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The Labyrinth Chapter 3

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU 

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 4655

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Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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Bucky’s Girl |Series| 3/?

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Summary: You’re dating Bucky Barnes, it’s good. It’s beautiful. Steve, his best friend has had a crush on you, wayy before Bucky returned. (Series)
Warnings: Angst/ inspired by that one story in Love Actually but kinda not/
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Negasonic, Colossus, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker & Sharon Carter.

Inspired by the song Jessie Girl - Rick Springfield

Part One * Part Two

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Steve knew listening to Wade was a bad idea, worse than listening to Stark. Yet, his idea was stupidly great. It was bullet proof in a sense, there was no way it would fall back on him if he did it correctly. He just had to wait till you and Bucky started wedding planning to act, which he didn’t have to wait long at all because you were so excited to start. In fact, within a week you were already looking for venues because they were always the hardest to grab.

“We have a year, even longer to plan anything,” Bucky practically whined one morning jog to Steve, making him chuckle lightly through the puffs of air. “And she’s already looking at venues”

“She’s excited, Buck.” Steve glances at him, “Aren’t you?”

Bucky all but grinned and chuckled. “Of course I am, I just think it’s a little early, ‘tis all. She’s acting like we have to get married next month; we got the rest of our lives together.” Steve nodded in agreement, “I have to go look at three places this weekend.”

“I thought you and Nat had that Russian poker night this weekend?”

Russian poker night was usually, drinking and intense games of cards. Steve, honestly, hated them. He couldn’t play that’s why but it was the betting, plus Nat’s competitive trait that made the whole experience awful. He loved Nat, he just didn’t like playing games against her, always preferred to pick her for teams; considering she was hell bent on winning whatever it was.

Bucky exhaled, “I gotta take a rain check because we’re leaving town to look, plus having to end up staying a night and looking the next day because of the appointments.”

Steve nodded and looked ahead, Sam jogging in front. Steve’s eyebrows furrowed in thought as he contemplated his friends’ dilemma. He really did want to help Bucky; he knows how much the time with Nat and Clint means to him. He loved them both, especially Clint. Sharpshooters, it was destined for friendship.

He also saw this as a great opportunity to start the plan. Wade would want him to take this chance, is he really listening to the devil on his right shoulder, right now? The voice of reason could be faintly heard in the background, it sounded a lot like Sam. Maybe because he is yelling at them both.

“On your left”, “On your right.” Both super soldiers yell as they pass their other best friend, who continues to yell obscenities at them.

Steve lets the silence sit between them as he thinks over how to word his thoughts. “If you want, since I’m the best man, I could go instead.” Bucky looks over at him, bringing his jogging to a stop and Steve does the same. “I mean if you want me to. I’m happy to step in and help, plus Y/N is my friend and it’s not like she’s picking one then and there. It’s looking; I’ll come back and tell you my opinions. I don’t know it’s a suggestion.” Steve shrugged, scratching the back of his neck out of nerves.

Bucky thinks over his best friends’ suggestion, shrugging also. “I don’t see why not, I trust your judgement better than anybody’s, heck it’s why I’m dating Y/N.”

And that led to the hour car trip with you singing in the passenger seat travelling to the first appointment.

Which the first appointment was extravagant, Tony had booked you to view The Plaza Hotel, a grand building that held luxurious events and overpaid Wedding ceremonies. Yet, he wanted you to look at it and see if you actually liked what they offered, although Steve knew you preferred something smaller. Fewer chandeliers and ballrooms, well that’s his opinion anyway.

“Bride and groom, I assume?” A woman greeted with a smile as you entered.

You shake your head lightly, “No, Bride and Best man, the groom had other obligations today.” You explain light-heartedly, Steve smiling with his hands in his jean pockets.

The woman named, Rachel, nodded and led you towards the room where the ceremony is held.  Giving a few little tidbits of information along the way; how Bridal suite is complimentary, how valet is offered and at $65 per car. Steve was stunned with how much this wedding would cost at this venue alone just from the price of fucking parking.

Both rooms shown were stunning. Grand halls, filled with chairs and tables, looking straight out of a movie scene. Steve let his eyes drift over to you, you were glancing up in awe as Rachel told you about the chandeliers, explaining every detail if you were in this room. You looked mesmerised, yet he didn’t see that twinkle. That urgency to have this venue, you didn’t feel this place was right and he knew that.

“What do you think, Stevie?” you called out to him, Steve looked up to see you and Rachel looking at him. “I trust your opinion, considering both Groom and Maid of Honour are off playing cards.” You gave a little shrug.

Steve chuckles and gives a soft exhale, stepping forward. “I mean, it’s beautiful,” he begins, “if you like this sort of thing.” Rachel frowns, “I don’t know, it’s flashy and big. Perfect for Stark, I personally wouldn’t pick a place this to get married but it’s not my wedding.”

“That’s right, it isn’t your wedding,” Rachel smirked and looked at you, “it’s yours and we have wonderful caterers. A wedding cake made by Ron Ben-Israel or Sylvia Weinstock,” she smiled smugly.

You let Steve’s words settle in and Rachel’s. “Well, what do you like?” You asked Steve suddenly and he took a long pause to think.

“I don’t know, I always pictured maybe a quaint little church, I’m traditional. I wouldn’t want the venue to take away from her beauty” he looked at you, you nodded once. “I’d want it just simple, yet modern. I’m not the same guy I was back in the forties, I have to adjust, and then I think the evening after the ceremony. Courtyard, I love the outdoors and I’ve had some of my best memories outside. Not too many people, on my side anyway. I’m a simple man, I guess.” He shrugged it all off, “plus, Laura Barton makes the best cakes.”

As Rachel begins to talk again you allow Steve’s vision of a wedding settle into your mind, honestly, it sounded so perfect. It sounded right. You didn’t want or need this flashy venue, it was beautiful but it wasn’t you. It wasn’t a place you ever pictured getting married nor was it calling out for you. So, you ended the appointment early and decided to find somewhere to have lunch.

