which makes you wonder what has he done


Whooo, it’s Friday Reads! My favorite moment of the week. I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s new Norse Mythology because I’m going to be doing an email Q&A with him next week – watch this space!

Mama Susan Stamberg is reading Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth.

Friend of the Desk Colin Dwyer is reading The Vegetarian, which he compares delightfully to Bartleby the Scrivener.

PCHH producer Jessica Reedy has Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk.

Code Switch’s Karen Grigsby Bates reports, “I’ve been reading Kathleen Collins’ posthumously-published collection of interrelated short stories, Whatever Happened To Interracial Love?  She was a playwright and filmmaker as well as an author, and these stories unfold like little movies of their own.  And they’re a vision of black life that isn’t seen often enough.  Makes you wonder what she would have done if she’d lived longer. (She died at 46, of breast cancer.)”

And Boss Lady Ellen is reading Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them.

How about you?

– Petra

emoji review: octopus

needs more sleep, looks anxious. are you ok little friend? 3/5

a very pretty friend! very artistic! very symmetrical! 4/5

cursed 0/5

so cute! so realistic! looks like a droopy stuffed animal. wonderful, whimsical. 4/5

what has he seen? what has he done? i do not trust him but he deserves help 3/5

that is an alien. 5/5

dead eyes. screaming, puckered mouth. limp noodles. a nightmare the likes of which we will never be free from. 2/5

an angular boy! a beautiful boy! a wonderful boy! and he loves to pose for pictures! 5/5

high femme 10/10

a little anxious but reaching out to make a new friend. 4/5

this is what lives in your shower drain. this is what you must not let escape. 0/5

knows secrets which must never be spoken. has seen those that no longer exist. is the origin of the nightmare. loves to give hugs. 5/5

Hold You

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader is muggleborn and best friends with the marauders and she’s dating a muggle and they break up so the marauders comfort her and secretly sirius has been in love with her the whole time? and can it be really fluffy? this is so long omg i’m sorry😅

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Sirius watches over his goblet as Y/N reads the latest letter from home. Clearing his throat, he catches her attention.

“How’s Matthew doing?” he inquires with what he hopes is a pleasant grin. Y/N gives him a radiant smile in return, making his heart skip in his chest.

“He’s great! I’m so excited to see him when I go back home.”

Remus leans across the table. “Have you told him about all this yet?” Y/N’s smile falters as she slowly shakes her head, and the mood at the table darkens slightly.

Then James reaches across the table and ruffles her hair, making the group of friends laugh. “Don’t worry. Now hand over some treacle tart.”

Y/N stumbles into the common room the next day, her hair a rumpled mess and her eyes bloodshot and puffy. Sirius glances up and, taking in her drooping form in a split second, jumps out of his seat and runs over to her.

He takes her by the shoulders, expecting her to raise her eyes and tell him everything is okay, but instead she curls up against him and starts sobbing softly against his chest.

Sirius stares down at the top of her head incredulously and soothingly rubs large circles on her back. “Love, w-what’s wrong?”

Y/N pauses and sniffles just long enough to say, “He broke up with me,” before breaking out into a fresh fit of crying. Sirius hears a cough and looks around to see James, Remus, and Peter surrounding their entwined forms with sympathetic expressions. Remus jerks his head towards the dormitory and, along with the other Maruaders, leaves to give Sirius and Y/N some privacy.

“Let’s get you upstairs, yeah?” Sirius says, eager to get away from the few straggling prying eyes in the room. He whips out his wand and enchants the girls’ dormitories staircase before helping Y/N up and into her room. Pleased to see that her room is empty, he walks Y/N over to her bed and slowly sits her down, then takes a seat next to her.

“Hey – hey, Y/N, look at me,” he coos and cups her cheek in his hand. “Did you tell him about being a wizard? Is that why?” Y/N shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut. “What then? Love, you can talk to me.”

She surprises him by looking him straight in the eyes, her own still welling with tears, and asking, “Is there something wrong with me?”

