which led me to tumblr

“I’ll Definitely Return”

When I started doing this, I was posting to a rather obscure social media site in a thread between myself and some friends, making it fairly private without much concern about it spreading very far outside of us.

That site wasn’t good for posting a lot of images, which led me to post to my (then pretty much) empty Tumblr where it was easier. They got noticed pretty fast on Tumblr, so I’m taking a little time to fix things up now. I’ve only been at this for a few weeks, so it was a rather abrupt shift. Bear with me for a bit. You may notice some changes.

Posted with permission.

Artist: Kitasu

Art: “I’ll Definitely Return”

The song Prompto is singing is a parody of the Space Battleship Yamato theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGvIspfzLU4

Soooo last night, after I said goodnight to my dear friend @juggydunes, I  proceeded to make out with my husband (as you do) and then before going to sleep I (of course) checked my email… which then led me to check my tumblr (again) and then the fic tag on Ao3 (just because)… and then it’s suddenly 4am and I’ve read 19 chapters of a wip I had never seen before that was sooo good.

Like ridiculously good. I’m spending the day hiking in Banff with my family and I’m literally running on less than 3 hours of sleep but it was worth it because this fic was awesome.  This is me freaking adulting and I suck at it! lol. 

You should read this fic. Buggies. Trust me. It’s super good. 

Pieces of my Heart by @lazydaizies

Still unfinished - but it’s SO good - and there are only like 9 reviews on Ao3 - come on, Buggies, we can do better than that! Go forth and review!

yikeonbike  asked:

I found you on Instagram recently and your art completely blew me away and led me to get a tumblr. Which social media platform do you prefer for sharing your art?

Thank you! I love sharing on tumblr, it’s my home, but since I started drawing those sketches, Instagram has been really fun too! It’s fast and simple and people comment!! =) The only thing I don’t like about instagram is some accounts reposting my art there… AND THAT WE CAN’T POST GIFS :(

Alex’s Spacial Theory (Witchy Weekly #2)

Hello again! Welcome back to the witch column where I discuss a new thing witchy to ponder weekly. I am proud to present: (my own ideas) on a Spacial Theory of Witchcraft. 

The term liminal space is used to generally describe any place where the “veil between worlds” is thin. I have seen it recently pop up around tumblr which led me to post my own ideas on the subject. I am a huge fan of the term, however I think it is used too much as an “umbrella term.” It needs to be more descriptive. As a result, I propose two more terms to add in regards to astral doors. First, the original:

Liminal Space: Liminal space is generally used to describe boundaries between places in both literature and metaphysics. A liminal space in metaphysics is an area where the astral realm is relatively close due to the nature of the location. Specifically: a location where people go to go somewhere else. Think: crossroads, railroad stations, and hallways of doors. Each of these places exist solely for the purpose of getting to other places. Everyone approaches these places with the same idea (to leave), so it makes natural sense that these spaces are more open to travel beyond our own physical realm. 

Null Space: This is one of my new proposed creations. Null space is “long forgotten space”. Null space is the door you walk past every single day but never look at twice. It is the door that everyone has forgotten because it is so “average” or “irrelevant”. You know the one. Examples you can use in craft are: keys to nowhere (the keys you have that you have long forgotten the lock to) and maps to places that don’t exist anymore. 

Anti Space: This is similar but not identical to null space. Anti space is space that should exist, but doesn’t. For example: alleyways that lead to dead-ends, bridges over nothing treacherous, doors to nowhere (difficult to find, but they exist), and windows that reveal only a wall. Anti space is the “lack of space”. It is space empty of space. 

All of these spaces have very different metaphysical symbolism. however, each of them provide better ability for astral travel and connections to Elsewhere. Be wary of such places, as information travels both ways. Just as you can use these spaces to view outside of this realm, things may use such doors to slip in.

Something to think about, see you next week,

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I just finished reading Mockingjay and I'm upset. T__T I am SO glad that it ended with Everlark and their beautiful babies, but I've got this soul crushing feeling in my chest that just won't leave. Did you feel this way after? Like... I just want to keep crying, because although they're together, they're both so damaged and hurt and broken and changed from all of this that their love still feels strong to me, but also different. It's just so painful... so bittersweet. Thanks!

Hi. First of all:

I totally understand how you feel about the ending. It’s hard to understand and grasp what happens—especially when you’re hoping for something more assuring in regards to Everlark. I had to immediately reread the trilogy once I finished it.

I know there are a lot of opinions about the ending. I’m not really going to go into those because we could be here for days. I love being succinct. 

