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They've said that S13 starts by showing the brothers' reactions to the finale events. Why do you think Cas dying THIS time affects Dean so strongly compared to the previous times?

Well, this time IS different.

It’s 6 years since last time he was dead for a long time (and they’d only known each other 2 years by then, now it’s been 9!) and 4 years ish since he was stabbed but brought back immediately. Of course there are bits in between but they’re not quite the same, purgatory for example, Dean thought Cas was probably gone but he didn’t see him die before his eyes, but he DID see him fall away before his eyes and it was so emotionally awful he made up a whole other scenario in his head…

So yeah, time getting to know each other + the fact that imo they both realised they loved each other around s8/9 + Dean has literally just been trying for the last 2 years to somehow tell Cas he loves him and wants more but is an emotionally stunted idjit + Cas literally just told him he loved him + the fact that this is the first full angelic death they’ve seen of Cas, it LOOKS final + everyone else dying / being taken away too…

It’s a lot to process.

So yeah, IMO we should see them really coming to terms with his death but… of course not in the same way due to their relationships with him but also it appears Sam is positive about getting Mary back while Dean isn’t. It wouldnt surprise me if this time it’s again SAM who is all “don’t worry he’ll come back Dean he always does” and DEAN who is so shocked and traumatised by it all that not only does he think Mary is gone for good but also Cas.

It doesn’t really make sense to have what we know of Dean’s grieving so far if he doesn’t KNOW Cas is gone for good in his heart.

It also doesn’t really make much sense to kill Cas off in such a ‘spectacular’ and final looking way if not to capitalise on it by making them believe he is gone for good.

Why would Dean be SO grieving, praying to GOD, BARGAINING, wanting to shoot Jack in the face, having a massive break down…. these are not the things done by someone who thinks the person they love is likely to come back you know?

The death of course is important to Cas’ own story and I think we are getting his arc here, but even Misha said it was extremely (even, he said more, but that’s his opinion so far with what they know, they’ve not filmed it all yet) relevant to the boys. Which means they must think he is dead for good.

If you thought season 7 was depressing… but the thing is Dean has changed since season 7, he’s more open now, in season 7 we had SO MANY good moments of Sam wanting desperately to get through to Dean, trying to get him to open up and now Dean in theory should do so after his character growth.

There will be mirrors of season 7 I’m so sure, but they should also be flipped now, with Dean’s character growth showing through (though probably not til after the breakdown, when he then picks himself up and does open up).

Then we also know that Sam is the one holding it together, but he will probably break down later in the season from what Jared said, and that makes sense because it will be so much for him too, all this, he also loved Cas, even if he didn’t have the same relationship as Dean did, lmao Jared, but yeah, plus Mary, Eileen and all the Jack / Lucifer story, of course it will all add up and lead to big things for Sam too, but the early season IMO will be heavily Dean/Cas focused emotionally.

This is my thinking anyway.

Gaster created Flowey and (probably) the RESET button.

(I have planned to upload the VIDEO version of this by SEPTEMBER 15. Until then you can read it!)


Yep, you read the title correctly. In this theory I’ll show you all the proof I have to support my wild theory. Warning though, there are some big spoilers ahead!

Let’s start off with a bit of backstory theorizing. In what year does Undertale actually take place? A lot of people seem to believe that the game takes place shortly after 201X. However I invite you to view the timeline in a different light.

What if the game actually took place nearly an entire century after Chara’s fall into the underground?

In Toriel’s house during the pacifist/neutral run there is a calendar you can interact with that states as follows:

This text changes during the Genocide route, where Chara is much more active about how they interact with things.

Now judging by the events of Undertale’s routes we can tell that the events of the Undertale (Chara and Asriel’s mission) happened quite a long time ago. After Chara, six more humans fell down before Frisk. This gives us a good idea that it took quite a while for us to enter the underground.

Judging by the facts above we can safely guess that the events of the game actually occur during 210X, almost a full century after Chara fell. Crazily enough, this is supported by Papyrus. His online name is Coolskeleton95, often people use their birth year as the numbers in their online usernames. And since Papyrus only showed up recently and acts fairly young, we can guess that the date couldn’t possibly be 1995, and so it must be 2095. This is supported by the fact that Papyrus has no idea what a human looks like. Which means he must of been born AFTER all 7 of the other humans (including Chara) have fallen and died.

Now that we have an approximate date for the game itself, we can get into the real theory. Gaster creating Flowey, the ability reset/save/load, and how he is connected to every major moment of the game.

What proof led to the belief that Gaster and Flowey are related? The true lab entries, for one. Entry 1 through 8 are written in a very specific manner. The punctuation and capitalization is correct and proper. The dialogue itself more formally written. Overall the first eight entries are more professional.

During these first eight entries we learn that the monster/determination experiments have begun. Flowey was chosen as the vessel. The experiments have started full swing.

ENTRY 6: ASGORE asked everyone outside the city for monsters that had “fallen down.” Their bodies came in today. They’re still comatose… And soon, they’ll all turn into dust. But what happens if I inject “determination” into them? If their SOULS persist after they perish, then… Freedom might be closer than we all thought.

However at this same time Hapstablook/Mettaton has written his first diary entry.

