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INTJs: From an INFJs Perspective

As we all know, INTJs are quite complex and individualistic. This has many manifestations, both in how they are perceived and how they perceive themselves. Here are some characteristics I’ve noticed that I’d like to share:

1 - INTJs are hard to get to know. Like really. They’re masters of hiding who they really are deep down and people are prone to assuming that they are merely bitter and hate humanity, but they actually care a good deal. They just aren’t terribly good at showing that they care.

2 - INTJs do not pick up on subtle hints unless they are actively watching for them, which they rarely are. For an INFJ such as myself who communicates through subtle hints a good deal of the time, it has turned into a fun game to see how obvious my hints can get until the INTJ notices. So far they haven’t noticed a single one. (Seriously, INTJs. I’ve seen you people walk into stuff and trip over things that would have injured another person, but you all just get up like nothing happened and move on. It’s incredible, really… It’s like you’ve got metal skeletons or something.)

2a - This item is more of an elaboration on #2 than anything else. When someone likes an INTJ and they attempt to show the INTJ that they like them, it’s difficult to actually get them to realize it without coming out and saying it to their face which is often a daunting prospect. (Any other types feel me here?) I know an ENFJ who likes an INTJ and ENFJ’s main way of showing someone they like them is giving them random hugs. INTJs aren’t too keen on this as ENFJ has found out and ENFJ is a little discouraged, not to mention that INTJ makes a small effort to avoid ENFJ now and it’s making ENFJ rather sad.

3 - INTJs are focused and serious. Very much so. So much so, in fact, that you’ve sometimes go to throw a small object (like a brick) at them to get them out of their hyper-focus state. Although, from past experience I would not at all recommend attempting to bring them back to reality; they are not happy when someone brings them back to this dimension where incompetent humans such as ourselves roam and talk non-stop, haha. (Also, bricks aren’t 100% reliable because INTJs often have their robot guard blast them out of the air and promptly terminate you to reduce the chances of further distraction.) INTJs, when interested in a topic, become a knowledgeable expert almost overnight. If you ask them about a topic they know a lot about (for example, the INTJ that co-runs this blog and does most of the MBTI Chronicles posts is big into firearms, as am I) and they will talk your ear off if you let them. Find a solid common ground and they’ll probably like you. (Being able to think for yourself is another requirement for being an INTJs friend, btw.)

4 - INTJs, when mad, don’t get angry like most others do. While a lot of people become physical and emotional, INTJs will usually become cold and they will openly show their disdain for the thing or being that managed to make them angry in the first place, often roasting them (if it be a person) mercilessly. This is often a terrifying thing to witness because INTJs rarely get visibly angry. People may be well-acquainted with their death-stare, but a full-on angry INTJ is usually enough to make most people shy away, leaving the INTJ to simmer down alone, which is probably best for humanity in general. They rarely get physical when angry, but if a close friend is getting physically abused they will often step in and terminate the abuser.

5 - INTJs can be poetic if they want to be. Not all INTJs take an interest in poetry, but if an INTJ wants to convey a poetic message they can indeed convey it through their writing. INTJs are also brilliant technical writers, able to explain complex concepts through simple language that most would have a hard time with. Having an INTJ explain something to you through writing is about as good as it’s going to get.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this little list of (slightly humorous) observations about INTJs. :)

INTJs, what are your thoughts? I’ve known several INTJs for a while, but I’m yet unsure if I know the personality type well enough to make an accurate list of traits.

Thanks you all for reading to the end! It’s almost 800 words long and that’s a fair chunk. Good job! Thank you for following the blog and INTJ promises more MBTI Chronicles posts soon! :)

- INFJ admin


gif is not mine

Title: Forever

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 1,106

Warnings: injured reader, angst, fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

Gabriel knew he loved you the second he laid eyes on you.  However, he never came forward with his feelings, and neither did you.  The two of you loved each other and neither of you knew how the other felt.

When Sam, Dean, and Cas came back, Gabriel went from excited to horrified within a matter of seconds.  The Winchesters were leaning on each other as Castiel carried you in his arms.  Your clothes were soaked with blood.  He was sure most of it was your own, judging from the gashes on your arms.  

“What the hell happened,” Gabriel asked urgently, taking you from Castiel’s arms.  “Why didn’t you call for my help?”

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Silent Jealousy

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Baron Corbin x You

I watched from the corner of the hallway as I saw Baron talk to Alexa Bliss which sounded creepy but I couldn’t help it when I saw my boyfriend talking to her, a girl that has been trying to get with Baron since forever. I was known as the shy girl in the company even though I wasn’t as shy once you got to know me which attracted Baron and me together since we are almost the same type of person.  Baron and I have been dating for about six months now which isn’t long but probably is one of my most successful relationship I’ve ever had. He makes me feel at my absolute best and loved however sometimes I feel deeply insecure especially when Baron talks to girls more specifically beautiful, single girls. As I was watching him and Alexa I could feel my anxiety cloud my mind and begin to overthink the situation. I tried to shake away the horrible thoughts in my mind but they couldn’t seem to go away so I decided to head back to the hotel not caring if I left Baron behind.

               I laid on the hotel bed aimlessly going through my phone till I hear the hotel room door slam which causes me to jump and almost fall off the bed. Baron walks in, slamming his bag on the ground then crossing his arms across his chest.

“Why did you leave me at the arena today?” he asks getting closer to me. I sit up on the bed and answer,” I was tired so I decided to come back here and take a nap.” I start playing with the fabric till a warm, soft hand is placed on top of it. I look up into Baron’s brown eyes which were filled with anger and hurt.

“(Y/N) tell me the truth.” I look away from him and stare at the blanket again. I couldn’t tell him the truth he will think I’m some crazy girlfriend who is trying to control him. I stayed silent which made him angrier as he got up from the bed and started to pace in front of the bed.

“Well?” he asks with an annoyed tone in his face. I continued to stay silent.

“Fine, you don’t want to tell then I am going to stay with someone else till you figure out if you want this relationship or not.” That’s the last he says and he slams the door behind him. Once the door was completely closed I started to sob wishing I would just stop saying silent.


               I didn’t sleep all night as I thought about Baron and how I just ruined the best relationship I’ve ever had because I was too scared to tell him I was jealous. I slowly moved out of bed and got ready as I was already dreading this day as I knew the thing between Baron and I was over. I lied to him straight to his face so he would never want me back. As I was about to leave there was a knock on my door. I open it to see the one who caused all this even though she doesn’t know that Alexa Bliss.

“What do you want Alexa?”

“Oh, I just wanted to let you know that Baron came to me last night saying you guys had a fight but don’t worry I made him pretty happy afterward, though. So, you don’t have to worry about you and Baron getting back together because he is with now. Okay?” That all she says and walks away from my room. I slam my door and fall onto the bed face first as tears ran down my face. I was right, this day was going to awful.

