which means that my art is stupid art

A love letter.

Hello everyone! It’s OK if you don’t want to read this long post, but trust me, you might want to. This is a love letter! But it’s not just any love letter, it’s a love letter dedicated to those Who feel that they haven’t tried hard enough. Listen, if you run a role-play blog, or a ask blog, or any blog in general really, I’m so proud of you. Now I know what you’re thinking “Oh God it’s another one of these post that try to be motivational-” well guess what! I am simply a female freshman that is trying their best OK! What I want to say is, I’m proud of you. I know that might not mean a lot to you coming from someone as young as me, but I am proud of you. You might be confused as to why, and that’s understandable. Trust me, I was confused when someone told me they were proud of me, because I felt like my art was stupid and I was stupid, which maybe I am but still. If you are running a role-play and or ask blog, I’m very proud that you made it this far! Yes, you might get some hate, but that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. That doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is useless, that doesn’t mean you are worthless. People might tell you these things, and try to convince that you are what they say, but you are not. Do you know what you do when you post art? Or when you post something you’ve written? You make history! You form a path for others to walk on, others of the later generations who look up to you. Yes your art may not get re-blogs, yes your art may not get likes, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try your hardest, that you are willing to post. And it’s OK if you are not, it’s OK to go even years on end without posting, because what’s most important when it comes to running a blog is happiness. If you are unhappy with your work, then find a reason to be, because I swear to you on my life that there is someone out there who loves and appreciates you and what you create. It’s OK if you want to delete your blog because you are unhappy, or what people are saying to you get to you, and that you feel your art isn’t getting enough attention, that’s OK. Just know that there are people out there who love you, people out there who would be so distraught and hurt if you left them permanently. I want to tell you I love you. That I’m proud, that everyone that follows you is proud. It doesn’t matter if you just started out, it doesn’t matter if you have only three or ten followers. Because what matters is that you were willing to try, that you were willing share your art, your creations. You are the hand of God to your work, you are the hand of God in your life, you have power. You have control. And know that you are loved.

anonymous asked:

hey!!! i really like your art!! i was wondering if we're gonna see art about the two main ships? also which ship do you like more? zeki or yume?

I mean if you would’ve taken the time to read my [[ABOUT ME]] you would’ve known that I don’t appreciate asks about the main ships. 

But anyway, to answer you questions:

1. yeah you will see both of them. either as stupid, funny crack or in a romantic situations and whatnot. basically whatever i can muster the energy to draw

2. i’m ok with both. i appreciate the yume relationship before yuuki became a vampire & i appreciate the zeki relationship post yuuki becoming a vampire. but i REALLY appreciate zeki + yume friendship before & during the academy. like yume started as super cute tbh until yuuki got the super hots for him and basically ruined everything, and zeki friendship is adorbs too. i only ship zeki after yuuki left the academy tbh. I just can’t ship them during the academy verse???? i really only like them as friends there tbh. yume’s nice until kaname goes coo-coo. i guess i ship ark-wise. idk. in my mind they all live in an alternative universe where everyone’s friends with each other


My hand writing is really terrible. Wow. 

Anyway, I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for when I actually get to 500+, but as I feel it’ll be in like, forever, I might as well release it now.

I at least reached 450+, which is amazing to me. Thanks so much guys, for following. It means a whole hecking lot.

Unfortunately, there are rules to this giveaway:

1.) You must be following me. I know it’s stupid. I just feel really weird about giving art to someone who’s just in it for the art. I wanna give art to someone who actually cares.

2.) 1 reblog + 1 like counts as an entry! You may reblog as many times as you like for more chances, but please not in one day, spread it out a bit, don’t flood your followers with my nonsense. 

3.) I will literally draw anything except for the following:

- NSFW. I’m not into that stuff, sorry.

- Anthropomorphic animals and/or undefinable creatures. (Excluding ponies bc I can draw them) Drawing animals isn’t really my thing. I really suck at it. I just don’t want to end up trying and ending up giving you something that really sucks. 

This raffle will end on July 4th!

That’s all! I mean, I don’t think anyone will want to participate, but I might as well try this anyway. Enjoy! 

Divided - (Nate Maloley and Sammy Wilk ) PART 1

Nate and I have been in a committed relationship for almost 3 years now I trust him not to cross me. We were laying in bed and cuddling when suddenly Nate got a text message which woke me up. Thinking it was my phone I picked it up and the text read

Where art thou honey  : Are you coming over to see me today?

Where art thou honey : is she still there?

