which is why they have borders

Ten Ways to Say “I love you” - Jim Kirk

Summary: There are a lot of ways to say something without actually saying it.

Warnings: language

A/N: a little long. also if jim kirk called me starlight, i’d probably cry n profess my love right then and there. forgive any n all typos. enjoy it and lemme know what you think! 


The absurdly bright lights lining the corridors of the Enterprise pricked your eyes— you were forced to squint as your legs carried you. The air pouring through the vents pinched any of your skin that remained unclothed. You flexed and contracted the oddly tired joints in your fingers— you could hear tiny pops and the soft sounds felt like battering rams against your eardrums.

You cursed yourself for two reasons: losing your left boot as the time-consuming search for it resulted in your inability to replicate a much needed mug of coffee, and drinking so much with Leonard the night before. While you accepted the former was entirely your doing, you split the blame on the latter— half of it was your fault, and half was Leonard’s. It’s those stupid puppy eyes, you told yourself.

You leant your shoulder against the transparent wall of the turbolift you solely occupied and crossed your arms over your chest. Your teeth were gritted— as if grinding your teeth to nubs would give you the day off and rid you of the heavy weight crushing your skull.

The doors slid open before your desired deck and you didn’t bother stifling a sigh that carried the weight of two starships. You dropped your gaze to glare at your scuffed boots rather than subject the new lift patron to your scowl and dagger eyes.

“Rough night?”

You lifted your head at the sound of his voice and met his eyes. You frowned immediately and nodded twice. “Bones and I had paperwork.”

“What would you say the ratio was this time?” he asked, his crossed arms rumpling the command gold fabric that was firmly stretched over his chest. He was smiling slightly in amusement as he took in your appearance— messy hair, half-zipped left boot, heavy lidded eyes.

You shrugged and eyed the ceramic mug in his hands. You could have moaned at the smell steaming out of it. “I’d say about two charts to one glass.”

“How many charts in total?”

“Fourteen each,” you winced at the revelation and took your eyes from Jim’s when the amusement painted his features red.

Seven glasses of whiskey in one sitting,” he said with a laugh. “No wonder you look like that.”

You narrowed your eyes. “How dare you! I look adorable— like a celebrity running errands.”

“‘Cept you’re about to start an eight-hour shift.”

You sighed so your shoulders slumped. “My rough night’s turning into a rough morning— I didn’t even have time to replicate coffee because of my stupid missing boot.”

Jim glanced down at his mug and thrust it in your direction without thinking twice. “Take mine.

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Washington post video  they talked to a couple of people and at the 1:05 mark White Nationalist, Sean Patrick Nielson says what the 3 goals are

  1. standing up for local white identity 
  2. free market 
  3. killing jews

he said it just like that and in that exact order 

the part that comes up right after that is a bunch of white supremacists chanting what sounds like “open border for Israel”

which i really confused about cause like why would they be saying that like do they mean in it as like all jews should live in israel thing

anyone have any idea why they would be chanting that or we’re they chanting something else and i just misheard    

Kinktober #3: Public 

Modern Art AU time! This is less PWP, more story continuation with some incidental sex and a heavy dose of hipster!Kageyama whoops

“Kageyama, let’s watch a movie.”

Hinata leans his head all the way back over the armrest of the couch so he can look over to where Kageyama is sitting. Currently Kageyama is at the kitchen table, one leg drawn up with his foot on the chair, hunched over his sketchbook. He doesn’t even glance at Hinata when he responds.

It had been a good session, that day—Kageyama had decided to suspend Hinata with the shibari ropes. And then, he had decided to kiss Hinata, securing him up first and then dragging his lips slowly over every tied inch of him, sometimes on top of the ropes and other times against the skin ever-so-slightly pinched by the bindings, where it was most sensitive. And then finally, he had claimed Hinata’s slack mouth, buried his long fingers in Hinata’s hair and kissed him breathless. The ropes and the tying always bliss Hinata out, but Kageyama’s heat, his hands on Hinata’s skin, add an element of euphoria he’s sure no drug could achieve.

“Can’t,” Kageyama says, and Hinata’s thoughts are shattered. “I have class early tomorrow.”

All the air goes out of Hinata like a deflating balloon. The thing is, he isn’t lounging around naked on Kageyama’s sofa eating pizza for nothing.

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dragonpressgraphics  asked:

i can't decide between 1. “Good morning” kiss, 14. Kiss on the neck, or 17. Shy kiss. So your choice? And the pairing? OBVIOUS :D

Today was the day.

Dean was… he was going to do it. For sure, this time. Definitely. Absolutely.

Now, as a matter of fact. Right now. This very moment. This moment was his moment and he’d never been more ready.

If only his heart would stop beating quite so frantically. And his palms would stop sweating. And if his mouth wasn’t so dry… but other than that, he was totally ready.

It was time.

He walked out of the kitchen, attempting to be as casual as possible. In his hands he held two full mugs of coffee, one a garish orange and the other a dark blue. His usual mug… and Cas’s.

He walked over to the kitchen table where Cas and Sam were in their usual chairs. Sam had his typical breakfast of oatmeal and some piece of fruit (today, an apple), and Cas was eating a spinach and cheese omelette. It was a fairly standard morning in the bunker, as these things went.

Something inside Dean relaxed a little at the sight. Everything would be fine, he assured himself silently. He wasn’t ruining their typical calm breakfast just… adding to it.

He took a deep breath and moved to Cas’s side.

“Got your coffee,” Dean said, setting the mug in front of Cas. Cas smiled up at him and, breaking from their usual pattern, painfully aware of Sam sitting across the table, Dean set his now-empty hand on Cas’s shoulder and kissed him.

This wasn’t exactly new, this thing between them. Stolen kisses in the dark of night. Whispered promises and held hands only when there was no one around to see. Moments stolen when the moon would keep their secret, only for them to creep back to their own beds before the sun could find them.

This wasn’t new, but it had been their secret. One they’d both gotten tired of keeping.

Dean pulled back, but he let his touch linger. Cas smiled at him, soft and proud.

