which is wild and crazy

Which of my feelings are real? Which of the me’s is me? The wild, impulsive, chaotic, energetic, and crazy one? Or the shy, withdrawn, desperate, suicidal, doomed, and tired one?
—  Kay Redfield Jamison, An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

— l'étoile et la lune;

is there more than the kiss that she gives you on the inside of your palm

is there more than the butterflies she gives you, or the warmth she spreads as her lips touch and feather over every inch of your skin

is there more than the smiles brighter than a thousand stars combined, is there more than knowing you gave her that smile

because what was life before you knew her
what was life before you woke up to her curly hair caught in your mouth or sleepy brown eyes hiding under the covers

what was life before making tea for someone special, what was life before you wrote songs and poems for her

was there more than wandering the streets together simply because you wanted an adventure

for she is your light and you are hers, and suddenly colours are brighter and everything is high resolution and clear. smiles are wider, dimples are deeper, hands are intertwined and life seems worth living.

there’s kissing between paintings in art museums and staring at each other from across the tables in restaurants.
there’s homemade cookies that were burnt because you were too busy kissing, and there’s brownies that work out and are eaten with warm caramel sauce while watching old films.

there’s music everywhere and she has a song just for you and you have one just for her.

she is your moon and you are her star. because really, you should be polar opposites, but you end up being the closest of all, for the one thing that grounds you together in history;
you are together.
and you make each other feel crazy.

—  in which you’re wild for her


I Need Your Help Part 13

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40′s Bucky obvi, swearing, feelings


Bucky didn’t wait for his parents come home. He trudged upstairs and threw himself down on his bed, trying his best not to cry. Why did he have to fuck up yet again?

Bucky tried falling asleep but he kept tossing and turning. Every time he closed his eyes all he saw was you turning away from him while crying. He hated seeing you cry.

He hated himself.

Bucky tugged his blanket over his head, wanting to escape the world right there and then. He just wanted to be with you.

He hears the front door open and shut followed by muffled voices. He knew his parents had arrived home. Bucky pulled the blankets on him more, wishing to be invisible at that moment. He could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and before he knew it, there was a knock on his door.

“Bucky?” his mother spoke softly, just in case he was already asleep but how could he sleep without knowing if Y/N was okay or not? The buses were dangerous at night.

“Come in.” he finally said, not bothering to take the blanket off of him. He can hear the door open then close yet again before feeling a dip right in front of him.

“James move the sheet.” Bucky’s mother says and he sighs, doing as he was told. Winifred bites the inside of her cheek before placing the note you had left down on his bed. “So I’m guessing she really left.” his mother looked around the half empty room.

“Yeah.” Bucky mutters.

“Want to explain to me what happened back there?” she says and if Bucky was being honest, it sounded more like a demand rather than a question.

Bucky lets out another sigh and sits up on his bed. He began to tell his mother everything. From the moment he asked you to pretend to be his girlfriend until this very moment. Winifred just sat there, nodding her head to show she was paying attention to her son. By the end of his little speech, he was in tears.

“I messed up mom. I really did.” he says as his tears fall from his eyes. “She won’t even want to see me when I go back.”

Winifred frowns. “James, are you sure you’re over Carolyn?”

“Yes.” he states, this time knowing it’s true. “She was just using me and I was oblivious to it. I can’t believe I thought Carolyn was the right one for me when Y/N was literally in front of my face the whole time.”

Bucky cried more, thinking about you and how hurt you must be. How he was the reason for the tears streaming down your face. Winifred looked distraught. She leaned over and held her son in her arms while he continued to cry.

“She hates me mom.” he sobs on her shoulder as she rocks the both of them from side to side.

“She doesn’t hate you Bucky. I know she doesn’t. She’s just hurt and upset about everything. Talk to her, explain your feelings and don’t hold anything back. But you need to give her some space.” Winifred says, running her fingers through Bucky’s already messy hair.

“You’re right.” he nods, pulling out of the hug to wipe away his tears. “Can I stay for two more days? I don’t want to go home just yet because if I do I know I’ll go straight to Y/N and like you said, she needs space.”

