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Hi there! Bear with me here, all of this Anti hype has made me feel the need to throw out my own thoughts, so here I go: So in January, when Anti (or Jack, depending on the theories) started showing up again, we all started wondering when something big was going to happen, right? We first thought it was going to be on Jack's birthday, and then Valentine's day - both of which nothing happened. Now we're all theorizing it's going to be in the 100th RYC. Part 1/5

But…what about April Fools day? I mean, think of the possibilities! Imagine this: Jack uploads an average everyday video of himself playing a new game. And then suddenly, just like what happened during “Say Goodbye”, things begin to get a tad bit strange. Jack keeps getting distracted by sounds here and there that aren’t a part of the game, his behavior is beginning to seem off (head twitching, changes in his voice), and the screen glitches out a few times to show either Anti or Jack.

And then we finally get what we’ve wanted: an actual on-screen struggle for control between Anti and Jack. We’re all rooting for Jack to gain control, of course. It’s getting intense and it’s looking grim, but in the end, Jack comes out as the winner; Anti letting out a frustrated scream as he’s forced back inside. And at this point, Jack drops the act and straight out says “April Fools” to all of us and makes a small speech about how much fun he’s had bringing Anti back. 

He wishes us a happy, fun, and safe April Fools day before doing the outro. We think it’s over as soon as the screen goes black, but it’s not. Suddenly, the screen goes glitchy. Anti (or who we think is Anti) shows up on screen, panting shakily, looking beyond desperate and frightened. He leans in close to the screen and pleads in a raspy, drained voice, “Help me. Please! He never left! He’s still - !” Only to unexpectedly get cut off by a pair of hands reaching out from behind him,

covering his mouth, muffling his screams for help, as he gets pulled backward into the darkness. And then the screen cuts to black so suddenly, we don’t get to see anything else, leaving us in horror at the realization that THAT was Jack and that Anti is still in control! That this WHOLE thing was all a sick, cruel joke from the start, basically just Anti toying with us into believing we actually got our precious green bean back! Sorry for the REALLY long speech! Just freaking out is all ^^“



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I was wondering what properties of a mood ring allow one to see the Fair Folk through them, and could those properties be transferred to a pair of glasses? That would certainly be an interesting way to live your life, always able to See. I wonder if you would get used to it, or just give up/go crazy.

I was trying to find something that could act as a suitably maybe-magic college-trash stand-in for a stone with a hole in it! If I remember right those where magical bc the holes were naturally formed by running water, which has its own protective properties. So those rings of semi-precious stones wouldn’t work because they’re artificially made, but mood rings still seem like maybe the fluidity of them could be something potentially powerful.

And I think someone in the replies (literally thousands back, or I’d source you if I could find you!) did suggest a ring of mood-ring substance around the inner rim of your glasses, against the skin, where it would be hidden. This would absolutely work, but it doesn’t change the fact that you should never, ever be caught actually seeing them.

ENFPs of each Enneagram Type

Are you an ENFP and unsure of your enneagram type? Here’s an idea of what an ENFP of each type would look like.

*You’re likely to relate to more than one type. Your tritype is a combination of one type from the heart, head, and body centers, and your wing is the type located directly next to your core type that you identify with the most. If you’re really unsure, I’d start with finding one type from each center that you relate to the most, and go from there. 

Heart Types (2,3,4)

Type 2 - “I just want to be loved”: A type 2 ENFP engages their extroverted intuition to look for ways to be useful and helpful to those around them, specifically to the people they care about. They are generally warm, enthusiastic, and particularly kind and caring. ENFP 2s are especially drawn to being there for others emotionally rather than just physically. They’ll act as advocates for friends in crisis, and are exceptional at making people feel seen and understood. Their Fi values helpfulness, supportiveness, and making sure people know that they are loved. However, they can become so dependent on being “needed” that they may unintentionally become smothering at times. This ENFP may also become resentful and vindictive if they are left to feel unappreciated.

Type 3 - “I just want to be recognized”: A type 3 ENFP engages their dominant extroverted intuition to pursue new ideas and concepts that they hope will help them achieve success or recognition. They hold achievement as one of Fi’s deeply held values, which makes them motivated and ambitious. Their drive for success is fueled by a fear of being worthless or disappointing to those they care about. They often have a well-developed Te that they use to sort through all the possible paths to success that Ne brings to the table, and as a result are more focused and driven than the stereotypical ENFP. Though they are naturally quirky and creative, this ENFP is especially cognizant of their image, hoping to be seen as particularly attractive, successful, smart, and enviable by their peers.

Type 4 - “I just want to be different”: A type 4 ENFP accepts and takes pride in their natural quirkiness. They engage their extroverted intuition to explore possibilities, ideas, and concepts that are innovative, different, and own-able as uniquely theirs. They likely have a highly developed introverted feeling function (Fi), which makes this ENFP especially cognizant of their personal opinions, ideas, emotions, and tastes. At their best, they are particularly creative, artistic, and visionary, and appear to others as if they are truly and enviably comfortable with being themselves. They take pride in being different than others and, though they crave appreciation for their uniqueness, they actually enjoy being misunderstood. This ENFP is especially susceptible to “special snowflake” syndrome, which can result in a “nobody can possibly understand me” mentality or an inflated sense of self-importance.