“Thank you, Dean,” Cas said, reaching for his coffee. Dean grinned and then forced himself to look up.

Sam was staring at them, exactly as planned, eyes wide and mouth open. Dean waited, his hand going tense on Cas’s shoulder.

Sam’s jaw worked. He started to say something, cut himself off, and started to say something else, but the words never made it past his throat.

“Problem, Sam?” Cas asked calmly, sipping coffee. Dean swallowed. He squeezed Cas’s shoulder in silent thanks. Sam looked at Cas, then back at Dean.

“I- no, of course not but… how long?” Sam asked.

“Since my resurrection,” Cas replied. Sam sat back in his chair.

“Huh,” he said. Dean couldn’t take it anymore.

“Look, if you’ve got a problem with me and-” Dean started. Sam looked at him, eyes even wider, expression bordering on appalled.

“Is that why you took so long to tell me?” Sam asked.

“It was a concern, yes,” Cas said. He lifted his hand to Dean’s and gently enfolded it. Sam shook his head.

“Honestly?” Sam said, sounding slightly petulant. “I think I’m kinda miffed with myself because I didn’t see this coming. In hindsight… you two were kind of obvious.”



It’s finally here! I actually ordered this before the Golden Thread Tarot, but it took much longer to arrive. But now it’s here and I am in love!

More thoughts bellow the cut 👇

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Celebrating gay marriage aside: The Bundestag passed two more important laws today


The Law to Improve Law Enforcement In Social Networks compels the operators of social networks and other places where users can submit own content to scan for illegal content and to respond to complaints by deleting those posts. The bill was heavily criticized by many organizations, among them Reporters without Borders and the United Nations as they fear that such a law could massively damage the basic right to press freedom and freedom of opinion. Constitutional experts have doubt whether the law complies with the German constitution. Still this bill has now become law!

Änderungsgesetz zum Telemediengesetz

This law was crafted to finally do away with the main reason why there is generally no free public wifi in Germany: the so-called Störerhaftung, which can be translated to “Liability of Interferers”. This worldwide unique legal construct enabled right holders to sue people or institutions who had opened their wifi network if someone else who could not be identified did something illegal (e.g. downloaded copyrighted music from an illegal platform). This is now abolished save for the circumstance that if illegal activity repeatedly and massively, their internet access can be blocked.

[TRANS] Kai will be starring in a Japanese drama called "Spring Has Arrived"

⇢ “Spring Has Arrived” information

The drama is a remake from an original short story by Kuniko Mukuda, the best Japanese screenwriter. As the writer of this story, Kuniko Mukoda’s works have affected people beyond times and border. They want this lead role to be able to - deliver that emotions, impress watchers beyond words and feel cultural differences. “Spring Has Arrived” is a ‘family’ drama in which the existence of a man changes a family. The role played by Kai is a special role in which his existence in the family is like a spring that will changed the family like a surrounding typhoon. 

The producer of ‘Spring Has Arrived’ says he wanted the character to move people’s hearts without any regards to language and cultural differences, that’s why he offered Kai this role since the producer could not think of anyone else because of Kai’s sensibility, sincere attitude and charisma.

⇢ "Spring Has Arrived” original story line

Naoko is a 31 year old single sales clerk who works in a departmental store in the underclothes section. She is nothing special and constantly lies about her family to people around her. In reality, she lives with parents who works part-time and a sister who is a hikkomori (person who avoids social contact). 

One day, she meets a Korean photographer named Lee Ji Won (Kai) and goes on a date with him. However, he ends up having to take her home because her leg got stuck in the taxi door after their date. Because he ends up taking her home, he meets her family. Naoko thought Ji Won would walk away when he found out how she lied about her family, but instead, he becomes close to her family and even goes on a family trip together later on. From that day on, Naoko and her family drastically changes (in a good way of course).

Later on, Naoko’s mother talks about a possible marriage between the two, but unfortunately, they decide that they were not meant for each other and mutually broke up and go their separate ways. They later meet each other on the streets by accident and happily greet each other. 

⇢ Q&A with Kai

Q: please let us know how you feel about you first Japanese drama experience.

KAI: I was excited and happy to shoot my first Japanese drama. (Unclear sentence) I would like to do my best and deliver good work to all my fans. And I think I can make lots of new friends with Japanese actors and staff.

Q: What are you looking forward to most while shooting in Japan?

KAI: it is my first time shooting in Japan so it will be different than shooting in Korea. It will be my first time staying in Japan so I look forward to experiencing different cultures and food in Japan and making nice memories with everyone in Japan.

Q: Please give a message for your Japanese fans.

KAI: hello it’s EXO’s Kai. I mainly saw you in concerts in Japan, but this time I can meet you through a drama. It’s special to me (?) though I still lack I will work hard and enjoy my shooting in Japan and deliver good work to everyone. Everyone, please look forward to “Spring has Arrived” thank you very much.

translation credit: kimkwon889496, kaaiikim, kimjoninis


River Phoenix is a rare and uncharacteristic Hollywood bird. In a town where many young stars obsess about image, long term objectives, and political correctness, here is a young actor who willingly sounds off on virtually any topic he can sink his silken hair into. President Clinton. Gays in the military. Global problems generated by the burgeoning power of multinational corporations. Indeed, it is immediately evident that River Phoenix is not some hunk waiting for his next photo opportunity.

