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Drabble 001

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This was requested and I’m so happy it was because this would be a dream come true. I know it’s pretty unrealistic but a girl can fantasize, can’t she?! Enjoy this while I work on part three to Jar of Hearts!

You sat outside of a local cafe, scrolling through tattoo shops nearby. They’re work was good but not the kind you were looking for for your tattoo. You sighed as you threw your head back in frustration. You’ve been planning this tattoo for months and just wanted to get it done so you can finally become a canvas for things you love. As you stood up, you continued looking at your phone while you turned around to walk back home. You ended up bumping into a man with bright red hair and a nose ring. He caught you as you began to fall, helping you back onto your feet.

“Sorry, about that.” He chuckled.

“It was all me, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking.” You blushed.

“I was also responsible, I was texting my band mate.” He shrugged.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” You held out your hand for him to shake.

“Joshua.” He accepted and firmly shook your hand, which made you look down at his arm and you were in awe at the ink plastered all over him.

“Oh my god! Your tattoos are beautiful. Where did you get them done? I’m not trying to sound creepy, I’m just wanted to get a tattoo but can’t find somewhere to go for it and your’s are so perfect.” You spit out, quickly, causing him to laugh.

“I could take you there if you’d like. It’s only a few blocks away.” He smiled, sweetly.

“Sure, that’d be great.”

You both began walking towards where he was parked. He walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for you.

“Such a gentleman.” You smirked as you got in the car.

He started the car and turned on the radio. HeavyDirtySoul started up, causing Josh to chuckle. You began to quietly rap along to the verses which made Josh only laugh more loudly this time.

“What’s so funny?” You asked confused.

“Nothing. It’s just, this is my song. Well mine and my band mate’s song. Surprised you didn’t recognize me, actually.”

“I knew you looked familiar! Last picture I saw of you, you had blue hair or something. The red looks nice though. Wow. I can’t believe I’m riding in Josh Dun’s car.” You slouched back in your seat, taking in the fact that a celebrity you admire is taking you to his tattoo artist.

“Aaand we’re here.” He stated as he parked in front of the small building.

You both got out of the car and walked into the shop together. Josh was greeted with a ton of ‘hello’s’ from the workers there. He walked over to one very pierced and inked man and hugged him. You assumed it was it artist based on the connection they had between them.

“So, this is Y/N. She’s been wanting to get a tattoo and I figured I’d bring her to you. You are the best, bro.” They both chuckled as his friend motioned you to sit down in the car in front of him.

“So what is it you’re looking to get?” He asked and you explained exactly what you wanted. He nodded, once you showed him a photo on your phone.

“Dude, c’mere real quick.” Josh pulled the artist over to the side. They were whispering about something. It seemed to be about you as they kept glancing over in your direction. They finished their conversation was and walked back over to you.

“Okay, let’s get this tattoo started.”

“W-what? I don’t have money on me currently.” You stuttered.

“That’s not a problem. I’m paying. And before you say anything, I want to do this for many reasons that maybe I can tell you during your tattoo process.” Josh explained and chuckled.

After a few minutes of set up, the artist had the stencil on the perfect spot for your tattoo. As he began tattooing, you winced at the sudden unfamiliar pain. Josh grabbed your hand, squeezing it as he shot you comforting smile. A few hours passed of you and Josh chatting, getting to know more about each other. After your tattoo was complete, the artist wrapped it and lead you over to the counter where Josh happily paid for everything. 

“Some first date.” You giggled as you walked out of the shop freshly tatted and happily falling into something new. 

Hawaii part 2- Jimin

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Hawaii - Jimin Story

Parts; Masterlist, One, Two, Three, Four

Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 5.232

At first, you just stared at him in shock because you couldn’t have heard that correct right? There was no way he could really mean it, I was just a random girl, a fan nothing more but the minute he cocked his head a bit to the side, you couldn’t help but think that he was actually waiting for your answer.

