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So I popped into New York City today, did some fine stuff, went to Korea town and popped into a Kpop store. A young girl was in there with her father buying BTS CDs he told her she could only have one for now and a poster. She grabbed the Night Version of YOUNG FOREVER. Her father said “I thought you had this album already! I’m not buying you something that is the same thing!” She was trying to explain to him that it was not different but it didn’t work. I heard the conversation and explained to him that it had different pictures and posters and photo cards and these things are special to the fandom to collect all versions of their albums, etc. He said “oh ok, thank you for exposing it to me, I’m still learning.” The girl was very excited and told me thank you and I said “OF COARSE, ARMY HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER!” We high fived each other, after we discussed our Biases, in which she told me it was Taehyung and I got excited because even though Jhope is the love of my life and my bias forever, Taehyung is my sweet baby boy. We went on our way m, still shopping around. I ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON BTS THINGS but, I checked out and bought the girl in the store a cute little Taehyung key chains with a mini stand up and handed it to her before I left the store. She was almost in tears and we hugged and the father hugged me as well, they really couldn’t believe that I did that. It was a great moment. I told him, “please support your daughter. They’re good boys, this is what this fandom is, BTS ARMY. We take care of each other! Don’t forget it!!” He smiled and agreed that he would learn and understand. I’m pretty sure that girl will be aloud to be an army for life because of the kindness I showed them. It truly was a wonderful moment! I will never forget it.

Faking It (Part Two)

Summary: In which the most popular girl in school is dared to date the nerdiest boy in school, Peter Parker. She then creates a ‘’friendship’’ with him, knowing she would leave him right after the dare. Peter asks her to prom and she accepts to go with him. But when her friends seem to plan to pull a prank on Peter, will she be able to save him from a night of embarrassment?

part one 

Part Two : Harder Than It Seemed

A/N: Thanks for reading the first part! Here is the second part! Hope you enjoy ♥

Warning(s): Fluff

Word Count: 1,212

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November 16, 2017: On what was supposed to be his last day of trial, Marcel Hesse’s murderous plans were further detailed. As you might recall, three voice messages Marcel sent to his friend surfaced on the internet following the murders, in one of which he says, “I really wanted to bring a girl here to rape her.” Apparently, this wasn’t a passing remark, but a planned offense he tried to put into action. The girl he named among potential murder targets in messages with his friend, Arne H. revealed on his previous day of trial was his intended victim, and he specifically mentioned plans to lure her to his former home, where he would then assault her. Fiona K., a 16-year-old student from Gelsenkirchen, considered Marcel a friend. She testified the two of them met about twelve times in the spring of 2016, bonding over their shared interest in Japanese anime, and they spent time talking and watching YouTube videos, even cuddling on one occasion. Their friendship soon became distanced and once summer arrived, they lost contact completely. On March 1, 2017, Marcel unexpectedly sent her a message. Fiona stated they first discussed his family’s recent move from Herne to her city, and she said being without internet was “terrible for him.” He then asked if she wanted get together the next day, where he said they could destroy things in his old, vacant apartment, “or something.” She ultimately refused, likely a decision which saved her life.

The court also heard four unreleased voice messages Marcel sent to a friend following the first murder, which were introduced by homicide investigator Michael H. The first message lasts two seconds, and he asks how his friend is doing. In the second message, he says he needs to get rid of the SIM card in his cell phone. The murder of nine-year-old Jaden is detailed in the following message. In 13 seconds, he describes how he lured the young boy over and stabbed him repeatedly, at one point laughing at how “easy” the murder was. The last message is the longest at 15 seconds, and he tells his friend he’s had a whole bottle of wine, then says, “Let’s see when the neighbor notices what has happened.”

Furthermore, eight more dates have been added to his trial, due to the testing Marcel is scheduled to undergo. A verdict is now expected to be reached on January 25, 2018 at the earliest.