(…) For a young, rich, and in-demand actor, the problems of the world seem to carry unusual weight. “It’s not just our country,” he continues. “The world is ruled by a tri-lateral, massive, multi-national corporate link up which is the true government above us all. It defies borders and effects us so greatly. (…) We are taught to consume. And that’s what we do. But if we realized that there really is no reason to consume-that it’s just a mind set, that it’s just an addiction, then we wouldn’t be out there stepping on people’s hands climbing the corporate ladder of success. Why else would anyone want to be filthy rich?“

Never mind that this particular actor happens to be filthy rich himself. "I have my reasons why I want to be filthy rich,” he reveals. “It’s so I can buy the last first growth forest and turn it into a permanent national park.” Apparently, he is well on his way to achieving this decidedly non-Hollywood goal. “I just bought 800 acres (of forest) on the border of Panama and Costa Rica”

- Detour, July/August 1993

Art History for Dummies

I’m a big art and art history fan. Unfortunately, between college, work, and other commitments I don’t get to create to a decent standard as much as I’d like to but I hope to return to that once the little issue of getting a degree is out of the way. Through time spent looking for work to blatantly plagiarise and actually studying artists’ work for the Leaving Cert., I’ve picked up a decent amount of art history knowledge. If I ever need to give a TED Talk style presentation on something it would be on my favourite art history movements. Although who can tell whether this is because I’m actually a little knowledgeable this field or I’m just incredibly stupid in others.

Regardless, below is a brief outline of not only four of my favourite art movements, but four of the most important and significant art movements in history. Designed to give the art history rookie a decent understanding into art’s biggest movements, you can now be confident that if you ever find yourself in an art gallery, you can charm your way to impressing whatever party you may find yourself with.


Characterised by: Small, visible brushstrokes, use of light, ordinary subject matter, use of and representation of movement

Championed by: Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Camille Pissaro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Impressionism is a 19th Century art movement which came about essentially when a group of artists, tired of the stuffy and outdated standard of art expected in Paris at the time, decided to go in a different direction, in terms of subject matter, technique and style. To make any sort of decent living as an artist at Paris at the time (the place to be for art, what’s changed?) your best bet was to submit a piece of work to the French Salon, Paris’s official art exhibition. However, the selection committee for the Salon were quite particular in what they would display, preferring art done using traditional styles perfected by the old masters and specific subject matter (generally religious or inspired by monarchy in some way). Meaning that anyone who dared to submit anything that varied from this strict set of ideals was fresh outta luck.

Édouard Manet was the artist responsible for bridging the gap between the previous major art movements of romanticism and realism, and the new movement, impression. His piece Le déjeuner sur l'herbe (the luncheon on the grass, pictured below) caused a fair bit of a stir in the art community at the time. Mostly because of the naked prostitute in the forefront (Pro Art History Tip: if there’s a naked woman in a painting from the 19th century, you can be fairly confident she’s a prostitute). This did not sit well with our stuffy friends at the Salon, who when upon seeing this exclaimed “Oh my word, what is this?!” while clutching their pearls (or so I’d like to imagine). It was described as “ugly” and “risqué” in terms of its subject matter (to which I’d say no sh*t Sherlock, that’s the point”). But it did pave the way for true impressionists to make their mark (while Manet was a key figurehead in the impressionist movement, he wasn’t actually an impressionist painter himself).

Claude Monet is the father of Impressionism. His piece Impression Sunrise, featured below, inspired the name of the art movement and truly captures the characteristics of the movement:

Interestingly, a lot of these Impressionist artists were active in Paris at the same time and would often hang out in Parisian bars drinking absinthe (inspiring a Degas piece by the same name). When they all (predictably) were rejected from the Salon, they gave them the ultimate f*ck you by setting up Salon des Refusés, which literally translates to “the exhibition of rejects”, where they could display their work. This went down about as well as you’d expect given the circumstances. Ballers.

Post Impressionism

Characterised By: A more developed use of colour than that of impressionists. Post-impressionists use colour as a way of expressing emotion and are less concerned that things are accurately represented colour-wise. Subject matter is quite ordinary and are not always depicted to scale.

Championed By: Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat.

Despite the (ironically) less than creative name, post impressionism is a really interesting point in art history’s timeline. Impressionism marked the moment that art really started to change rapidly. Post-impressionists rejected the limitiations that impression presented but still took influence from it. Post-impressionism artists continued using vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter, but were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, distort form for expressive effect, and use unnatural or arbitrary colour.

Arguably the most famous post-impressionist (and my personal favourite artist) was Vincent Van Gogh, whose huge arsenal of work is recognisable worldwide. Van Gogh famously suffered with mental illness during his lifetime and this is evident in his work, which can border on sinister at times. If you can deal with science-fiction, I’d recommend the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who (Episode title “Vincent and the Doctor”, season 5), which does an excellent job of portraying Van Gogh’s inner turmoil and why his work remains so influential today. Also, if you’re ever in Amsterdam, do yourself the biggest favour and go to the Van Gogh museum. Splurge and get the audio guide. It’s an incredibly enriching and educating experience. I had a moment in that gallery, I’m not going to lie.

If you don’t have time to watch that Doctor Who Episode in its entirety, at least watch this clip from it (although why they didn’t film this scene in the freaking Van Gogh museum remains a mystery to me):

Vincent Van Gogh “Wheat field with Crows”

Georges Seurat “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte”


Characterised By: Subject matter that is rounded, reassembled and almost 3D looking.

Championed By: Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso

Cubism followed post-impressionism and is considered one of the most influential art movements of the 20th Century. In Cubist artwork, objects are analysed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form—instead of depicting objects from a single viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. Cubism was a turning point in the art world, leading to multiple diverse art movements that would have been unprecedented before.

The most famous artist of this movement was Pablo Picasso. Some people (who are wrong) may put forward the (incorrect) viewpoint that Pablo Picasso wasn’t a very talented artist. These people are (you guessed it) wrong, and if you hear anyone verbalising such an opinion you are responsible to hit them with the FACTS. Pablo Picasso was an incredibly gifted artist, and this included his technical skills. Even as a child he could paint images so realistic you’d think they were a photograph. But he (and pretty much all the other artists I mention here) didn’t limited in the way they created and wanted to branch out in different directions. Some people may look at a piece of art and say that it required no technical skill to complete (which I can place a firm bet that if they tried to do so they’d fail – not because they’re untalented but because we’re talking about the greatest artists of all time here) but that isn’t the point. The point is that these artists we the first people to create art in this style. It’s easy to say it’s nothing special now, after 100 years of looking at this style. But truth be told movements like cubism were nothing short of ground breaking.