“Of course Bucky.” his mother smiles at him. “But I swear to the higher power if you do something stupid or leave to go see Carolyn I will beat your ass.”

Her words cause Bucky to laugh. “I won’t mom. I think I’ve made it pretty clear to Carolyn that I want nothing to do with her.”

Winfred takes a deep breath before looking out his window. “Well,” she says as she pats his leg, “I better get going to sleep. It’s pretty late.”

Bucky nods and she leans over, placing a kiss on his forehead. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight mom.” he responded. Winifred exits his room and Bucky lays back down on the bed.

He’s determined to fix things with you. You’re his one and only priority and nothing - or no one will get in the way of you two again. He can assure that. Why? Because he loves you.

It has been two days since you left. Two days. You hated to say it but you missed Bucky so much. You missed his stupid face and his stupid voice and his stupid laugh and just everything.

But he hadn’t come home.

You silently wished that he’d drop everything and come to you that very second but he didn’t. And you were kind of glad. It was complicated.

You were glad he didn’t go after you because you were still hurt and sad and mad all at once so if he even tried talking to you, you would have automatically shut him down or you would have said something in the spur of the moment that you wouldn’t have meant.

Three knocks startled you from your place on the couch making you turn your attention away from whatever show was playing on the television. You literally did not know what was playing. You were just trying to distract yourself from Bucky.

You get up with a groan, making your way to your front door with your blanket wrapped around your body. Who could this be? You pull your door open, revealing Steve, Bucky’s roommate.

You had almost forgot Bucky had a roommate. Steve is barely at their place due to the fact that Bucky has many women over for the night. You sigh. Bucky.

“Uh, hi.” Steve waves awkwardly at you. It’s not like this was your first time meeting or talking to each other. You two have hung out before.

“Hello.” you respond politely.

“I was just wondering if you knew where Bucky was? I know he said he was going down to his parents’ for a wedding and he took you with him but he was supposed to come home two days ago and he’s not here but you are.” he explains.

“I think he may have stayed there for a bit longer, you know, missed his parents and all. I left early ‘cause I was getting a bit home sick.” you tell him and he nods. It wasn’t a complete lie.

“Thank you, Y/N.” he smiles.

“Anytime, Steve.” you nod. He turns around to walk back to his apartment, which was literally right across from yours, but then turns back to you again.

“Do you maybe want to go get somethin’ to drink? I know a great place and plus, it looks like you may need it.” he smiles.

You chuckle, looking down at your appearance which were pajamas. You were pretty sure your hair was wild and crazy as well. “I’d love to, Just let me get dressed.”

Steve nods and you shut your door, quickly getting dressed into more appropriate clothes before trying to tame your unruly hair. Once it was fairly normal you exit your apartment, spotting Steve leaning against the wall. His head snapped up at the sound of your door closing and you check your pockets, making sure your keys were in there.

“Ready?” you smile at him and he nods.

He takes you to a small diner around the corner, getting you both window seats because “the view outside is absolutely beautiful” as Steve explained it. And it really was. You got to see cars drive by, people walk by and right across the street was a flower shop that had the most gorgeous flowers displayed outside.

“Hello Steve,” the waitress snaps you out of your thoughts. “What can I get you and your lady friend here?” she gestures to you and Steve blushed a bit.

“Y/N?” he smiles, allowing you to order first.

“Oh um,” you scan the menu quickly before deciding on something simple. “I’ll have a vanilla milkshake please.” you smile as you place the menu back down on the table. She smiles and writes down your order before turning to Steve.

“I’ll have what she’s having.” he grins. The waitress nods and takes both menus before walking away.

“How’d she know you?” you question.

“I tend to come here a lot. You know when Bucky has his lady friends over I have to leave and the first place I come to is here before finding a place to crash for the night.” he explained and you nod, understandingly.

“Steve I-” you start to say right as Steve says, “I don’t-”

You both laugh.

“You go first.” you offer and he smiles.

“I was just going to say that I hope you’re not getting the wrong idea about his.” he says, gesturing around the both of you. “About me taking you here for a milkshake. You just looked really sad and I wanted to cheer you up. Plus I would never do that to Bucky, he’s my best friend.”

