which of those are you exactly sorry for

  • neil is really confused about the whole “i love you” thing. it feels like a reference he just doesn’t get, a joke no one ever bothered to explain. he doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal, why it holds such importance, why people will fight and make up over whether or not someone did or didn’t say it back. 
  • dan asks him about it, once, about him and andrew. his answer leaves a sad, disappointed look on her face, which in turn leaves a sour taste in his mouth. 
  • i’m sorry, her eyes seem to say, full of unwarranted sympathy. i’m sorry you’ve never felt the certainty and peace that comes with hearing those words 
  • and it… bothers neil. it takes him a while to figure out why, exactly, but in the end it’s because there have been far more important words exchanged between him and andrew. words like stay, like percent, like yes or no?, like i won’t let you let me be. words that actually mean something to the both of them, and he doesn’t like that people think andrew makes him feel anything less than equally important words like belonging, and accepted, and safety, and home, just because the whole wide world thinks that eight letters and three syllables would ever be enough to encompass all of that)

This month’s issue of Pash! had a “Which Survey Corps character are you” quiz and I haven’t seen it around, so I decided to translate it.

(Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, I was too lazy to take my mook apart to scan.)

RESEARCH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS: Which soldier do you resemble!?

Survey Corps Personality Quiz
From the start, you’ve been interested in those soldiers; maybe the truth is that you were sympathising with how their minds worked? With this personality quiz, let’s try chasing after your true nature! I wonder which character resembles you the most?

Everyone different, which is exactly why they can draw out each other’s strengths
From the reckless Eren to the nasty-tongued Levi to the quick-to-argue Jean, all the soldiers in the Survey Corps have different personalities and opinions. Although they all have their individual abilities in battle and they all fight under the banner of “peace for humanity”, they can’t coordinate at all!

However, their synergy is born precisely because their strong points differ, so they can demonstrate their strength on the battlefield. Surely, they can solve the puzzle that is the titans!

Instead of thinking carefully about things, you prefer to act quickly.
YES → Go to 1
NO → Go to 2

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No Strings Attached: Pt. 3

Pairing: Kol x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2173


The cab ride to the Mikaelson Compound felt terribly long. You had the need to just blow up Kol’s phone with calls and texts. But, you knew better that he would only ignore them so instead, you held back.

You gazed out the window and started slightly shaking your right leg from being so impatient to arrive at your destination already. We’re you really in danger or is it possible that Kol got jealous? Surely enough, you won’t stop until your question gets answered.

Finally after what felt like forever, you have arrived. You paid the cab driver with cash, letting him keep the rest of your change as you rushed out. Thank goodness Hope was spending the night at Hayley and Jackson’s apartment because you planned on raising hell once you got inside.

“Kol!” You shouted as you marched inside the compound. “Kol effing Mikaelson!”

Klaus and Elijah just happened to be sitting at the table exchanging words while drinking scotch. “Oh, hey guys.” You greeted, then went back to using your eyes to scan around the compound. “I know you can hear me!”

Just as you grabbed onto the railing to walk upstairs, Klaus stops you to get a word in. “And may I ask what my little brother did this time? It seems that bloke has a habit of getting himself into a mess.” If you had eyes in the back of your head, you would be able to see the amused look Klaus has on his face. The tone in his voice says it all.

“Long story, Klaus.” You weren’t in the mood to vent.

“I assume you’ve been drinking, miss Y/N? I can smell the alcohol in your breath from here.” Elijah said.

“Yup. Your sisters too.” You continued to make your way up the stairs without caring if Klaus and Elijah wanted to add on or not, you needed to speak with Kol.

After looking in room after room, you found Kol hanging out on the patio taking his time drinking out of a blood bag.

“Okay so you’re playing the ignoring game now?I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s going on.” You spat, stopping just a few feet behind him crossing your arms in front of you.

Kol sighed before speaking. “You don’t give up do you?” He turned to face you, setting the now empty blood bag on the nearby table.

You made no answer. “Fine.” Kol sassed then continued, “Well go on, let’s have a seat.” He pointed over at the bed since his bedroom didn’t have any chairs or couches available to sit on. You swallowed, then followed through, perching yourself at the edge of his bed as Kol did too.

“Okay, so?” You questioned, keeping your eyes on him.

“I suppose, seeing you with that vile man made me uneasy. I wanted to snap his neck the moment I saw him speak to you. But seeing as Marcel has these rules, I simply cannot.” Kol said.

“First of all, that man was very polite to me. And secondly, how in the world did it make you feel so uncomfortable that you just had to ruin our night out?” You asked, fixing him with a stare as you await your answer.

“I’m aware that we had these bloody rules about not allowing ourselves to feel feelings for each other. I mentally punish myself for it everyday.”

“Um what?”

Kol took a deep breath. “I, Kol Mikaelson, have unintentionally fallen for my…fuck buddy.” He admitted while forcing a smile.

You stifled a laugh and fell silent for just a moment. If you could, you’d pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming. How in the hell did you get so lucky?

“My apologies, darling. I know this is uncomfortable for you since it’s obvious you’re to trying to move forward with your life and all.” Kol stood up off the bed, he frowned, feeling embarrassed because he assumed you don’t feel the same way he does. “You asked, so I answered.”

“Oh no no no. I’m just processing this right now. Sit back down.” You patted your hand next to you on the firm mattress. “So when I told you yesterday that I wanted to start dating again. I actually don’t.”

Not a word came out of Kol. He just sat there trying to read your facial expressions.

“I ended up having feelings for you too, but since we made that stupid vow, I thought you followed it.” You confessed.

“Why not bother telling me, Y/N?” Kol questioned, resting his hand on top of yours.

“I could say the same to you, Kol.” You blurted, then softened your tone of voice. “But I hate rejection, so, I figured if I just distanced myself, the feelings would go away, you know?”

“I understand, love. Well since that’s all in order, what shall we do?” Kol quickly lightened the mood. He can’t ever be in his feelings for too long or else he’d go crazy.

You stretched, then made yourself comfortable on the bed by resting your head on the pillow. “I don’t know, you tell me.”

