which meant i could go for the photo op and kiss him

Love in an Elevator

Summary: During your first convention as an actress on Supernatural, you get stuck on an elevator with Misha. He calms you when you start to panic, and somehow things lead to smut.

bye bye summary skills

A/N: I had a dream and it had to be written. And idk about the title. Maybe it’s overused but it’s appropriate.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: language, claustrophobia induced panic attack, Misha being a fucking sweetheart (becuase what else would he be in this situation??), oral (male receiving), smut…technical public smut because it’s in an elevator

Word Count: 1.9k

Originally posted by godinameme

It was your first convention since getting a role on Supernatural, and you were excited. You hadn’t really gotten to meet many fans yet, but according to the internet, there were going to be tons at this convention. You had your own panel scheduled, along with photo ops, and tons of other fun activities.

You made your way out of your room and walked down the hall to the elevator, you wanted to get downstairs early as there was a storm coming in. Which was technically already here. You could hear the thunder outside. The doors to the elevator were just beginning to shut when you started sprinting down the hall.

“Hey! Wait!” you called. Luckily, you saw a hand reach out and stop the doors for you.

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I’ve Got You.

request- hey, I really loved your fic Family! I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is a member of the spn cast and she is around 16 and emancipated from her family, but the rest of the cast doesn’t know for the simple fact that it hasn’t ever come up, but they find out after a fan asks about her family and she tells them that she’s emancipated and doesn’t keep in contact with her family. This later leads to a chat with the cast about why she never told them…?

requested by- anon

characters- Jared x Platonic!Reader, Jensen x Platonic!reader.

warnings- swearing, mentions of depression, mentions of abuse, mentions of self doubt.

a/n- I feel like this is kinda a lot like ‘family’??? but regardless, I enjoyed writing it.

Your family was always a sensitive subject for you, growing up was hard enough but when you had parents who took everything out on you and weren’t supportive at all.. lets just say it got tough.

You found out what ‘emancipation’ was when you turned fifteen, it was around the time you had gotten an audition for a roll on Supernatural as Sam’s daughter. 

Booking the roll meant you had to leave your small town in Denver to move up North to Vancouver, Canada. It was then you decided to go to the local council so they could help with being emancipated, you had proven you were over fourteen and that you would have a legal way to make money, you had also told them why you wanted to be emancipated, they understood.

Within four weeks your court date was delivered, you arrived, finished the hearing and then, a few months later when you were about to leave for Canada, you got the news that it was all finalised. You could finally live a life without your parents.

Of course the producers of the show and network knew, they had to know, the cast however didn’t know.

You were at another convention doing a panel with Jared, the questions were lighthearted and funny but you knew the deeper, more personal ones were approaching.

A young girl stepped towards the mic and spoke, “hi! My name’s Belle” you gasped which made Jared laugh, “Belle’s my favourite Disney princess oh my gosh! That’s so cool” you chirped into the mic, the girl laughed a bit and thanked  you, “this question is for Y/N, if that’s okay” she laughed when Jared stood up and kicked the stool playfully, you shook your head “ignore him, what’s your question?” You asked her trying not to laugh when you saw Jared pout as he sat back down, “okay, so you’re from Denver, which is quite far away from where you film, I was wondering if that effected how close you are to your parents?” She asked, you let out a nervous laugh, “uh, aha, I actually don’t talk to my parents anyways? Around this time last year when I found out I had the roll I went through the whole emancipating process? So I don’t live with them or I don’t have to talk to them… Yeah” you concluded before letting out another nervous laugh, Jared quickly thanked the girl for her question as they moved on to another.

You were sat in your hotel room when there was a knock at the door, after the panel you said you felt sick and went straight to your room, luckily all your photo-ops were the next day.

With a sigh, you stood up and walked over to the door, slowly you opened it and smiled a small smile when you saw Jared stood on the other side, “can I come in?” Jared asked, you nodded your head and opened the door wider for him to walk in, you quietly closed it and turned around.

He was watching you closely as you picked up a book that was led on the bed, you bookmarked it and placed it on the bedside table, “you okay?” He asked, you let out a sigh, “I honestly don’t know..” you quietly answered.

He walked over and sat on the bed, he patted the spot next to him, “come on.. talk to me” you debated in your mind for what felt like an hour before you sat down facing him with your legs crossed.

“How come you didn’t tell anyone?” Jared asked after a few seconds of silence, you shrugged your shoulders, “never came up in conversation” you answered quietly, “I don’t know… I just didn’t know how, I guess” you avoided his gaze and looked down at your hands that were absentmindedly playing with your bracelet.

Jared sighed quietly, “do you mind me asking why?” He asked again, you were silent for a while, “okay, that’s fine, when you want to talk I’ll be here to listen” he placed a kiss on your forehead and started walking towards the door when a small voice made him stop, “they were never there…” he turned around, “not once, they always found a new way to make me feel shitty about myself… so I left…” you quietly trailed off, Jared came back over and sat down, he turned to face you, “have you talked to them since?” He asked, you shook your head and blinked back the tears.

“I’ve debated whether to or not… part of me wants to leave all of that behind, but another part of me wants to know whether they actually miss me” you sighed, “what did they do exactly?” He asked quietly whilst rubbing his thumb over your knee in comfort, “what didn’t they do?” You laughed, “they wanted to shape me into the perfect kid, they thought that the best way to go about it would be to yell at me, to… belittle me and make me feel like crap! They’d padlock the kitchen cabinets so the only time I’d eat would be when they ate, and even then they wouldn’t give me much… If I did something wrong, even just the slightest bit wrong they’d lock me in my room! I couldn’t live like that anymore, it wasn’t fair!” Jared went to speak but you interrupted, “even when I was depressed they didn’t care. They refused to take me to the doctor, said that it was all in my head and that I was looking for attention” Jared had tears in his eyes as he watched you pour your heart out to him, “do you have any idea what it’s like to want help, but to be refused it? To want to get better but your parents said no because it’d ruin their ‘perfect image’, it’s exhausting” you cried, “I was trapped and I couldn’t get out, and I couldn’t do it” that was when you broke, sobs racketed through your body as Jared quickly scooped you into his arms.

He held you tight, one arm wrapped securely around your body and the other was against the back of your head, pressing it to his chest, “it was too much, and I couldn’t do it” you spoke. Jared shushed your and held you close, rocking slightly, “you’ll be okay, I’ve got you” he muttered softly, you clung onto him and cried until there was no tears left.

After a while of just sitting there, Jared felt two arms wrap around him, “thank you” you whispered, he smiled and placed another kiss on top of your head before squeezing you tightly, “don’t mention it. Don’t be afraid to open up once in a while, okay?” He said, you nodded your head and yawned a little, Jared loosened his grip and went to unwrap your arms from him when your grip tightened, “please don’t go” you whispered, he shuffled up the bed whilst holding onto you and led down, your head was resting on his chest, his arms were protectively holding you as darkness overcame both of them.

It was around an hour later when Jensen strolled up to your hotel room with your spare key-card dangling from his fingers.

He’d knocked on the door for ten minutes beforehand but got no answer.

He quietly opened the door and froze at the sight in front of him, a small smile graced his lips as he grabbed a throw from one of the chairs and covered both Jared and yourself.