Your eyebrows furrow. “What do you mean?”

“Bucky likes you, I wouldn’t hurt him like that.” Steve responds and you smile slightly.

“You’re a good friend, Steve.” you say causing him to smile as well.

“What were you going to say?” he changes the subject.

“I was literally the same thing as what you said.” you giggle. “I was going to say that I hope this was just a friend thing because I like Bucky.”

Steve chuckles. “Good thing we’re on the same page.” you nod, agreeing with him.

The waitress comes back with both your milkshakes and you thank her. The rest of the time there you and Steve talk. It was mostly him telling you stories from when he was younger which you didn’t mind. You loved his stories.

“I remember in high school Bucky would have to save me from all these fights.” Steve chuckles and you laugh, shaking your head.

“Steve he still does that.” you giggle and Steve laughs a bit louder.

While you were laughing and talking with Steve, you didn’t realize that Bucky was just outside the window, watching you two have the time of your lives while he felt his heart break.

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sweet little natural food market back at home ✨ in only 1 week i will my done year 1 at uni and home for the summer which is crazy and wild but also means i can get more delicious vegan pumpkin squares from here!



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Companions react to when they knew knew they truly loved the solo.

Now, I imagine companions starting to feel a little different about Sole after you complete their personal quest/reach highest affinity but this is, as the ask celarly says, reaction to when they knew they truly loved them. Pre-romance :)

Cait - “Fuck…” she said softly as she realised that she might have liked Sole much much more than just her friend. Her feelings are mixed, for she can feel the flame in herself raging every time she sees them, yet the last thing she’d like to do is ruin the something she has with the first person that really cared for her. However, as soon as they talk to her and touch her shoulder affectionately, she is lost, grinning like she was crazy.

Curie - This feeling, it was so strange, the insides of her abdomen felt like tickling, she feels like she smiles more and longs for body contact. She decided whether she should discuss it with Sole, for they were the feeling’s starter, but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. She knew she had to do soething for, for as much as interesting this feeling was, it was rater difficult for her to stay under control.

Danse - He tried to dismiss it. He was already in their debt, that is how he felt, for it it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be even alive right now. If he even is alive right now. They gave him their friendship and didn’t give up on it after they found out his true identity and now this… He felt a blush creep into his cheeks each time they made eye contact and he knew he couldn’t just get pass it. What he felt was deep annd he was even sure that it was deeper than the Institute’s programming.

Deacon - When he made them laugh so hard they cried and had to sit on the ground, their legs no longer supporting them. He felt both happiness and pain, because he knew he can’t just act on those feelings. He found it rather hard to lie to them anymore and what was supposed to seriously confuse them ended up as a joke, just to see them smile. He should know better by now, after all that’s happened to him, but he just can’t wipe the smile off hise face everytime they look at him.

Hancock - They’ve been tripping together and Sole, they were just so cute. They’d be constantly waving their hands in front of their face, making wild gestures and explaining crazy ideas to him, which seemed hella genious while in this state. They had so much joy in their eyes and he knew that he’s head over heels for them and he loved it. He got so lost in his thoughts he didn’t even realised he said the ‘I love you so much’ out loud, until they stared at him with wide eyes and a smile on their face. They kissed him quickly and he quickly reciprocated the kiss. He stopped them as soon as they tried to get under his clothing, though, he would never take so much of an advantage on someone under chems. If they’re still up for it in the morning though, he’ll be more than willing to giving them what they want.

MacCready - It was on a night they stayed in Sanctary. He tried to find Sole to offer them a piece of brahmin steak, since they haven’t eaten yet and he saw them in the room of their son, weeping a little. He comforted them and they went to Sole’s old bedroom and ate the steak on the bed in silence. Sole calmed down in the process and began asking about Duncan and MacCready was more than happy to tell them everything about him and didn’t notice that a smile appeared on both of their faces as he was talking. When they kept asking questions, still smiling, he knew he was in deep and he felt his heart race at the thought of them being actually more than friends.

