which makes me cringe a bit because

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Every time I read some ISFP description I sometimes deadpan because I'm actually not much of a 'feeler' or fairy-person. Ofc I have the empathy but even my closest friends could make me feel awkward and cringe about feelings like a Thinker (which is a bit funny), plus I'm /generally/ a mind over heart type of person. Have you met similar ISFPs like this?

10000%. My ISFP cousin tested as an ENTP when she took the test, but when I told her that was my personality, we were silent for a second before we started laughing. 

She’s a feeler for sure, but she tries her best to never show it. She gets emotional over fictional characters and cries during movies and all of that stuff, but when it comes to human interactions she seldom has empathy or even acts emotional. She, just like you, cringes when people get too “Fe” and prefers to keep her cool rather than get worked up.

Additionally, she seems extroverted at times because she’s confident (will break out into song or dance in front of people), but at every family reunion she always has to be away from the large groups of people because she prefers to talk to others one-on-one. She also hates school sometimes  because there’s so many “stupid people” (which she says is just about everyone).