Pablo Picasso “Three Musicians”

Pop Art

Characterised By: Influence of mass culture – comic books, advertising, cultural figures and mundane cultural objects.

Championed By: Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton and Robert Rauschenberg

Pop Art is an art movement that took place throughout the mid to late 1950’s that uses elements of popular culture as inspiration. Pop Art is widely recognisable and remains a popular movement in not just art but fashion, TV and social media. Pop Artists often use their work to express certain beliefs (sometimes political), which differentiates it from movements previously discussed here. Its use of recognisable images and people really shifted the direction that modern art was heading in.

Andy Warhol “Campbell’s Soup Cans”

Role Models

Marinette is sent to the Principal’s office.

This piece is apart of a gift exchange with the loveliest group of people! Not only did I have this beautiful piece of art gifted to me by the awesome @yunyin, but it felt like each and every piece of art and fic that came out of this exchange was a gift for us all! So a big thank you to the amazing @baneismydragon for this wonderful idea that really helped spread some much needed cheer!

And on that note! I was assigned to create something for the sweetest of the sweets, @sweet-childhood-dreams! We recently were discussing some ideas and this fanfic is based on one of Lisa’s hilarious ramblings! I hope you don’t mind me using it as a prompt Lisa! (But I just couldn’t resist! :3)

(ao3 link)

Marinette wondered how it had come to this.

There she sat, her back rigid straight, while before her the Principal continued on with her lecture.

She didn’t know what to do with her hands, and it was bothering her to no end. Placing them on the Principal’s desk seemed inappropriate. She tried crossing her arms against her chest but that seemed too rebellious and defensive. Resting them on her lap, one on top of the other, didn’t seem to work either as the sudden weight of them and the feeling of her sweaty palms made her squirm. Eventually she gave up, propping an elbow on her armrest, while her left hand swung idly by her side over the side of her chair.

Once she had finally settled, she was better able to focus on the situation at hand, listening in intently in shock and frustration as the Principal continued with their slightly judgemental speech…

Marinette could feel her body stiffening as with each remark she became more and more defensive and she tried to control her anger as the chiding continued. Her hands locked into fists—

—Until she felt a sudden nudge against her wrist. Out of view from the Principal’s eyes and under the table, a hand reached for hers. Marinette turned to her partner in crime, meeting his bright green eyes as he offered her a small smile. She relaxed, her hand unwinding as their fingers tangled. Her ring knocked against his as they held onto each other.

They found comfort at one another’s touch and while their nerves still plagued them. But as always, they were more than willing to face their next challenge as a team. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, to which she easily returned.

Emma had gotten into a fight.

“…So you can see why we have called you here today,” the Principal continued, to which the couple nodded. “Emma’s behaviour today was quite alarming—”

“She’s never done anything like this before!” Marinette interrupted before turning to look at Adrien who frowned, bringing his free hand up to the back of his neck. “Well…not like this at least.”

“Well, that being said, I thought it best to have the two of you join me today.” said the Principal, even in her soft reassuring voice, the underlying impression she gave was vast disappointment, bordering on condescension. Marinette’s hand tightened around Adrien’s. “It seems that the catalyst for this incident is that Emma has been telling lies at school and when confronted about it, things became physical.”

Marinette gasped. If she had taught her children anything, besides how loved they were, she had hoped it would been that truthfulness was always the better path than lying.

“I’m sorry,” Adrien asked, interrupting her thoughts. She turned to look as his brows furrowed in confusion, “But what do you mean by ‘confronted’?”

“Well,” the Principal said, “she’s been telling the other students that her parents are Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

Immediately, the pair froze, dropping their hands, before looking at one another, mouths agape.

A single beat of silence past.

“I…well—ummm…” Adrien tried his best to form a response, but like Marinette, who had slowly brought a hand up to cover her mouth, he had no way of properly forming a reply.

“You can see how preposterous this whole thing is,” the Principal went on, misinterpreting their shock, “which is why I think it’s important we have this discu—”


Marinette stared at her husband, hand falling back to her armrest as her cheeks burst into flame. She gazed back at the Principal who had paused mid-speech.

Trying to find a way to make Adrien’s sudden outburst in anyway appropriate, Marinette tried in vain to find her voice. “Um, well, you see…” she squeaked, hoping with all her might to dig themselves out of this awkward hole Adrien had thrown them headfirst into.

However in her flustered state, her mind was blank. “We were…” she brought a hand up to her forehead, brushing back her bangs and instinctively reaching to pull on a pigtail that was no longer there. Instead she ran a hand through her short hair, and tried once more, “We, uh…we were…”

“…roleplaying?” Adrien finished for her with a shrug and she turned to glare at him. He grimaced.

The Principal remained silent, her own mouth open in shock and Marinette brought a hand up to her face in complete mortification.

“Right…” Adrien continued, and Marinette peeked out from behind her hand to see him visibly sweating, staring at the ground, “errr, we were roleplaying… ” emphasizing the word in such a way that if Marinette thought she could pass this off as a cosplaying endeavour, she was sadly mistaken. In her head she screamed, begging for him to just stop talking.

But he didn’t.

“And we had just started—thankfully—” and he balked at the implication, “I mean! We had just gotten into our costumes! We hadn’t done anything like that yet.”

Marinette kicked him under the table. He flinched.

“W-well,” he continued, bending down to rub his shin, “we were just about to—well, I mean, we were dressed up and the children came in—”

Marinette couldn’t watch. She held her head in her hand in embarrassment as she cut him off.  There was nothing left to do now then roll with it.“—and they thought we were the real Ladybug and Chat Noir!” she said through bared teeth.

“Right!” Adrien agreed, straightening in his chair as if suddenly happy to see some reinforcement on Marinette’s part on their unbelievable tale. “…So,” he continued, “from that day…we’ve, uh, we’ve been doing it more often!”

Silence engulfed the office once more as Adrien’s face turned redder and redder, matching Marinette’s own blushing complexion.

