which jersey to wear

luna wearing ginny’s quidditch jersey which leads to luna falling in love with ginny’s quidditch jersey because it’s all soft from ginny wearing it so much and it smells like her && the sleeves are too long so she pulls them over her hands and makes sweater paws, ginny is extremely conflicted because she’s kinda fond of that jersey (like, just a smidge) and she wants it back but luna looks so cute in it and keeps coming up to give her hugs and it really is soft and ginny doesn’t know what 2 do 

Chinese Takeout-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Characters: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Coach Finstock, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Warnings: none?

Pairing: hint at Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1243

Summary: Stiles, out of nowhere, involves you in the tradition that takes place every lacrosse match Beacon Hills plays.

Stiles Stilinski. The schools weird kid with an endless supply of sarcasm. Stiles, who’s both a naturally smart kid like his dad and on the lacrosse team. Stiles Stilinski, the guy who I have a raging crush on for 3 agonizing years. 

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So there are the dedicated Josten exy fans who absolutely lose their shit when they find out that Neil has cats. Really ugly cute cats. When bugged enough on Instagram he reveals that their names are Sir and King. Every once in a while he will post a picture with them. A few fandom detectives figure out which one is Sir and which one is King. This is like a precious Josten fandom secret. But like all good things, the press find out, latches on, and turns it into a nightmare. Someone thinks it’s a great idea to make the parallel that Neil named his cat King in tribute of the late Riko Moriyama. It starts out as a softball question at some press junket.

Reporter: So Josten, we hear you have some pets. *lots of press room laughter*

Neil, somewhat confused: Yes. We have cats.

Reporter: Then is it true that you named your cat, King, after the late Riko Moriyama. Formerly known as the king of exy.

Neil: ….his name is King Fluffykins.

Reporter: Excuse me-

Neil: King Fluffykins and Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. Some times we let them play with exy balls. Or have them wear tiny exy jerseys. Exy. Which this press conference is supposed to be about unless you want to hear about their favorite kitty litter.

Everyone is so thrown off they don’t even bother asking who “we” is.

(And if they next day Neil posts a picture of Sir and King in tiny Minyard and Josten jerseys, the press knows better than to ask about it.)

Zach Werenski - The Jersey Switch

anon request: Love your writing! So I was wondering if you could write a Zach Werenski one where the reader plays hockey for Ohio state and Zach goes to the game in something related to OSU but he’s seen by his teammates or something and they won’t let him live it down? Sorry if it’s too specific!

i absolutely love zach werenski and i hope this was what you were looking for. i really did enjoy writing this and i love when you guys give me scenarios with your imagine request becaus eit gives me and idea of what you want. 

next up should be an auston matthews imagine!!

requests are open:))

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it was game day. not for zach but for me. zach werenski was a professional nhl player and i played for my collage team. “babe” zach said taking seat next to me. i hummed in response taking a sip of my protein shake, trying to mentally prepare myself for the game in a few hours.

“your such a great girlfriend and you always support me and i just feel like i’m not good enough” zach mumbled running his hands roughly through his hair and leaned his elbows on his knees. that really caught my attention, we were always so busy with zachs schedule i don’t make a big deal about it when he can’t make it to my games.

i rubbed his back and he slowly looked behind him at me, his sad green eyes met my y/e/c eyes. “it’s okay zach” i smiled softly at him. “but now that you mention it, i do have a game today” i gave him a grin but his face fell once more.

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Jersey Decisions - Jamie & Jordie Benn #5/#2

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about/request: could i get a imagine where you’re best friends with the benn brothers and they both want you to wear their jerseys at a stars vs. canadiens game

warnings: none

authors note: i dont know what number jamie wore in high school i think it was 16 tbh but whatever, again this was kinda short but it’s cute. i gave it a little twist at the end, hope you liked it!!

word count: 904

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Mi Amor/ Gabe *SMUT*

Summary: Gabe helps Y/N with her Spanish.

Warnings: SMUT. This is only my second time writing smut so sorry if it’s bad and again I got these from google translate so it’s not gonna be 100 procent right.


  • Realmente te quiero. Ahora mismo: I really want you. Right now.
  • Oh usted consigue encendido por mí que habla español:Oh you get turned on by me speaking spanish.
  • bueno saber: good to know 
  • impacientes no somos nosotros: Impatient aren’t we
  •  eres tan hermosa mi amor: You’re so beautiful my love.
  •  Esto tiene que ir: This needs to go
  •  Estos necesitan ir demasiado: These need to go too
  •  Eres tan caliente que no puedo contenerme cuando estoy cerca de ti: You’re so hot I just can’t contain myself when I’m around you.
  • Estoy en control: I’m in control here
  • Lo que quieras mi querida: Whatever you want my dear
  • Estas listo mi amor: You ready my love.
  • Te ves tan caliente: You’re so hot
  •  La chica corría por el bosque cuando oyó un ruido. Se dio la vuelta y vio a un lobo grande de pie delante de ella: The girl ran through the forest when she heard a noise. He turned and saw a large wolf standing in front of her

Today you had a Spanish test in school you had studied for it all week and you still didn’t feel ready for it. You walked into the classroom and took your seat next to your boyfriend Gabe who for some reason was really good at Spanish. The teacher gave everyone there tests and you were one of the lasts ones to hand it back. The same day you got your test back and you found out you had an F. Lucky for you the teacher agreed to let you do a make up test so that you wouldn’t fail the class but because you were so bad at Spanish you decided to ask your boyfriend for help.

