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Late night care - Niall Horan

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Laying on bed as he winced in pain, Niall realised having eaten that large amount of food at the Slow Hands’ release party wasn’t, by far, the best decision he had ever made.

He could feel the consequences of not having taken the advice you insistently repeated during the whole course of the night, the words you said back a few hours ago floating in his mind “You should stop snacking or else you’ll regret it later”

He tried not to writhe very much but it was getting pretty impossible, as the cramps, apart from not ceasing, increased even more.


He curled up and buried into the sheets, the previous mild currents of air suddenly dropping a few degrees to him. Noticing the new position didn’t ease the pain even at its slightest, he rubbed his tummy in back and forth motions, hoping that would be more useful.
Despite his initial intention of not waking you up, the desperation to put an end to his pain, mixed with his weak condition to try so, made him release his whimpers and groans in a better audible tone, trying to make these reach your ears, but still feeling bad for making you wake up in the middle of the night just because of his stubbornness.

You groaned at the foreign sound in the pleasant silence you were absorbed in. Being the light sleeper you were, his actions cut your rest. Sitting up and turning on the lamp at your nightstand, you rubbed your eyes as you asked “Ni, is everything okay?”

Before you could focus your vision, he was fast to prop up and try to look better than he actually felt, quite embarrassed about the situation “Uhm yeah baby, I’m just feeling a bit under the weather”

You looked at him, tilting your head. Regretting having woken you up, he glanced at your grinning countenance, not understanding what was going on.

“So you’re feeling sick”


“Could you be any specific“

“Not really, it’s a general thing”

Picking him by the chin so that his blue orbs met yours, you suggested “Well, I’ll shed a light on you. You’re lying to me, it’s very specific, you’re having a stomachache, aren’t you?”
A silence was followed right after, in which Niall tried to choose between confessing or making up an excuse and leaving you alone. He decided to go for the first one and, as a pout took control of his lower lip, he said “Ugh yeah… It hurts so bad” A wave of relief came as soon as the words rushed out of his mouth. Now that you were aware of the situation he didn’t hesitated moving towards you to be captured by your warm embrace, your arms wrapped around him and his face landing on the crook of your neck.

“My stubborn leprechaun… I’m not gonna say I warned you, but I warned you” you chuckled, feeling the vibrations of the groan he let out. You both inmersed in a silence, in which you carefully ran your hands through his messy hair, intensifying it’s disheveled look. The pleasing feeling eased the pain coming from his stomach. He nuzzled the skin of your neck, enjoying your delicious scent.

“Are you feeling any better, honey?” Before pulling away from what had been his shelter for the past minutes, he left a peck on the smooth surface “Yeah baby, you’re always the best medicine for me” With a cheeky wink he left the warmth of the sheets “I’ll be right back”

You watched as he walked to the bathroom, when he halted before making it into the room. Turning to give you an uneasy look, he retched, covering his mouth before finally rushing to the toilet. You immediately jumped off of bed and followed him, finding a knelt down Niall leaning towards the toilet, throwing up all the food he had enjoyed without measurement previously.

You stood behind him, facing the side to avoid such view you had in front. Once he was over you stroked soothingly at his back, trying to calm his panting. “Geez, I didn’t see that one coming” “It’s okay baby. Brush your teeth while I go downstairs to make you a tea” He grabbed your hand before you left the room “I love you”

You stood by the kettle waiting for the water to boil. Niall came up from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist, bringing you close to his figure “Hi handsome” you said, he placed a kiss on your temple as an answer back. “I feel bad” He whispered into your ear a few seconds of silence later. You turned to him and threw your arms around his neck. He tried to hide his face in shyness by tilting it to the side where your arm met his neck, but you managed to make him lock eyes with you.

“Hey… look at me. Why?”

“Because sure I’m bothering you with all this stomachache thing”

“Absolutely not! what makes you think so?”

“C’mon baby! I made you stay up the whole night; you had to put up with the not nice view of me throwing up; and now you’re here preparing me a tea to recover, dealing with my situation when I was the one who looked for it. I’m so-”

“Okay you should stop right there. Niall, you’re not bothering me nor you should apologise. This things happen and of course I’m gonna help you if I can. Don’t be silly” With a wink you closed the gap separating you both and left a chaste kiss on his thin lips.

He chuckled, which quite confused you. “I also feel bad because stomachaches are annoying as fuck. I don’t want to be sick!” He groaned “Don’t you say!” you giggled.