He quickly fished his phone from out of his pocket before snapping a photo, he chuckled softly to himself and walked out of the room quietly closing the door behind him.

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Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C 😍 The Three Capsicles, killing it as always. 😂 (And ooooo, are we approaching #SebAva2k17? Hehe, you’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t you now? 😉😏) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B’)

Chris poked his head into the green room and smiled when he saw you talking to Anthony and Sebastian. The three of them were due to speak at a panel in a few minutes, and you were all waiting backstage for the stage manager to come grab them. You’d followed Anthony and Sebastian into the green room after Chris took too long at the vending machine, deciding what kind of candy he wanted. Everyone knew he was going to go for the bag of jellybeans, so why he had to stand there and question every other type of candy was the real question.

“Ed Sheeran, huh?” Chris heard Anthony say and he looked up from his bag of jellybeans, smiling when he thought back to what you called 'the best night of my life’. The three of you were yet to notice your fiancé was in the room as he was still standing in the door. “He’s a pretty talented guy, I can see why you wanted to go. So how was it?”

“It was life changing,” you answered and the guys chuckled at your enthusiasm. “You’ll see how life changing is it when you come to our wedding. I don’t know how Chris did it, but he got Ed-” Both Anthony and Sebastian nodded, hiding their smiles. “Wait,” you chuckled in disbelief, “you guys already know?”

“I believe you were the last one to know,” Sebastian chuckled. “He was making the phone calls on set, in-between takes. It was a very long and winding process, but it was obviously worth it. I mean- look at the smile on your face, Y/N. If I were Chris, I’d worry about you running off with Ed Sheeran at your wedding.”

“As much as I love Ed, there is no-”

“Ah ha!” Chris grabbed you from behind and you jumped, cutting yourself short; Anthony and Sebastian laughed. “I was wondering where you wandered off to, I turned and you were gone.” He kissed your cheek and you blushed when you saw Anthony and Sebastian smirk.

“I never took Chris for a PDA person, but clearly that was before he met the right girl.” Anthony commented and Chris chuckled, releasing you to just simply hold your hand. “It’s cute. A little diabetic,” Anthony said and Sebastian nodded in agreement, chuckling. “But still cute.”

“You guys are real couple goals,” Sebastian smiled at how happy the two of you looked together. He couldn’t help but wonder when he was going to find that level of perfection and security in his own love life. “That’s for sure.”

Like Chris had planned, the two of you flew from Boston to Salt Lake City to join a small handful of his 'Infinity War’ cast speaking at a panel for Comic-Con. Most of them- like Chris- only had one panel to speak at and one photo-op session to appear at. The events were scattered over the weekend, and though some only had a one day commitment at Comic-Con- they were allowed to have Thursday morning until Monday afternoon. Hence why Chris planned a very long weekend with you; from Boston to see your future house and Ed Sheeran, to Comic-Con in Salt Lake City.

Chris had also got Ava a plane ticket and a VIP pass to Comic-Con- which was really thanks to Sebastian. Unfortunately, her class schedule kept her from coming along. She wanted to, boy- did she want to knowing Sebastian was going to be there, but sadly, the fall quarter started on a Friday which was a day where she had class. You were lucky because your classes started on Monday, and Chris promised he’d have you back before then. That and your parents weren’t as strict with you when it came to you pursuing your passions, whereas Ava’s parents were. They’d warned her if she skipped any classes, especially after they finally agreed to let her give up law and study acting, they’d kill her and bring her body back to England. Neither of you wanted that, so she reluctantly declined Chris’ and Sebastian’s kind gesture and stayed home instead.

You could still remember the look on her face when you were leaving for Boston, she was so upset that you offered to skip Salt Lake City and come home after Ed Sheeran in Boston. But she urged you not to, making you promise you’d FaceTime from Salt Lake so she could take a look around and talk to Sebastian. Speaking of, he looked oddly bummed when you and Chris turned up at breakfast without a third person. Neither of you knew why Sebastian was so looking forward to meeting Ava because neither of you knew he’d spoken to Ava before, but then you both found out and your hearts leapt for the possibility of them being a couple.

Sebastian was single now, which meant that he was available for Ava. It was probably a little too soon for him to move on, but it was nice to throw Ava into the mix. They could start off as friends, like you and Chris did and see where things went from there. It would be a dream come true for both Ava, and you and Chris to have Sebastian be together with Ava. It’d be fun to have couple best friends, have them be the godparents of your future children and the two of you be the godparents of their future children. Of course, Chris didn’t think about any of this until you fed him the ideas. But once you did, he could not stop trying to sell Ava to Sebastian, subtly- of course, or so your fiancé thought; the man was not good at subtlety. You told him to stop, and took the reins instead because subtlety and manipulation? Well, that was your wheelhouse.

“Thanks, Seb.” You smiled at Chris, then at him. “I’m sure one day soon, it’ll be Chris and I looking at you and your partner calling the two of you couple goals.” Sebastian chuckled wearily, nodding with false pretenses. “Aw, don’t be like that.” You reached for his arm and gave it a light squeeze. “You’re amazing and you’re going find someone just as amazing to love you.”

“I knew I should’ve gone to Sydney with Chris,” he joked and you laughed, pulling your hand away. Chris tried not to smile as he pursed his lips at Sebastian, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap an arm around you instead. “Oh relax, it’s a joke,” Sebastian chuckled and Anthony laughed. “Y/N’s only got eyes for you anyway. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

“Unfortunately for you, Sebastian,” you chuckled, lifting your head to plant a tender kiss on Chris’ jawline; an act of affection Chris smiled at. “It is one hundred percent true. Don’t worry,” you smiled at Sebastian, “I’m sure you’ll find someone. If you don’t, my matchmaking skills are always at your service.” You tried not to smile at the excitement in Sebastian’s eyes which he hid perfectly; you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t know what you did. “When you’re ready, just hit me up.”

“I will,” Sebastian nodded, smiling.

“We’re ready for you guys.” A man with a clipboard and a communication system attached to his right ear walked over. Anthony, Sebastian, and Chris nodded; the first two followed the man, whereas your fiancé secretly held back so he could say a quick goodbye to you. “You’re going to…” Chris’ instructions faded as the three disappeared around the corner.

“And you say I’m not subtle,” Chris chuckled into your hair when he planted a kiss on the top of your head. You just smiled as a response, which made Chris laugh harder as he pulled away from you. “C'mon, weirdo.” He took your hand and pulled you with him as you walked in the direction the three had gone in. “You can sit side stage and listen to your favorite Marvel trio talk.”

“I think you mean 'The Three Capsicles’,” you reminded him of the nickname you made up for them and he laughed. “And don’t say 'Sam hasn’t been in ice before, it doesn’t work’ because I know that. I already told you he’s a Capsicle because he’s cool and part of team Cap.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Says the guy who’s been called a 'stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork’,” you reminded him and he burst out, laughing. It was funny when he read it on Jimmy Kimmel’s segment 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, and it was funny every time you reminded him. “You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I wouldn’t love a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork like yourself.” You teased him, then giggled when he pulled his hand out of your to wrapped an arm around you and squeeze you tightly against him. He pressed his lips against the side of your head, then whispered with a smile on his lips.

“I’m lucky to have you love me, period.”