Sirius’ eyes widen and he quickly shakes his head fervently. “No! Y/N, you’re perfect, love, don’t ever think that about yourself. Did he make you feel that way?” Rage fills him as he envisions what that vile boy could have done. He imagines scenarios in which he could make Matthew pay for his actions, and –

Y/N gently lays a hand on Sirius’ arms, jerking him back to reality. “He didn’t do anything, Sirius. It’s just – sometimes I wonder, you know? Matthew has been the only boy to ever think of me that way, and he doesn’t anymore, and –”

Sirius quickly wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. “Y/N, Matthew isn’t the only one who thinks of you that way,” he says softly, voice muffled by her hair as he presses his mouth to the top of her head.

Y/N makes to jerk back and look at Sirius’ face, but he stops her. “Just wanna hold you like this. Please?”

As Y/N’s tears dry on her face, she smiles into Sirius’ chest and nods.


Prompt: You are an Avenger and Clint Barton’s daughter. You come home after spending the evening with Peter. Managing to hide your hickeys at first. But when you are making something quick to eat in the kitchen and your hair moves exposing your marks, Thor and Steve think they see bruises on your neck. So they panic thinking someone has caused you harm. You awkwardly have to admit what the marks really are and then your father (Clint) finds out and gets protective. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

This request is kind of funny, hope you enjoy!

You returned back to the Avengers Tower after spending the night at Peter’s house. He left you a few reminders of him since you didn’t know when you would being seeing each other again. As he is bust being Spider-Man and you are busy being an Avenger. So you had to hide the love bites he left on your neck. Which should be easy enough you have done it before. Besides, your hair should keep them covered. 

Steve and Thor were in the kitchen, they both greeted you as you walked in. Wanting something to eat. As you were making a quick sandwich for yourself, your hair shifted away from your neck. Exposing the hickeys on your neck. Steve is the first to notice them, thinking they are bruises.

“Has someone hurt you y/n? Your neck is covered in bruises!” Steve exclaimed which then caused Thor to look at your neck also. Wondering what could cause such marks to be left behind like that.

“Yes you are right! I see them too!” Thor raised his voice in horror, he thought about who could have done this. If you had gotten yourself into some kind of trouble. 

“Oh no guys… you’ve got the wrong idea. They are just hickeys, Peter gave them to me. It’s nothing, really.” you panicked and felt awkward for having to tell them what they actually are. Thor and Steve looked at each other confused. Why would Peter do such a thing? The marks looked painful. 

“I do not understand.” Thor gave you a confused look. 

“What’s going on in here? We heard the noise.” Natasha asked as she entered the kitchen with your father by her side. Great, just great. Things couldn’t get any better than this. You would get better for this. 

“We are just discussing the marks on y/n’s neck. She said Peter did it to her.” Thor is quick to explain the situation to them. 

Steve awkwardly looks away and scratches the back of his neck. Now realising what the marks really are. Not bruises, that’s for sure. Natasha smirked to herself, trying her best to hide it from your father. Who is certainly not pleased at all. 

“Peter did what?” your father shot you a look of disapproval, hoping it was all just a misunderstanding. 

“Sorry?” you shrugged your shoulders awkwardly, feeling your cheeks flare from the embarrassment. 

“I’ll kill him, where is my bow and arrow. I swear I will shoot him while he’s swinging his way through New York.” his eyes widened in anger before he left the kitchen to retrieve his bow. This really ticked him off. It’s what any father would react like. Natasha went after him to try and calm him down. Knowing what it is like to be young and in love. 

“Thanks you two!” you threw your hands up frantically, storming off to your room. Knowing you dad is probably going to be mad with you for a while now. That’s all you needed, is him on your back. 

“What did we do?” Thor turned to Steve, baffled by what just happened. 

“I wouldn’t think about it too much.” Steve patted him on the shoulder. He is not going to be the one to explain what a hickey is to a god. 

As you were sitting in your room, you heard a tapping noise coming from your window. It is Peter, he has dropped by for a quick visit. Not being able to resist seeing you. He waited as you opened the window.

“You better watch yourself, my dad wants to put an arrow through you.” you warned him and Peter raised his eyebrow in confusion. Wondering what you meant by that. He knew it couldn’t be a good thing. 

“What do you mean?” he decided to ask, wanting to know why your dad wanted to shoot him with an arrow. 

