which makes me go boo hoo

A day of working with [Hugh Laurie], rather thrown off course by Emma Thompson arriving at twelve to have her script rescued. She had been writing her screenplay of Sense and Sensibility on a Mac, using Final Draft. […] She is rather keen for Hugh to play Colonel Brandon and equally keen, so far as I can see, for me to play no one at all. Heigh ho, quite right, no doubt.
[…] Hugh and I didn’t manage to write much: we watched The Budget instead and started reading Emma’s screenplay, which I had printed out for Hugh at her request. She’s actually done a smashing job. It really reads well: I was in floods of tears, absolutely loving it. Such a great story, of course. Hugh would be excellent as Brandon. But top marks to Emma, really brilliant work. The cunt of it is that she’s right, there’s absolutely nothing in it for me. Boo hoo. It could make Hugh a star, which he thoroughly deserves, but yours truly is going to be a bit of  stay-at-home naffness, while Hugh jets off to Hollywood as Mr Big. I have always known that this will happen, but what will come hard will be everyone’s sympathy for me.

Stephen Fry, November 1993.

In the end, Alan Rickman was cast as Colonel Brandon and Hugh Laurie made do with Mr Palmer.

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Don't be a bitch k:)

Aw, boo-hoo, you called me a bitch

If you’re the guy that was just messaging me (which I’m 100% sure you are) I am not sorry for what I said to you, even if it makes me a “bitch” in your book. Sending people unsolicited dick pics is NOT COOL– it’s disgusting. I’m going to say whatever the fuck I want, because you have to get it through your head that sending people pictures of your dick is not going to get you anywhere. They’re not sexy and they’re not going to make me suddenly want you and lust after you. Please reevaluate your life choices.

Like I told you, thank GOD tumblr blurred the image for me, because otherwise I would’ve seen a very unflattering picture of a very unflattering thing. In what world is that supposed to be sexy? In what world did you think I was going to like it? Who does this work on? Stop. Leave me alone. I blocked you for a reason.

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hey, i was gonna ask u this on twitter but i have more room here so here goes. So on twitter u just said something about wanting ur younows down from youtube? Im really confused because thats the only way Im able to view them as they are live streamed at 4-530 am for me on a school day. I understand that you dont like other people making profit for smth you did but its the only way i can see them. Is there anyway else i can watch them that youd prefer? thanks rosie, enjoy the rest of ur day:)

But it’s NOT the only way you can see them! You can watch them on younow AFTER we’ve finished broadcasting. As far as I’m aware, watching our younows on the younow platform is kind of tricky on mobile devices, but they are fixing this. But you can 100% go on a laptop or comp and watch our younows.

It’s not about other people making a profit, it’s about us LOSING money, subs, views and also going down on our Search Engine Optimisation. 

Basically, in a nutshell, every time someone searched ‘roseellendix’ or ‘rose and rosie’ on YT and don’t go to our channel but go to another channel ( ie go to one of the many channels that re-uploads our videos or  uploads our younows) that doesn’t just give that person views or whatever but it rates OUR channel that we work so hard on LOWER on the SEO scale. So every single time anyone watches our younows or re-uploaded videos our channel goes further down and down the scale. 

The higher your SEO the better your channel is rated, you will go higher up on google, on youtube more people will see your channel and it will be suggested to more people for viewing. It’s really tricky and difficult to explain, because it’s all about Google’s back end algorithm. 

I’m just trying to explain it but I’m drinking wine rn and it’s tough. But please believe me I am literally qualified in SEO, you can check my linkedin. 

I know YouTube is an awesome job, you don’t have to tell me. I know I am my own boss, I don’t have to get up and go to a lousy job and I get to be fun and creative. So I know when we talk about stuff that’s frustrating to us, people are probably like; “boo hoo stfu”

But the fact is, this IS my job. It’s how we make money. Money is what we need to save for a family, for a house, to pay our bills and to buy us food. So when people upload our younows, which is ILLEGAL btw and against the rules of younow, we are losing out badly. 

Please remember that it is younow that is the platform that allows Rose and I to be natural in front of the camera, to give you a peek into our lives, our house. We’ve done younow when we are sick, with our pets etc. We play LIVE games with you and give away prizes. YouNow brought all that to you, so you should respect that it is its own platform, SEPARATE to youtube, and they have their own platform to watch our younows that THEY make happen in the first place.

So it’s not about other people profiting or whatever, it’s about us losing. It’s actually illegal, not allowed by younow OR youtube (you are supposed to upload your own content that you have created yourself) and impacts our channel worse than you’d think.