“I MEAN!” and his voice rose in pitch, reminding Marinette of a flustered Chat Noir from their younger years—something she would have looked back on fondly if not for their current situation. “I mean the dressing up part!”

Marinette turned to him, slowly allowing for him to see the darkest glare she could muster. A glare that demanded him to stop talking. “Dressing up for the kids,” she clarified.

“Yes, yes! We dress up as the heroes for the kids!” said Adrien. And Marinette nodded, until he continued, “…not for the other thing.” Marinette immediately stopped nodding along. But even then Adrien continued, “You know the rolepl—”

“You know what!” the Principal cut him off, clasping her hands together on top of her desk, “I think we’ve covered the matter!” And she continued on, awkwardly trying to divert the conversation back to how this whole debacle was merely rooted in an odd misunderstanding. She went on with a new lecture, this one with a recommendation that the couple have a long talk with their children about the difference between playtime and reality.

Marinette tried to focus, to be the good, proper parent and look as if she were taking this whole matter very seriously. If anything, she was hoping that they could move past this whole situation and burn the last five minutes of conversation from their memories. If only she could Lucky Charm their way out of this. Instead she felt as if Adrien had done a rather effective job of Cataclysm-ing the entire meeting.

She could feel his eyes on her, and she stubbornly tried to ignore him, even as he moved his chair closer to her side. That familiar touch on her hand returned once more and while she initially flinched away from him, she quickly acquiesced, letting out a sigh.

Eventually, she peeked up at him from the corners of her eyes, feeling the blush rise back up to her cheeks—this time not of embarrassment. It was a blush that reminded her of her younger self and a younger version of the man beside her.

She watched as a corner of his mouth tweaked upwards. And she could tell he was holding back a grin as his eyes twinkled in the victory of catching her gaze. She returned his stare with a fluttering feeling in her chest and he had the gall to wink at her. The action knocked her from her swooning as she remembered herself, remembered him, and worst of all remembered what he had done. She glared at him once more, hoping to silently communicate to him that they were not done with this discussion.

He pressed his lips together to suppress his smile and whereas before such an action might’ve caused her knees to buckle and heart to flip, now it just added to the fire in her eyes and the scowl on her face.

It wasn’t until later on that that look came back to haunt Chat Noir as he leapt through the City, laughing in a mixture of delight and fear as his Lady followed him, hot on his tail.

anonymous asked:

I was honestly so confused during the McCain portion of the Comey questioning. Was he asking why Clinton was cleared from the Russia investigation? Implying that Clinton colluded with Russia to Get her emails hacked and Trump elected? Or did I totally misunderstand what he kept asking?

A lot of people thought McCain was in some kind of genuine mental distress but I think people are underestimating what an evil motherfucker he is. (I do not like McCain. At all. So I am coming from a place of bias, is what I’m saying.)

(PS Arizona, this is a sign McCain’s about to screw you, just be prepared for that.)

McCain appears to have come to the wrong briefing. It seems like he thought this was a free-for-all, and that everyone was going to hit Comey with whatever they wanted to know about, rather than specifically questioning him on his written statement. I say “appears” and “seems like” because I think I know exactly what he was doing.

McCain’s words, on paper, seem confused, but his tone of voice made it clear to anyone who’s ever dealt with a passive-aggressive parent that he was trying to bring up the specter of the investigation into Hillary Clinton as if he was genuinely confused and not, as he actually was, fucking gunning for someone who is already out of the picture (in an official sense; obviously we have Not Heard The Last Of Hillary Clinton and thank god for that). McCain knows Hillary wasn’t involved with Russian interference at all; he just doesn’t give a shit that he’s supposed to be asking Comey about that and not anything that he wants to ask about. 

In essence he was operating under an assumption, which yes is weird but which was clearly assumed for the purposes of questioning, that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both under investigation by the FBI because…maybe that’s just what happens when people run for president? Run for president, get an FBI investigation. And he was mad and felt there was a double standard because Clinton’s investigation is closed but Trump’s is ongoing. (He wasn’t really mad about this. He was “mad” as an act to make a point.) 

The most perplexing thing is why McCain should rise up now as some weird defender of Donald Trump, because he’s been critical of him in the past. The reason I asked if Trump was operating McCain like a puppet is that the entire act screams Donald Trump – defend yourself by attacking a woman, confuse your opponent, keep repeating nonsense until everyone gives up (or in this case you run out of time). So I have two theories.

1. McCain sees the writing on the big border wall. He is, after all, a senator from Arizona, which shares a border with Mexico, and stands to benefit economically from all the jobs and consumption and such that a massive construction project along the Arizona border would provide. Also, I believe Arizona went red in the election. So he’s trying to get on the Trump train (a terrible train full of well-done steaks) because if the wall does go up he wants to still be in power when it happens.

2. Less provable but more likely to my mind: Donald Trump got to John McCain in much the same way the Mafia “got to” the star witness in an organized crime investigation. Trump has something on McCain, be that political power over him or blackmail or what, I don’t know. But the way McCain behaved, the things he said and the way in which he said them, sounds like Donald Trump as filtered through someone who can’t believe he’s gotta say this shit. Down to the way he was at times terribly half-hearted about saying his lines, the way he mumbled shit he seemed ashamed of asking about. 

What John McCain said sounded exactly like Donald Trump would have said had he been able to speak, only done without Trump’s shouty, self-absorbed conviction, which is what really sells Trump’s nonsense. 

So I think McCain was delivering his lines like a good boy, and Donald Trump is probably thrilled that everyone’s paying attention to McCain’s nonsense because he genuinely believes he’s scored another point off Hillary Clinton rather than just forcing everyone to wonder if McCain needs a neurological examination. 

So I read @sarahreesbrennan‘s book In Other Lands this weekend! I have loved these characters for years, ever since reading the early version of this story she posted on her blog, and the book is delightful. Do buy it if you like elves, jokes, romance, jokes, bisexual main characters, or jokes. Reading it made me feel like I was eating a really nice cake.