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Part 5D

Music Series: Ditmas by Mumford & Sons

I like for my stories to be as believable and relatable as possible. I think, at least for fan fiction that engages the reader, it makes it a more enjoyable read. Thats why I really hate AU’s. I want the real thing, or at least my version of it. I like to keep Harry as close to what our view of him is as I can. He’s a real person. He’s not a fictional character. So I always try to be respectful in my writing, hoping I never offend him should I be blessed by him reading it.

All of that being said, not all song lyrics easily fit into this context of relatable or believable, requiring me to either put a twist into it to make it work, take it less literal than the lyrics convey, or by context not lyrics, or regretfully not write the request at all.

I like this song and I like the group who sings it, but wow, the story sure isn’t coming easily to me. Going to try my best, so I hope you all approve. Sometimes those stories end up being the best ones. Another I’ve written and rewritten a few times until I was content with it, so I apologize that it’s taken so long. This interpretation is not exactly as I feel the singers intended, but for the purpose of this imagine, I hope it makes sense to you.

This is “Ditmas” by Mumford & Sons. You can hear it HERE on Spotify.

Just a note…some Spotify links I post are to the song only, while others are to the song via one of my playlists, linking you to my account, which is @charligirlmusic. If it links only to the song, that means I’ve not added it to a playlist, so to find me, you’ll need to search.

Thanks to those who follow me there and here! Much love to you all! xo



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One Drink Later

Pairings : Jensen x (fem)Reader

Warnings : (Soft) Smut, Language, Alcohol (mentioned & used) Unprotected Sex (wrap your willy before you get silly) Drunk! Jensen, Drunk! Reader. Fluff

Disclaimer : Alrighty Frens, so there are a few disclaimers for this One Shot thing.

  • Danneel is non-existent.  I am not Anti-Danneel, in fact I love and adore her. JJ, Arrow & Zeppelin are also non-existent.

  • This is my first smut thing, so its crappy and really light.

  • If you are of age and drinking, please be careful and do not drive

I think that is all :D

italics are flashbacks

bold is a message. 

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Imagine Singing with Jensen at a convention. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Briana Buckmaster mentioned

Warning: Fluff, suggestive flirting (Is that a warning?), language 

Word Count: 2.6k (my bad, I got carried away)

A/N: For all purposes of this fic, Jensen is single, and we can assume Danneel is happy. K? K. Also, this is a bit of a fantasy of mine. Part of it is true. I DID get to sing during Karaoke at Dallascon. Most surreal experience EVER. If only the rest of this story had happened too. ;) Hot Damn. Jason Mann’s cover of Kiss is the version you want in your head OR playing when you get to that part of the song. I REALLY enjoyed this one. Hope you guys like it HALF as much as I do.

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I love you too, Misha

A/N: Here’s some flufffff.

Request:  Think you can do a Misha x reader where he says he is in love with her to Ruth as the reader is doing a panel but what they don’t realize is that Ruth’s microphone is on and the reader and the crowd hear everything. The confession, when he realized it, and how he thinks he wouldn’t have a shot.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 1.1k

Originally posted by parrilla-collins

Today was exciting, you got to wake up in Chicago -one of your favorite cities- and tonight, you got to do your first solo panel at the convention. You didn’t mind doing panels with the other actors on the show, they were a blast, but getting your own panel helped you feel really accomplished as an actress. You felt like people out there really appreciated you.

Your panel was scheduled to be right after Ruth’s, and you didn’t have any photo-ops or autographs scheduled until tomorrow, so you thought you’d spend the day just wandering around the convention. Surprising fans, taking selfies with them, you were even known to do crazy stuff like talk on the phone to a fan’s friend who didn’t believe that they were really talking to you. They loved that you did this because most of the cast didn’t.

While Ruth was up on stage doing her panel, you were in the back picking on some snacks; you had skipped dinner because you were just a tiny bit nervous. You grabbed a bag of Doritos and went over to sit with Misha, who was also backstage for some reason.

“Hey Misha, you planning on crashing my panel or something?” you asked, teasing him.

“Huh? - oh no, I um, I was gonna go..do something here soon.” He said nervously.

You looked at him with half smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Wow, that wasn’t vague at all..”

“Y/N, I uh,” But he was cut off, because Ruth was stepping off stage and you were being told to go go go!

“But I haven’t finished my Doritos..” You said to the woman rushing you on stage.

Ok, whatever you thought to yourself. Things seemed to be weird today. You were looking for a mic when someone rushed up to you and hooked one onto your shirt, and handed you the radio looking thingy to hook onto your pants or wherever.

The audience was cheering for you and laughing at how you reacted to the person that rushed up to you to put the mic on, “Thanks” you told him, and he rushed back off stage.

You looked up to the audience with a sarcastic smile on your face. “Well, I guess they’re tired of us dropping all their microphones.” to which they responded with laughter.

You made more jokes, answered some questions, and before you knew it your hour was almost up. You had just started telling a story about a prank you pulled on Jared, when you stopped talking for a moment and  everyone got quiet. You heard hushed voices, and you realized what it was. Ruth must still be wearing her mic, and she’s talking to Misha.

“Why don’t you just talk to her Misha? You won’t know until you ask her.” You heard Ruth say.

“Ask who what?” You said to the audience, but neither Ruth or Misha heard you. So the audience just laughed.

“She won’t want me,” It was Misha talking now. Everyone was hushed again. Everyone desperately wanted to know what they were talking about. “she’s younger than I am, she’s way too beautiful -inside and out- I’m just not good enough for her,” Ruth cut him off as you mouthed to the audience,

“I think someone has a crush, you guys..” You heard hushed giggles from some girls in the front row, but mostly everyone was just trying to listen to the conversation happening backstage.

“Wait dear, how long have you felt this way?” she asked him, she could hear the passion in his voice.

“Well, it started about a year ago, when she started on the show,” Misha admitted. Wait, I started on the show about a year ago, you thought. “When she showed up to set for the first time, with toothpaste in her hair and down her shirt because she thought she would get in trouble for being ten minutes late,” He paused. You could hear the smile in his voice when he talked about that first day. He had met you a couple of times before already, but your first day on the set of Supernatural was one to remember.

“Y/N’s just who I want to be with, and I know there’s no way she feels the same. She mostly avoids me, and then when she does talk about to me, I miss it up everytime.”

The audience had caught on, and started ‘aww-ing’ and cheering. You had caught on. You stood there in shock with your mouth wide open, and you could feel your face turning red. You didn’t know what to do; and clearly Misha and Ruth still had no idea that you all had heard their conversation, that was still going on. But with all the cheering it was now completely drowned out.

Ruth must have realized what was going on, because she quickly stepped out on stage. Seeing the look on your face, she now knew for sure that’s what just happened. She started to take your mic off, helped you close your panel -which was over anyway- and you left the stage. You needed to find Misha.

The truth was that you felt the exact same way about him. That’s why you tried to avoid him most of the time, and when you did try to carry on a normal conversation with him he just sort of locked up and started stuttering a bit. So you just thought he didn’t like you very much.

You found him in the dressing room; the whole cast had to share one at this hotel. He looked up at you when you walked in with a look on his face that told the whole story of his embarrassment.

“Y/N, you were not meant to hear any of that, and I’m so sorry that everyone heard. I feel like an idiot.” He quickly rambled out.