Head Types (5,6,7)

Type 5 - “I just want to understand”: A type 5 ENFP is defined by their exceptional curiosity and inventiveness. These talents are driven by their dominant extroverted intuition, which leads them to become absorbed in countless theoretical possibilities, ideas, and concepts. They are somewhat more withdrawn than the stereotypical ENFP, preoccupied with a restless desire to “figure things (or people) out”. Their Fi values intellectual capability and competence. They often have well-developed Te, which they use to understand, categorize, and streamline their understanding of the world. They’re likely to want to contribute something original and innovative to society. They’re often treasure troves of random knowledge and facts, which they’ve collected in the hopes that being knowledgeable will help prepare to deal with the world around them. On the flip side, this ENFP may be prone to know-it-all-ism as well as an unproductive tendency to ignore their emotions and insecurities, which often lie closer to the surface than they’d like.

Type 6 - “I just want to be reassured”: A type 6 ENFP is particularly loyal to both their friends and their beliefs. This loyalty, which manifests as stubbornly sticking to their Fi values, or being there for friends or loved-ones unconditionally, stems out of a fear of being unsupported. Once they’ve established that something is safe and secure, they’d rather not let go of it. These ENFPs are aware of and nervous about the impracticality and emotional nature of their Ne and Fi, and therefore worry that they cannot take care of themselves on their own. Generally, they are less spontaneous or reckless than the stereotypical ENFP, because they prefer to establish security before embarking in ambiguous territory. For this reason, they prefer to use Ne to explore various potential outcomes in addition to interesting hypothetical concepts. At their best, they’re fascinating hybrids of creativity and stability, standing by their beliefs and loved ones with intense passion. At their worst, they can be chronically anxious and prone to Si grips.

Type 7 - “I just want to enjoy life”: A type 7 ENFP represents the full embodiment of dominant extroverted intuition:  innovative, optimistic, curious, exploratory and restless in the pursuit of possibilities. They see life as an endless sea of exciting opportunities, ideas, concepts, theories, and experiences to explore. They are typically enthusiastic, versatile, and action-oriented, with a fun-loving attitude and a relentless appetite for life. They are particularly passionate about ideas that excite them, and though they are prone to starting more projects than they can possibly finish, they can also be intensely focused on something for hours as long as it captivates their interest. This ENFP is passionate and sensitive, but also has a tendency to distract themselves from their emotions or problems instead of dealing with them head on. At their worst, they can be scattered, unreliable, avoidant, inattentive, leaving messes for others to clean up in their wake.

 Body Types (8,9,1)

Type 8 - “I just want to be in control”: A type 8 ENFP is highly individualistic and loathes being controlled. Their dominant Ne leads them on an endless quest to pursue possibilities and interests, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that they can do so as they please. This ENFP believes strongly in their Fi values, which they respect much more than traditional authority. Therefore, if this ENFP believes something is right or true, then they will act accordingly no matter what anyone else has to say. They can be incredible leaders, inspiring others through their originality, charm, confidence, and go-getter attitude. They’re assertive and straight talking, yet also highly emotional, and often have an underlying layer of anger simmering beneath the surface. Though they often excel at understanding people and giving them straightforward advice, they hate feeling vulnerable, and in true Fi fashion are uncomfortable talking about their feelings with others. If left unchecked, this ENFP can be vulnerable to outbursts of anger as well as a pushy, domineering attitude.

Type 9 - “I just want to have peace of mind”: A type 9 ENFP is particularly peaceful, agreeable and go-with-the-flow. They’re generally calm and optimistic, preferring a “positive outlook” mindset to dwelling on negative possibilities. It’s very important to this ENFP to feel connected to and understood by other people. Their patience and insight about people makes them exceptional advice givers. They use their Ne to explore possibilities and concepts that interest them (especially those related to people), but are blocked from the “go-getting” mindset of Ne by the fear of creating friction or conflict with others that could disturb their peace of mind. This ENFP instead focuses their energy on “merging” with others, taking on their friends problems as their own instead of developing a strong sense of ambition or self. They deal with anger by numbing out their emotions, which prompts them into wondering whether the strong emotions they do feel are even real at all. At their worst, this ENFP can be painfully unassertive, lazy, or asleep to their own desires or goals.  

Type 1 - “I just want to do what’s right”: A type 1 ENFP constantly searches for new, innovative methods of improvement for both themselves and others. Their dominant Ne is restless in its quest for rightness and betterment. This ENFP has a highly developed introverted feeling function (Fi), which makes them rigidly adhere to what they personally believe is moral, good, or “right”, which can result in “moral perfectionism”. This ENFP may feel particularly drawn to social justice causes, believing that it is their duty or responsibility to be the change they want to see in the world. If their Te is well developed, this ENFP can be quite forceful and persistent in enforcing their ethical standards. If their Te is underdeveloped, this fear of imperfection can be paralyzing. At their worst, they can be up on a high horse and critical of those around them. 