High School Athletic Mark and Reader

okay where to start

Mark was star soccer player at your high school which meant it got noticed more

you were the high school swim team captain and your sport was the second best

which meant that being second best didn’t mean you didn’t get noticed as much as mark

god you wanted to hate mark he got all the attention but you couldn’t he was to nice

he was always kind to you since you both shared classes together and both were in sports for the school

 but also you didn’t want to like him considering almost every girl wanted to date him

so you tried to ignore him as much as possible and you noticed it would hurt him

but you couldn’t have cared less considering state was coming up soon

sadly one day something happened at practice that had the whole school talking

what it was, was that you had down a dive of the top diving block wrong causing

you to facture your right shoulder making you not able to swim at state breaking

your heart. when mark caught wind of what happened he rushed over to the

trainer slamming open the door scaring the shit out of you and the trainer

mark was covered in sweat from soccer practice mud decorating his flawless

face. panic was written on his face and everything else was going on his brain

when the trainer left he took his place next to you and grabbed your good hand.

“  I’m tried of you running from me. are you going to be okay?” he asked me

“Yeah.” I whispered gently. “well you be able to swim at state?”

“why do you care? you don’t even come to the meets.” “I should care about the

girl I have a crush on, and I also do got to the meets you just don’t pay attention.

I mean your gorgeous when you swim it makes me calm.” he said kissing your

good hand. “Ive got to go finish practice pleas be more careful

after that you too were the hot new couple at school after that day because of

just how well you guys hit off. you were glad he liked you

admin fallen

sorry if it kinda seems rushed I’m exhausted mentally and physically but I still hope yall like it and it has errors sorry  

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Follow up: onto the 5th book now! I love lyall!!! Also, where should I go from here? Are the other related series worth reading?

Yes! Professor Lyall is adorable. 

Honestly after book 5 you can go where you want.

Romancing the Inventor is Genevieve Lefoux’s story, and Romancing the Werewolf is Biffy and Lyall’s.

I’d also recommend her Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School, #1), which is a YA that takes place 20(-ish) years before Parasol Protectorate. It’s about a secret finishing school that teaches girls etiquette, and how to be assassins and/or spies for Queen Victoria or whomever they are willing to contract with. Its pretty funny and has a lot of PP characters, like a young Sidheag Maccon.

i was at target earlier and i decided to wear short sleeves without a jacket because i was hot which is a big deal for me because i’m so self conscious about my self harm scars and this little girl who couldn’t have been older than 4 was running down the aisle i was in and accidentally ran into me and she fell so i helped her up and she saw my scars and she said “what happened ?” and i didn’t really know what to say so i was just frozen and her mom comes up to me and apologized for her daughter and I said it was totally fine and then the little girl said “mommy look she has the same ouchies that you have” and the mother just looked up at me shocked and i put both my arms behind my back and i was literally about to cry and she showed me her arms and i saw her faded scars and that’s when i lost it, i was bawling and i dropped my arms to my side and she looked at them and she pulled me into a hug and just cried together … i honestly needed this because i’ve been in a really dark place mentally and i’ve shut everybody out and this just reassured me that i wasn’t alone and that i was going to get better

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I've noticed recently that all the guys I've liked in my life have been incredibly tall. The guy i like rn is 6'4". (Like what??? Tree boy™) And its the complete opposite with girls, like,, they're always around 5' which is,, tiny. My bi ass is suffering. Does this mean i have a type???

it’s good to know what you like, anon

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girl what camera do you use

Nikon D5200 ! All credit goes to the fancy-ass lens tho, a AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G II ED

Which is a combination of letters that means very little to me beyond “take good pics of dog going zoom”

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concept: tv-14 mlp. it’s exactly the same, except applejack says “it’s colder than a well-digger’s ass” and assorted vulgar countryisms. next episode, applejack never cusses again.

This is the kind of lost media I can get into. The kind that makes you question whether or not it happened for real or you dreamed it.

And honestly out of all the characters out there, Applejack seems like she would either be casually swearing all the time (which Rarity would find vulgar), or she’d be the girl-scout/Captain America type who’s too gosh darn pure to ever even think about swearing, oh golly gee. There is no in-between with her, so I’m gonna go ahead and call this canon.

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Did you see that article on forbes?? They were calling psy a fat 40 year old which is not crush material. They are really trying to make bts look like that boyband that makes teens heart throb. Can please stop im having a headache. And oh i didnt know you couldnt appreciate music without having a crush on them like wtf

that was so annoying. like, just look at the replies to the tweet. that’s all my feelings. tj;aiefj. i hate that article and the girl who wrote it lmao. and lmao true 

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Could you do an au where Jughead is super charismatic and popular and has a secret crush on the class weirdo, Betty and then Kevin convinces her to ask him to Turnabout

Hi nonnie!
Soo I didn’t know what Turnabout was, so I googled it and found out that it’s a dance or a party to which girls invite boys to. I hope this is what you meant, if not tell me :)

Kinda struggled with this one, so I hope it’s ok. As usual, my brain goes to different directions.

