which makes me wonder why these are for kids


If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.

a series of unfortunate events, by lemony snicket  ()

Arthur Recap Season 15 Episode 2 Part 2 Whistling in the Wind

Tommy and Tibble perform a slam poem in front of an audience on the subject of why it’s so great to have a twin. The boys talk about (or is it slam? What’s the verb for “delivering poetry to a beat”?) how having a twin means you have a friend through thick and thin and having someone to play with all the time. Tommy and Timmy mention their hobbies included “taunting and teasing and making kids run”, which makes me wonder why the Tibble twins haven’t been neutered the same way the Tough Customers have been. Technically, the Tibble twins are also bullies.

Anyway, one of the big tenets of having a twin is being equal in every single way. To show this, Tommy whistles for the audience…but Timmy can’t! 

On the plus side,Timmy can make a good fart noise with his mouth.

At preschool, D.W. is bummed because Ms. Morgan called her sock puppet “fine”. Emily wants to know why she’s upset and D.W. explains that Ms. Morgan is probably comparing D.W. to Arthur when he was in pre-school. The Tibble twins overhear this conversation and brag about how great it is to be twins because they don’t have to worry about being overshadowed by older siblings. Well, sort of. Tommy is two minutes older than Timmy.

They prove how they are equal in every single way by showing off their identical sock puppets, their identical foot sizes, and by whistling. As seen from the intro, Timmy can’t actually do it. “I didn’t know you could do that,” pouts Timmy to Tommy.

“I didn’t know you couldn’t,” shoots back Tommy smugly.

Back at the Tibble’s house, the kids are getting ready for bed. Timmy is still trying to figure out how to whistle, but to no avail. He begs Tommy to teach him but Tommy insists he can’t be a teacher because he doesn’t have a “Mr.” in front of his name. Little kid logic. How cute.

He adds that it’s probably illegal to pretend to be a teacher so Timmy quickly offers to break him out of jail if that happens. “But how will you give me the signal if you can’t whistle?” points out Tommy.

That night, Timmy has a dream where he goes to break out Tommy out of jail but since he can’t whistle, he can’t signal Tommy. It doesn’t even matter because Tommy breaks himself out of jail and his whistling skills to command the guard dogs–both the dog dogs and the anthropomorphic ones. 

Tommy summons a getaway car by whistling and when they get stopped by the police, Tommy ditches Timmy. He explains that being older has given him super powers to get away from the police and since Timmy doesn’t have any, he falls behind and gets arrested.

Wow. And this could all have been avoided if Timmy could just whistle.

Yeah, I’m still not buying that logic either.

At school, Timmy begs Emily and D.W. to teach him how to whistle. “I know I’m going to regret this,” sighs D.W. and she agrees to take Timmy to Buster and Brain who try to teach him how to whistle..

Buster explains step by step how to whistle and I tried to follow along but I just made fart noises too. I can’t do that whistle with fingers between the teeth and I have no idea how people do it. Brain suggests that maybe Timmy just doesn’t have the mouth for whistling, much to his disappointment.

His disappointment turns into annoyance when Timmy goes home and sees Tommy showing off his whistling skills for Grandma. Timmy tackles Tommy, screaming, “It’s not fair! We’re twins! We’re supposed to be the same!”

Grandma Tibble weakly attempts to intervene and the boys finally gets pulled apart because they both knocked each other’s front tooth loose. With the tooth loose, Timmy is finally able to whistle!

Not surprisingly, they start annoying everyone with Timmy’s newfound skills of whistling in the wind.

Grade: B- (I liked the fantasy sequence where Timmy breaks Tommy out of jail and just feels inferior because Tommy can do everything Timmy can’t: whistle, drive, have superpowers. It’s very Little Kid Logic and I love it. However, I think the better moral here would have been “Even though you’re twins, you don’t have to be exactly alike”. Also, there are other ways Timmy could have learned how to whistle. I also want to note how weak Grandma Tibble is of a disciplinarian. When the boys start wrestling angrily, she says something like “Boys, boys! I know how good you are at wrestling but please stop!” Grandma Tibble, I know you’re old and could break a hip but lay down the law once in a while.)

Rating: 37% intense. Whistling is intense.

rowingviolahere asked:

PLEASE GIVE ME A LINK TO YOUR FOUR PARAGRAPHS (which shot from the montage? the training one? please i desire this heavily)

You know I would but I CAN’T FIND IT RIGHT NOW and that’s making me angry! But this is the picture, and here’s the abbreviated version:

Mr. Boy just looks tired, like this is not the first time this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last. He’s wondering, for the millionth time, why he gave these darned kids such dangerous toys to play with!

Mag is laughing her butt off because even though she messed up, she made everyone else laugh and caused a little chaos (She’s chaotic good, fight me). Also, with the light, there’s a LITERAL HALO around her head because she’s an angel ok? She’e angelic and deserves to be love. Protect her. 

Will and Zach are both in costumes we’ve seen before. Because stereotypical teenage boys, while Layla, Ethan, and Mag all look different than what we’ve seen, although still in their colours. Will looks really relaxed (this was before he was moved to the hero track) and you can see he’s at ease with his friends. Ethan still looks nervous, the poor dear. 

The chalkboard is still out. That just makes me laugh.

I said some other stuff too but now I forget! God I love this picture. It was my phone background for a good while. (Also I can’t wait to get this net up and running so we can all have more discussions like this! yay!!)