“I didn’t put you off did I?” Steve asked sheepishly, you looked up at him as you crossed the busy New York street. “You seemed to really like that place, I don’t want to force my views onto you Y/N, I’d never want you to feel uncomfortable or that this day would be less important because of what I said.”

You smiled, always the worrier. “No, it’s the opposite. The Plaza isn’t somewhere I pictured myself ever getting married; I mean it’s gorgeous and grand. It’s just lacking that…” You trailed as you tried to find the words.

“Special something?” You nodded in agreement, “I’m sure you’ll find the perfect venue and you’ll know that that’s where you wanna get married.”

You shrugged with a small smile, “Hopefully, I think this is gonna be fun. You helping me, I should have picked you instead for my Maid of Honour.” You chuckled as Steve laughed; you linked your arm through his and led him towards your favourite sandwich place.

“Nat would have killed me,” you nodded with a little giggle.

*Last Venue Appointment*

“This is it.” You whisper as you glanced around the beautiful chapel, “I have that feeling; I want to get married here. This is where I wanna marry Bucky,” you grin at Steve who nodded as he looked around; he had to admit this was perfect.

Beautiful stainless windows, the sun casting perfectly, reflecting the beautiful pictures on the stone floor. Oak benches all lined and facing the altar; it was just classical and perfect. You had fallen madly in love with the place, only it was high demand and every Bride wanted traditional, that was unexpected considering Steve was said to be old-fashioned.

“They have next month or two years from now,” you sighed unhappily to Steve who wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “This is the place, Steve, I know it and it’s my rotten luck it’s gotta be either too early or so late.”

Steve held you and his mind drifted, well his mind shifted into Wade Wilson’s mindset. Bucky had mentioned how fast this was moving, how it was like you wanted to get married next month. He obviously hadn’t said anything to you about the pace, the nice metaphorical angel was screaming on his left shoulder to bite his tongue.

“I mean, if this is the place you should take it,” you pulled away and looked at Steve. “Either date seem fine; Nat can plan a wedding in under a month, especially with Pepper’s help! Or… wait two years, you’ll still love Bucky the same as you do now, considering you’re marrying him.”

Either option worked well for Steve. High pressured stressful environment between you and Bucky, rushing to plan a wedding in less than four weeks or two years to make you realise, you should be marrying him. It seemed to work well on either case.

“I should call Bucky,” you trailed and looked at your phone. “I mean, you’re right, right? Natasha has planned missions in under an hour; this isn’t any different to that. Plus I don’t really want to wait, has Bucky said anything about dates or?”

Shit. Think of something, Rogers.

“Uh-nope, not a thing about dates,” that wasn’t a lie. Bucky had never brought of dates, he had mentioned how fast paced this seemed but you didn’t ask the right question for that answer.

And this whole thing has led to Steve having to awkwardly leave the apartment as you and Bucky argued over your rushed behaviour when you returned home that Sunday evening. He met Wade at the bar, where his friend Weasel tends. Sat on the bar stool, hoodie on and baseball cap, he glances at Wade after spilling the entire weekend story to him and Weasel.

“Well, fuck,” Wade says through his suit and looks at Steve who just nods. “I, honest to god, didn’t think you had it in you.” He pats Steve broad shoulder and points to Weasel, “He deserves a drink on the house.”

Steve sighed as Weasel hands him another beer, “I didn’t either but the little devil on my shoulder wouldn’t shut up!”

“I am the voice of reason,” Wade holds his glass high, probably grinning under his mask.

“You mean stupidity.” Weasel counters, “Why did you listen to him? He refused to talk to Vanessa because of his ugly mug, understandable but still, dating advice from a fuck-face.”

Steve chuckled and shrugged, “Desperate.”

They nodded at one another, “stick with me kid and you’ll be banging Bucky’s girl in no time,” Wade patted Steve’s shoulder as Weasel rolled his eyes and Steve exhaled loudly.

(Sorry that it takes me forever to update this series, I was just trying to format how the other parts would pan out if I decided a certain thing. a lot of rewriting, I am undecided on the ending of this, yet. - Rosalee)

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I’m The King

Relationship: Negan X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Lot’s of Cussing, Negan being Negan, you almost being Negan, lots of Badassary


Summary: You’re basically a female Negan and this is how things turn out.


“What do you mean Ray?” You growled at the man who served as your right-hand. The brown haired man shifted nervously until until you gave him a sharp glare and he stopped.

“A group attacked us on our way back from one of the pick-ups.” Ray stated. “Took everything, we killed a couple and they said a man named Negan would deal with us later.”  

You stood up fingers gripping the wooden bat and letting one of the many nails that had been stuck into it scrape along the floor. One of your gloved hands drummed against your desk as you walked into the large circle of men and women that gathered in your office. Everyone was silent and didn’t dare make a noise. “Why does this keep happening Ray?” You hummed  looking the man in the eye. “That’s the third time this month, and frankly I’m pissed. Get a truck ready.”

“But you have no one to collect from until next week-” One of your advisors said.

“Does it look like I fucking care?” You asked raising an eyebrow and cocking your head. “I said get a truck ready, we’re going to The Winterbush colony, they were a little light last time anyways.” You handed your beloved bat to Ray before pulling on your gloves and tugging on the worn leather jacket. “I wanna have a word with this Negan because this shit just won’t do.”


Less than twenty minutes later- your men knew you hated to wait- you were going to the back of one of your trucks. “M’am are you sure you wanna go back there? Your truck is up in front and ready to go.” You clicked your tongue and turned around on your heel slowly.

“Son, if I wasn’t sure do you really think I’d be going to the back of this fine vehicle?” You told him and he apologized before walking away in slight embarrassment. You hopped into the back of the truck gathering everyone’s attention.