Nick Valentine - He’d been having different feelings about them lately, but he tried to ignore it, since, after all, he was just an old beat up synth. One evening in the agency, they decided to work late to the night. Ellie had gone home many hours ago and Nick told Sole to use his bed whenever they’re too tired. He didn’t need to sleep, although he had some sort of sleep mode availaible. As they left upstairs, in about half past 2, they draped a blanket over his shoulders and left with a soft ‘Don’t work too hard’. He didn’t need it at all and they knew, so he didn’t understand why would they even do something like this, but the tenderness in it, the tenderness made him realise that his relationship with them can never be as it was before and smiled at the sight of them slowly walking away and up the stairs.

Piper - They’ve been playing with Nat the whole day, them teasing her, she teasing them, pulling pranks on each other and Piper. Nat usually wasn’t like this, she was like herself - sharp tongue, witty comments. But today, today she was a kid, that kind of kid Piper wanted her to be and the sight of Nat and Sole made her heart flutter and the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile. She knew her feelings and she didn’t mind them a bit. All she was worried for was them reciprocating her feelings. 

Preston - They helped 4 settlements this week and established another 3 of them! He was so proud of them and blaimed all he was feeling on being so proud. But then, when they spent almost two hours with Mama Murphy after she fainted due to the hot day. They were his general and he did feel proud of them, but seeing how kind they were, how much they cared for the folks, he felt his heart pound wild in his chest and butterflies tickling in his abdomen and he just couldn’t deny it anymore. He loved them, they were the best thing that has ever happened to him and he wasn’t sure of what to do. 

X6-88 - He reflected if he should check in with the Institute, if he should have himself tested, for what he was feeling was strange. This warmth and unusual happiness lately was nothing short of a mystery to him, especially since it appeared only when Sole was around. He decided to rather not tell anyome about what he was feeling, the last thing he’d want is to have his memories and these feelings wiped out.

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✌ : favourite proverb/saying from your language

these are so funny omg
“det er ugler i mosen” (there are owls in the moss) which basically means that there is something mysterious going on, or that something is not quite right, and “det var helt texas” (that was totally texas) which basically means that something was extremely crazy/wild! we often use it when talking about parties lmao

thank you so much xx

Take It Slow (Quicksilver [AOU] x Reader)

Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)

“Can I help you?” You held your pen up, ready to take the young man’s order.

He jumped, looking up. Electric blue eyes looked up at you from under a head of blonde hair, dark roots showing.

“Can I take your order?” You asked again.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry.” Sweet Jesus that accent was glorious. You tried not to stare as the man ran a hand through his hair, smiling up at you. “Could I have a decaf coffee and some pie please?”

Oh shit, you were so screwed.

“What kind would you like?”

“What would you recommend?” He asked, still with that incredible smile on his face.

“Um,” it took you a second to remember what it was you were supposed to be doing. “The- the apple turnovers are amazing. They aren’t technically pies, but they’re worth it.”

“Alright.” His smile grew. “I’ll have one of those please.”

“Yeah,” you stammered. “I’ll be right back with that.”

“Thank you beautiful.”

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If Marichat Actually Happened

I’m sorry, but I had this idea going through my head the entire day today and it messed me up during practice so alsdhgda;lsdhg here you go.

P.s. This is a quick whip before bed so yes there will be mistakes but oh well.

Adrien swore if Nino or Alya or anyone touched him he would either jump across the room or shatter. His shoulders were so taught anyone could have broken his staff across them no problem. His back felt like a sharp and long plain that was so straight any architect would have been jealous.

He waited all day to see her again, and now that he was here, he regretted ever wishing for the dawn.

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EXCLUSIVE: Fall Out Boy Looks Back on 15 Years as a Band

It’s hard to believe that Fall Out Boy has been a band for 15 years – even for the members of Fall Out Boy.

“Gonna be driving soon!” bassist Pete Wentz joked to ETonline recently of the group inching closer and closer to their sweet 16.

WATCH: Fall Out Boy Spoofs Iconic *NSYNC Video With Help From Demi Lovato

All kidding aside, these four dudes from the Chicago suburbs don’t seem surprised by their success, but rather that fans are still listening. The group is less humblebrag, more rock #SquadGoals – you know, if #SquadGoals was a remotely rockstar thing to say.