               I sat in the hotel room at all not wanting to see Baron and Alexa together which would bring sickness to my stomach every time I thought about it. I was watching Law and Order: SVU when a heavy banging on my door started. I groaned and got up from the bed and opening the door to see…



“Baron, what are you doing here?

“I came here to make sure you were okay. Your not picking up any one’s calls or texts. I was worried.”

“You don’t need to be worrying about me. You have Alexa to worry about.”

He gave me confused look,” What are you talking about? What does Alexa have to do with any of this?”

I rolled my eyes and laid back on the bed. I heard the door close and see Baron had come into the room.

“(Y/N) please tell me what’s wrong?

I rub my hands down my face and say,” What’s wrong?!? Oh, I don’t know maybe that you got a new girlfriend right after our fight last night especially with a girl you know I hated!”

“What the hell are you talking about?!”

“I’m talking about how you went to Alexa’s room last night, hooked up and now you two are together!”

“Who told you that?!”

“Your new girlfriend, Baron!”


I stay silent as I try to catch my breath from all the yelling. We both stared at each as we were trying to digest the new information that was yelled out during the argument. Baron sat next to me on the bed and grabbed my hand,” (Y/N) I never hooked up with Alexa last night plus I wasn’t even in her room  last night”

“Then why did she come to me this morning and told me you guys were together?”

He shakes his head,” I have no idea why she would do it. But please don’t tell me you believe her.”

I look into his deep brown eyes to see nothing but sadness and hope. I smile and squeeze his hand,” I did believe her at first but not anymore.”

He smiles back and asks,” So are you going to tell me what was wrong with you last night? You can tell I don’t care what it is.”

I sighed and decided to put my big girl panties on and tell him. “I was jealous Baron. Of you and Alexa. I thought you and her were better together so I got scared and insecure. I’m sorry,” I say with my head down and tears forming in my eyes. I heard Baron chuckled which caused me to turn my head quickly towards him.

“What is so funny, Baron?”

He laughs and says,” There was no need for to be jealous of Alexa, baby. She used to be a friend. Anyways, l love you and no one or anything is going to change that. Baby, if you ever feel insecure or jealous just come talk to me don’t hide it from me. You can talk to me about anything, okay?”

I nod my head and hug him,” I love you too.” I felt him smile against my neck as he places small kisses across it which makes me giggle. I feel him smile wider as he pulls us towards the bed with me laying my head on his chest. There was no place I rather be than in Baron’s arms with my heart pumping out of my chest.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 244: Weakness Number 6

I must admit that I find this chapter as especially hilarious, mostly due to Bokuto and the reactions of his teammates, Akaashi’s in particular.

Konoha, Sarukui, Komi, Washio, and Onaga’s reactions.

Bokuto’s. Feat. his hair. That’s one helluva expressive hair. We can guess Bokuto’s mood from his hair only.


For all his complaints about Bokuto, Akaashi is the one who believes in Bokuto the most. But damn, that’s some quick thinking and complete awareness of his surroundings. Akaashi doesn’t only notice what’s happening on the court, but also off the court. I don’t think Kageyama’s awareness goes that far.

Could we talk about the unexpected friendship between Hinata and Yamaguchi? We’ve seen glimpses of them getting along whenever they are waiting in the sidelines with their complementary commentaries, especially when it comes to their other halves. However, since the nationals started, we’ve seen Yamaguchi willingly spend time with Hinata, more so in this chapter. But then knowing the people they are close to in the team, Kageyama for Hinata and Tsukishima for Yamaguchi, both are the kind of people who’d rather not spend time with others outside volleyball games unless necessary (or blackmail, I’ve got a feeling that Yamaguchi has plenty, not that Yamaguchi needs those to spend time with Tsukishima, at least not always…). I really want to see more of these two. Can anyone give me a fanfic rec for these two? They are so adorable.

The long awaited meeting of the small giants. Finally! (And Yamaguchi’s first reaction is to glance at Hinata? Surprised to see another short player? Or wondering which one is shorter/taller? Or wanting to see what scene Hinata’s gonna make?)

As interesting as the end of the chapter, I’d like to review the results of the first round matches for our three favorite teams.

All three manage straight two sets win. The difference lays in the scores.

  • Karasuno (25-23, 25-23)
  • Nekoma (29-27, 25-21)
  • Fukurodani (25-22, 25-21)

Based solely on scores, I’d say Fukurodani’s the strongest team, followed by Nekoma then Karasuno. However, if we consider the circumstances of each win, Nekoma and Karasuno are pretty even, and Fukurodani is much stronger than the two teams. Fukurodani has the largest gaps with his opponent compared to the others and that’s without Bokuto in full throttle. It’s likely the score gap will be wider if Bokuto’s more involved in the attacks.

Now, Nekoma is the only team that reach the score beyond 25, but it is rather typical of the slow starter team. Regardless, Karasuno has the same problem with adjusting Kageyama and yet they still manage to finish the first set with 25 points. In the second set, Nekoma manages to win more decisively likely without substitution while Karasuno struggles more that they put in Suga for the last points. However, it is based on the assumption that their opponents are more or less in the same level. If not, well… we can throw this analysis out of the window.

Otherwise, it still stands that Fukurodani’s the more well rounded team with skilled members, Nekoma’s the more defense-oriented and -skilled team and Karasuno’s the offense-oriented and -skilled team. Thus, objectively I can see why Fukurodani’s the best candidate for the spring high champion. While I have no idea who will come on top between Karasuno and Nekoma. By virtue of narrative, I can see Karasuno winning, but Nekoma winning will be no less interesting.

Well, let’s just wait and see?

On a random note, don’t wear headband. You’re bound to lose.

Yup, that’s Eiwa, who loses to Fukurodani. Remember the fate of the last team who wears headband?

how to stay motivated

hey guys so recently I have had quite a few messages asking me how to stay motivated so I thought I would put it in one post so that people can see how I like to stay motivated and hopefully these tips help you too!


I feel like setting a goal is super important and this is my main source of motivation. I set little mini short-term goals and the odd long-term goal so I am surrounded by aims to get me motivated. 

So what is a short-term goal? A short-term goal is a goal that you want to set for the near future. The near future could be an hour, a day, a week, a month - but something that you can accomplish in a ‘small’ amount of time. Examples could include:

  • Getting up at 7am every morning and starting your work early
  • Reading a chapter of a book a day to improve your reading 
  • No chocolate for a month
  • No studying past 6pm
  • Keep a clean desk

A long-term goal is something that you want to reach but takes a lot longer to achieve. Long-term goals can include:

  • Going to university to study Law
  • Getting straight B’s in next years final exams
  • Landing a career in journalism
  • Gaining/losing X amount of lbs
  • Saving £X so you can go on holiday

I find setting a long-term goal can be helpful, but short-term goals are just as good. I have a long term goal at the moment to work hard and get good grades so I can go to university and study history. Whilst this is a good goal, I also need stepping stones to get me there and to keep that motivation flowing - these are my short-term goals: such as getting more organised for my final year, or getting an A on an essay I’ve written. 

