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I am so excited!!! This little book (well, 264 pages) has been about 9 months in the making, and it’s finally done. Good grief.

Basically, many of my friends at my undergrad university did Creative Writing with me, and for our final project we had to write a 6k word short story and 2k critical commentary - which, by the way, as someone who has done a Master’s since and written a 20k thesis, was just as hard as writing a standard dissertation. As a surprise to everyone, I sneakily got copies of everyone’s short stories by pretending I just wanted to read them and compare them to mine, and I made them all into an anthology, which I gave to everyone at graduation. It was a really fun project to work on, even though it took ages to proof read the entire thing and design the cover and cry over Word formatting. We called ourselves the Come Along Collective because ‘come along’ was kind of a catchphrase of ours and ‘collective’ sounded professional and artistic. Sue us, we had degrees in this shit.

In June last year, about 3 years after we graduated, we met up (a pretty big deal, seeing as one of us now lives in the US!) and decided to do another anthology. Without the immediate option of including our conveniently timed university dissertation equivalents, we agreed that it would be really fun if we all wrote a short story of between 4-15k words - this is actually why I wrote Here, the World Entire, which appears in this anthology in a slightly shorter form! Since I made that first anthology back in 2013 our friendship group has changed a little, and so one contributor to the first anthology isn’t in this one and we have a new contributor, but that’s OK; it kind of charts the progression of everyone’s experiences since university.

So, over the past 9 months or so, we all wrote a story each, and everyone put their all into their stories, despite being 23-25 now and not having the luxury of time that we used to have, and honestly, the stories are amazing. There’s not a single one in there that I wouldn’t read in a literary magazine. One person didn’t do Creative Writing and was really worried about their story not matching up to the others, but it absolutely does. I did a little cry when I read it because it was so good and the writer didn’t think it was (I think they are now aware that they are actually super talented and should definitely write more). That was one of the reasons I’m so happy to have this physical copy as proof that it’s done, and people who thought they couldn’t do it did do it, and they did it fabulously, because every single person wrote something phenomenal.

There was one person in the group who wasn’t able to write anything because they had a lot going on in their life, and so the rest of us prepared a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE, complete with a secret Facebook group chat (which was literally titled THE ONE THAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP SECRET) in which we collaborated and wrote a story for her instead so that she would still have a story in the anthology. One person wrote a section, then handed it to the next person, and so on. It turned out to be an absolutely hilarious story involving Emily Blunt as an evil sorceress, Jez and Mark from Peep Show as couriers, and our old landlord as an arch villain. It’s pretty rad, not going to lie. That person still gets their name on the cover because the story wouldn’t have been written without them; we basically tried our best to put that person’s personality into a narrative, and that’s why it’s so weird. They are weird, is what I’m saying.

This whole thing was a massive labour of love for all of us. I was literally proof reading it on lunch breaks, and taking graphic design assignments at work so that I could practice for when I made the cover (which I think looks snazzy, if endearingly off-kilter). Everyone was hugely supportive of one another, giving each other prompts and feedback whenever anyone got stuck, and it was such a fantastic experience to make it from start to finish. I’m so, so proud of the end product, and I’m excited to see what our next one will look like!

I have also prepared a super secret special surprise of my own for everyone within this anthology, which I won’t disclose here just in case any of them happen upon this post. It’s rad, though. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

This isn’t available for commercial purchase or anything like that, but it’s a personal project that’s been taking up a lot of my time lately (in a good way!) and it’ll be kind of sad not to have this to work towards. Still, onto the next thing!


Kishigami Komari has just recently been announced for the anime! His seiyū is Jun Fukuyama which is awesome!!!

I have completed Bill and his Zodiac! I may remake the symbols again so they all match up with the pentagram and shooting star but I had done them last so before that I was matching them with the pine tree.
There were a few bumps getting it done but as a whole this project turned out well.



(Victory Tour vs. Brazil, 10/25/15) PHOTOCRED: @home–town !!!!!