“I know you are.” You said with smirk.

“What, sorry or an idiot?”

“Well, I was just going for idiot but I guess both.” You couldn’t stop your smile now, it was as if all the tension between the two of you had just vanished. Now that you knew the truth about how he felt, you wanted to waste no time.

“Well, I really-” he started, but you quickly cut him off.

“Misha, just come here.”

He listened, he walked over to you and crashed his lips to yours. The kiss was passionate and hungry for a moment, but became softer, and sweeter. It was evident you both had wanted this for a very long time. After standing there for a few minutes getting out whatever built up passion you could in the unlocked dressing room, you pulled away. You just stared into his eyes, this is what you wanted.

“So does that mean-?” He started, again. But you interrupted him once more.

“I love you too, Misha”

wolf like me

Title: Wolf Like Me
Pairing: Sebastian Stan/OFC (unnamed)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Cheating, revenge, angst, smut.
A/N: So this was supposed to be a drabble but it got to be a little longer than that. Whatever is halfway between a drabble and a full-fledged story…that’s what this shit is.

Originally posted by bbuchanann

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Photo ops can be incredibly nerve wracking. (I’ve answered a specific post on photos ops and the best way to approach them here.) Ever since I’ve been going to cons, reporting on cons, and running this blog I’ve had a whole lot of people say to me that they inparticular find the idea of having a photo op with Jensen intimidating, some people have even said that they’re outright too scared to have a photo op with him for that very reason. I get it; he’s pretty damn awe-inspiring! So I wanted to write a specific post about this - from the perspective of my experience - and try to put those that find the idea of getting a photo with Jensen particular daunting, at ease.

Let me start off by saying, don’t be scared, Jensen is wonderful in his photo ops.

The first photo op I ever did with Jensen, I was so nervous I could barely speak. Seriously. It came out as a whisper. I remember being in line, and the person before me walking away, and Jensen just turning around and smiling, and the Creation Volunteer nearly shoving me in to the op because I kind of froze!

I stood in front of Jensen and without even registering what I was doing, grabbed his arm. I grabbed his bicep, hanging on to it like a life preserver, and tried to ask for my pose. I just wanted a hug. Jensen looked down at my kung fu grip on his arm, which I think was starting to restrict blood flow, and looked back at me with this amused look on his face! I was horrified!  “Oh God I’m so sorry!” I spluttered, dropping my hand. He kept smiling at me, looking me straight in the eyes. I swear to you, everything around him dimmed, and all I saw was Jensen. I was torn between being overwhelmed, and feeling amazing, because Jensen made me feel like I was the only person in that room. In that moment, I felt like everyone else ceased to exist. And suddenly I felt strangely calm.

Jensen leant right in to me so he could hear me – because my voice was still barely audible - smiled and said, “Hi, what are we doing?” I politely asked if it would be okay if I hugged him. He stepped back, beamed at me and said “Of course!” He opened his arms wide…and I just stepped in. 

That was my first photo op with Jensen. That was 2011.

LACon 2011 was also my first con. I’d been told by a few fans not to expect much from Jensen, that Jensen didn’t like to hug, that he’s standoffish, “Don’t be disappointed”. I honestly have no idea which Jensen they were talking about! Because, um…no…never. Not once has Jensen ever been anything but gracious and sweet and incredibly warm with me…and these days, a little sassy!

Being in the photo room is one of my favourite places at a con, actually its one of my favourite places on earth! The happy is just bouncing off the walls! Watching Jensen interact with us fans is a joyous experience. He’s a hell of a lot of fun. Seeing how he tenderly helps those that are completely shell shocked, or throws himself into bizarre poses – the man totally commits! I’ve seen him dress in all kinds of crazy outfits, ones he obviously had no idea about what they meant; as he puts on some weird hat, looks at the camera and gives it his all. He always gives each fan his full attention – this is something people regularly say to me about their Jensen photo op experience, that he’ll always look you in the eyes. He gives big hugs and at the end of your op, he’ll guide you out and usually thank YOU. Often rubbing his hand down your back, or rubbing your arm to reassure you. He’s incredibly generous and kind, and I have never, ever seen him be rude to a fan, ever…even when they’re posing him like a living doll. 

Jensen is very calm. There’s a calm that absolutely oozes out of him, and though my stomach may be in knots with nerves at the thought of seeing him again, when I actually do…I feel so much better. Even if I still think I sound like a nitwit, he never makes me feel like I am.

I’ve seen Jensen at least twice a year ever since that first day, February 13 2011, and sure he recognises me now, and sure that puts a different spin on my ops with him. At Dallascon 2015, I went up for my final op of the day; it was a Jensen and Misha op. Jensen saw me and pulled this mock shocked, cheeky, “You’re back!?!” face. I stood in front of him and said, “Don’t judge me!” He threw his head back in a full body laugh, pulled me into a massive, spontaneous hug and said, “Hey I’m not judging!” I was so damn surprised by that surprise hug! I just wrapped my arms around him, and we both laughed – at me! Then he released me, smiled down, and said, “Ok, what are we doing?” and we did our photo with Misha.

From every kind of hug, to holding hands, to him pulling faces that I have no idea about until I pickup the photos, to holding me after the op and singing White Wedding in my ear, to that extra little squeeze, to greeting me with “hey sexy”, every single op with Jensen has been a wonderful experience and always, always fun. I still always ask if it’s okay to hug him, I asked if it was okay if we held hands – if he was cool with that, and when I wanted a shocked fake cheek kiss photo with him and Misha, I made sure they both understood I in no way meant a real kiss… “Plant a fake one on me, boys. Air kiss! If you’re okay with doing that?”  I love this photo.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’ve had exactly the same number of photo ops with Jared as I’ve had with Jensen…Jared doesn’t even wait to ask me what pose I want anymore, he just sees me, opens his arms and goes “Hug?” I’m pretty predictable and he’s pretty adorable.

We can go in to a photo op with massive expectations. We want the best experience. We run over and over in our heads how we think the op is going to go. Thinking about what we’ll say, imagining what they’ll say in return… My advice is, try not to do this…ever. Just try to go into your op with an open mind, and just let it happen. 

Jensen is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He’s a considerate and soft man, while still being super cheeky and fun. I feel unbelievably blessed to have shared some of my happiest moments with him in that photo room. 

So, don’t be nervous of Jensen. Seriously, the guy is a doll.


(p.s. I rarely share my photo ops…but I felt that it was important for you guys to see them as I was speaking about them specifically, so for this reason I included some.)


Imagine your photo op with Jensen.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warning: Fluff

Word Count: 1,300

A/N: I was trying to take a nap yesterday, and this wouldn’t leave me alone. Admittedly, I couldn’t stop thinking about my photo op with Jensen in September for Dallas Con. So naturally this fic was born. Of course, for the purpose of the fic, D is happily married to some other Hollywood hunk. ;) 

The Photo Op

Reader’s POV

You didn’t think the butterflies would ever go away. Waiting in line for your photo op with Jensen was always the most exciting part of con. Being surrounded by his fans, the love they showed for each other, and the love they showed the cast blew you away every time you attended a convention.