Even though Kol ruined your planned night out, you couldn’t help but get over it, especially since he looks so hot in his button up and you were still a little buzzed. Laying in his bed gave you dirty thoughts of all the sex you had with him. You flirted with the idea of Kol being on top of you right now. And of course, since you were his play thing for those last couple of months, you knew exactly how to get him in the mood.

You brushed your hair with your fingers to one side and teasingly bit your bottom lip, hoping it wouldn’t look too obvious that you’re trying.

“You’re a daft one, Y/N.” Kol chuckled, then crawled over to place himself on top of you. He planted his lips on yours which led to a hot and steamy kiss. You started to wrap your legs around his waist until all of a sudden, he stops and pulls back, giving you a devilish grin.

“Um, what’s wrong?” You questioned.

“Sorry, but that’s all you get, love.” Kol made known with that grin plastered all over his face.

“You’re annoying.” You scoffed and moved him off of you so that you can sit up on the bed.

“Oh don’t be so cross with me. Now that we both fancy each other on a deeper level, you’re going to have to work for it, darling.”

At first you didn’t understand, but you realized that Kol did have a point. “Yup, you’re right. So how do we approach this then?”

Kol took a second to think about it and then an imaginary light bulb appeared over his head. “I have a thought. How about I take you on a date or two and we move from there?”

“I’d love that.” The smile on your face could be seen from a mile away. You leaned over to give Kol a kiss on the cheek. “Pick me up tomorrow night at 7:00.”

“Brilliant.” Kol agreed.

You left the room so that you could end your night with Kol at that. Waking downstairs, you can still see Klaus and Elijah in the same spot. “Great.” You mouthed to yourself.

“Where’s Kol? Ah, let me guess. You rid of him with that dagger?” Klaus implied, taking a sip of his bourbon. Elijah just sat there and decided to mind his own business this time by keeping his opinions to himself.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.” You joked, then walked out the front so that you could wait outside for your cab. There was no way you were going to wait in the middle of the compound for your cab with Klaus. You were tired and just wanted to go home and get some rest.

As you were waiting, you thought about how excited you are to go on your first date with Kol. You mentally crossed your fingers hoping that this leads to something amazing.

(The First Date…)

You never thought of Kol being the romantic type. Who can blame you though because you were so used to being his booty call that being viewed as something much more will take some getting used to.

The night sky was pitch black as the time is a quarter to 9. Kol told you to dress up and have you meet him at his house. Arriving there, there was a stranger on the driveway dressed in a suit who had special instructions on where you to lead you. You figured Kol had compelled this man.

The man led you towards the backyard in a path that led to the trees which had beautiful lights and lanterns wrapped around and hanging. The end of the path brought you to a table meant for two with high end looking plates and utensils. The table was also minimally decorate with well lit candle and rose in the center of the table. The best part about it, is seeing Kol sitting at the table waiting especially for you.

“Hello, darling. You made it.” Kol smiled, then he got up to pull your chair out for you.

“I mean of course. But oh wow. You did all of this?” You sat down, still looking around amazed with everything.

“I may or may not have compelled someone to help me.”

“Of course you did.” You rolled your eyes at him playfully.

It didn’t take long for the compelled butler (as you call him) to bring out a cart filled with 3 course meals. “Not too shabby.” You commented.

After lots of food and laughter, the night ended successfully. Kol walked you to the car and innocently planted a kiss on the forehead. Butterflies took over your stomach on your drive home and you laid in bed with a gigantic smile on your face.

(Several Dates Later…)

It has been almost a month now that you and Kol had agreed on this whole ‘dating’ thing. To the fortune of both of you, everything has been going great and you were just dying to have sex with him already. You were hoping he was thinking the same thing too.

Today is your day off, so you decided to invite yourself over to the Mikaelson Compound to hang out with Kol. The plan was to watch a couple of movies and maybe even spend some time with Hope if she isn’t with her mom and Jackson. Today would also be the first time that the both of you had alone time in his room since this all started since Kol’s been really strict on taking you out on dates only.

Walking in, you see Rebekah playing with Hope. Kol was just hanging out on the chair scrolling through his phone. It looked as if he was doing it to kill time as he waited on you. “Hey guys.” You announced.

“Hi, Y/N.” Rebekah greeted you, then went back to smothering Hope in kisses.

After Kol heard your name, he looked up and put his phone in his pocket. “Ah, darling. It’s about time you arrived.” Kol stated, greeting you with a hug and a long kiss on the lips.

“Oh you two lovebirds.” Rebekah stopped to compliment.

“So, I brought my favorite Tim Burton movies that we can watch.” You said to Kol, pulling the movies out of your bag for Kol to see, then put it back inside. You would love to give Hope some of your attention, but whenever Rebekah is here, she always tends to hog her.

“Whatever you like.” Kol said while looking at you with loving eyes.

Of course movie time meant cuddling in Kol’s bed under the warm blanket. 30 minutes into the movie, Kol had his hand over your thigh. It wasn’t long until the temptation got to him which led him to slowly traveling his hand high towards your core. Since you’re the one that’s probably wanted it more than him, you were more than happy to allow Kol to do whatever he wanted to you.

You started breathing heavily and let out light moans while he slowly rubbed his fingers in circles through your panties. One thing led to another and the next thing you know, the both of you were ripping each others clothes off.

Before getting too aggressive, Kol stopped himself so that he can take his time with you. This was a first considering when you two were friends with benefits, you were practically attacking each other. But this moment, at this pace was a euphoric experience.

You’ve never made love to anyone like you’ve done with him and you have the confidence to say that he’s the best you ever had, enough to put you to sleep. As Kol was spooning you while you were asleep, he made sure to kiss you goodnight. “So much for finishing this movie, love.” He whispered in your ear.

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3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU [Part 5]

Originally posted by big-bang-bitches

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: Maybe fluff, most likely angsty

Warnings: Death, swearing, mentions of kidnapping I think

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15}

A/N: Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, we had lost power due to 60 mph winds. I hope you like it! This one is a long one. Also, update on the Playlist Scenarios; Tumblr Girls will be posted tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to finish it by today. Sorry again for the delay and I hope you enjoy! 