While I’m on the subject of the TV show, here are some things to remember:

  • An adaptation will never be the same as its source. Things will be changed: taken away, added, altered. This will happen, because it’s a completely different medium and some things just won’t translate.
  • Appearances aren’t everything. Everyone will be disappointed with some aspect of the casting. They are not going to find someone who looks exactly like your headcanon. Give the actors a shot - they might surprise you.
  • Just because it isn’t exactly the same doesn’t mean it will be bad. 

Speaking from experience, one of my favourite books is also one of my favourite TV shows: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which is a 1000 page novel and was made into a 7 part BBC drama. Obviously they had to change a lot of what I’ve mentioned above:

  • Scenes were moved around in order
  • Drawlight was cast completely differently to his descriptions in the book (just one example)
  • Scenes were added (I’m thinking of a lot of the Starecross scenes), a lot of scenes were removed (too many to count because y’know, 1000 page novel)

And IT WORKED. It’s a completely different beast from the book, but it is wonderful in its own right. The thing it does so well is keep to the tone and the atmosphere of the book, which I think is one of the most important things for TRC. 

As far as I’m concerned, if this TRC show can do that then things will be fine.

The important thing is to keep an open mind. At this point (as far as I’m aware) we don’t even know when it’s going to be made. It might be years: these things can move slowly.

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i love your blog, your sense of humor is spot on and vanderwood is my new love ;U; would you do vanderwood and saeran w/ MC who has selective mutism?

Thank you for thinking my dumb ass is funny. ;w; there aren’t a ton of jokes in this one, but I think it’s sweet and hope you enjoy it!


  • During the whole thing with Mint Eye, he was too preoccupied to really pick up on your reluctance to talk. The first time he really notices that you don’t speak is when you come visit him in the hospital - you pass him notes to read as you sit by his bedside. 
  • It’s mostly encouragement, interspersed with fun drawings and assurances that he’ll be okay. He rejects them at first, but you’re so persistent, and eventually he keeps and looks at them while you’re not around.
  • You start texting a lot once he’s recovered some. He is literally the last person to judge anyone for being a little peculiar, and having to read messages from you instead of hearing you talk isn’t too much trouble. Seven even sets up his phone so that he can set it to automatically read messages from you out loud if he happens to have his hands full.
  • (Whenever he’s stressed out, he goes back through his message log with you and remembers the conversations you’d had. They make him feel all weird and warm and fuzzy in a way he just doesn’t understand.)
  • Obviously he shoves those feelings in a box and doesn’t acknowledge them
  • Saeran struggles with a lot of anger after everything that happened to him, and it’s difficult to control at times. He often goes off on his own so he doesn’t take his emotions out on anyone around him, and you accompany him via text. He’s sat for hours before on a park bench, calming down and texting you.
  • Whenever he sees interesting things around, he’ll send you a picture. Sometimes it’s a dog! Sometimes it’s a mushroom! Sometimes it’s a pretty cake in a window. There’s so much he never got to experience, and he sends it all to you.
  • You’re always very supportive, even when it’s a stupid picture of a pile of rocks.
  • Normally, you do everything you can online - ordering groceries, buying things… it means keeping you out of situations where you might have to talk. But you and Saeran start doing domestic things like going to the grocery store. As long as he’s with you, things are infinitely less scary.
  • You tell him that one day - in private, with your voice, when you’re alone. You hate talking, but when you’re in a safe space and it’s just him…. It’s not so bad.
  • He blurts out that your voice is pretty and he likes it, and of course tries to be like, NO THAT’S JUST - I’M JUST BEING OBJECTIVE - I…
  • (You can’t help but laugh and he secretly LOVES IT.)
  • Saeran starts getting really protective of you in public, like a guard dog. Just- always at your side, ready to jump in if something happens.
  • (put a collar on him - he DOES like leather…)
  • One week, you get sick - really sick, in bed with flu for a week - and he takes care of you of course because he’s one of the few people you’ll let be in your space. It’s as he’s fretting over you that he confesses - just, “please don’t die PLEASE DON’T DIE I LOVE YOU……!!”
  • (seriously Saeran it’s just the flu stop with this dramatic shit)
  • You end up vomiting right after which has nothing to do with his confession 
  • Your stomach is just in the middle of having its own Russian revolution
  • Saeran FREAKS OUT
  • when you’re better, the two of your talk (well, text) about it like reasonable human beings. He makes a better confession that doesn’t involve any vomit.
  • (seven finds out about this and teases him FOREVER)