“Because of these.” you pulled back your hair, showing him his work. 

“Ooops, sorry?” Peter screwed up his face apologetically, now understanding why your dad wanted to shoot him. He’ll know not to do that again in a hurry. He’d rather stay in his good side. 

Baekhyun; Separate Dreams

 Can you make a break-up scenario with Baekhyun? He gives you the cold treatment for weeks but you just shrug it off thinking he must be tired from work. And eventually he asks for a break up. Would u like to make a happy or sad ending? Its up to you! Thank you :)
❝I’ve tried writing this in a way, a different type of way of how I’d usually write angst. So… yeah //hides/
►1582 words, scenario | angst

It was tough and no one said it was easy but it was worth it, to you, it really was. Being in a relationship with someone who wasn’t home all the time, someone who would be on the road, going on tons of flights, visiting different countries and performing for others to make plenty of people happy as their job, living their dreams despite not having you by their side – it was hard but like mentioned, it was worth it.

It has never crossed your mind that it would end but he slowly started to disappear from your life. Daily you’d wait for his texts, telling you he landed safely or if he’s eaten his meal yet. You’d be wondering what he’s done for his day or his favorite song lately or even if he’s getting tired with anything just yet; which was mostly everything since it was hectic but to him, it was worth it.

You find yourself waiting longer than usual for a text and it dragged on for God only knows how long. From a minute, to thirty minutes, to a few hours, to a few days – the gap kept increasing as the days went by and you didn’t know how to wrap your head around the situation. Then it came down to neglecting your calls, arguments over the phone and unwanted feelings in between it all to fester altogether; it was turning into a shipwreck despite having a beautiful beginning to the perfect sailing.

On a day you remember you just told him that you’ve been missing him dearly. Words of “I really miss you,” and all you could hear was soft breathing over the phone. It tore you to pieces when he didn’t respond the way he’d usually would. A tired yet genuine I miss you, I really want to go home to you but just a while more yet, nothing. He didn’t bother and he didn’t even try at the very least, you couldn’t feel anything. From the toe curling cuteness he’d try to portray over the phone with that bone shaking voice he’d use on you to make your heart floating to cloud nine – to nothing but just a cold hum on the other end as if you owe him everything but love.

It was cruel and you couldn’t even remember how you managed through the night the moment you hung up, not expecting anything anymore from the person who promised you the moon and stars.

Two knocks on the door was all it took for you to stand up from the sofa, unsure if you really wanted to open the door for the person standing on the other end. You knew it was going to be hard but this was your happiness standing out there, the person who promised to love you through thick and thin and that no one could ever, ever, ever come between nor anything else for that matter. You had doubts and boy, you had plenty of them as your hand lingered on the doorknob, already feeling the heat gathering in your eyes as you knew what was going to go down.

It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, you already know this so just let it happen.

You braced yourself hard as you opened the door, and he heard the click on the other end to signal that you had opened the door. Your eyes scanned his features, from the cherry red cheeks he’d have from smiling too hard to the pale white color that painted his cheeks instead. That sparkle he’d have in his eyes had faded and that glorious, heartwarming smile he’d possess had gone away – how long as this been going on?

Rather… how long have the both of you carried on like this; living each day as if it was suffering, dreading to the next day because you just knew that an argument would occur? How long as it been since the both of you called each other in a loving tone? How long has it truly been since he called you his world, since he told you that you’re the moon that lights up the stars in his life?

Since when did this love become so hurtful?

You couldn’t take how his eyes looked at you so pitifully, you couldn’t take the fact that you knew you’d be bawling over in the sofa, trying hard to let go of all the fond memories you both share, you couldn’t take the fact that you love him more than you love yourself.

You couldn’t.

What broke your heart even more was before he left, with all the bitter words out of the way, his final sentence was I’m sorry, believe me, I love you…

But not in that way anymore.

You felt nudges on your arm and it felt like something was trying to stir you out from the darkness that enveloped you so deep, it felt impossible to escape despite the willpower you had to break free. It was more than a struggle but it was like a battle, a war and it’s like your life was at stake. You couldn’t tell what was going on and you didn’t know how to-

“Wake up…!”

“Please just, oh my god—wake up!”