Your stomach was doing flip-flops as you waited in line for your chance to take a picture with Jensen Ackles. You knew exactly the pose you wanted to request, and you were going to boldly ask for it. You knew he was a solid man, all muscle and sheer perfection, and you really wanted to get your arms around him. The best way to do that would be a hug… well there were better ways to do it, but you’d settle for the hug.

As the line moved forward and you got closer to Jensen, your heart started to skip beats. The girl in front of you was starting to hyperventilate, so you decided it was best to get your mind off your racing heart and comforting her would help you too.

“You OK?” you asked, worried she might pass out if she didn’t get her breathing under control. You understood the emotion she was going through. You could be a ball of nervousness on occasion but something about Jensen’s presence always calmed you.

“I.. I think,” she stuttered, trying to catch her breath. “I think I need some water.” You smiled at her as you gently rubbed her back soothingly.

“I got you girl,” you assured her as you stepped out of line to get her a water. You knew you would lose your place in line and have to get in the back, but you were more worried about this girl and making sure that she was OK.

When you returned with the water, she was very thankful and kept insisting that she pay you back in some way. You were adamant that her being OK was all that really mattered to you. You hugged her, told her that her photo op was going to be awesome and headed to the back of the line where you would be the last one to get a photo op with Jensen. Little did you know Jensen had witnessed the entire incident.

Jensen’s POV

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Battle Scars

Rob-quest from @rizzo87! Also tagging: @sammyxorae @totallysupernaturaloneshots @winchesterforever12 because they like love Rob

Summary: You go to a con and unleash your singing capabilities, attracting the attention of a certain lead singer of your favourite band

Pairings: Rob Benedict x Reader (the start of a very not-platonic relationship but no romantic elements in this…yet….)

Warnings: mentions of self-harm, F-bombs (this should be a permanent warning in most of my fics oh god) 

Note: Never have been to a con/never will be going :( so I may make some mistakes along the way about con, so I apologize for any of those mistakes :) 

ALSO. Listen to the cover of Hallelujah (by Rob and Jason, obviously) while reading the part where you start Saturday Night!!!! 

Originally posted by theoverlordmisha

Friday, the start of the best weekend of your life. Or so you thought, as you slammed your small, balled-up fists against the steering wheel of your dad’s Chevy Impala. Nothing screamed ‘SUPERNATURAL FANGIRL’ than driving that particular model of vehicle, but how could you resist such a beauty if your father had one in his garage, otherwise unused and left to rust? A motorcyclist beeped past you, as if you could do anything to make way for the guy. You were stuck in a traffic jam, for fuck’s sake! 

“I can not be late for con.” You groaned as you inched forward slightly. 

Pulling the long sleeves of your flannel (a nod to the Winchester trademark fashion), you popped up the casing that kept your most treasured possession: an autographed copy of Louden Swain’s A Brand New Hurt, and placed it into the CD slot. Soon, the start of the first song, Better, filled the confines of your car as you tried not to be late for the convention. 

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@selfsong I told you this was going to happen. @des-zimbits @wheeloffortune-design I used your prompts from this post in this. @gadelingsofthegalaxy have some more of our sweet child Kent Parson.

I really loved writing this story so I really hope y’all enjoy reading it. 

Look, Jean-Paul has been around the block at least a thousand times when it comes to the Stanley Cup. His oldest children weren’t even born his first year as it’s keeper, and now they’ve got partners and are having children and maintain lives of their own, and every June find Jean-Paul and John watching as another group of ridiculous hockey players win their coveted prize. Honestly, there’s only so many times you can see a fully grown man be drenched in some kind of booze as they scream before it gets old. 

The year that Las Vegas won their first cup in franchise history is memorable for Jean-Paul  in a number of ways. His eldest child, Cynthia, had his first grandson, his great-aunt passed away and he had either the pleasure or the misfortune of getting to know Kent Parson. 

Each player gets their day with the Cup, and normally they’re not too bad. Sure, Jean-Paul has seen his fair share of insanity but like. He and John switch off and they survive and that is why he’s current in the passenger seat of Kent Parson’s mother’s minivan with the Stanley Cup buckled into the middle row, going 75 on a freeway headed towards Samwell University. 

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My experiences at ChiCon 2014 - The #IStandWithEmily Post

Emily Rose’s post about the situation is here: http://exorcisingemily.tumblr.com/post/101015461135/regarding-my-ejection-from-chicon

Emily Rose and I have been online friends for a while and I was excited that I would finally get to meet her in person at ChiCon. She was wonderful to me - giving me the shackles for Tahmoh since I couldn’t find any to do the wookie scene, a box of Castiel Tea, and a Destiheller-A match made in Hell button. I enjoyed chatting with her every opportunity I could.

Later, I was out in the vendors’ room when a Facebook friend pinged me to tell me that Emily was deemed a “security risk” and booted from ChiCon as someone had told Clif (J2’s bodyguard) that she was. I began to cry - and in fact, my con was partially ruined by a half day of crying about what happened to my friend. I was so upset and wondering what to do about the situation - noticing that Misha’s autograph session was coming up next and thinking that perhaps I could talk to him. I bought an autograph with Misha even though I didn’t plan on getting one, and was freaking out about it because I was so bloody scared. I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to talk to him about it because I was in tears and when I am like that my voice is incredibly quiet. I kept talking with my friend about it who was trying to encourage me. I was shaking in anger and crying… and trying to hide my emotions from everyone but I don’t think that worked well.

I was one of the last few people for autographs with Misha. The conversation (slightly paraphrased as it is from memory!) went like this:

Me: “Hi, Misha, how are you doing?" 

Misha: "I’m doing fine, thank you, how are you?”

Me: *hesitates* “Um… to be honest, I’m not doing well, as something happened here that made me upset. My friend was banned from the con because people made false accusations against her… simply because they are against my people, if you know what I mean”

Misha: “No, I don’t - what do you mean?”

Me: *takes deep breath* They made these accusations because of hatred against our shipping Destiel. 

Misha: Oh, I see. Who is this woman and is she still here?

Me: “Her name is Emily Rose; she was sitting in A53, and I think she is still in the hotel.”

Misha: “I will have to investigate this.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(I was lucky that Misha’s bodyguard walked away in the beginning of our conversation as that made me feel more comfortable with discussing what happened)

After that, he signed my photo (the one in my icon) in gold with his heart (which I love) and I said, “This is my favourite photo op with you out of them all” to which he replied “It’s a good one” and winked at me, :). 


Then came the most important photo op of them all: Cockles. It was truly wonderful and a privilege watching Jensen and Misha interact because they play off one another beautifully. Jensen was being silly when a lady kissed him on the cheek and left lipstick marks on him with assistants coming to wash it off. It took them a while because Jensen was playing it up so that meant I got a little bit more time seeing them, :). That made me a little bit happy! 

When I came walking up with my angel blade, Jensen immediately went into “play-fear mode” and I couldn’t stop laughing. Misha recognized me and pulled me aside for a moment.