  • You’re introduced to Vanderwood as the “person who doesn’t talk” and they’re like, well. Alright. Sounds good to me, means you won’t say stupid shit and annoy them.
  • (being a wonderful, tactful person that’s exactly what they say lmao. you snort and cover it up.)
  • All things considered, they take to you pretty quickly. Not because of a crush, like Seven is teasing them about, but because they have a natural soft spot for shy, timid people. They’ve got some protective instincts, okay? It’s why they fret over Seven.
  • (obviously they SAY they aren’t worried about you, because they’ve gotta look cool, but they’re not fooling anyone.)
  • They’re just kind of… chill? About everything. When you’re getting anxious, they exist as a stabilizing presence (putting their hand on your shoulder and leading you somewhere nice and quiet as necessary) and they have a really finely honed ability to just… figure out what you need.
  • You’re feeling crowded in public? They get people away from you.
  • You’re nervous about being in a restaurant? Hey, point at what you want and they’ll order for you.
  • You’re tired? No need for you to try to communicate that - they’ll take you home. Yes, it’s fine to leave early. No, no one will think badly of you.
  • Casually - without drawing attention to it or making a big deal of it - they figure out what you want to say and say it for you… and they have NO idea what they’re doing until it’s pointed out to them by Seven.
  • Of course, they say it’s not a big deal, they’re just - it’s not like they’re going out of their way to do anything. (Of course, they ARE going out of their way, but they’ll burn in hell before they acknowledge that.)
  • You start to rely on them, feel comfortable around them because of their extreme reliability and the fact that they just don’t care that you don’t talk. The fact that you’d rather text them when you’re sitting right across from them seems totally natural to them.
  • In return, you’re the person who notices the little things about them. When they get in one of their anxious, snappy moods, you can just tug on their sleeve and smile and they’ll just feel better. When they’re stressed out and need to talk… you’ll just poke them, look at them questioningly, and they’ll just spill.
  • They can’t help it.
  • They realize they’re in love when you invite them inside your apartment, and for the very, very first time you speak to them - in a quiet voice and asking a completely mundane question: whether they want coffee or tea. It’s the TRUST you put in them, being okay with actually speaking, and they’ve never been trusted like that by… by.. anyone.
  • Ever.
  • You feel safe around them. Secure enough to do something you don’t do around anyone else, and shit they’re doomed.
  • Vanderwood stutters when they confess to you, fidgeting with their gloves and completely unable to look at your face, and they almost can’t bring themselves to open the text message you send them in reply.
  • I like you too.
  • (They save that message in their inbox forever.)
The X-files Season 1 - Sentence Starter
  • "Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted".
  • "Oh, really... I was under the impression that you were sent to spy on me".
  • "Who are you?".
  • "How do you know about my work?".
  • "Put it on my tab".
  • "You think if maybe we ignore her/him, s/he'll go away?".
  • "Spooky? Do you think I'm spooky?".
  • "Hey, that's a nice tattoo, what is that?".
  • "You said green men. A Reticulan's skin tone is actually grey".
  • "I know I should be afraid, but I'm not".
  • "I want to believe".
  • "It's a folk tale, a myth".
  • "He's, um... he's obsessed with his work".
  • "You're kidding, right?".
  • "I think ______ faked his own death".
  • "I would never lie".
  • "I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation".
  • "Either that or a poltergeist".
  • "I’m a pain in the ass to work with".
  • "Loss of freedom does funny things to a man".
  • "Evidence of what?".
  • "Guess I missed that phase".
  • "You really believe that story?".
  • "Potato, potahto".
  • "If you'd pay attention, you might learn something".
  • "I'm wondering which lie to believe".
  • "You must've really liked The Exorcist".
  • "You've got that look on your face".
  • "I could smell you a mile away".
  • "I think I'm going to suggest we sleep with the lights on".
  • "You think they would have taken me more seriously if I wore the grey suit?".
  • "______, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you".
  • "Do you know how hard it is to fake your own death?".
How Not to Swindle a Dangerous Pirate Captain

Notes: Here we go again, sabolus and anon.  Loosely based on this post; I take no credit for the idea.

Luffy stood in front of the vendor’s stall, head cocked to one side, finger under his chin as he gazed with surprising intensity at the goods arranged before him.  He seemed to be stuck between a rubber duck with a comical pirate hat perched on its head and an eyepatch with equally gaudy decoration.

“C’mon, Lu, we’ve got places to go,” Ace urged gently, wondering how long his younger brother was going to spend staring at the junk laid out before him.  When Luffy didn’t respond, Ace turned to Sabo for support, but the blond just shook his head with a slight, “what can you do?” kind of smile.

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Taekook cuddling literally everywhere makes me weak oh my whenever I watch any of those moments I feel like I'm intruding on sth so pure and private but but also can we talk about how jungkook literally shouted "aww yeah" at tae belly dancing in Dubai? Isn't that the most proud boyfriend thing to do like ??!! it's being too real for me to handle

eXACTLY RIGHT! I think one of the greatest things about vkook is the skinship. They are perfectly comfortable with hugging, piggybacking and cuddling which is literally. what. boyfriends. DO. I like how easy they are with one another and how they seem to (always) be in their own world. I always wonder how they got to the point where they cuddled tbh. Like, do they just lie down on the bed without even caring if the cameras were up? Were they so tired to the point that all they wanted was to fall into the comfort of each others’ arms? What if they had a small tiff a moment ago but settled it as soon as it started because there was nothing that could get in the way of these two (and so they cuddled all night long)? I like to imagine these things happening all the time because I’m trash and like you said, it feels so pure. I’m so glad I am on this ship tbh,,

(ALSO!!) the “aww yeah” made me so happy and giddy bc it shows how supportive and proud jungkook is of taehyung <3 #realtionshipgoals

this is the gif! [cr welovehaehyuk on tumblr] idk which one to choose tbh, this one or the cuddling-on-mat one (they are both equally good ugh)

A Sleep Study

Its five in the fucking morning, but why not write a fic about a much better version of my awake perdicament.

