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Hi dear! Nobuyuki hasn't been portrayed in a very good light thus far in slbp which is unfortunate because I want to like him. However I can't imagine him being in a healthy relationship, he's just too secretive and manipulative. I understand why he's that way but I was just re-reading his bday story and he won't even tell those he loves what he enjoys? I read somewhere that you like him despite these qualities, can you please explain why? Hoping that it'll open my mind and heart to him. :)

Hello anon!! :)

Um… Actually I just have a weakness for slightly shady, manipulative characters LOL (also see SSS Rei, Ikesen Mitsuhide, Tsuki Hanzo, 7H Soichiro) Characters like that tend to be very intelligent, and I find that very attractive :o don’t worry, this is a 2D only thing for me lmao. I also like older dark-haired men so Nobuyuki plays into that as well. I’m… shallow… sorry lmao

To be honest, I really don’t like that he’s so unwilling to talk about himself. I mean, we all have certain things we hesitate to bring out into the open, but I think telling your girlfriend your favorite food shouldn’t be one of those things! I think that something significant about Nobuyuki is that he seems to need to have the upper hand in order to feel secure. So maaaaaybe this whole thing is more of a self-protection issue than an unwillingness to communicate? Maybe? 

Remember that slbp event (i think?) that had Nobuyuki and MC doing that sewing thing together? I saw a lot of people being like wow, Nobuyuki is sharing, good for him, so proud! But tbh I didn’t see it that way at all. MC basically only stumbled on the whole thing because a) she’s a busybody b) she met a woman who was equally as much a busybody as her LMAO. Nobuyuki didn’t try to reveal anything to her; if anything, he was actively trying to steer her away from it. He only capitulated because the jig was already up. So I didn’t think it was romantic or an improvement on his behavior in any way.

BUT I feel like Voltage is still trying to figure him out as well. In the last Tenka Nobuyuki event (the one with Kageie as well), I didn’t immediately pin him as manipulative. He came across as more… teasing (which I also like but that’s not the point). That other shared event route with Shigezane was downright crazy. The one with the sewing was just weird. All in all, I feel like they’ve been pretty inconsistent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By the way, I think the magic with secretive characters is that moment when they finally open up AND I’M STILL WAITING FOR THAT WITH NOBUYUKI i’ll wait forever if i have to