Sometimes people don’t know what to do when they have to set a goal, but think slightly selfish for a bit and think about what you really want and how to get there. This sets up some motivation. I love having a goal because I feel like every small task I complete gets me one step closer to that goal of mine - almost like ticking an assignment off of your to-do list!


Speaking of to-do lists, this brings me on to tip number two. I don’t know where I would be without a to-do list/schedule because without it, I would be an absolute mess. With having so much to do, it is impossible for me to keep a mental list of everything and writing it down helps so much!

Not only does it help me remember what I have to do, it also motivates me in so many ways. First of all, setting one up at the start of the day means that I know exactly what I need to get done and I want to get it done as quickly as I can, but without rushing it and so it makes me start straight away so I can tick things off of my list. 

This brings me on to the second reason why they motivate me so much - because every time you tick it off, you get an amazing feeling of satisfaction and relief that your to-do list is slowly getting smaller. Also, the amount of happiness it brings when you have ticked off everything you have to do is definitely such a good feeling and it is so amazing to know you have finished and you can now relax! Each time you tick something off, it motivates you to get the whole list done.

Schedules work in the same way, as you go through the day, there are less and less things for you to do and it makes you feel gradually more satisfied that you’re coming to the end of your work!

Pro tip: however, it is important to be realistic, if you set a to-do list with 15 things on it, it looks less appealing and you are less likely to do it. go for realistic lists that are long enough to keep you busy but small enough to manage!


This is actually quite simple and original but also helps massively and perhaps one of the most amazing things ever. If I have a massive chunk of homework for a subject, breaking it down into smaller tasks makes my life so much easier and saves me so much agro. 

Of course it isn’t always possible to break it down if your deadline is two days after it is set - but you can always break it down into two halves which makes tackling it seem a lot easier. 

I know some of my friends really don’t like doing this because they would rather just get it done and out the way, but if you are someone like me where motivation needs to hit me like a truck before I get work done, this can be a really good way to tackle projects and homework and isn’t as stressful. Whilst it might take slightly longer due to the breaking up of tasks, I actually find this more productive and makes things so much more manageable so I actually feel like I want to do the small task instead of the one large one. 

I break up the tasks and schedule these broken up tasks on my to-do list. For example, instead of reading a whole chapter and taking notes from my history books, I will just write ‘take notes from page X to page Y’ and it completely changes my frame of mind and makes me more positive.


You probably must be thinking something like, ‘Jess you must be mad! why on earth would you do the hardest task first thats just the worst idea ever?!’ but honestly, this is something that can really change your mood and uplift you for the rest of the day - honestly, this tip works!

I completely understand that in a morning the first thing you are not going to want to do is that physics homework that entails you doing 3 pages of questions on oscillations and harmonic motion. However, doing the hardest task / things you don’t want to do first, not only makes you tackle it with a fresh mind after waking up (or after a break from school or whatever it is you were doing), but also afterwards, you feel more confident and motivated to get the rest of the things done which are more enjoyable and is actually more motivating because you have got the worst thing out of the way.

You also don’t want to not do it and then set it for another day, when you are probably going to procrastinate getting it done. Get it out of the way!

We all know that leaving an assignment you really don’t want to do until last is perhaps the worst thing you can do, as you take one look at it and decide you have had enough and need a break or some sleep. Prioritising this first means that you can get everything done without leaving the thing you didn’t want to do. 


This one is a great one to bare in mind and this really applies to me at the moment and is actually where my main source of motivation has come from since the 18th August (results day!).

For me, getting great results is a massive success, and receiving results such as A’s and B’s makes me very very happy and much more motivated. It gives me a spark of inspiration to keep going to make sure that I keep that up! Whilst I know grades aren’t everything, they are really important to me and so this is why when I get very good results, they motivate me to keep me going to achieve more - and it ends up in a cycle!

However, whilst good grades motivate me to carry on performing at my best and to keep working hard, it is important that I understand my failures too, and so should you. A failure for me isn’t a specific grade as such, but where I am disappointed at myself for getting something or knowing I didn’t perform as well as I should have, or an unexpected failure as I thought I had done better than I did.

From these failures/mistakes, these also motivate me to do better next time, or to focus on improving myself and my technique to be the best I can be. Failures/mistakes can make you more motivated than what your successes can, because it motivates you to find areas of improvement and work hard and improve techniques so that you can get to where you want to be - you can get to that goal! 

Successes and failures are so important in receiving motivation. Not only do they provide you with something to keep you going, but they build you as a character and I think that is a lovely thing!


I find that since joining the studyblr community, I have found really nice ways to be creative and to make my notes look neater and more appealing for me to look at. This might seem to be such a silly little tip, but drawing simple doodles or fancy titles really motivates me. 

Whilst making my notes look more aesthetically pleasing takes slightly longer, I find it calms me with anxiety as I am being creative whilst I am working and it is a really great way for me to stay relaxed. So not only does it bring me motivation, but calms my anxiety too! Killing two birds with one stone!

This point doesn’t really apply when I am revising, a fancy title will probably do; and also when I am taking notes in class, I never bother; but when I am going over things or making flashcards, it helps to make things look more appealing so I am more likely to pick them up and go for them and learn. 

Some might disagree that this would actually make them less inclined to do work, but if you need to alleviate stress, get motivated or just want to make your notes look nice, then this could be for you!


Breaks and rewards give you so much motivation whilst you are doing your work! I study and revise probably more than what is healthy, and so I like to make sure I have a nice break whenever I can because I work myself very hard. Sometimes, something can take me about 2 hours and so a half an hour to an hour’s worth of break can really help me before I start something else. 

You can try having a break every 45 minutes, every hour or two hours; but make sure your break really puts your mind at ease before you start work again. You need to make sure you give your brain a good rest. 

You can have a break or reward yourself by having a nice shower, going for a walk or to the gym, cooking, having a coffee and a biscuit, meeting up with some friends, going on social media, having a nap - whatever it might be, as long as you have that break you will feel so much more refreshed after! It also motivates you to get things done so you know you can have a break after you have finished your task and makes you feel compelled to finish it so you can relax!


This is actually a really important point and can help maintain motivation in the long run. Getting people to help you can be a really good way to stay motivated. Tell people, such as your friends and family, about the goals you have set for yourself or that you are struggling to stay motivated and ask them to help you. 

My friends sometimes study with me and help me with things I don’t understand which can help maintain my motivation. When I finally understand something or I go over things with my friends, it can make me feel more confident and uplifted that I know things and spurs me on. Letting family know about your goals also helps them support you which is a really significant part of motivation, because if no one is there to support you, the will to carry on eventually disintegrates and you don’t want that! 

Make sure that you do have some support, whether it be from friends, family or the studyblr community, but ensure you are surrounded by people who can motivate you and who can help you along the way so that you can achieve these goals and keep you on target! Sometimes, motivation doesn’t come from the things you do, but from the environment that you’re in - which is why support and help is such a good source of motivation!