Misha: “I need to tell you something. The girl you were talking to me about, she posted on her Twitter that she was going to ruin the show” (the latter he repeated because I think he remembered that I have a hearing impairment) 

Me: *stunned and confused* … “ok.” (I didn’t want to waste any more time either)

I then turned to Jensen and Misha, saying that I wanted to have a scene where Misha and I would fight over Jensen in the middle. Jensen “got it” and crouched down slightly with arms raised so we could each grab on to him, but Misha didn’t seem to know what was wanted .. Misha does a “backs away pose” so Jensen followed suit and did the “hey, calm down, Cas” as I grabbed his arm - protecting Misha. Although the photo op didn’t turn out the way I wanted to, it still works and is meta, :). Misha is all “Cas, Cas, it’s okay, you can have Dean” and Dean is all “Back off my Misha” :-P.

Here’s my photo op with Cockles:

A few things I have to say about this experience:

  • Misha looked sincerely worried for me when I told him I was upset about what happened at the con; there was no judgment whatsoever on his side
  • Misha did NOT have to investigate the matter at all but he cared enough about me to do it
  • Misha recognized me during the photo op, took me aside, and passed on the results of his investigation in a matter of fact manner – Clif was in the room and didn’t exactly look happy

Thank you, Misha Collins, for listening to my concerns and keeping your word about investigating the matter. It means a lot to me, what you did, on behalf of my friend.

Here’s my perspective on the Emily situation:

  • I have no reason to believe that Emily is a threat to any cast or crew member of Supernatural, or any TV show or movie for that matter. Emily may be snarky at times but otherwise, she is nice to everyone she meets, even haters. She uses constructive criticism in her discussions about Supernatural and towards bullies in an attempt to get them to think twice about what they’re doing. Emily works hard and tirelessly to eliminate real threats of bullying within the fandom against all cast and crew members via SPN AntiBullying initiatives. She has love for the entire cast and crew, and has been inclusive with SPN10Gifts project - which I happily donated to in protest of a different gifts project that excluded Misha as a series regular. 
  • Emily DID post about destroying the show (so what Misha said is correct), BUT it was one tweet taken out of context and also didn’t specifically name any person or show. The tweet in question used a Dr. Horrible quote and following it, sarcasm about haters who claim that Destiel is “ruining the show”. Emily was simply stating that she will settle for “destroying the show” - a.k.a., haters’ code for loving Destiel. Nothing is wrong with that - there are no threats whatsoever.
  • Clif did his job, protecting J2 by escorting a potential threat out of the con, and I don’t blame him for this initial action. All threats should be taken seriously and removal of the “offender” to occur immediately, at least until an investigation is made.
  • Clif is unfortunately under the influence of a small group of J2 shippers and is being manipulated by them. I have heard that he gave his own number to these people. IF this is true, no bodyguard should become ‘buddies’ with fans or give his number to any of them, for that poses security risks to their charges.
  • The haters involved in her ban have gone too far because their bullying tactics have had real life consequences. Emily is a reporter and her professional integrity has been compromised a great deal by this matter. Now that the tweet in question has been explained and will likely be determined as not a threat by any OBJECTIVE investigators, Emily should have all bans lifted, receive refunds for everything that she purchased for the con, get apologies from Clif/Creation/CW, and her journalistic credibility restored.
  • The accusers should be reprimanded for affecting the professional career of Emily. This means they should be named and be legally liable should Emily choose to go that route.
  • I notice that so far Clif/Creation/CW are quiet on this issue and this may be due to advice from their legal team until official statements have been approved. 
  • I really hope that the accusers are punished and that reconciliatory measures will be taken so that fans can enjoy Supernatural and feel safe going to Creation cons again.
andy gushing ahead

Proceed with caution… ;)

First off, many apologies for this not being under a read more, I’m mobile blogging at the moment. And also many many apologies for not providing a healthy amount of photos. I’m so bummed that I didn’t not capture one ounce of my meeting with him. Unfortunately my friends ( rickortreat, dixonwalsh, and louisreedus) and I had different autograph times. If I had been with them, I know I would have had a plethora of photos.


Where to begin? My mind is so garbled… The convention folk announced to the lot of us that while we were able to have some time with Andy we really needed move along as quickly possible to allow everyone through at a consistent pace. They said “don’t tell him your life stories, please…because he would love to hear them all.” I thought that was cute but as it turns out it is also quite true.

He came into the convention about 10 minutes earlier (this was after filming through the night) and started signing immediately. Unfortunately because I am terribly short I could only sneak glances of him when someone moved a bit out of the way or sat down. He was smiling and laughing with every fan. The man did not stop smiling for a moment. It was the most adorable thing to behold and it was infectious.

After the gold / silver VIPs made their way through the line was going more speedily which made me happy and anxious at the same time. Each step closer I felt my heart beating faster. I swore I was going into tachycardia. By the time I was third in line to meet him, that’s when I really saw him and could look at him. Jesus drop kick me through the goal post of life, that man is supremely gorgeous. I mean really. Pictures, television, films all are decent representations but he is a sight to behold. Or so I think.

Yikes. I give the nice handler man my ticket and he shoos me along even closer, closer, and then… Boomski.

It was really weird because then I got sort of calm. I say sort of because my hands were still kind of trembly (I couldn’t hold my phone or camera still to save my life. I tried taking photos but they’re blurry). I started off with a “Hi!!” (Brilliant. I’m such a wordsmith.) and he smiled and said “Heeey!” And I put my gift bag on the table and said “this is for you” and he opened his mouth like :O and was like “what!? Is that for me?!” He was so adorable though. He acted like he was shocked I brought him a gift. Gah, it was so adorable. I wish I could have recorded how he acted because it was all too sweet.  All I could say was “uhhhh huh.” And I reached for a hug without asking him, which I felt really stupid for after, but he reached over and hugged me. I apologized because he really had to reach over the table…I am that short. He didn’t care. Then I said “I know I have limited time with you, but I need to tell you this otherwise I will regret not doing it.” He nodded. (Note: It gets kinda personal, and I feel really weird about talking about it but I also feel I need to say it to tell my tale of sorts)…. I told him how he and his acting means to me. I told him that his acting served and still serves as an outlet for me. I explained that in past years my life was full of more downs than ups (including the death of my mother a few years ago), and it was because of him and his work that helped me get out of the rut. At this point he took his two hands and crossed them both over his chest/heart and then extended them out to me. He never took his eyes off of me for one single second. He listened wholeheartedly. I continued to tell him that I couldn’t find the right words to tell him how much meeting him meant to me. I told him it meant the world. He looked at me, then looked down for a moment, and looked back up and said “I thank you for telling me this. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, how long has it been?” And I told him and then said it was right when I got into TWD. And he said “You know. That’s the thing. This show is all about this life process of loss, grieving, coming out of it and getting stronger. It’s great you were able to hold onto that.” And I have to be honest, I was so dumbfounded at that moment that he actually was carrying out a conversation with me that I kind of just stared at him and said “absolutely.” I couldn’t believe that he asked me questions and was genuinely interested in my story, with me, and what I had to say. He thanked me again for telling him and the said “okay let’s sign this for you” and read what he signed aloud to me (for you curious cats: To Tara, pleasure to meet you. Andrew Lincoln). This was kind of funny looking back at it now, but he said “thanks again for sharing that” and I said “and I thank you” and he thanked me again and … It was this epic thanks fest. He got the final one in though because as I was leaving he yelled out once more “I thank you so much for sharing this with me!” and I smiled at him and blew a kiss. That is when I scurried off and found the nearest wall to slump against. My first call was Chelsea, and I still remember being floored and near tears. 

