which it has!!!!

What if Arnold Cardenas really was the boy?

Bart tried to defy the universe. She chose not to kill Suzie, even though the universe needed Suzie to die. And now we know why - she has access to the book and the wand, which quite possibly shouldn’t exist in that world at all, and unlike the Cavatos thugs she has the ability to use them. Her power is growing. She’s an undetermined threat. A loose end that should have been snipped. She’s out of the universe’s control and wreaking havoc

And she killed Arnold Cardenas.

Because of what Bart did, or rather failed to do, the universe is broken. Things are spiralling out of control. One of the people who would have been vitally important to fix whatever has gone wrong is dead. Everything is imploding

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What is your favourite drarry fic of all time with smut?


Anon this is a very difficult question to answer, because pretty much ALL of my favorite drarry fics have at least some smut. ALSO I can’t just choose one fic for a thing like this?! THERE ARE TOO MANY!!!

So I’m just going to rec you a recently-discovered favorite, In the dark, the light by phrynne (17K) <3

Summary: Malfoy was in charge of his orgasm. Malfoy would have the final word. He was completely under Malfoy’s will and command. And that idea alone was enough to drive him further down the spiral. The following hours of his life would be as Draco Malfoy would see fit.

Thoughts: Super super hot and very emotional BDSM scene. Like you don’t even understand and I cannot put into words how moving it is. And also very kinky and filled with smut. I’m obsessed. I’ve heard that chapter two is in the works, and I absolutely cannot wait!!

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How about a right-leaning independent? Doesn’t always vote republican, doesn’t always vote liberal, doesn’t always vote third. Votes republican more, but not always.

if it’s important to you, of course you can headcanon that. i’m not gonna stop you.

i’m going to say one last thing on the subject of republican!nathaniel and then maybe not answer any more messages about it (we’ll see). but one of the major purposes of his character is to send the hopeful message that it’s never too late to learn and grow and change. more than that, it’s necessary for actual, lasting, world-wide change that everyone’s pushed to confront their privileges and start behaving in a more compassionate and critical-of-their-own-actions way. we don’t have to hate nathaniel now for things he believed earlier in his life because everyone deserves the space to realize they believed in fucked up things. your past actions don’t always have to dictate who you are going forward, which is good because no one can be completely aware of all their shortcomings and privileges from a young age.

The dust on the moon shimmers and gleams. Its a like a sea of shimmering sand. Phosphophyllite sits on the top of one of the spiraling towers, absently staring beyond the plains. Their eyes seem lost, the pearl in one eye twinkling from time to time. 

“There’s something wrong. I don’t like this.” 

Lapis Lazuli plays with their hair as Phos speaks. Their voice is shaky, echoing through their dream where they stood with Lapis many times before. Phos clenches their fists in an attempt to calm themselves. 

“The Lunarians…they turned Antarcticite and the others into dust…Lapis how can you be so calm?” 

Lapis stops playing with their hair and folds their arms. “Isn’t it better to cooperate a bit to gather information? Besides, we can save the others back on Earth.”

“But betraying Sensei? Lapis why would they want the Flesh too if they simply wanted to leave the moon?” Phos argues. 

Why wouldn’t Lapis just see how wrong all this was? 

“Which is why we need more information.” Lapis replies simply, “If we gain the trust of the Lunarians, they’ll tell us more about the world before. Then we’ll know more about Sensei. Isn’t that what you were after?” 

Phos shakes their head. “I don’t want to know anymore. I don’t want to know after what they did to Antarcticite.” Gold and alloy spills from their eyes and they try to wipe it away. “I thought I could bring them back…” 

“We can- the Lunarians may have a way.” 

“They did the same to your body! Don’t you realize that they don’t care about what happens to us?” Phos throws their arms in the air in frustration. “Lapis, we can’t endanger the others.” 

For a while there is silence. The clouds roll and the waves crash against the rocks. Lapis stands before Phos, their eyes closed as if they’re in deep thought. It calmed Phos a bit- maybe Lapis was considering to change their plan. 

An image of Antarcticite smiling flashes in Phos’ mind. Phos shudders as the memory changes to the Prince of the Lunarians letting the dust fall from his hands as if it were nothing. As if Antarcticite was nothing more than an object to be destroyed. As if all the gems were nothing but materials for their selfish experiments.

We grounded them into powder. This is our last resort to break Adamant-sensei. 

