which means she has to get her brother to the southern tribe

anonymous asked:

How do you see relationships between the Gaang progressing throughout adulthood? Bryke obviously did a bad job portraying them in general, and seeing how the other avatar writers felt the same, I imagined so much more for our favorite characters than what Bryke lazily did. Any thoughts on other characters like June?

First of all, there would be NO leaving Zuko completely on his own to govern the Fire Nation. That is just a stupid move politically, militarily,

Jack: Spiritually, ecumenically, dramatically …

You name it. This means that Iroh stays in the Fire Nation with Zuko, so that rather than backsliding by chatting with Ozai, Zuko would gain ground in his mission to redeem himself and the Fire Nation. The first few years would be extremely volatile, and there would be a lot of challenges ahead. He would have to search for his mother and reconcile, somehow, with Azula. But you know who would have been there to help him?

Aang. No, not the Aang who decided “A promise is a promise!” and went into the Avatar State twice to attack Zuko. No, this Aang has complete control of the Avatar State, as he should have by the end of the show, since that was one of the main goals of his character. Aang would have gone to the Fire Nation first, since he spent the least amount of time there out in the open and would have major trust rebuilding to do after what happened with Ozai.

During his time in the Fire Nation, he would have discovered Ty Lee as an untrained airbender. This would give him the impetus to start looking for other airbenders, who might not even know about their gifts. He would have difficulty with a work-life balance, but he would eventually find a way with the help of:

Toph. Toph’s metalbending academy is something I wholeheartedly approve of. I think she should eventually become a businesswoman and use her family’s vast wealth to make Gaoling (and their new ally, Omashu) alternate power centers, so Ba Sing Se wouldn’t have such a stranglehold on the rest of the Earth Kingdom, with metalbenders initially acting as private security, and later, a police force in the city. But while I understand that Toph has the attitude of a beat cop, she hates the city, walls, and rules, and there would be a bunch of all three if she became Chief of Police. (P.S. She would have many more tea times with Uncle, and get that life-changing field trip with Zuko we all wanted to see.)

Toph would also have issues to sort through with her parents, and she would probably never see eye to eye with her family. But one person would help coach her through it:

Katara. At first, Katara would bury herself in her work at the South Pole, helping her father, brother, and Pakku rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. She would be at the heart of social justice issues, especially for Water Tribe women, and would challenge more than one antiquated idea that the Northerners would bring with them. She would get many marriage offers once she turned sixteen, and to take a break from it, she would answer Zuko’s request help find his mother. This leads to her realizing how stifled she feels at home, where everyone expects her to cater to them, in addition to helping lead their tribe. She would apply for a diplomatic post to the Fire Nation and eventually create her own cross-bending school, adapting her school from Toph’s metalbending academy. At first, she would worry about not being at home enough to help the women’s rights movement in the Water Tribe, but someone else has the situation under control:

Suki. Suki would be an asset as the head of the Kyoshi Warriors, and also as a partner for Sokka. Her island’s location and the fact that the villagers wear blue all point to Water Tribe influence on Kyoshi anyway, and once the war is over and trade begins booming again, she would work to make Kyoshi less of a spectator in the world and more of a participant. She would be an excellent role model for Southern Water Tribe girls who don’t want to be pigeonholed into the homemaker ideal, and could also play a part in Republic City eventually. As the leader of an island that was neutral during the war, Suki would be an ideal person to have on the Republic City Council. (P.S. Why it’s a Council of Five when there are no nonbending representatives in LOK is a mystery to me. This would fix that oversight.) But who would lead the Kyoshi Warriors if she took up such a position?

Ty Lee. Ty Lee didn’t get a real explanation for why she joined the Kyoshi Warriors, especially considering her misgivings about spending the rest of her life as a matched set. She could turn the tables on the idea, lending individuality to the Warriors and teaching them chi blocking techniques while learning some of their fighting styles as well. These nonbenders could eventually form the Equalist movement, but a different one than in LOK—a morally ambiguous movement, instead of a villainous cadre led by a demagogue.

