which is why she has so many walls up in the first place

A totally random sleeping beauty origin story in which the king and queen go to outside help to conceive. the gorgons, the creatures that lay in the belly of the swamps, slithering in the boiling pools, grant the couple’s request. they are loyal subjects, after all.

they promise that the child will live a long life. they promise that she will have great strength, will speak many tongues, and that she will strike awe into the hearts of men.

the queen thanks them, but before she can go they stop her with one last promise: if the child is not loved, then they must give her back.

I will love my child, say the two, and race off atop a shimmering steed.

9 months pass and the queen gives birth to a child, a healthy baby girl. but as time goes on, things start going wrong. servants start burning from the inside out, objects begin to vibrate from the toddler’s cries. the princess howls like a never-ending night, and nursemaids leave blind.

this cannot go on, the people hiss. this cannot go on.

and so the king and queen place her away from the castle’s inhabitants, far up in a tower. there she may scream and the world may tremble. there she may cry and no one’s ears will bleed. there she may live her life, among four stone walls. alone.

they send instructors up to the tower, one by one. a professor. a sorcerer. a hunter. a tamer. each attempt more desperate.

until there is nothing left to do. and so the princess is left in her tower, viewed as more monster than girl, fed by scraps through the door.

the parents do not fulfill their promise.

they do not give her back.

the princess, in filthy tatters and between clawed walls, pleads to be let out. i will be good, she promises tearfully. i will be good, just let me see them. I want to see them.

but she cannot control her nature, these sick powers she has been given. so she is left, often starved.

over time her pleas become bargains. i will not scream, if you let me see them once. i will not look upon you, if you let me touch them. i will not kill you, if you only let me be with them one last time.

none of these are accepted.

the princess turns fourteen. she grows strong. she speaks many tongues. and she strikes awe into the hearts of whoever she meets.

and why not? her eyes are yellow, like a deathly hawk. her hair hangs low, like the night. her teeth shine brightly, like the fang of a beast. her skin, though. oh, her skin. it glistens and glimmers and it is cold, like a reptile.

and her heart grows stunted. small. shattered.

they did not love her. no one did. they did not give her back, either.

months pass and crowds gather, swooping into the castle in courtly procession. the princess stares down in curiousity, but also longing. why are they here? what has happened below?

for the first time in her life, she escapes. i will not tell you how. perhaps because it is terrible and wicked. perhaps because it is clever. and perhaps because it is boring.

only you really know.

“the baby princess,” the people whisper to each other, while she clings to the shadows. “the baby princess.”

she is not a baby though, is she.

is. she.

and so the christening begins, golden plates and golden goblets set down. each numbered correctly, one for each guest.

the fairies of the glen. oh, how beautiful they are. their wings gleam like dewdrops in the morning, and their hair slips over their shoulders like the sun peeking through trees. they have made this possible, everyone murmurs. we must be thankful to the fairies, for they have given the rulers their daughter.

they all sit down to dine, and the princess–the eldest, the first born, the forgotten–stumbles in. her hair is lank. her eyes bleed tears. and her skin is cracking, old and scaly. oh, she is gruesome. the courtiers gag at the sight of her.

“leave, witch!” they order, but she pays them no heed. she walks up to the throne, and smiles at the king and queen.

“remember me?” she murmurs, teeth sharp but smile pleasant. she looks around. “every plate and every goblet. every person has a setting. except for me. now, why wasn’t I invited?”

“we don’t know who you are,” they reply fearfully.


the ground begins to shake. the guests scream. people howl, ears bleeding.

“you should not have struck another bargain so soon, you know,” she says, glancing at the fairies’ iridescent wings. “for everyone knows that gifts from the forest folk are not gifts. song, beauty, grace, wealth. are these all not useful to the fairies? and they will get their gifts back.” she stares at her parents. “they always get their children back.”

“please,” beg the king and queen, kneeling before their daughter. “please.”

the girl steps aside and walks to the cradle.

the guards surge forward.

“I WANT TO SEE HER!” screams the princess. the guards collapse in a shot of ash. “I want to see her,” she whispers brokenly.

the girl inside is like the dawn, blonde and gold and rosy. noisy, too.