Mettaton’s Diary 1- Dear Diary: Shyren’s sister “fell down” recently. It’s sad. Without her sister to speak for her… she’s become more reclusive than ever. So I reached out to her, and told her… that she, Blooky, and I should all perform together sometime. She seemed to like that idea.

We can recognise an amalgamate in specific that does resemble Shyren’s body, or at least, her sister’s

This is lemonbread

This is shyren

Alphys doesn’t come up with the idea to make Mettaton until diary entry 6.

Mettaton’s Diary 6- Dear Diary: She surprised me with something today. Sketches of a body that she wants to create for me… a form beyond my wildest fantasies. In a form like that, I could finally feel like… “myself.” After all, there’s no way I can be a star the way I am now. Sorry, Blooky. My dreams can’t wait for anyone…

And it is suspected that she made Mettaton to impress Asgore, as well as give her friend a body.

So what does that all add up to? Alphys made Mettaton to impress Asgore either before she became the royal scientist or very VERY shortly afterwards. We know that she WAS NOT the royal scientist during the initial monster/determination experiments. This means whoever was the previous royal scientist had to of started the experiments and chosen Flowey as the vessel.

And who could that be?

Doctor W.D. Gaster.

Further proof is that Gaster would know who Toriel is.

ENTRY 8: I’ve chosen a candidate. I haven’t told ASGORE yet, because I want to surprise him with it… In the center of his garden, there’s something special. The first golden flower, that grew before all the others. The flower from the outside world. It appeared just before the queen left. I wonder… What happens when something without a SOUL gains the will to live?

Alphys, does not.

So now we’ve proven that Gaster created Flowey. Alphys made of had a part in it, but Gaster chose the vessel, the vessel covered in Asriel’s dust.

This is where the theory gets a little wild.

Now, we know Gaster disappears after True Lab entry number 8. The writing style dramatically changes from entries 9 to 13.

ENTRY 1: This is it… Time to do what the king has asked me to do. I will create the power to free us all. I will unleash the power of the SOUL.

ENTRY 12: nothing is happening. i don’t know what to do. i’ll just keep injecting everything with “determination.” i want this to work.


Now in entry number 11 we can confirm that Alphys is the author.

ENTRY 11: now that mettaton’s made it big, he never talks to me anymore. … except to ask when i’m going to finish his body. but i’m afraid if i finish his body, he won’t need me anymore… then we’ll never be friends ever again. … not to mention, every time i try to work on it, i just get really sweaty…

This one shows that Mettaton has a relationship with the author of the entry. Proof that this style of writing is done by Alphys. However entry 14 and 15 are written differently than either 1-8 or 9-13. It is my belief that the author of these two entries is none other than Sans.

We know Sans and Alphys know each other from the epilogue after True Pacifist.

Alphys knows Sans well enough to predict what he’ll say. Sans reacts quickly and covers it up with a joke, but the proof is there. Sans also has given Alphys dog food, proof he knows of Endogeny, the amalgamate dog.

(calling papyrus in front of Alphys’ lab without befriending undyne yet)

Using this it is very easy to speculate that Sans wrote entry 14-15, placing him as a scientist in the true lab. We know Sans is into science, based on his owning of physics books and his own laboratory.

Now, entry 17. There are two entry 17s. Entry 17.1, which is written by Alphys. Then entry 17.2, which is undoubtedly recorded by Gaster.

“Recorded you say?” Yes. Recorded. Entry 17.2 is read to us when we find it in the game files, otherwise known as the void. What Gaster is doing in the void is impossible to tell, but there are some things that occur that make us believe he did not stop experimenting.

We’ll get back to his experiments in a moment, first we have to find out “Why didn’t Gaster die from his accident, whatever that may be?”

Because he injected himself with DETERMINATION.

Every monster filled with determination becomes a goopy blob of what it once was. The model we believe to be Gaster inside the gray door looks quite goopy.

This goopy being would of had parts of himself dripping off. Whenever the accident occured and he fell into the core he was erased from the timeline. What happened to these blobs of Gaster?

They tried to grow new Gasters. This follower of Gaster is holding a piece of him, but it is clearly a head. A second Gaster being made. Or at least trying to form itself from the head.

Further support for this comes from a strange being you only encounter once in the game.

Memoryhead. This amalgamate is unique. Its ACT options are very similar to our own. 

This comes from Memoryhead having a small amount of determination, more so than the other amalgamates. Before flowey has control, Memoryhead has it, but of course, these things can barely walk or talk, so it didn’t know how to use it’s powers, but the option was there.

Memoryhead is in the shape of a skull, now where have we seen a disembodied head before?

Now like I mentioned, the amalgamate can’t even talk properly, so it wasn’t able to exactly control the timeline, but at this point whatever cataclysmic event Gaster created by falling into the core had already occur and Flowey was prime and ready to wake up. Once “your best friend” fully understood what was going on, the memoryhead lost the little control of the timeline it had.

Now… was Gaster was injected with determination or at least had interaction with it before/during his accident?, let’s take a look at why he’s responsible for the ability to reset.

Before Gaster’s accident, no human was able to reset. None of the seven human children were able to save or load. Not even Chara, who’s soul is a determination soul, just like Frisk’s. An argument could be made that humans on the surface can’t reset either.