It took you a moment but the second your eyes came to an open, you noticed how it was blurry than usual. Two seconds had passed and you could only then realize that tears were trickling down your cheeks and you were at home, in the living room with your phone in your hand as you left it stretched out before you fell asleep. He removed your phone away, guiding you to sit up on the sofa so he could crouch before you, eyes staring into you intensely as he licked his lips nervously, his hands already brushing away the painful tears that seemed to be painful for nothing – he was looking at you in a way that you couldn’t receive….


“Why are you crying? W-Was it a bad dream? Are you hurt?” He sputtered out any thoughts he had, any rough ideas or conclusions he had, he thrown it out hurriedly as he continuously stroked the under your eyes, his heart feeling immense pain upon watching you cry – he could never comprehend that.

You nodded your head with a soft whimper, slipping his hands away from your cheeks just so you could embrace him. You didn’t care if you’d damp his shirt but at this time, he didn’t keep that in mind either but to hold onto you, keeping you near as he felt you crying into his shoulder, wincing and sniffling with the tears still rolling down, seeping into his shirt.

“H-Honey…” He rasped, long arms enclosed around you to promise you that whatever that had happened in your dream, remains in your dream. He didn’t exactly know what it was and he didn’t want to know because he knows that it’ll break you even more and himself if he were to listen to you try to explain it in complete detail.

“Please say this is real, tell me it’s real,” You croaked out, a total mess as you grasped onto him as if he was going to disappear, as if he would turn into dust and leave you in your memory.

He nodded twice without hesitations, stroking the back of your head with his honey-like voice melting your insides, “I-I’m here, this is real. I’m real.” He assured you the best way he could, sensing that possibly, you had a dream of him while he was away. He had just returned not too long ago, five minutes, that is. He tried to be silent, thinking you’d be asleep by now and he was right – half right, actually. He wasn’t so silent anymore from the moment he heard whines from the sofa and shuffles from the living room. When he took a few steps into the light, casting a look around, he discovered where the sounds were coming from.

“I love you Baek,” You breathed out in need, still keeping him ever so close, “I love you so much…”

He closed his eyes, exhaling a deep breath upon hearing how petrified you were – just what were you dreaming about? He could feel you trembling and he didn’t like it one bit. His arms tightened around you and he says it like it’s the first time when he whispers back I love you. You felt him kissing your hair and his hand stroking your back while the other remained by your waist. He whispered soft assurances of everything he promised since he left, before he left and from the moment he told you he loves you. He leaned away and kisses you like it’s the last time but assures you once more that it’s not going to be the last time. He strokes your cheeks, on your tearstained cheeks and tells you how silly you are for thinking he’d ever leave the one person who thought him the true feeling of love. He’d tease you about it later on but for now, he was here to soothe your aching heart and make sure he’d seal up all the cracks in your heart and brush away those thoughts of insecurities that he’d ever not love you.

The last thing you could remember before you fall asleep in his arms were I’m sorry, believe me, I love you—to the moon and back.”

anonymous asked:

Had a pretty bad day on my first day of school (got put in homeroom with nobody I knew/liked) anybody mind writing a happy percabeth fic? TOTALLY dont have to (hope this doesnt aound manipulative i really mean it)

Annabeth drops another finger, one of the few she has left, keeping her eyes locked on the green eyed bastard that’s sitting across from here wearing his ridiculous trouble-maker smile. Half of the others around her also drop a finger, a few more taking chugs of warm beer that’s been smuggled in. The game had started out simple enough, something to do at your typical high school party. A few of her classmates however had seen it as a chance to use their newfound freedom and taken up drinking instead of counting off fingers. It’d been a bit of a surprise when Percy had agreed to play. In the better part of a year that he’s been at school she’s never seen him really talk to anyone, so showing up at a party and agreeing is something she wasn’t prepared for.

As with most things teenagers get their hands on the game had turned deviant, questions moving from “I’ve never been to California” to “I’ve never hooked up with someone from California.” It’s that shift in questions that’s causing the idiot across from her to start winning this game. The fact that Annabeth’s still holding up a handful of fingers this far in is testament to the fact that she’s kept her hormones in check but compared to her this guy looks like a saint. He’s only dropped a few fingers and none were because of being a sexual deviant, or even a normal teenager with hormones. While she’s focused on winning, everyone else seems more interested in getting the dirty details on everyone they can.