“come now,” she soothes the child, smoothing back a curl. “do not cry. out of the two of us, i am the more ugly one,” she teases. “you are my family, you know. my own little sister, wound by the spring petals as i was forged by the burning pools. we are together, in that. they will not understand half-beings such as us. in fact,” she looks up at the court, cracked lips winding into a smile. “i, too, would like to give a gift to the child.”

her parents recoil, but it is too late.

far, far too late now.

“she will be yours until she finds my tower. on that day, she will learn what has been done, all your great sins against me. i will take her with me, show her the chaos you wrought into our veins by asking the forest for what was not theirs to give. thus, i give you this last promise: if she does not love me, i will give her back.”

and the princess strode from the castle, ripping the stone walls down. only the tower remained.

what happened next was simple, really. it was just the middle and the ending. every story has to have it, as you well know. but the middle and the ending are vague things. you will have to decide what happens.

after all, this was just the beginning.

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do you mind making some more lance hcs?? I've read all of the other ones like 3 times.

anon that’s a lot of headcanons to be reading lmao.. i don’t shut up about my Blue Boy. This is half headcanon/half character analysis lmao.


  • Lance has a boatload of insecurities, but I don’t think he has depression. (Time to project) What happens is that his ADHD causes him to hyperfocus on his mistakes to the point that he gets trapped in his Hell Brain, stuck in this bad cycle where he constantly berates himself and inflates his personal fears. But he’s normally able to manage because he has a huge support network- his bigass family.
  • There are definitely little kids in Lance’s family, and being around kids who love you is so nice?? Whenever Lance starts feeling weighed down, he plays with his baby siblings/cousins/neighbors and lets their enthusiasm feed his until everyone is bouncing off the walls and being ushered outside. I’ve probably said this before, but Lance was Born to be an uncle.
  • Anyway, Lance is used to being surrounded by people he has a deep connection with who truly care about him and love him. So at the Garrison, when he was far away from his family, he struggled a little bit but ultimately supplemented his human contact quota by befriending pretty much everyone. If he knows that people like him, then he can like himself.
  • Which is why in space he’s kind of… deflating. Because he’s surrounded by people who have rebuffed him before, and it’s hard not to internalize that, ya feel?? Like:
    • Pidge refused to do anything with Hunk & Lance when they were all at the Garrison, which is fair bc she was in Deep Cover, but Lance obvi didn’t know this so he was honestly kind of hurt? 
      • All his attempts at friendship and bonding were coldly shut down the moment they left his mouth. Lance spent many a sleepless nights wondering what was wrong with him, what aspect of his personality made Pidge hate him on sight. 
      • It… sucks to know that no matter what you do, someone will remain distant, especially if you’re used to making friends. Lance is a fixer, but how can you fix something if you only know part of the problem?
    • Keith straight up forgot who Lance was. And you know that Lance had really built-up their relationship in his mind. Even if it’s because Lance claims they ‘hated’ each other, it’s clear that Lance considered Keith special in that he was a goal to beat/overcome, and he clearly assumed Keith viewed him the same way. So when they reunited and Keith didn’t recognize him… Ouch
      • It hurts to realize that you’ve put way more into a relationship than someone else, but it especially sucks if they never even noticed you in the first place. 
      • Also, lots of resentment issues thanks to the Garrison constantly comparing Lance to Keith. Bastards.
    • Shiro is Lance’s hero, but Shiro is such… a jackass to Lance gsdhkjgd I’m so mad about how Shiro has been treating Lance as the show progresses. 
      • Shiro kind of… assumes that they’re equals, which normally is fine, but Shiro physically pushes/shoves Lance around, ignores his opinions, and tells him to knock it off whenever Lance acts like himself. 
      • And between close friends, that behavior can be ‘acceptable’, but again: Lance looks up to Shiro. So this treatment.. I can only see Lance negatively internalizing it. How good of a teammate can you be if your hero only ever treats you as a joke?
    • And Allura… it’s clear she’s really not interested in Lance’s flirting. Which would be fine, but it’s kind of been their entire relationship so far (mainly because of Bad Writing), so when Allura rejects Lance’s bad pick-up line she kind of rejects any connection at all, including friendship.
      • Like, you can argue that this is Lance’s fault for constantly hitting on her, but Allura’s natural response to Lance is either Carefully Maintained Neutrality or clear exasperation.
      • That’s not exactly… a warm welcome, so I could see Lance slowly just starting to avoid her. Because it SUCKS to enter someone’s line of view and immediately see their smile drop a fraction. It sucks to know that someone immediately has their guard up the moment you try to talk to them. It sucks to feel like you’ve sabotaged any chances before you even knew you had them. It sucks to realize that you, and your personality, made someone feel this way, and that you are the problem. From there, you learn it’s better to just… stay away, and stay quiet.
  • TLDR Lance is really only comfortable comfortable around Hunk and Coran. And the Space Mice, provided they don’t rat him out to Allura.
  • Lance internalizes a lot of stuff lmao. He reacts by overcompensating; when he feels hurt or out of his depth, he amps up his ego, he goes all out with the flirting, he uses bravado to cover up any cracks in his armor. 
    • (If you keep making them laugh, then they’re too busy to laugh at you.)
  • Lance is his own worst enemy. If someone yells at him and calls him a failure, he can get righteously angry and ignore what they said or crack a joke to ease the tension. He can deflect. It’s when he’s alone, when he has time to think, that he begins to place more pressure on himself.
    • You know how people can become paralyzed by their perfectionism? They’re so worried about getting the end product perfect that they can’t even start the process. That’s Lance, to some extent.
  • He prunes his own self/image. If he can’t get something right, he cuts it out of his personality. He doesn’t cling to it. He gets rid of anything he thinks makes him a failure, anything that shows that he’s useless. All those branches, traits, imperfections- they’re snipped away. And what he’s left with, he clings to. This is his absolute. This is his foundation. These are the tenants he builds himself up from. He’s the ladies man. He’s the sharpshooter. He’s the funny one. This is what makes Lance McClain worthwhile.
  • So when that foundation gets rocked… it’s bad. And normally, he can spring back, because he has his support network. But right now he’s billions of light years away from home, stuck with a team that only seems to like him 70% of the time.