In the end, though, Ty Lee is a wanderer, and I’m inclined to believe that she is, in fact, an untrained Air Nomad. Eventually she would discover this, and that not only is she not part of a matched set; she is possibly one of the rarest human beings in the world. This would interfere with her “aura” for sure, because she’s not necessarily cut out for the ascetic Air Nomad lifestyle. So while she would be happy for Aang to train her, she might also butt heads with him about how to best secure the Air Nomad legacy for the future. Of course, since the Air Acolytes in Korra treated Kya and Bumi so abysmally, in my opinion this could only be a good thing. Through it all, she would still keep in touch with:

Mai. I have a different character path planned for Mai than what other fans might suggest. Mai becoming a bounty hunter is a popular fanon idea, which makes sense, since she did seem to enjoy tracking down Zuko and Iroh so that Azula could imprison them for life, as anyone would enjoy doing to a person they supposedly had a cruch on. To me, Mai’s poker face and cool-under-fire attitude screams “White Lotus”, of which there are no female members that we know at the end of A:TLA. The main obstacle to inducting her into the Order would be that the White Lotus is based on principles of interconnection and understanding other cultures, which Mai categorically does not have. But this is one of the places she could thus grow the most, without having such character development tied to a specific person. The fact that she fooled the Fire Princess means she can play both sides skillfully, which she’ll need to, considering a rival to the idea of a balanced world is going to be:

Azula. With Ozai imprisoned and without his bending, Azula is the most creditable foe the franchise still has. Patchy though her sanity might be, she is still extremely dangerous (as we saw during the Agni Kai). In an ideal world, she would use her almost preternatural instincts for personal weakness and manipulation to be a ruler, but the very confidence she exudes is based on her rigid mindset and a false sense of Fire Nation superiority. As natural as leadership might be for her, she burned all her bridges when she banished or imprisoned every follower she had. I like the idea of her relearning the meaning of firebending from the dragons and bringing the Sun Warriors into the modern era, but it would be a very painful character path for her when just being mentally stable is a huge hurdle. I think she would need to stay in the Fire Nation for several years, slowly healing with Zuko’s help, before even attempting it.

There is one other path that I would consider for Azula, and that is: the Spirit World. Azula is not a terribly spiritual person, but a spiritual journey such as Iroh underwent might actually help her. It could train her mind to separate illusion and self-deception from reality, and give her a better sense of where she belongs in the world. Not to mention, the Spirit World is dangerous and full of tricksters such as Koh; I think she would enjoy the challenge.

And what about Sokka?

Well, Sokka’s character got shoved to the side in the comics, but honestly, him being on the Republic City council, helping the White Lotus, and likely being chief one day is just fine! Legend of Korra didn’t really do him the disservice that it did the other characters. However, there is one thing that he will never, EVER be, and that is the possible deadbeat dad of Suyin. For my reasons why, please look at this post.

I don’t have ideas for anyone else, really, but we can’t leave out our most important character:

The GAang. In the comics and LOK, the GAang all seem to have gone their separate ways, especially with Zuko being so isolated from everyone except Aang. Katara, too, seems very cut off from current events, which is unacceptable. The GAang remained lifelong friends, regardless of any romantic relationships or lack thereof. Busy and hazardous as their lives might have been, they would always make the time to write, visit, plan projects, and attend reunions together.

(P.S. I don’t know that June needs to develop as a character; she’s one of those tertiary personalities that’s just fine with the amount of screentime she has.)

Voltron Dream I Had

I had a dream last night that I have to share because I’m insanely upset that it’s not a fanfic I can read.

It was the cast of Voltron:LD in the A:TLA universe.  Shiro was a metal bender, Keith was a fire bender, Allura and Lance are from the Northern Water Tribe, Hunk was a earth bender, and Pidge was an unconventional air bender.  (Lance and Allura were related/betrothed.  Not actually insest and I’ll explain.)

There was a war going on (dreamed never mentioned why or against who) and Shiro and Keith were sent on a mission to get the Avatar, and Princess to the Northern Water Tribe, Allura (who had been neutral this whole time) on their side.

Shiro and Keith start to befriend Allura.  Shiro starts to fall for Allura.  Allura starts to fall for Shiro.  Shiro views Lance as childish, immature and not worthy of being Allura’s betrothed.  Lance sees Shiro as a threat and Keith as a jerk.  Keith starts to fall for Lance.

For the sack of the mission Shiro and Keith started to separate Lance and Allura.  

Shiro and Allura fall more in love with each other to the point that they start to secretly date.  Keith’s job is to keep Lance away from them and because of this Keith falls more in love with Lance and Lance falls more in HATE with Shiro and Keith and start to feel betrayed by Allura.

Lance’s hate only grows more and more and more when he realize that Keith hasn’t been helping him try and figure out what’s going on with Allura but rather getting in the way of it entirely. Once he realizes that Allura and Shiro have been dating behind his back he stops talking to her and won’t be in the room with Shiro or Keith at all.

Allura feels bad and calls for Hunk and Pidge to come visit.  They are two of Lances best friends and maybe the company will help cheer him up.