Angry, I stand up in shock 

“Wtf Nate?! Does our relationship mean nothing to you?” I said fiercely throwing Nate’s phone on his chest waking him up from his sleep

“What are you talking about y/n?!” He said with his groggy morning voice

“What am I talking about.. Did you have fun at your video shoot with your little skank?” I said mocking his stupidity 

He looks down at his phone seeing the messages

“Are you serious right now? She is Rupp’s girl I just made a video with them. Stop overreacting!” He stood up in front of me 

“Overreacting?! If she is "Rupp’s girl” why the hell is she texting you? Asking if I’m still here??“ I said trying not to let the tears shower down my face 

"Y/n that’s not wha-” he tried to get out but I quickly cut him off 

“Are you seeing her.” I quietly asked lowering my voice trying to control my emotions

“Babe, I lov-" 

"Ok.. That’s all I needed to hear” I start walking towards the closet to collect my things but Nate grabs my arm 

“Nate let go.”

“Not until you let me explain" 

Explain what?? You’ve been banging some chick while I’m out busting my ass all day to make something of myself and then come home to cater to you? Please. Save it.“ I could no longer hold back my tears they just started streaming down my face

I gather my strength to pull away from him and grab a few things from the closet and call my best friend 

"Hey y/bf/n, do you think you could come get me I don’t want to be here anymore" 

"Y/n? what’s wrong?”

“I’ll explain later could you just come get me”

“Of course! I’m right down the street I’ll be there in five" 

"Thank you." 

The tears are flowing down as I hung  the phone up Nate comes behind me and the only thing I could think of crawling up in a ball and cry myself to sleep but unfortunately I can’t. Nate try’s to comfort me 

"Babe, please let me explain” he said in a soft tone 

“You can’t justify what you’ve done. I would never- just…stop.” I said sternly 

“ I know, it was a mistake! Me and the boys got wasted off of our asses and I made a mistake I will regret for the rest of my life!” He said on the verge of tears 

“You know how many times I’ve had one too many drinks and testosterone just surrounding the air. But I never ONCE betrayed you.” I said with more pain and hurt in my voice this time 

we hear a honk outside which is my signal to leave 

“lil ma, please don’t leave”

Goodbye Nate.” I said with every bone in my body shaking

I walked outside and put my things in the car. I get in and all I could do was cry. I cried harder than ever before and it wasn’t stopping anytime soon. I was hurt. I felt betrayed. It was like the only reason I woke up every morning was suddenly no longer there. On the car ride there were no words spoken until we arrived at y/bf/n loft. 

“Y/n what happened?” She asked

“I’m a mess.” I said with realization 

“Okay, how about we go inside and you can lay down while I make some lunch for us” She said while rubbing my back 

I nod and we walk to her loft. I laid down in her bed in complete silence and all I could do was recap what happened this morning. As I begin to finally drift into sleep I get a call from Sammy. 

“Did Nate already tell him? Why is he calling me?” I thought 

I answered 

“Hello?” I said gathering every little bit of sadness I had and hiding it



HELLO BABES!  so this is a new imagine I’m starting and I will be updating every Thursday hopefully! I hope you liked it! See you next Thursday! 


Recently a thing happened which means no income at all, so I’m pretty much broke. and I hate to write out a sob story but i’m dumb trash. i need money to continue my art course (which is expensive. art supplies are not cheap and my heart cries, as does my wallet. i can’t even afford paper). I know it’s stupid but getting a job just isn’t………………….easy for reasons. so. in short i have no money. i know a lot of people don’t have money either, so reblogging this post would help a lot.

Updated commissions page is here, just in case prices change.

  • BUST (lineart - £3) (flat colours - £3.50) (shaded - £4)
  • MID (lineart - £4) (flat - £4.50) (shaded - £5)
  • FULL (lineart - £5) (flat - £6) (shaded - £7)
  • Extra characters will be ___ + 75% of the price. So for example, if you asked for a lineart bust of two characters, the price would be £3 + £2.25. However if you asked for two SEPARATE pieces, the prices would be full.
  • I will not draw - NSFW (can be suggestive/light, but I’m not a fan of drawing nsfw. ie anything in the crotch region). If I can’t draw something I will let you know beforehand.
  • My art tag is /tagged/art if you need examples.

Please message me on tumblr, or email me at stridong@hotmail.com.

Payments will be made through paypal.

I am happy enough to draw from any fandom, or your ocs or something else along those lines.

I’ve never wanted to be a ‘rockstar’ because the stigma attached to that is something I’ve always found pretty negative. It has really strong attachments to fame; I think fame’s fucking stupid to be honest. And I think the way people glorify artists is quite strange because it has nothing to do with their art all. It’s more to do with this celebrity status they aquire, which doesn’t really mean anything. It’s all really related to fame (the word rockstar) and I think it’s all just silly. People look up to these artists essentially that are just human beings who have worked hard at a certain craft, and their art should be appreciated.
—  Matt Corby