As one of the first persons to ship Daring and Rosabella (Darabella), I so happily welcome all you new people to the ship! I’m so happy to see so many people starting to like and ship this pair. Come! Let us all enjoy the wonderfulness that is this Beauty and the Beast! Let us adore them together with gifs, fanfics, fanart, etc.! <3

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Do you think the dani brubaker shoot is a hint at Maddie doing more serious modelling work or being signed with wme? When I think of dani brubaker I immediately think of thylane blondeau which makes me so excited for Maddie

It is definitely awesome she shot with a talented photographer it’s my guess it is going to be a very established publication that she shot for, either way she’s working with awesome people! Maddie IMO won’t be a supermodel. She will be celebrity like model if anything. She right now is absolutely gorgeous and booking good works! Seventeen, AnOther Magazine, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue , ID Magazine because of her celebrity and she shines in front of the camera. She does have potential with print work and decent campaigns. I can’t wait to see what more she does. WME is a fabulous agency if you’re a celebrity and the possibility is very high for IMG they sign a lot of celebrity models these days. Bella, Gigi etc.. Lets wait and see!

Real talk, part of the reason I get weirdly emotional over Weiss being held is because pretty much everything we’ve seen so far points to a scarcity of loving physical affection in her life.

Because we have moments like this

which we all laughed at endlessly, as we should, because it’s hilarious. But the contradiction in what she says and what she does is also indicative of the fact that Weiss really doesn’t know how to show her affection for people. Which also gives us moments like this

…not “physical affection” exactly, but a caring moment, a “tell us what’s troubling you,” somewhat awkwardly executed and confrontational. Some of the tension between her and Blake specifically is probably contributing to the action here, since this episode comes on the heels of the V1 Monochrome train Black and White. But even considering that, she shows genuine concern, reveals that she’s been preoccupied by Blake’s mood, and offers help in a dramatic gesture that manages to feel both caring and out of place at the same time.

And watching her interactions with Winter, I’m starting to understand where some of these contradictions stem from. Weiss greets her very formally (like royalty, I remember seeing someone point out) and has to break down the wall of what I originally interpreted as apathy before Winter starts to (stiffly) show her affection. I doubt the two of them get the opportunity to hug often like they did in episode 4, and their physical interactions before that moment were almost entirely Winter correcting her.

That first hit gets played off as affectionate (“I don’t recall asking about your ranking, I’m asking how you’ve been.”) and we see that Winter actually does care about Weiss on a personal level. But coupling a slap with a thoughtful inquiry carries some implications about Weiss’s family life, especially for the dynamic they seem to have that at times more closely resembles parent-child than sisters. I’m not saying that no one ever hugged Weiss or showed her love, because I was honestly touched by Winter’s “learn yourself” speech, and also because this happened

…but even here Weiss seems unsure how to react for a moment before she gives a cute lil smile and makes me go “awww”

“It was really good to see you, Winter.”

This, right here, is what Weiss needs more of in her life: unconditional affection coupled with the reminder that people care about far more than the perks of her last name, which she’s starting to learn isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The more time Weiss spends with her team, the more we see her depart from the awkward days of V1. We’re not even halfway through volume 3 yet but she’s managed to go from ineffective Pyrrha-fawning, bossy standoffishness, and racist comments, to someone who is willing to step away from her father’s influence and sacrifice herself for her friends (yes Weiss, they are indeed your friends). And she manages to make that growth without totally losing her trademark attitude.

I attribute these changes mostly to RBY’s influence. The beautiful part is that they all challenge and support her in different ways. Ruby’s enthusiasm, combat style, and leader status all really rubbed Weiss the wrong way…

…but she also provides unwavering acceptance of Weiss for who she is and genuinely admires her independent of her family status.

Blake’s background automatically put the two of them at odds and forced Weiss to really examine her stereotyping behavior…

…yet Blake chose to catch her as she fell and carry her to safety even though she had the perfect opportunity to fuck up Torchwick while he was practically begging her to do just that.

Yang cares little for the spoiled rich girl attitude, shares a lot of Ruby’s “fly by the seat of your pants” fighting style that contradicts Weiss’s attention to perfect form, and has a fire affinity to contrast Weiss’s ice affinity…

…yet they collaborate so wonderfully, and Yang’s immediate reaction after the tournament fight ends as she’s coming down from rage mode is to run to Weiss’s side.

Tell me, can a heart be turned to stone?” she sings in White Trailer, but these three seem bound and determined to make sure that doesn’t happen.

IN CONCLUSION: Everyone should hug the snowy shitlord as much as is humanly possible.