Keith was really curious about why Lance knew two really important people from the Earth Kingdom and the new Southern Air Temple.  Shiro says being the betrothed of the Princess and Avatar would make you know all kinds of people outside your social class (he says this mostly out of jealous) but Keith doesn’t like and says something.  Shiro realizes Keith’s in love with Lance.

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List of Slavic gods and goddesses

As a fellow Slavic person (more specifically Slovak) I’d like to introduce you to the beauty of Slavic history. I see loads of rps that are based on mythology but let’s be real: 99.9% of your mythology rps or mythology plots are about Greek mythology and even though I completely love the fact any kind of mythology is getting more and more recognition it sucks to see other cultures forgotten and overlooked. So I thought I would list the gods and goddesses for you to use instead of overusing Greek ones.

Note: Slavs are members of a group of people in central and eastern Europe speaking Slavic languages and Slavic countries are Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro.

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Anabasis, or: The Persian Expedition, or: the time a bunch of idiot Greek mercs got way too involved in Persian royal family drama

Xenophon was an aristocratic Greek from the city of Athens in the fifth century BC, a student of the philosopher Socrates, a contemporary of Plato, a historian, philosopher and major political thinker in his own right, and one time when he was an idiot twenty-something he managed to get himself involved in the dumbest piece of military adventurism in the Middle East of all time.

Later he wrote a book about it. 

It’s called Anabasis, which is Greek for ‘Upgoing’, and it is my current favourite adventure story. It is full of big personalities, political drama, people getting stressed out about crossing rivers, and stupid battles. I really wanted to share it with you all, but I can’t make everyone read the whole thing, so instead I present Book 1 of the Anabasis, chapters 1-8, abridged:

Chapter One: Prince Cyrus has a bright idea

So in the fifth century BC the Persian Empire - with its heartland in modern Iran/Iraq, and its territory stretching as far as Egypt, Turkey, India, and the Black Sea - is the biggest deal around. It’s the heart of civilisation. The Persians have the best cavalry in the world, and also invented gardening. Meanwhile Ancient Greece is basically forty cats in a sack, where the cats are city-states and the sack is ‘which city-state has the biggest dick?’

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On Dalish Mages

ALTERNATE TITLES (-I just used them as section headers-):

     Not Every Dalish Mage Is A First

     Seconds Are A Thing Too (For Good Reason)

     Three Strikes And You’re Out Isn’t A Universal Truth

     Why You Want Mage Keepers

Hello all, here is some meta, after a long while <3

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Top 11 Katara episodes in chronological order

10/11: 308 - The Puppetmaster

Aka that time Katara experienced the dark side of waterbending (and it broke her a little).

Finally, we’re at the juicy stuff. There’s a reason why 48 is one of my two favourite numbers, and it is the fact that The Puppetmaster is the 48th episode in the series. I love this chapter to bits, but I’ll try to refrain from talking about every single detail and just focus on Katara’s journey. Although it is a good old Katara-centric episode, so there’s a lot to talk about.

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𝙰𝚕𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚗 𝙳𝚎𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚜

Since Alola is based on Hawaiian tradition, customs and lifestyle, it is safe to assume that there is a form of spirituality and religion that was followed by the indigenous population. While it is not as widespread as it once was due to the colonization and modernization of Alola, those who are a part of the native tribes, or are descendants of them, still pay respects to the deities of their culture.

The following list of deities is based on the Hawaiian pantheon in comparison to the legendaries found in the world of Pokemon; I did my best to compare the two and make a list that is believable and accurate, though, it will be a constant project that will be updated as new ideas come along.

Note: Because many of Hawaii’s deities have been historically erased, many of them lack lore that I was able to look up. Bits and pieces of certain deities may be merged to make more sense in the Pokemon world.

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anonymous asked:

Uh, ah, for the five headcanons, AU where Sokka is the waterbender and Katara the non-bender?

1. Sokka is the oldest child of Chief Hakoda, only boy, and a waterbender. He grows up knowing that it’s his job, no not his job, his purpose in life to protect his family and his village, especially his sister. He also grows up knowing it’s his fault his and Katara’s mother is dead.

2. To say Sokka has mixed feelings about his waterbending is a massive understatement. It lost him his mother, but someday he could use it to help his sister and grandmother. His sister envies him for it, but he can’t do much with it, and this magic water stuff often causes way more trouble than it’s worth.