That is the end of the tips I have on how to stay motivated. Hopefully they are good starting points for you all! Let me know if you try any of these tips for a while and tell me if they have helped you, it is always nice to see what people think and if these things work - remember if they don’t, that everyone is different and different things work for different people!

flowerrface  asked:

i let my past hold me back and it makes me feel sad all the time , I constantly think about it , any advice for how to move on? love your blog 💕💕💕

hello rosemary
moving on is rather difficult, for it requires a total deconstruction of thought in order to reach an epiphany/revelation which allows letting go to be possible. however, here are small things that may help :—)

♡ hibernate (spend a few midnights alone, turn your thoughts to paper, release pain you once feared to face)
♡ speak (once your thoughts have been articulated well enough in your head spill them on the floor…*psst best to do this with a professional*, allow others to listen and allow yourself to listen to their advice, perhaps you may need reconciliation with those who hurt you to understand yourself further…perhaps you may need to let go another way)
♡ return to girlhood (visit a time before, return to chocolate milk and dirt stained palms, keep windows open and make wishes on candles)
♡ it will be ok (repeat phrases like this when you feel overwhelmed in the moment: “I feel safest when…the phrase ‘I don’t want to stop trying repeats in my head’”

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The first time I read these stories, I considered the second one to be the most boring. I now regret that, because it occurs to me that its small scale and seemingly low stakes is rather the point. This isn’t about national politics, it’s about local politics, not about the fate of a nation, but the fate of a stream and the farmlands around it. It’s about ordinary people; even the nobility in this are a landed knight and a minor lady. Rereading it, this is incredibly good in its characterization and slow buildup to its bittersweet conclusion.

It also helps that since then I’ve read A Dance with Dragons and A World of ice and Fire, which makes the events of this story feel a lot more relevant. It both introduces a character who actually shows up in the main books, and has the background for two other characters, and if you thought I was done talking about Jaime and Brienne because I was reading a book that takes place generations before they were born, think again!

The Sworn Sword

One of the benefits of reading these novellas right before aDwD’s release was that when the three-eyed crow was revealed in the cave beneath, I recognized who he was pretty much immediately. Very old, named Brynden, one red eye, the other missing – three is a pretty big drop from “a thousand and one,” but then again Melisandre’s vision of him gave him a thousand back. Brynden Rivers is introduced in the novellas before he shows up in the main series. Martin has sworn you don’t need to read the Dunk and Egg stories to follow the plot of the series, but here’s a case where it helps – although maybe we’ll be getting flashbacks in Bran’s upcoming arc to fill in for the rest of you.

In the meantime, let me give the history behind him and the other bastards of Aegon IV. Known as Aegon the Unworthy, this truly dreadful king decided to legitimate all of his bastards at his death because there were rumors that his son Daeron by his sister-wife Naerys was actually the son of his brother Aemon the Dragonknight, who did love his mistreated sister, though whether romantically as in later songs isn’t clear (I headcanon that Jaime loved those stories as a kid). The most prominent of these bastards was his son by his cousin Daena Targaryen, Baelor the Blessed’s wife who he never slept with because chastity. This was Daemon Blackfyre, who claimed the Iron Throne for himself after his father’s passing, leading to a civil war called the First Blackfyre Rebellion.

Brynden Rivers, known as the Bloodraven, was the son of Aegon and Melissa Blackwood, who also shows up in A Dance with Dragons as the namesake of a set of mountains that Jaime and Hoster discuss. The Blackwoods live at Raventree Hall, which has an enormous weirwood tree where hundreds of ravens have gathered every dusk for a thousand years. Bloodraven had a reputation as a “sorcerer,” and we know for certain is he was a greenseer, and the stories of him being able to communicate with animals and take their shape were definitely true. In the main series, he seems to be able to skinchange into entire flocks of crows and ravens. While Bloodraven is only mentioned in this story, he will be a major character in the final novella, and I’ll be looking for how his powers manifest there.

For this story, though, the kings and queens are just a background. About two years after The Hedge Knight, Dunk and Egg have been traveling the country, visiting Storm’s End, Dorne, and Oldtown. Shortly after the tourney, an epidemic called the Great Spring Sickness swept the country, trimming the Targaryen tree and taking out King Daeron and his next set of heirs. King Aerys is now on the throne, who appointed Bloodraven as his Hand. As summer moved in, a drought hit the country that people blame on their supposedly sorcerous new Hand, and the smallfolk everywhere are suffering.

Dunk has sworn his sword to Ser Eustace, a landed knight in the Reach whose sons died in the Blackfyre Rebellion, and when he discovers that the old man’s neighbor, Lady Rohanne Webber, has dammed up the nearby stream and is blocking the water to Eustace’s land, a local skirmish seems imminent. Dunk is sent to treat with Rohanne, known as the “Red Widow” because she’s lost four husbands, only to discover that all is not as Ser Eustace would have him believe. Also, the Red Widow is only twenty-five and smoking hot and she and Dunk fall in love pretty much immediately.

One of the recurring plot points of the novellas is Dunk’s inability to get laid. Oh sure, he could afford it if he wanted to go that route, but he’s a romantic and wants a woman who actually wants him. He fell for Tanselle in the last story and she’s the reason they went to Dorne, but he never managed to find her. He and Rohanne have enormous sparkage, and she tells him “If you were better born, I’d marry you.” Whenever he sees her freckled face, he thinks “I’ll bet she’s freckled all over,” and she returns the compliment near the end of the novella by saying, “You have large feet (…) Large hands as well. I think you must be large all over,” which is one of the best dick innuendos I have ever read. But they can’t be together because of their different social class, and instead in the end she winds up marrying Ser Eustace to make a peace and keep her lands.

Now, at some point, Duncan obviously got over this problem, since he’s Brienne’s ancestor (something that Martin did finally confirm earlier this year in an interview). But just exactly how he’s related to her is still a question. A World of Ice and Fire does not help, as it doesn’t mention any of this children, and makes things more confusing with a reference that the House of Tarth has ties “recently to House Targaryen,” in spite of no such connections showing up in the family tree in the back of the book. A lot of Targaryen girls, however, are neglected in the family tree, and I suppose it’s possible that Dunk wound up with one of Aegon’s sisters – maybe even his older sister Daella who Egg mentions that he’s supposed to marry. And by “wind up,” I don’t mean marry, because his birth is too low, but hey, love affairs happen, and a female Targaryen bastard might be just about the correct rank to marry a lord of Tarth.

A World of Ice and Fire is much clearer about what happened to Lady Rohanne Webber after this story ends. Septon Sefton mentions that he thinks the only man she might want to marry is Gerold Lannister, who she has corresponded with in letters, but Rohanne dismisses the idea that he’d want to marry a minor lady. Well, it turns out, she was wrong; after Ser Eustace dies he became her sixth husband, and this time it lasts. They have four sons, two of whom are Tytos and Jason Lannister, who are the parents of, respectively, Tywin and Joanna Lannister, and yes, Dunk is the great-grandfather of Brienne, and Rohanne is the great-grandmother of Jaime.