I just wanna let Y'all know that I read all of your tags, every single one, and I really like them, so please tag as much as you want.

Anyway, this one’s pretty short but here you go.

Its four in the morning when Derek wakes up to soft contented huffs of warm air against his neck. He doesn’t remember letting Stiles sleep in his bed, probably because what he does remember includes sticking the little shit on the couch where he belongs.

More than likely, the boy wriggled himself into Derek’s space long after the wolf had fallen asleep, entered REM, and begun to dream. It surprised Derek endlessly that he could sleep so comatose with Stiles wandering around his personal space, sometimes even loudly. Anyone else could crack at the joints around him when they walked and stir him awake. He supposed that’s what trust felt like.

Really, he should kick the teen out of his damn bed. Push him away, tell him to fuck off, and stop letting him frequent his loft so often if this is what he was going to do. But, as he lay on his side and stare down at the sleeping form of the offender, he just can’t bring himself to do it.

Stiles is curled sweetly into his chest, nose pressed into his collar bones, sending furls of his breath in every which direction. His hands grip loosely at the nearest fabric they can find, the left taking hold of the sheets, and his right fingers tangled in Derek’s own sweats. He’s be sleep warm, but as usual, his hands are cold.

Derek thinks the boy’s hair is getting a little long, if the way it sticks up in every direction is any indication. He can’t help but run his fingers through it carefully, wondering for what must be the dozenth time how its always so soft. The sent of the sweet chamomile shampoo he uses assaults his nose when he does, and he inhales it deeply. He’s sure he hated it before, his sensitive nose almost always preferring a person’s natural scent, but now it’s comforting in a way he can’t quite put his finger on.

Stiles makes a little sound if contentment in his sleep, so Derek repeats the motion a few times, until he snuggles up closer, jamming his face right into the crook of Derek’s neck.

He resigns himself to counting the moles he can see peaking out from under Stiles shirt, which has ridden up to his waist, since he’s not tired enough to sleep, but too sleepy to get up. He realizes, only after he’s pressed his palm into the soft skin of Stiles’ back and started to rub, that it’s actually his shirt. Not even a clean one, but the one he’d taken off and tossed on the floor before he went to sleep.

He grins toothily to himself at the image of Stiles finding it and tugging it on unabashedly. Likes its not just about the strangest thing in the world to pick up someone’s dirty laundry and just put it on. He supposes if they were lovers it would be normal, but as they are now it makes him itch to tease. Stiles has obviously picked up the need to scent mark himself from the rest of the pack, probably unknowingly, and it’s stupidly cute that this is how he chooses to do it.

He wonders idly when the things Stiles stopped being ridiculously aggravating, and started being cute. He fondly remembers a time when something like this would have him slamming the kid’s head into his steering wheel.

Now though, his violent urges have been replaced with the urge to pet, and rub, and maybe even kiss. He sternly tells his intrusive thoughts to knock it off and let him sleep, but all he gets in return for his efforts is Stiles’ wriggling around and somehow ending up pressed even close to him in his new position.

He pushes himself back and away, not to escape, but because he wants to continue watching the boy sleep. He keeps an arm around Stiles waist, and uses the thumb of his free hand to trace over his face. Thickly lashed Eyelids, turned up nose, soft pink lips, each feature perfect in its own right.

He’s only a little surprised when Stiles chooses to flutter awake just then, all the moving and touching having been pushing it after all.

He blinks sleepily up at Derek, and Derek, undeterred, continues to have his fill of the boy’s pretty face. This should the part where he pushes Stiles onto the floor and goes back to sleep, but instead he leans forward and presses his lips against the pair he’d just been thumbing.

If Stiles is surprised, he’s too half asleep to show it, and after a few more gentle kisses, he scootches closer with a soft smile and returns the treatment enthusiastically, as if they’ve done this a thousand times. Though they haven’t , Derek decides a discussion about this new development can wait until the late morning.

It’s five in the morning when Derek drifts back to sleep, Stiles held tightly to his chest, blissfully warm and sated.

Monkey Business

The waffle house was filthy, which was comforting in its own way. California seemed like a different country altogether, and I felt utterly out of place as I attempted to read the food encrusted menu, while not actually touching it at the same time. I knew it was just my paranoia, but I felt like I had a sign posted across my back that said “Redneck” and everyone in the restaurant was wondering what a hillbilly from Northern Alabama was doing out here on the left coast.
Tumblr. Yes that’s right, Tumblr was the reason I had ridden my Harley all the way across country to meet a Pal I had made on Tumblr. The really weird part was that I didn’t even know his name, or if “He” was actually a HE. But there I was in that disgusting breakfast booth, trying to decide between the Ebola infused waffles, or the dysentery inducing Denver omelet. I finally landed on a triple order of bacon with toast and coffee and was attempting to clean the eating utensils with my t-shirt, when the waitress suddenly appeared out of nowhere startling the bejesus out of me. She took my order down, and within minutes brought me my food, and then asked in a monotonic manner… “Is your friend going to eat too?”
“How do you know I’m meeting somebody?” I asked.
“He always meets them here,” she replied.
“He?” I mumbled.
“Yes, you know, the Monkey”
“Oh, right, yes well, yes I guess he will be eating something”