So, there are two reasons that I love the ending of Mockingjay:

  1. It portrays the effects of war and that not everything is necessarily a “happy” ending, but that one can go through hell and have hope. So, although it hurts and stings, there’s hope to carry you through it.
  2. It was unsatisfying to me. Now, why would this be a pro? It made me search for more. It made me think. It led me to fanfiction which led me to tumblr and then, to here, Everlarked & Always. So, I have to be grateful for an ending that left this ache in me.

I will say this much. It seems bittersweet and painful and broken, but if you’re willing to understand Katniss & Peeta and take extra time for their story, it’s very, very powerful. All that they experience to get to each other, the fact that they love each other, raise children and continue to live is such a beautiful thing. It’s a more realistic, more relatable story than most love stories we’re given. 

Maybe we don’t necessarily face the burden of war and Rebellion, but we all face something in our lives. That Katniss & Peeta could go on through all that and still hope, should also bring us hope as well.

There’s also the fact that the entire series is chocked full of Everlark that often goes unnoticed until one gives time to it. That’s a big reason I chose to make this blog. I wanted everyone to know it and see it. If you see the whole series as their love story. If it helps, I’ll give you a small list of awesome Everlark bits in MJ:

  1. They protect each other. She doesn’t allow Peeta to be killed and he doesn’t let K kill herself at the end.
  2. Katniss loves Peeta—never, ever Gale. She loves him so much she wants to hide, run away and die because he’s gone. When he returns to her in 13, she’s “giddy.” She never loved Gale more than a brother and we can prove that repeatedly.
  3. Peeta returns to her and brings Katniss back to life. Peeta chose to return to 12 after he was released. He could have gone anywhere, but he chose to return to K. She sees him and is brought back to life. It’s a very powerful picture.
  4. They find comfort in each other. They find each other’s arms again, are there to help each other and depend on one another.
  5. They have sex. And it’s really good, amazing sex. We know it’s epic. Real.
  6. They have toast!babies. At least a boy and a girl, and in many people’s headcanons, they have more. I think so too.

 Cheer up, friend. Everlark is amazing and worth it. My advice: reread it. Then, let’s talk again. :)

i was thinking about Orion/Optimus and Megatron gaining “followers” at the beginning of the war, which led me to imaging  them with tumblrs and how MEgatron would always be comparing his follower count to OP’s, and somewhere in my story Optimus becomes the xkit guy.

meanwhile Starscream is that fuckin idiot who tries to be all social justice but it’s totally backwards and he’s the world’s biggest prick, and Soundwave is that one tumblr you follow that is a complete mystery; they only post and/or reblog, they never do asks, never say anything, you know absolutely nothing about them, total mystery.

jongkai  asked:

what's the best way to get into toppdogg?

what i did was go directly to the interviews, which led me to a listography that ended up directing me to tumblr. it took me a while to learn everyone but i found that it wasn’t actually that bad? it was only mildly confusing until i got them all down (Topp Dogg Project is great for that, but since then All-Kill came out so i’m sure it helps too)

BUT, back then i didn’t even know what Tumblr looked like. since starting this site i noticed that there’s easier ways to get about this

GET TO KNOW TOPPDOGG by @potatogoon -> outlines the members, various TD blogs, MVs, covers, etc. this post is dynamic so expect updates as new info/content comes out (so if you’re going to reblog it, reblog from her account!)


YOUTUBE -> go here for multiple interviews and official translations for ToppDogg Project (another ToppKlass has been independently subbing some episodes herself. they aren’t as produced as TDI’s, though)

TUMBLR -> written interviews, more profiles, translations (social medias/lyrics/???whatever else they do it all), etc. the website is very organized, so this shouldn’t be hard to find

TWITTER -> similar to Tumblr, except many of their posts link to the Tumblr itself. they also update regularly on Twitter

*DoggOnTopp works in conjunction (I believe lol) with TDP, they do a lot of the translating and have a few videos posted on YouTube

** there’s many other people who have done translations, but one person that is definitely worth a look over is @awakening-menace. if you’re on desktop, please give her subs a view! 


for this, i direct you to my blogroll. i follow a lot of Topp Dogg blogs and am always looking for more. alternatively, potatogoon’s longpost has many blogs worth looking at. it won’t hurt tracking a few tags too!

if you’re looking for something more direct, I’ll mention @stan-topp-dogg. this page was made by @madllght and I in order to help new TK get around Tumblr and Topp Dogg. the page was meant for desktop, but we reblogged many posts geared towards introducing Topp Dogg.

i’m so sorry for taking so long to get to this question! school started two weeks ago for me and i’ve been all around. i hope you’re still interested!


