little crush” he answered. 

 " Its quite the opposite actually. Now excuse me but i gotta run" I said passing him and making my way to the door. 

 He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back before i could open the door. Before i knew it, I was trapped between his body and the wall and his lips were on mine. He was…making out with me? For some reason I thought this was gonna take a violent turn rather than him kissing me, but either way I didn’t like it. I pushed him off but he just put me back in the same position.

 "C'mon (Y/N), Zach doesn’t have to know. I mean i know you want me, what girl doesn’t?“ He said Now there were tears in my eyes. I was both afraid of what was gonna happen next and what Zach would think. 

 Before things went any further I tried pushing him again, this time he stumbled on my school bag that had fallen from me a few minutes back. He was now on the floor and i took this chance to get my bag and hurry out of the room. I walked outside the classroom and was instantly led to the cafeteria. 

 ~* Zach’s Pov*~

 I was sitting at a table with Justin, Alex, Montgomery, and a few other guys but i wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying. I was too busy looking from my phone to the door that (Y/N) usually enters the lunch room from. 

 "Yo Dempsey” i hear Justin yell I turn my attention to him and he continues talking to me. 

 "Who are you looking for dude?“ He asks 

 "Im just waiting for (Y/N) to hurry up and come, its been five minutes since lunch started and shes never really this late”

 "Bro its just five minutes chill" And just as he finished his sentence I saw (Y/N) walk into the cafeteria. My smile was quickly replaced with a worried expression when i saw that she was crying. We locked eyes for a moment but she looked away and started making her way out of the school. I then saw Bryce walk out from that same door and the thought finally hit me that he wasn’t with us at lunch either. I suddenly realized what probably happened and i honestly didn’t know what to do, I was torn between going after (Y/N) to comfort her or going to Bryce and beating the shit out of him. Before i knew it i was already standing in front of Bryce and yelling at him. We went back and forth. 

 "Oh calm down Dempsey, nothing even really happened" Bryce said with a stupid smirk on his face.


 At this point Justin and Marcus were holding me back and telling me to stop, scared that i would say something about the tapes. They eventually let me go and i made my way outside looking for (Y/N). She couldn’t have gone that far, right? I got in my car and drove around campus until I found her on a bench near the tennis court. I got out and sat by her.

~*(Y/N)’s Pov*~ 

I saw Zach walking towards me but i didn’t look at him. He looked really mad which scared me. ‘Was he mad at me?’ I thought. Thats when he sat next to me and pulled me into a hug.

 "(Y/N) what exactly happened back there?“ He asked while pulling away sounding really worried.

 "I was just in class packing my things up when he walked in saying dumb shit then kissed me” I answered, still not looking at him.

 He then knelt in front of me putting his hands slightly rubbing my knees and trying to catch my gaze. 

 "Is that all that happened?“ I nodded

 ”(Y/N) are you sure? Cause i swear if that fuckass tries anything on you i will-“ 

"Thats all that happened Zach” i cut him off while smiling at him. 

 He smiled back, then stood up and made me stand up too. He led me to his car. 

 "You wanna just skip the rest of the school day?“ He asked "Cause im really not in the mood to see Bryce in the halls”. 

 "Yeah me neither, we should just get food and go back to my house" I answered. He pressed a quick kiss on my lips, turned on his car and we pulled out of school grounds.

BTS Reaction || Getting An Erection In Front Of Their Best Friend They’re Crushing On


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Rap Monster

*Aggressively ties a jacket around his hips*
*Clears throat*

“S-so, what time is it now? I’ll have to slowly make my way back home, you know, haha… I’m helping Jungkook with English, you know how it is”


/ Shit. It’s not time to be horny. What are you doing, get down boi, this is not good /
Y/N: “Should I order pizz–?”
Y/N: “I… never said you did anything wrong, are you ok?”


/ This must be the worst and most awkward thing that happened to me so far. What am I supposed to do if she notices… /
*Smoothly puts one of his legs over the other which is uncomfortable as fuck, but it has to be done*
Y/N: “Yoongi, you don’t look ok”
“Something terrible just happened to me. It is a serious problem”
Y/N: “Umm… Can I help somehow?”
“I’m sure you wouldn’t want to so I’ll go help myself”
*Is able to escape without you noticing a thing*
Y/N: “But what the heck is going on…”


*You notice at the same time as him. He swallows the air and looks at you slowly with a nervous face*
Y/N: “Jesus… Hoseok, is there something in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”
“Umm… I think it’s the latter”



*Sits uncomfortably with his feet on the chair, perfectly hiding the bulge. He smiles all the time to hise his awkwardness, but he is unable to make it seem natural*
Y/N: “Can’t you sit like a normal person?”
“I like to sit like this! Don’t worry about it!”


/ The less I notice it, the more chance I have with getting away with it /
*Looks down constantly anyways*


*Looks stressed. REALLY stressed*
/ Is it her or what? I’m an adult, this shouldn’t be happening at this age… /
*Can’t stop thinking about it to the point when he had to excuse himself. Poor guy*



This is for my amazing partner @analogically-prinxiety . I am desperately in love with them and wanted to give them something so here have this fluff 💙💙💙

The idea for this actually came from an anon a while ago. I had asked for a term of endearment that Lo might call Virgil and this sweet anon suggested butterfly because Anx is responsible for the butterflies in your tummy, and while it didn’t work for the scene I was writing then it’s perfect for this… And for how I have been feeling the past few days

Patton knocked on Logan’s door before swinging it open and freezing in horror. Logan was sat at his desk chair, shirtless, and with electrodes and wires coming from his chest.

“Are you okay?” Patton asked, coming to kneel down next to him, hands fluttering over the tangle of equipment .

“Yes Patton. I believe I am quite well. I simply experienced something odd and am trying to gather the necessary data to understand it.” Patton visibly relaxed, sitting back on his heels.

“Well, what did you experience?”

“A sudden increased heart rate. An odd feeling in my chest, as if it were under pressure, it also felt cold and burning hot all at once. And my stomach was, well I’m not sure how to describe it.”

“Like butterflies were flying around in there?” Patton asked, which Logan thought was a very odd thing to say until he took in the grin on Patton’s delighted face.

“ I suppose that is one way to put it.” He said, nervously eyeing the increasingly excited side.

“And were you perhaps talking to someone, or thinking of them, when this happened?”

The answer was yes. He had been showing Anxiety his latest plan and ruminating on just how aesthetically pleasing his friend was when he had first felt the, uh, butterflies. The rest of the symptoms had appeared when Virgil had began praising his plan. It was unexpected, he had brought the plan to Virgil because he had a particular knack for finding flaws in things, but the praise had made him smile.

Beeping interrupted Logan’s thoughts as once again his heart rate increased and he got the odd feeling in his chest.

“Are you feeling it right now ?”

Embarrassed Logan quickly pulled the electrodes off and put his shirt on. “It’s not important,” Logan brushed him off.

Patton stood to leave the room, aware of Logan’s discomfort, but paused in the doorway. “Well whoever your little butterfly is, you should tell them how you feel,”

With that he was gone, leaving Logan to puzzle over what he had learned. Was Virgil ‘his little butterfly’ ? He chuckled imagining what Anxietys reaction to the term would probably be. Was it possible that the way he felt for Virgil was anything more than platonic?

The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that the answer was yes. However he still was not sure what to do about it. Logically, the answer seemed to be to march right up to him and tell him about the butterflies he caused.

Logan did not do that. It now seemed that he got the butterflies everytime he so much as thought about him, meaning that being in the same room as Virgil was overwhelming, now that he was aware of his feelings. Every time his butterfly so much as looked at him he was done for.

It took a very anxious Vigil asking him why he was behaving so odd for him to confess. He struggled with the words at first but soon they were tumbling from him in torrents. The butterflies flies were tripled as he watched Virgil’s eyes grow wider and wider, unsure what it meant.

He finally stopped talking, running his tie through his hands as he waited for a reply. Virgil opened his mouth several times, stuttering and fidgeting nervously.

“Me too” he finally said in a rushed mumble. The pressure in his chest had reached critical levels and he simply had to do something to relieve it. He reached for Anxiety, pulling him close to his chest, wrapping his arms around him.

The pressure was eased somewhat, but the butterflies were . wreaking havoc on his stomach. Experimentally he pressed his lips to Virgil’s forehead. His Butterfly let out a breath of a gasp, tilting his head up to look at him.

Logan was sure he was getting there, it it still wasn’t enough. He cupped a hand over Anxiety’s jaw, brushing a thumb over his bottom lip.
“May I?”

Virgil swallowed, but nodded, and each took a steadying breath before Logan fit his lips over his Butterfly’s.