Just then the front door slammed open to the waffle house, and in walked an old man who was obviously blind, grey hair, long grey beard, wearing overalls and flip flops, being led by a small monkey. They headed straight for my table and the old man scooted into the seat opposite of me, while the monkey bounced up and onto the table. It locked eyes with me momentarily, reached across the table taking a piece of my bacon, and began to eat while studying me.
A small silence ensued.
Glacially I tore my gaze away from the monkey, which was a curious shade of purple, and spoke to the old man. “So, you’re THE Monkey I presume. It’s nice to finally meet you.” A loud CRACK, from a hand slapping the table top brought me up short, causing everyone in the waffle house to look around. The monkey, with a mouthful of my bacon, mumbled… “Walt is not much on chit chat.”
I sat there with what I can only assume was a very stupid expression on my face, and tried to figure out how this trick was being played. By all appearances the monkey had spoken, but that couldn’t be right. I tried once again, and said to the old man, Walt… “Nice trick brother, how do you do that, are you a Ventriloquist?”
“Ventriloquist.” the monkey said mockingly, as it carefully inspected my plate and opted for another piece of my bacon. “No ventriloquism here, just a talking monkey- A Japanese Macaque if you wanna to get technical, but I just go by Monkey, Purple Monkey if you prefer.”
I had watched the old man’s mouth throughout the entire time that the monkey had been talking, and his lips never twitched once.
A strange unreal sensation slipped slowly down my spine.
I transferred my gaze to the monkey and stared for an eternal minute.
It, He, stared back, shrugging his shoulders and said… “You’re a cool one huh? This is where most people get up and run. You gonna eat that toast? I’m starving”
Pulling my plate over to him he continued… “You’ve seen Planet of the Apes I assume?” I sat there staring in disbelief— immobile.
He snapped his simian fingers inches in front of my face.
“Hey, I didn’t lose you did I?”
“No, no,” I sputtered, “I mean yes, yes I’ve seen it”
“Well,” he said, “it’s kinda like that, except none of the bullshit SciFi fantasy, time traveling assholes fucking up the earth, bunch of mutant humans and all that horseshit, and don’t get me started on Mark Walberg! He couldn’t act his way out of a paper sack, fucking asshat"
The monkey suddenly had an expression of childlike glee. "In fact, if I ever do see that wanna be out on the street, I’m gonna fling my poo at him"

The waitress appeared out of nowhere again making me jump, and setting the monkey off on a giggling spree. I’d never heard a monkey giggle, and it was disturbing. He became serious all of a sudden and stared at me.
“What are we gonna do about you now?” he said cryptically
“What do you mean by that?” I asked apprehensively.
The restaurant suddenly became quiet.
“Well, now that you’ve seen me, I can’t just let you walk around running your mouth. You forget we’ve been PALS for a long time now, and you gotta big mouth sometimes. I’ve read your poetry Cherokee- sickening sweet, runny cheesery bullshit. Oh you’re funny on occasion, that’s the only reason you’re still alive”

It was at that moment that I realized that the other people in the waffle house were all quietly listening in on the conversation. I glanced across the aisle and locked eyes with the somehow familiar face of a Hispanic man wearing a wolf print t-shirt. He gave me a very slight negative head shake, and put his eyes back on the pancakes in front of him. Across from him was a woman with one of those rubber horse heads, but with a horn on it, and she was staring into an uneaten bowl of skittles. I began to slowly look around the restaurant. I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I took in the faces that were trying not to look at me. I had seen some of these people before. A young bearded fellow dressed like Jesus. A mermaid or two eating sushi? At a waffle house? A one-eyed Canadian. Librarians. Lesbians. Lots and lots of Lesbians. A very angry comrade with tattoos up the wazoo. Filipinos. Why were there so many Filipinos? A hipster douchebag on a typewriter typing haiku?
Then it hit me.
I looked across the table at the monkey.
He grinned a wide evil grin.

(co-write purplemonkey & cherokee)