So, I recently bought the Steven Universe tie-in bookie, “Guide To The Crystal Gems” and it’s adorable! It’s written as if Steven wrote it himself, which was a pretty nice touch. Steven introduces us to the main gems, like profiles, and goes on little tangents about why he cares about them. Awwww…. <3

The section near the end is about the fusions, which Garnet takes over talking about. That’s pretty appropriate! One thing that stood out was how Garnet referred to Steven as a fusion of love, just like herself. No kidding! I never thought of it that way before, but it makes sense. X3

So naturally, all the fusions we’ve seen thus far were addressed. All except Sardonyx. I was wondering why that was, it didn’t make sense.

And then it hit me.

Because Garnet took over this section, she didn’t talk about it. The betrayal she felt from the situation with Pearl must have made her unable to talk about it.

Or, I could be wrong and it’s just simply that the episode aired well after the book was finished. XP Still, it would be appropriate.

Stop Arguing With Your Kid - Smart Parenting Strategies

This article is listing off ways to stop fighting with your kid and “good” parenting techniques. Some of the things they say to do like negotiating and not fighting but talking so the teen understands are good things but there’s one thing that they said to do that I’m ???!!??! About. They said if they’re leaving stuff out take it and hide it. They act like that is going to stop the fighting but that will lead to so much more ! If my parents hid my backpack I would riot because they would make me late for school and cause a lot of problems with me. I would fight them more and respect them less than if they told me to put it away because they moved it and that was unnecessary. It didn’t give parents insight to why their kids feel the way they do like the teen centered article did which makes me wonder if it’s because they don’t think the teen’s feelings actually play a role in this or why they didn’t go from that angle but it’s the one they chose. This article talked about how parents should deal with teens fighting with them and how they should parent but some of the tips were out there and not useful. So maybe don’t listen to this one?

Saying 'yes'

I said ‘yes’ to one thing and things just kept snowballing afterwards. It’s scary and enthralling. But maybe ‘yes’ isn’t as bad as saying 'no’. People just wanna see you do good– which sometimes comes to me as a surprise.

All this time I’ve been a bedroom singer. Recording and making songs, posting them online and never expecting anything to happen afterwards. It was just free posting, it was just my boredom having a bit of fun. But when people start acknowledging my work and actually liking it– I find it hard to believe. I guess I’m far more self conscious about my music than I am about myself. I wonder why that is.

But I said 'yes’ to one thing, and now I’m getting singing offers here and there and I’m thinking 'y'all are kidding right?’ Lol.

The Appropriate Name

Bringing a new life into this world is probably one of the best things that can happen to parents but what’s equally important is giving an appropriate name to your child.
I can never quite understand some of the names parents give their children..

Some of the names that I’ve heard which surprise me..


Aren’t these months of the year? Unless your child is born in that month, why would you name the kid after a certain month? I know a person named June, when I asked her when she was born, she said January.. and I was like huh? Name the girl January..that makes sense right?


Okay, this is a bit too much. I think they are wonderful words with even better meanings but using it as a name..I don’t know!

Imagine if Hope meets Faith and they get married and have a daughter who they name Chastity, going by her name, her love life is screwed [we all know what chastity means]

Has Love been taken as a name as yet? I’d like to name my daughter that ..and as she grows up to be a beautiful woman, she would meet a man and fall in love with him, his name being Joy. Her wedding card would read Love weds Joy..sounds cool doesn’t it?

Some parents may take the route of using part of the mothers and father’s name, join them and make a new name

..for example; Ana & Savio adds up to Savannah. It sounds nice and its got the mother & father’s name in it. It’s a name of a city in Georgia, it is at least better than Chastity!

[Not that I know any specific person named Ana, not personally at least]

Being a teacher, giving examples always helps for better understanding. So hope I’ve made my point well :)

I already have a set of names I’ve kept in a hidden folder somewhere, which I’ll pull out when its time :)

Any other interesting names you have come across?

Getting old is hella weird

Like when I first played Tales of Symphonia I was 14 and I identified with Lloyd and Genius and Collette and now I’m 26 and I’m like “dumb-ass kids man Kratos is the bomb why did I think he was boring he’s such a bastard”. Which makes me wonder if my love of Zelos is going to hold up.  I seriously hope it does. I love me a Zelos. 

Nothing quite like the constant reminder that your family is messed up. It’s true, every family has their problems. But tonight, my heart goes out to those kids like me, who have to deal with trying to figure out how to accept the fact that they will never have two present blood parents. That’s something that most people who live with their bio partners, never have to wonder. Which I won’t lie, sometimes makes me envious.

Just knowing that their are people out there who haven’t had to go through their entire lives wondering, why the people who brought you into this world, don’t love you, and don’t want you. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

What’s worse though, is having to watch my brothers go through the exact same thing, over and over again. I was too always young to do anything about it. I’d do my absolute best to always make sure they were okay. I even took the weight on things so they wouldn’t have too. Unfortunately…when it comes to parents who don’t love their kids, and the screwed up foster care systems, there’s not much a kid can do. Especially while underage.

Now I’m old enough to make a difference. I’m going to my first ever court appearance on Monday. To testify against my mom (if she even bothers to show up), along with one of her abusive ex boyfriends. Who just happens to be Jeremy’s dad. Adam is trying to get custody of Jeremy and Caiden. Theirs no way in hell I’ll let that happen.

I’m not much for praying right now, or trusting in people to ever be there for me. I’ve learned differently recently. But if someone who does pray reads this. Whether it works or not, prayers would be awesome. Just in case, you know?

These boys deserve better. They deserve better than what Keegan, Tyler and I got. No kids should ever have to go through this sort of thing.