“Hey Gabe.” You said walking up to him.

“Hey babe.” He said turning to you with a smile.

“So uh I was wondering do yo uh….wanna come over tonight?” You asked as you took his hand.

“Well I can’t say no to that now can I.” He said with a smirk.

“Great you can help me with my Spanish then.” Yous said with a smile.

“What? Okay Y/N when you ask me to come over I don’t immediately think about helping you with Spanish.” He said looking at you confused.

“I know. But Gabe I really need help okay I need to get an A on this make up test or else I’ll fail this class.” You said looking down.

“Fine I’ll help you. You know I can’t say no to you.” He said with a smile as he kissed your cheek.

When you got home after school you just quickly changed into some shorts and Gabe’s extra lacrosse jersey that he gave you just so that you were a bit comfortable and after a few hours Gabe arrived.

“Hey Gabe.” You said with a smile as you opened the door.

He looked you up and down an bit his lip. You kind of forgot how much seeing you in his jersey turned him on.

“Hey babe you uh you look really good.” He said with a smirk as he came inside.

“Thanks. But remember you’re hear to help me okay.” You said closing the front door.

“Yeah yeah.” He said as he went up the stars to you room.

You followed him upstairs and went to your room you grabbed your textbook and laid down on your belly next to him on the bed.

“Okay so do you know anything in Spanish?” He asked looking at you.

“I know what te amo means.” You said with a smile.

“Why is that the only thing you know how to say?” He asked confused but with a smile.

“Because that way when a Spanish guy flirts with me I can say te amo Gabe.” You said with a smile.

“Yo también te amo.” Gabe said with a smile.

Just hearing Gabe say that already did something with you. The moment he said it you breathed in heavily and lucky for you he didn’t notice.

“Okay so let’s start so…” Gabe said as the two of you looked at your textbook.

For the next few hours Gabe helped you remember certain words and sentences so that he could quiz you later on. Gabe had your textbook in his hand as he laid on his side with his head propped up on his arm.

“So what does hoy me caí mean?” He asked looking up at you.

“Uh today I fell?” You said not sure that it was right.

“Yep that’s right.” He said with a smile.

“Realmente te quiero. Ahora mismo.” Gabe said looking at you seductively.

You just looked at him not remembering that that was something you had to learn. You had heard Gabe talk in Spanish a few times and you were getting really hot because of it.

“Uh Gabe I’m not sure that was in my textbook.” You said looking at him.

“Uh sorry. Yeah okay uh this next one is a little text so I want you to uh translate it for me okay.” He said looking back at the book.

“La chica corría por el bosque cuando oyó un ruido. Se dio la vuelta y vio a un lobo grande de pie delante de ella.” Gabe said very quickly.

With each word he said it just got harder and harder for you to breath. You had no idea what he was saying but he sounded so hot. You saw him look at you waiting on answer but you just sat there biting your lip before taking the textbook out of his hands throwing it on the ground and leaning forward and kissing him while your hands went around his neck. He immediately kissed back and sat up and then leaned forward so that you were now on your back and he was hovering over you.

“I thought I was here to help you learn.” He said smugly with a smirk.

“You were until I found out how turned on I get by you speaking Spanish.” You said looking at him.

“Oh usted consigue encendido por mí que habla español. Bueno saber.” He said with a smirk as he leaned down to kiss you again.

He kept kissing you as you ran your hands through his hair and his hands started to roam your body. You tugged on a few strands of hair and could hear him moan which made you smirk. His hands went under his jersey that you were wearing and you shuddered from the feeling of his hands on your skin. He pulled his lips away from yours as he started to kiss your neck while you tried to unbutton his shirt which only made him smirk.

“Impacientes no somos nosotros.” He said while he was kissing your neck.

You just bit your lip as you started to breath heavily.

“Sí.” You said as you continued to unbutton his shirt.

You could feel him biting and sucking on some parts of your neck which made you know you will have a lot of hickey’s tomorrow. He pulled away from your neck and looked at you as he caressed your cheek.

“Eres tan hermosa mi amor.” He said with a smile.

You had no idea what he said but you really didn’t care you pulled his neck down and kissed him again as you unbuttoned the last button of his shirt ans then pulled it off of him revealing his toned body and of course you ran your hands all over it.

“Esto tiene que ir.” He said as he took the hem of his jersey and pulled it off of your body.

“You do know I have no idea what you’re saying right.” You said looking at him with a smile.