Anyway I liked it so much I immediately started writing fanfic. HERE’S A BIT:

The leafy grove was hung with glimmering lanterns and sweet scents were rising from the drifts of flowers that adorned the tables. There was a noise that could probably be described as ‘plashing’ coming from a little fountain somewhere. The elven women, wearing high-necked jackets and decorative formal swords, stood around looking serious and occasionally smiling a little as they sipped glasses of what Luke had discovered was incredibly strong brandy. There were occasional bright bursts of laughter from elven men in glimmering low-necked robes and extremely complicated hairstyles. Their glasses had fruit punch in them, but Luke suspected there was brandy in the punch as well.

“Do you think the party is going well, Luke?” muttered Serene, materialising by Luke’s elbow. “Golden sent me to find out, but I know how important this is to him and I am not sure I trust my own judgement. My natural womanly bluntness means I may miss social subtleties.”

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Touka, Strategies, and Quick Thinking

I like how we get to see Touka’s quick thinking in forming a strategy in this panel:

It reminds me a bit of the time when Touka and Kaneki dressed up as Yamaguchi and Kanemoto and went to the CCG headquarters to provide false information on Hinami’s whereabouts.

It’s here that Touka tells the CCG information head Ruisawa about the river near Kasahara Elementary.

Initially, it may seem like Touka picked that area simply due to its location being  on the border of the 20th ward which could carry the possible implication that  the daughter ghoul, Hinami, may have left for another ward. However, that’s not the only reason why she chose that spot.

In chapter 17, a few chapters prior to Kaneki and Touka’s visit to the CCG, Touka’s arm gets sliced by a rinkaku kagune derived from Hinami’s father during her first clash with Mado Kureo.

Though it doesn’t last very long, and Touka escapes quickly after getting injured, she uses the knowledge she gained from said fight, to devise a plan to lure him to a place where he wouldn’t be able to use his quinque efficiently so she can take revenge for Hinami’s sake and protect her from one of the only doves aware of her identity at the same time.

It doesn’t turn out exactly the way she had predicted (Kureo holding the unexpected advantage towards the latter half of the fight with the quinque derived from Hinami’s mother) but it’s here we begin to see hints of how her knowledge about the various areas in the ward and their potential for defense and offense come into play.

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anonymous asked:

you mentioned that you know a good amount about ancient greece and i would love to hear you elaborate more on that!!! capri is kind of a weird blend of multiple time periods and cultural influences and i was wondering what you thought akielon society/culture/religion/economy/political structure would really look like? feel free to ramble i need my historical accuracy fix for this fandom 😅

Oh wow, you want to hear me rant about this? That is, like, a huge gift because I rant about this constantly and I will take any excuse. :D 

Note: Before I start, this is mostly conjecture and headcanon. This also may not shed any light on what you’re interested in, dear Anon, because it’s mostly a load of waffle. I’m sorry if I didn’t explain any of the details about ancient Greece in enough detail, but this is really fucking long already. Google is your friend on any classical subjects you’re confused about.

Okay, the first thing I’m going to say is that, as a classicist, there are tons of things you can pick out as being different about Akielos. Akielos is a fantasy country, so it’s not identical to Greece or Rome (it’s sort of Reece sometimes?) and there is nothing wrong with it not fitting directly, even if it is inspired by those cultures. It’s made up and so I won’t try to nitpick.

Next thing about Capri’s universe in general is that Vere is probably 15th century France. I think this is really interesting to remember when thinking about relations between Vere and Akielos. When I met Pacat I talked to her about Veretian technology, and she explained that rather than scaling up Akielon/ancient world technology, she scaled down Veretian tech. In 15th century France they had gunpowder and really advanced ships etc. etc. so if Vere was that technologically advanced, and Akielos still had ancient Greek weapons and tech then obviously Vere would wipe the floor with Akielos in war. She toned down the Veretian technology but not the culture.

Note: Vask is, as far as I can see, complete fantasy. I imagine the language as Scandinavian but I think there might some inspiration from mythological Amazons.

Okay I’m trying to go through this more logically now. 

Akielon Society/Politics -

Akielos does have more of an honour culture than ancient Greece. Remember when Damen is uncomfortable with taking a fort through trickery? Yeah, ancient Greeks would have been fine with that, even commended it. I imagine the society as more like Macedonian society and less like Athenian culture (which obviously in the glory days was a democracy rather than a monarchy). The strongest do best, it’s a warrior culture, but there is also an informal relationship with the king. The Macedonians, for example, could call their king by his first name, and they elected their kings. Although Damen is referred to as ‘Exalted’, there is a sense of informality in his relations with the kyroi. He also needs the approval of the kyroi in ruling the country.

I just said I don’t see Akielos as similar at all to Athens, but there is one thing they have in common. I think the relationship between the king in Ios and the kyroi is a bit like the Delian League or the Peloponnesian League. I mean, obviously Athens exacted money and tribute from the city states in the Delian League (and they weren’t very happy about it), but it is clear that the kyroi retain more independent rule than, for example, the nobles in Vere, so one might describe them as more like tributary states and less like part of one country.

Akielos also bears some similarities to Sparta, as it clearly has more of a sport/hunting/land fighting culture than Athens, which was more interested in drama/philosophy/sailing. However, the Akielon slave culture is slightly more similar to Athens again. Spartans had the closest thing in the ancient world to an American slave culture, because the helots were a race of people they had enslaved. Athenians simply had slaves from all over. Akielon slaves don’t seem to be slaves because of their race (this is never ever mentioned), so in that respect it is less like Sparta.

Language Fact: Kyroi is the plural form of the ancient Greek noun κυρος, which means supreme power or authority. This further emphasises my idea that the kyroi have a lot of individual power. κυρος is also where we get the name Kyros (Cyrus) for Kyros the Great, the famous Persian king (the Persian names are very different to the Greek versions that we are familiar with).