“Listen up!” You shouted, all eyes were on you now. “I wanna meet the man they call Negan, give’em a piece of my mind, so that being said, do not stop unless we’re meeting the man himself!”  

You gave a wicked grin before pulling the back of the vehicle down and being enveloped in darkness. You started humming a tune, nothing special, just something to pass the time. After a short while the truck stopped and you scowled stomping over to the large door and pulling a chain that would allow you to open it.

“What in God’s dead earth is the meaning of this?!” You yelled hopping out of the back and walking to the front of your men where a line of soldiers that weren’t yours stood lined up with a bunch of guns. “Who are you?”

“Negan.” A puny little fellow spoke up towards the end of the line.

“That’s real funny.” You whispered in the man’s face. “I’m going to ask again, who are you?”

“Negan.” A woman said and you turned your head, placing your bat on your shoulder before standing in front of the line of soldiers letting out a hearty laugh.

“Well this is real fucking funny.” You said before grabbing a smaller man and shoving him to the ground. “Now somebody is going to tell me who you are or I’m going to bash ‘lil Timmy’s skull in.”

“Don’t get prissy doll, they’re just doing their job.” A large man wearing a black leather jacket and a red scarf stepped out from behind the line of soldiers. A bat wrapped in barbed wire was sat upon his shoulder next to his salt and pepper colored hair. “I’m Negan, and this is Lucille.” He said picking up his barbed-wire bat.”

“Being a pain in my ass is their job? They need a better career choice bub.” The man had a smirk on his face while your scowl remained permanent. You surveyed the Negan, he seemed to think he was king around here, oh how he was wrong. “Y/N, I’m a very busy woman so I’d like it if you uh, ya know, cut to the chase?”

His smirk left his face and was replaced with a scowl that matched yours. If looks could kill you’d both be dead 10 times over. “You killed my men.”

“You stole my stuff.” You snapped.

“That you stole from others.” He chuckled. You rolled your eyes at the man.

“Survival of the fittest, Megan.” You told him raising an eyebrow.

“It’s Negan doll.” The man said looking down upon you, but you ignored him.

“I don’t bash anymore of their towns brains in and they give me whatever the fuck I want them too.” You said lightly lifting your bat to show Negan what you meant. He let out a hearty chuckle.

“Holy Shit guys!” The man laughed putting his arms out to the side and gesturing to you. “It’s me with tits!”

You scowled before pointing a long finger at his chest. “I want my stuff back.”

Negan laughed again. “No can do doll, unless-” He paused for dramatic effect. “You came back to the sanctuary and we made a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” You asked your scowl still permanent on your face, some of your soldiers weren’t sure if it would ever leave your face again.

“We’ll discuss it at the sanctuary.” Negan gave a cocky smirk and you turned to your men. Some were shaking their heads at you but their opinions didn’t matter. You looked towards Ray who gave you a nod of approval before you turned back to face Negan.

“Let’s go boys!” You shouted with a wicked grin. “We’re taking a field trip!”

Negan attempted to put an arm around your shoulder only for you to dodge it and glare at him. You got in the passenger seat of his truck and waited for the man to get in and start driving.

“Nice try. Found this on one of your men.” Negan said getting into the vehicle and tossing one of the walkies you saw Ray pick up and stick in his pocket into the middle of the seat. Even if you didn’t take the deal you sure as hell wanted tabs on the leader of the saviours.

“Well what can I say?” You smirked with your arm hanging out the window as he started driving.

“Sorry?” Negan gave a grin and you rolled your eyes

“This is the apocalypse, not pre-school.” You told him and for the rest of the ride the two of you sat in comfortable silence, your hand never left your bat, you never got that comfortable in the presence of a potential enemy. When the truck rolled up to the gates of the sanctuary you got out looking around as if you were planning renovations to the place.

“Pretty fucking amazing isn’t it?” Negan gave a grin and put his arms straight out to the side showing off his home. “I’d love to see your home, considering I’ve shown you mine.”

“The deal Negan.” You scowled looking at the man clad in leather. He gave a small smirk before leading you inside on of the buildings. He entered a room with a bed and other furniture before closing the door behind you and taking a seat on the couch. You copied his action and waited for him to talk.

“I like you Y/N, I really do.” He began. “You’ve got spunk.”

“I like to think of it as class.” You told the man with a straight face.

“So here’s my bargain, you and I combine forces.” Negan cut right to the chase. “We combine our homes and the places we control.”

“What do I get out of this deal.” You asked leaning forward resting your elbows on your knees and getting closer to the man in black.

“Well, for starters, you could practically rule around here, be a queen, more supplies for your people, I’ll even give you the rest of your supplies my men took.” Negan claimed and you took everything into consideration. “Not to mention you get to work alongside a handsome devil like myself.”

“That’s funny, because back at my home, I’m treated like a King. But I like your deal, so I’ll take it on one condition,” You say.

“Which is?” Negan asks quirking an eyebrow.

“I go on every supply run. I like to be hands on and make sure people know who I am, put the fear into them in case they’ve forgotten who I am.” You declare before sticking out your hand for him to shake. “We gotta deal?”

He shakes your hand and the two of you stand up walking to the doors. “I’ll be back next week, I expect I’ll have a nice comfortable housing space?” You say looking over your shoulder.

“You shall.” Negan says smirking as you walk away. You round up your men and tell them to get in the truck. You turn around and send Negan a wink before getting in a truck of your own. “Gent’s, I think I’m in Love.”

Overdue [a Barry Allen Smut AU]

Request: evil!Barry breaking his long time girlfriend out of a meta prison and leaving a sarcastic note for Joe or the gang. Reuniting never felt so good… aka smut ;) dom!Barry maybe?

a/n: im a sarcastic horndog too……


Fucking Vibe caught you. You can’t believe you’re in the pipeline; you’ve been in the pipeline for days! The leather of your red jacket squeaks against the padded wall when you cross your arms, ass leaning and legs stretched out. This is exhausting; it’s exhausting doing absolutely nothing all day! Your mind drifts to your boyfriend…if he was here…

“Someone call for a villain?” Barry smirks, light red button down hugging his torso due to how fast he was going. His arm is propped up on the pillar, hand hovering over the keypad. “Sorry I took so long, babydoll. Didn’t know where you were…” he trails off, biting his lip while cracking the cell door open.