All of a sudden the world felt soft, and sweet and right. What could only be described as joy radiated from him as Virgil’s lips moved against his, butterflies racing through his whole being when Anxiety fisted his hands in his shirt, raising onto his toes slightly to kiss him harder.

“Awwwww” Patton exclaimed from behind them, unable to help himself. The two broke apart to look at him, Anxiety blushing deeply and hiding his face in Logic’s neck. “Logan, Virgil is your butterfly?”

“Yes, yes he is.” He said proudly, wrapping an arm proudly around his shoulder, and grinning even wider than Patton’s.

lab partners | jungkook

summary: you’re not someone who likes group work, but jeon jungkook might be someone who’s going to change that. 
genre: fluff, high school!au, shy!kook 
word count: 2.426 

author’s note: nothing but high school teens bonding over discovering the anatomy of a dead frog. :) 

Originally posted by cuteguk

Group assignments are something that you despise wholeheartedly. Your luck seems to always be on the opposing side whenever teachers partner you up. It’s either you get someone who is incredibly slow and incompetent or someone who does nothing at all. Most of the time, it’s nothing but stressful and frustrating episodes on your part and even if you always manage to score a good grade in the end, it perplexes you that the efforts you put were always more compared to everyone else’s. Yes, you’re the type of person who prefers and is best at working alone. This might make you seem uncooperative, but you like to think that they’re the ones who are just hard to work with.

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makosharkies  asked:

Hello :3 Before I start I just want to say good luck with your blog and I hope it will one day become famous heh ^^ Okay then. A bit of a mundane request but how about the RFA + Minor Trio would react to MC being tall. Like, tall tall. Around Jumin tall. Okay then, well, bye. thank you ^^

Oh my goodness thank you!! ^^


  • Wowee you’re tall…
  • He definitely didn’t expect you to be so tall
  • He always envisioned that he would be the tall one
  • How am I supposed to carry her or kiss her or or or
  • So it is a little bit disheartening to him
  • He still likes you though!!
  • I mean, of course he likes you
  • He just…has to put a little bit more effort into kissing you
  • Which he doesn’t mind
  • As long as you’re together that’s all that matters to him


  • Whoa whoa whoa
  • tall….super…tall…
  • Tallgirlfriendtallgirlfriendtallgirlfriend
  • That’s all Jaehee can think about
  • She, of course, doesn’t mind at all being the short one in the relationship
  • In fact, she rather likes it
  • She likes that you can just come and kiss he on her head or whatever
  • It’s really cute
  • She still can’t believe she has a tall girlfriend she’s in love wow so in love


  • Haha I’m still taller than you
  • That was kind of a relief to him
  • You’re still a little shorter than him
  • He, like Yoosung, was really looking forward to being taller than you
  • In fact he was loving the idea of towering over you
  • But at least now he doesn’t have to bend down so far to kiss you
  • And it’s not awkward holding hands!!
  • He never thought about having a tall girlfriend
  • But now he has one and he loves it
  • He wants you to model with him
  • “You’re tall enough!! And definitely more beautiful than any of the models I know”


  • Breathes a sigh of relief because you’re not taller than him
  • Honestly doesn’t mind being the same height
  • It makes you two the ultimate power couple
  • He doesn’t need to strain his back to hold you or kiss you or anything
  • That pleases him immensely
  • However;;
  • He doesn’t like when you wear heels sometimes
  • Like it frustrates him
  • Of course he still lets you wear them because proper formal attire is incomplete without the shoes
  • And he thinks you’re beautiful in them
  • But damnit he doesn’t like making you bend down to kiss him


  • !!!! Tall !!!!
  • He doesn’t mind at all really
  • He thinks it’s fun
  • And he can find you easily in crowds
  • Can never lose you
  • Begs you for piggy back rides
  • Sometimes you concede and your boyfriend becomes a five year old
  • He likes you for more than your piggy back rides I promise
  • Tries to give you piggy back rides too
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work
  • Sometimes it does
  • How fun!!!


  • Why are you as tall as his best friend
  • God he adores you no matter what height
  • Like that’s it
  • He couldn’t care less if you were taller or shorter or the same height
  • He’s just immensely happy you’re in his life
  • What a romantic amiright?!
  • Makes it easy to find you especially with his eyes
  • Sometimes he follows behind you like you’re his guide
  • It’s normally cute
  • But it’s annoying sometimes


  • It annoys him at first
  • Kinda like a how dare you be taller than me!! thing
  • It’s dumb really
  • But that’s Saeran for you
  • He gets used to it after a little while
  • But sometimes he gets irritated because someone points it out or it’s blatantly obvious
  • He just often wonders why you couldn’t have been shorter
  • But he won’t tell you that
  • He likes you the way you are and he knows he does but sometimes his mind is still forcing conventional standards on him


  • Vanderwood literally couldn’t care less
  • Like what does it matter to him how tall you are?
  • He never mentioned your height to you
  • Which kinda put you off
  • So you asked one day
  • “Doesn’t it bug you that I’m the same height as you?”
  • “Why should it bug me?”
  • “Well lots of people don’t want to date someone the same height. It’s either taller or shorter.”
  • “Well, does my height bug you?”
  • “No…”
  • “Then why should your height bug me?”
  • And that was the end of that
You're John Feldmann Niece*Calum Hood Imagine*

Originally posted by outerspaceimagines

Description: You are John Feldmann Niece, and you help out Amy with getting the party all set up. And along the way you finally meet Calum, who your uncle never shuts up about.

Requested: Nope

Rated: PG

Warnings: None

Word Count:2,079

A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while. But I should be getting back on here more hopefully, work has been kicking my ass.. Scratch that Life has been kicking my ass. But I hope enjoy!

“You know that probably is not the smartest idea,” John told you as you were trying or at least figuring out how to put the speakers on the side of the house for his Birthday party. “Well no one else would do it, my brother’s said nope, Amy said no way in hell. Which means this bitch right here has to do it! And aren’t you supposed to be inside?” I questioned leaning back from side of the house, observing the speakers that were placed there. Hopefully they stayed and didn’t fall on anyone, small chuckle escaping past my lips at the thought of it falling.

“God why am I like this?” I mumbled to myself shaking my head at my morbid thoughts, climbing down the ladder making sure to watch my step, holding onto the ladder with a death grip. Jumping down from the last step, taking a few steps back to admire my work that I did, three speakers were on the house, two on the side and one in the middle. John stood next to me also admiring it, he rested a hand on my shoulder before saying, “See Amy could not have done that and your brothers probably would have fell.” Nodding my head to show that what he said was true, very true, “Well I’m leaving to go and help them pick out some suits. Have fun!” Rolling my eyes at him as I watched him retreat from helping, though it was HIS birthday party. Doesn’t mean that he can’t help with carrying around some of the heavy stuff.

“Hey Y/N, I need you to go and get some people,” Amy spoke as she walked towards me with cases of beers in her hands, “Amy.. Why me? Dawn could go and get them or even Michael could,” I whined while stomping towards her in a state of annoyance and exhaustion, “Well John is taking them somewhere to get some suits, because you know how he is, and Ashton does not have his licenses yet and Calum won’t be here till later on. Ashton really wants to help out before anyone get’s here.  I can’t go and get him which means that you have to go and get him.”

With a heavy sigh of understanding before nodding my head in agreement, “Well I understand that, just give me his address and I’ll go and get him.” With a nod she went back to carrying the beer to the table outside, “Hey, make sure you get that thing out of the closet!”  I hollered back towards her, walking towards my car with my keys in hand and phone in my back pocket.

Opening the door to the jeep, and jumping right in before starting the car I looked at the address that Amy had sent too me.

“Literally three house down from Richard’s house.” Starting the car, and slowly backing out of the driveway, making sure not to hit any of the cars that were parked by the curbs.  Turning up the radio, jamming out to some Foo Fighters and Rob Zombie, after a 40 minutes of driving. I arrived at the house, pressing in the middle of the steering wheel, the horn making a faint honk sound. Ashton came jogging out of his house, phone and wallet in hand a small wave was sent in my direction, opening the door as he thanked me for picking him up.

“Hey no problem, at least I got away from helping for a while,” I chuckled, throwing the gear shift reverse and started to slowly back out. “So you are John niece? You kind of look like him,” Ashton noticed the same slim bridge but wide nose though her nose was just a smaller version of it. “Yeah,  well you know we are related.” I mouthed off at him, tilting his head to side a bit, “Yeah, you are right. But you guys look a lot of like.”