“Like you care.” He said leaning in again and kissing you before moving down to your neck and then to your chest until he was at your shorts.

“Estos necesitan ir demasiado.” He said as he unbuttoned them and pulled them off of you.

“Eres tan caliente que no puedo contenerme cuando estoy cerca de ti.” He said as he ran his hands down your legs and wrapping them around his waist.

He kissed you again at you started to grind your hips against his which resulted in a moan from him. You smild in the kiss and kept grinding against him which made you moan as well.

“Let’s take these of.” You said as your hand ran down his chest to his pants as you unbuttoned them and pulled them off of him.

You saw the buldge in his underwear and smirked you ran your hand over it making him moan.

“Mi amor…” He said closing his eyes in pleasure.

He took your hand and removed it from his buldge and pinned it next your head and then taking your other hand and also pinning it next to your head.

“Estoy en control.” He said kissing your neck again.

After a few minutes he let your hands go and they immediately went to his hair as your hands through it. While he was still kissing your neck his hands went down to your panties and he pulled them of very slowly. You pulled his head away from your neck and kissed him while he moved his hips against yours making you moan.

“Gabe please I need you now.” You said looking at him after you pulled away from this.

“Lo que quieras mi querida.” He said as he pulled down his underwear.

While he was pulling down his underwear you quickly reached over to your nightstand and took a condom and handing it to him. He put the condom on his member before lining it up at your entrance.

“Estas listo mi amor?” He asked lovingly.

You nodded and that was enough approval for him to push himself inside of you. The moment he pushed himself inside of you the both of you moaned and you closed your eyes trying to adjust to his size. The moment that he could move you nodded and he started to move at a slow pace.

“Gabe you feel so good…..” You said bitting your lip.

“Te ves tan caliente.” He said before leaning in and kissing you again as he started to fasten his pace.

Your hand went to his back and scratched it making sure that there were claw marks on his back.

“Gabe….Faster…..” You said in between kisses.

He smirked and started pounding in and out of you as the both of you just moaned like crazy. You could feel yourself coming closer to the edge and your hand went down to rub your clit trying to make yourself cum.

“Gabe I’m gonna.” You said bitting your lip.

He just nodded letting you know that he was close to. With a few more hard thrusts you came and you felt your whole body shiver and shortly after that Gabe came as well he smiled as he pulled out of you and laid down next to you. Both of you were breathing very hard before looking at each other and laughing.

“I think I’m gonna start speaking Spanish more often because that was the best sex we’ve ever had.” He said with a smile.

“Yeah I agree you need to speak Spanish way more.” You said looking at him.

“I’ll do anything for you mi amor.” He said as he kissed the top of your head.

Dating Isaac Lahey Would Include...

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•Isaac being super protective of you

•Making fun of Stiles together

-“No fair its two against one!”

•Isaac giving you his scarf when you’re cold

•Going to Isaac’s lacrosse games and cheering him on

•Isaac loving seeing you in his jersey, which you wear whenever you spend the night at his place

•Falling asleep laying beside each other and Isaac staying up late to watch you a place little kisses on your forehead

•Isaac opening up to you about his past

•Comforting him when he can’t stop thinking about his dad or he has nightmares about him

•Isaac being constantly afraid he’ll lose you so he likes to remind you that he loves you as much as he can and he makes sure to look after you

•Isaac not allowing you to get involved in pack business because the last thing he wants is to see you get hurt

•Study sessions that usually end in the two of you making out

•Blushing like a crazy person whenever Isaac whispers dirty things into your ear

•Isaac sneaking into your bedroom late at night so he can see you

•Piggyback rides

•Being really silly with each other

•Absolutely adoring each other’s smiles and the both of you trying to get the other to laugh when they’re upset

•Isaac scooping you up and spinning you around. This never fails to make you giggle uncontrollably

•Lots of cuddling

•Laying on the couch in each other’s arms and watching tons of fun movies

•Loving to run your hands through his hair because it’s so damn soft!

What Winston Says Chapter 4

           The next morning the two fat men woke up, naked, horny, and hungry. Winston smiled as he teased Daniel’s nipple, causing him to moan and smile. The two kissed, chubby hands exploring chubby bodies. Winston was still getting used to his bigger frame, estimating he now weight three hundred fifty pounds. Clearly Daniel was in love with the change, what with his hands groping and jiggling his man’s new girth.

           “Damn baby,” he said, having slid down the bed towards Winston’s cock. “I never knew how sexy you’d be fat. I can’t believe you did this just for me.”

           “Well, I wanted to make you happy. And clearly you like it,” Winston replied, speaking his sentence fast as Daniel practically swallowed Winton’s cock whole. The chubby guy bobbed up and down on his lover’s dick, one hand sliding between fat cheeks to prep Winston’s hole for what was to come.

           Before Winston knew it, Daniel had his legs in the air and cock pointing at his asshole.

           “I need a condom, babe,” Daniel said.