Whether this was planned all along (this story was published in 2004, only about a year before A Feast for Crows, plus the Gerold references is already here) or decided retroactively, what’s clear is that at some point Martin went, “Hey, you know what would be a great idea? Having Jaime and Brienne’s great-grandparents meet and fall in love and make out.”

And once you’ve realized who their descendants are, suddenly everything gets so much shippier. Rohanne tries to give Dunk a horse to match him just like Jaime did, plus all their snarky banter and Rohanne’s tsundere-esque insults, and of course these passages:

“You just need to find something true to say about her. That’s what my brother Daeron does. Even ugly old whores can have nice hair or well-shaped ears, he says.”

“Well-shaped ears?” Dunk’s doubts were growing.

“Or pretty eyes. Tell her that her gown brings out the color of her eyes.” (…)

My lady, that gown brings out the color of your eye. Dunk had heard knights and lordlings mouth such gallantries at other ladies. [p 167]

“The green becomes you well, m’lady,” he said. “It brings out the color of your eyes.” [p 228]

Which of course bear a great deal of resemblance to another moment from A Clash of Kings:

The wench looked as ugly and awkward as ever, he decided when Tyrell left them. Someone had dressed her in women’s clothes again, but this dress fit much better than that hideous pink rag the goat had made her wear. “Blue is a good color on you, my lady,” Jaime observed. “It goes well with your eyes.” She does have astonishing eyes.

Which means my interpretation of that scene now goes.

Jaime (thinking): Last time I saw Brienne her “big blue eyes were full of hurt,” so I need to give her a compliment to remind her I’m on her side.

[Brienne walks in]

Jaime (thinking): Ugh, she’s still not good looking, um, what do I do…oh, I know, generic courtly compliment number 13!

Jaime (out loud): Blue is a good color on you, my lady. It goes well with your eyes.

Jaime (thinking): Oh crap I picked the one physical part of her I actually find attractive, I should have gone with her well-shaped ears!

Shipping aside, the main point of this novella is that the petty battles between nobles (which Dunk straight-up calls “pissing matches” to Rohanne) can have a serious effect on commoners. It also features Dunk imparting some important lessons to young Egg. The prince is indignant at the thought of having to serve smallfolk, but Duncan sets him straight on treating peasants with respect:

“A man has his pride, no matter how lowborn he may be. You would seem just as lost and stupid in their villages. And if you doubt that, go hoe a row and shear a sheep, and tell me the names of all the weeds and wildflowers in Wat’s Wood.”

Later, when Egg gives formulaic arguments about how Daemon Blackfyre could never have made a good king because “bastards are born for betrayal,” Dunk lays down some truth bombs about his own likely parentage that render the boy silent. This all must have stuck, as Aegon was dismissed as “half a peasant” by his detractors and he enacted reforms to reduce the power of nobles and grant rights to the smallfolk, which proved deeply controversial during his lifetime and were later reversed (I’m also rereading a little of A World of Ice and Fire right now, I haven’t decided yet if I will blog on it or just move on already).

Dunk himself opens this novella thinking of himself as a knight. Which he is. Arlan may not have knighted him (he equivocates when asked point blank if that happened), but knighthood isn’t about saying fancy vows or being anointed with oil. Martin’s made that very clear through Sansa’s storyline, as she considers Sandor Clegane a better “knight” than the men with Sers in from of their names that do nothing to protect her, as well as with Brienne, a truer knight than most who can’t be knighted because of her gender.

A few final notes:

I like to observe how the books have more range on religiosity than the show did, so I liked the description of Duncan’s piety: “He went to sept sometimes, and prayed to the Warrior to lend strength to his arms, but otherwise let the Seven be.” Because religious people come in the extremely casual variety as well.

I also loved how Duncan gives family names to the peasants who sign up for Ser Eustace’s little army, as a way of telling them apart. Apparently smallfolk don’t have family names at all, which I ought to have already noticed from the series itself, but it was never drawn attention to. It reminds me of how peasants in feudal Japan were forbidden to have surnames, something which only changed after the Meiji restoration. Hence why there are so very many Japanese surnames (over 100,000) relative to China or Korea, and why so many of them are derived from rural features like “mountain rice-paddy” (Yamada) or “within rice paddies” (Tanaka) or “original rice paddy” (Honda).

Dating Johnny Headcanons
  • He’s pretty easily flustered
  • Like he will get beet red and try hiding under the covers then peak back up at you with the widest eyes and the reddest cheeks
  • It’s pretty common for you to wake up and see him just staring at you
  • Sometimes he will close his eyes quickly to try and hide that fact, but again, he will blush like crazy
  • He calls you ‘love’ a lot
  • He’s v shy about it but gosh he loves affection
  • He will ALWAYS want to hold your hand
  • When he gets excited he will use his hands a lot to make motions when he speaks
  • He likes being the small spoon, but he loves holding you don’t get me wrong
  • Just as long as he’s close to you, he’s content
  • He always says that he feels safe around you, which he can’t thank you enough for
  • He isn’t big on nicknames, but would much rather say your name, it’s his favorite thing to say, right alongside ‘I love you’
  • He pretty much always asks/wants to kiss you
  • It’s unbelievable how careful he is with you, he treats you like royalty, and you know he would do anything for you in a heartbeat
  • Sometimes he gets too flustered to speak and ends up stuttering whilst trying to be affectionate with you
  • He makes you small gifts a lot
  • Sometimes, when you guys are falling asleep, he will murmur that he loves you, and every time you say it back, he will snuggle closer to you and repeat it
  • He always wants to be the last one to say ‘I love you’
  • He just wants you to know that you’re loved
Being ugly sucks

Sadly enough, my ‘friends’ don’t even voluntarily want to be in the same room, or same car with me. A group of friends and me were camping, there were 8 people + me. We had 3 tents, I have a 3 person tent, and the other tents were a single and a double person tent. I offered 2 sleeping spaces, but 2 people ended up sleeping outside and the others crammed themselves into the small tents.. The next morning, I offered to drive 4 people back to the city, but not one of the 8 people came with me.. 4 people went with another car and the other 4 people went by bus, which is a 2 hour trip. They would rather take a small bus for 2 hours than let me drive them all home which would have taken 40 minutes. All of these people are thin, handsome and pretty. I’m the fat ugly one who nobody obviously likes, but they see the need to invite me places so they won’t feel bad. All in all, it makes me feel even worse.. It’s not that they are horrible people, stuck up bitches or anything, they are really nice people, but who can blame them for not wanting to be with a girl who resembles an ogre..

ollyhooper  asked:

May I request a malec fic where somehow jace fancies Alec (be it an au jace it unknown spell or whatever) but Alec declines even possibly mentioning he has feeling for another. Little do they know Magnus heard the whole thing. Then Magnus talks to Alec.