~ ~ ~ ~

Jughead liked going to school. He was Student Body President, he was the head of the Blue and Gold school paper, and he had lots of friends. Popularity was good to him. The only thing he didn’t like about it was his shyness when it came to the girl he liked. Betty Cooper. She was a sight for sore eyes that girl.
For the life of him, he couldn’t bring himself to ask her out. Every time he saw her, his cheeks flushed, his heart bit faster, but before he could focus she was already gone and he would mentally kick himself. What was wrong with him? Ugh.

It was a sunny day and Jughead was hanging outside school with his friends, when he saw her. Betty was walking to her car, her books in her hands, her ponytail swinging as she rushed from the school. He took a deep breath (as if it would help), and walked toward her, gathering his wits about him.
“Hey Betty!”, he caught up to her. “How are we, I mean you, doing today?”
She gave him a puzzled look and answered with “Fine, and you?”.
He gave her his best smile, looking her in the eyes. She had beautiful eyes, he could stare at them all day. She also had a beautiful face. He often wondered if she knew how beautiful she was. If there was anyone to tell her how beautiful she was.
“I’m better now that I see you ;)”, he told her and she rolled her eyes at him. “Can I… can I drive you home?”, the words coming out of his mouth before he could stop them.
“Umm I have a car Jughead, thanks”, she pointed to her mini-cooper. “I gotta go.. Have a good day.” she smiled at him, got in her car and drove away.
When he got back to his friends, they were giving him weird looks. They didn’t understand why he would even talk to her. She was a loner, she barely had any friends except for Kevin Keller, the sheriff’s son, and she mostly kept to herself. Jughead’s interest in her seemed stupid to them, but he didn’t care. There was something about her, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.


Betty and Kevin were sitting in her room, doing homework when her phone buzzed with a text. It was Jughead.

J: Hey, it was nice seeing you today :)

What was up with him? Betty started seeing him everywhere she went and it was kind of odd. He even tried to convince her to come write for the Blue and Gold but she was too scared to say yes. What if he doesn’t like what she writes? What if they don’t get along?
Why would Jughead Jones talk to her? She was a nobody… It wasn’t as if he was a bad person or something. He was nice, and his looks were to die for, as Kevin would say. He didn’t let his popularity get to his head and Betty liked that. Jughead was cute and all the girls at school were whispering and giggling when he passed by them. He would smile and say hello and then continue down the hall. This was up until a few weeks ago, when he suddenly noticed Betty and stopped by her locker to say Hi and introduce himself to her.
The memory came back to Betty. She was new at the school at the time (home-schooled before then) and didn’t know a lot of her fellow students. She was surprised when Jughead started talking to her. He looked at her, his blue ocean eyes boring deep into her green ones. She introduced herself as well, and he offered her a tour. She agreed and he started showing her different areas and important places he thought she should be familiar with, walking by her side, talking only to her. It was nice. Jughead was not like she thought he would be. He was confident, smart, funny and she liked him.
Since then, every time Jughead saw her he would say Hi, and politely ask how was she. After a while, she started noticing him looking at her from across the cafeteria. Whenever he would talk to her, he would mumble, and one time his cheeks turned pink as he looked at her, which she found cute. That was a side of him she didn’t expect. He was the most popular boy in the school. Can you picture him mumbling and blushing at a girl like her?
The thought of it made her blush.
Well, what the hell.  

B: Thanks, you too..:)

She honestly didn’t know how to respond to that. He never sent her a text before… Was Jughead hitting on her?
She smiled to herself, thinking of him, but she forgot she wasn’t alone and Kevin was very observant when it came to such matters.
“Why are you smiling at a text? Who is that? What did they say? Betty?”, he was bombarding her with questions, his eyes wide, eager for gossip.
“That was… Jughead Jones”, she reluctantly answered, knowing she won’t be able to keep this from him for long. They were best friends, after all. They told each other everything.
“He’s been catching me at school and saying Hi. Kev, this is weird, I don’t know what to do or how to respond to him, I mean he’s completely out of my league!”, she was letting it out.
“OH MY GOD”, a typical Kevin Keller answer. “You have to talk to him; did he ask you out?? Betty if he does, say yes! We’ll work on your self-esteem later. This is going to be epic!”.
Just then, her phone buzzed again. But Kevin was faster and he reached for it before she ever could, screaming with excitement.