           Winston smiled. “You’re wearing a lubed condom, ready to fuck me senseless.” Sure enough, a condom, slick with lube, appeared on Daniel’s chubby cock. No more words needed, he slid his dick into Winston and started fucking him fast and hard.

           This was different for Winston, since the last time they fucked, Winston had an athletic body. Now, an even fatter Daniel was thrusting into a bigger man. Winston felt his belly jiggle with each hard thrust, his tits bouncing all over the place. Slaps could be heard every time contact was made between chubby thighs. Winston didn’t think it could get better than this. Then he had an idea.

           “With every thrust, Daniel will gain one pound of fat.”

           Daniel stopped. “What did you just say?”

           “You heard me,” Winston said smiling.

           Daniel smiled back. “Guess I have to make this count then.” He thrusted once. Twice. Slowly, he slid almost all the way out of Winston, before thrusting back into him.

           The change wasn’t obvious, but as Daniel fucked Winston, Winston could see his boyfriend’s belly get slightly bigger. Daniel’s already perky and round tits began to swell even more, his nipples stretching along with it. Daniel could feel himself growing, and fought off his orgasm in order to grow more.

           Minutes passed and moans could be heard throughout the house as Daniel kept fucking Winston, growing bigger with each thrust.

           “Winston, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up. I think my dick is shrinking.” Winston knew Daniel was right. With each pound, Winston could feel his partner’s dick getting smaller. As Daniel grew fatter, he also grew tired. Winston had to make sure Daniel could finish.

           “The condom is gone. Daniel will have a surge of energy and finish fucking me until he cums. If one of us were to have an STD, we don’t anymore. We are immune.”

           Daniel felt a charge of power run through him as he could feel his bare dick inside Winston. He moaned louder as his thrusts became deeper, harder, and faster. He placed his hands on Winston’s shoulders and fucked him harder than either thought would be possible. His body kept growing, sagging deeper and growing wider until Daniel felt himself shoot huge loads into Winston, who without touching himself, shot his own loads on himself and on Daniel.

           The men, spent, collided with each other, covered in Winston’s cum. Daniel, huffing and puffing, lifted his head up just far enough to where the two men could kiss.

           “Thanks for that. I don’t think I could’ve finished without you.”

           “Anytime babe,” Winston said, kissing Daniel.

           After they both recuperated, they made their way to the bathroom. Daniel stepped on the scale.

           “Holy fuck. I’m almost four hundred pounds!” He lifted his round belly and let it drop back into place, jiggling until it stopped. He looked down, unable to see his dick. “Am I too fat?” He asked Winston.

           “If you want to go down a few sizes, here,” Winston said, taking off the amulet and putting it around Daniel’s thick neck.

           “Are you sure? You trust me not to do anything stupid or harmful?”

           “Yes baby, I trust you.” Then the next words shot out like a bullet. “I love you.”

           The two men froze in their places, Winston going white, and Daniel smiling and blushing. “I love you too.” They kissed again, chubby body against chubbier body.

           “But it’s time I go back down. I have plans for us tonight babe. And we’ll need to go back to normal for a while.” He took Winston’s hand and smiled. “I will go back to the size I was when I first came here. Winston will go back to his athletic body, but with some more muscle to his arms and chest.

           Daniel’s body began to lose its round shape, like a vacuum sucking the air out of a bag. His stretchmarks slowly disappeared, and his chest began to go back to the shape of a man’s. His nipples shrank back to their normal diameter, and he smiled as his dick began to come back into view. His small belly still remained, for which he was happy. He looked up in time to watch as Winston’s body shrank, his fat disappearing, and muscle take its place. His arms swelled up with rick hard muscle and his chest puffed out, topped with big nipples. His ass shrank and tightened up, and his dick too became visible. Though Daniel was sure no amount of fat could hide Winston’s meaty dick. Winston rubbed his hands over his defined abs, not sure if he missed his fat or not.

           “Don’t worry babe, it’ll be back soon enough. How about we have delivery for dinner tonight?”


           That night, in clothes that fit them, they sat around waiting on their pizza. Winston wore a tight-fitting shirt, making sure it hugged his muscles, while Daniel was wearing his sports jersey, which slightly showed his small belly.

           “Fuck,” Daniel said. “how much longer is this supposed to take? It’s already been half an hour.”

           Winston laughed. “Is someone horny or hungry?”


           Just then the doorbell rang. Winston jumped up and opened the door, revealing Tucker Masters, a student from their school. Tucker held his red pizza bag, which contained two large pizzas, and in the plastic bag dangling from his fingers was two, two liter bottles of coke.

           “Oh shit, hey Winston,” Tucker said in his stoner voice. “Didn’t know this was your place. Hey, have you been working out?”

           “Haha yeah, something like that. Hey, why don’t you come in?” Winston asked, grabbing the bags and walking inside.

           As Tucker walked in, he said, “I can’t stay long. I have a lot of deliveries tonight.” His eyes then fell on Daniel, who was probably the last person he expected to see in Winston’s house. “Daniel Faye? Shit, I didn’t know you two hung out.”