Gonna say it first- you are never going to see nearly as many men in a flower shop as you are on Valentine’s Day. Close runner up is Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day, but given that this is our busiest day of the year and we don’t even hire temps for Admin Day, there really isn’t much of a contest. 

On an average day, our shop maybe sees between ten and twenty people walking in, with thirty to fifty deliveries. 

On V-Day, the walk-ins start at 7:30am and do not stop until past 7pm, with upwards 500 deliveries and we have to be there for all of it. 

But our V-Day week doesn’t start on V-Day. 

It starts an entire week before the actual holiday, and why? 

Because someone who should have honestly known better booked her $5000 wedding for February 9th. 

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I don't know if you've discussed this before, but what are your views on Scarlet Johanson being cast as the lead in GitS? I know lots of people believe this to be white washing, but there are divided opinions.

I’m of the firm opinion that Hollywood making a Ghost in the Shell adaptation is iffy in the first place when the original manga is so intrinsically tied to Japanese history. The manga itself was a reflection and reaction to post-war Japan’s economic dependence on technology, and a lot of its power comes from the emotional nuance that the author threaded into its story as someone who grew up in that time period. One of the primary themes of the manga is how technology blends with Eastern philosophy. The fact that Hollywood decided to grab at the monumental task of adapting this franchise without understanding the weight of it offends me as a storyteller. Even then, I might have watched it if the cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty enough.

However, in my view, proceeding to cast Scarlett Johansson as the main character is nothing short of a disgrace. In the end, that is the reason why I am choosing to not watch the film. Now, hang onto your hat, anon, this is going to be a long ride under the cut:

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Atomic Blonde (and why I’m a Sapphic who adored it)

Okay, first off…WOW! What a ride that film was! After having a full 24hrs  to really digest this film, I can honestly say that this film really blew my  expectations, in so many different ways. Since there seems to be so much  discourse over this film, I thought I would post a POSITIVE list of all the  reasons why this film is as important and special to me as it is, even with  That Scene. As Lorraine Broughton would say, “ Shall We?”