My Hunger Games story actually starts before the books were published. Probably right around the time Suzanne Collins was writing them. I made some poor decisions in college that involved a toxic relationship and a stubborn refusal to see that the degree program I had entered was something that I was vaguely interested in, but didn’t want to spend my life doing. The result of these horrible decisions was that by the time I was 20, I had lost all my self-confidence and had stopped creative writing completely, even though writing had long been one of my favorite things to do. It didn’t help that my family had been reminding me for years just how difficult it was to become a published author. Still, I struggled through, ending that awful relationship, which made things better, and finishing my degree, but I usually felt almost like a ghost.

Graduation came with a commission into the military, and I found some happiness in the form of the man I am now married too. Eventually, though, I found myself in a position at my job where I morally disagreed with what I was expected to do and ordered to “Shut up and do as you’re told” when I protested. This on top of a struggle with as yet undiagnosed bipolar made life, well a roller-coaster.

The year the first book was published, I left the military and basically wandered in a fog, half-living and questioning every choice I made. In the meantime, my spouse (also in the military) started deploying. I could set my watch by his deployments. Four months gone, four months home, repeat. It was mind-numbing to say the least, and didn’t help that he left on one of these deployments when our first-born was only a few weeks old, leaving me to find my way through new motherhood and post-partem depression alone.

Over time, he developed mild PTSD. I continued dealing with my own bipolar. I lost one friend to the effects of PTSD, and another to death in a war that sometimes feels like it will never end and frequently seems pointless or unjustified. There’s doubt and fear and a desensitization to something that shouldn’t be seen as normal, but it is normal in our lives. Also the constant feeling that we’re doing something wrong but how do we really fix that? Confusion because both my husband and I were raised to, and usually do, feel pride in serving our country. Our marriage almost fell apart twice and I frequently worried about raising my kids in this world.

At one point, during yet another deployment, I was mindlessly browsing and stumbled across this book trilogy, the whole set on e-books for $11. The description intrigued me, so I bought it but then completely forgot about it. In June 2012, I saw a cast interview. I can’t even remember who it was or what they talked about. I think they were actually promoting another movie and The Hunger Games was only mentioned briefly. But I realized that those books I’d bought on sale had been made into movies. I’ve always preferred reading the books first, so I made time to sit down and read them.

All three books in four days. I didn’t sleep much that week. And as soon as I finished them, I had to go back and read them again almost immediately.

After that, I tried to let them go, but couldn’t. Whenever I read something else, I found my mind wandering back to Panem. I searched until I found a theater still playing the first movie months after it had premiered. When I got home, I still couldn’t let it go. The story and the characters just spoke to me in a way that none others ever have. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of all sorts of stories and have a favorite characters list ten miles long. But Katniss and Peeta and Haymitch and all the others…their story would not leave me be. It was like my life had been written out mostly in metaphor but sometimes in almost scary reality in this fantastical YA dystopia that felt so terribly bleak but also blooming with hope.

In desperation, I  read online reviews of the books and searched for any kind of forum that was discussing these stories. I was desperate to talk to someone about them, and no one I knew had read them yet. My search eventually led me to fanfiction, which almost immediately led me to tumblr. At first, I stalked a couple of writers and their blogs anonymously, but eventually I caved and made my own. Then I promptly lurked in the corner reading and writing but never posting.

It was an awakening. Writing fanfiction brought me back to why I spent junior high and high school with a notebook always at hand, and an ink stain and a writer’s lump on my right middle finger. I was able to find joy in things that hadn’t made me smile in years and I finally, FINALLY, started to feel like me again.

About a year ago, I worked up the courage to post something for Prompts in Panem. It wasn’t my first fanfiction, it isn’t the most well known, and it’s probably not the best either. But it is nearest and dearest to my heart as it was written with no outline, no planning, just me sitting down at the laptop and pouring out every last emotion I had been feeling and suppressing since around the time Suzanne Collins came up with the idea for the books.

Now, I’m turning things around and getting back to what I should have done over a decade ago…writing and editing stories. I’ve made new friends here who encourage and support me in that goal, but who I also trust with so many other aspects of my life. I found new ways to deal with some of the issues I face day-to-day, opened up more to the people who matter most to me and found that, surprisingly, they were okay with this version of me. It’s not perfect. There are still days that are rough, but at least they’re now outnumbered by the good days. Perhaps it’s corny and cliché, but these books helped me find a way to make my life good again.