“Wait you are serious?” you asked insecurely and his eyes went all soft when you asked this in a wavering voice. “I really mean it, please have dinner with me tomorrow.” you nodded your head slowly but he was still waiting for you to say it out loud, so after a few second you finally had mustered up the courage to say the words. “What time?” the smile he gave you rocked your world and you knew you had fallen hard for him but you didn’t want to seem easy so you kept a straight face even though from the inside you were melting.

“I will pick you up at 7 pm, don’t dress to fancy.” you nodded and he quickly pulled you into a hug and held you for at least thirty seconds tightly pressed against his chest and yes you were actually counting the seconds because this just seemed so unreal. “I will see you tomorrow,” he whispered into your ear, giving you goosebumps and the smile that was on his face told you he knew exactly what he was doing to you.

He walked away waving and that’s when Mina returned with the biggest smile ever on her face. “Did Jimin really just hug you?” you nodded completely shocked. “He did and he asked me to have dinner with him,” you told her still in a hesitant voice because it just seemed so unbelievable.

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Arrturi Lehkonen & Brendan Gallagher - Tension

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Sorry this took a few days, I kept going back and revising it and switching things around lol So hopefully this was what you were looking for!

Request:  Hi can you do you one with Brendan Gallagher and artturi lehkonen where you guys are all good friends and always getting into trouble with them and one of them confesses they like you and the other gets mad Thanks

“Okay big man,” you laughed as Artturi draped his arm around your shoulders. “No more drinks for you, I’ll take that!”

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Zukaang: Language.

“I don’t know why you hate it so much,” Aang said with a shrug. “Everyone said it in the Fire Nation when I was a kid.”

“A hundred years ago,” Zuko snapped back, a little more sharply than Aang thought was probably needed. He took that as a sign that maybe Zuko wasn’t joking about being annoyed about the use of the word, which only made Aang find the reaction more ridiculous. And maybe a bit more funny.

Thankfully, Zuko hadn’t been annoyed enough to pull away yet, and he still lay close enough that Aang was able to nudge him and wink.

“It’s just a word, Hotman,” Aang said and the glance Zuko shot him by his side eye made the effort worth it. Aang laughed, patted Zuko on the chest, and said in his best (but always a bit tinny-sounding) attempt at the Fire Nation language, “Back then, everyone was a Hotman.”

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44 klaroline.

44:  “This is a totally inappropriate soundtrack.”

Ofc my head could only think of Kol when you gave me the idea for this prompt xD so you know, this is koroline and klaroline mixed together lool Klaus is probably super OOC and maybe Caroline as well lol i’m sorry??? Hope you like it anway~~ On FF.

Also, if you want one!

Inappropriate Soundtrack

The sound was booming and echoing throughout the morbidly empty room; the clanging of rusted metal intertwining with the music in an upsetting way, and the moans of pain and vicious laughter only made the scene even more horrific. Caroline vamped into the formerly sealed room, and wondered if she was having some drug-induced hallucination - at least she hoped she had been drugged.

“Kol, what in the world is going on?” she asked, the sight only growing more disturbing with time.

Looking at her, as if she had grown another head, he happily replied, “I am in the middle of torturing someone, obviously.”

It wasn’t exactly what he was doing that perturbed her the most, it was how he was doing it; because listening to Ellie Goulding screaming at the top of her lungs for someone to love her like you do, while viciously torturing someone was incredibly unsettling.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “This is a totally inappropriate soundtrack.”

As she finished talking, Call Me Maybe started playing, and at the irony of the situation, Caroline almost laughed, instead she just asked, “Why would you torture someone with pop music in the background?”

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Shake Your Head Yes

Summary: Your best friend, Nat, sets you up on a blind date, you accept, and meet Scott Lang. 

Word Count:1,486

A/N: This is a birthday fic for @the-real-tony-stank! Hope you enjoy it, my sweetest love, my moon and stars.