           “Yeah, we became fast friends,” Daniel said. “And don’t worry. I guess the power went out on Cory Street and the pizza place closed. Your boss probably texted you saying you’re now off.”

           An electronic ping sounded in Tucker’s pocket. He reached for his phone and laughed. “Haha, hey what do you know, the shop is closed. Guess I’m free to hang out here after all.”

           The three men sat down on the sofas, dishing out sliced of pizza and cups of coke. They talked about school and how summer was going, who they thought was hot, etc. It surprised both Winston and Daniel to know that Tucker was bi-curious.

           After one of the pizzas was gone, Tucker asked, “Hey, I hate to ask, but do you guys have any pot? I’m out and wouldn’t mind blazing up.”

           “Oh yeah, I have some,” Daniel said getting up and heading towards the kitchen. While he looked for his weed, Winston checked out Tucker. Tucker was wearing his black button up work shirt with the pizza shop’s logo on the breast pocket. Tucker was very thin, but had the smallest belly, due to a few cups of soda and three slices of pizza.

           Daniel came back with an ample bag of weed and a blue glass bowl.

           “Where did that come from,” Winston asked, not knowing Daniel was into pot.

           “Oh, I had it stashed here after our first day.” He handed the bowl and weed to Tucker. “Here, you’re probably better at packing a bowl than I am.”

           As Tucker and Daniel sat on the couch packing weed into the bowl, Winston kept thinking what Daniel’s plan was. Nothing had been said about anything funny about to happen. Was Daniel saying everything in secret?

           Tucker flicked the lighter on and inhaled deep. As he exhaled the thick smoke, Winston noticed something funny about the aroma. It wasn’t sour or dank like his friend shad smoked. This seemed almost…sweet.

           “Tucker have you ever smoked this before? I think it’s called ‘Munchie Delight.’”


           “Nah, man. Never. It’s pretty good though.”

           “Yeah it is,” Daniel said, inhaling a good amount for himself. As he blew smoke into the air, he handed the bowl to Winston. Winston, who now was thinking “Oh, what the fuck,” inhaled some for himself too. Never one for smoking, he was surprised that he didn’t cough on the smoke. Instead, he rather enjoyed the taste.

           “But, I heard there’s some pretty weird side effects that could happen,” Daniel said, winking at Winston.

           “Like what? You see unicorns and shit?” Tucker asked, laughing as he took another hit.

           “No, nothing like that. People who smoke this have gained a lot of weight after just a few hits. More often if they’ve eaten beforehand.”

           Tucker dissed that comment. “Man, that’s just the man talking. Everyone knows there is nothing wrong with pot. It’s all bullshit from angry housewives who threaten to withhold sex fro, their powerful husbands unless they help get pot off the streets. That’s complete crap.”

           “So, you don’t believe it?” Winston asked.

           “Fuck nah.”

           “Well,” Daniel began with a sly smile on his face. “How would you explain that small belly that’s come out of nowhere on you?”

           Tucker laughed, too busy packing another bowl to notice that a small mound of fat had appeared on his midsection. “Bullshit. That’s bloat from the pizza and soda.” He inhaled an impossibly long puff and a she blew it out, his belly surged a tiny bit in his shirt.

           Winston looked down and saw less definition in his abs, as a belly began to form under his tight shirt. Looking at Daniel, he saw a small hairy belly poking beneath his jersey.

           Daniel looked at Tucker and smiled. “Tucker, you’re going to get fat. You’ll gain two hundred fifty pounds of jiggly fat. Your chest is going to get fat, you’ll develop thick fat rolls. Your belly is going to get round and grow outward like a ball. It won’t sag or get hard, but will remain soft and jiggly. And most of all, you’re going to love the feeling of it. You’ll get off on the feeling of getting hard.”

           He looked over at Winston. “And you, baby, are going to get so fat you won’t be able to stand it. As you grow, you’ll develop an increasing hunger and finish all the pizza and soda that’s left. Then and only then will you bend me over and fuck your loads into my ass. Let’s not forget what happens when your cum enters my body.”

           As Winston’s body began to grow soft and he felt a painful hunger develop, he looked at Daniel. “And what about your body?”

           “Oh, you’ll see. Now eat.”

Another Sad Love Song

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imagine #2


Nothing happened. I knew Mitch went to tell him, and because nothing has happened as of 4 days now, I knew he didn’t want anything to do with me. I still hung out with my friends, but he has stopped hanging out with them. When I would hang out with the boys or anyone else close to him, they knew not to talk about him clearly noticing the tension we were having. I would go to school, work, home, and maybe occasionally a party. I saw him today. Me and a friend were walking to a cafe to study for our midterm when we saw them through the window of the cafe inside. They were facing each other, gazing into each others eyes. So in love. I felt weird that I was starring but I could turn away. Eventually he looked up and turned to face me. He was in shock. I couldn’t look at them much longer, or his eyes. I just started walking away while my friend quickly followed behind trying to distract me from the obvious pain in my heart. Tears were starting to build up before my friend pointed something out that made me laugh so hard that I had forgotten about him.