3. Meanwhile Katara grows up a typical Southern Water Tribe girl, just as in canon, fiercely determined, fiercely loving, mothering her brother, and at times deeply resenting thr amount of housework she does in proportion to her brother. This resentment all comes to a head in a colossal fight after the two of them get boat-wrecked on an iceflow, in which she yells to him about washing his dirty socks, and the way he never does anything, and he yells back about being the only boy and waterbender and how he doesn’t think he can protect everybody, and he’s really scared, and uh oh, he just cracked open an iceberg with an Avatar inside.

4. Katara nearly stays with the Kyoshi Warriors. Sokka is less inclined to learn from them in this universe, because while they beat him handily and he embarrasses himself in front of Suki, they can’t help him learn to control his bending, which is his big preoccupation. He does however make Suki a very nice apology. Katara on the other hand is enthralled. Here are a band of female warriors trusted by the village to protect them. They are respected and powerful, and clearly formidable warriors. She trains with them and is reluctant to leave. But she knows if she stays, Sokka will stay, and he needs to go to the North Pole, so they journey on.

5. Sokka is a boy, which means Pakku has no problem training him. But Katara finds herself quickly demoted, from the Avatar’s companion and a warrior in her own right, to just the sister of the Avatar’s waterbender. This grates. And it grates worse when she is dismissed as a warrior and told to keep the princess company during the seige. However, when she takes on the Prince of the Fire Nation in defense of Princess Yue and the Avatar, and wins, the Northerners start treating her, and her brother very differently. If only there wasn’t that undertone of “southern barbarian freak” to it. And then there’s the problem Sokka has trying to explain that he’s a natural healer.

Avatar Au

hghghg Here I am again.

This is set in Fire Nation vs the Avatar time period btw

Most of the stuff in Italics just means it’s mostly to be ignored/not very important

What nation/what bender each character is:

-Allura is obv Avatar. She’s from the Air Nation.

-Coran is an airbender.

-Shiro is a earth/metalbender (he uses metal bending more, due to the training he underwent, so it’s less likely for him to use regular earth)

-Hunk is a earth/lavabender(Kinda accidentally learned lavabending, but is kind of a natural at it anyway. He uses an equal amount of lava/earth bending (but does tend to use reg earth more.))

-Lance is a waterbender

-Keith is a firebender

-Pidge is a nonbender

-Zarkon is Fire Lord Ozai

-Haggar is his trusted advisor

Basically, the alteans are the airbenders and the galra are the firebenders.

The Garrison Trio:
(Pidge and Hunk live on Kyoshi Island. Pidge’s family has been there for a long time, while Hunk’s family has only lived there for a few generations or so.)

They’re buddies and they talk about machines and mechanical stuff a lot. Pidge talks about ways to advance nonbending and mechanics and junk, while Hunk helps her tinker and create the machines she programs. Hunk didn’t discover he was an earthbender/he had bending until a shop incident/experiment gone wrong and a result of Pidge almost getting crushed by a boulder. (He was about ten?)

Lance lives on a small island in the southern water tribe that’s close to Kyoshi. They do lots of trading and Lance ends up accompanying his father on a trade day, and he meets Hunk and Pidge. They end up becoming fast friends, and often Lance sleeps over at Hunk’s house for days at a time (in between the fishing trips.) and Lance learns he can waterbend when Hunk nearly drowns. (at about 12 years old)

Pidge is a Kyoshi warrior. (I can’t think of anything else for that…i just really like Kyoshi Warrior Pidge)


Keith’s mom is from the fire nation, but Keith doesn’t really remember her. Keith’s dad is who he lived with in the Omashu region. Until Keith was 6 (really early on) and he discovered he had fire powers (to the devastation of his father. He loves him, but he knows it’s going to be an extra hard life for Keith), and for a little bit he hoped he could control it, but it was hopeless. They moved to the Su Wong Desert.

After that, they lived kinda nomadic? Keith learned to control his powers on his own, he even taught himself self-defense with it, he and his dad learned to never get attached to something they couldn’t carry on their backs, and they learned how to keep low profiles.

One day, however, someone in the new town Keith and his father were staying at, had ratted them out. Keith had been out that day for training, and when he came back, his father was gone.(he was 11)

After that, Keith stopped living in towns, and stuck to hunting, selling and traveling. He hardly got a full night’s sleep, but he continued to live like this until he met Shiro.


Keith had met Shiro when he was 13. Keith had been attacked by some local kids at a town. He was about to out himself when Shiro came in and told the other kids to leave him alone. Shiro heard Keith’s story, and they became adopted brothers ever since.

2 years later….

Shiro was on an excavation of the Southern Air Temple when he disappeared. Along with Pidge’s family members: Matt Holt and Dr.Sam Holt.