For some reason the RESET/SAVE/LOAD ablity is a thing that only happens in the underground and for some reason is ONLY started to happen from a certain point before all 6 children fell down and on.

And I believe that’s because of the core, the one difference between the surface and the underground. The place Gaster fell into during his accident.

The core powers all of the underground, from the Ruins to Asgore’s garden. The moment a human enters the underground post-accident, they gain the power to reset. If they have enough determination to override whoever was in control before them. This makes it so that only the underground is caught in this save/load/reset paradox.

To sum it all up, Gaster created Flowey and injected himself with determination or got caught into it in his experiment before falling into the core. This caused the underground to enter a time paradox where whoever has the most determination gains control over the timeline.

Do you agree with the theory? Or can you debunk it? I’d love to get some responses.

(Theory by me and veir)

alright alright alright let’s talk about the parallels between viktor and yuuri. something i’ve been thinking about an awful lot lately is that viktor… was actually a really late bloomer? he’s coming out the other end of a five-year consecutive winning streak, so that would’ve started at the GPF when he was 22. i’ve no doubt he medalled a lot before then, but this is when viktor “living legend” nikiforov truly began. and don’t forget that yuuri’s inconsistency reminds viktor of himself, which means there was definitely a time when viktor was inconsistent. similarly, yuuri’s first GPF was when he was 22. (don’t sell me the “but he lost” line, because he still got there.) viktor may have started winning a lot younger, but yuuri couldn’t exactly have gotten where he is by losing every time, could he? i mean, we have no idea what yuuri’s career has looked like. he talks it down as his “dark past,” but i think by now we all know to take yuuri’s self-assessment with a grain of salt. they’re both former young prodigies who came into their own at 22. amazing.

and another thing! viktor heavily implies he’s spent the last 20 years without a life outside skating, which means he started training at 7. that is young. viktor is often described as a “genius” when it comes to the sport, which i think he is, but i’m also a bit of a fan of the “ten thousand hours” theory of genius, which roughly boils down to, when you devote an excessive amount of time to improving your skill at something, there’s no way you can’t be a genius at it. i’ve no doubt that the moment viktor stepped onto the ice everyone around him knew he was a natural, but there is a certain level of talent you can’t achieve without hard work. look at yuuri: we’re told he was never a natural, but he had more free time than anyone else to train. yuuri is an example of how much hard work can pay off, and a lot of sports anime plays on that with hard work vs natural talent narratives, but yoi avoids that, big-time, by making it super clear that viktor has worked hard to be where he is, to the extent that he’s sacrificed his own happiness. (similarly, yuri p. is also shown to work himself to his limits even though he and yuuri k. are initially set up as a more archetypal hard work vs talent narrative. but that’s a different meta post.)

anyway, the point of all of this is that viktor and yuuri parallel each other very nicely yet again as showing two different faces of hard work breeding talent: viktor started young, and yuuri put in an above average amount of time. combined with the fact that their career trajectories already parallel each other, and that viktor hints in episode 12 at the idea of yuuri becoming a five-time world champion (foreshadowing? haha), my hot take on all of this is that the core of yuuri’s narrative arc is not only about meeting his idol. it is about becoming his idol. yuuri katsuki is the next viktor nikiforov. it doesn’t matter if yuuri never matches viktor’s winning streak, or if yuri p. continues to dominate as the world number one and breaks yuuri’s world record within a couple of years; this is a more spiritual inheritance, that viktor has always been the top older skater that people have looked up to and pinned to their bedroom walls, and now, that’s going to be yuuri, a living legend.

Idk why people keep saying Bobby is “ugly but handsome” like no. Hes not ugly and handsome at the same time…hes handsome all the damn time. 24/7 which means 24 hrs a day 7 days a fucking week for those who think he’s ugly Monday thru Wednesday but handsome Thursday through Sunday

Okay so I finally finished Hugo’s good ending so I’m going to do another dad rating list and explain why for the ones I did.

1. Damien Bloodmarch; a patient father, really passionate about Victorian lifestyle, wrote me letters and said he was gonna pick a bouquet for me which is romantic af, and he’s shy. 100/10

2. Craig Cahn; really involved in his daughters lives, tries to be the best role model, was okay with me looking at his butt. 15/10

3. Mat Sella; invited me to a new experience, really such a soft dude, relatable, bought weed and played the piano for me. 10/10

4. Hugo Vega; really passionate about wrestling and learning, knew a lot about marine life which is my jam, called a child a bitch and probably would have kissed me for the kiss cam, but his character is kind of boring and his son is a dick. 9/10

5. Robert Small; took me bar hopping, cryptid hunting, and let me in on one of his stories, but he had a lot of issues that he used me to try to cope with, also he likes pineapple on pizza which is horrendous. 7/10

6. That Brian Guy. He’s mean, he thinks he’s better than me and he always tries to show me up. I didn’t date him but based off what I’ve seen he’s around maybe 4-5/10

7. The other guy, Mary’s husband. Yeah I’m not a homewrecker and I love Mary too much anyways, and besides that he looks like he’d call me a slur and spit on a burger patty before serving it to me or my daughter. -999,999,999,999,999,999/10 I don’t like him.

game 5 thoughts

- Lavi only pulled Pekka because he saw that our D was really struggling. He knew he could rest Peks and put in Juuse and get essentially the same result. Perks of this are: an extra well rested Peks for game 6, AND a Peks who got to objectively and clearly watch the penguins for 40 straight minutes!! Which means he will understand their play even better for 6 and 7. I think it was a smart call by Lavi and in no way reflects poorly on Pekka.