~ Admin Brooklyn


Ji Yong knew you saw those girls. He knows that you’ve seen worse, but the feeling of anger and annoyance showed up when he thought of it. He tried protecting you for so long. He didn’t know how you would handle it. He still doesn’t know how you’re currently handling it. You were really quiet in the car, which wasn’t exactly unexpected, but he did expect for you to cry way more than you did. He was worried about you. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.

He looked down at the bodies on the ground. Blood slowly dripping out of the hole in their heads. There were four of them. Two topless hookers and two idiot men. They knew that someone important was coming. Everyone knew to be on their best behavior, but nope they decided to ruin not only their name but Ji Yong’s image on you.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. Trust me.” Seunghyun said, knowing what’s bothering him. Ji Yong shrugged, thinking of your face as he killed your brother. The pure shock and pain that filled your eyes. It was hard for him, but it’s not like he hasn’t killed before. “I know. She’ll have to move on sooner or later.”

“Ji Yong, come here for a second.” Mr. Kwon said. Ji Yong nodded and walked towards his father. Mr. Kwon was talking to three guys at the time. All of which looked like they had been through the worst things you could imagine. They were covered in sweat and dirt, and one of them was bleeding. Mr. Kwon didn’t seem too happy with what they said, despite the smile he gave them. “Yes, dad?”

“Now boys, please repeat to my son what you just said to me.” The boys stood in fear, nodding their heads at uneven, fast speeds. One of the boys went to open their mouths, only to have a hand clamp their mouth shut. Someone else spoke up. “They got away sir.”

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Beauty and the Beast: Stop your Bullshit Tumblr

I was wondering why Beauty and the Beast was so long (two hours and ten minutes exactly), and now that I’ve seen it, I know: they fixed all the plot holes. Which means it’s not carbon copy of the one from 1991; the story is quite the same of course, but they did try to put actual character development in here, and shed light on things we knew nothing about or had no explanation for until then. So yeah, if you finally want some answers, I recommend seeing it. Of course it doesn’t stray far from the animated movie, so yeah, you’ll have some of the same songs, the most iconic ones, not all of them, and some new, so I’m sorry if you’re allergic to all the singing, it stays a Disney movie…

As for the rest? You have POC characters, not a whole lot but there are here, and not in the background if you please, so that’s a yes as well.

Now, about Lefou.

I saw some very vindictive posts on this website about how his character was homophobic.

I disagree. You see, it’s true that he’s mannered, but it’s barely. It’s not exaggerated like I was expecting, it’s there but to be honest, every single character is exaggerating in their manners. He’s not more mannered than the others. Also, he’s not the mindless, stupid fool from the first movie anymore. He’s quite clever in fact, and is perfectly able to see when Gaston is doing something wrong, and he’s always trying to better his ways; he’s always suggesting another way to do things so Gaston changes his mind about doing what he was initially planning to do (which is like, always bad). When he does follow him in his bad ways, it’s because he’s pressured by Gaston and by his attraction to him, like we saw it a thousand times before when some character (mostly girls) help the villain despite being conflicted about it because they love him. Because Lefou is conflicted, he doesn’t want to displease Gaston because he doesn’t want him to hate him, but at the same time, he doesn’t like his actions and is always trying to stop him using subtlety and negotiation, because he knows it’s useless to disagree with him upfront, as Gaston doesn’t hesitate to get violent when things don’t go his way. Lefou is like the good conscience of Gaston, well he tries to be, and even better: he doesn’t fall with him at the end. He’s able to free himself from the toxic influence and person that is Gaston, he doesn’t cling to him until the very end like the cliché ending we saw far too much in this kind of relationship dynamics. And in that aspect, Lefou becomes his very own character.

So I’m sorry, but Lefou is a very well written character, with way more depth than those posts I’ve seen seemed to imply. As a matter of fact, none of these posts were explaining exactly why the depiction of Lefou was homophobic in this movie; they didn’t give even one precise example, which is very telling, really.

So be mindful of what you read, people, and go see things for yourselves, especially if you wanted to before seeing heinous posts like this.

Misfits Prologue

Summary: An introduction into your college life, including your room mates and your crush which you really shouldn’t have

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE)

Word Count: 1,679

Warnings: none, really

Notes: This is a demo fic, I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue it or not. This is a rushed prologue, but I hope you like it! This series won’t have much angst, sorry!

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Sometimes life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Sometimes it worked exactly how you wanted it to. This was one of those times, and you aren’t exactly sure how you lucked out. Or how you are still lucky.


Your name is Y/N Y/L/N, a graphic design student in your junior, fourth, year of University. You spend your time doing both online and actual painted commissions, finishing assignments and binge watching Netflix. You’re not the most social person, an obvious introvert. You are quite the contrast to your room mates though.

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Ties pt. 2 - Archie Andrews Smut

REQUESTED: Yes, by two anons! (Or maybe the same anon - bless you<3)

I mean, I think you need to write part two to ‘Ties’

Please do a part two of Ties! I really liked it :)

WARNINGS: Blowjobs, slight daddy kink

SUMMARY: You left Archie hanging, and he’s not exactly happy about it.

NOTES: So, this has kind of been a long time coming (sorry guys). I’ve been really busy recently with trying to do my exams (because those now exist, yay) and pass this course (which I did…WOO CELEBRATIONS). 

Anyways, another reason for me not doing too much in the way of smut was that I had nothing to really…go off. So, I’m just having to remember stuff and apply it to this.

The song is still here, and you can read pt. 1 here. Enjoy!

(Also potential for pt. 3, if you want it, request!!)

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length: 1,342 words

genre: rapper jimin au; a mix i guess?

summary: all of jimin’s past assistants have quit, will you do the same?

a/n: I’ve had this idea forever and finally decided to write it…also I rewrote this 5 times, and then half of it got deleted so I had to rewrite it from memory so sorry if it sucks a little haha, but i promise it’ll get better as it goes

Originally posted by sosjimin

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anonymous asked:

Lance: "all the guys I meet are either taken or straight." Keith: "BOY I AM LITERALLY STANDING RIGHT HERE."