J: I’m happy to hear that. Do you want to sit together for lunch tomorrow?

Betty saw the text and her heart started beating faster. He was asking her to sit with him, at lunch, where everyone would see them, together. Whew. Does she say yes?
There was no time to think about it, as Kevin apparently answered for her, not giving her a chance to back out.

B: I would love too. See you tomorrow!

“Betty, listen to me. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Jughead is interested in you! I’ve seen the way he looks at you from afar, and I can tell, trust me. Now’s your chance to do this. Don’t be afraid. You two will be adorable together. Betty and Jughead, OH MY GOD your name can be Bughead! That’s so cute! And you’ll have someone to invite to the Turnabout! I’m going with Cheryl probably, and you and Jughead will wear matching outfits and he will for sure ask you to dance and of course I’ll take your picture…” Kevin was rambling endlessly and Betty stopped listening.
Jughead Jones wanted to sit with her at lunch. Wow. She didn’t see this coming. She pictured them sitting and talking and blushed slightly. Oh god, what had she gotten herself into?


Lunch time was in fifteen minutes and Betty was nervous. When the bell rang, she jumped and Kevin was by her side in no time. She knew he wouldn’t forget this. Hell, he was more nervous than she was.
“Relax, Betty. You will be fine! Just be yourself and talk to him as if he’s not the most popular hottie in the school. I mean, don’t even think about it and you’ll be fine. And don’t forget to invite him to the Turnabout, it’s in 2 weeks!”. He was stressing her out even more.
“Kev, I’m not going to ask him to a dance with me, I barely know him. And who says he even wants to?” Betty was exasperated. She and Kevin have spent all of last night picturing how this lunch could go. She came to the conclusion that there’s no way out of it.

When Betty left the classroom, Jughead was waiting for her, leaning on the wall casually. 
“Hi Betty”, he smiled at her shyly, “you ready?”
“Y-Yes”, she fell into step with him and they headed to eat. His presence calmed her down. She could tell he was nervous as well and smiled reassuringly at him, he just stared back. When they reached the cafeteria, Jughead filled his tray with every food that was on display, while Betty settled for a salad and a water bottle. Jughead looked at her tray and then at his, then back at hers – “That’s all your eating?”
Betty looked at him, amused, and answered with “I think the right question is – are you really going to eat all of that?”
“Oh, yes. I always hungry”, he winked at her and they sat down at a table.
They spent the time talking and laughing. Jughead was funnier than Betty realized. They got along well, and it turns out she didn’t need to worry. He had eyes only for her and she enjoyed their shared time.
When lunch was over, Jughead walked with her to her next class, offering to drive her home later and this time, Betty said yes, blushing and smiling softly as he walked away to his class. All through her lesson, she couldn’t concentrate. Her mind was gushing, thinking of the wonderful time she just had with Jughead Jones. Jughead Jones!

Classes for today over, Jughead walked Betty outside of the school, when they bumped into his friends. Jughead introduced her to Archie, Veronica, Reggie and Toni, all saying Hi to her and smiling when she returned the gesture before saying bye.
They reached Jughead’s pickup truck, him opening the door for her. She giggled when he helped her climb to her chair, his hand holding hers, soft to the touch.
The ride was spent talking about music and things they found funny as they passed through them. When they reached her house, Jughead jumped out to open her door for her before she realized what he was doing. A true gentleman. He hugged her for goodbye and that gave her the courage to ask him her next question.
“So, there’s this dance in two weeks… and the girls are supposed to ask the guys to it.. I was wondering.. if maybe.. you’d like to umm go.. with me..?”, she was blushing heavily now.
“Betty, I would love to”, his reply was short and made her heart flutter. He smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek, causing her to blush for the millionth time today, giggling.
“See you tomorrow!”, he said and climbed back to his truck, driving away.

Kevin was going to be so proud of her.