Glancing around the restaurant, you wondered who was the guy you were meant to meet tonight. You had reluctantly agreed to being set up on a blind date by your best friend and had trusted her in having her choose the guy you would be going out with. You had never been on a blind date, so you had decided to give it a go. If it didn’t work out, you’d swear off blind dates for the rest of your life.

But standing in the middle of the restaurant’s lobby with no guy in sight… Well, that made you nervous and you really wanted to just walk out and deal with the consequences later. You were about to do just that when you caught the eye of a dark-haired man who was in the middle of chewing a piece of bread. He smiled and waved at you after a second passed after your eyes had met.

You grinned, relieved that he had indeed shown up to your date. Your friend had mentioned that the guy you would be meeting would have dark hair and light eyes, this guy seemed to be it. You felt pleased when you noticed that he was quite handsome and waved back at him. The hostess asked if you were waiting for someone and you pointed at him.

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funniest dair moments

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☠️ too good at messing with my emotions

Aww, that’s very…I want to say sweet but I’ll sound somewhat sadistic, won’t I? In any case, I assure that my emotions are getting just as messed as yours, lol. I constantly upset myself, so we’re all often feeling the same thing! ^.^

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I know everyones fav in hysa is berlin or the witch trial (and they are indeed amazing, every single life was freaking amazing) but y'know, the vancouver one was the one who just... hit me in the feels and I cant even explain why. Like it wasnt even soo "tragic" bc modern au, no life or death situations all the time but then again B and C they REMEMBER each other ... but cant be together ??? Bc teacher/student ??? And my heart literally broke into two pieces even though that particular life (1)

(2) was one of the funniest ones, with C trying to seduce B hahah but I dont know I cried a lot and then the fucking ending with the bombs And I was dead bc 1) they died again and I couldnt handle it anymore and 2) bombs? Means canonverse which made it all the more beautiful and tragic. Funny thing is when I heard the guy say ‘code black blahblah’ I iniatally thought it would be a shooting and our extra dramatic hoe bellamy would jump in front of a bullet to save Clarke and die that way.. ðŸ˜‚ðŸ˜­í ½

THANK U, highkey such a fun one to write!! and you’re not alone, i remember quite a few people preferred the vancouver one. but anyway im really glad you loved it omg and also bellamy WOULD be that dramatic hoe… too bad good thing he never got the opportunity

Okay, who did it?

Okay, so I´m starting with the first Imagine Request that I´ve got and I still haven´t got a lot so if you have a random idea, just send it in!

It kinda got out of hand tough so now it´s more of a drabble than an Imagine. Ups!

Request:  Hi!! How about an imagine where Sam, Dean, and Cas are on the receiving end of the reader’s anger for whatever reason (like, she’s legit mad, and it’s super scary because it rarely happens)?

by @allinhishands hope I don´t disappoint you.

Pairing: Cas x reader (sort of)

Warnings: None

Length: 467 Words

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“Okay, which one of you idiots did it?”, you shouted angrily as you stormed into the library, staring at Sam, Dean and Cas, who were apparently doing research or something.
All of their heads snapped into your direction, their eyes widened.
“What happened?”, Sam asked and stood up, probably to calm you down by placing a hand on your arm or something, but you so weren´t in the mood and just snapped your hand away when he tried to reach for it.
“Back off, it´s not gonna work”, you said and Sam held up his hands: “Alright.”
You had your arms crossed over your chest and now waited for one of them to confess.
“Seriously (Y/N), what is going on? You never get angry, I literally never even heard you raise your voice”, Dean said, while Cas was still just staring at you.
“Yeah, well, there´s always a first time, isn´t there? Last chance, who did it?
You were so done with this game.
“Who did what?”,  Sam asked again and you heard the exasperation in his voice, but you didn´t care at all.
“Who of you idiots, painted my whole room pink?”
It took only two seconds for the Winchesters to break out in hysterical laughter, which only made you more mad:
“That isn´t funny! I hate pink, you know that, so it only could have been one of you guys.”
It took the brothers a minute before they got serious again and Sam shook his head: “I would never do that (Y/N), why would I?”
“Yeah, me neither. I´m not suicidal”, Dean agreed.
You sighed: “Okay, then who did it if not the two of you?
“It was me.”
You had almost completely forgotten about Castiel and now you stared at him in disbelief: “Why would you do that?”
He was fumbling with his tie and looked extremely uncomfortable: “I thought you´d like it.”
You closed your eyes for a second, not able to comprehend what he was saying: “And why is that?”
“Well, you said that you would like for your room to look different and you suggested that we color it. I wanted to surprise you but I had no idea which color you liked so I just did some internet research on what girls like and it said pink.”
For a second you weren´t able to do anything besides stare at him, then you started laughing.
All the anger drained out of you with that laughter and by the time you recovered, you were smiling brightly: “This is the nicest and yet worst thing someone has ever done to me.”
Cas stood up: “I´ll redo it, if you want.”
He looked sad and you impulsively went in to hug him: “That may be a good Idea. But this time I´ll help you.”

