which isn't that far off

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At our school, and probably more, the dress code is a big joke. If we see another person's bra strap we tell them they aren't going to college or they aren't graduating, which in all seriousness isn't too far off from how evil the monitors are

Ours is like that. Except the monitors part. We’re pretty small

happy father's day ;)
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“And is that your subtle way of saying you want another one, or…?”

The ‘Mockingjay Part 2‘ Director Explains The Final Scene | UPROXX

Is this maybe five years later?

No. I mean, we’re being vague, so you just come up black pretty quickly and you see the kids and so you can kind of make up your mind. If you’ve read the book, you can go, “Oh, wow, there’s 20 years.” The idea Suzanne always had was that it took a long time before Katniss was willing to have kids. That she had a lot of feelings about, which I think is true. But my guess is that it was somewhere closer to 10 or 15 years.

[NEWS][allkpop] Super Junior reportedly planning to return in September or October with Leeteuk

As fans know, Super Junior members have been dropping hints about a comeback on the way, and now there are some reported details to go along with the hints!

It’s been said that they’re waiting until Leeteuk is discharged from the army later this month, and they are expected to be back in September at the earliest or in October. An SM Entertainment rep added, “When Leeteuk is discharged on the 29th, we’re planning to work as fast as possible. We’re already recording bit by bit. Super Junior’s new album will be out in the fall.

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This is definitely exciting news for ELF as it has been about 2 years since Super Junior released an album as well as about 2 years since Leeteuk went on military service.

Yesung won’t be participating since he’s still carrying out his service, so this has fans wondering if Shindong’s participation will be seen in the album. He has already revealed that he’ll be stepping down from ’ShimShimTaPa’ to join the army, which indicates that his enlistment isn’t too far off. A broadcast insider said, ”The exact date for his enlistment has not been set yet. Both fans and members hope Shindong will enlist after Leeteuk is discharged so they can promote the 7th album together.