The image breaks into tiny shards. The realization had hit Phos before that they won’t ever be able to piece Antarcticite back together. That they would never be able to return back the favors Antarcticite did for them. They would never be beside Antarcticite during the winters again. Never to hear their voice again. 

The thoughts pierce through Phos’ mind and wrap their arms around themselves. Not only Antarcticite, but everyone else who was taken. They would never return. 

“So…please Lapis, let’s leave. Don’t take the Lunarians’ side.” Phos takes a step towards Lapis and reaches out to them. “Let’s return to Sensei, to Cairngorm and…and everyone else…let’s protect them.” 

“I am protecting them.” Lapis replies, and a wave of gold and alloy envelopes Phos. 

“Lapis?” Phos asks in surprise as the alloys pin them back, slowly creeping up to their body. 

“You’ll only get in the way for now. We cannot let your emotions get the best of us.” Lapis spreads their arms wide and smiles. The image of the Earth appears behind them. “Don’t you understand Phos? We need to do this. Betraying Sensei will only save the rest of us.” 

Phos tries to scream and fight. But the alloys and the gold pulls them back and wraps around their mouth, gagging them . 

Lapis places a finger on their lips as the gold and alloy slowly starts to block Phos’ vision. “Be a good gem and stay quiet for now. Please don’t mind me taking over this body for a while.”      

Phos watches as Lapis disappears from their vision. An image appears, Phos’ memory, of Antarcticite, smiling at them for the last time before the Lunarians pierce through their head. Their clear shards scatter in the air in slow motion and are replaced with colorful shards- resembling those of Diamond, Cairngorm, Amethsyt, Cinnabar and the other gems. 

No! Phos screams but it is too late. They cannot move. The shards burst to dust and Phos can only watch helplessly. They are useless once more. 

The alloys cover their eyes and the world goes dark. 

I’m sorry. They say to the darkness. They hear Lapis reply to the Lunarians. 

I’ll bring you as many gems from the Earth.”

The Prince’s voice echoes through, “Then it’s a deal.”

Phos struggles once more before it’s too late. But they cannot see and they cannot move. A helpless and useless gem ever since they were born, and now they couldn’t even take control of their own body.  

I’m sorry. 


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Peridot has a FarmerOnly account

Well, she does listen to country music. 

Two thoughts:

1) Just a few nights ago, I had this cute dream I was in love with and dating this amazing and hot Appalachian country gal, so I totally understand the appeal.

2) If it’s similar to any other dating sites, she might get like a dozen ‘hey’s, but sincerely reply to each of them. ‘Course, she’ll being talking about herself more likely, but I find this thought mildly charming. 


3) Obligatory Amedot Relevance: I bet she’ll love to see Amethyst in cowgirl getup. She’s already got the whip. 👀


IT WAS F R I C K E N RAD ✨✨✨✨🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞🏆🏆🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🎭🎭🎆🎆🎆🎇🎇🎇🎇

if different radio stations/interviewers/entertainment companies/etc are gonna interview the boys, at least make unique questions? i want to watch the interviews, but i already know that the questions are gonna be some bs like “what’s your favourite american food?” you don’t ask these questions to american artists so why ask it to them? they weren’t invited to the AMA’s because they really like In-N-Out 

so i just finished the battlefront 2 campaign and……………… (spoilers)

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there’s a reallyyyy cute guy in 2 of my courses and i actually have to hold a presentation with him and this might be a problem cause i’m SUPER distracted ugh

Blizzard, I could write you a two page essay on why there needs to be more neon skins.

Guys, a thought: because Peter’s senses have been “dialed to eleven,” as a result of the bite, does that mean he feels pain more accutely than before, too? Are things more sharp and intense?

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And then along those same lines: if he hears, sees, smells and tastes so much more, does that also mean his emotions resonate more deeply within him now, too? When he’s happy, is it more exuberant because he can experience it so much more intensely? He can actually feel a laugh vibrating his skin and igniting his heart. When he’s sad or angry, does he feel it down to his very bones? He can smell salty tears and taste venomous words. When he loves, is it with so much more of himself because he’s felt it more thoroughly than anyone else truly could? He can touch and feel the way affection beats and pulses against greedy fingertips and hungry hearts.

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No one can tell me that Peter Benjamin Parker isn’t an emotional warrior. No one will be able to convince me that that boy doesn’t feel EVERYTHING deep inside of his soul, and that’s why he is the way he is. That’s why he cares so much. That’s why he beats himself down when he feels like he’s failed. Because it’s all there in ultra high definition for him to soak in and playback over and over again.