He placed a kiss on the tip of your nose

“But you always manage to make it bearable. Thank you my love.”


why not both? pt 2.
  • pairing: eisuke ichinomiya x MC x soryu oh.
  • rating: mature, ofc.
  • word count: ~2800.
  • content notice: somehow spanking made its way into this, idk how that happened ://
  • author’s notes: this threesome relationship is just really important to me?? so here’s part two. might make it into a series of sorts, i’m not sure yet. enjoy! 
  • part one.

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pls do you can't banish me this is my bed too for kleinsen I would give you a dollar but I have no money

This is the first Kleinsen fic I’ve written, so I’m sorry it’s not very good! Thanks for the prompt!

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

The fact that Evan doesn’t even look up from his book is a testament to how far they’ve come in their relationship—Evan’s gotten to be comfortable with Jared’s joking, finally realizing that Jared is just an asshole who doesn’t know how to express his emotions like a normal human being. Not an irredeemable prick who gets off on tormenting his boyfriend.

“That’s the rule, Jared. I can’t change the rules.”

“Yes, you can! You made those rules!”

This, at least, draws Evan’s attention away from his book that details the strong social bonds between trees, which is a pretty amazing feat. Evan’s tree obsession hasn’t waned at all in the past few years; it’s actually grown stronger since he signed on to work full time at the national park. So, it suffices to say that getting Evan’s attention away from his newest tree book is pretty impressive. “No, we made and agreed on these rules together. Just because the rules aren’t working for you right now doesn’t mean you get to pretend you had nothing to do with them.”

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I know we’re pretty much beyond the point of digging into random story stuff like this (or maybe someone else has already picked up on it) but I was listening to the FO4 party comments for Blind Betrayal earlier (namely the part where the companions talk about Danse surviving and finally being free of the brotherhood) and one of X6-88′s lines kinda stopped me in my tracks

“Too bad, he was making himself useful. At least he’ll live”

This and X6′s very glaringly obvious lack of concern about an apparent runaway synth (He’s a freaking courser?? Why is he acting all cool about this?) leads me to believe that Danse WAS an infiltration unit for the Brotherhood and NOT an escaped synth, and he either had no idea of it (perhaps the institute gathers data remotely via these synths? and him having no idea would help keep him safe from the brotherhoods scrutiny) or… he’s been lying this whole time, which has actually crossed my mind on a few occasions.

But if that’s not the case, why would X6 claim that he was ‘making himself useful’? Considering the coursers interests don’t really go beyond helping the institute unless you’re at really high approval, how on earth could a runaway gen 3 working for the brotherhood be ‘useful’ to the institute? I could push aside the concerns regarding how X6 ignores the reveal of an apparent rogue synth (lazy game mechanics/writing, perhaps he intended to go back to the institute with this information etc), but this comment shows there was likely something intentional going on here.

The only other explanation here is X6 considering what could have happened if the institute had tracked M7-97 down before the Brotherhood found out, maybe reprogramming Danse to become an infiltration unit since he had already worked his way up to a pretty high rank in the enemy faction. But this seems a bit far-fetched if I’m honest. I don’t know, it’s probably something we’ll never properly know about, so why am I bothering dredging this stuff up again?

Occupied - Suga Ver.

jennifer-jimin asked:
Can I ask for a scenario for when The maknae line and yoongi for when they are really confident of asking their gf out for a date but in the and got rejected because she is not free because of work?

A/N: I’m so sorry for the long wait! I will write/post the maknae line ver. soon! ^^ Hope you like it… sorry it’s not very good…

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word count: 1,391

| Jimin Ver. | V Ver. | Jungkook Ver. |

This day was like any other, after practice Yoongi came home to see your sleeping figure. He knows your job is busy and he himself was the same. But he couldn’t remember the last time you two were on a date. It’s almost like you never see each other anymore, expect maybe during the morning or late at night.

Both of you have been busy with your own career and it worried him. He’s usually not someone that would worry about these kinds of things, but he just had this feeling that bothered him. A feeling that appeared when you stopped making time for each other. Yoongi sighed, clearing his head as he wrapped his arms around you, ready to fall asleep.

The sunlight from the opened window shined inside the house waking Yoongi up, it was still early, but because he was so used to waking up at this time, he couldn’t go back to sleep even if he wanted to. Maybe he could go make some breakfast, hoping that he wouldn’t burn down the house. After the pancakes were prepared, he went back to wake you up. He felt a glimpse of happiness seeing you in your sleep, it has been so long since he got a real look at you. You’ve lost weight, your hair was shorter, and much more.