- Sidney Crosby is garbage.

- still awaiting the official word, but after reviewing the video many times I truly don’t think they’ll suspend Colton. Maatta cross checked him first, Colton retaliated, and then Maatta lost his balance, causing him to dip his head down and hit his face on Colton’s stick. But Colton had full control of his stick and it never went above chest-level on Maatta. No way can they claim any sort of intent to harm. I think the original call should have been a minor to begin with, and Maatta should have seen the bench too.

- Our biggest focus has to be discipline. It’s really clear that this whole series has had really inconsistent officiating, for both sides. There have been some seriously bad and/or missed calls that have been rough on both teams. Our best bet is to stay focused and try our hardest to play clean, since the refs are sort of a wildcard. Give them nothing to even question.

- Our second biggest focus has got to be the rebounds. All playoffs long I’ve watched us totally miss clear net space because no one was there to catch a rebound. This has improved throughout the playoffs a little, but we still need to be hyperaware of it and not stop shooting pucks at the net.

- defense. Defense. Defense. Especially if Ellis is out, our D has to step up. We can’t have exposed goalies, we can’t have our goalie’s vision totally screened, and we can’t have so much traffic at the net that they can’t get to the puck.

- on the power play we HAVE to stop passing the puck back and forth for 1:30 of a 2:00 penalty. We need to be aggressively taking shots and catching rebounds the whole two minutes. If they get ahold of it, let them ice it. I’m sick of us just wasting every power play we get because no one will take a shot.

- I still have so much faith in this team. We could still have a cup in our future. We just gotta clean some stuff up.

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Remember Hoseok's Twt Update 5 days ago? Its said "17>>>>24." What if: 17 is 2017. 24 is the day. 7+1= 8th Month = August. Which means HE MIGHT RELEASE HIS HIXTAPE ON AUGUST 24TH 2017. HOLY-

…I think we are looking too much into this. Let the boy release it when he is happy with it. It may be finished but he wants to finish it up. Touch it up a little. Hoseok is a perfectionist. He won’t release something just to have something out.

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you know i just realized why sehuns iconic "shawty imma party till the sundown" is so funny. like he doesnt say "party till the sunrise" he says sundown. which means he only parties until about 7:30 p.m then goes home because of his curfew

oh my go d

Oh god they had him for  full night after the interrogation cutscene before Sae came to interrogate him, the hiest started at 6pm which means he probably got caught around 7-8 pm in game, it couldnt have been to long or else there would have been a time skip right after the animated cut scene ended

that’s at least another dose of the drug if not more and whole lot more beatings

jesus and I thought it was bad when it was just all happening one after another

Accepting Commissions

I am still accepting commissions, however due to current orders as of 7/14 I will not be able to start new commissions until 7/21

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We have been using what paychecks there are to buy food and pay our utilities, and our one car breaking down and needing repairs, this has caused us to not be able to pay rent. We are now two months behind and our landlord just called to tell us we need to pay or move out. Well, obviously if we can’t pay him we can’t afford to move either.

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Anything I won’t do-Racist, sexist or homophobic images. I will do NSFW images but nothing too graphic nor those that depict abuse.

You are welcome to email me at angelicartwork@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns

I am still taking commissions. If you have questions or are interested you feel free to message me here on tumblr or email me if you prefer.

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Bts MTL to like oversized clothes on a girl (like hoodies/sweatshirts for example)

I think they all would find it pretty cute, tbh. But some will like it more than others. I’ll base this mostly on their ideal outfits on a girl, that were published in some japanese magazine or something, I think.


1. Jungkook. His ideal outfit includes an oversized T-shirt, and I think he’s also said that he likes oversized tees on girls.

2. Jin. There’s an oversized sweater in his outfit, and I think he’d generally find it cute.

3. Taehyung. I think the tee in his outfit is slightly oversized. And even if it isn’t (I can’t check it atm, so I’m not entirely sure), he would still find it absolutely adorable.

4. Namjoon. He likes tight clothes as well, but I think he probably thinks oversized tops are a great mixture of sexy and cute.

5. Yoongi. Let’s be real here, he’s all about those casual clothes. And what is casual if not oversized clothes? Bonus points if the clothes you’re wearing are his.

6. Hobi. His ideal outfit was actually a dress. So he prefers more “girly” clothes. Which probably means that he likes tight and oversized clothes equally.

7. Jimin. Going by his ideal outfit, he probably prefers your oversized tops tucked inside of your pants/skirts. So yes, oversized is cute. But so is tight-fitting. In his mind.