The Signs as Mythological Creatures
  • Aries: mermaids//for a fire sign? surprising, i know. but like their aquatic counterparts, aries are beautiful with a bloodthirsty side, dangerous to those that underestimate them, but full of life and the ability to create wonderful art and song. fire doesn't just lead to destruction, it purifies and leads to new beginnings.
  • Taurus: dwarves//down to earth (literally) and reliable, you know what to expect from these creatures, and, like a taurus, there's a fire in their hearts. they might be stubborn, but they're loyal when loyalty matters most.
  • Gemini: selkies//i promise this isn't a two-face joke, this time. gemini are often accused of having two-sides, just like a selkie: human on land, but a seal beneath the waves. what people don't realize, is that those parts are just fractions of a whole person, one with facets and depths like anyone else. gemini are free-spirited and hilarious, uncontrollable and restless when forced into one place.
  • Cancer: demons//sure, cancers can be emotional and a little overdramatic, just like your pesky house demon. but! just like their counterparts, they aren't just creatures of emotion, they're people of action! make a cancer cry and expect retribution! an unholy cloud of acid rain will destroy your house and poison your river!!
  • Leo: elves//they're pretty, they're known for being vain, and they're apathetic, right?? wrong! like elves, leos are more than just narcissists hung up on appearances! they're full of wisdom and have feelings that run deeper than anyone could imagine! just because they don't express themselves as body as others, doesn't mean they're fake or without caring!
  • Virgo: minor gods/goddesses//they're all about control and they know how they like things. however, they're more fun-driven and wild than people would think, not driven by tradition and rituals like other gods are. they might like order, but that doesn't cancel out excitement or the occasional party!
  • Libra: sirens//wait?? but isn't that just a mermaid? no!! you're so wrong! sirens don't bother with the relaxing and falling in love mermaids do! just like a libra, a siren will change themself to attract their victims (friends) and do whatever they can to seem appealing to those around them! but like the siren, libras aren't just people who roll over and lock away their opinions! libras are fierce creatures that should be respected, feared, and loved for their badassness!
  • Scorpio: an incubus//and not because scorpios are sex-addicted weirdos (which is fine if you are) but because they're stereotyped as such but they're so much more! scorpios are survivors, creators, wonderful creatures of the night who kick ass in their own right! they're passionate and cunning, and if they like sex (or not) they aren't defined by it!
  • Sagittarius: fairies//they can be sweet and cute, sure, but have you ever pissed of a fae? they're mischievous and more than happy to fuck shit up because it's amusing and they're bored! and just like a fairy, you could most definitely find a sagittarius naked in the woods, possibly covered in glitter ;-)
  • Capricorn: grim reapers// now idk if there's one or many, but no matter what, capricorns are the biggest bads of them all. capricorns are controlling and dangerous as hell, ambitious and ready to cut a bitch if crossed. but they're also compassionate, willing to guide others, even if it's work. also. the grim reaper is awesome???? fuck yeah, capricorns!!
  • Aquarius: dragons//they're totally cool, everyone wants to know one even if it's a bad idea, total badass, but also, super nice?? just give them a place to chill and they will collect cool stuff and be lazy
  • Pisces: a hrydra//why?? because if you hurt a pisces, they're gonna recover and come back better than ever! nothing can stop them, because they're fiery creatures full of determination and succuss!! do you pisces, because you rocks!!
Fic Rec

I don’t know if you still take fic submissions, but if you do, I highly recommend everybody read Lemur710’s fics. All of them.

This author has, in my opinion, a truly unique writing style, very natural, fluent and inspiring. Every word is important in its own way, every word fits. You have nothing that feels superflous.
Characters are explored gorgeously on a deeper level, and the use of metaphors or certain imagery is truly remarkable and wonderful, as they are cleverly woven into the body of the story without feeling forced in any way!

I’ve enjoyed every single fic so far, which is why I’m here right now, begging people to please take a look at them. You won’t regret it!

Link to all the works: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Lemur710/pseuds/Lemur710/works?fandom_id=6856609

Link to what, I think, is my favorite fic, although it is truly hard to choose because they are all amazing.

If anybody reads any of them, please leave a comment to the author, because I think that they truly deserve it, and if, after that, you want to further fangirl over them, my inbox is open

i completely agree @j2asndh!!!!! i read binding spell first, and it immediately went into my top ten favorite malec fics. i happily second this rec :) ♡ xx

Serendipitous Resolve | Selkie Pirate AU [BossEliMitchell]

Maybe she was mad as a hatter, as her first mate candidly proclaimed when she told him she planed to continue her journey alone. Perhaps she had indeed been bewitched by one of the mermaids in that cove, or so the Quartermaster’s opined when she cashed out her share. The local shipwright wondered aloud on the docks about who or what she must be running from to push her to set out in the 20-foot yawl on her own. 

The boat, dubbed Lir’s Swan by its previous owner, was study and in good shape. It had been a fishing boat for a few months, before being traded for a more substantial vessel. So this one had waited for months for a new purpose. Her first mate, now a Captain in his own right, helped her move her scant belongings which mainly consisted of maps and papers and various items of inconvenient size. It gave him the opportunity to offer her the chance to renege on her decision, which both of them knew she wouldn’t before he even asked.

She just clapped him on the shoulder and gave him a nod, then set to untying the boat from the dock. 

Rowing into the harbor took more effort. This type of vessel was usually crewed between four and six, so with only one person rowing it was slow going until she unfurled the sails. When the wind filled the sheets, the Swan picked up speed and ventured out of the cove. Once out of the harbor, she secured the heading, then stripped off her coat and tossed it below, next came the small scrap of cloth that held her hair in a braid.

After returning to her ship the night before, the pirate captain gave this idea a great deal of thought. At some point she’d thought all the things she’d been accused of that morning before she set out. None of it mattered. As the breeze rushed over her face, though her hair, and whipped her billowing blouse around her body, she knew this was what she wanted. 

A few hours in, she neared the coast and dropped anchor. Perhaps the selkie would join her. Perhaps he would not. But she was bound for … somewhere, even if she did not know where. She stared at the water, the way the surface ruffled and rippled, the sound of the water lapping at the rocky shore relaxed her, enticed her. Before she really thought about it, her sword clattered to the deck, followed quickly by her boots, and in a few steps she stepped onto the side rail and dove off. 