Akielon Economy - 

I am guessing the Akielons use something like drachmas. If Akielos is like Greece geographically then they would not have had a lot of forests or woods and would need to trade something (such as silver, which Athens had a lot of) for wood. This may be why Akielos does not seem to have a great navy (as Athens is famous for - I repeat what I said about how Akielos is more like Macedon/Sparta than Athens). If Akielos’ main source of wood is Vere (Patras would be similar geographically and Vask would not provide easy trade, as it has no borders with Akielos) then they would not be able to build ships during wartime.

.Akielon Religion - 

This was another thing I asked Pacat about when I met her. She said she had originally wanted to create a universe where religion was very much in the background, barely there at all, so that it could reflect her own beliefs. However, she did mention in gods in the poem (probably inspired by Homer) in Kings Rising. I think religion is probably the area where the Capri universe differs most from its inspiration. If Akielos were Greece, Damen would constantly be praying to the gods he particularly worshipped, or making sacrifices before setting out for battle. There would also be a religious conflict between Vere, which if it is 15th century France would be monotheistic, and Akielos, which would be polytheistic. Since none of these are mentioned or explored in the books, we must assume that religion has faded in both countries. The gods mentioned in the poem might be specific to the island of Isthima which the poet came from or may be relics of a previous age. 

A helpful resource for those interested in the world of Captive Prince is this interactive map. There is a lot of information here on Akielon and Veretian culture that you don’t get explicitly in the books.  

Shameless self promotion: I also explore how Akielons might see Veretians the way that the Greeks saw Persians in my fanfic, Quiet Breaths.

lizethemotherlycat  asked:

How would Natasha and Pepper fit in to your Vamp au?

I haven’t really put any thought into Pepper in this AU… (I’ll have to work on that)
Natasha is really the only other vamp that Tony trusts, and it’s not so much that he trusts her, but more that she is nearly as scary powerful as he is, but knows she would defer to him if it ever came down to it.

She is old, much older than him, and he suspects she knows who is sire is, even if she never says. The woman just smiles and changes the subject.

Natasha is Queen in Russia, and every vampire that comes in and out of the country is aware they are taking a risk just crossing the borders without permission.

She is nearly a thousand years old, even though she looks barely into her twenties, which is why so many vampires have misjudged her, and paid the price.

Humans too.

The history books read that no army could cross Russia, that it was the winters that ruined the men and discouraged the generals, but the Russian people know different.

It is Natasha who sent her own armies after the invading ones, protecting the Russian people while slaughtering the offending armies. There are whispers of the Red Queen leading the armies her self, of her blood lust, of her absolute merciless bearing.

And then there are stories of her rescuing babies and bringing them to churches, of her vampires rebuilding villages and towns, and how even in the deepest winter, somehow there is food when they need it.

The Russian people are not stupid. Natasha had hidden herself away more now that technology has made so many advancements and with the world wars, but she is still there watching and ruling over her land.

Do outsiders honestly think there would be a place like the Kremlin built for mortals?

Mr. Creepster

Prompt – Reader, Alicia, and Madison are captured by Troy’s men and Troy takes an extra liking to you.
Warning – creepiness
Words – 851
Troy Otto x reader

Request - Hi there!! Can you do a Troy imagine where he captured you with Madison and Alicia but he takes an extra liking to you??!!


If Nick hadn’t run off with that girl you probably wouldn’t have been put in this situation. Madison always had to chase after Nick though. It bothered you to no end. You did hope Nick was alright, but Madison needed to stop chasing after him and bringing the rest of you into it. Nick, Travis, Madison, and Alicia were the only people you had. If you didn’t have them you would be alone and you despised being alone. In fact the four of them were the closest thing you had to a family since they took you in after your family was torn apart by the dead. Madison, Alicia, and you had been separated from Travis. You were now in a dull looking room. Being separated from Travis made you very anxious despite being locked in a room with Madison and Alicia.

You were trying to figure a way out of the room. When the door opened it snapped you out of your thoughts and looked over towards the door. You were not expecting to be greeted with “kindness.” A young man walked into the room and despite his good looks you didn’t trust him. “Hi, sorry to keep you. I’m Troy.” He seemed nice enough, but you didn’t think you could trust nice people. You eyed him and then the cups of tea he put on the desk very suspiciously. “Please, please sit.” It threw you off. Why was he being nice especially in a world like this? “Tea? Coffee wasn’t brewed so uh… oh I spoke to my men.” At this point he shut the door which left you on edge. You did not want to be alone, even if you weren’t alone, with this man. “You shouldn’t have been handled to roughly?” You remained silent, quietly observing the situation happening. “So why were we?” You looked over at Alicia as she spoke you’re your gaze landed on the floor. “You came from the border.” This caused you to shake your head and roll your eyes. Why would that matter, you thought. “Border’s dangerous.” Again, you rolled your eyes. “So is the rest of the world,” you whispered. “Folks they want our fuel and we’ve had attacks.” You picked at your fingers, not knowing what to do or say. “Well we weren’t attacking, Troy.” You shook your head as Madison said that. “Well we still have to process you, ma’me. Security protocol.” Did he really just call Madison ma’me?

“Where’s Travis?” You crossed your arms over your chest. You were going to stand your ground regardless of who this Troy person turned out to be. “He’s being processed separately.” As soon as he said that you scoffed which made Madison and Alicia turn their heads to look at you. “What does that mean?” You didn’t know what it meant either. “I need to know where he came from.” You looked at Troy with a confused expression. The rest of the conversation you zoned out. You did catch sight of a notebook which made you genuinely curious. You wanted to know exactly what he had written in it. “It’s going to get cold. The tea.” He smiled a sweetly smile, but there was something about him that felt off to you. You could’ve sworn that smile was directed to you, but it could have been your imagination. There was no way you were going to drink that tea. For all you knew he could have poisoned it.