“We’ve played twice for this president [Barack Obama], which is pretty crazy. That’s pretty wild,” Pete said. “I think the craziest thing is that we’re still playing these things – in a great way – like our songs are still on the radio or in some way relevant to pop culture. It’s pretty humbling to see that.”

Prior to Fall Out Boy’s creation, Pete and guitarist Joe Trohman were both involved with bands in Chicago’s hardcore music scene. They started a side project to the group they were already in, Arma Angelus, and after meeting singer Patrick Stump in a bookstore, the trio formed Fall Out Boy. Drummer Andy Hurley joined them full-time in 2003, the same year FOB dropped their major label debut, From Under the Cork Tree. They took a nearly five-year hiatus following their 2008 album, Folie à Deux, returning with Save Rock and Roll in 2013, which hit No. 1 in the U.S.

WATCH: Fall Out Boy Talks Career Milestones & Staying True to Their Fans

The musicians transcended beyond the emo-pop punk pack of the early aughts into a successful mainstream rock band with catchy hooks and soaring choruses in a way that few groups have, which included 19 singles charting on Billboard’s Top 100 and a GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist in 2006. Further proof of their meteoric success is their many big-name collaborations, which over the years and albums have included Elton John, Jay Z and Demi Lovato.

Pete admitted to ETonline that the guys labored over what to do when it came time to call Jay Z’s assistant in order to speak to the rapper.

“We debated for like half an hour, ‘How do you ask for Jay Z?’” Pete recalled.

“Yes, is it, Mr. C?” Patrick asked, laughing, as the media mogul’s real name is Shawn Carter.

“We had this big whole plan, and then we call, and he’s like, 'What up, this is Hov.’ And I was like, 'Oh f**k, he answered the phone!’” Pete continued.

Part of the reason Fall Out Boy continues to resonate with their fans is that innocence, as well as their ability to adapt to the musical climate while never straying from their roots.

MORE: Fall Out Boy on 'Easy’ Studio Time With Demi Lovato

“I think it’s a really fun time to be an artist right now, because you can literally do anything as long as it’s authentic to you,” Pete said. "I thought that was great when I saw Diplo and Skrillex do a song with Justin Bieber. I was like, 'Oh my god, this is 2015, and I f**king love a Justin Bieber song.’”

You’re not alone, Pete. You’re not alone.

Pete and Patrick sat down with ETonline last year to talk fans and career milestones. Watch the inteview below.

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an incomplete list of things i love about being a reader and writer of fanfic:

  • it’s free; it comes from loving these characters and this community
  • it’s self-published, which means anything goes–wild sex, weird cults, crazy magic, all the tropes… stuff that publishers might dismiss as too corny or too risque or too whatever
  • it’s like building a home; you can stay with the characters you love and the world you love, and even in AUs there are all these little nods to that world, things that make it feel familiar and strange and new all at once
  • it tends to be so much funnier than traditionally published fics? i mean, i love the serious fics (SO MUCH) but i also love that so much fanfic doesn’t take itself too seriously; it can be ridiculous and fun
  • i can subscribe to WIPs, and then it’s like christmas every time i get an email update
  • i can see, roughly, how many people are reading my fic and if they like it, and as soon as i’ve posted it i can start hearing what people think
  • sometimes my favorite fic authors read a fic of mine and rec it and leave comments and whatever. like, how cool is that??? I’ve even had it happen that I’ll be reading a fic and then look over at my phone and see that the author of that fic just liked one of my fics on tumblr. CRAZY COOL.

hc that since the first order restricted stormtroopers’ every move– from their food, to their clothes, to their hair styles, now that finn’s out, he goes through this phase of experimentation where he just tries everything

crazy fashion (which poe’s on board with)

wild hairdos (encouraged by jessika)

weird-ass cooking (where rey’s the only one who’ll eat it)

cool tattoos of all the planets he can see and the stories he’s heard from general organa (poe and rey insist he should get one of bb-8 but he’s not as sure)

and it isn’t that he’s clueless as much as it’s that he loves freedom and he’s such a fun-spirited and creative person that the idea that he can do anything with his own body means he will