“Thanks for posting this Jordan. It should help people understand the situation more. And I’m sorry to hear about what happened between you and Monica. I just want to chime in and say that it’s not that I don’t ever want to be associated with The Creatures by not choosing to move out to Colorado at this given moment in time. So I guess I’ll give my side of the story so it’s all in one place. And I’m sorry if there are typos everywhere lol. I’m currently on a plane typing this on my phone.

I was born with a condition called hemophilia. It’s a rare bleeding disorder that has a pretty hefty medical bill every year. For me, I need a bit of security in my life by taking a safer route, which is school. Healthcare in the United States is pretty horrible for people like me because I get denied everywhere for having such a costly condition. I’m not entirely sure how the new healthcare laws work under Obama, but that’s at least how it was explained to me when evaluating whether or not to go out to Colorado when everyone else initially did. I simply could not find anyone to cover me and The Creatures weren’t exactly a big company that could provide healthcare benefits at the time (No idea if they can now). Essentially, I have a ticking clock until I’m 26 years old before I’m booted off my parents’ healthcare plan. Will Obama’s healthcare laws last until then with all the movements to get them repealed? Who knows. I just need to be ready for when that time comes and have a way to market myself (by having a degree).

But that’s not the only thing because I’ve made my fair share of mistakes that contributed to creating a bit of a rift between us. I chose to get distracted by a relationship for a good year and moved to Arizona. That relationship fell through very quickly after I moved out there and it left me in a bit of depression and I got super flakey when trying to work on things remotely. Reaching out after that was a bit challenging because they soon after expanded into the office and didn’t really want to go back to recording over Skype. This led to me going on several Tumblr rants (which was a bit immature) after taking a lot of heat from fans and even internally in The Creatures. For the first half of the year, I, while wanting to participate more in the group, also wanted to get away from the negative atmosphere. So I was kinda caught in this strange internal conflict about what I wanted to do.

Ultimately, this led to me distancing myself for a bit and choosing to remain in California after visiting for a second time. After that has gone on over the past few years, I really just want to stay put in California and take care of these priorities. College, The Creatures, and my personal channel would just be too much if I were to live out there at this time. When the time comes and I have my degree and the group is still interested in having me out in Colorado, I will consider it. For now, I’m just doing what I can do. Maybe I’ll visit some more during a time when I have a level head about everything and I’m not caught up in the heat of drama. It was a crazy year and I’ve acted out in ways I’m not proud of. It’s hard letting things go when you’ve been a part of something for so long. Maybe I felt I was entitled to a little too much. But I have realized it was selfish to hold a group back from moving in a direction they want to move in for my own personal reasons. Hopefully things work out in the end.

So yes, this been one of my New Years resolutions. To keep things positive. I’m hoping for the best for you guys in 2015! Let’s talk the next time we’re at a convention together. :)”

everlarkedalways & arbyeatscheesebuns

THG changed my life.

I read this powerful, captivating, beautiful story and I could not shake it. I read it and honestly mourned over the end. I needed more. I found fanfiction which led me to tumblr and then to Everlarked & Always. I started E&A because every day something would remind me of Katniss and Peeta. I was Everlarked.

Reading Everlark’s story and adoring Peeta, helped me to see how grateful I am for my husband and notice the small things we do for each other. It’s honestly helped my marriage in a wonderful way.

Blogging about Everlark provided a creative outlet for me. I have an obsession with words. I needed to see Everlark’s words written out and share it with you.

I’ve made friends online and in real life that I wouldn’t have otherwise done. I’ve had the most amazing times fangirling with you over the beach kiss and red carpet walks; crying with you on the last day of filming and raging against the frustrations we feel with trolls and stans. You have shared some of my best days.

This ship has changed me for the better. It’s been an amazing blessing. I’m so grateful for all of this.

What Tangled has done for me

I remember, when the trailer came out, I thought it was trying too hard to be hip, using phrases such as, “She’s been grounded for, like, ever,” and “Best day ever!” I thought this guy getting beaten up with hair wasn’t particularly funny. I thought the Smolder was stupid.

I saw it anyway, cause it’s a Disney film, and if nothing else, it looked pretty. (There are only two Disney animated features that I have never seen, and if I never see them, I won’t be too sad about it.)

I liked it well enough. Maximus cracked me up, Pascal was pointless and irritating, but Rapunzel was amazing and so was Flynn. (For the longest time, I called him Flynn because I flat out like the name better. I still like the name better than Eugene.)