You slowly inched your way back towards Alicia not because you were scared, but so you could get away from him. You watched him the entire time and as you did this he showed something which confused you. You thought you saw an expression of hurt, but you didn’t know why he would feel hurt. You two didn’t know each other. When he mentioned something about his mother passing and Madison said she was sorry it somehow struck a nerve. Were you supposed to feel sorry for this guy? “I’m not. Was this before or after the world fell apart?” This was the first time you had spoken to this man. “Fiesty! I like it.” He looked very impressed. You rolled your eyes. You were not going to give in to him. You didn’t know him and you weren’t sure what he was capable of. A protective instinct kicked into Madison. “Leave Y/N alone!” Troy raised his eyebrows, clearly intrigued. “Y/N is such a pretty name.” Was that a lame excuse to try to compliment you? You could tell Madison was mad at you by the way she was staring at you. You simply didn’t care.

You’d rather not receive supplies from Troy or his men. You just didn’t trust any of them especially Troy. “I think we can manage on our own just fine.” Yes, you had some sass in you. He looked like he had been taken back by what you said. “You’d make a good addition at the ranch.” He whispered too low for you to hear it. You just wanted to get away from him as soon as possible.

anonymous asked:

What does it mean to be a hedge witch?

Ok, so I get this question a lot and there’s a lot of conflict around it. If you ask six different hedge witches what their definition of a hedge witch is you’re going to get a lot of different answers so I’m giving my (overly detailed)rendition and opinion of it.

No one is 100% certain where the term hedge witch originated but there is speculation that the word hedge witch is a direct translation from the Saxon word ’haegtessa’ which means hedge-rider. Hedge witches(wise women, healers) lived inside a forest or just on the edge of forest. There’s the basic idea of the root of the word but why is this really important? Because forests were considered to be a gateway to the “unknown”, it held the spirits and creatures the stories tell us about. So, the term coined that the hedge witch is on the border of all worlds - realm of the faeries, gods, mythical creatures, spirits, dead, etc.

So this is where a lot of the confusion rolls in and people start pointing fingers saying you have to do astral work and you have to work with spirits or the dead. Fuck em, the idea of calling oneself a hedge witch is essentially to call oneself a shaman without stealing from another culture with herbalism, healing, and a deep love for, and understanding of nature added to the mix. You reach into the other worlds/realms and you’re looking for knowledge to bring back - about healing, potions, salves, and so much more. Now, if you were to ask me how I fit into the hedge witch category I’d say a lot of it is my longing for the forests. I was raised ten minutes from a national park, I spent more hours in the woods growing up than with friends or doing extracurricular’s. My spirituality is rooted in nature, in the trees specifically. I go into the forest fairly frequently to speak with the trees and my gods and I learn. When I come back I have new ways to help you guys heal and bring happiness into your life; whether it’s a new tarot spread, new candle brews, healing salves, or care kits or whatever really. The fae guard and heal my garden, my plants speak to me when they’re sick, I divine with the runes I carve, and I use my magic to heal. I don’t know if this really helped at all but this is my opinion of a hedgewitch - it’s just as much about healing and learning as it is divination and astral/spiritual work. So, yeah. You can embrace any side of the hedge witch or all of them, it’s a pretty open path to explore. Anyways, thanks for asking and I hope it helped some.💞🌲

Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit.


NOTES: Here is the next chapter of this continuing story. I sincerely feel so lousy that I don’t update as regularly as some other amazing writers on here, so I have begun a tag list to directly notify readers when a new chapter is available. Please don’t hesitate to message me @goddessofmischief if you wish to be on this list! As always, thank you for reading! ♥︎

I hitched up my skirts upon descending the narrow stairwell that led downstairs to the servant’s area. The clean white apron that was layered upon Elsie’s black pleated skirt momentarily caught my eyes before she rounded the corner and disappeared further down the hall.
“Elsie, wait!” I called to her desperately.
I noticed that she stepped inside a small storage cupboard and I followed her inside before she had the chance to close the door on me. She returned the broom back to its proper place before she turned her back to me and gazed out the window onto the hilly moors, their curvatures highlighted by the rising sun above.

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Summer has been giving me a break with some fresh air and lower temperatures, but unfortunately that is about to be over, as I can feel the heat again. But I think it’s also a good moment to introduce The Dark Exact Tarot (second edition), a tarot deck that reminds me of summer nights, and that has been created by Coleman Stevenson.

So why summer? It may sound shocking to some as it is a black and white (or rather, white on black) deck. But quoting from the description, it “represents the characters of the Major Arcana as plants, animals, objects, and alchemical symbols instead of the traditional human figures”. It makes me think of starry summer skies, listening to crickets and laying in the grass. But I think I am rambling here, so let’s get technical. This deck has 79 cards as it features two different Fool cards: the alpha (at the beginning of the majors) and the omega (at the end). This is probably my favourite detail in the deck. They represent transition, but mostly, they represent growth. Sometimes I like to meditate on one card plus one of the Fools picked at random to add nuance to it, like a new layer of meaning.

The cards (especially the majors) are done in such a way that you can clearly see the beginning and the end of a journey, and sometimes, depending on the meditation, you can devise a cycle. This deck makes me think about something I read here on Tumblr: go through things, grow through things. The minors are more minimal, and they are not illustrated at the same level as majors are - they are someway between a pip deck and a scenic one. They are focused on the suit symbols, which are arranged in such a way that their positions resemble those of traditional decks. The elemental symbols are also included. They are framed by inner thin white borders with embellished corners, but the outer borders are black as the card background. The backs feature a pattern with the symbols of the aces.

Sometimes, cards are reduced to two elements. Court cards are particularly minimal, as the only difference among the ones on each suit is the number of elemental symbols that appears on the cards. That’s why I think having the mini guide booklet at hand is useful. It has around 13 pages, and includes keywords for every card (reversed too) as well as information on reading the tarot (which includes layouts). The cards are printed on sturdy and flexible cardstock with a glossy finish, and come in a custom designed tuckbox.

The Dark Exact Tarot is the perfect deck for those who are looking for a deck that feels alive without being too saturated or busy. Its clean design and contrastive nature captures you, and its feeling of progression and growth proves really encouraging during meditations. Though it is a dark deck (as its name mentions), it shines. If you want to make it your summer companion, now it’s the time to head over Coleman’s store and see what other goodies you can find to go with your deck.