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"it was also ten times darker and more depressing." Can you explain (aside from Yondu's death)

Everything about Ego, the mass grave of children, how the movie went out of its way to give everyone dark somber moments that were either good or dragged the mood down And it did this a lot as the movie went on. The later in the movie the darker and more somber it got, which made the funny parts feel really out of place. And of course there was Yondu’s death, which was not only totally unnecessary, but rather pretentious considering that the movie tries to be funny and goofy so much and then force a character death. The movie would have been served much better had it kept the dark stuff out and stuck to character moments that developed the characters in between jokes.

It was lazy. Love was lazy as hell. Love laid around in bed, warm from the sheets and the sunlight pouring into the room. Love was too lazy to get up to close the blinds. Love was too comfortable to get up and go pee. Love took too many naps, it watched TV, but not really, because it was too busy kissing and napping. Love was also funny, which somehow made the bed more comfortable, the laughter warming the sheets, softening the mattress and the lovers’ skin
—  Adi Alsaid, Never Always Sometimes

@goldenbutnotinthegoodway From here (x

And there were so many reasons for the demon to want the human gone. Usually, it only took just one for the triangle demon to snuff out an enemy. Even if they just looked at him funny.

Which made it all the more eery when a smile crept across the blond demon’s face. He was pleased about something. 

“True. And again, why would I want you dead?” Then Chip was in front of Ford. Nothing else occurred except the sudden teleport in front of the human, a movement that barely lasted the blink of an eye.

“When there are so many other creative options to make you suffer.” 