I really wish someone had gotten the moment of him placing his hands over his heart/chest on photo or video because that was quite possibly my single best moment and memory of him. That will forever be embedded in my mind and my heart.  I honestly did not know how he would respond to to my story. I didn’t want to creep him out. He was so sweet and he listened to everything I had to say without hurrying me. I’m pretty sure he was like that with everyone though. He gave as much time as he possibly could. I cannot say enough nice things about him.

The photo op was quick. As soon as someone was done the volunteers ushered other people in. When I was up both Andy and Norman were like “heeeeyyyyyy” and I got in the middle. What I like about both of them is that they get close with you. There’s no awkward gaps or anything. I don’t know if that makes sense? If you look at my photo op Norman is pulling me toward him and Andy is pulling me his way. They really put their arm around you and pull you close to them. It’s nice :) afterward I gave Norman a hug and thanked him, and I gave Andy another hug too. Andy had the biggest most gorgeous smile when I turned to hug him. Again, I think he had this same smile for everyone, but at that moment it was for me…and it was wonderful. I nearly died. It was that gorgeous. As I walked out and Andy said something in Rick’s accent and for the life of me I CANNOT REMEMBER. I hate that I can’t. One random night it’ll come to me and I’ll get up and write I on here. It’ll be 3:13 am and I’ll be like “it was chicken nuggets” or something ;). (Pssst: it wasn’t chicken nuggets).

So thar you have it folks. All of my reasons to love Andy Lincoln even harder and more powerfully than before. I didn’t think that was possible. 


The “Read more” cuts are not working on my blog, so please bear with my 10-kilometre saga~

Hello hello everyone! It’s my first fan account ever, so it may, and will contain insignificant details, huge emotions & streams of consciousness combined with streams of happy tears. However, I think you might find something interesting in it ;)

So… It was awesome!!!! It was great and wonderful and marvelous and amazing and fantastic and beautiful!!!

That said, I’ll start from the beginning. We arrived at the venue at 2-something p.m. so that we could get our queueing numbers at 3 p.m. After about 40 mins of waiting - guess what! - a big bus stopped in front of the club! The organizers appeared & asked everyone to put their cameras away and stay calm, which meant that inside that bus were U-Kiss themselves. They didn’t come out for a while, and a member of the Russian staff joked that they were putting their make-up on, which everybody laughed about. (Lol, I wonder what the boys thought… “What are those Russians laughing at???”) Aaaaand after a while they started getting out of the bus one by one. Kevin was the first. People were cheering and clapping a lot, but I don’t remember what I was doing… I think I was like a pomeranian puppy watching a beautiful sausage floating by. Kevin smiled a tired Mona Lisa smile, shattered my heart and fluttered away with a sweet impersonal wave. (His skin is very pale and he looked really thin.) I was so busy staring at his majestic back that I only caught a glimpse of Jun who was walking right behind him. He was smiling happily, and I thought he was really cute. Next was Hoon, but I totally missed him, because Eli with his rock star look distracted me. He was wearing a cool black leather jacket and sunglasses (like most of the members). Being the rock star he is, he greeted us with a languid V sign. Then there was Kiseop in his usual mask, and the last was our charming, wonderful leader, whose smile was brighter than anyone else’s. He really looked like he was glad to see us.

We got our numbers and hurried to the shop were they sell authentic Russian chocolate, bought a bit of everything and brought it back to the doors where they were collecting gifts for the band. Our present was for all the members. (I wasn’t sure if Kevin would accept my bleeding heart, so I didn'i risk ripping it out of my chest. Next time!) 

By 6 p.m. we were in the queue for the Super VIP category. The first group of people to be let in were the holders of the Privilege VIP tickets (photo op included). However, they were only let in at 7 p.m. (It was really cold, meh.) Then it was our turn. The “handshake” mentioned in the ticket was, in fact, a high five which certainly saved time. I became really scared as we were approaching the group, who were standing in line in front of the stage, all beautiful and dressed up, so I pushed my sister forwards. The first was Jun (his smile is really heartwarming, bless him), then Soohyun and Hoon. Every member looked everybody in the eye, and something peaceful and calm emanated from them (they’re true professionals, what can I say). Anyway, I walked on, bowing and saying “Anneyong haseyo? Hello? Hi?” and quietly pissing myself. Theeen there was Kiseop. DAMN he is beautiful. He stared deep into the core of my soul, everything but his Sphynx-like face went dark and I had an urge to give all of my gold to him. It’s a pity I don’t have any. His eyes are really hypnotic.

And then……….. Yeah, then there was Kevin. He had a warm and somewhat ironic expression at the same time. He’s really tall (even though I am sort of tall myself), and his aura really hit me in the head, but I’ll get back to that later. I remember the feel of his hand well. Kinda cold. I had a feeling that I spent a thousand years standing there before him. And do you know why? Because I DID spend a thousand years standing there and ogling, and detaining everyone, without even realizing it. My sis later told me that she was surprised I wasn’t following her closely, turned around and saw me screwed to that spot before Kevin, completely transfixed. Anyway, I came around and rushed away from him, and somewhere behind me Eli’s voice was like: “Er… er… eeeeeeh?” I wanted to fall through the ground, really. I almost missed Eli, who was my first bias in U-Kiss! So I let out an almost hysterical: “ELI!!!” and rushed back to him and his waiting hand. T____T Gahh, I was so ashamed.

We went up to the balcony, where there was a nice view, and were joined by our friend (there were three of us, both my sis and our friend are noona fans). The club was small and cozy, and I really prefer it to bigger places. No matter where you stand, the view will be nice, and there is a really homey atmosphere. There were only a couple fanboys there. One of them made me think of SHINee because he had a white military-style jacket on. The other guy was 30-something and fanboyed hard. ^^ There were also two noonas from Japan, very glamorous and charming. In any case, it was my first concert where 99% of people were girls, because I mostly go to indie and rock concerts. It felt really nice. There were no unpleasant incidents at all, everybody was pretty nice and adequate.

They started with “Stop Girl”, then there was “She’s mine” (Kevin really put on his best sassy attitude for that song, aarrrgh, how I wished was down below), and then “Standing Still”. After that I don’t really remember the order. There was “Someday”, “0330”, “Hana”, “Forbidden Love”, “Neverland”, “Love On U”, “Mysterious Lady” and maybe something else. For the encore they sang “Man Man Ha Ni”, “Without You” and “KISSME Forever”. But they didn’t sing “Quit Playing”! I wonder why. Maybe it’s because they had no girl dancers with them? I’m clueless.

They also talked to the audience. The guys were kinda reserved at first, although Soohyun was being his usual wonderful self all the time. I could see that Eli was pretty nervous, because he had to be the first one to greet us. (They all used Russian phrases to do that.) He shouted: “Privet! Ya Eli!”, which obviously means, “Hi! I’m Eli!”, and when the crowd cheered he looked relieved. I think Hoon repeated, “Ya Hoon!” a few times throughout the concert, amusing everyone like he always does. Kevin said a lot of Russian phrases. I wasn’t surprised, it seems to be a thing he would do. But it was very nice to hear, and he had a really cute accent, chewing the words a bit :) I think he did a great job. Soohyun even asked him jokingly to translate Korean into Russian, because he’d become such an expert in Russian, lol. They said “Gromche!”, which means “Louder!”, and “Spasibo”, which is “Thanks”, a lot. They even said “Ya lyublyu vas!” (“I love you!”), which isn’t the easiest phrase to pronounce for foreigners. I also think I remember someone saying  "Vi krasivyie" (“You are pretty”), with “v” changed into “b”.