You roll your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck, fingers toying with the collar of his shirt. Damn, he looks hot. “That’s okay… But you know what’s not okay?” you pout, “We haven’t fucked in like a week…” Your fingers drop to the top button, eyelashes fluttering at his lust-filled green eyes.

He catches your hand, making a tsk noise with his tongue. “You know my rules, princess.” he scolds, pushing your jacket off your shoulders. “I get to undress you first.” His voice is deep, dominate, creating a wet pool in your underwear. Next is your tight black tank top, which meets the floor, along with your bra. “Oh, I can’t wait to fuck you with the camera taping.” he purrs into the shell of your ear.

When Barry unbuttons your baby blue skinny jeans, you gasp, feeling the fabric pool around your ankles. You go to take off his shirt only for his hands to stop you again. The speedster rips the buttons, popping each one, shrugging the red dress shirt off. His toned chest presses against yours, lips tilting in his famous smirk.

Before you can blink, he already has his formfitting tan skinny jeans kicked off, bare ass exposed to the camera. “You ready, babydoll?” he asks, not giving any time to answer before inserting the tip of his dick inside you. A yelp comes out of you; hands clawing at his pale back. “Scream my name, Y/N. Tell them who’s yours.” he hisses, snapping his hips into yours harshly.

His dick stretches out your pussy and your mouth hangs open slightly. A moan drips from your lips as he pounds into you, blunt fingernails digging into your thighs. “Barry!” you repeat over and over again, eyelids shut, breasts bouncing against his pecs. He chuckles, dipping down to bite your neck while starting to vibrate.

Sweat forms on his thick brow, muscles flexing with every movement; his full chestnut locks tumble in front of his lime green eyes. “Yes, that’s it, baby girl, you’re mine…” he grumbles, breathing heavily; thrusts becoming sloppy and uneven. You cry, back arching on the wall, stomach becoming tight. “Oh, you want to cum, princess? Cum then.” he orders, squeezing one of your breasts in his giant hand.

“Ugh, Barry!” you shout, nails digging into his skin. He pants, feeling your juices around his cock, still rocking back and forth, until he lets himself go. A blissful groan rips from his throat and he throws his head back, hair flying around, green eyes wide, adam’s apple bobbing. “Barry….” you hum, trying to catch your breath.

With a deep sigh, he waits a moment before detaching himself from you. His lips twitch upward into a smile, “That was long overdue, babydoll.” He kisses you before flashing both of your clothes back on. You grin mischievously, stopping him from buttoning a few of the top buttons; he winks at you, licking his teeth as he faces the camera. “Well,” he claps his hands, “That was fun. Right, right, babe?” he looks over his shoulder; you nod. “Next time, leave some toys for us to play with? And, oh, one more thing.” he walks up to the camera, only inches from it. “Hurt my girl and I’ll end you.”

Stiles’ vet treatment






April 1st: Hello. I’m creating a new post because the last one got a bit big and I don’t want to spam your dashboard. Like I said in the last update, the vet asked us to stop by a week after the last appointment for a new x-ray, which was yesterday. He told us Stiles is getting better and he looked much better too. I was SO happy to hear it. He didn’t loose any weight in a week which is good. His breathing is getting better and we are hoping for the best from now on. Stiles will always need his inhalers but our goal is to reduce the meds over the next three weeks and go back and hopefully get more good news, because like I mentioned before, taking a lot of these meds could lead to Stiles getting diabetes. We are giving him ¼ of a pill twice a day but in two weeks we are only giving him once a day but we have to keep the inhalers, like I said. But I am just SO glad we are finally getting somewhere.

This is our last bill (the vet only charged for the x-ray - again). Unfortunately we still haven’t covered the last two so if you wish to help us, my paypal e-mail is gabrielasantosmmoreira@gmail.com. I mean it when I say: 1€ is more than enough.

I say it all the time but I will keep saying it because I have no words to describe how grateful I am to all of you and I will probably never find those words because you are the reason why Stiles is getting the treatment he deserves. So thank you, for everything. Thank you.

I’m so excited...

Guys, get this…

My 8 and 9 year old daughters just got their Rey costume.  All I need are the hood and the staff.  It looks like this (stock image):

And next week, we are going on a family vacation and will be visiting Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Michigan… which are literally giant sand dunes.  These are images taken of/at the sand dunes:

Y’all see where I”m going with this?? :D

My girls are going to do their first cosplay photoshoot!!  (*internal nerd spazzing*).  They’re so excited - Rey is a hero to them. 

Thanks to this amazing landscape (gotta love Michigan!), I’m thinking we can do a photoshoot for both Jakku AND Ahch-To! 

Can’t wait to share with you all.

If Kabby sex is happening next week (which, let’s face it, is looking pretty certain ;), I really hope we get an awkward Kabby and Indra scene where Indra shows them to their room, and then Kane and Abby share awkward glances cause there’s one bed and Indra just smirks and walks off into the distance like the badass matchmaker she is and then….well, we all know what happens then.


I wanted to be cheeky and not say anything about it, but several people have pointed it out to me and I report on new Gashats anyway, so… 

The latest episode has Kuroto cooking up SEVERAL new things, one of which is seen in the preview for next week– ignore the artifacting on the screencap, I was skimming through it quickly. 

Doctor Mighty XX looks to me like it’ll be a Genm-centric equivalent to Mighty Brothers XX, just because the mascots look like the Proto/Genm version of Mighty and a white (Zombie Gamer) Mighty, both sporting red eyes. The second Double Gashat, the Gashat Gear Dual, and the Maximum Gashat are likely power-ups for the others but that’s only if they get used at all. 