How they met/decided to go on an excavation? Shiro had met Sam at the library(that really big desert one) years prior, and they had talked about air nomads and their history. Sam had talked about his son wanting to come along as well, and they kept in touch, planning the mission out. Shiro had never officially met Pidge, but Sam had talked about her in his letters, along with Sam talking about Shiro and their plan.

A year later, Shiro had washed up on Kyoshi. The people of the island were trying to understand his story, but it was slurred and seemed like sleep deprived ramblings to them.

Keith, who had heard rumors of someone who went by the name ‘Shiro’ has washed up on Kyoshi. 10 months earlier, he had started his search for his adopted brother and had briefly met Hunk, Lance, and Pidge. Lance (after being cold shouldered due to his focus on Shiro) dubbed Keith his “rival”.

Keith showed up to Kyoshi a couple days after Shiro washed up, he found Shiro in Hunk’s home, being attended to by Hunk’s mother, the village doctor.

Once Shiro was able to start walking again, Keith noticed the metal arm acting as Shiro’s right hand. It had a big fire nation symbol on it, and whenever Shiro saw it, he went into a panic attack. Hunk (with permission of course) ended up smashing the symbol with a rock (which created an extremely hard to make out symbol).

Shiro couldn’t remember much about the time of his disappearance, but what he does remembers, he wishes to forget. (But with some stuff I don’t really know what to do with yet,) they end up going back to Su Wong Desert where Lance briefly goes into the spirit world and find the lion turtle who tells him to take the others and travel to the Northern Air Temple. He said it would take a long time before they could get there, so she uses spirit powers and gets all of them transported to the Northern Air Temple.

The Air Benders:

They end up finding two Air Nomads who had been locked away for a long time(idk how that’s up to you I guess). They had unsealed the two Air nomads, one, an older man by the name of Coran, the other a woman named Allura. Pretty soon they had all been caught up on what happened in the past couple hundreds of years.

Allura had told them who she truly was; the Avatar. She had mastered 2 out of the 4 elements, Air and Water. She had learned the basics of Earth bending, but she still hadn’t learned any firebending.

She talked to them about Voltron, a form of spiritual enlightenment that only a select few people can achieve(it enhances a lot of capabilities for them). Allura explains to them how they may be able to achieve it(again, only if they “have what it takes”).

They all end up traveling to the spirit world (Pidge ends up being a Spirit Guide(from LOK??? idk)so she can go there too…I guess) and they meet with their element’s lion turtles.

Shiro and Hunk meet the Earth lion turtle, Lance the water one, Keith the fire one, and Pidge talks the most with the air lion turtle, but when they others/she was being sent back, the water lion turtle kinda basically told her “Yeah, I trust you can handle yourself or w/e but like…you’re smol and tiny, here child, take this.” and he blesses her with the ability to waterbend plants (that’s about it, she tries other water stuff but it doesn’t work, so just plants it seems).

When they all like…go back to where their physical forms are, no one really feels all that different(except Pidge who’s like…w tf cause she just got a new power along with becoming the Spirit Guide thing).

Except when Allura asks them to like…try out their bending, they find it; takes less energy, feels much more natural and like they’ve unlocked something, can do things they hadn’t been able to do before???(Lance can do the ice thing now but like…to the point of where anything that comes into contact with it is instantly frozen (like that freezing ice/water thing???), and Keith can make blue flames and even greek fire (a type of fire that never goes out//is very very hard to go out)).

So now after training to get a hold of their new power(s), Allura asks them to join her to defeat Zarkon. Lance immediately says yes, so does Keith, Hunk is hesitant but since Lance is doing it he says yes as well, Shiro is also hesitant but agrees, Pidge is reluctant but she knows her family is somewhere in the fire nation so she decides to go along with them (for now).

That’s all I got for now, add on if you’d like!

The Best We Can: Kataang Week 2017 - Sleep

Summary: Sixteen year old Kya runs away after having an argument with Aang, and the Avatar struggles with the guilt of driving her away. Katara reminds him that perfection is impossible when it comes to parenting, especially in their case.

Rating: K 

Word Count: 3,571

A/N: This is my favorite submission for this week, so I really hope y’all like it!


“I assure you, your daughter isn’t here, Master Katara. Meiling said she hasn’t spoken to Kya in weeks.”

“Oh… Alright, well, thank you, Mr. Song. I’m sorry to bother you.” Katara hung up and held her nose between her thumb and index finger. She picked up the phone again and dialed. “Toph? Oh. Hi, Lin. Is your mom there? Okay. Well, have her call me when she gets back. Thanks, sweetie. Bye.”