I’m not certain if you were trying to send me a fic prompt (which, sorry, not taking those at the moment, too busy) or just sharing humor with me, but in any event

Is that not exactly what happened in this scene

anonymous asked:

um, so lets say that letting loose a whole bunch of animals onto the planet wasn't a problem. the pesticides, fertilizers, and poisons that agricultural farmers set/spray would be detrimental to water supplies, and would pollute groundwater, so really, being vegan would be just as bad as being a meateater if the whole world were to participate.

…I’m sorry what? Why exactly are we letting loose a whole bunch of animals and increasing our pesticide use? Those are some pretty massive assumptions right off the bat. First of all, if the world went vegan it’d happen over time, we wouldn’t suddenly have 60 billion farmed animals roaming the streets. As demand goes down, so does the number of animals being bred to fulfill that demand, which is basic economics. The ones who do remain can comfortable live out their lives in sanctuaries, as the lucky few already do.

As for pesticides, I think you must be assuming that if we all went vegan we’d need more vegetables to feed the population, but you’re very wrong about that. If we look at cows, for example, it takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. That’s 94% more land, and 94% more pesticides than just eating that grain directly. All told, livestock consume 70% of all the grain we produce, 98% of all soy, and a fifth of all water consumed globally. Farmed animals take in far more calories in crop feed than they will ever give out in meat, meaning that they are literally detracting from the global food supply. If the world went vegan, we would add an addition 70% to the world’s global food supply.

All of this is also assuming that we would still be using pesticides and animal fertilizers, but by your own hypothetical the whole world is vegan, so why exactly would we be using products which harm animals? Plant ferifilisers are very effective and veganic farming already exists. It is not the case that crops can’t be grown without harming animals or people. I think if you’re really honest with yourself, the reason you aren’t vegan isn’t because “all the animals would be released and we’d use loads of pesticides if everyone went vegan", it’s because you like eating animals. I’d honestly prefer you just admit that instead of inventing these nonsensical straw man hypotheticals which waste everyone’s time.

Endless Reasons - Jack Maynard

Request: Could you do one where y/n ‘temporarily’ moves into Jack’s apartment while finding somewhere to live (like Alex in Jacks new vlog) but as she begins to move out Jack realises how much he likes her and has to make her stay? Thanksssss

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Sorry for the lack of imagines recently, I went shopping with my best friend today so I couldn’t update!

I hope you like :)


“Jack, how many times have I told you to put the blender away when you’re finished?” You yelled from the kitchen. 

You and Jack had been living together for a couple of months now and although you loved Jack as a person, you could not picture yourself living with him for very much longer for a number of different reasons. 

Reason #1: He always kept the bathroom a disaster.

Reason #2: He was insanely loud when coming home from the bar.

Reason #3: You had fallen for him.

Jack may be a messy person when it comes to the bathroom but the more time you spent with him, the more you fell for him. His stupid laugh, his gorgeous blue eyes and sparkling smile caused you to feel something you never thought you would. Any time he looked at you, you felt yourself lingering a little longer than you probably should, when he touched you, your skin felt warm and when he hugged you, you found yourself wanting it to last more than three seconds. All those reasons, (mainly the last one) made you rethink your living situation.

You had moved into Jack’s apartment after your parents decided to pack up and travel the world which caused you to have to find a place to live. It had happened so quickly so you didn’t really have time to plan anything but when Jack heard about your situation, he immediately offered up his place. You were skeptical since you knew it would be different from living with two adults and a dog but you didn’t exactly have any other options so you took him up on his offer.

“Sorry, I was in a rush this morning.” He said, walking out of his room and moving the blender from the counter.

“You know…I think I should find a different place to live.” You said, placing the dishes in the cupboard.

“Wait, what?” Jack asked, surprised. “No. You can’t.” You looked at him in confusion since you both knew this was only a temporary situation and waited for him to explain what his problem was. “I mean, you don’t even have another place in mind…”

“I’ve been to see a few places and there’s one I actually like not too far from here…I think I’m going to take it.”

“(y/n)…just take some time to think about it…make sure it’s right.” He said, looking down at the ground as he leaned against the counter. You looked at him confused as you didn’t understand what his problem was.

“Jack, I’ve got to move out, I can’t live here forever.”

“You don’t have to…” He said, following you into your room but you heard him stop as you entered your room. “What the hell?” He asked, looking around. Your room had been cleaned up and there were now boxes filled with your things. “You’ve signed…”

“I haven’t.” You explained. “But I just thought I would get a head start on packing…you know, things I don’t use that much.”

“Please don’t leave.” He said, moving towards you and taking your hand in his.

You looked down at your connected hands and felt your skin begin to heat up. You wanted to keep your hand there. You wanted to be able to have moments like this one but you knew as long as you lived with him, you couldn’t. There was no way in hell it was going to work if you lived with the boy you had fallen for. The endless weekends of him coming home with random girls he wouldn’t remember the morning after, the endless conversations of his conquests and the endless competition between him and the boys was driving you crazy. You couldn’t stand to live down the hall from the boy who had taken your heart and didn’t even know it.

“You’re making this hard.” You whispered, pulling your hand away. 

“What?” He asked, taking a step closer to you. You took a deep breath as you felt his, due to the closeness between you two. “All you have to do is stay.” He said, his eyes flickering between your eyes and your lips. “Please.”

“Okay.” You said and before you could even think about anything else, Jack’s lips were pressed against yours. He placed his hands on your hips, pressing his chest against yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. The kiss began to deepen and all the reasons for leaving seemed to disappear from your mind.

Kingdom Hearts 3 2017 Orchestra Trailer reactions

*gasp* IT’S SO SHINY!!


Like her  makeup is SO ON POINT!!

And we get an update on the Rock Titan fight!We’re fighting him in the RAIN!