Magnus almost let himself into Jace’s room; he had been called into the institute to help Jace out, who had gotten hit with some kind of a spell that made him a different kind of friendly. Magnus stopped though, when he heard some chatter, something telling him to keep still. 

“Alec,” Jace whispered, his voice dream like. 

Alec sighed, sounding exasperated. “Yes Jace?” he stage whispered. 

“You’re so pretty.” Magnus almost laughed, he understood now why perhaps they needed help. A small, bitter part of Magnus realized that Alec was likely enjoying this. 

Alec’s voice suggested otherwise. “Thank you Jace.” he muttered. “Can you please lie down.”

“Lie down with me.” 


“Why?” Jace whined. 

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Fluff of Badd calming zenko down from something? Thank you!

“Oi. Badd. Wake up.”

Badd grunted as he was shaken out of a deep sleep, rolling away from Garou’s cold hand on his shoulder. “M’awake,” he said, then cleared his throat. “Stop shakin.’ What’s up?”

“Zenko’s crying.”

Badd sat up immediately, looking around the room. His sister was nowhere to be found, and he gave Garou a quizzical look. “The fuck?”

In the light streaming in from the full moon outside, he could see the Human Monster smirk. “You really are basically deaf, aren’t you? She’s in her room.”

“You sure?”

“No.” Even as he answered sarcastically, Garou gave him a shove up toward the foot of the bed so he could get to his feet. “I like to just wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Go check on her.”

Badd quietly stepped down the hallway until he was outside of Zenko’s room. Now, this close, he could hear sniffing - what the hell was Garou’s secret, being able to hear that clearly all the way in their bedroom? - and he slowly pushed the door open. “Hey, sis. You okay?”

As soon as the knob started turning, Zenko had pulled the covers over her head, not answering and pretending to be asleep. Badd wandered over and sat on the edge of her bed, patting her shoulder. Or her head, he wasn’t sure. “Nice try. C’mon. Talk to me.”

With no small amount of reluctance, Zenko pushed the covers off, wiping at her face with the back of her hands. “I’m fine,” she said, even as she sniffed loudly. “Don’t worry.”

Badd reached over to nab a tissue out of a pink box on her nightstand, handing it to her. “Nightmare?”

She nodded.

“You want to come sleep in my bed?”

Badd blinked in surprise as she let out a sob, suddenly burying her face against his shirt. “I…can’t!” she said as she gripped the fabric around her eyes, and Badd put his arms around her, hugging her tight.

“Sure, you can. You always can.”

“No, I can’t! Garou is…he gets to sleep in your bed now! You don’t want to sleep with your stupid sister anymore!” She kept crying, but Badd couldn’t keep from smiling.

“Zenko, that ain’t true. You don’t ever have to worry about what’s going on with me and G. I’m still your big bro. That’s not changing. And if you’re not comfortable with Garou bein’ there, I’ll come in here and sleep with you.”

She blew her nose into the tissue and looked up at him with wet eyes as he ruffled her hair. “Really? You’d stay in here with me?”


“In my bed.” Now her voice was rather suspect, and he glanced down at the small mattress, which, even sitting up, he had taken over roughly a third of.

“We’ll make it work.”

The next morning, Badd blinked up at Garou’s narrow face, which was grinning at him rather sadistically. “Good morning, sunshine,” he chirped. “Sleep well?”

Badd could already feel his back hurting as he glanced down at his legs, which were so long that they ended up hanging over the side. His head had been stuck at a weird angle, and one of his arms was asleep under Zenko.

Zenko, who was still completely out, peacefully curled up into his side.

“Yeah, jackass,” he said, quietly so he wouldn’t wake her. “It was just fine.”

Let’s talk about Izuru Kamukura.

Since I’ve seen a lot of people portray Izuru Kamukura like a brick wall, and as the subject bothered me since I roleplay him a lot, I decided to give some in depth analysis to Chapter 0  from Super Dangan Ronpa 2, which is where we learn the most about him. I’m using birdmanronpa’s translation for this.
We do get some pieces of info here and there in Dangan Ronpa 0, but it’s not too substansial and spread throughout the whole thing. Maybe I’ll make a recap of that in the future. 

But without further ado, here we go:

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No More Theoretical Linguistics

I’m pretty sure I’m DONE with theoretical linguistics after I finish my thesis and graduate.

These theories are kept within academic circles, of no use to the outside world or the public, and to be honest there is no way you’ll ever prove them right or wrong. We cannot see evidence of tree structure, we cannot know what’s getting deleted when you sluice a sentence (My mom likes some kind of chocolate, but I can’t remember which). These are unknowable things which are potentially explained within theoretical linguistic frameworks, but ultimately with no conclusive evidence until we can ~SEE~ the cogs in our minds. Sure, binary tree structure works okay for things like Binding Theory, but how do we know that this isn’t just a self-fulfilling design? We come up with an issue relevant to tree structure, and we come up with some amendments to our theory to account for this issue. Fine.

AND THEN GUESS WHAT! The whole thing is down the tubes with this simple sentence: He seems to himself to be getting pudgy. 

The back-and-forth argumentation about gapping is absolutely ridiculous. Is it semantics? Is it syntactic? Oh wait, maybe it’s a phonological process which deletes some material at Phonological Form after it has undergone syntactic movement to an XP (undefined position which conveniently allows our theory to be borne out) ¿? ! ( % @ ¡ [[ ] } & 

And the worst thing is that this is how most, if not all, of the subfields I’ve been exposed to work (sociolinguistics, phonetics, and morphology [descriptive] are all exceptions). 

You know no one knows how the passive works in theoretical syntax? 

You know most theoretical syntacticians come to some deep and spiritual epiphany about what works best for them and then they sort of just go on operating in a little bubble, making things work as they see fit for their own perception of syntax? 

No, no, no more theoretical drivel for me after I’m done with undergrad. More and more I feel the magnetic push and pull of language documentation, preservation, conservation, and revitalization movements. Movements which impact our world, apply to communities, nations, and cultures of people, rather than a small, isolated group of intellectuals who think they’re onto something which will dissipate like a wisp of smoke as they go out to grasp it with the gavel of one more conclusive theoretical paper. 

To study language is, by proxy, to study the human condition, sociocultural dynamics, and the human legacy. And after 4 years of undergrad at a very theoretical university, I think I know why the prospect of graduate school for linguistics now seems so daunting. Because the theoretical movement ushered in by Chomsky, ultimately, ripples no more than a pebble falling onto ice. 

Getting To Know You

A/N: This is for my babe @cosmicannibalism who suggested a ‘fake relationship for a college study au.’ I’m posting it here because I know she is saddened by recent events and I hope you can be distracted by this fluff for a while.

Remember, my precious buttercups,stay strong and stay gay.