“Anything?” Aang asked.

Katara shook her head. “No. I’ve called all of her friends’ parents and none of them have seen her.”

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How Andraste’s Uprising Shaped Modern Thedas


All this is taken loosely (we have no absolute fixed borders) so it’s just for a general idea. It wasn’t possible for me to portray Tevinter’s claims properly, so I will explain each image as I go along. Simplification is a given as we don’t actually have all the records of the time available to us.

BELOW THE CUT for explanation and history with HR!

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Gotham Rogues Profile #1: Dr. Jonathan Ulysses Crane AKA The Scarecrow

The first part of a rather long series of profiles, both because I wanted to write them out and also because they were requested by @the-mighty-sorceress, @spacetabbi, @hugsforvillains@michi0no, and @perfunctoryusernamecreation .  I hope you guys like it.

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More Than A Healer: A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Kya

So, you’ve decided to write an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra fanfic. Fantastic! Congratulations! It’s an incredibly unique world filled with vast scenery and interesting, diverse characters, so you have a lot to work with. You know the main ones, I won’t list ‘em, but through them we also have a huge cast of supporting characters, some of whom have gotten incredibly popular. Or maybe not as popular, but have dedicated fans. Like Kya! And that’s why you’re here; because you’re writing, let’s say a Korrasami fic, and want background Kyalin, and you’re wondering just how to do it. “Oh, I know!” you say. “Let’s fit Kyalin in right here with this hospital scene, because Kya’s a healer! And that’s all we really need her for!” Well, buddy, let me stop you right there because surprise! It’s been done before.

It’s a bit of a curse with minor characters, but Kya is severely misinterpreted by the fandom in fanfic, even Kyalin fanfic. The most prolific offenders of the misinterpretations I find are among Korrasami writers, in Korrasami fics, where Kyalin is a background ship. Of course, as the somehow appointed leader of the ship I would like to thank you for keeping Kyalin in your lowkey ship port. However, i’d like you to take a second and really think about what you’re writing. A majority of Korrasami fics where Kyalin is a background ship have Kya written incredibly flat, lacking any of the emotion we see of her in the show, and is almost always written to just be a convenient healer. Frankly, as The Gay Queen’s official representative (self-appointed), i’ve decided to take it upon myself to teach all of you how to write the magnificent gay water troll.

You’re welcome. (And thanks for the pic, @nyczsq)

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Defiance, Part 1

Summary: Katara never thought she’d take shelter from the Water Tribe in the Fire Nation. Zuko never thought he’d build a life with someone he is only supposed to be seeing for fun. And neither one knows just how close their countries are to self-destruction.  

[For Zutara month, Day 1, “Mistletoe”]

Sometimes I wonder if a little hope is worse than none.

A hundred years ago, when the Fire Nation attacked the Air Temples, my people knew the Southern Water Tribe was next. The Northern Water Tribe warriors sailed south to help their kin, and together, we beat back the Fire Nation, with the Earth Kingdom delivering the final blow that forced Sozin to stand down, even without the Avatar.

But the northerners wanted something in return. During their first raid, the Fire Nation had burned our library and taken as many waterbenders away as they could. The northerners offered protection from the still angry Fire Nation, but at a price: we had to move all our waterbenders behind their wall, where they would accept the Northern way of life and style of bending. The chief of the south agreed, but kept the rest of the tribe down south, unwilling to lose all of our cultural heritage. It was a heavy blow that the South never recovered from. A few of the waterbenders defied the North’s help; there were even rescue efforts to free the Water Tribe prisoners that had been captured, but no one who sailed to the Fire Nation was ever seen again.  

Years passed, and an uneasy peace settled over the world, with the North claiming more and more sovereignty over the South for “saving” us; we sometimes thought it would have been better if they had never come at all. Then, for the first time in generations, a Water Tribe girl was born outside the Great Glacier Wall. And the North knew they had to get her back behind it at any cost.

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Political Analysis of LOK by A^3

Hello everyone…start your weekend off right, with yet another brilliant meta by “Anonymous Asami Admirer” (A^3). This one can be thought of as a companion piece to the previous philosophical meta, and focuses on the political theories underpinning LOK. This shines lights onto many facets of the show, and in my opinion, is quite a worthwhile read:


Politics in the Legend of Korra, “aka The Best Way to Destroy the World”

Preface: I hesitate to release this essay because I hate talking about politics, mainly due to the fact that there is such a wide range of working knowledge among readers. Furthermore, many words like conservative, liberal, communist, fascist, socialist, capitalist have been so horribly abused in everyday speech that they no longer hold much meaning. In an effort to remain objective and concise, I use these words sparingly and opt to focus on the bigger picture, rather than getting bogged down in jargon.