EVEN HERE EVERYONE BLENDS IN SO WELL!!The lighting is fantastic and donald and goofy don’t stick out like sore-thumbs in a story-relevant world!


and HD Xemnas looks SO.DAMN.GOOD!Like,he’s actually HOT now!!EVIL hot!

and his EYES!These Golden Delicious Apples-of-his-eyes GORGEOUS!so detailed!

he’s got those sharp villain fang teeth now too!


I also kept being drawn back to his coat’s dangly thingy… It’s an actual SHAPE NOW!and so ORNATE!

AND OUR BOY’S FACE WHEN XEMNAS SAID whatever the hell it was he said because my Japanese isn’t exactly on point (I think he said, “Sora, it is your own darkness that will destroy you.”)(which makes since because what would SE be without that cryptic darkness sh*t?)

also, my reaction to this:

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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me requesting something could you write a Stoncy soulmate au using that "my soulmate touched me and now my body has splotches of bright color all over it" au please? I'm sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about haha but if you did it would be super duper to see those three nerds all colored up

So I’ve never seen this with the color coming from touching,and I feel like there wasn’t really away to realistically have this work in the series (which is what I like to do) but I have seen where anytime your soulmate gets visibly injured (bruises/cuts/burns/etc.) you get color marks in the same spots, which I feel works super well for these three! So not exactly what you requested, but the same end result with all three of these dorks all colored up, so hopefully it’s okay!

(Inspiration for the colors from these wonderful mood boards by the ever amazing @hawkinsmostunwanted)

There’s a swath of yellow spread out over Nancy’s left cheek. Sitting this close to her, knee to knee as her clever hands carefully bandage the cut on his hand, it’s all Jonathan can look at. It’s somehow easier than thinking about the thin blue stripe that streaks up and then crosses into the cut on his hand. If he concentrates on that jagged field of yellow, he doesn’t have to think about how that blue stripe matches the cut he covered up on Nancy hand, the one overlapping a soft pink line that’s far too pastel to be anything other than a soulmark. That stretch of yellow means Nancy has another soulmate out there.

Maybe he should just stop staring all together, because now that he’s looking all he can see are the edges of the pink underneath all that yellow. All he can see is the shape of that yellow, the yellow that’s smeared across his own face, the yellow that he knows belongs to Steve because he caused it. It sort of feels right that Jonathan would find out who his soulmate is by the two of them trying to kill each other. One of his soulmates, anyway. Because the other is sitting in front of him while they wait to actually try and summon a monster.

“Nancy, I-” he starts, with no idea how he planned on finishing. ‘Nancy, I know we just started talking like a week ago and now we’re waiting to maybe die fighting this thing but looks like you’re my soulmate and I’d really like to kiss you even if it’s a bad time’ or maybe ‘Nancy, I know we have a plan but maybe we should talk about this whole colors thing and maybe find some way to tell your boyfriend in case both of us die tonight because I think we both know he’s our third’ both seem too wordy and too desperate somehow.

“Yeah?” She says, and when she meets his eyes, his breath feels knocked out of him at how intense and blue her eyes are highlighted by all that yellow.

Now that he’s not so angry or heart-broken or terrified, Steve mostly just feels empty. Maybe a little nauseous. Standing out in front of the Byers house, bat resting against his shoulder, nothing that just happened seems real. The whole day hasn’t seemed real. Nothing since seeing Jonathan Byers in Nancy’s room has felt real, and he mostly just wants to go to sleep and wake up and find out everything was a dream. Except, now he has soulmates, and if this is a dream then he never wants to wake up and lose them. 

He knew about Nancy before tonight. He might not be as academic as her, but he’s smart enough to remember where he left hickies on her and notice the little matching blue marks on his own skin. He doesn’t tell her, because the part of him that’s ecstatic about her being his soulmate is overshadowed by the part of him that’s afraid he’s going to end up mis-matched like his dad. It’s a fear that feels all too real when he sees them that night. 

Jonathan Byers comes as a surprise, though. A surprise that leaves him unsteady and completely out of his comfort zone, because he’s talked to Jonathan maybe five times in his entire life and one of those times ended in a fight that left blood running into his mouth and that obnoxious yellow glaring across Jonathan’s face. 

They load into his car, silent except for Nancy’s quiet voice directing him towards the school. Mostly he feels empty. Part of him, though, the part that isn’t exhausted and blank, can’t help feeling relieved. Because he looks at the gauze each of them has wrapped around their hand and the criss-crossing lines of pink and blue on his left hand, and that fear that’s existed for so long finally settles. 

Nancy likes watching them like this, when they think she isn’t looking. Her books are spread out on her desk, and she honestly is studying but the little make-up mirror on her desk just so happens to give her a great view of them without her having to turn and give it away. They just look so sweet like this, Jonathan sitting cross-legged on her bed and Steve laying back with his head on Jonathan’s lap. Both of them honest and hesitant in a way they aren’t when they know she’s watching. 

The lighting makes it a little hard, but she can just make out the blue that fades down over both of their arms, the result of her slowly fading sunburn from an afternoon by Steve’s pool. There’s a decently sized blotch of yellow on Jonathan’s neck, mirroring the bruise Jonathan had been embarrassed about leaving behind despite how delighted Steve had been. 

Steve catches her eye in the mirror, and the light catches enough that she can just make out the fading pink mark on his cheek (Jonathan had fallen asleep on his hand earlier and left the imprint of his knuckles against his skin). He smiles at her, still sleepy and soft, before closing his eyes and letting his head fall more into Jonathan’s hands. 

She turns back to her work, letting them have their moment. Besides, she thinks, looking at the little yellow scrapes on her knuckles as she copies down notes, she has a lifetime of moments left with them. 


For anon…reader is Nat’s older sister as requested. Enjoy!

“There’s just one thing I don’t get,” Tony piped up.
“Just one?” Nat teased.

Y/N chuckled as Tony rolled his eyes. It was the end of another Avengers party. The only ones left were Y/N, her sister Nat, and Tony. The others had gone to bed. Y/N’s husband, Nick Fury, was currently on the phone elsewhere-business as usual.