Thank you for requesting! xx

(Not my gif^) Broken soul// calum hood series

A/N: so this is my first series 😁 this part is more based on getting to know the main character, so this is about abuse if you are in a abusive relationship then leave, it’s not heathy for you nor you partner. I’m gonna play a meany and set a cliffhanger since all of this means a lot to me So you may hate me 😂 for part 2 I need at least 50 notes!And also my requests are open!Please also send me your opinion on this, shall I continue writing this series or not!Please please please ! ☺️ I won’t bite ~

A 21 year old girl is in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend, after she had enough one night she runs away trying to find freedom. But everything gets worse when she gets hit my a van. But after she meets Calum she is overwhelmed by how nice he is being to her. Maybe there is going to be more… But only if she survives ~

Words: about 1.1k

My breath hitched my throat as his fingers ran up and down my arm before he took my face in his hand making me look at him, tears spilled out of my eye as I tried not to yelp in pain, he pushed me against the wall slapping me across the face, I breathed heavily not daring to look up to make eye contact, as I soon felt another slap, a kick in my uterus, I fell on the cold wooden floor, by now I felt dizzy and weak but yet that wasn’t going to please him, he then started kicking me until I coughed up blood slowly losing my consciousness. The room was spinning, I could barely see my boyfriend walk out of the room. I couldn’t give up.. Just yet, this wasn’t the first time this had happened, the only difference is that this time I had enough, I knew was struggling himself with alcohol and anger problems, but I got to move on. I quietly stood up dragging myself towards the front door, I looked behind me making sure he wasn’t looking. I opened the door closing it without making a noise, I inhaled sharply and started running… and running… and running as fast as I could, the pain stung through my whole body with every step I took, I slowed down as I spot a bench on the end of the street, my body slightly relaxed the second I sat down. I set my head in my hands when soft sobs escaping my mouth. 
The sky darkened as clouds rose and heavy rain drops started to build, I sighed getting up from my comfortable bench deciding to rather leave, I walked for quite 20 minutes when it started to rain, I pulled my hoodie tight shivering, this isn’t how I wanted my life to be, this when I all those memories started to flash back ~ I grew up in a small town in New Zealand, when I was 10 my parents divorced after a while both of them had new partners, our relationship towards each other grew apart,with the passing time it was only my brother and I who always stuck together, but the contra is that he’s 7 years older which means he moved out and started his own life not too long after. When I met Adam my boyfriend everything started to get better, we moved to Sydney after we graduated, he started changing, coming home drunk, taking drugs, he always provoked fights, first it started with throwing things at me, then he’d start pushing me, grabbing my arm or even my hair harshly, after a while he started slapping me, then slowly the kicking and beating started. I don’t even know what made me stay but like Selena Gomez sang ’ the heart wants what it wants’. I tried convincing him for a rehab but nothing helped. He used to be such a loving boy until a year and half ago, I wish I knew what made him change that quickly. We stopped talking eventually, we only spoke when he called me for sex or when he needed something. Everything I said was always used against me, all I was is punching bag. I regent every second I spent with him, I let him destroy me, and my soul. About half a year ago I was pregnant I tried my best to hide it but he somehow found out. He told me we couldn’t support a baby when neither of us had a insurance, for him the only solution was killing the baby by kicking me in the uterus, even if I think about it now it breaks my heart, I wanted this baby, it gave me hope, but that asshole killed it. Since then he kicks me in my belly every month making sure that I wasn’t pregnant again.~ I stopped walking when I realized that the traffic light had turned red, I looked to my left, right and left again making sure there was no car, I quickly started walking anyway, when a huge black van drove towards me,I immanently stooped walking which of course wasn’t the smartest, I heard the driver use the cars honk but I couldn’t move, I felt paralyzed, my heart was beating fast, and my hands started to sweat. I let out an ear piercing shrill as the van came in contact with my with my body, I fell backwards hitting my head on the sidewalk making me flinch. 4 guys jumped out of the van running towards me, I started to choking clutching my wounds, as a brown haired boy hovered me lifting my head in his lap, I started fighting to stay awake as he slightly shook me signaling me to stay awake. He ran his fingers over my bruised face as I looked at him with tears in my eyes, he gave me a worried look as a blond haired guy stood next to him “ oh gosh, what happened to her? I’ll go and call an ambulance” he said walking off. The brown haired guy looked at me and asked “ do you remember your name?” I smiled slightly and nodding “YY– Y/N” “ I’m Calum” he smiled taking my hand shaking it as I smile ,his other hand wandered to my hip as I flinch. I could already hear the sirens in the background, when Calum slightly pushed my shirt and hoodie up, he gasped picking me up. “ I know they always say don’t pic injured people up but the pavement is probably freezing cold” I let out a breathy chuckle “ thank you Calum, but please don’t worry” all that came out of my mouth was a whisper. My eyes dropped, taking too much energy,when the paramedics ran over taking me out of Calum’s warm arms, yet I could still hear the boys talking as the paramedics started to hook me up on some tubes and machines. “Calum you can’t go with her, you don’t even fucking know her, what if she’s some psycho. Common lets go” a male voice spoke. “Ashton are you kidding me have you seen how injured she is, I’m going with her like it or not! All those injuries aren’t from this accident, have some heart Ash, the least I can do is to go with her so please. This is the last thing I heard before my heart rate went down, my breathing stopped and all the machines went off…

Charles Summary Post!