“Well it might be because his brother is my dad,  and they look almost like twins. Which would mean we have some of the same features,” I said again, turning on my blinker to signal for the left lane. “You both act a lot alike as well,” He pointed out, about how she was definitely a smartass. Laughing at what he said, I did agree with that part, “That is true, John practically raised my brothers and I, since our parents weren’t the greatest so he took us in. So yes, I do act a lot like him.”

The rest of the ride, was silent and that was what I wanted. I never was one for a lot of conversation while driving or any other time. Finally we got back to the house an hour before everyone is suppose to show up, Ashton was out of the car before I turned off the car. Climbing out of the car, stretching my legs just a little bit, doing a couple of lunges just to get the blood flowing. “What in any gods name are you doing?” A small scream left my lips, turning around a little too quick making my vision blur, John and my brothers along with another guy were staring at me.

“I was doing lunges,” I told them, eyeing the rather tall guy with the dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, he was taller than John but not my brothers. His hat though were crushing his curls, “Why?” Michael wondered out loud, my sister stood there with her bright red hair (that was natural) no a bun, no shoes on since she kicked them off to the side of the driveway and her blue jeans with a black shirt that said ‘Fuck You’ with a smiley face.  

“Because after picking up Ashton, which was a long car ride. My legs were sore and tired, which called for some lunges.”

“In the middle of the drive-way? Of all places,” John spoke for the first time, gesturing with his hand around the neighborhood.

“And you have to show that face.. In public?” Y/N shot back, gesturing with her hands wide and spinning around for emphasis.

Silence was heard besides a giggle from the Tall brunette, with a smirk Y/N turned around and walked towards the backyard. Where she could hear the commotion of everyone trying to get everything together.

Opening the gate, she saw that there was a stage set up with even more speakers, little twinkly lights were dangling across the yard, and even wrapped around the pillars of the back porch. Food was out and so was the grill, beverages were all on the table.

“Y/N!” Amy gushed out, jogging over from where she was giving instructions to Ashton for the grill. “Is he here?” She whispered softly, grabbing underneath your armpit softly dragging you over towards the gate again. “He is here, Michael and Dawn along with who I am guessing is Calum are all in the driveway,” You informed her, with a sigh she looked at you with annoyance and stress, “I need you to distract them, take them on a walk or something please. Everyone still isn’t here yet,” She begged almost.. Key word almost, rolling those green eyes of yours, “I guess, but I’ll be back in twenty minutes.”

Walking away from her and out of the backyard, just to walk fast first into a broad and toned chest. Averting my eyes up at someone with brown eyes, “Calum. Right?”

“Yeah, Calum. And you must be from what I am guessing from not even five minutes ago, you would be Y/N, John eldest niece,” He spoke low and quick, his accent coming out just a little or more like a lot. He smelled like Old Spice, and it was definitely distracting, “You smell really good,” You blurted out, thinking that at first maybe you did not say it, but from his amused face and the strange looks from my brothers and uncle. I did say it out loud, “Hey! Let’s go on a walk,” Clapping your hands together while rubbing them. “Well, I was wanting to go and freshen up just a bit. Never mind that is not an option.” John and the others were cut short when you grabbed them all by the hand, and dragging them down the driveway.

“Amy put you up too this didn’t she?”

“Yes. She still needs a little more time to get everything together, and waiting for other people too show up as well.”

“Which means taking us away from the house, all of us?” Michael spoke up from the back, “Hey do not give me attitude or lip, I just did what she said. She said take them away, but I gave her twenty minutes,” I informed him and the rest of what was going on, looking down at my phone screen to check the time.

“Okay let’s head on back. We have been out for like forty minutes,” Started walking back towards the house, sending a quick text message towards Amy about our return.

Good, everything is set up and everyone is here. Hurry back quickly!’

The walk back was silent except for the occasional talk between John and my brothers. Those three were more upfront while Calum and I were kind of dragging behind. “Do you know how to play any instruments?” He broke the silence between us, and keep in mind it was one of those awkward/ comfortable silence.

“Ugh.. I kind of play the guitar and the piano. But I am not the greatest at it,” You told him, starting to see the house in sight now. Along with the all the cars parked up and down the street, “Well you probably already know that I play the bass, but am learning how to play the piano as well,” He said stuffing his hands in his pockets and picking up his pace a little faster now, “Right aren’t you the bassist in like.. Four seconds to Jupiter or something along those lines,” You asked him being completely serious since you really didn’t know the name of the band.

“Five Seconds of Summer is the name.”

“Right! Yeah, sorry I never really listen to my uncle when he talks about any of the bands he helps out with. Unless it is about Brendon or Twenty One Pilots.”

“Have you ever met them?”

“My boys? Of course I have! But I met the Madden Brothers before any of them.”

“Seriously? That is sick honestly, I just met them a couple years back, really good guys.”

After that silence was restored between you both, but mostly since we had arrived at the gate. John went in first since it took awhile to convince him to do so, and right when he rounded the corner of the house everyone jumped out from there hidden spots and screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”, and the lights that Amy or whoever put up came on and light music started to play.

“Did you jump?” Michael and Dawn asked me, a small shrug for a response at their question.

“Happy Birthday John,” Calum clapped his hand on my uncle shoulder squeezing it a little,

“Thanks man.”

I watched as everyone told him happy birthday, while Calum and I walked away towards the back where no one was at. “This maybe a little straight forward, but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime,” He broke the silence yet again, it was quiet for a minute or so before nodding my head slowly as a yes.
“A coffee hang out? I know this really cute place in San Diego it ha-”

“There you are, we have to go and get that thing!” Dawn gushed reaching for your hand, dragging you towards the house and leaving behind Calum who didn’t have any way of getting in contact with you since now. It was the game plan and you were now in charge of making sure that everything was A okay.

“Here is her number, you hurt her and I will end that wonderful career for you Hood.” John slide the paper in his hand before walking away. A large smile spreading across his face once again, leaving Calum alone but happy that he had some way of contacting you. Though now he was kind of intimidated by how quick John can go from ‘scary and ruin your life’ too ‘Nothing happened back there and I never stop smiling.’

Clark’s Niece - Part 4

Sorry this took so long! So there isn’t much Damian x reader fluff in this one, it’s mainly the aftermath of their fight.


You leave Gotham before anyone can talk to you, and you fly straight to Conner’s apartment. Most of the time you stay with your Grandparents, but right now you just need to be with your cousin.


“Hey, Kon. Am I interrupting something?”

Conner yaws, scratching his stomach, “Nah, I just woke up. Want some breakfast?”

Nodding, you land on his windowsill, and climb into the apartment, “Can we have pancakes?”

“Sure, Y/N” He glances back at you, “Is everything alright? I thought you were going to be in Gotham all weekend.”

You groan, flopping on Kon’s couch and burying your face in a pillow. He sits down next to you, gently removing the pillow from your face, “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

“Do I have to?”

“Considering I just got a text from Jason asking where you are, yes.”

You nod and tell him what happened he previous night. By the time you finish Kon’s eyes are red, and he looks like he’s ready to fly to Gotham.

“Kon, it’s okay, you need to calm down.”

He rolls his eyes, “I am calm, kid. Now, I’m going to make us pancakes, and call Clark. I’d rather he finds out from me, than from Batman”

“Does he have to know? I don’t want to think about him anymore, alright?”

“Don’t worry, kid. You don’t have to worry about the Bats anymore.” Conner ran his fingers through your hair gently, before he stood up. You really loved how understanding Kon could be.

It’s been about a week, and you have managed to avoid almost everyone. Kon told you about the huge fight between Superman and Batman up in the Watchtower, and how Robin hadn’t stopped asking about you. Your goal had been to stay away from everyone until just the thought of Damian didn’t hurt anymore, but of course the world never seemed to work in your favor.

“Supergirl, come in, Supergirl”

“Supergirl here, what’s the situation?”

“You are needed at the Watchtower for debrief. We have a mission for you and Superboy.”

“Of course, Batman. We’ll be there soon”

You whip around, only to find Kon already dressed and holding out your costume. Kon had changed his original outfit into just jeans and a shirt, so you had decided to steal it. Your costume looked like a female version of Connor’s old costume.

“You know, it’s a lot easier to just change into jeans. You should totally make the switch, kid”

“And look like you? No thanks. Plus, I make the leather jacket look better than you ever did” Your hair quickly goes up into a ponytail, and then you slip on the knee-high black boot. “Ready?”

Kon is floating upside down, looking bored, “I’ve been ready, but you still had to get dressed”

“I don’t like getting dressed at superspeed, I might put my shirt on backwards, like you did”

Connor whips around, and quickly flips his shirt so it’s on the right way, “Not funny”

“Oh it was hilarious, now let’s go”

You arrive at the Watchtower about 2 minutes later, you and Kon had raced.