My suspicion is that we’ll only see Doctor Mighty XX since it’s the only Gashat we see the completed version of - there’s so many teased, I suspect they will be in the post-finale movie or something. Due to how many spinoffs we got during the show’s run, I doubt we’ll get a movie focused on any of the characters but I guess that’s also a possibility. 

That being said, I would love to see everyone get last-second power-ups in the show. It would be the right time for it, considering what comes next. 

School Bags

I asked some of the other exchange students in Japan if their school required them to carry certain bags to school. It seems like most private schools have this sort of policy, while most public schools don’t. In any case, I go to a private school, and I have two bags that were given to me to use as my school bags.

Most people carry both bags (like I do), but some people only carry the black one, and a handful of people actually carry more!

My first bag is my backpack. It has removable straps that you can use to make it either strapless, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. Most students either wear it as a backpack, or carry it by the handle at the top without straps. I’ve only ever seen one person use it as a shoulder bag.

The inside of it looks like this:

There is a small pocket on the bag flap that a lot of girls use to put in pictures of their crush, or a small schedule. I have my business card inside:

Here are the contents of my bag:


Textbooks and workbooks

A folder. Japanese folders are different in that they only have one pocket. If I don’t put the folder in my bag with the spine facing down, all of the papers fall out of it.

A photo alum and the copy of my magazine. These are actually really useful because I can show people where I come from without using words.

My second bag:

Since the first bag isn’t all that good for carrying oddly-shaped things, most girls use this bag to carry anything that’s not books or notebooks. I have to carry a little bit more since, unlike my classmates, I have to move from classroom to classroom rather frequently.

This bag is carried on the shoulder with the bag under your armpit. Most girls carry it on their right shoulders, but I found that to be uncomfortable, so I carry it on my left. Since I’ve come here, most of the second years have switched to carrying it on their left shoulders as well.

The school initials.

A little personalization ;)

This holds my train pass. I really want to get one of my own (this is my host sister’s), but they are really expensive! Even small, barely decorated ones are about 1000 yen. One like this would be about 1500 yen.

Swiggity swag, what’s in the bag?

Miscellaneous purse-type stuff!

More books!

More folders!

My regular schedule.

If we have school on Saturday (which I do next week DX), then we get one of these schedules too.

A notebook, my Beauty and the Beast script, and two small notepads.

My new pencil case, which contains all of that stuff on the bottom. Including this:

My name badge! It says “Jeido.”

In a not so bag-related topic, I was using this as my bookmark:

It looks totally fine right? I got it out of a pack of tissues at he train station. Before I got it, I was using a tissue. Surely it was an improvement to that.

But then I started getting weird looks every time I used it. My host brother saw it and said “you’re using this as a book mark?” He seemed to think that it was hilarious. He then explained to me that it’s a list of suicide-prevention hotlines, and I had been using it as a bookmark.

Well, at least it wasn’t a sex hotline. *shrug* XD 

Either way, I bought a new bookmark today that shouldn’t be quite so questionable:

Well, that’s it for now! I think that I’ll make a uniform post soon, once I’ve gotten everything out of the wash.

Reasons you shouldn’t date an ENTP

Your little emotions and changes in mood don’t go unnoticed. We just choose to ignore it if we’re not in the mood (which is usually), and will wait for you to state your feelings (which is always). 

We don’t really care about mundane things and only talk about them to get by. 

We act and look like we care, sometimes. We may, we may not. 

Crying around us is more prone to annoy us than make us feel bad. 

We’ll run off from one place to the next. 

Our goals are more important than you. 

We don’t talk about a “we” in the future, because we don’t know if there will be a “we.”

You’ll realize how manipulative tertiary Fe is. 

If we want to break up, chances are we’ll distance ourselves. Suddenly, you’re not showered with affection. We’ll passively wait weeks or months while you agonize, saying that we’re “not acting different” until you lose it and dump us. 

We’ll go from being incredibly cheerful and optimistic to saying how there is no meaning to anything, and humanity would be better off dead. 

We’ll walk into a room full of people, socialize happily, then walk out with you and talk about how much we hate every single person we meet. 

You’ll never know where you stand with us. 

We can be pretty reckless (see: dangerous)

Most emotions just aren’t that interesting or important to us. 

We’re still thinking about something shitty that happened a year or two or five ago. 

We don’t forget. 

We aren’t always being socially awkward - we enjoy making people uncomfortable and antagonizing them.

Bored is our number one emotion.  

Faith does not come readily (if at all) - in love, people, or the future. 

For affection, gifts, and attention, it’s feast or famine with us. 

We always have an exit strategy. 

I keep being haunted by this conversation I had with a customer a few days ago…

Woman in her 40s or so, asking us about how much it is to rent a mailbox. We do discounts if you pay for multiple months at a time… I went over the options and when I said the year one, she points at the page and says “but it says 12 months, so do you get one free?”

I asked what she meant and she said “you said it was for a year but the page only says 12 months. Do you get the last one free, then?”

And I’m a little taken aback but I just go, “no, we do by actual calendar months, not blocks of 4 weeks, so if you signed up today, June 29, your second month would start July 29, third August 29th, and so on. You’d be due to renew June 29th of next year.”

And she just looks at me like I’m trying to trick her and says, “so is it 12 months or one year?”

And I don’t know what else to do so I just say, “ma'am, 12 months is a year.”

At which point she gets really frustrated with me and starts naming off the months, counting on her fingers. I stayed quiet, just kinda watching her fingers.

She gets to December and just kind of stares blankly at her hands, in obvious shock. She counts again, silently instead of in the accusatory tone she’d used the first time.

Finally she looks up at me, startled, grabs her purse from the counter, and leaves without another word.

I hope she’s alright…

Grace may be straight, but she definitely wasn’t in Don’t Look Back

So yeah, I’m on the train and am gonna write the thing.