Amon: Take down dad…I mean…the oppressors!

Spearheaded by Aang and Zuko, RC was an experiment. It was meant to be a city where people of all nations and classes could live in harmony. But as soon as Korra lands there, we see people lecturing in the streets about inequality and injustice. Instead of harmony, society is plagued by some benders using their abilities to terrorize and extort non-benders. It seems that non-benders outnumber benders in the Avatar universe, and Amon was able to tap into this mass discontent in his rise to power. He preached equality and was even willing to eradicate bending to achieve it. He had a well-crafted “personal story” that he repeated as an appeal to the emotions of his followers, much like the politicians of today.

Ever since humans began living in agrarian societies and people were able to divide labor and store resources, proper distribution of wealth has been a key problem. The core issue of equality is how to level the playing field in society when everyone has different abilities and different needs. Every culture has a set of values they espouse and reproduce through the generations, and there will always be people who can match those values better than others. For instance, in our society, we value people who are strong, innovative, and charismatic, so what of the people who lack those talents and skills? Should they be left behind? Should we take from the “talented” and give to the “untalented”? Either way, someone will get the short end of the stick. Not everyone can contribute equally to society, so how do we ensure that people are treated equally? Is it even important to do so?

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sticks-and-mints  asked:

If you're still taking fic requests: Zuko/Katara Meeting at a masquerade ball au. :)

Note: I had a few people request this! So I just made it MEGA LONG, hope you enjoy!

“I look like an idiot.”

His sister doesn’t even look up from inspecting her manicure, “Then I imagine it’s time to develop charm and personality, Zuzu.”

“That’s not funny.”

She yawns, setting down her hand in order to lean against a pillar. Even dressed in an evening gown, with a red and gold feathered mask, everything about Azula manages to scream predator. “Of course it’s not. If anything, it’s cruel of father—giving you yet another opportunity to embarrass yourself.”

Zuko grits his teeth, and readjusts his mask for the hundredth time. It’s blue. He isn’t sure why he ended up with a blue one when he’s supposed to be representing his country tonight. He’s also still not sure if he wants to just grab a bottle of whiskey and retreat to his room for the rest of the night-

“-you’re not planning on sulking again, are you?”


“Are you sure? You’re wearing your sulking face.”

“You can’t even see my face!”

Please, Zuzu.”

“Please what?”

Azula rolls her eyes, “I think I’ve had enough of coddling your wallflower tendencies for one night,” she grins, and Zuko watches her stare move to a man wearing a navy blue suit with a wolf mask, “Time for new company. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the future Chief of the Water Tribes. Bye, Zuzu. Try not to shame our country too much this evening.”

And just like sharks are born swimmers, Azula is a born mingler. Zuko watches as she saunters up and corners the man, starting a conversation that seems to be both flirtatious and vaguely intimidating.

Zuko’s never been good at swimming.

He walks over to the punch bowl. At a political function like this, where the heads of the four most powerful nations are convening for a treaty negotiation, it’s important to go with punch. Drinking punch is safe. Drinking punch won’t accidentally start a war or increase tariffs somewhere.

So Zuko drinks punch for two hours and glares.

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Shion and Nezumi’s families are neighbors and close friends. They live in Lost Town, a district of a city called No. 6. The boys grow up like brothers and know each other since they were born. But the older they get, the more feelings they develop for each other…

“Childhood Friends” is a short story collection about friendship, love and family life. Alternate Universe!

Short Stories:

  • The day Shion was born || Tumblr || AO3
  • The day Nezumi got his nickname (coming soon)
  • The day Nezumi learned about society (coming in a couple of weeks)
  • And more!



Karan’s son. He’s a gentle and calm boy, but whenever someone tries to hurt his friends, he’ll give them a lesson that they’ll never forget. Nezumi is his best friend and the one he loves the most, ever since he was still a baby. He has brown eyes and hair, like his mother. But just until the age of 14…


Nezumi is the son of Inari and Shika. His real name is Nozomi, which means “hope”. His parents called him like that, because they stayed in the city to give their son a good future. But thanks to his mouse like behavior when he was still very little and baby Shion’s inability of pronouncing his name correctly, everyone calls him just Nezumi. He loves Shion more than anything else in the world.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think Maiko is so popular?

The question should be, why is Mαiko so unpopular?