“How did you manage to get Nick-no real life-Fury to marry you?” he asked Y/N.
She smirked slyly. “I think you’ve got the situation mixed up.”
“What do you mean?” Stark questioned.
Nat leaned forward with a laugh. “Fury asked her. Second date, I believe.”
“Second official date,” Y/N corrected, “There were some in betweens that weren’t really dates.”
“That still doesn’t answer my question,” Tony persisted, “Doesn’t matter. I just remembered I haven’t told you about the newest project.”
Y/N’s eyes lit up. “They’re in? The skin grafts?”
“That’s right, sweetheart. They’re in and ready to be transplanted. There was one thing I wanted to ask still about the nano plates.”
“Oh yeah! The nano plates were glitching a bit when they were hardwired to respond to both you and JARVIS-”
“Because I routed them as two separate channels-”
“Right! Which is why I reconfigured it to act as a singular channel. You tell JARVIS, and he activates the plates.”

Nat started chuckling. The two glanced back toward the red head. She smirked.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not exactly up to speed on your nerd rhythm,” Nat teased.
“I think Banner’s the only one that can keep up with those two,” Nick called from behind them.
Y/N scrunched her nose. “Not you too,” she playfully whined.
Nick smirked. Nat continued, “You two make us seems like clay tablets whenever you talk science.”

Nick sat next to his wife on the couch. She gripped his hand and leaned on his shoulder. Nick and Nat continued to tease you and Tony about the many projects you had going. Despite the fact that they did so anytime she rambled about them, she couldn’t help but to laugh with them. They were her family, and she was alright with that.

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lion heart | jungkook — part one

pairing : jeon jungkook x reader, reader will have platonic relationships with other members !

word count : 2.6k

genre : angst / a little fluff ?

summary : You live with an expert kidnapper, who takes daughters and sons from rich families to collect the ransom. You are too fearful to leave, or do anything much to help the hostages other than occasionally sneaking them food, until Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook come along.

a/n : okay listen I’ve never written angst before and I can’t tell if this is weird or ?? idk listen I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since I dropped out of school so I just wrote some shiz and I don’t really know what I’m doing with it so .. I mean … if you like it please leave me a message or something because really I would like to know if I’m any good at writing this , as I said this is my first time writing angst soooo .. idk I’m nervous but enjoy ? I guess ahh

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You knew what Jinwoo did was wrong, you had always known. The problem was, you weren’t brave enough to leave. He didn’t lock you here, in fact, he would often let you leave, to get him things from the store. But you would always come back. He would only find you otherwise, and when he did, he would be mad.

One day, you returned from the store to find a little more new visitors than usual. It was only a matter of time before he did it again, you knew that. But you weren’t expecting this many. This was big. This was risky. Usually, he would take one or two. Guys, occasional girls, from rich families for ransom. And once the money had been exchanged, always in cash, he would return the person, or people, and move somewhere new, using the ransom money. He would get a job every place he went, so that he didn’t arise suspicion, and he would always wait a while before taking somebody else, so that the police didn’t link the kidnappings with his moving. He would travel miles looking for somebody new to take, and it looked as though he had hit the jackpot. Seven guys, all from rich families. Seven ransoms.

You walked downstairs into the lower story or basement of the house, a large area reserved to inhabit the hostages. This part was always the worst. You knew that there was nothing you could do for them. You didn’t have the courage. You took a look at them, and immediately your eyes welled with tears. Jinwoo was at work, and he wouldn’t be back for hours yet. He had left them some food, to keep them healthy, but it looked like none of them felt like eating. Who could blame them?

As they heard the creak of the wooden stairs, they swung their heads up, one of them cowering slightly in the corner. You took another step down, and you noticed how they shifted slightly away. Because of what Jinwoo had done, the captives were always terrified of you at first too. You didn’t know exactly what Jinwoo did to them, but you would guess from the blood staining their clothes, and gashes, bruises, and scratches across their face that it wasn’t anything comfortable. These boys were injured much more than anybody else you had seen, so instead of taking anymore steps down, you decided to take one up, and another, until you were at the top of the stairs once again.

You walked over to the kitchen, opening one of the cupboards and grabbing the first aid kit. You weren’t supposed to do this, but Jinwoo wouldn’t be home for a while, and he only ever went down to give them food and water. He never took much of a look at them. You told yourself that he wouldn’t notice. He never used the first aid kit anyway. He wouldn’t notice that anything was missing.

You headed back down the stairs, making sure that your movements were soft and gentle, as not to startle them. You looked to the food in the centre of the room, that still remained untouched. You made your way over to the huddle of seven boys, having only old tattered cushions to sit on. You could sense how fragile they were, how terrified, as no matter how soft your movements were, they still flinched at every one.

You knelt down on the concrete floor in front of them, putting the first aid kit on the floor in front of you. At the notice of this, the boys seemed to be a little less scared, though still terrified. You opened your mouth, finally gaining the confidence to speak. You never really knew what to say when you first met these people, what could you say? Anything to make them feel a little better about the situation, sure, but, what could fit into that category?

“..I..It’s okay.. He won’t be home for a while… I can.. I… I’m sorry…”

Those two words. They would always come up at some point. You felt the need to apologise for Jinwoo, but, you also needed to apologise because, apart from cleaning their wounds and showing them some kindness, there was nothing you could do for them.

“I’m so sorry. Please.. let me help.. You don’t want those scarring, I’m sure…”

You reached into the first aid kit, pulling out some rubbing alcohol, and a roll of bandages. Though, as soon as you pulled the roll out, it began to unravel when you almost dropped it, and you watched the roll as it rolled away the full length of the room, leaving a trail of bandage behind it, the end of which being in your hand. You hadn’t exactly had experience using first aid kits, but you thought it would be easy enough. Apparently, you couldn’t even hold a roll of bandages properly. You heard a light snicker, and you looked up, catching eyes with one of the younger boys, eyes you were sure would have shone brighter than all others before this ordeal. You swore you caught the slightest hint of a smile as he reached out his large hands to push the roll back towards you.