I wanted to continue this but it’s late (4 a.m. Israel time) and I’m really tired soo maybe tomorrow? If you guys even like this

Computer still broken

But there are some things I need to say: @onmyheadphones you are not a disgrace to humanity or whatever those people called you. You are a wonderful person who can recognize complexity in what even appears to be a simple situation and attempts to politely educate people and I love you for that. And you stayed more polite than them and recognized their opinion which is honestly an incredible thing to be capable of. You fucking go girl. @thatdork-nextdoor Welcome back friend!! I know we got to talk some but I missed you while you were gone and I hope school and whatnot is going better. @usecode-s7 MEG YOU ARE GORGEOUS WTF @bananabussquad-er I pretty much cried at his video too. He’s such a great person and he really deserves such a monument to his accomplishments. Also I love Suni so??? Much??? I wanna be her friend so badly @dtk15 Hello friend! I see in my email that you have messaged me on discord and lotsa funny random shit is going on in the GC. Butttttt I won’t be able to get on there until my comp is fixed so tomorrow hopefully. Miss talking to ya @it-vaniss and @propertyofdeduction hello also!! How’re you two doing? I haven’t talked to you recently and this is currently the only way I can. I don’t l think I can even tag you but I hope you both see this. @cuddlysmii7y YOUR FICS ARE KILLING ME HON. LIKE HOLY HELL I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. AND YOUR ART IS WAY TOO FUCKING CUTE @crittervolocity you’re one of the nicest people on this site and I really like your writing as well, if you ever need any help with it I’d love to assist you again @sparktheblaze GIVE ME YOUR WRITING SKILLS CHILD AAAAHHHHHH I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH And to everyone else, I love you. Don’t forget that, please.

“Enjoying yourself, Ren?” Hux had sidled up to him without him noticing.

“Not as much as you, I should think.”

“Go to hell. His Grace wanted us here, God knows why, so we are here. Nobody told me I’d have to dance.”

“But you love dancing, Hux. Here, have some punch.” He thrust him a tiny glass which the Colonel took with a curl of his lip and immediately put back down.

“Anyway, I know why we are here,” continued Ren, his eyes once more drifting across the room. “The girl.”

“What girl?” he followed his companion’s eyes. “Oh, that girl. Why, you suspect Snoke of playing matchmaker?” He snorted softly. “Don’t get your hopes up, Ren.”

“What? No! Me - with a Miss Smith, the bastard daughter of nobody knows who? Don’t be absurd, Hux. That’s not what I mean at all.”

“Then what?”

Ren could hardly admit to Colonel Hux that the bastard girl interested him. That he wanted to know why she was there and what his mother wanted from her. That he suspected Snoke knew that. He managed to know most things.

Finding that Hux was still waiting for an answer, he finally shrugged slightly. “She fainted in front of me. It would be strange if I did not feel some measure of interest in her.”

Hux snorted. “Don’t act like she swooned at your good looks. Your out-of-control charger almost ran her down in the woods and she hit her head against a tree.”

“She got in my way,” said Ren stiffly.

“Poor you. So what are you going to do about it? Stare at her all evening?”

Ren shot him an impatient look. “Of course not,” he retorted, as if he had not spent three dances doing just that. “I am going to get in her way instead.”

And without further ado he left the safety of the refreshments table and crossed the room.

—  Reylo Regency AU, coming soon!
I am deleting this account.

I’ve decided that this particular blog is no longer a priority and I would like to focus on my art and my writing more (via my @darylas account, which will be completely remade). Thank you so much for following me and I want to give a special thank you to those of you who have stuck with me since the beginning. I will be deleting this account tomorrow morning. 

I love all of you! May the Force be with you! 

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I’m so fucking angry. Trans girls are girls. Guess what. That means that lesbians should be willing to enter ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS with trans girls. Not sexual relationships because genital revulsion is a thing. But ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS are a real yes bc guess what if you’re a girl who likes girls you can’t just go “oh but I’d never ever date a girl with a dick bc obviously her dick,,, idk affects her personality” like it doesn’t make sense. Same for gay boys too.

One time I was discoursing with a lesbian terf who was dating an ace lesbian and it’s just like what’s the difference between you dating an ace lesbian and dating a trans lesbian, like either way there’s no sexual relationship happening (unless she was planning on forcing the ace lesbian to have sex which is disgusting).
God I hate terfs


this one here is called the silent princess. despite our efforts, we can’t get them to grow domestically yet. the princess can only thrive out here in the wild. all that we can hope is that the species will be strong enough to prosper, on its own.