The first translator that came out didn’t seem to understand them well. Maybe she was nervous. Anyways, Kevin translated Korean into English for her, which was very nice of him. I think a large part of the audience understood English well. Of course, there was a lot of obligatory compliments. We were called “areumdapta” a lot. They also complimented the city and Eli praised our architecture (I still remember your IG posts though! “Mission Impossible”? Seriously??? Lol.). It was interesting to hear him say, “We were surprised that everybody here is so tall.” I don’t think Russian people are any taller than other people of Europe, though. Kiseop tried to say something in Russian, but he only got to “Eto…” (“It’s…”) and then got all bashful. Everyone shouted “Lee Kiseop! Lee Kiseop!” and he looked really pleased. Then there was a second translator, who was good at Korean and English, and things got easier. I still wanted to hear more of Elvin’s English. (I can’t say that I ship Elvin much these days, but they really look impressive when they stand next to each other. There is some kind of chemistry between them, and it’s noticeable.)

They didn’t do any sexy dances or additional fan service. Hoon, however, did sexy dances of his own, treating the ladies with the best moves he’s got, haha. His hips always speak the truth. ;)

A Russian fan, the creator of the main Russian U-Kiss page, was on stage with them during “Myserious Lady”. You know what happened ;) She was wearing a mini dress, and Hoon, the knight in shining armour, covered her legs with his jacket. She confessed to be Soohyun-biased, so he gave her a few rib-crushing hugs. The other boys pretended to be offended and walked off the stage. Kiseop, Kevin and Hoon looked like total divas as they marched away. :D Everyone screamed a lot during the song. In pain, I think~~

Somehow a very small blue balloon ended up floating in the middle of the stage, right between Hoon and Eli, and they were so startled when it brushed their shoulders, it was hilarious. :) I almost missed that, though, because I was too busy staring at Ke… Well, I was busy.

I am actually proud of the Russian fans. The audience was very responsive, as I saw from the balcony, and “0330”, “Forbidden Love” and “Neverland” were especially explosive. It was amazing! And so many people seemed to know the Korean lyrics, rap parts and all! There were a few nice fan chants too. During “Hana” every member of the audience lifted a pink sheet of paper saying “WE LOVE U-KISS”. The boys looked really touched, and Soohyun even shed a tear. (The sound wasn’t that great, unfortunately. My head’s still aching so much, argh.)

Then we got down and to the left side of the stage. Eli was right above me. HE IS SO HANDSOME. My god… He’s got Cleopatra eyes. The boys left and came back, no more dressed in suits, but wearing the tour tees. They said they’d had no idea they had so many fans in Russia (which really explains their nervousness at the beginning), and that they were overwhelmed by the support we showed them. Soohyun, looking very serious, said that neither in Korea, nor in Japan, nor in other countries they’d got such big reaction from fans. He might have exaggerated, of course, but I think he really felt that way in that moment. And that is precious.  

There was a lot of warmth and support for Jun, and my sis told me she saw that there were tears in his eyes at some point. He himself said that he had never seen anything like that. They also mentioned AJ, and I was happy to hear that they weren’t speaking of him as of a deceased great-great-uncle anymore. They said he says hi :) 

A few times during AJ’s and Dongho’s parts my heart really ached. I still miss them so much… I hope you won’t blame me for that, and for wanting to see Dongho even now, when it’s not possible anymore.

Before MMHN they made us say, “HEY!” three times. At first Kevin said, “If you keep going that way, we’re gonna go back to our hotel”, but he was only teasing, because I deifinitely need an earcheck after those"HEY"s :) Hoon sprinkled water on us, and about a ton of drops fell right behind my glasses and in my eye OTL. Thank you very much, Bunny!

Then we ran to the right side of the stage, where Kevin had spent the whole concert. Of course, soon after that he ran to the left, and Eli was above me again, haha. He took posters from fans and signed them right on stage. Among them was a picture of his face, he took it from a fan of his. Lucky girl! They leaned down and touched people’s hands a lot, my sis even touched Kiseop. His hand was dry and soft, she says :“)

The translator warned the fans to not take vids or pictures during the concert a few times, and I think it spoilt the atmosphere at those moments a little. Especially in the end, when there was that final envigorating moment, I think it was completely out of place… She kinda cut off their goodbye speeches, so they ran away, and the last thing I saw was Kevin making a heart above his head before disappearing behind the curtains T___T

Then people started leaving. Those SuperVIPs who hadn’t got their high fives the first time (the group had had to leave earlier before the concert) were asked to stay, and they met the guys after the concert to get their high fives. Among them was our friend.

At the exit, we were given our signed posters. After that we decided to wait for the boys to come out. In an hour or so their bus arrived and they came out. Everyone was chanting "U-KISSeu! U-KISSeu!”, and the band looked really happy. Especially Soohyun, who was waving his hands like a conductor. A curtain was open in the bus, and Kevin and Eli sat right next to the window. They waved and smiled. I made a heart sign with my fingers and stood like that for a long time (I was taking the last long look at Kevin’s beautiful face…. OTL), Kevin saw me and did the same thing. Then he sent me a kiss, and I really wanted to cry. It was so bittersweet. I sent him a series of violent air kisses, lol. :) Then they got tired of us and closed the curtains. But one muscular arm was still waving at us, I think it belonged to our sweet leadernim <3

Talking of Kevin… He’s amazingly beautiful. He is both feminine and masculine in equal measures. It was hard to take my eyes off him, even though I tried to look at every member. His body is amazing (I couldn’t help staring at the veins on his arms when he was wearing a T-shirt), and his movements are so artistic and flowing. What struck me the strongest was his powerful aura. He is soft… like a marble statue. The lines are delicate, but the core is stone-hard. I mean, Kevin is really nice, and his warm and cute side is there, but there’s so much more to him than that. I don’t think that sweetness is his prevailing quality. Those bright smiles of his look genuine, but they disappear from his face really fast. I think his natural expression is the serious one. He gives a sense of a solid, formed personality. The contrast between his youthful beauty and that silent power is overwhelming. Both my sister and my friend were awestruck because of him, so it’s not just me. I remember reading one fan account in the past, and I was surprised to read that the author had found Kevin to be somewhat intimidating. Now I understand that fully. And on ASC, too, an idol (I don’t remember the group, sorry!) said that he was scared of Kevin. It’s there, I tell you. It is. U-Kiss haters sometimes present Kevin as a harebrained creature full of ageyo, well, I think one look of those eyes would’ve killed their illusions.

Woah… That was really long! And I’m pretty sure I’m gonna remember something else! I really hope some of you read this through. Thank you guys so much. I wish lots of fun to people who are seeing the boys in London, Paris, Manila and other places! I’m so happy for you all!

And thanks to U-Kiss for being so awesome, talented and hardworking! In our hearts, you’re always number one! Please come back to us when you’re ready! <3

*cries out loud*