You pick up the roll, rolling it back up before shuffling up to the male nearest to the right. You picked up a small cotton pad, dousing it in rubbing alcohol before squeezing it out slightly when you realised that was way too much.

“This might hurt a little, but.. it’s better than having nothing at all..”

You started on a cut above the first boy’s eyebrow, pushing his hair back slightly. You pressed the cotton pad to the wound, earning a slight flinch from the male.


You stuttered, before continuing to clean the wound. Your gaze caught onto his, and your lips parted slightly, your breath hitching in your chest. It’s times like these when you realised that, even though you weren’t like Jinwoo, you were just as bad. You were allowing this to happen. But there was nothing you could do. You couldn’t risk it. If Jinwoo wasn’t getting his money, he could kill them. Your eyes blurred with tears, and you could barely see out of them anymore, the liquid distorting your vision as it covered every inch of your narrowing eyes.

“What’s your name?”

The question caught you off guard, shakily falling from the-boy-sitting-ahead-of-you’s lips. You had seen countless people caught up by Jinwoo and his hungry ploy to gain money, but they never spoke to you. They would occasionally bow their head if you helped them, but nothing more. And they definitely didn’t ask your name. You had already gained a smile from one of the boys, and that was a first too.

“..It’s Y/N… W-What’s yours?”

It had been a while since you held a proper conversation with anybody, and it was almost a relief to hear a voice other than Jinwoo’s, or the occasional monotone shop clerk.

“It’s Seokjin..”

The tears brimming in your eyes finally fell down your cheeks, and you could finally see clearly again. He was smiling. It was a small smile, but it was something. He grabbed your shaking arm from it’s place on his head, bringing it down before taking the cotton pad from between your fingers.

“You don’t have to do that. We’ll be okay.”

His voice was shaky, and he was shivering slightly.

“I want to.. I don’t.. I.. I have to do something.. Please.”

You pleaded, your eyes boring into his. If he didn’t let you do this, you knew that the guilt would tear you apart. He clearly saw this in your eyes, and allowed you to continue. You cleaned up the entire group, each one making small talk while you did so. It felt really good. Talking to somebody.

A few hours later, you were actually laughing with them. You had gotten to know them, a little bit, and for a second even they forgot the situation. You saw the youngest, Jungkook, shivering slightly, and so brought it upon yourself to go upstairs and fetch him a blanket. You found the thickest one in the house, bringing it down and handing it to him. He smiled widely, baring a set of bunny teeth, causing you to smile just as wide, for the first time in years. You forgot all about Jinwoo. About everything.

A few more hours passed, even though it seemed like only a couple of minutes. You heard the door unlock, and immediately, the panic that was present in your mind every second of every day returned.

“Oh god..”

You left the basement quickly, running up the stairs and leaving the group downstairs.

“Not quick enough, Y/N..”

Jinwoo whispered, twirling his keys around his finger before slamming them down on the kitchen counter, causing you to jump. He had only caught you visiting the basement once before, and you remembered all too well what happened then.

“Jinwoo, I..”

“What was it this time? Food? You know, if this is going to become a regular occurrence, I won’t be able to trust you anymore.”

He walked over to the basement door, slowly walking down the stairs and looking around. Although the boys had attempted to hide the blanket and first aid kit left down there, it was an unsuccessful attempt.

“Oh, Y/N… No, no… Haven’t I told you not to do this?”

He started back up the stairs, and every step he took forward, you took back.

“It’s okay. I’m not mad.. in fact… If you like it so bad down there, why don’t you join them?”

Your heart dropped in your stomach, and your throat went dry. You couldn’t even find the courage to open your mouth. You took another step backwards, and quickly turned to dash down the hall, but you weren’t fast enough. Jinwoo grabbed your arm, pulling you back towards him and pushing you with force through the basement door. You had no time to stop, and you fell all the way down the wooden stairs, your head hitting the concrete floor at the bottom. You just about heard Jinwoo slamming and locking the door, before the noise faded with your vision.


You gradually opened your eyes to see Jungkook above you, your head placed in his lap. One of his hands was tangled in your hair, the other resting on your chest. His eyes were closed, soft snores escaping his parted lips. You turned your head to your right, catching sight of Seokjin. He was laying on the floor, head resting on a pillow, beside the open first aid kit. It was then you noticed the bandages on your legs and arms. You couldn’t remember how you got hurt, but from the last few things you could remember, you could gather.

You carefully lifted Jungkook’s hands from your chest and hair, before sitting up.

Taehyung, the boy who had pushed the bandage back to you earlier, was asleep on Jimin’s shoulder, who was asleep on Yoongi’s shoulder. Namjoon was sleeping beside Seokjin, and Hoseok was asleep beside Namjoon.

You carefully pushed Jungkook down onto the floor, covered with cushions, to make him a little more comfortable than his seated position. He stirred slightly, causing you to freeze, not wanting to wake him up. He stretched his arm out, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down to lay beside him. Your eyes widened, and your cheeks flushed a dark red.

Once you had composed yourself, you reached out, attempting to feel around for the blanket with your fingers. Once you felt the fabric, you gripped onto it, pulling it over Jungkook to keep him warm. You looked over his features for a few minutes, frowning slightly at the various bruises and cuts littering his face. You found yourself wondering what he looked like before they were there. Just as beautiful, no doubt. His soft features relaxed you more than anything ever had, and before long, your eyes drooped shut, and you fell into a deep sleep.

When you woke up, Jungkook was no longer laying down in front of you, his arms no longer wrapping firmly around you. Instead, your eyes were laying on the wall. Not the most interesting sight compared with the last thing you laid eyes on before you fell asleep.

You blinked a few times to wake yourself up, before rolling over to the right. Everybody else was still asleep, but Jungkook was kneeling beside the first aid kit. He hadn’t noticed that you had woken up yet, so you took the time to admire his features as they remained concentrated on the objects in the first aid kit. It looked as though he knew as little about first aid as you. Seokjin wasn’t awake yet, and you guessed that he was the one to dress your wounds while you were out yesterday, given that he was asleep next to it and all.