My friend had planned a blind date for me. Its been now over a month since I last cried about him. It was time for me to move on. I was hoping to find someone else to fill the void left behind in my heart or at least break my heart even harder than he did. My date was a perfect gentleman. He did all the cliches I could think of on a first date. We were about to share our dessert when he just happened to walk in with her in the nice restaurant. He immediately locked eyes with me. I quickly went back to talking to my date. The waiter just happened to sit them right by us. Thank god we were almost done with our dessert so we can leave I thought to myself. I excused myself to use the restroom before we would leave. When I left the restroom I bumped into something, well someone. Auston was right in front of me.

“Hey”, he said.

“I have to go”, I tell him, but before I could leave he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“Can we talk, please”, he asked. He seemed like he did really want to talk to me.

“I don’t think I could ever speak to you ever again”, I tell him before getting out of his grip and returning to my date. I felt good. I felt like I might of broke him or something even though I knew I could never break him the way he did to me. I went on with the rest of my date. But later that night while laying in my bed, I realized that I will probably never find anyone like Auston. That I might of let my soulmate out of my life forever. But I just had to accept the way things are.

“Come on. You know how much this means to us! Please come! Im begging you”, William said to me now on his knees begging me to come to their first game.

“Ok. Ok! I’ll go”, I tell the now very happy Swed and the rest of the boys. They all hug me and start chanting “(Y/N)!”. I quickly tell them to shut up or else I would change my mind, which they quickly obeyed.

“Who’s jersey are you going to wear?”, asked Morgan.

“I don’t know, I’ll just wear my plain leafs jersey”, I told them since that was the only other jersey I had besides my Matthews jersey.

“No, since I successfully convinced you, you are going to wear my jersey”, William told me and the rest of the boy nodded in agreement. I told him only if he would get me one, which on the day of he came to my apartment minutes before he had to be at the rink to bring me one of his game-worn jerseys.

“Here are your tickets, I got you good seats so don’t plan to ditch at the last second ok”, he told me whist handing me the tickets.

“I’ll be there I promise”, I told him.

“Ok, you better wear my jersey (Y/F/N), you’re our good luck charm”, he said to me.

“William I promise to you that I will be there and I’ll be wearing your jersey”, I said to him while holding my right hand up. He laughed and we said goodbye and I wished him good luck.

I knew I was going to see Auston tonight. Its the first game, of course he’s gonna play. But I kept telling myself that even though I haven’t talked to him in a while, that I’ll always support him and the rest of the boys. I got to the arena. Once I found my seat I realized that William got me seat right behind the bench along with all the other WAGs. I saw all of them with their husbands’/boyfriends’ jersey. I saw her. Wearing the Matthews jersey. I just ignored the pain in my heart and told myself that I’m here to support my boys, not to cry over one of them. When William scored the first point, I jumped up and down so happy that we were ahead. The jumbotron camera goes to me. I showed off that I was representing William. I saw Auston look up to see me on the big screen, repping his fellow line mate. He turned to me, we locked eyes for a second before I turned away wanting to focus on the game.

It was now the third period with only 5 minutes left. We were tied. William and Auston were passing the puck to each other before Auston managed to pass a shot through the opposing goalie. It was his first goal of the night. When he was skating back to the bench to celebrate his goal with his teammates he pointed to me. At first I thought he was pointing at someone behind me but no he was pointing at me. We locked eyes once more, and all he did was nod to me while still pointing at me. The jumbo tron showed him point at me indicating that he dedicated the goal to me.

I froze, not knowing what to think anymore. The rest of the game went by me. The leafs won 2-1. All the WAGs decided we should all have our picture together with our boys on the ice and us on the bench. William stood next to Auston meaning I had to sit next to Auston’s girlfriend for the picture. I have never been this close to her. She was really pretty and seem really nice, I could tell why Auston would go for her. We took the picture and the boys went to go change so that we can go out to celebrate the win at a club.

We all made it to the club at separate times. Auston showed up last, but he seemed to not be accompanied by this girlfriend or anyone in fact.

anonymous asked:

Anne, I need to know: what are your thoughts on Scott in a crop top?

My first, immediate, most pressing thought is: Yes. 

More coherent thoughts include: 

  • Scott not realizing that shirt from last year is just a bit too short and wearing it out of the house, and every time he raises his arms, the toned, tan expanse of his tummy gets a peek out and everyone around him is too flustered to mention it. 
  • Scott trying out for the American Football team and wearing his practice jersey, which is only about half a shirt, with nothing underneath it because 2-a-days are so hot he can barely breathe as it is. 
  • Scott going to college and learning that he can be a little freer with his expressions of both gender and sexuality, wearing crop tops and short shorts (but not together - he doesn’t want to be too distracting, after all) and having everyone around him oooh  and ahhh over how sweet he looks in his new clothes. 
  • Scott wearing a cut-off crop top in his dorm room because he likes having something covering his chest but he sort of likes showing off his flat stomach, and Stiles struggling to keep his hands from that sensitive spot on Scott’s side that he knows makes him squirm. 
  • Isaac’s hands on Scott’s sides just above his hips, skin on skin, because his cropped top is pushed up just high enough for broad hands to nearly encircle his teeny little waist. 