“Superboy, Supergirl. Thank you for joining us”

“What mission did you have for us?”

“Lex Luthor has captured Superman, using Kryptonite, and has refused to give a location unless we bring the two of you to him.”

You glance over at Kon, “You do know that Lex Luthor is the other half of my DNA, and he’s the one who found Supergirl”

Batman sighed, “I am aware of these facts, and considering how he was ranting about having hi child kept from him, I assume that he is doing this, because he is angry and Superman for keeping the to of you from him”

“I talked on the phone with Uncle Lex two days ago. He asked me to come visit him, but I told him that Uncle Clark wouldn’t let me, not after his last attempt at world domination”

Flash lets out a groan, “This is seriously a family dispute? Why can’t supervillains just talk things out!! There was no need to pull out the Kryptonite! I mean that stuff could just hurt you two”

“Yeah, but I’m betting Dad will leave all of the Kryptonite with Mercy once we get there. Plus he probably has Clark under a red sun lamp at this point. The last time he really hurt Clark with Kryptonite it made Y/N cry, he promised he wouldn’t do it again”

“Do you think you can convince Lex to let Superman out?”

You shrug your shoulders, “Hopefully. We can try”

“You’ll need backup. Robin will go with you” Batman gestured for the younger man to stand up.

Kon stepped forward, getting between you and Damian, “We don’t need backup, we have each other” he growled.

“Yes, and you both can be taken out by Kryptonite, something that Robin has no weakness to”

“Superboy, it’s fine. Let’s just go see Uncle Lex, and then we can go back to your apartment”

“Supergirl, I would like to speak to you before you leave” Batman called out. He turned and walked out of the room, leaving you to follow,

“What is it, B?”

“Why haven’t you been to the Manor?”

You sigh, “You know why. I know that Damian told you”

“Yes, but I want to hear it from you.” Bruce crossed his arms, waiting for you to answer

“He was with three other girls, B. I had thought … well, it doesn’t really matter what I thought, but it hurt to see Damian like that” You lock eyes with Bruce, “To see him use some stupid playboy persona, like you do. I loved him, but I won’t sit around while he becomes you, Bruce. That’s not something I have to heart to watch” You sniffle, straightening your back, “I have to go. Robin is staying here. Superboy and I will handle this”

With that you’re gone, zooming through the Watchtower and straight out the airlock Kon will meet you at LexCorp, you know that he was eavesdropping anyway.

Mercy is the one to meet you and Kon on the roof. She quickly brings you down the stairs and into Lex’s office.

“It’s about time you two arrived. Clark has been waiting for his rescue”

You roll your eyes, “Come on Uncle Lex, let him go, and then we can go out to dinner or something”

“Yeah Dad, don’t be an asshole. I know Clark can be annoying, but Kryptonite hurts”

Lex rolls his eyes, but he stand up from behind his desk, “Very well, since you both asked so nicely. Let’s go let Clark free. I’m sure that if we leave him on the roof his little friends will be able to pick him up.”

Your head shoots up when you hear a noise from the roof, at the same time several alarms start going off and Mercy takes off running. You recognize the heartbeat, it’s Damian.

“Mercy no!!”

You and Kon sprint after her, making it to the rooftop only seconds before her. “Robin!” You shout, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to protect you!! You just take off, flying strait to your uncles arch-nemesis’ home, where he has hundreds of pounds of Kryptonite! Which is one of the few things that can hurt you!” Damian is practically scream now, “What did you expect me to do?!? Let you put yourself in danger like that?! You might hate me, but I would never let you get hurt!”

“I don’t hate you” You mumble, shifting until you are slightly behind Kon.

“If you didn’t hate me, they you wouldn’t be avoiding me. If I never see you, how am I supposed to apologize.”

“Well, isn’t this interesting” Lex drawled, walking until he can put a hand on your shoulder, “I do believe that Superman told me all about your little argument with Supergirl, Robin, and I don’t really appreciate you landing on my rooftop and harassing my niece” with a flick of his fingers Mercy raises her gun. “Now I suggest you leave before I order Mercy to pull the trigger”

Your eyes widen, you might be angry at Damian, but you don’t want him to die, “Uncle Lex, please don’t …”

“Hush child, there’s no need for you to worry. I’ve heard that the Bats are a relatively smart group of individuals.”

“Dad …”

“I said hush, Conner. I’m having a conversation with Robin right now. It’s very rude to interrupt conversations.”

Lex turns back to Damian, who still hasn’t moved, “What will it be? Should Mercy shoot you, or are you going to leave? She has Kryptonite laced bullets you know, so if either Superboy or Supergirl decided to try and save you, they would only end up hurt. The liquid Kryptonite would seep into their blood, killing them without a transfusion”

Damian is starting to look nervous. He doesn’t want to leave you, but he also doesn’t want to get shot, or risk you getting shot. “Just let him go, Uncle Lex. Come one, lets everyone go back inside.”

“I don’t think so, Y/N. He hurt you, so he deserves to hurt. It’s only fair. Mercy … shoot him”

The sound of the gunshot is deafening, your scream even more so. You shoot forward, in a desperate attempt to beat the bullet. For one, you’re afraid that you might not be fast enough to save the one person who you know that you can’t live without. Racing a Kryptonite infused bullet is almost painful, you can feel yourself get weaker the closer you get to it, but you keep pushing. Damian won’t die, not on your watch. You push yourself to go faster, will you make it? Or will you be forced to watch your best friend die?


Jane Eyre Month - Favorite Male Character: Edward Fairfax Rochester

“Nature meant me to be, on the whole, a good man, Miss Eyre: one of the better kind, and you see I am not so. […] Then take my word for it, — I am not a villain: you are not to suppose that — not to attribute to me any such bad eminence; but owing, I verily believe, rather to circumstances than to my natural bent, I am a trite common-place sinner, hackneyed in all the poor petty dissipations with which the rich and worthless try to put on life.”


Moodboard/header made by the fantastic @theenchantedgalleryofstories

Pairing: Leonard McCoy/Reader

Summary: Confession of feelings and semi-awkward first date with Leonard McCoy.

Word count: 2,697

“So, what are you up to this evening?” you asked when you caught up with him.

“Well, I would study for that tactics exam but Jim’s probably going to try to drag me out to a bar,” he shrugged.

“Do you want to come by my place?”

“Don’t you have plans with what’s his face?”

“Nah, I turned him down.”

Leonard looked over at you and raised an eyebrow. “He’s been hitting on you for nearly two weeks.”

“Your point?”

“Have you just bene stringing him along?”

“I’ve been turning him down every time he asks me out. Not my fault he’s persistent.”

“You should go out with him. He clearly likes you and seems like a decent guy.”

“And I don’t like him. I have my eye on someone else.”

“Oh, do you now? Why haven’t asked him out?”

“Because it’s not time to yet,” you answered before splitting off from him. “See you at seven?”

“Yeah, unless Jim physically drags me out,” he called after you.

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What’s a Guy to Do?

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Sequel to Until Next Time - from Mulder’s perspective

My partner isn’t as difficult to read as she thinks she is.  Granted, most of the time she’s locked tighter than Fort Knox, but I’ve been with her nearly 24/7 for the last three years and I know a thing or two about her moods and cycles.  There’s also nuance to every ‘I’m fine’ she throws out at me.  Said quietly, she’s merely tired.  Said with a bite in it means she’s annoyed, but it wasn’t something I did.  And then there’s the ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ which is the worst one of all, because it usually means I’ve pissed her off in some way.

Now, I know that I can be a bit of a horse’s ass.  I try not to be, but I have quite a knack for putting my foot in my mouth, or being oblivious to to my surroundings when I’m focusing on working a case.  But, what am I supposed to do when I see her pinching the bridge of her nose or rub her temples to ease the tension in her head and she says ‘I’m fine’ if I ask if she needs anything?  No, really, tell me.

And let me just say this: I don’t think of Scully as being any less of an agent or a partner for being a woman, but things happen to women on a monthly basis that affect them.  Not their work, but their personality.  They just do.

Example:  This afternoon we stopped at a gas station to fill up on our way to Flagstaff.  I asked Scully if she wanted anything from the convenience shop inside.  She said no, but neither of us had eaten since the rubbery egg and bagel combo the airplane called breakfast.  I also knew full well that if she kept popping those Midol on an empty stomach, she was just going to get nauseous and even more irritable, so I got her some graham crackers because I was pretty sure they were the only thing she’d deem edible.  My chili dog was excellent, for the record, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, she threw the crackers back at me and snapped, “I told you I didn’t want anything,” before she pounded a fist onto the dashboard and cursed the air conditioning that wasn’t blowing cold enough.