I was rewatching the Gracevas parts of Don’t Look Back last night, and knowing now that Grace is straight, I was struck by how not straight she acted in the movie. Yes, I am a shipper, so of course I’m going to want to see things that point to my ship. But if you know anything about Grace as a character, so many of her actions are firmly NOT platonic in DLB.

So first, we know Grace is weird about physical affection. In Next Class season 2, she is shown to hesitant to hug Maya, her best friend, and ultimately only hugs her because Maya wants to. Even their hug at the end of season 1 was mostly one-sided on Maya’s end, with Grace looking awkward. But with Zoe, someone she barely knows? They roll around in the grass together and hold hands for the entire car ride.

Hell, in the scene where they have lunch together, Grace casually touches Zoe’s shoulder as she gets up to refill their drink. Who does that with their friend? I don’t, and I’m a pretty affectionate person. Grace would never.

And their whole conversation about love, staring into each other’s eyes and talking about how falling in love is as scary and exciting as a roller coaster. Has Grace EVER had a conversation so mushy with anyone else? Also Grace was talking from experience, so if she wasn’t falling for Zoe then who was she talking about? Oh, and “Careful, you might be the one in love with me”, HOW IS THAT NOT FLIRTING?

And then there was Grace’s jealousy over Zoe hanging out with Miles. Sure, it can be written off as Grace just not liking him, but did Grace ever care when Maya was dating him? Nope. Plus, her reactions were purely jealousy. She got annoyed at their PDA, and was really angry to have Zoe hang out with him instead of her. Sure, I would be a little annoyed if one of my best friends ditched me to hang out with her boyfriend, but I wouldn’t be THAT upset just to have them around me. And when Zoe accuses Grace of being a “lovesick lesbian”, GRACE LOOKS HURT.

And just… they became friends so fast. Grace took forever to open up to Maya, but just a couple weeks into the summer Grace was telling Zoe the summer would suck without her, and they were hanging out all the time one on one…. like I would expect that from Zoe but Grace? Never.

Like look, you don’t have to ship Gracevas, but Grace was so clearly coded as queer and having a crush on Zoe in DLB. None of her actions are consistent with her character otherwise. This isn’t even getting into everything that happened in Next Class season 1! We were being deliberately played by the writers, which is why it hurt so much when Grace was revealed to be straight. They coded her as queer, they had her play up a crush on Zoe, they had her have sex with Zoe…. and then nope! Straight. This goes so far beyond a character being ambiguous in their sexuality. The writers wanted Grace being straight to be a “plot twist”, and in doing so they severely burned their queer female fandom.

Queerbaiting hurts us, it really does. This isn’t just about fans being upset their shp didn’t happen. And I’m still so bitter. The writers have proven they are fully capable of writing brilliant stories, but they really screwed up here. They probably don’t even get it, and we’ll probably never even get an apology.

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie (Part Two)

(A/N: Hope you all enjoy the long awaited part two. Sorry if it’s awful. Had hardly any time to write today and since I can;t tomorrow. I wanted to get something up for you all) 

Part One can be found here

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie (Part Two)

“At my funeral do you think they’ll have lilies or irises?” you asked as you slumped onto the couch beside Jamie.

“Neither, I think they might go more personal and do you favourite, white orchids.” He responded, his eyes glued to his phone screen, scrolling through emails.

“Will you take this seriously!” you huffed, giving him a shove causing him to fall sideways but he saved himself by using his elbow.

“Will I take the question about the choice of flowers at your hypothetical funeral, seriously?” he retorted, amused.

“You act as if your hypothetical funeral won’t be taking simultaneously.” You countered.

“Don’t you think it will be a joint funeral, we are married you know?” he teased.

“Jameson!” you scolded, hitting him with a nearby pillow.

“Alright, alright.” he gave in, sitting back up and putting his arm around your shoulders which caused you to automatically to snuggle and lean into him, “So I’m guessing Carisi family dinner was interesting.”

“It was awful,” you sighed, “I hate keeping secrets from them. It’s so hard. I started panicking and acting strange as soon as they asked why you weren’t there.”

“And why is that I couldn’t come again?” he asked for was the umpteenth time at that point.

“Because we’re so obvious now. Your partner almost figured it out and we were only with them for five minutes.” You reminded.

“You think after pretending we didn’t like each other for so long we would be better at hiding it.” He commented.

“I think that’s because then we didn’t know what it was going to be like and now we do, we don’t want to go back not even to pretend.” You attempted to explain.

“You think so?” Jamie asked, shifting so you were face to face.

“Well, yeah. I like this.  I don’t ever want to go back.” You responded, looking into his eyes.

“I feel the same way.” He replied as you watch his pupils dilate as he tucked strands of your hair behind your ear.

You narrowed your eyes at him and he smirked playfully before pouting his lip. Then he leaned in for a kiss, you responded immediately, your bodies moving in sync so you repositioned yourselves. You were on top of him while he was lying flat on the couch. You went with it, enjoying yourself until you remembered that you had more pressing issues than acting like typical newly-weds.

You pulled away and sat up on top of him, giving him a slight nudge in disscontempt as you did.

“You always do this!” you scolded.

“What?” he asked playfully, looking up at you, “What do I always do?”

“You distract me when we really need to talk about how we are going to tell our families about we did.” You explained, even though you knew he knew.

“What did we do?” he continued playfully.

You glared at him.

“Sorry, this is serious and we can’t keep avoiding it.” he apologised before beginning to shift as to sit back up again, which you stopped.

“I like it like this.” you stated.

“Do you now?” he smirked.

“Yeah,” you agreed, “You can’t run away.”

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New episode of Samurai Jack tonight !!