We know more about Charles than we think we do, and using information  already given to us in the show we can pretty quickly deconstruct who he can and can’t be. 

1.) Charles is alive – 

Mr. DiLaurentis said that Charles committed suicide by overdosing on pills while in Radley at the age of 16. While that should initially raise a red flag (did you see how carefully they monitored Mona when they gave her medicine?) we see for sure that this isn’t true when the liars find his file. In Charles’s file is a work order for his donated organs… but he wouldn’t be able to donate his organs if he died of an overdose. If he died by committing suicide some other way or died of natural causes, there would be no need for Mrs. DiLaurentis to lie about it to her husband. A fake work order to move organs would only have to be put in the file if someone wanted to convince others that Charles really way dead.

Charles either didn’t die of an overdose, died but didn’t have his organs donated, or didn’t die. If he didn’t die of an overdose Mrs. DiLaurentis wouldn’t have lied to her husband and if Charles didn’t have his organs donated there would be no need to lie on a medical form. Charles was alive when he left Radley.

2.) Charles is 15 months older than Jason

Since Charles is 15 months older than Jason and we know that this is a character who we’ve seen before, our options are exceptionally limited. We need someone around the age of 24 - leaving us with Ezra, Melissa, Cece, Jason, and Wren. 

3.) Charles can’t be Melissa - 

Whoever Charles is, they would have had to have been away from Rosewood prior to 2003 and Spencer has childhood memories of Melissa that she talks about before that point (hide and seek, running away, etc)

4.) Charles can’t be Ezra -

He went to Hollis, and we know he didn’t transfer because he started dating Jackie his freshman year. We also know that he lived on campus, so it wasn’t as if he was commuting into Rosewood. If Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted to hide their son so much so that she faked his suicide, I doubt she would send him to school down the block from his father and brother’s home, the only two people who would be able to recognize him.

Even overlooking that, Ezra thought that Malcolm was his child, meaning that he had to have been with Maggie when Malcolm was conceived. Malcolm was 7 in 2011, which would mean that he was born in 2004. If he was 7 in the early fall of 2011, that would mean that he was conceived either in late 2003 or early 2004. Ezra and Jackie weren’t a one night stand, they had been a couple for a significant period of time, so we know that they were dating in 2003. That was the same year that Charles was released from Radley and it doesn’t make sense he would immediately jump into the dating pool. 

Also, to believe that Ezra is Charles you would have to think he was adopted, as we’ve met his family. If you’ve had an adopted child for only a couple of months would you pay an incredible amount of money to keep their child a secret? If you’re as selfish as Mrs. Fitzgerald you wouldn’t. 

Final nail in the Ezra is Charles coffin: we’ve met his little brother. Rather than spilling the beans on Maggie, you’d think he would tell Aria about Ezra’s 7 years in a mental institution which would certainly be a far juicier story. 

5.) Charles can’t be Cece - 

Cece was prom queen and went to Rosewood High with Jason, Ian, and Melissa. She can’t be Charles because she was in Rosewood before his 2003 release. (Also quick side note, PLL fandom needs to stop casually talking about people who are transgender in a flippant and ill-informed way. I’m not bothered by the fact that people thought of that potential plot twist, but it infuriates me that some parts of the fandom talk about instititutionalizing someone who is transgender as if it is a reasonable solution or talk about how being transgender is what made Charles so malicious. Transgender communities are really marginalized, don’t simplify their struggle for a plot twist /rant)  

Cece also went to Cape May at the same time as the DiLaurentis family, a risk that would almost certainly be too great if she were trying to hide her existence from them. 

6.) Charles can’t be Jason -

If Jason and Charles were switched there would be three times where it could have happened: When Charles was put into Radley, when Charles got out of Radley, or when Charles took over the game. None of thees are possible. 

First, let’s look at why they couldn’t have accidentally put Jason in Radley thinking he was Charles: he was 9 when Jason would be only 7 ½. For anyone who at any point has encountered children you know that there’s some pretty rapid development that takes place at that point. No one, least of all their parents, could mix up their 9 and 7 year old sons. Even if they did, Mrs. DiLaurentis worked at Radley to be closer to Charles – if for some reason they did put the wrong son in it’s inconceivable that she wouldn’t notice over the course of 7 years (note they’re not twins like Ali and Courtney were in the books) 

Again, Charles and Jason are not twins. Even if we were somehow misled and they were twins, they likelihood that they would be identical is exceptionally low (and there would be no reason to hide that information). Charles couldn’t have switched places with Jason because they’re over a year apart in age and wouldn’t be able to switch without detection. Charles, being older and also a different person with a different face, wouldn’t have been able to seamlessly trade places with Jason, which is what would be required for this theory to make sense. 

7.) AND TA-DA: The only person who could possibly at all make sense in this equation is Wren. 

Wren is the only one who is the right age and doesn’t have a concrete reason why he can’t be Charles. 

8.) Tackling our next big question: Why was Charles taken out of Radley and what did he do in the time afterwards? 

Clearly, Mr. DiLaurentis did not take Charles out of Radley and Mrs. DiLaurentis used her position on the board to help him be released. So why would Mrs. DiLaurentis take Charles out of the very place where she put him?