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While doing this new pixelart in paint with mouse in nondominant hand I frequently asked myself why I’m trying to kill myself with this. Like. Why did I have the idea for this at 6am and then decided it was a good idea to go through with it?

Anyway, as you can surely see I stuck to sketchier lines with this one which has two reasons. I think this messy lines fit this messy abomination of a toucan. Secondly, I just couldn’t make them any better. This is still all done with a frickin mouse which I hold in my nondominant hand. I also tried to shade it a bit, but I hate shading things, so it looks qutie weird.

This is @tratserenoyreve wonderful Toucan Sans. It is a pain to draw him anything but standing. But I had this stupid idea of “What if he could fly and he’s horrible and almost always crashing into something?” and then I did this picture.

Also you will probably not believe me, but the filename of this literally got so long that I couldn’t add to it anymore. So this is the end result “Toucan I’m dying so much now with horrifying colors and the ref and a headshot and that scarf hood cape thing which were now removed again and now I’m trying to do a sky background which is some blue shades” After I lost some step in my last picture I made sure to make enough save files that I will never need anymore, but it has a cool name buildup.

I don’t know //Closed

How important do you think your life is?

It was a rather poetical assignment if you’d ask Harry. But in this moment it was one of the hardest he has done. Which meant although his friends may have not noticed someone had sensed something was off with the boy who lived. He wished Elliot took this class together with him. He was one of the few people that could manage to make him feel less small.

He wondered what made him so regretful, the reason the assignment was too difficult or the fact he has no answer to write down.

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Katie McGrath on Colin Morgan

“The man’s a legend!”

“I’ve learnt many years ago not to try to live up to Colin Morgan - there’s no point, he is on a level that is far beyond the rest of us, so it’s better just to have him as your goal and silently plod along behind him!”

“In Season 4, I have the most scenes with Colin than I think I ever have, which is wonderful because, to be honest, he makes me a better actor. He is so bloody good at what he does that you can’t come in with an off-day with Colin. You know you have to hit the ground running. You know you have to be better than you are on your best day because no matter how good you are, he’s going to be even better than you are.”

“He was brilliant… But the problem when you’re doing something that Colin has already done so wonderfully and brilliantly before you is that you feel you have to live up to it.”

“Colin’s the dark horse: he may look very sweet and innocent but y’know there’s something else under there.”

“If I’m entirely honest, when you’re working with Colin, it pains me to say it but, he makes you a better actor. You know you go in at this level and he’s like there and you know you’ve got to push it. So anytime I have a scene with him, I know I come out better than I usually am, because he’s quite ridiculously talented.”

“Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin, is an absolute acting genius and if we’re not talking about him in ten years time in the same way we talk about Daniel Day Lewis, there’s something wrong with the world.”

I’m still working on the subs! I just have another translation project for a novel that I’ve neglected for ages and wanted to make some headway on, and I’m busy studying so haha. I’ll get to these eventually. I actually got 30% done in a few days (still the first draft though).

Some spoilers for what I’ve covered so far if you’re curious:

  • Keiichi has had a weird-ass dream in which he got raped…by himself. Yes, he recognizes his rapist right before he wakes up and it’s himself. No wonder he was so confused and wtf.
  • Keiichi is dirt poor and works part time jobs, but doesn’t want to rely on his relatives. His parents are dead, and they were both men which apparently was unusual (wtf this is omegaverse right??). He’s so poor that he skipped dinner the night before and only has Hong Kong style black tea for breakfast (that style tea is very good btw).
  • I don’t know why he watches TV for so long, but he watches 2 segments before going to school:
    • Aoi-senpai, his old school friend, being interviewed about his family’s company which makes artificial blood and revolutionized the world. aka annoying technical terms and aoi needs to shut up
    • An interview with a vampire actor talking about how vampires are starting to reveal themselves to the public and actually are getting quite popular in some areas.
  • Keiichi goes to school at last. He meets up with Tani, his bestest bud, who offers to buy him breakfast and Keiichi can pay him back by treating him in return when he gets paid.
  • The game actually has one of Keiichi’s teachers give a long ass lecture about sociology - specifically the role of vampires and how it changes everything blah blah blah.
    • You get a choice here. Basically, the teacher asks Keiichi a question but he wasn’t listening. You have to pick between a few answers, but I’m not sure if there is a right answer or not.
  • After school, Keiichi and Tani see the bully and possibly yakuza connected Gozawa bullying their omega classmate, Fuwatari.
  • Tani, the good but foolish boy he is, confronts Gozawa and tries to drag Keiichi into it, too.