Don’t get me wrong, Mαiko has its defenders, but considering that it involves the most popular and frequently-paired male character in the fandom, one would think it might be considerably more so. On fanfiction.net, clicking the “pairing” checkbox with Zuko and Katara yields a result of 8,900 fics. With Zuko and Mαi? 1,200. So the real question is, why is a non-canon pairing outperforming Mαiko by a ratio of 7 to 1?

The answer to this question is different than the straightforward “Why is Mαiko a good/bad ship?”. Good pairings in fanfic frequently get the shaft, and problematic or downright terrible pairings gain popularity in fandom all the time. (Just ask me about the “You/Jack” self-insert fics that populated the POTC fandom back in the day.) In Mαiko’s case, it boils down to a few things:

1.      Late introduction. Say what you will about Kαtααng, but the fact that Mαi and Zuko never interacted as adolescents in the first two seasons hurt it badly. By the time we saw them together, fandom had had a crush on Zuko, for various reasons, over two years and counting. He had plenty of time to interact with other characters that he could be “shipped” with when Mαi was just a gleam in her creators’ eye. Once she did show up, her primary interactions were with Ty Lee and Azula, whose characters have so much subtext between them that the voice actors recorded a proposal and acceptance of marriage after the show. She was pretty isolated from everyone from a shipping perspective.

2.      Suddenness. Writers who are interested in romance get most invested by watching how a couple gets together in the first place. They want to see the pining, the getting to know one another, and the glorious moment when they finally unite. But the show goes from no Mαiko interaction to their already being in a relationship between seasons. And the only consolation to those who wanted to witness their journey was the “Going Home Again” comic, which was unsatisfying from that perspective. Mαi and Zuko don’t get to know each other again; they are set up together as an Azula manipulation tactic and their only connection comes from a rehash of the fountain scene, which we already saw back in Book 2. Essentially, this ship took two years to sail and we never got to see its maiden voyage.

3.      Irrelevance. Mαiko is, sad to say, completely incidental to who these people are. Zuko doesn’t change his character because of Mαi; considering that he left her in the dark to join the Avatar, we could even say he changed in spite of Mαi. Mαi’s betrayal of Azula for Zuko’s sake should have been much more important to her character arc than it was. Her aiding of Zuko isn’t indicative of a shift in her goals, morals, outlook, or behavior. The relationship thus lacks the compelling anchor of mutual character development.

4.      Lack of thematic resonance. Most of the other relationships in A:TLA don’t just stand on their own; they are emblematic of larger themes, stories, and plot threads in the show as a whole. Consider the father/son, brother/sister, child/mother parallels that are repeated and expanded upon with the Fire Nation and Southern Water Tribe leading families. Zuko and Aang have an entire episode devoted to their symbolic relationship. And consider how much mythology lends itself to other pairings in the show. 

I’m going to borrow Ehasz’s flow chart again: 

Is there anything epic, anything mythic about Mαiko? Let’s talk about the biggest moment it has: Mαi’s sacrifice in “The Boiling Rock.” Mαi doesn’t hate Zuko, she cares about Zuko, she loves Zuko, she sacrifices for Zuko, but …

Mαi never says anything to the audience about why she cares about Zuko, and to be honest, Zuko was a pretty terrible person to be around the whole time they were dating. In fact, Zuko and Mαi are canonically repelled by the parts of each other’s personalities that conflict with their own. We don’t have a concrete reason for why they stick together other than attraction, proximity, and a negative view of the world that Zuko rejects as soon as he joins the Avatar. Which leads us to our final point …

5.      Competition. As I said before, there are plenty of questionable ships that gain traction enough to be popular—but most of them don’t face stiff competition in the story itself. All those You/Jack fics in POTC? Created because the lead male had no love interest in Movie 1; as soon as Elizabeth kissed Jack in Movie 2, the pendulum swung hard in her direction. Batman/Joker became a hit after “The Dark Knight”, not because it is emotionally healthy, but because Batman has more compelling scenes with the Joker than he does with his bland love interest. Kαtααng, though not as popular as Zutara, is still holding its own precisely because Aang and Katara have so many meaningful moments that Mαiko lacks.

In a world with flatter characters, duller themes, and static relationships, Mαiko could’ve been a contender. But its depth, relevance, and meaning are overshadowed by the amazing and dynamic relationships elsewhere in the show—whether romantic or not. In the face of three-season, multidimensional, and progressive development being par for the course, how could Mαiko hope to compete? Mαiko’s canon status is, and will continue to be, the biggest reason the pairing draws fans. Time and attention were simply not allocated to the pairing in sufficient measure for it to be any other way.