It annoyed him that he couldn’t be a better boyfriend to see the difference in you. He felt really bad, but today he had time off, so maybe he could make up for the time you had lost. He smiled at the idea just as your eyes snapped open to see him. Waking up to your boyfriend’s gummy smile was better than anything in the world. You couldn’t help but give him a weak smile in return.

“Morning.” You whispered, sitting up on the bed, “It’s been awhile, how’s work?”

“Work is stressful as always but I got a small break. Come on, we can talk later. I made breakfast.” He chuckled, pulling you out of bed.

“Y-you made breakfast?” You questioned, slightly concerned as a slight burning scent invaded your nose.

“Yes, I made breakfast and no, I didn’t burn down the kitchen.” He laughed, making you sit down on the stool. You gave him a tired smile, watching him enter the kitchen to grab the slightly burnt pancakes.

“Just because I didn’t burn down the kitchen, it doesn’t mean these pancakes are great.” He admitted with a chuckle, causing you to laugh as well. God, did he miss your smile and that laugh of yours. He realized that he took you for granted and was happy that you stayed by his side despite how busy he was. He definitely had to do the date thing to make it up to you, which is what he thought as he watched you take a small bite, smiling when you made a face.

“I-It’s good.” You lied with a weak smile, he chuckled at your reaction before replying, “You don’t need to lie to me. I already know it’s bad.” “

I’m not lying! It’s not bad… It’s just not very good either.” You stated, taking another bite. You didn’t lie when you said it wasn’t bad, you just didn’t want to make him feel bad especially since it was his first time making food for you.

“Hey, Y/N?” Yoongi called, you hummed in response not able to speak with the food in your mouth. “Do you have time today? I was thinking maybe we should go on a date or something.” He asked with a small blush spreading across his face. You smiled at his question but you had to refuse since you had work today, and it wasn’t just any day of work either. Today you had to finish the final assignment that was due tomorrow.

“I’m sorry Yoongi, I can’t. Maybe we can have dinner tonight though.” You suggested, turning his frown into a weak smile.

“W-whatever.. I didn’t want to go anyways. I guess dinner works then.” He stated, rolling his eyes. You could tell the slight joy in his expression, earning a small chuckle from you. Worried, you checked your time before finishing up the pancake in your hands. Noticing how late you were going to be, you quickly rushed to get ready.

“I can’t believe you have work on the one day I don’t.” He started to complain again, watching you put on your high heels.

“I’m sorry, but I promise that we can have a dinner date.” You said, giving him an apologetic smile before placing a kiss on his cheek. He smiled as his eyes followed your figure until you disappeared into the elevator with a small wave. He sighed, wondering what he should do as he waited for you. He decided that he might as well work on his newest song.

Yoongi wad woken up by the sound of his phone buzzing, it was a call from you. He frowned at the sight of the current time as he answered, “Hello? Y/N? Why aren’t you home? It’s almost midnight.”

“I’m so sorry! My boss gave me a huge assignment that’s due tomorrow so I have to work overtime. That dinner date has to wait.” You apologized, hearing the raspy sound of his voice, “Were you just asleep? I’m sorry for waking you up. Please, don’t wait up for me. Just eat without me. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You might not be able to see me tomorrow though, I have practice early in the morning.” He sighed, not knowing what else to do. Your relationship was getting weak and he didn’t like it one bit. You apologized once more before hanging up to finish your work. You hate to break your promise but you had to finish this.

Yoongi felt lost, he didn’t know what to do. He missed you so much and wished for a date but that won’t happen anytime soon. He sighed once more before thinking of a great idea. If he couldn’t spend his time with you, he should at least cheer you on with your stressful workload. He stared at his phone before sending the special music file.

You glanced around the dark empty office before you continued to type away on your laptop, only to stop to think about your stress. The workload your boss gave you was too much, despite your promise to your boss and the fact that you knew you couldn’t handle it, you took the assignment. Why? Because you didn’t want to disappoint her. She saw you as one of her best employees and expected a lot from you. But you just couldn’t handle it, not to mention Yoongi’s promise you broke.

You sighed as you rubbed your temple, trying to find self encouragement to finish this as quickly as possible. A buzz from your phone distracted you from your thoughts, you glanced at your phone to see a message from Yoongi and a file attached to it.