Dean’s brow furrowed with concern as he scanned the final cupboard in the kitchen and found nothing but a jar of pickles and a can of tuna.

He sighed and his grip on the handle tightened as his anger at his father increased. He tended to disappear for long periods of time for ‘business’ he didn’t wish to disclose to his sons. This left Dean to take care of his little brother, Sam, and if that meant the older Winchester himself had to starve then so be it.

On top of studying history at college full time Dean has been forced to get himself a part-time job to be able to provide for himself and Sam. He helped out at a mechanic’s yard a few blocks away but it was nowhere near enough to cover all of the expenses he was usually forced to pay.

Dean grabbed the tin of tuna and a couple of slices of bread which were just about on the good side.

He heard the front door open as Sam returned from Jessica’s house; he liked to claim that they were just studying after school but Dean had serious suspicions about that.

“Hey, man” Sam said as he walked into the kitchen and placed his satchel on the floor. “What’s for dinner?”

“Sandwich” Dean said glumly. “It’s all I could put together.”

“That’s okay” Sam said with a reassuring smile as he sat down at the table. He knew that his brother did his best and he hated seeing Dean beat himself down. 

“Bon appetite” Dean said mockingly as he placed the plate down in front of his brother.

“What are you going to have?” Sam asked concernedly. 

“I had a big lunch at school” Dean lied, but soon after his stomach betrayed him by letting out a low growl.

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Broder Daniel, »Whirlwind«

/// FUCKING ÅMÅL [aka SHOW ME LOVE] (Moodysson, 1998)

“It was probably nothing but it meant the world.”

Life’s too short to want to live forever — isn’t that, in its essence, the wonderful central conceit of all those truly touching coming-of-age stories?

Whether they hide their strange magic amidst the glittering bombast of galaxy-saving super-heroics or endlessly stretch it out across the vast nothingness of suburban trivialities, there is a poetic magnetism to that very special kind of story, leading you to the beautiful bubble-bursting realization that happiness is a series of intimate moments rather than set milestones or sudden public transformation.

It’s a special kind of story that understands love not as a conquest but a consensual process; that celebrates finite joy barely comprehensible in its ephemeral randomness; that rejects the Hollywood-approved significance of party, prom & paycheck and does not confuse manifestations of desire with desire itself; that favors the experience of internal satisfaction over the documentation of external validation, and that invites you to reflect and grow and recognize you-as-yourself, because after all, where’s the point in chasing after someone else’s ideals if the world only exists in your eyes and you can make it however big or small you want?

Lukas Moodysson’s debut feature FUCKING ÅMÅL is a very fine case in point. The 1998 film about the trials and tribulations of two lovelorn teenage girls and their blossoming mutual attraction was a surprise hit in Swedish cinemas and has since found a cult following in LGBT communities and beyond. Moodysson has gone on to direct both lighter (Tillsammans aka Together) and darker (Lilya 4-ever) fare and has recently found renewed critical acclaim with the delightful punk girls of 2013’s Vi är bäst! (We Are the Best!), but never again has he encapsulated small-town adolescence and the twin matters of loneliness & longing as poignantly as with the tale of Agnes and Elin feeling stuck in the Swedish Nowheresville of Åmål.

The predictable reservations of the film’s American distributors are to thank for the rather generic (but infinitely safer to google) international title SHOW ME LOVE as well as the subsequent DVD release’s hilariously unbefitting marketing as “Sweden’s answer to American Pie”, a statement which makes about as much sense as declaring 2001: A Space Odyssey to be “Stanley Kubrick’s answer to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. But no matter the packaging, inside there is a wonderfully perceptive and unhurried romance between the brooding loner Agnes and the popular but restless Elin.

FUCKING ÅMÅL eloquently captures its intrinsic teenage grandeur by steering clear of both the sanitized comedy of American mainstream as well as the grim issue-porn of European arthouse, while also casually highlighting how diversity in characters and story lines by no means results in a loss of thematic universality. Who couldn’t relate to that very lonely pursuit of obsessing over your seemingly impossible crush, forever deliberating and second-guessing words and actions that are unlikely to ever come to fruition?

External image

But while the awkward outsiderdom of smart and sensitive Agnes is likely to attract audience sympathies unreservedly at first, FUCKING ÅMÅL avoids the pitfalls of nerd martyrdom (which in default male perspectives all too often culminates in glamorizing the toxicity of angry ”friend-zone” entitlement) and has a frustrated Agnes lash out at the fellow outcast unfortunate enough to be the sole guest at a birthday party she didn’t want to hold in the first place. An apology later follows to no great effect, but those scenes are an illustrative portrayal of the poisonous ramifications of bullying and its propagation, and how there’s no romantic, soul-cleansing purity in solitude.

This is just one of many examples in which the film succeeds in making oversized adolescent feelings seem tangible whilst also being respectful to its characters. At the core of this stance lies a fundamental rejection of the idea of an inherent teenage ridiculousness, which also goes some way explaining the perfect fit of its revelatory soundtrack selection…

There is the requisite 90s Eurodance providing the backdrop to bustling house parties, but the clear star of the show are beloved Swedish indie rockers Broder Daniel. While they only contribute three songs per se, the impact they make is so much bigger.

Throughout their tumultuous career, Broder Daniel dedicated themselves to untangling that adolescent paradox of simultaneously wanting to be one in a million and one of a million via the medium of pitch-imperfect indie anthems, pairing the second-hand cool of Shoegaze guitars and Britpop melodicism with plain teen angst lyrics. They perfected this approach over four increasingly polished studio albums and numerous changes in line-up (BD alum Håkan Hellström famously went on to achieve enormous success as a solo artist) to the extent that “spela Shoreline” might be the Scandinavian equivalent of yelling “Free Bird!”

As a wearied rock music connoisseur, it’s easy to scoff at their amateurish beginnings or their theatrical grandstanding, but that is exactly the point. Borrowed Briticisms and the exoticism of English lyrics have a tried-and-tested history of adding emotional grandeur for us English-as-a-second/third-language kids, and if you watch this clip of a sea of sad Swedish indie teens having their pretty hearts broken to the last moments of the band’s final-ever performance, you might get a sense of how Broder Daniel perfectly encapsulated both the charming naiveté of adolescent misery and the intrinsic awkwardness that comes with being a non-English fan of English rock music.

And if you don’t get it, you don’t have to. It’s not for you. This is for us and we don’t care.

Which neatly brings us back to the immaculate intersection of Broder Daniel and FUCKING ÅMÅL, the firm belief there is no such thing as emotional relativity — your feelings are inherently valid — and understanding teenage naiveté as the opposing pole of adult sophistication to be a false dichotomy within popular culture. To make no mistake, growing up is about developing perspective and patience and becoming aware of your surroundings, and blasé obliviousness should not be a shield for when critical interrogation is demanded.