You whispered, not wanting to wake the rest of the group. Especially given the amount of stress they were under, and how they weren’t getting much food at all, you wanted them to have as much sleep as possible. Jungkook looked up, his lips curling into a smile once his eyes latched onto yours.

“Hey, Y/N-ah.. I was just going to redress your wounds from yesterday.. I watched Seokjin-hyung do it, so.. I figured I could probably do it too, but I can’t remember much of it now, and Seokjin-hyung isn’t awake yet.”

You went to stand, but a shooting pain stopped you, and you squeezed your eyes shut. You realised that you hadn’t tried to stand since waking up yesterday, so you didn’t even realise that you couldn’t.


“It’s okay, I’ll come over there.”

You shifted slightly, using your other leg and arms to swivel to rest your back against the wall. This ended up being tricky when you realised that one of your arms was injured too.

Jungkook stood up, picking up the first aid kit from the floor and walking over to sit beside you. He started by unwrapping the bandage from around your leg, and you closed your eyes tightly shut at the sight. It was bruised, cut, and blood stained, and you didn’t want to look at it for anything other than a few seconds. Jungkook cleaned it up as best he could, and when you opened your eyes, you chose to focus your gaze on Jungkook instead of your leg. You focused on anything and everything, the way his eyes narrowed in concentration as he cleaned up your leg, the way he bit his lip occasionally. Even the way that he would sniff from time to time, scrunching his nose up like a bunny rabbit. With all of this to focus on, you barely felt anything in regards to your leg. Everything went numb for those five or so minutes. You had better things to think about.

Once he was done cleaning your leg, he dressed it before wrapping it up in a fresh bandage. After doing the same with your arm, which wasn’t as badly injured, he moved onto your head. You hadn’t even noticed that it was bandaged up, but were gaining vague remembrance that you hit your head on the concrete floor, so when you thought about it, it would make sense. He removed your bandage, locking eyes with yours. Your heart almost fell out of your chest, and you were almost sure you stopped breathing for a second. His eyes scrunched up as he widely smiled towards you, and you felt yourself smiling too.

You didn’t know how long you would be down here, but as long as Jungkook, and the rest of the boys were here, you didn’t think it would be all too bad.

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Riley and Lucas making cookies together super fluffy and cute

a/n: thank you so so much for this prompt anon! again, sorry it took so long to get to. i’m trying to crank these out as quickly as i can. also, this might not have been exactly what you were looking for, but it’s still super fluffy and involves baking, so hopefully you still enjoy! 

word count: 1,350

“Lucas Friar, I swear if I see you grab one more of those cookies….” Riley scolded, slapping her boyfriend’s hand away from the cookie cooling rack, which currently held almost two dozen sugar cookies, that were waiting to be frosted. Lucas held his hands up in surrender, but not before placing a cookie into his mouth. She narrowed her eyes, before shaking her head and directing her attention back to the batter that she was mixing.

“I thought that you said I could help, you’re not letting me do anything.” He practically pouted and she raised her eyebrow at him.

“That’s because all you were doing is eating the batter!” She exclaimed, turning around to look at him, he merely smirked, taking another bite of the cookie in his hand. “And now all you’re doing is eating the cookies.”

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As an autistic person I get really upset when people say I can't hc a character as autistic. I hear most of the time "they don't act autistic" or "They would never make that canon." It just me just as upset when people say I can't HC character as LGBTQ. Like I'm at the point where I'm super frustrated. I post one thing on LINE about Yusaku and everyone flips. Sorry I'm frustrated and you post resonated with me.

Absolutely. Everything that I said the other day applies to autistic HCs as well, so fuck how those neurotypicals feel. They’re obviously very confused about something:

A headcanon is exactly what it sounds like: it’s something that’s ‘canon’ in your mind. It’s the lense through which you interpret a character. Headcanons, even when you share them, are ultimately are personal. This is why you need no canon evidence or the approval of the fandom for a headcanon.

A speculation is something that you think has a chance of happening in canon. This can easily overlap with a headcanon, the only difference being that some sort of reasoning is required: whether that be canon evidence, series precedent, or just what you think would make sense for the story. 

A theory is something that you’re betting will happen in canon. This can overlap with speculation, or can even be a headcanon gone wild; but what makes theories distinct is that they require canon evidence, 100% of the time. 

With that said, no one has the right to tell you jack shit about any of your autistic HCs. You can HC Yusaku (or anyone else) as autistic until every star in the sky falls, and they’re just gonna have to deal with that—because the problem is theirs, not yours. It’s only when you enter the realm of speculation/theory that anyone is justified in disagreeing, but even then, the arguments against actually have to make sense lol

Autism is a spectrum. It manifests in a number different ways, and not in the same way for any two people. With that in mind, I fail to see how someone can reasonably argue that the character “doesn’t ‘act’ autistic”. 

Saying “[the creators] would never make that canon” is an argument of precedent, which is one I frequently use myself. Even so, just because something has never been explicitly spelled out in canon before, doesn’t mean it never can be.

The point is: make as many autistic headcanons as you want, because that’s your right. As I said the other day, canon evidence/reasoning is just the icing on the cake for HCs; they are by no means required.

It you want to speculate or theorize that a character is autistic, then you may have to defend your position, but that’s okay. Most of the arguments against are either presumptive or ableist as hell, and therefore need no serious acknowledgement.

Stay strong, anon <3

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Hey, I heard you've written some books. I'm just starting to look for an agent. Do you have any advice from writer to writer?

My website, which I have linked to, includes my Fifty Thoughts On Writing, which is about all the advice I have to give without knowledge of your specific situation.

I wish you all the luck in the world, I genuinely do, and I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, but I am currently on a tour of Australia and New Zealand (because of those books I wrote), and I don’t have the time or energy to do a fresh write-up that would functionally represent generalized emotional labor, as you don’t appear to know about my work/career enough to know whether I would have any relevant advice to give you.  I’m sorry.  I hope your career goes exactly as well as you want it to, and maybe someday we’ll meet at a conference, somewhere in the world.