And after that, I believe I had to go out for dinner and didn’t get around to translating more yet.

Year ago, when I was a kid, a house round the corner from me burned down. My Mum told me what had happened: my friend’s adult sister had lived there with her boyfriend, and in the garden she had two big aviaries; she absolutely loved her birds, they felt like family to her.

Eventually, she broke up with her boyfriend. I don’t know if he’d been abusive before this, though I guess I’d be surprised if he hadn’t. She slept at a friend’s house after a party one night, and when she got home, her house was gone.

The police investigation concluded that the boyfriend had set fire to the aviaries, burnt his ex’s beautiful birds alive just to hurt her, and the fire had spread to the house. It was lucky that no-one was there, because the house was quite literally burnt to the ground. I wonder if he knew she was away, or if he just didn’t care either way?

She sold the land not long after the fire, but a good ten or twelve years later, nothing has been done with it: it’s just a big wooden fence, through which you can see glimpses of the charred ruins of the house, overrun with weeds and litter. I can imagine the next generation of kids peeking through the fence and making up horror stories about what happened here: I hope none of them manage to think of anything as terrible as the truth.

Kylux fic- "Political Marriage- Part 1"

Pairing: General Hux/Kylo Ren

Summary: Kylo is forced into an arranged marriage with the General of the First Order. What starts out as a cold marriage develops into something more tender.

Warnings: Arranged marriage, dubious consent towards the beginning.

Notes: This is Part One of a three part fic. This part is a little angsty but the next instalments will be fluffier.


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Even when you do Nick’s loyalty quest, he never outright states that he considers himself a real, sapient being. When he first asks for your help, he describes himself as a robot pretending to be human. You can rebuke that and tell him how ridiculous that is–that he thinks, and feels, but he brushes you off and explains that you wouldn’t understand since you don’t have someone else’s memories bothering you.

After completing the quest he realizes that his motivation was out of genuine concern for justice, and that his actions to better The Commonwealth are all his own, and he can die happy knowing he’s done good in the world. But it still really bothers me that nowhere in his speech does he ever rescind the statement that he’s just pretending to be human, which makes me wonder, is that really what he thinks of himself? After everything, even after taking out Eddie Winter, sure he has things he can claim as his own, but does he ultimately just accept that his intrinsic nature is mimicry of actual personhood? Because, I think, even with the Sole Survivor’s influence, Nick is still deeply insecure about his existence. Sometimes I wonder if that explains part of his reckless altruism–ultimately he feels expendable. Just another machine.

snowed in

F A/N: a really long time ago, I received a prompt, about Levi and Mikasa having a child, and I have finally finished it.I’m so sorry that it took me this long, and I really hope it was worth the wait, my friend, and if it wasn’t please let me know and I’ll try to salvage it.

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More I think about Sam and Val

You gotta really think about who cared more about Danny. I mean, I know they were trying to push the whole “Val likes Danny, but not Phantom. Sam likes both” thing, but there’s a few flaws to that. Danny and Phantom are the same person. They’re not split-personalities or an alter-ego. Danny acts exactly the same as Phantom as he does when he’s not. There’s no act he’s putting on other than confidence and even that’s just natural.

Sam routinely stresses the importance of Danny’s ghost half and whenever Danny doesn’t want to be involved in ghost shenanigans, her attitude isn’t very supportive. Like yes, his decision to get rid of his powers in Phantom Planet was REALLY stupid, I mean VERY stupid, but at the end of the day it was HIS decision. He didn’t ASK to get powers. He CHOSE to fight ghosts. And if he wanted to give that up and live a normal life, why shouldn’t he? Sam however doesn’t consider his feelings in all this and lays on a guilt trip about him being ‘selfish’ and other bs. Yes Sam, this important PERSONAL choice really should have been run by YOU first.