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  • How did they they meet? Halloween party. Taehyung, one of Seokjin’s new model friends who is currently dressed as a zombie salary man, bet Yoongi, a vampire-bitten cheerleader, that if he could stuff sixteen marshmallows in his mouth, Yoongi would quit smoking. 
  • Who developed romantic feelings first? Yoongi was all heart eyes pretty damn quickly.
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?” Kim Taehyung. But like. Outside of them since they don’t count? Probably Jimin and Seokjin both. Each of them pushes from the side of their respective bff. (Their scheming to get them together may or may not have led to the two of them winding up smooching.)
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances? Christmas party. Seokjin really likes throwing parties. And Taehyung likes going to them, and Yoongi really couldn’t get a hold of him in between other than texting/phone calls/video calls. Tae’s a busy man.
  • Who confessed their feelings first? Well Yoongi totally planned on confessing, and then Tae just blurted it out, so then Yoongi forgot what the hell he was gonna say.
  • What was their first official date? New Year’s party. Tae thought it was fitting.
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates? Yay great let’s just hang out with all the people.
  • What do they do in their down time? Anything and everything that involves pants being off. Sometimes Tae isn’t around much at all due to work so they make the most of it when he is. Tae likes to listen to Yoongi play piano. Yoongi likes being amused by Tae’s one-man stage plays. 
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like? They met each other’s parents at the same event–a show in which Tae was to walk the runway. (Seokjin also but.) Luckily for Yoongi there wasn’t a lot to say during the actual fashion show part, and their parents mostly chatted with each other to save him from having to say anything. But then they went to dinner afterwards and it just felt weird. Fortunately Tae is very very good at being charismatic and engaging. So it went pretty well.
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it? Just something really stupid and small that wound up blowing up into something big and ridiculous. Eventually Yoongi tried to make things better with jokes but Tae was still upset. It worked after a few tries. Then they actually talked like grownups.
  • Which one is more easily made jealous? Tae which Yoongi just finds funny. Not in a mocking way but it makes no sense to him that his model boyfriend is worried about someone coming along to steal Yoongi away.
  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat? *erases perverted answer* Tae likes burgers. Yoongi’s gotten ridiculously good at making a variety of burgers. He may or may not have taken a few ideas from a certain cartoon.
  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position? Tae likes cuddling only a fraction more than Yoongi. Most of the time he’s in koala mode, clinging to Yoongi from behind. Yoongi prefers big-spoon bed cuddling.
  • Are they hand holders? Very much so.
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? Not very long after the Christmas party. Yoongi wanted to talk about what happened. The talk sorta took a hard left. (Heh. Hard.)
  • What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into? That time Tae brought up The Future and it freaked Yoongi out.
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking? Yoongi handles both primarily. Mostly because he’s home more often.
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness? Tae has a certain order he has to have things. Yoongi does his best to abide.
  • Who proposes? Yoongi. With vanilla cake that has real strawberry jam inside. And strawberries on top. 
  • Do they have joint Bachelor/Bachelorette parties or separate? Yoongi didn’t want a party. Tae had one on his own.
  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? Jimin won rock paper scissors and got to be best man. So Seokjin was one of the seven other groomsmen. The rest of them: Yoongi’s childhood friend Namjoon, Seokjin’s little brother (and thus Yoongi’s unofficial little brother) Jeongguk, Tae’s cousin Baekhyun, Tae’s cousin Youngjae, and Tae’s other bff Amber as a groomslady because she reaaaally did not wanna wear a dress. Jinah was matron of honor, and the other ladies in the party were Joohyun, Hyejin, Seulgi, Byulyi, Hyojung, Sooyoung, and Jisoo.
  • Big Ceremony or Small? Pretty big. At the behest of Tae’s grandma and parents. And Yoongi’s mom. 
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  It’s a two-stage honeymoon, really. They go to New York for ten days, and then there’s a week where they just…stay at Tae’s condo. Because he so rarely gets to have a full week of doing nothing at all other than Yoongi.
  • Do they have children? How many? Okay so the original compromise was three kids–Yoongi wanted two, Tae wanted six and he was dead serious about that. And then somehow they ultimately wound up with four. Yoongi claims not to know how it happened. Tae knows the truth.
What Happens In Vegas (pt.1)

Focus: The Sidemen (+ friends) Vegas crew
Warnings: A bit of swearing
Storyline: You finally get your chance to meet most of the Sidemen in Vegas, but will it be everything you imagined
(just setting the scene in this one, sorry if it’s not super entertaining)

My first attempt at this fan fiction business.
I’ll make it a multi part story - bring in some fluff or love triangle or maybe some sex stuff later on - who knows - open to suggestions/ plot twists
But let me know if you enjoyed it, so I know if I should write part 2!


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One day at a time is sooo good i can’t. everything about is incredible i thought i was gonna watch a fun binge worthy show (which i did) but it’s also so much more. the beautiful representation of mental illness, cuban culture and heritage, POC struggles, feminism, immigration, a veteran single mother who is kicking ass at most things and especially parenting, one of the most beautiful and true coming out storylines i’ve ever seen and the character is the same age as i am which just made it so much more wonderful and relatable. also it’s sooo funny i kept laughing out loud and almost woke my parents up (it was a night binge) and the humor is so witty and clever and not at all offensive in any way. this is the kind of show i needed i want more of this