However, harmful naiveté is the econ-blogger applauding pension funds draining into the bank accounts of billionaire hedge funders, it’s the political columnist weighing up the pros and cons of Guantanamo and targeted killings, it’s the word »genius« being applied to Silicon Valley startup bros “changing the world” by systematically dismantling labor rights, it’s a patriarchal society that valorizes the shamelessness of outward aggression and stigmatizes internal conflict as weak and inferior. It is not over-excitedly indulging a futile crush, is it?

So when the searing melodies of »Whirlwind« engulf Elin and Agnes in their lonely bedrooms and FUCKING ÅMÅL neatly gender-twists the heteronormative “I can never be with her”, it’s a poignant reminder nothing’s ever more central to life than forming relationships with other human beings, and there’s nothing overblown about despairing at dreaming “a dream that can’t come true”. 

Agnes’ caring father tries to assuage her pain by pointing out that one day she’ll laugh about this temporary period of suffering, which is as well-intended as it is ridiculous in its effect (while it might indeed likely be the case, as far as its immediate resonance is concerned a parent might as well state “nothing you do matters anyway because you and everyone you know someday will die…”), since he’s unable to identify her refusal to accept the promise of delayed happiness as a deep desire to form and sustain an emotional connection on her own terms.

Instead the film slyly suggests a wisdom in Agnes’ words unconcerned with the permanence of a relationship and going against the Hollywood-assisted notion of finding a transformative “The One”, an idea that mistakes love for objectification. For Agnes as much as for Elin, their mutual bond centers on making each other feel genuinely comfortable for the first time in their lives, an experience ultimately more valuable to their understanding of “love” than the technicalities of how or where or when (or even with whom) to find it. And for those viewers still struggling to share that insight, stories like FUCKING ÅMÅL might just be the light in the distance to follow until they do.

External image

And along that way, the film’s magnificent final scene provides a valuable first-aid kit for those trying to cope with sadness and feeling alone forever, with the yearning of the heart and the embarrassing all-encompassing magnitude of their feelings.

Instead of closing with Agnes’ and Elin’s triumphant coming-out to the joyously perfect tones of Broder Daniel’s Underground (“We look so good/ We look so good/ We look so good together/ We don’t care/ We don’t care/ We don’t care what they say about us”), we linger on to see the pair sitting in their bedroom, indulgently talking about chocolate milk recipes and sibling rivalries. It’s an initially befuddling choice, to forego a perfectly pivotal ending for something so seemingly irrelevant and unnecessary.

Until you consider the point — maybe sometimes happiness is just sitting side by side with the person whose name got tattooed on your aching teenage heart and whose smile has carved a cobbled path into the rosy circuits of your dreamy mind, sharing a drink and giggling over trivialities. And maybe that’s the immense comfort not only for Elin and Agnes themselves, but also those trapped in doubts and disappointments, still caught in eternal loops of “what is the point?”, to remember what the poet said:

“…she felt that she had learned something, though exactly what it was she did not know. Later she remembered all the hours of the afternoon as happy — one of those uneventful times that seem at the moment only a link between past and future pleasure, but turn out to have been the pleasure itself.”

Because that’s what it is.

It’s that tall glass of chocolate milk. It’s the wind in your hair as you ride your bike. It’s the night-bus taking you anywhere but home. It’s wet clothes. It’s a hot bath. It’s sleeping in the backseat. It’s first times and it’s second times. It’s an embarrassingly titled playlist. It’s a cool nickname. It’s tired airport loneliness. It’s strangers on the train. It’s slumping on the couch. It’s a good hair day. It’s blisters on your feet. It’s a tender touch. It’s the messages you wrote and those you didn’t. It’s video games at midnight. It’s nail polish on the carpet. It’s blinking lights on airplane wings. It’s a fake ID. It’s a soul-crushing job application. It’s emoji poetry. It’s a wasted Sunday. It’s a pop song sugar rush. It’s your teenage bedroom and the bedrooms of your friends. It’s the moment when the lights go out. It’s chance encounters and impossible crushes. It’s flunking out of college. It’s slow dance daydreaming. It’s snowfall under street lights. It’s waves on a shore and beaches in the moonlight. It’s deep pine tree woods. It’s scars and stitches. It’s your grandmother’s hands. It’s the last day of the summer holidays. It’s drawings in your diary and selfies in the bathroom mirror. It’s crying yourself to sleep. It’s a vanilla sky. It’s her green eyes. It’s his freckles. It’s “you and me against the world.” It’s a dumb joke. It’s a heavy heart. It’s a deep breath. It’s… nothing.

And it means everything.

Hendrik Jasnoch

Hendrik is the editor of One Week // One Band. You can follow him on Tumblr & on Twitter.

He previously wrote about German grunge-pop heroes Tocotronic + Blur’s Yuko and Hiro.

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eyyooo write som of the percabeth texting each other while drunk or something, yes? i just love those.

I Give You This, You Give It Back / 1.6k

obligatory a/n: I am not promoting underage drinking or drinking in general. I’m here for Percy being cute and loving Annabeth, as usual. Make good choices. Get apple juice wasted, you know the drill. I hope you enjoy!

Drinking and texting Annabeth are two things that go hand in hand. Percy just wants to hold her hand.

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Just a casual reminder

Just because I post a lot of selfies/post workout pics does not mean I’m conceited or even confident.

Every day is a struggle for me to find things about my body that I like. Every selfie I post feels like a lie. I look at these pictures and feel like it’s someone else’s body, because the body I see when I look in the mirror is gross. I literally have to tell myself that I’m not fat… I see small love handles and instantly my hips are biggest part of my body. Not only am I dealing with dysphoria but I’m also dealing with dysmorphia… My selfies are my little triumphs. It’s a snapshot of the tiny moment in which I felt comfortable enough in my body to take an actual picture rather than tell myself I’m fat and leave the room.

Mirrors make me uncomfortable. I’m convinced that I’m fat. That no matter how much I workout or run its all for nothing.

That’s why I post so many selfies/post workout pics. To remind myself that I AM making progress. That eventually maybe I won’t have such a distorted view of my body.

11x21 “All in the Family”
“People prayed to you. People built churches for you and fight wars in your name and you did nothing.”

I LOVED that Jensen decided to go the emotional way here and not the way it was scripted as gruff and angry. It has way more impact this way. Spoken silently, calmly. Furthermore the way Dean sits there makes me rather emotional. Back against the wall, on the stairs… he just looks so small, so young in a way and just so disillusioned and defeated. And I’m glad God had to hear this. Though I have to admit Dean wording it this way makes me flash back to 11x09 “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” and how Amara talked about her brother. I don’t think that’s accidental… And it surely makes Dean feel all the more sympathetic towards Amara feeling betrayed and let down by God, which is exactly how Amara feels. In any case though Chuck bringing up John here when Dean tells him that it looks like “he left them” imo fits rather well into how we saw Chuck/God behave last episode too: projecting. Taking no responsibility or at least being open minded enough to admit that he made mistakes…. Anyway, Jensen killed it here. Acting wise, body language wise and voice wise.