Dating Liam Dunbar Would Include…

Requested. (did i do alright w/ this? should i make more w/ the other boys? this was fun tbh. and this was also kinda long bc the ideas were flowing.)  

  • cutest. relationship. ever.
  • first times, for literally everything. y’all know what i’m talking about.
  • lots of hand holding in the hallways, during class (to calm him down), etc.
  • you being his anchor (but duh)
  • staying up and playing video games with him when he can’t sleep and not even questioning it because it comforts him and you’d do anything for him and vice versa
  • impromptu sleepovers at your house or his whenever he has a nightmare and you guys don’t really sleep but it’s alright because you love just spending time with one another
  • really cute dates, like absolutely cheesy but amazing nonetheless
  • him asking scott and stiles for dating advice and you asking lydia, kira and even malia in turn even though you’ve been dating for awhile because c’mon you’re both young and nervous and mostly innocent. 
  • going to all of his lacrosse games and practices and wearing his jerseys which is a huge turn on for him let’s be real here.
  • ^ and then making out in the locker room afterwards.
  • ^ plus those gross sweaty hugs after games and he’s all sticky and smiley and he just grabs you out of nowhere and you’ll try to get him to release you because “ew liam you’re all gross” but eventually just hugging him back when you realize he won’t go take a shower otherwise.
  • overprotective liam (extremely.)
  • ridiculously jealous liam (but he’s a puppy so it’s sort of adorable to you while somewhat terrifying for the unsuspecting victim)
  • really tight hugs all. the. time. if he sees you in the hallway, after his games, during/after a fight, when he comes back from a pack fight, etc.
  • cheek kisses
  • awkward first kisses but it gets better (much better)
  • him listening to your ramblings and smiling because you’re too damn adorable and he loves hearing you talk
  • the pack teasing you both for being lovestruck idiots/totally whipped but eh whatever
  • you always smelling like him because he needs to “establish that you’re his” as if that couldn’t be more obvious
  • pda. sometimes. a lot.
  • him trying to keep you out of the supernatural world because he doesn’t want you to get hurt but you’re a stubborn shit and you want to make sure he’s okay as well so you ignore literally any attempts he has at stopping you and eventually he gets the hint.
  • having to rush out of class to help calm liam down because anchors are extremely important
  • really cute and sweet compliments that make you go red (liam thinks that it is the lovliest thing he’s ever seen.)
  • ^ but really cheeky flirting alongside the cuteness and innocence
  • him just being an absolute cutie pie and you guys would be literally so adorable together and i’m gonna go find me a liam dunbar now byeee xx

My first love,

You were eight and I was seven. I met you on a Tuesday. Brown eyes met brown eyes. Your smile was shy as we shook hands. Every day after that Tuesday, it was like I’d known you my whole life. You chased me around, because someone dared you to kiss me. But you didn’t that day, just caught me in a hug and twirled me around. Dad used to tease about us dating. Our moms would say we were too young to even understand dating. I was only seven and confused about what I felt. No one would believe it then or now, but I swear I fell for you. I fell in love. We sprawled out in the grass and watched the clouds drifting across a blue sky. You hand fell for mine, but when they touched you chickened out. We were best friends, did everything together. You tried to clumsily teach me how to dance. We went for milkshakes and shared one. We sat so close and blushed when people asked us if we were a thing. That went on for a few years. But then you stopped coming over. We stopped talking. You started dating pretty girls and hanging out with your guy friends. Soon we forgot about all the wonderful times. Carving our initials into the tree in my front yard. Building forts in my room. Me beating you at games and you getting embarrassed. One-on-one basketball games in the street. Chasing your brother’s dog all over the neighborhood. Doing math homework in the basement. Fixing ourselves lunch in my kitchen. You letting me wear your basketball jersey which was about ten times too big. You pelting me with water balloons. The time you begged and begged me to go to your birthday party. Going mini-golfing. Watching movies and sharing popcorn. Sitting in the top bunk of your bed and talking about everything. I thought I’d end up with you. But here we are, passing each other in the halls. Not even a wave. We’re strangers who just happened to know each other once. Maybe you are my soulmate. But maybe soulmates don’t always get to end up together.

—  sigh. I loved you seven years, Matthew. But I’ve learned to move on. I’ve learned to give up on you.
BittyParse Accidental Marriage

Someone had to make a ‘married in Las Vegas’ Au, so here it is:

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Bad Blood.

“I don’t even think I have to tell you how awful you’d look in one of those bright BVB jerseys compared to a nice, subtle blue Schalke one,” Julian spewed confidently before he took a bite from his fork.