So, I ask again, what should I do?  Because I did the only thing I could do and kept my mouth shut.  I put the crackers in the glove box, hoping at some point she’d stop being so stubborn and just eat.  

And another thing.  How can I both help her and not treat her any differently than any other agent?  I know she didn’t want to be out there interviewing friends and family of our missing person, but she would kill me if I suggested she just check herself into the motel and sit this one out.  When she suggested that we stakeout the bar where the man worked for a bit, it felt like entrapment.  Because if I said no, she would ask why.  And quite honestly, I’m really bad at lying to her.  Especially when she asks a direct question.  So I would have to tell her, because you’ve been rubbing your head all night and your eyes are bloodshot and I can see you wince and grab your side every so often.  You’ve gone through what was left of a bottle of Midol in 14 hours, your neck hurts, you’re cranky as hell, and if I didn’t already have it marked on my calendar, because yes, I’ve been keeping track, you’re hours away from starting your period and as I’ve been told by many a girlfriend in the past, it’s no fucking picnic, so just relax.

That probably would’ve earned me the ass chewing of the century.  And all for what?  Because my stoic little partner just can’t admit to ever being less than fine.

I feel badly, though.  I do.  All the female agents I’ve ever worked with think they need to be twice as smart, twice as tough, twice as serious to be taken seriously in the good ol’ boys club.  It can be true, but she should know me better by now to know that I’m not one of those guys.  Not once have I ever thought for even a second that she was less capable of doing her job just because she was a woman.  See, but even suggesting that she take a few hours off to feel better implies something else.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.  Because I know she blames me for being here, but am I really going to let an investigation into a guy that went missing one week ago who happens to also have been allegedly dead for the last fifteen years pass us by?  I tell you, if I tossed the file aside because she was bound to be crampy and bloated for the duration, that would be treating her differently.  If I left her behind because I know she’d much rather be on her couch, wrapped in flannel, watching romantic comedies and eating ice cream from the carton, that would be treating her differently.  P.S. Yes, Scully, I also know about the romantic comedies and the ice cream.

I don’t care what she thinks, I still get to feel bad about her condition.  It really sucks to feel bad and being out of town doesn’t help.  If I know Scully, and I think I know her pretty well, she’s probably dying for something greasy and fattening right now because she hasn’t eaten all day (though, for the record, that is not my fault) and she’ll never get to sleep if she’s running on empty.

There’s a strip mall behind the hotel with a questionable looking burger joint.  I can smell the fat cooking from between our parking lots.  It’s perfect.  I go and place an order and hit up the Rite Aid a few doors down.  Can’t have her out of Midol this whole trip or it’ll be a nightmare for both of us.  I assumed I’d find it in the regular pain reliever section, but no such luck.  So, I go into the pink and blue and purple aisle of lady things and jesus christ there’s so many choices.  I’m not here to get something that personal, just the drugs, thank you.  But, god it must suck to be a woman.  I also pick up a heating pad that’s on sale in the same aisle because I have the distinct recollection of a girlfriend in college who once told me she would rather sleep with her heating pad than me for three days out of the month.  So, clearly it’s good for something.

The meals are ready by the time I leave the pharmacy and I walk back to the motel to knock on her door.  I brace myself for a bit of snapping, but she’s more subdued than when I left her.  I swear I see drool at the corner of her mouth when she opens up one of the greasy bags and takes a whiff.

I need to take my leave.  I’d love to stay and eat with her.  I’d even love to offer to rub her head or watch a romantic comedy with her, but when she sees what else I’ve brought, she’s bound to be embarrassed.  And that’s not what I want.  I just want her to feel better.  I just want her to know that I care.

So, we’ll get through this and she’ll be back to herself in the next few days.  We’ll pretend like none of this ever happened and we’ll do what we came here to do.  Things will return to normal.  Until the next time.

The End

Shape of You Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel

Warnings: Language, Kissing, Making Out, Dry Humping, Drinking, Fluff, Oral (Reader Receiving), Fingering, Masturbation (Female), Sex Dream, Use Of Sex Toys

Words (With Lyrics): 1,820+

Summary:  You and Dean finally confessed your feelings for each other after years of denying them and pushing them away. Neither of you are good at this sort of thing but you’re willing to try for each other. So what comes next for the two of you?

A/N: I’ll  be adding warnings and characters as the series progresses. If you’d like to be added or removed from the tag list please let me know.  Feedback is -as always- highly welcomed and greatly appreciated! This series is inspired by Ed Sheeran’s - Shape Of You

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The Party

The Party

Requested by @angelsdeadromance ;

Hi, could I request a Steve x female reader, where its her birthday? Steve wanted to throw a quiet party but Tony doesn’t agree and throws a huge party, which bothers steve until he sees how happy she is. Thanks :) It’s my birthday today!

Author’s note: I hope you had wonderful birthday!

Contains mentions of food, Steve Rogers and general fluff :)

Steven Grant Rogers sat somewhere towards the edge of Central Park, watching the blades of grass dance in the wind as he twirled a pencil between his fingers pondering how best to capture them on his blank page. He had been seated on the uncomfortable wooden bench for just over an hour now, trying to avoid thinking about the one and only thing he could think about; you.

Or, more specifically, your birthday party.

You had told him with a small smile that you didn’t care about having a party, but the look in your eyes had betrayed your words and Steve had known you were lying. For the past week he had been trying to figure out what to do. He wanted you to be happy, and if having a party would make you happy then he would be the first to run to the store and buy plastic cups, or climb ladders to hang banners and disco lights. He would also have been the first to plan it all, if he’d only had the faintest clue how to. He had never been a party animal back before he went under the ice, and even now he still wasn’t 100% sure what made a good party. Was it the music or the lighting? The theme or the guest list?

Steve shook his head and began sketching the scene in front of him, taking extra care not to press too hard with his pencil. He had a tendency to snap them, which meant you were constantly writing lists with half a pencil, mumbling under your breath about splinters with a small smirk playing across your lips. Steve smiled at the thought of you, and thought not for the first time about how lucky he was to have you in his life. He shook his head as he thought about all the little things about you that irritated him; you never used up a tube of toothpaste, you never went out and got more bread after you’d finished a loaf, he wasn’t sure if you even knew how to tell the time you were so late for everything, and most importantly you had a lot more faith in him than he deserved. If those were your worst qualities, then Steve was truly a lucky man.

With a sigh, Steve set down his pencil. You would probably only want a small gathering of friends and family. Surely that wouldn’t be so hard to arrange?


Sam walked through the halls of the compound, humming to himself gently as he stepped in time to the music leaking through his headphones. The sun shone through the tall, immaculate windows and cast odd shadows on the ground around him as he moved. Tuesday was always a good day, because Tuesday was the day where no one got to tell Sam what to do. There was no mandatory training, no background research or infiltration of secret organisations; it was just him and his music. This Tuesday Sam felt tired of the confining open spaces within the compound and roamed the halls looking for someone, anyone, to talk to.

When he heard a crash come from the kitchen, he looked at his watch and smirked. 13:05. He knew exactly who was in there. Sam crept into the doorway and set his headphones around his neck, smirking at the scene before him.

“Right,” You said with a smile, addressing your class of two “who can tell me what this is?”

You slid a photograph onto the kitchen island your small group had congregated around and folded your arms, regarding them with a quirked eyebrow and an amused smile. The two were silent, all of you unaware of Sam’s lurking presence. “Scott?” You prompted

Scott itched the back of his neck and exhaled “A muffin?”

You made an impassive noise and inclined your head to Bucky, who Sam had never seen look quite so nervous. “Buck?”

He licked his lips and looked at you with hesitant eyes “Fairy cakes?”

You let out a burst of gleeful laughter and jumped into the air, clapping your hands in joy. “Yes! See, Barnes, I told you you were better than you thought. So that’s what we’ll be making today, you guys know the drill. Put your aprons on and scrub up,”

Scott and Bucky smiled at your exuberance and walked over to the pantry to retrieve their aprons, a light spring in their step as they went. You tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear and grabbed your apron from the counter, looping it over your head and reaching behind your back to tie it. “Nice apron,” Sam laughed, walking into the room

You looked down at yourself and smiled at the small red white and blue shield’s covering the wipe down apron you wore. “What can I say? I know what I like,”

Sam opened the fridge, searching through the lunch boxes with vaguely threatening name labels for something he could eat. A label reading ‘Property of Bucky.’ caught Sam’s eye, and with a devilish smile he took out the container and opened it to find two chicken legs. Jackpot. He took one from the container and placed it back in the fridge before closing the door. “So, how is baking club going?” He asked, biting into the leg

You smiled brightly as you tightened your pony tail. “They’re really improving; last week we made shortbread and theirs came out looking almost exactly like mine.”