Yes ! It’s that time of the week again folks, and thank God this week went by just as fast as the last lol plus I’ve REEEEALLY been look forward to this episode too.
1. Because we get to see all of the people Jack has help throughout the years again which is friggin awesome.
2. Either tonight’s episode or next weeks episode We’ll finally be able to tell where she stands with Jack relationship wise (I’m hoping romantically)
Anyway like last week I’m going to try make an analysis of the leaked photos provided by the wonderful @burstangelmay And take a swing at what I think is happening in them.
So The first image we see is Ashi in the woods with a brand-new kusarigama, not sure where she acquired one from (perhaps a market of some kind) but she has a weapon and that’s what matters.
The next picture is of the three archers from the “three blind archers” episode taking stance at ashi probably (because The trees in the background match the trees from the previous picture) probably because they think that she’s the so called “aku’s bounty hunter” or they simply just thought she was a trespasser. Then ashi will explain to them that she’s just trying to look for the samurai.
The next picture is of the archers as the blind archers from the beginning of that episode, they’re probably telling ashi how jack helped them and freed them from the cursed well in a short flashback
The next three images are of scaramoche baby ! Yep he’s still very much alive and kicking (just a severed head). My guess is he’s on his way to tell aku that jack doesn’t have his sword and will probably get crushed in the process OR Will be given a new body.
Next two images are of the ravers! One is a pic of probably the DJ doing the S symbol for samurai, and The next picture is them dancing. My guess is that they’re the descendants of the other ravers Jack helped in the past like there grandchildren.
The next image appears to be a mound of hot coals, and it looks like the background could be a part of The cult of aku. So this might be another flashback of Ashi doing some type of training.
And NOW we’ve come to the final image… the one that everybody has been talking about. The Picture that APPEARS to be ashi naked (I don’t know she might be wearing something) AND her hair is completely different, she has the style of hair that is in the leaked concept art we got a while back. I have to say she looks pretty damn beautiful, of course I think she look beautiful before too but this shows that she’s leaving all the stuff from the past behind (hear ninja outfit and old hairstyle) and is being reborn in a way, now that she’s seen all of the good jack has done in the world. My guess is that this image is probably also when she finds Jack because there’s an image online of Jack sitting a grassy field meditating, I believe both of those pictures are apart of the same scene.

And now to end on a jashi note I’m hoping the foreshadowing becomes a little more prominent in this episode because in the last few episodes they had very subtle clues, so now it only makes sense to make it more obvious of them being lovers in the future. I’m telling you, those sparkling eyes ashi had in the preview were for jack lol

Anyway that’s it what are you guys think about the images ?

PS I fixed my global settings, so now you guys can leave me messages and replies now lmao

Eyes Wide Like Cherry Pies [Bruce Wayne x Reader]

Author’s Note: Do I know what this is? No, not really lol. Just something I came up with out of nowhere, and I wrote it like, really fast, so I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I haven’t had much inspiration or drive to write lately because I’ve been so busy with school. This isn’t proofread yet but I’ll get on that as soon as I can.

Word Count: 3,928

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lovedreamsselfesteem  asked:

for your dialogue prompt: 43 or 69 for dexnursey!

Dex/Nursey #69 from this prompt list

Also on AO3.

Dex knows something’s wrong when he gets a full week into summer break without hearing from Derek Nurse even once. Not a drunken text, not a stray emoji in the group chat, nothing.

It shouldn’t bother him. He doesn’t care. Except that it’s unusual for Nursey not to go out of his way to keep up with his teammates, not to go out of his way to poke at Dex in particular, and so Dex is…

Well, “worried” is too strong of a word. It’s only been a week. Nursey is probably just off gallivanting around Europe with all of his rich Andover friends and hasn’t had a sober moment to spare a single thought to the SMH or to his fellow d-man.

Which is fine. Whatever. Dex doesn’t care. 

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Just Friends | Kim Jongdae

Genre- Fluff

Word Count1.3k

Summary - In which you and Jongdae claim to be just friends, even though you’re his girlfiend and the boys have yet to find out about your relationship. 


Jongdae and I had been secretly dating for the past few weeks and tonight was once again one of those nights where we had to keep our thing on the down-low. Why secretly you ask? Well I happen to be the little sister of Mr. Byun Baekhyun and even though we weren’t actually scared of how Baek would react, we still decided to keep it a secret.’ Living on the edge’ he calls it.

 We drove to the dorm in a comfortable silence, making our way over for a movie night Junmyeon hyung had planned for all of us.

“Last kiss for the next hour?” He pouted leaning in and I rolled my eyes before simply placing two of my fingers on top of his lips. He opened his eyes only to whine out in frustration only causing me to laugh at his desperation. After I caught my breath

“Okay, no kissing, cuddling or staring at me for longer than a normal person would” I solely instructed taking my key out of the ignition  

“For the last time Y/N ah, can you please stop going through the rules with me every time? I’m nit 5 years old!” He groaned getting out of the vehicle causing me to laugh.

“Really? Because I have a feeling a 5 year old wouldn’t put his arm around my waist while we were at that club the other day with them. You should’ve seen the looks Sehun kept giving you, he’s onto us” I stated

“Nonsense! He probably forgot it the next day” He laughed pressing the button in the lift

As we entered through the doors, an eruption of cheers and laughter filled the main living room. I shook my head before making my way towards the sofas, looking at the boys goofing around was a usual thing as Jongdae and I were ‘best friends’, I used to come here often

“Finally! It’s about time the celebrity power-couple arrived” My brother commented plopping down on the sofa next to me which caused me to roll my eyes but freeze inside.

During the past few weeks, Jongdae have been caught in quite… Compromising positions. Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean him coming back home late every time he told the boys he was going to 'hang out’ with me, the two of us standing/sitting extremely close at every given opportunity and most suspicious of all, Baek caught Jongdae kissing my nose last week. We had to pass it off as

something we usually did as 'Besties’ , but he didn’t seem convinced. It’s not like we were scared of telling him, to be honest, he’d be the biggest supporter of our relationship. But something about letting him know that I was dating one of his closest friends, seemed wrong.

“I’m not famous” I mindlessly shrugged putting the biggest smirks on their faces. I looked around confused as Jongdae mimicked my actions.