Look, I’m not saying Sam doesn’t care for Danny, but a lot of times, you really gotta wonder if some of her worries aren’t so much about HER than is is about him. Every decision he makes, no matter what it is, she’s gotta play the “you don’t know what you’re doing” or “listen to reason” card. Look Danny is by no means perfect, and has done VERY stupid and selfish things, but I couldn’t get the feeling out of my head that she wasn’t mostly doing this for herself. It’s especially annoying in terms of his relationships. She’ll raise a stink about his crushing on Paulina (which went no where) or about his relationship with Valerie. Was there a risk involved? Yeah, but you get the impression it’s more about jealously than his safety.

Danny’s legit happy with Valerie, but he’s a fool. Danny raises an equally valid complaint about her dating some random guy they don’t know, seems a bit TOO perfect, while other strange people are moving around. He follows her around JUST like she did and she has the nerve to threaten to end her friendship with him because he’s butting in on her life. Yeah, Sam, Mrs.Potts’ on the other line and wants to say you’re black and not in the Goth way you’re trying so hard to be.

So apparently her happiness is greater than Danny’s. Heck, to be honest, did she even NOTICE how happy Danny was with Valerie? How for most of series the dude was in a freaking cesspool of depression since his own personal life was filled with so much crap that he’d rather fight ghosts than deal with it? Valerie made him the most happy we’d seen him in a while. And you know what, she felt the same way.

Hell, I bet you anything, ANYTHING, that if Valerie had found out Danny was Phantom, she’d end her vendetta. She cares too much for Danny to ever hurt him. Hell, she BROKE UP with him because HER job as a Ghost Hunter might have made him a target (oh irony). She cared more about Danny’s safety, than her own happiness. This was honestly a total Jake and Rose scenario.

Years ago I didn’t think much of Danny and Val, thought it was weird and out of left field (especially after they lead us to believe it’d be Tucker getting with Val), but after giving it some thought and the gift of 20/20 hindsight, I really gotta go with Val on this. She was honestly a more supportive character to Danny than Sam was at times. She listened to him, hung out with him, made him have fun and feel NORMAL for a change. Same with her.

I have no doubt that if the chips were down and she found out before the finale she’d become a new part of the team easily and no longer one of his enemies.


This is our rescue dog Charlie, he is 7 years old and has a laid back personality, even when he was a puppy. I was wondering if anyone knew what breed he is? We’ve never done any testing.
He did used to nip at our heels when we played in the backyard, which makes us think a collie or other herding dog breed. And his coat is soft and silky, never trimmed.
I would love to see what you think!


James McAvoy is one of my favorite actors. I personally think that, in Becoming Jane, he really made the whole movie. I can imagine several actresses who could have (and maybe should have) played the Jane Austen character, but imagine how terrible it would have been had Tom Lefroy been played by almost anyone else. McAvoy’s Tom Lefroy is confident and sexy, but he also has a softer side to him that gives his character a simple, boyish charm. He excellently portrays Tom’s coming-of-age struggle as he (eventually) learns that he has obligations beyond himself and his own desires.

I first saw James McAvoy in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, in which he plays a confusingly hot fawn. He is also in Wimbledon (the movie, not the event), Atonement opposite Keira Knightly, and The Last King of Scotland (it’s too late for me to unsee this–don’t make my mistakes).  One of my favorite of his roles is as the male lead in Penelope, a surprisingly wonderful movie featuring pig-nosed Christina Ricci and biker-chick Reese Witherspoon (highly recommend). And, he voiced opposite Emily Blunt in Gnomeo & Juliet (yes, I love them both so much that I watched this movie). He lately has appeared in the X-Men movies.

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“If you want to communicate to someone that you really really appreciate what they’ve just done or that you really like them or whatever, you have to find very sophisticated ways in which to impart that information. You can’t be overt, ever, which is why I liked playing this character. Because when he chooses to, he just cuts right through all of that and as much as says, you know, ‘Fancy a quick one?’ You know he doesn’t really say that, but he kind of is saying that to her…a lot.”