“Bet you’re gonna miss it next week,” Sam chuckled

“What do you mean?”

Sam rolled his eyes “Your birthday. Please tell me you aren’t going to be hosting baking club on your birthday,”

You shook your head, but something seemed a little sad in your smile as you replied “Well, it’s not like I’ll be doing anything else.”

“You mean you’re not going out with Cap?”

You walked over to the sink and turned on the faucet, beginning to wash your hands. Sam had a feeling it was just so you could hide your face. “Not as far as I know.”

Sam opened his mouth to reply as Scott walked back into the room wearing a plain white apron and a horrified expression. “No, no, no, no, no! I am not baking in front of the judgemental pigeon here!”

You turned around, drying your hands on a towel as you rolled your eyes “Scott, there is nothing shameful in learning how to bake.”

“Yeah man, it’s not weird at all,” Sam winked, clapping him on the shoulder

Bucky walked into the room, tying his hair into a bun as he made his way over to the sink. “Oh good, Sam is here.” He said, his voice laced with sarcasm

You shook your head and opened the cupboard, your head disappearing inside as you routed around for baking trays. “Play nicely boys.” You chastised, emerging briefly to look at Sam  “Sam, if you aren’t going to bake get out of here; not everyone can handle the heat of the kitchen.”

Sam held up his hands and stepped backwards, chuckling lightly. “Oh hell no, I’m not enough of a man for this. I’ll see you guys later.”

You closed the cupboard and let the tray drop onto the counter with a clatter. “Don’t listen to him boys, I think you guys are doing great. Scott, you’ll definitely be able to make Cassie’s birthday cake this year,”

Sam smiled to himself as he walked out of the room, putting his headphones on once again and biting into his stolen chicken leg. That would teach Bucky for eating his cereal last week; revenge had never been sweet, but it did taste a great deal like chicken.


“This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done,” Steve groaned, scrolling through your facebook friends list “I mean, how am I supposed to know which ones to invite?”

Tony lifted his goggles and looked at Steve, momentarily ignoring his suit repairs. “As much as I’d love to hear who’s going to your fourth of July orgy, I think I’d rather just find out on the day.”

Steve would have rolled his eyes if he’d had the energy, but instead kept scrolling down the page. “Tony, if you were throwing Pepper a birthday party who would you invite?”

“Everyone.” Tony said without hesitation “Party isn’t a party unless it’s embarrassingly crowded.”

“And if you only wanted to invite, say, twenty people tops?”

“Then I’d call off the party and spend the money on something better; like a coupon for dairy queen.”

Steve cursed as his laptop froze and randomly jabbed at the keyboard, waiting impatiently for it to work. Tony set down his tools and made his way over, looking at the frozen number of your facebook friends. “Three hundred isn’t that many people.”

Steve gave Tony an incredulous look and shook his head, standing from his desk chair which gratefully sprung up without the burden of his weight. “How do I even start though? Should I get the catering sorted or the entertainment?”

Tony shook his head with a sigh and closed the lid of the laptop. “Look, Cap, why don’t you just leave it to me? I’ll make sure she gets a good party and you can take the credit.”

Steve frowned, a little offended. “I can’t do that if I’ve done none of the work,”

Tony waved an arm dismissively “Then you sort out the catering. Leave the rest to me and she’ll have a great birthday. You want that, right?”

Steve hesitated; it would be great if he could focus on you rather than worry about the party. After all, he couldn’t control everything. “Okay,” He agreed, shaking Tony’s hand “but nothing too big, okay?”

Tony rolled his eyes “Scouts honour, now get the hell out of my lab and go give someone a pep talk about freedom or whatever it is that you do in your spare time.”


You stumbled your way through the door, an arm around Steve’s shoulder as you laughed so hard that you struggled for breath. It had been the best birthday ever; the two of you had been to a fair and lost all of your money trying to win a Captain America teddy bear which was now slung over Steve’s shoulder. You felt a little guilty as you walked through the compound; you had had an amazing day, but you were a little upset that Steve hadn’t thrown you a party. It was totally irrational, but for some reason this year you really wanted to celebrate with everyone.

The compound was quiet as the two of you giggled and walked down the hall; everyone else had been sent on a mission early that morning. So early that they hadn’t even been able to wish you a happy birthday in person… “It’s so weird without the rest of the team here,” You whispered “I mean, is this how it would be if there was an apocalypse and only you and I survived?”

“Well, I doubt anyone could kill Sam,” Steve muttered, a smile on his face

You rolled your eyes. He had a point. As you walked you thought of how you would be spending this Thursday if it wasn’t your birthday; you’d probably be on the mission that rest of the team had been called out on. Or you would be baking with Bucky and Scott; your heart swelled with pride as you cast your mind back to Scott’s proud face last week as he presented you with a sloppily iced fairy cake. That night before just before you had gotten into bed, he had sent you a photo of Cassie smiling with the icing smeared across her face; you had smiled so much that your cheeks still ached when you woke the next morning.

It sucked that the team weren’t there, but then again that was what you had signed up for, right? There wasn’t much room for sentimentality when civilians were in danger, and you were glad about that. What kind of team would you be if you all took a day off to party when innocent people were being attacked out there?

You pushed open the door to the lounge area, and frowned at how dark it was. Usually FRIDAY turned all the lights on the minute it got dark. You looked over your shoulder to see Steve smirking slightly as he fumbled around and turned on the lights.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” A roar of voices called from behind you

You turned and gasped in awe at the sea of friends and family stood smiling at you. Brightly coloured streamers and balloons littered the room, and a banner that hung from the ceiling proudly proclaimed that it was your birthday. Tears swelled in your eyes as you cast your gaze around the room; Tony caught your eye from the middle of the crowd and winked, raising a glass of champagne in your direction. You whipped your head around and looked at Steve, who had the green expression of someone who was going to throw up. “You did all this for me?” You asked in awe

Steve shifted uncomfortably, looking a little less green as his skin flushed red. “I didn’t realise there would be so many people,” He muttered angrily, eyes scanning the crowd and then nervously meeting yours “do you like it?”

You cast another look over your shoulder and felt a grin consume your face. “I love it.” You said, turning and throwing your arms around him

Steve softened at your touch and let out a sigh of relief, returning your embrace warmly. “Thank you,” You whispered, planting a kiss on his cheek and breaking away

“Well, it was my idea but Tony did most of the work; I was in charge of catering” Steve said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck

You shook your head with a smile “I don’t care, Steve. It was your idea and that’s all that matters,”

Steve chuckled, a twinkle in his eye as he grabbed your hand “Come on,” He said, pulling you through the crowd “I haven’t shown you the best bit.”

You smiled and nodded hello’s at people as Steve dragged you through the crowd, your favourite music playing in the background. After what seemed like an eternity Steve pulled you to an abrupt stop in front of the food table, and at first you had no idea what was so great about it other than the fact that it was full of food. Then, with a small gasp, you looked up to see Scott and Bucky stood behind the table wearing aprons and smug grins. “You did this?” You asked, awestricken at the table of baked goods in front of you

The boys nodded, grinning uncontrollably. “It took us hours, and I nearly gave up twice.” Scott said, picking up a cookie and biting it “But I think it worked out okay in the end,”

Bucky smirked “Well, only because I pulled this punk into line,”

Sam appeared behind the two of them and grinned, throwing an arm over each of their shoulders “Actually, I think you’ll find it’s because I offered you guys a lot of moral support,”

Bucky rolled his eyes “All you did was throw chocolate chips at us and eat everything.”

“Don’t question my methods.”

You laughed and shook your head “You guys, this is amazing; I think I’ve taught you all I can.”

Scott and Bucky’s faces fell and they exchanged a panicked look. “There’s a lot of stuff that went wrong in the kitchen,” Bucky said quickly

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure I forgot to sift the flour on these cakes,” Scott said, gesturing wildly across the table

“Not to mention the fact that we didn’t preheat the oven.”

You and Steve exchanged a look and smirked “Well…” You drawled, keeping them in suspense for a moment  “if that’s the case then I suppose we should keep baking every Tuesday until it’s drilled into the pair of you,”

They feigned disinterest, slight smiles still on their faces. “Well, if you’re sure,” Bucky said

“Personally I think we did a good enough job, but it’s your call,” Scott added

You rolled your eyes and picked up a cake as you started to back away “Great job, boys.”