From: Yoongi
Hope this can help you with your stress…

You smiled at his text before opening the file, it was a music file. You quickly whipped out your headphones just as it started to play. An unfamiliar soft piano sound filled your ears as the first voice started to sing. You knew right away that it was Yoongi’s voice. The words he described was clearly about you. A smile spread across your face as his soft voice continued the meaningful lyrics.

Yoongi woke up early in the morning, surprised to smell pancakes fill the room. He rubbed the sleep in his eyes thinking it was only a dream until he saw your figure in front of the stove. A bright smile appeared on his face as he crept behind you, and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you into an embrace. You, who was startled at first, smiled and turned to face him.

“Hey,” You whispered, “I wanted to thank you for the encouragement last night. That song was beautiful.”

He hummed at your words, hugging you tighter as he stroked the head against his chest, “Anything for you, plus the song is about you anyways.”

“Maybe you can sing it to me live?”

“Haha, you wish” He chuckled, denying your suggestion before planting a kiss on your forehead.

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SXF Magazine October 2014 Issue

Text for Tired Eyes

Not many genre shows stay alive for ten years, but SUPERNATURAL hits that decade-long milestone this autumn when it returns to find the Winchester brothers in dire straits once more. Dean (Jensen Ackles) essentially died in the season finale and was resirrected as a black-eyed demon via Crowley (promoted series regular Mark Sheppard). That leaves Sam on a mission to find his brother with the help of Crowley and mortal Castiel (Misha Collins).

Showrunner Jeremy Carver reveals to SFX that the series will open with a tweak structure. „I’m excited we’re not doing a classic Big Bad mythology“, Carver explains. „If anything, our Big Bad right at the get go is the fact that Dean is a demon. We’re also laying some very personal building blocks, not just for Sam and Dean but for Crowley and castiel as well. If we achieve lift-off, it will feel even more impactful as the season goes on because people will be forced into certain corners. It’s not nescessarily a question of good and evil – more „I’ve got to do what I gotta do“. It will raise some very uncomfortable choices for people.“

In particular carver says the show will dig deep into the conundrum of whether Sam crosses a moral line in his search for Dean. „Part of that is playing off fan expectations in that in our hearts we all desperately want brothers to look for brothers. It’s almost the challende of „What are you willing to accept Sam doing to find and rescue his brother?“ It’s meant to open up those kinds of questions and we do go into it in great detail in the first run of episodes.“

The show will also explore new characte parings that Carver hopes will keep the characters fresh deep into the series run. „The Dean/Crowley relationship sprung up last year when they realized they were bros in a way. It’s an uncomfortable thing and we’ll see that continue this year. They are truly doing what they promised which is howl at the Moon. But I think Dean would be foolish to think Crowley didn’t have a couple of other plans as well – which starts to get these two guys questioning just what this relationship is.

Carver continues, „And Sam is working with Castiel, actually apart at first. Castiel is not in good shape and would rather not be a burden in Sam’s search for Dean so he’s taking one for the team lying low. It will cause him to go on a journey of his own which will be very personal and have far-reaching impact for the year.“

Can I just say how freaking excited this small snippet makes me? There aren’t all that many new spoilers in here, but the way Carver words some things is VERY interesting to me. Especially the part about the Big Bad and the personal journeys for all characters involved.

Also 1: Can we please talk about that picture of Demon!Dean in the bar??? Because hello there gorgeous!!! Really, that hair needs to stay!

Also 2: Is he looking especially young to anybody else here as well?

Demon!Dean gimme NOW!!!!!

Friends/Enemies, Chapter Five

Rated M.  Chapter One is here, Chapter Two is here, Chapter Three is here,  Chapter Four is here, and this is the last chapter.  Trigger Warnings for minor character death, grief, and addiction all apply.

The next three months passed slowly.  Madge’s father decided he couldn’t stay in that big house by himself anymore, so her weekends were spent hunting for a condo for him, and, once that was procured, emptying out her childhood home.  Peeta helped with both tasks, and Delly came around to help with the final cleaning before the house was sold.  Gale she only saw at work.  He was unfailingly polite and professional, but it was as if they were strangers.  Gone was the smirk, gone were the flirtatious double entendres, gone was any flash of whatever had compelled him to be there for her the worst weekend of her life.  The only hint that he even knew her came in the form of a box of cheap dishes that showed up in her office one Monday morning.  There was an unsigned note attached, but she knew instinctively it was from Gale. 

At some point in the next few months you’re going to want to break something.  These should help.


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