-James McAvoy on Becoming Jane

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Thoughts on S2E19 (the episode that will earn Spader an Emmy nomination)

Random thoughts…

All in all, good episode. I’m happy the Brandon writing team was at work along with a couple of others.

About time they finally give Spader dialogue worthy of an Emmy nomination… then Liz’s reaction kind of ruined the moment, but not quite because he is Spader. Still though, can’t Liz express something besides anger once in awhile? Pretty please. The anger and tears are growing old.

Red’s apartment with all those vinyl records. And his cat. Lots of photos, but I didn’t notice one of his former wife or daughter… something to study later.

Mr. Kaplan with that revolver taking out the cabal operatives, showing Red she cares by kissing his forehead, leaving to do what he’s asked because she knows whatever it may be is priority. This is a strong female character and she is amazingly portrayed.

Dembe. Oh Hisham, how you stole nearly every scene you were in. One of the smartest things TPTB has done is to make this character a series regular for S3. This gentleman is a true actor, how he shines when given an opportunity. We need much more of him (and Aram).

Tom. I dislike you. But I dislike what TPTB are doing more, sweeping past transgressions under the rug. Guess what, we won’t forget. And just because Tom was shooting the cabal guys to “help” Red, that doesn’t make us like him any better. And it sure appears that Tom has taken Ressler’s place as Liz’s partner which again makes me wonder about a possible character death.

Tom’s “lecture” at Red where the S1 hospital meeting was discussed. Nope, not buying that explanation. TPTB, you will never convince us that it was part of your original plan for Red to have hired Tom. You changed this part of the story over the summer, before S2 began.

Former doctor flame that Liz cheated on to be with Tom. This guy has potential. Good actor, got the George Clooney thing going on. Too bad Liz cheated, I thought more of her than that. If she wanted Tom fine, but at least have the maturity and respect to break up before your boyfriend finds your new lover in the kitchen. Classy Liz, classy.

The fulcrum. Cool device and technology, but I’m glad that’s done. 

The Cabal. I miss Fitch. Alda’s departure left a void that was somewhat filled tonight by the actor playing Leonard Caul. They should keep him around.

Red reaching for Liz and their bloody hands gripping each other. Yep. Priceless.

The scene below… wow. Why Red, why? Because you’re in love with her and can’t stand the thought of losing her? Uh huh, that’s what we thought.

pokemons  asked:

prompt: the worst drunk voicemail a person could recieve when they wake up hungover. have fun with that, drunkie.

Stiles blinks wearily. “Turn off the sun,” he says blindly, trying to cover himself with the blanket, but it does little to block out the brightness. It doesn’t make sense, Stiles’ own bedroom does not face the east, thank God, and he tries to just flop wearily back under the covers, his brain trying to catch up with why he’s sleeping somewhere not in his own bedroom. 

“Gah,” Stiles splutters, his mouth feeling dry and he blinks when his eyes adjust for the first time and he tries to make sense of where he is.

He’s in Derek’s loft.  Derek’s loft, with its wall of windows facing the rising sun, Derek’s loft, as in belonging to Derek, resident grumpiest former Alpha of them all, just, what. 

Stiles also realizes he’s not wearing anything besides a faded gray henley that obviously doesn’t belong to him. What. He twitches, bare ass rubbing against the soft sheets of the bed— Derek’s bed, his mind provides helpfully, but it’s really not that helpful., considering Stiles has no idea what happened yesterday or why he’s next-to-naked in Derek’s bed. 

He finds his jeans sprawled weirdly on the floor across the loft when he gets up to use the bathroom; along with it, his phone, which has the worst possible voicemail in the history of voicemails:

Stiles. Don’t leave the loft no matter what. I’m sorry. We’re tracking down the incubus right now. Don’t leave. Please. Just. I’m sorry it had to be you. Just. Stiles, don’t leave, okay?

It’s Derek’s voice, broken and wretched, pleading in a way Stiles has never heard before. He doesn’t know what has happened, or what the incubus has done, but something in that tone of voice cuts him deep inside— makes him wonder— what happened?