I suppose it was right after it came out on DVD that I started really getting into it. I went online to find an image of Rapunzel lifting the royal lantern during I See the Light. What I found was Tumblr. The site I landed on was talking about Rapunzel’s Bird, and pointed out the significance of the presence of birds in the movie. The next post was talking about visual cues in the Snuggly Duckling. Then, I saw the mobile. Tumblr suddenly made me aware that this was a much deeper movie, with a lot more subtleties than was on the surface. I started digging deeper. And then, I started falling, head over heels.

I fell in love with Eugene. I fell in love with Rapunzel. I fell in love with Eugene and Rapunzel as a couple. I started building headcanons. I wanted to be one of those people who notice things about the movie (I’m pretty pleased to say that I am one of those people).

Five years ago, I was not a happy person. (I am still not a happy person, but that is neither here nor there.) At the time that I really fell in love with Tangled, I needed something that made me feel important and included in things. Tangled led me to Tumblr, which led me to a community of fans who, let’s face it, doesn’t really ever have fandom drama. We just sit around and love this movie together.

Through the years, we’ve freaked out when we realized that Eugene had his hand at the small of Rapunzel’s back in the Snuggly Duckling, and that he spread his arms out and protected her when the thugs advance. We flipped a shit together when Tangled Ever After was announced, and screamed when they finally got married and made out in front of the whole kingdom. We lost our cool when, not only was a Musical announced for the Disney Dream, but a FREAKING ANIMATED SERIES! (Yeah, I’m still not over that one.)

When I look back on what I’ve drawn over the past five years, the balance weighs heavily in the direction of Tangled. My art has improved, not only in consistency, but in style. I’ve found myself capable of graphic design, of simple things, of using less colors.

I picked up roleplaying on Tumblr (as Rapunzel, no less), and through that, I’ve met so many amazing people. People who really have nothing to do with the fandom and people who have nothing to do with roleplay. I’ve met some of my best friends through roleplaying on Tumblr.

And today, in particular, I’m so grateful to everyone who’s involved. My dash has been flooded with love by the fans and even the creators! This movie has been amazing to me, and I’m gratified to see that others feel the same way. My collection of Tangled merchandise is still ever growing, filled with Disney Fine Art, official merchandise, and even unique, fan-made things (some of them by me!).

So thank you, Tangled. Thank you Disney. Thank you Rapunzel and Eugene and Pascal and Maximus and Gothel. Thank you King and Queen and Captain of the Guard. Thank you Byron and Glen and Claire and Alan. Thank you Tangled Fans and Tangled Fandom Resurrection. I love you all, so, so much.

so for like two years i’ve had this blog about Ray Narvaez Jr, Right? This cutie.

Originally posted by jaqens-hghar

and about three months ago I started dating this boy named Ray, THIS cutie

arent we the cutest? anyways, a little while ago Ray Narvaez Jr left achievement hunter and because of this the other boys joked about him being ‘dead’, which led me to change my name to ‘raysdead’ here on the tumblr, as a joke

i didnt think anything of it and went on with my life

a few months later, my social media inept boyfriend, ray, picks up my phone and starts looking at my notifications, looks up and asks me, “Why am I dead?”

thus leading to a thirty minute explanation of achievement hunter, tumblr, and the fact that no, I am not planning my own boyfriends death. 

god damnit.

a little Bayformers love letter

I love them for what they are, flaws and all. But more importantly because they got me into G1, TFA, and TFP, which I love to death. They got me into the WFC and FOC video games. They got me into the amazing TF comics, namely MTMTE. Had Michael Bay never bothered to make those movies, none of this would have happened. I would have remained oblivious to all these wonderful shows and comics. Some of these shows and comics probably wouldn’t even exist today without Bayformers having revitalized the brand.

Also, the movies officially introduced me to Optimus Prime. Where the hell would I be without Optimus Prime, holy mother of god. I love this character with all my heart and soul, and he is a goddamn inspiration to me like no other character I’ve ever come across.

These movies didn’t just revive the franchise or the fandom - they revived me. They got me into this beautiful fandom, which led me to create a tumblr, which has allowed me to express my creativity in so many ways, and to meet so many amazing people - some of which i’ve become very close with. These movies have given me life, purpose, and happiness. I have never been so invested in a fandom, ever. I’ve never been so creative, so socialable, had so many friends with shared interests. Simply put, I’ve never been happier.

Despite how awful those movies can be, I owe them - I owe Michael Bay - everything.

((fyi this started as a reply to this post but it got so long that i decided on a seperate post))