Erik snorted as if Julian’s suggestion was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. “I’m sure she knows that blue isn’t her color.”

The two had been like this ever since we hopped on our Skype call with each other, going back and forth on which jersey I would be wearing this weekend when Dortmund and Schalke met for their match. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been in this predicament before. I had been friends with Erik and Julian for quite some time now and it seemed fate was always on my side as I found myself busy with other plans whenever the two sides met so I wouldn’t have to be dragged to a match.

This weekend though I was free and I couldn’t find a quick enough excuse to get out of the obligations to attend. Plus, Julian had somehow synced my calendar to his phone so he knew firsthand that I was free. He made sure to remind me of that when he asked me for the second time whether I would be attending.

“I think since it’s going to be in Dortmund it’s only fair that she wear my jersey. There’s already going to be thousands of BVB jerseys in the stadium. Why not stand out?” Julian tried to reason.

Erik wasn’t hearing it. “That’s all the more reason to wear mine. It’s a home match.”

“Can’t I just wear something neutral?”

“No,” they answered in unison.

I groaned. It really sucked being stuck between these two stubborn individuals.

I found it funny their bickering on which club I would support this weekend. In reality, I didn’t really care who won. I knew someone wouldn’t be happy with the result either way and I would have to deal with it.

They had even spent the last week posting pictures of me on their social media. Erik posted a picture of me and him from a match a few weeks ago where I wore one of his BVB jackets. The caption read:

‘What a great best friend. Always supporting me.’

Julian had taken the less subtle route. He posted a picture of me from a few months ago where I was holding two thumbs up. I wasn’t wearing any football apparel but instead in regular clothes.

‘Leave an emoji below if you think my best friend should wear my jersey this weekend instead of a BVB kit.’

Needless to say, he got a lot of votes of approval and the inevitable questions of whether I was really a girlfriend instead of a best friend. I had grown used to those sorts of comments as well between my friendships with the two adored Germans.

“I’m just ready for this match to be over with so I won’t have to deal with you two.” I playfully rolled my eyes. Internally I was excited that I would at least get a bit of time with them after the match to just hang out. I got plenty of chances to hang out with Erik since I was living in Dortmund as well but my time with Julian was more limited. I had to choose which weekends I would make the short drive to him.

“Yeah yeah. Sure you are. I’m going to head to bed though. Love youuu,” he sang out to me in a playful tone before blowing me a dramatic kiss which I pretended to catch. “You two don’t dream about me too much tonight,” he remarked to both me and Erik.

“I dream about you every night, Draxler,” Erik said with a chuckle.

“Ah, the bromance is so strong.”

I walked into the stadium and I knew immediately I was probably getting a lot of confused glances. I had chosen to wear a BVB jacket with a Schalke 04 shirt underneath. It was easy to see the two colors contrasting but I didn’t care. I was going to find a way to support both of my best friends and this was the only solution considering no place sold jerseys of both clubs sewn together. That would have been a bit weird anyway.

I made my way to my seat which had a perfect view of the pitch. I pulled out my phone to take a picture to post on Instagram, adding in a caption that showed I was supporting both sides before I put my phone back into my pocket.

I watched the game intently, jumping up from the seat whenever someone got dangerously close to the goal. It seemed that happened a lot throughout the match but neither side could draw blood.

I had expected some form of mass chaos, one side ending up breaking through and just slotting away goal after goal but it didn’t turn out that way as the match ended in a scoreless draw instead. I was sure Erik and Julian would blame me wearing both clubs on my back for that result.

I found my way towards the players’ area where I knew they would be able to see me. I wasn’t sure how long it would take them but it didn’t seem like much time as I soon heard my name being called through the hall and Julian running towards me.

He enveloped me in his arms as soon as I was within reach, lifting me off of my feet. “Oof!” I uttered as the breath left my body with the way Julian squeezed me tightly. He placed an array of kisses to all areas of my face except my lips, though he had ‘accidentally’ kissed those plenty of times as well. He always blamed it on the heat of the moment.

“Ah, I missed you.”

“I can tell,” I giggled.

“Could you not squeeze my best friend like that?” I heard someone say from a distance and I knew immediately it was Erik. Julian finally let me go to greet his other partner in crime though his hug was a little less intense.

“Hey I’m her favorite. I think you tend to forget that fact,” Ju responded. All I could do was shake my head at the pair. I still wondered how I had become a member of this threesome.

“What a game, huh? A scoreless draw is always fun right.” I gave them both a bright smile which they returned with stale glares. I guess it wasn’t as fun for them.

“It was your fault for wearing both of our colors.”

“Definitely. If you would have just worn Borussia like I told you, we would have won.”

I knew I would be right.

“Oh grow up you two. Don’t be so superstitious.”

“Don’t be such a traitor,” Julian joked.

Erik draped his arm over both of our shoulders, leaving him in the middle as he brought us together. “Ah, I love you two fuckers.”