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hi i just wanted to say that i really enjoy seeing you get excited about astro it's cute and i love seeing people get excited about the things they like, keep it up

tbh i’m the type of person to get really excited about things really easily and astro just…..they make me so happy which means i get Extra Excited any time they do anything lmao

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Well this week has been good so far. I have been able to drive which is something i dont do because my parents dont let me that much. I also realized that in 2 weeks i will be breathing the same air as BTS and will be seeing them live which makes me even more emotional thinking about 😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧


I’m seeing them in May and my heart already hurts lmao

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Wild Hearts

Characters – Daddy!Dean x Reader, Sam, Mary

Summary – Mary Winchester meets her namesake

Word Count – 2,614

Warnings – Pure fluff!   But warnings for some tiny spoilers from the Season 11 finale and the first few episodes of Season 12 – though I’m pretty sure that the only “spoilers” in this story were in the quick promos for the first several episodes.

A/N – Written for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s  20K Follower Celebration and Fic Contest. The prompt was “Blame it on my wild heart.”   And for which she generously gave me an Honorable Mention!!!  Which makes my little fluffy heart so excited! I did, however, correct a couple of little things in the story that were bugging me (incorrect verb tense, for example) before posting it here. Gif courtesy of Google.

 CONGRATS, KIM!  That is an amazing milestone, and you truly deserve it!  

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean had been insistent that you take Mary and go to your aunt’s house for his final showdown with Amara.  She had proven that she could get into the bunker, and he was too nervous to have you there with the others after he left on his suicide mission as a human bomb. You wanted to be with him, but he wanted you and your four-year-old daughter safe and as far away as possible.

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GM The Great Lady of New York: My Understanding

There aren’t a ton of spoilers out there, which actually makes me more excited!
So there is a Multicultural Fair going on all day Thursday, and The Hive Five(I’m pretty sure Smackle is absent in this episode) are exploring their backgrounds. Maya is Irish, Farkle is Jewish, and Riley is cream cheese lady liberty(it’s a joke). Lucas and Zay probably have backgrounds, too, but I don’t know what they are. Auggie and Ava make friends with a boy named Raffi from Cuba. Throughout the episode Farkle avoids talking about his background until the very end and while he’s talking about it he starts crying. Riley hugs him. It is silent and about two minutes long. Guys, this means a Riarkle hug is about 1/10 of the episode! Although they’ll probably cut it.
Theory: I think Farkle’s family has some history with the Holocaust, and it’s painful for him to talk about it. Towards the end of the episode he’ll finally talk about it and start crying. Riley will hug him for a while and it’ll go to an ad. When they come back from the ads they’ll still be hugging but Riley will finally let go(implying it was very long, maybe with a funny remark from Zay about him greying or something).

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I just changed my url ( prev. aprhrodite) and my exams are finally over (which makes me soo happy and excited for summer), so i decided to do blogrates for y’all.


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taylorswift hey Tay so I’m seeing you in Tampa (maybe even before then God willing) but I’m seeing you in Tampa! Your last date of North America (unless you add msg which would make me very happy)!!!!!!!! I’m so excited it’s just starting to feel real! I’m coming from New York with my mom. She actually just got intense back surgery so it’s a big deal that she’s flying in less than 6 weeks! She can barely walk up and down the block. Anyways we are still extremely excited and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us! We saw you in DC together back in July so we know the show is beyond epic and literally indescribable but we have a feeling this show will be off the hizzy! I’m hoping you whip out the unicorn costume at some point because it’s on Halloween booooooooooo!!! Anyways you will probably do something extremely insane after the show with some amazing fans and I just pray to God that I can be one of them. I know it’s a long shot because you have no idea I exist and we’ve never interacted on here. But I just would love to be involved. Ever since I heard love story in my friends dads car in the sixth grade my life has never been the same. You’ve helped me through so much. From depression to bullying to being the only one not invited to a girls sweet 16 to dealing with idiot boys. I really would LOVE the opportunity to thank you and give you the biggest hug in person because I need a hug right now! I recently started college and it’s extremely difficult. People are rude to me and it’s a really hard transition. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you in my life. The fact that I’m seeing you in a month is what’s getting me through this tough time. I really hope we get to finally meet. And maybe even have a dance party! taylorswift