The night went on until it was technically morning and everyone was having too good a time to leave. You danced and laughed and eat so many cakes you were nearly sick; all good signs of an excellent birthday party. When everyone had finally left and the members of the team who weren’t passed out on the couch found their way to bed, you stood in Steve’s arms with a grin on your face. “You know what the best part was?” You said quietly, looking out onto the chaos left over from it all

“What’s that?”

You smiled “That you got the most important part right; you got Scott and Bucky to do the catering.”

Steve blushed as you turned in his arms to face him. “Well, I know how much your baking class means to you, and they’ve improved so much since the first week.”

You yawned, falling gently against his chest with a sleepy smile, wondering how you got so lucky as to end up with such a sweet man. “Happy birthday,” Steve whispered, kissing the top of your head

It had been the best birthday ever; you sure as hell couldn’t wait for next year.

(Another request written by @toastburninglucy​ love this. Lucy has been such a helping hand for this blog, I couldn’t ask for a better writer. To have someone and others be so helpful and supportive of me, it’s amazing! - Rosalee)

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A new start, part 3

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: Language

 Part 1, Part 2

Walking through the door of the rental, you hung your bag up on the the hook on the wall and kicked off your sandals.  Chris walked tentatively behind you looking around the living room.

“Nice place. Yours?” He mirrored your movements and slipped out of his sneakers leaving them by the door.

“Nah, just a rental while we are filming here.  I wanted something by the water.  No ocean in Tennessee.  So I try to soak it up while I can.”  He nodded pulling off his jacket and setting it across the back of one of the sofa chairs. You walked into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator.  “Beer?”

“Definitely, thanks. So you live in Tennessee?  I’ve been to Nashville a time or two.  Pretty country.”  Handing him the beer you opened your own taking a long swig.

“Yup, born and raised. I love it there.  I have a house there close to my parents and brother.  I’m within walking distance of my parents’ farm and my brother’s house.  Or golf cart distance.”  You grinned plopping down on the couch with your beer and phone in hand.  “So pizza?”  Chris smiled back at you taking a seat on the couch next to you.  Making sure he was not too close but not on the other side of the room.

“Oh yeah I’m starving!”

Not long after the pizza was delivered, the pair of you ate and chatted.  There had been discussion about turning on the television but that idea was forgotten after a while.  You were having a good time just talking.  “Oh come on, you don’t like the Patriots?  What is wrong with you?  They are a great team.”  You rolled your eyes at him as you finished your bottle of beer.

“I’m from Tennessee. If I didn’t like the Titans, my dad would probably disown me.  He has been a fan of that team since they were in Houston.  Sorry gotta go with the family.”  Chris gave you a look like it was painful to be in your presence.  It did not last long he broke out into a fit of laughter after you smirked at him.

“Fine, fine we won’t talk about football.  Or sports actually because you are probably going to tell me something awful about another baseball team.”  The pizza box sat in between you and him with you turned facing him with crossed legs. You took another piece relaxing back against the arm of the couch.  A content smile appearing.  “Are you feeling any better?  I didn’t like seeing you upset earlier.  It was really bugging me.”  Looking over to him as you set the half-eaten piece down in the box, you wiped your hands and face on a napkin.

“A little bit, yeah. Thank you.  It’s been… it’s been a really hard time.  It wasn’t something I saw coming.  But I guess not many people see this kind of thing.  Not me at least.  Maybe I was ignoring the signs, I don’t know.”  You gave a halfhearted smile.  Chris closed the box moving it to the coffee table.

“I don’t know everything that went on.  It’s not my business.  But I do know you got hurt and he is a complete moron for whatever went on.  If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here. I know we haven’t known each other that long but I consider you a friend now.  Whether you like it or not.”  He laughed finishing off the beer.  You laughed too moving to squeeze his hand a moment, in thanks.

“You are a good guy, Chris.  I guess the only person I told was my dad.  Everyone else just heard the rumors.  I didn’t want to talk about it.  It hurts.  A lot.” The rest of the story just spilled from you.  The man sitting in front of you made it easy. There was no judging or pity, just someone listening while you poured your heart out.  You got through the whole thing and realized you did not cry this time.  Maybe it was getting easier with each day.

“Like I said, he is a moron and I was right, he is a douche. [Y/N], thanks for trusting me with that.”  Chris smiled then began to clean up the mess you both had made with dinner.

“Chris, sit down I was get it.”  You laughed as you fought over the pizza box.  He won the struggle bringing it into the kitchen to toss in the garbage. Following not far behind with the couple of beer bottles, you put them in the recycle bin.

“I probably need to head out.  We have early call in the morning.”  You let a long breath go nodding to him.

“Yes we do.  I should grab a shower and get some sleep.  I will see you in the morning bright and early.” He left giving you the chance to pick up whatever was left over, shower and climb into bed not too long after. Sending a good night text to your parents, you fell asleep hoping for better dreams.

The next morning felt easier.  It was beautiful outside and you had a large Yeti of coffee in hand. Half of it was gone by the time you walked into your trailer.  The day’s script sat on the counter.  Your hair and makeup specialist took little time to get started and prep you for the morning scenes.  Which, as you flipped through the pages, happened to be the early life and would be Tommy and Connie’s first kiss.  You shrugged; it was just a kiss between the characters.  Not as though it was a real kiss.  However, your heart did a little flip when you thought about it.  No, you were fine.  You would get through the scene and be fine.  There were going to be many other times during the filming you would have to kiss him.  It would be just like any other movie.  At least that is what you convinced yourself.

Filming for the morning went smoothly as it did the day before.  Chris was professional, only laughing and flubbing one of the lines a couple times.  By the time the kiss scene came you had been relaxed enough to not worry about it.  It was supposed to be an awkward first kiss for two teenagers in the nineteen-thirties. The kiss turned into something definitely not awkward.  Feeling Chris’ lips on yours, warm and softer than you had imagined, it was different.  A spark of something there.  You were growing distracted until that moment the director called out, “Cut!”  He wanted to redo the scene.  It didn’t feel innocent enough for what they were going for. Chris looked off.  Like something was wrong.  But there wasn’t time to ask just now.  It took another three takes to get down the desired effect.  By that time you were not sure what was going on in your mind and certainly not Chris’.  He looked like he ate something rotten.  Excusing himself quickly, he ran back to his trailer.  Lunch was called, sending you back to yours.  

You did not want to admit that you liked the kiss, very much.  It was too soon.  Way too soon. It was just now two weeks since the break up and you were not ready for anything more.  Not kissing, or dating, hell not even ‘liking’ someone.  No, you were going to push it out of your mind, just finish the film and figure out life afterwards.  Lunch came and went.  The rest of the afternoon Chris seemed back to him normal self.  You tried to put it out of your mind, to focus on work.

The following two months continued like that.  You focused on working and having some fun when you could.  Chris had become a close friend and the two of you talked or texted often throughout the days whether you were working or not.  A few times a week you would hang out, outside of filming. Getting to know each other like normal people.  Not just the personas of who the world thought you were.  One long weekend, while filming was on break, you went home to Tennessee while he returned to Boston.  You got the chance to spend time with your parents and go horseback riding with your brother.  Your family noticed how you would be checking your phone and laughing at messages that would come through.  None of them said a word.  They liked seeing the happy smiles and hearing your laugh again.  Whatever or whoever was causing it, they approved of.

That Sunday night after the family dinner, you sat down on the couch next to your father as he flipped through to find the Titans game.  “Who are they playing this week, dad?”  Just as you asked, he found the channel and you saw the opposing team, the Patriots.  You burst into giggles, searching your pockets for your phone.

“It’s on the kitchen counter next to the sink.  That boy better not be a Patriot’s fan.”  You froze looking over at him.  How did he know?  Hell, how did he even know you were talking to a ‘boy’?  

“Daddy, I don’t know what you are…”  He put a hand up to stop you.

“[Y/F/N] [Y/M/N], don’t even try it.  You have been laughing and grinning at that damn phone all weekend.  You like him, or her.  Don’t care either way.  At least admit it to yourself if you aren’t going to admit it to me.”  Sitting quietly there for a second, looking down at your clasped hands.  He was right, which happened often. You put your head down in your hands. The last couple of months getting to know him and the good person he was, had been wonderful. You had gained a new friend who helped you through the awful ending of your last relationship.

“Shit.  Daddy, I do like him.  What am I supposed to do?  I don’t know if I am ready to like someone.”

“Well for one, don’t cuss around your mama; you know she gets pissed at me for that.  Second, it’s too late.  You already like him.  There is nothing to do about that now.  Trying to bury it down deep won’t make it better either.  You will have to figure out if you are ready for something.  But you will never find out unless you take a step towards it.  Baby girl, you need a new start.  Who knows if this is it.  If it isn’t then fine.  If it is, then you could be meeting the love of your life.  Give yourself that chance.  You never know, this boy could think you smell like Bigfoot and you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it, anyway.  Now hush so I can watch the kick off.”  He winked at you as he patted your leg.  You rolled your eyes at him, hopping off the couch to find your phone.