Mr. DiLaurentis makes it clear that their primary concern was the safety of Charles and the other children. Outpatient services weren’t enough to control his illness so he had to become a patient at Radley, for everyone’s sake. Mrs. DiLaurentis clearly loved Charles and wanted to be happy. These are the two motivations that we know about: Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted to keep all of their children safe and happy. 

If Mrs. DiLaurentis took Charles out of Radley it must have meant that she thought that he was improved. He was put into Radley to keep Jason and Ali safe, and if their safety would be compromised there would be no reason to take him out entirely, as opposed to just transferring him to a new hospital. So why did she lie about his suicide? 

She didn’t think that Kenneth would believe that Charles was better, so she took helped Charles to escape and then tried to help him start a new life, one where he couldn’t be recognized. In 2003, when he was 16, Charles was released from Radley.

1.) Jessica wouldn’t allow Charles to be free if he posed a risk to Alison or Jason      2.) Jessica wouldn’t lie to her husband about their son’s death unless she thought that he wouldn’t let Charles out     3.) Jessica did let Charles out, so she thought that he didn’t pose a risk and that Kenneth would not believe his improvement. 

After lying about her son’s death, Jessica couldn’t let him stay around Rosewood - it wouldn’t make sense to take him to a place where he would never be able to show his face for fear of running into his own father - he had to go somewhere other than Rosewood. 

8.) Charles Timeline!

So Charles can only be Wren - how would that work? Let’s take a look 

Charles is born in 1987, and he’s always been a troubled child. From the time he was young he’s had to see doctors to try and address his mental illness. 

Jason is born 15 months after Charles in 1988. Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings were not yet neighbors and Peter did not know of Charles’ existence. Charles continues to struggle as Kenneth and Jessica take him to doctor after doctor. 

Alison is born in 1995 and Charles only worsens. 

In 1996 Charles tries to burn/drown the infant Alison in a bathtub of scalding hot water. In response to this, Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis decide it would be safer for everyone if they had Charles institutionalized at Radley. They move to Rosewood to be closer to him, and Mrs. DiLaurentis joins the board of Radley.

We know very little about Charles’ stay at Radley other than the fact that he was not ever visited by his own family, aside from his mother. This continues until Jessica fakes his suicide in 2003 and he is released. 

At that point, he can’t return to Rosewood or he runs the risk of being recognized by his father. The timing is perfect, however, because the next year he’ll be going to college, and Jessica is dedicated to making sure that it’s as far away as possible. At this time Jason starts the NAT club. 

In 2004, Charles goes away to school - some place that will give him a cover, a place that will challenge his natural genius, and somewhere as far away from Rosewood as possible. Oxford perfectly fits the bill. Having an English accent developed from going to the school would likely keep people from questioning his origins in Rosewood. 

When Charles leaves for college across the Atlantic where he can no longer spy on the inhabitants of Rosewood himself, he enlists Ian and Garrett from the NAT club to help him. the begin to record for him and continue to do so through Ian’s death. 

Also in 2004 Melissa would have had her prom, a moment which was clearly important to Charles as he recreated it with the girls within the dollhouse. 

After 4 years at college, Charles continues to spy on the girls through the NAT club, but there is still not A activity. Charles graduates in 2008 and continues on to grad school. 

In 2009 Mona begins to harass Alison as A and Charles, fresh out of college, again becomes obsessed with regaining the family he thought he deserved. During the summer he plans “that night”, convincing Bethany to take Alison’s place while he could take Jason’s - giving them the perfect family that he had always wanted. 

The plan is botched and Charles assumes that Alison is dead. He’s both relieved and guilty, and begins to form a strange relationship with the sister who doesn’t know that he exists. He abducts Sara Harvey, taking her as a living Alison doll through which he can work out his confusion. 

Charles returns to Rosewood that summer after completing his second year of med school and begins his clinicals in the local hospital. 

This works well until he realizes that Ali is still alive, meaning that someone else is in the grave - and Charles worries that it’s bethany. 

In season 3, Charles takes over the game. Sara Harvey isn’t enough for him anymore and he wants to control the girls in his dollhouse and avenge bethany’s death.

So we know that Charles has to be Wren and we have an idea of where he was at any given time - so the next 2 big questions are who is redcoat and who is black widow?

I’ve written before about this, and now knowing that Charles is Wren it makes more sense than ever before that Melissa is Black Widow and Cece is Redcoat. Melissa is double teaming to both protect the girls and stay close to Charles, who she knows is dangerous. Cece was redcoat, taken on to try and find out whether or not Alison was alive. She was alison’s ultimate frenemy, which is what made her such a compelling person for Uber A to attract to the team. 

Mona was A through Season 3 

Charles took over the A game in Season 3 after years of stalking the girls 

Charles enlisted Cece to actually torture the girls, using “kisses- A” as her sign-off 

Melissa got involved with Wren and moved with him to protect her secret and to keep an eye on him. She’s black widow, trying to understand what’s happening to the girls. 

Gin to Aizen: Why you should date Tsukishima

As requested by anon. :)

“Aizen-taicho, I know that you are a lonely man who burned all of his bridges and has zero prospects for meaningful connections. But don’t despair! I have come up with a new prospect for you: Tsukishima. Just hear me out! I have many good reasons.”