The water was bracing, and when she broke the surface she wondered how long it had been since she did that. Since she last swam for the joy of being in the water. It was far enough in her memory that she couldn’t calculate the span of time. She swam around the boat once, inspecting her hull more closely. Once that seeming bit of work was complete, she flipped over in the water and stared at the sky. Arms and legs outstretched in the water, she let the motion of it carry her, only moving her limbs when she got too near the boat or too far.

Dekuuna, the Elcor and the Rocket Equation

Dekuuna, the elcor homeworld, is notable among other things for its high surface gravity. At 4g and a radius of 10,387 Km, this implies a mass of around 10.5 Earth masses.

This is interesting for several reasons…

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hello, yes you there? you right there? did someone already tell you how incredible you are? writing sometimes may seem difficult and on some days we all struggle, but you can and should be so very proud of what you created. look at this blog and all what you have written! to take time of your day to write something, to play a character and develop them in such a unique manner is simply stunning. no matter if you have been writing them for a week or for years now, you can be so very proud of yourself. writing something and putting it out there for so many others to read is such a big step and yet you manage it so well. you are not only playing a character, but you are building worlds and dimensions with your roleplay partners. something all in your mind and you manage to write it down, express yourself and bring people to smile, laugh or cry. these are all words, all of them which you wrote for your character, but the most important thing? they are written by you. with this character who you developed in such a wonderful and interesting way. you have every right to call yourself a writer, someone who spends so much time to think about this single character and write down headcanons, prompts or ask memes. you are the one who brings this character to stand out. they are unique in their very own way and that all because of you. be proud of yourself.  ♡


Prompts: Neighbors, coffee and tongue
Pairing: BokuAka

Koutarou was awoken by something crashing and the muffled chatter from next door. He reached out for his phone and groaned. It wasn’t even ten in the morning yet! And his plan for waking up late and spending a well-earned lazy Sunday already seemed to be ruined by the noise from the other apartment.

It could only mean that someone was moving in the empty apartment after a year. He wondered which poor soul was going to live in the haunted apartment next door.

(Koutarou had himself heard furniture move on its own for a few nights…and there was no one living next door at the time! So, there was only one logical reason- it was haunted.)

Someone was dragging furniture right now even and Koutarou wished with all his heart that the ghost would show itself and scare his new neighbor away. No one deserved this torture which he was going through currently.

He covered his head with his pillow but it was too late now. He was wide awake and he knew he couldn’t fall asleep if he was woken once. Koutarou grumbled and left his bed. He’d probably give his neighbor a piece of his mind. He had every right to- and it was good to establish a few ground rules for being good neighbors…right? That was what the old lady downstairs had told him when he had kept a party late at night. You needed ground rules to be a good neighbor.

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Can’t Wait...

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Hinted Newt x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Hi! Can I please have a Maze runner one shot with Newt where the reader is pregnant and all the boys in the glade (specially Newt) are so excited for the baby’s coming. P.s: You are so talente and I love your blog❤

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A rant about Pixar's Cars

I am very much aware of the amount of people that label Cars as the worst Pixar film, and to those people, I completely respect your opinion. I guess it might not be for everyone, and I admit that it is one of those franchises where the sequel did not quite live up to the original. However, Cars has always been and still remains my favourite Pixar film, and I want to spread some positivity, especially because I am NOT EVER going to give up on Cars 3. 

I first discovered Cars at the age of about 5 or 6, and at that time was following my brother in a lot, and becoming an utter tomboy. At that point, I loved Cars for its story, and Mater, and the awesome race scenes. My brother and I spent many happy hours playing the video game on our old PlayStation 2. From that point of view, Cars is valuable to me for the memories, the family connection, and the nostalgia. 

But when I grew up, and gradually balanced out my tomboy side and my girly side, and found all manner of wonderful new interests, friendships, opportunities, knowledge, and opinions…I did not suddenly see any huge flaws, any stupid mistakes, or any reason at all that anything was wrong with this film, and I still do not see anything of the sort today. More than that, I now had a further reason to adore this film: it means a lot to me that the filmmakers put so much heart into championing the small, forgotten towns which have a unique quirky beauty that can only really be seen if they are entered into with an open mind. 

The truth is, though my town is not nearly as small as Radiator Springs and has a very different setting, I still recognise the ways of life, the family and the friendships. We even have our own Route 66; my town used to lie right on the main route between London and South West England. The road in question travelled with the landscapes, and existed alongside pretty fields and quirky villages and had its own wonderful character in a beautiful, beautiful setting. Now, the locals still use it - I travel on it every day to get to school. But there are ten times more vehicles travelling between London and Cornwall, and we only see them when the straight, grey, lifeless bypass that replaced us has been closed because of yet another accident. 

So really, what I’m saying is that I have a huge emotional connection to Radiator Springs. Perhaps what’s happened to my town might not be on the same scale - we have a population of over 6000 and plenty of cars to go around - but that doesn’t matter. I recognise the heart of Cars, and if nothing else, that movie is full of heart. It taught me so much as a child, about winning and losing, friendship, and love, and for that reason - and I don’t give a damn if no one agrees, I won’t change - I love it.