Finding it just where he had said, you found there were seven new messages from Chris.  Obviously, he was going to be watching the game and was gladly giving you shit over the odds of the winner.  The rest of the night, you messaged back and forth, your heart beating hard in your chest every time one of his messages came through.  You felt like a teenager with a first crush.

“Fuck, I have it bad.” Resting your head on your knees, you tried to decide if you were going to say anything to Chris when you got back to North Carolina. Could you risk losing a friend if he did not feel the same? Or could you risk losing your heart if he did…

Part 4

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itstenafterfour  asked:

10, 12, 18, 24! please!!! also congrats on 500, you deserve it <3

Thanks @itstenafterfour here are the OTP questions. Hope you enjoy. Hope to get through some more requests tomorrow night.

10. Which one sings and which one dances?

He swings around the lounge the sound of her voice filling their small apartment. The small child in his arms laughs and squeals at his exaggerated movements. He dips her low before lifting her up in the air, another round of her laughter filling the room. Betty continues to sing, despite almost falling into a fit of giggles herself at the sight of the two of them in their pyjamas dancing along to her singing and the background music of the radio. He dips her head and she is giggling hysterically. He mouths the words, not wanting to ruin the song with his own tone deaf voice. She watches on from the kitchen her heart melting at the sight of her husband Jughead Jones dancing with their 2 year old daughter around the lounge while she sings along with the radio. Her daughter comes running over to her, before dragging her over to him insisting that it is her turn now, and he takes her hand in his own before pulling her close as they waltz in the small space, the only real dancing he knows, ingrained in him from their wedding as Evie continues to dance on her own around them, twirling and bowing with her teddy bear.

12. Which one cries more during movies?

“Please don’t tell anyone.” He said sniffing, as she handed him a box of tissues.

“I think it’s sweet, your so sensitive.” She said reassuring, wrapping her arms around him.

“It’s stupid I know it’s stupid but it’s just.” The images on the screen continued to play, highlighting his face, eyes swollen and puffy, cheeks wet with tears.

“I know.” She ran her hand up his cheek, brushing away his tears.

“I mean.” He breathed deeply, thinking about the scene was about to set him off again. “It’s his dad, and he thinks it’s his fault, but it’s not.” He gave another loud sniff.

“The Lion King is going on the list isn’t it.” She got out her notebook and pen, flipping to a page and writing the title of the film they were watching.

“I mean what kind of person thinks this is okay for kids.” He choked out. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms tightly around him snuggling into his chest. They had started the ‘never again’ list after watching My Girl, that one had had him sobbing, after he had tried to hold back his tears, grasping her hand so tightly. She had warned him about this one and he had insisted that he could handle it, it was a kids cartoon after all. She put the notebook away again and pressed a light kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t worry Juggie. Your secret is safe with me.”

18. Which one rides the shopping cart out of the store?

“You have seriously never done it?” He asked her, his voice disbelieving.

“Do I look like someone who would do something like that?” She responded as if he had forgotten who her mother was. No way would she have let Betty Cooper ride the shopping cart out of the store.

“I suppose not.”

“But I am totally up for it.” She said her smile beaming. “I mean we are leaving tomorrow for college. Why not?” Her smile was contagious and he nodded his head eagerly. So they stood at the register, the shopping for their road trip loaded into the trolley. Giving each other conspiratorial looks, before giggling to themselves like a pair of mischievous children. The shopping attendant paid them no attention and Betty handed them her card paying for their supplies. They were now at the exit and she felt a wave of nervousness hit her. She could hear her mother’s voice in her head, it was not becoming of a lady, she could fall, she pushed that voice away as she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Ready?” He asked and she nodded her head. She took a deep breath as she pulled back the shopping trolley and then pushed it forward sharply placing a foot on each side of the trolley just above the back wheels, holding on as the momentum pushed her and the trolley forward. She let out a loud laugh as she and the trolley flew towards the exit, Jughead was laughing too trailing behind her.

24. Who is the most affectionate?

He needs to hold her, all the time, needs to show her how much she means to him. He doesn’t care about the looks from the others as her wraps his arm protectively around her. How he moves to nuzzle into her neck at their booth at Pop’s breathing in a scent that is deliciously Betty. After the arguments, the words he has thrown at her he needs to show her that he is sorry, that he needs her. After Homecoming he had been a mess, he had said words to her that he couldn’t take back no matter how much he wanted to. She had stuck there taking each one, each leaving their mark on her, each word making her press just a little bit harder into her palms, bite her lip a little bit deeper, the tears in her eyes rising to the surface. And all she said was sorry, all she wanted was his forgiveness. The stab of guilt he had felt when Archie and Veronica told him that she had nothing to do with their plan, that she had vowed never to speak to either of them ever again, made him feel sick. He would spend his life making things up to her with gentle kisses, hands clasped under tables, arms wrapped around her body as she slumbered. He would show her everyday, how sorry he was.

Am I the only one who feels bad for the people at the fyre festival? I realize they’re Rich People™ which means everyone is supposed to hate them, but they’re still people. They got scammed and are in a dangerous situation some of them have had their passports stolen. Like am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s funny when people are put in shitty and dangerous situations even if they’re rich?

anonymous asked:

I think this helps explain why the mixed messages from Sam. Shortly after IFH, Sam said in a print interview that he didn't want to do it because that would break the spell (though Cait insisted on doing it). He obviously wanted/wants fans to stay interested in the show with this "are they or aren't they". He kept doing the Cait lovefests on his SM, and then posted the Georgia map pic and geotagged that Audi pic. All of these have been done intentionally. He knows exactly what he's been doing.

Ah, this infamous IFH again. To be fair, nonnie, there are endless theories as to the mixed messages and there are those who would contest the notion of Sam sending them. Let’s say we go with your theory, which I might add, many have put forward as well. So, Sam does this intentionally; have a SM lovefest and counter that with obscure not-so-lovefest with the supposed SO. For a guy who does not live out his relationships and personal life on SM, he is sure bent on people knowing who his “real” SO is, which I am sensing from you, is the-one-who-climb-trees-and-superficially-support-charities.

What it comes down to is interpretation. We are interpreting each move they make on SM and imbuing them with meaning based on our beliefs and perception of said interactions, as well as theories of what has been presented to fandom in general. We are suppose to believe that Sam is with ___. We are suppose to believe that Cait is with ____. We operate on the knowledge that has been circulated and the lens that has been presented to us as a method of processing such representations. We panicked (well, some people do), individually and collectively when the games begin. It’s a vicious cycle. And we wonder, why do I care? Why do I do this to myself? Why are they not togetehr? Don’t they see what we see? Why is he with her? Why does she not have self-respect? Why is she not working? Cait is not innocent of all this!  T is a good guy! Why should I continue supporting their charities when it’s all been a sham? (A note: Supporting charities, regardless of the circumstances, is a an admirable thing).

Nonetheless, for the past three years, we have also seen Sam and Cait together and see the magic or sorcery that ensues. #bettertogether. Now, one might argue that this magic or sorcery is orchestrated to drum up interest in the show, support their charities, and keep them in the limelight. As much as sometimes I succumb to this line of thought, I also wonder why would two actors who are busy working and building a career indulge in this child’s play? For what purpose? To safeguard their relationship and their sanity? To protect their real SOs? If there are indeed real SOs floating out there, I do hope all this is worth it; that Sam and Cait are worth the trouble. I know that watching them grind up against each other, eye-fuck, heart-eyes, complete each other’s sentences, silently communicate, project one body/mind/soul, etc is enough to make me run for the hills.

To circle back to your theory that Sam knows what he is doing, you also have to ask, what is he really doing? Is he doing anything? Who is he doing it for? Or, is the doing connected only to how we perceive the events that occur?

Auston Matthews- New Leafs- Chapter Four

It was really nice to be back in Buffalo again here with my friends made some new ones. We were all walking out into the parking lot Sam and Amanda left right away said that had somethings to do. Erin and Jack left shortly after they had to go see Erin’s grandparents who live here.

“So Em what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Mitch asked standing next to me.

“Umm I don’t know really know. I was going to go food shopping but Patrick already went shopping for me so I don’t need to do that anymore.” Mitch smiled

“Well we rented out Canalside ice rink did you want to come with us?”

“Oh I don’t want to intrude.”

“Intrude on what? Guys skating around shooting puck into a net?” Will said. I laughed so did Alex he knew I was trying to get out of this. He knew the reason why.

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