1. Your powers are basically the same.

“You pride yourself on being unique, of course, Aizen-taicho, but being so very unique must get terribly lonely. Luckily for you, there is someone with powers just like yours - Tsukishima! Just like you, he can win people over by messing with people’s minds. He changes the past whereas you alter perception, but the end result is basically the same, I think. So take heart - you are not as unique as you thought!”

2. His sword can look like something else too!

“Another similarity between you and Tsukishima - just like you can disguise your sword to look like a dead body or whatever, so he can disguise his to look like a bookmark! And since a fullbring, like a zanpakuto, comes from the soul, this means that you two are soul mates.”

3. The fullbringers are basically the only people you haven’t messed with.

“You already pretended to be a soul reaper and ruled over the hollows and sassed the Quincy. So now you need to do something with the fullbringers - so why not date one?”

4. He’s an intellectual.

“Tsuskishima loves to read. It’s like his one personality trait. And I’m pretty sure that makes him an intellectual - just like you! The two of you can snuggle under a blanket reading books or something.”

5. He can cook.

“And who doesn’t love a man who can cook?”

6. He likes strong, devious men.

“Tsuksihima’s favorite guy is Ginjo. And Ginjo is one devious bastard. He came up with this whole overly complicated plot just to steal Kurosaki Ichigo’s power! Ginjo is commanding and likes to scheme. Which means that a man like you is definitely Tsukishima’s type!”

7. He abuses his subordinate too.

“Plus, you two have other things in common. You both had a subordinate who was totally devoted to you, and you both took advantage of that devotion to be complete assholes. Tsuksihima abused Shishigawara, and you abused Hinamori! I’m sure the two of you can bond over that.”

8. He is unemotional.

“Plus, you won’t have to deal with any troublesome emotions with Tsukishima. He is just about as stoic as you. Except for that one time when he lost it at Ginjo’s death, I suppose. But then, you lost it that one time too when Ichigo was stronger than you expected. So you can’t really cast any stones.”

9. You’re both in Soul Society.

“And not just in Soul Society - in unpleasant parts of Soul Society. You’re trapped in bondage prison, and he’s stuck in the Rukongai learning to ride boars. Clearly, the two of you need to find solace - in each other.”

10. Just like you, he stabs people to show affection.

“Tsukishima’s only way to get close to people is to insert himself into their pasts - which he does by stabbing. And you, of course, deal with closeness by, well, stabbing. In essence, you guys speak the same language - of love. Doesn’t that mean you belong together?

TW timeline and Stiles' age

Since there seem to be a lot of confusion about Stiles’ age and how the timeline is messed up because of it, I’ll try and break it down for you.

Season 1: Started in January 2011 and ended in mid February (because of the newspaper article at the end about Kate Argent’s involvement with the Hale fire, the date on that is February 19 2011). Stiles is a sophomore and because he’s driving at this time he’s 16

Season 2: Began a few days after the s1 finale (Victoria Argent states in the s1 finale that “they’ll be here in 2 days”, meaning Gerard and his lil band of hunters is coming to town for the funeral and the funeral was in 2.01). Lydia’s birthday in 2.09 is during the Worm Moon, which is always in March. Most likely ended in late March or early April 2011. Stiles is still 16.

Season 3a: Starts 4ish months after the end of s2, at the end of summer vacation/the start of Junior year (Scott is said to have been in Summer school because of his grades). Cora and Boyd were in the vault for 4 full moons after the full moon in March, so from April to August. Started in August and since there was a full moon in 3.03 and one in 3.12 it’s safe to say only one month transpired between those episodes. Ended in September 2011. Stiles is a junior and in 3.02 at Heather’s party Stiles says he hasn’t turned 17 yet so still 16.

Season 3b: Started few weeks after the end of 3a, most likely in early to mid October 2011. We know it in 3.16 it was Halloween so that puts us at the end of October. In 3.19 Derek refers to Stiles as a “17-year old possessed by a psychotic fox”. So some time between August and November he turned 17. Ends in mid to late November 2011. Stiles is 17.

Season 4: Starts approximately 2 months after the end of 3b, so roughly at mid January 2012. We know Lydia’s birthday is in March and in 4.08 it’s stated that it’s only a few weeks until her birthday so that puts us in late February to early March 2012. Ends in March 2012. Stiles is a Junior and 17.

Season 5a: Starts right before Senior year, so August/September 2012. Stiles is a senior and since there hasn’t been a mention of him turning 18 yet I’ll say he’s still 17 but will turn 18 in late 5a or some time in 5b.

So Stiles will turn 18 during the fall of 2012, which means he was born in 1994. We know Claudia died in 2004, which would make him 10 at the time of her death. The Sheriff does state in 3.11 (which was in September 2011) that his wife died 8 years ago, which would mean 2003 but he could’ve rounded it up if it was 7 going on 8 years ago. And that could mean Stiles was 9 at the time of Claudia’s death, but was about to turn 10 and the Sheriff was just rounding his age up to 10.

In conclusion: The age given to Stiles in that repressed memory is accurate, or at least very close to being accurate.

I hope this made cleared up any confusion about Stiles’ age and the timeline for the show.