"Is that the only part of the sentence you’re going to change?” Sehun finally squeaked from across the room, before all of them broke into huge fits of laughter whilst my cheeks managed to grow the darkest shade of red. Of course! He called us a damn couple.

“Okay, okay. Cool down, let’s not freak out over Y/N ah’s bird brain not being able to process the whole sentence” He quickly commented as I gave him a little glare

“I don’t think I’m hearing any denial from you either hyung…” Sehun winked patting him on the back. Luckily, Suho hyung managed to calm everyone down before we all got into our preferred seats and started the movie.

In the corner of my eye, I could see Jondae not-so-subtly trying to make his way through to me. As most of the attention was on the gruesome scene the horror movie displayed, he managed to lightly sit down next to me. I felt his arm snake around my waist before pulling me closer to him but I slapped it away and moved back to my original position.

“Come on! I always put my arm around your waist, they won’t suspect anything” He leaned over and whined into my ear which caused me to roll my eyes

“We can’t take any chances” I retorted turning my head to watch the movie

“Seriously, I thought you were the risk taker in this relationship?” He smirked and I snapped my head in his direction

“What do you mean by were?” I hissed leaning slightly closer to him so that none of the words exchanged would leave the two of us. Sure I was the spontaneous one who would call him up at 3am for a walk in the old forest, but this kind of risk…

“I mean, you can’t give your boyfriend one little kiss just because you’re scared that the hyungs will find out about our little thing" He innocently smiled putting his arm around my shoulders, which obviously caused a few snickers here and there.

“You want risky? I’ll give you risky” I breathed before grasping the collar of his hoodie and capturing his lips into a passionate kiss. I felt his smirk slightly parting his lips from mine before everything around us suddenly illuminated as I realized the lights had been turned on. I abruptly pulled away looking around with wide eyes for the idiot that decided to pull this shenanigan.

“And this gentlemen is the way my very smart sister, hides her relationship” Baekhyun smiled, well laughed standing next to the light switch.Jondae was frozen in sheer embarrassment when all the boys began to laugh like there was no tomorrow, whilst I hid my head in his chest to distract the pink tint of my cheeks

“You knew?” He finally squeaked and I quickly looked up curiously to find out how

“I’m actually wondering about who didn’t…” He chuckled, earning nods and murmurs of agreement from the rest of the group

“Wait, I didn’t know… What are we talking about?” Yixing popped up from his nap making Minseok, who was sitting next to him, jump out of his skin

“Oh we’re just talking about Y/N ah and Jongdae being in a secret relationship” Chanyeol shrugged to which Yixing simply nodded and went back to sleep.

“Even the unicorn knew…” Kyungsoo finally caught his breath before making the other boys lose it once more. I managed to aim and successfully hit Jongin, the central of the  laughter clan, with a cushion.

“Wah! What was that for!?” He called out throwing it back at me

“To get you to stop laughing! Can we please talk about something else?” I requested placing my hands on my burning cheeks

“Oh no! No, we want to know when you were planning on telling us” Junmeon hyung smirked leaning back on his seat which caused me to let out an agitated groan

“And we’d prefer the explanation from your boyfriend. After he’s done being frozen in fear of course” Baekhyun more instructed than requested

“Aish! Hyung I promise we were going to tell you soon” Jongdae suddenly sounded so innocent and scared, I think it shocked everyone.

“Woah, dropping his sass for his girl! What happened to you Jongdae Hyung!” Jongin exclaimed earning yet another cushion to his face

“Wah! It’s okay, you guys don’t have to be sorry. But I’m a little hurt that you wanted to hide such a big thing about your life from me” Baekhyun sighed sitting down next to me

“I’m sorry Baek. But you can blame your friend over here who wants to feel like he’s in ‘Mission Impossible’ everyday” I scoffed leaning against my brother earning an eruption of laughter from the boys and an offended gasp from my boyfriend

“Do not! I just… Yeah I’ve got nothing. Sorry” Jongdae raised his hands in defeat

“Well you two are horrible at keeping your relationship a secret” Xiumin hyung confessed causing me to raise my eyebrow

“No! Come on, we had you guys convinced we were just friends…” I retorted which ignited a whole lot of responses on the things that proved we looked like we were in a relationship. The night continued to be filled with laughter and jokes about our failed attempt to hide our relationship

A/N: A fun little something for you lovelies to read whilst I get started on my 4 requests! I really love the fact that you guys are finally requesting, I really hope my imagines live up to your expectations. I’ll see you later Loves 

-Shazz xx



I have summer vacation for like 7 weeks this year (which is more than we usually get where I live), so for almost the whole summer I have been knitting. The first couple of weeks I did a thing that looked awful so I started over and now it’s officially longer than I am tall. 

(Don’t mind my really messy room and my fabulous outfit)

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Things We Left Behind

Summary: It wasn’t that you expected to live with him forever; you simply forgot that ‘not forever’ meant ‘someday it will end.’

Genre: angst/smut (but with a happy ending)

Rating: mature

Word count: 8.2k

Warnings: light smut, swearing

read on ao3

All in all, the whole thing is a lot less dramatic than you expected.

Years ago, when your friendship with Phil was relatively new and you still relied on each other to maintain your rapidly growing audience, you spent more time than you should have imagining everything going up in flames. There was still the matter of your crush and possibly his, the pull towards each other lying dormant in your chests and waiting to blow up in your faces with every awkward glance and poorly-timed comment by a stranger on the internet. And even if you could ignore that like you planned, there was no guarantee that your friendship would withstand becoming flatmates.

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Special Room Pt. 5

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four(Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)

Summary: Negan finally reveals the purpose of this ‘run’ and tells her his story. 
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 2074
Authors note: Literally like the first little paragraph is a full-on innuendo and I am LOVING IT.  I need ideas for the next part so leave some comments and ideas
Quote of the story:  “So, let me give it to you.”


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