Okay first off, the obvious…

  • 80′s soundtrack with phenomenal remixes.
  • Charlize Theron, playing a truly Bad-Ass Bisexual MI6 Agent while still looking sexy as Hell!
  • The action was some of the best I have ever witnessed!
  • The general setting of this film, Communist Berlin, gives a remarkable window into just what the Cold War in its later stages entailed. The Cold War was perhaps one of the most deceitful wars in history, and when you figure in just how sensitive the situation was, you realize that Every. Move. Counts.

Lorraine Broughton

  • She owns my ass.
  • Again, we have an Openly-Bisexual Female Lead, who’s only main love interest is another woman!
  • Charlize Theron not only did 98% of all her own stunts, but she sustained injuries because of it.
  • I loved her characterization, it was one of the highlights of this film. We often forget that movies like this are hardly ever realistic, but in this film the opening scene is of Lorraine, MI6′s Top Agent, wearily trying to attend to her beaten body. She is barely alive, and as the film goes on we see just how much of a toll her physical and emotional well-being takes due to the nature of her job. As the film progresses we see her grow more cold and disconnected to the point where she is practically numb to those around her (her interrogation, mostly).
  • She wins all her fights, but not without repercussions. Her body takes. A. Beating. And unlike most films her wounds don’t just magically disappear or just “get better”. No, they are there for weeks, in all their ugliness, to display just how vulnerable as a person she is, whilst also reminding those who see her how tough and strong she has to be just to merely survive.

Lorraine and Delphine

  • Okay, first off…OMG THESE TWO!
  • Sofia Boutella was adorable as Delphine, and the way her innocence and naive-ness abolutely melted Lorraine was so cute!
  • The way Lorraine looked at Delphine with such intrigue, and the way Delphine looked at Lorraine with such awe.
  • The whole “Harold, they’re Lesbians”-like scenario with the dude at the bar (even tho Lorraine is Bi).
  • Again, we get another glimpse into Lorraine’s characterization here, which is basically she gets distracted by pretty girls we see that, even though Lorraine is still skeptical of Delphine at first, she very easily falls for her, a softness that we up until that point had yet to see in her.
  • Delphine’s slight hesitance when she gives Lorraine that adorably soft kiss and Lorraine’s shyness in returning it!
  • The way we see Lorraine follow Delphine into a more private place and being so dazed and transfixed by this tiny French Girl is mesmerizing and makes my heart skip a beat!
  • OMG their wicked make-out session and the slamming against the wall and the WHOLE SCENE THAT FOLLOWS I COULD NOT BREATH!
  • “…So you made contact with the French Operative?” “Obviously”
  • Lorraine in nothing but a sweater looking over Delphine as she sleeps-watching, wondering, worrying about what will happen to her.
  • Honestly, them snuggling was one of the most tender moments in the whole film. For once it feels as though Lorraine is being genuine with Delphine, which she picks up on.
  • Lorraine stroking Delphine’s hair while Delphine nudges her head in Lorraine’s neck is so precious. The way Lorraine is so gentle with her and laughs and smiles at her makes my heart melt so much! She cares so much for this one woman she just met and it is so beautiful!
  • Tiny Soft Nose Kisses!
  • The fact their relationship, no matter how brief, is actually a small subplot means so much because it really feels like this was for us Sapphics, despite what happens later.

That Scene among other things

  • Oh boy, here we go. In my opinion, I did not see this as partaking in the horrid “Kill Your Gays” trope.
  • We saw it coming in the trailer you guys, and I was fully prepared for this scenario.
  • She was a naive, inexperienced spy who got too close to Lorraine, and suffered the ultimate price for it. This happened to all of Lorraine’s lovers (although I honestly think she was just using her first one for information, where as she truly cared for Delphine).
  • Delphine Fought. Back. Hard! And she did a damn good job at keeping up. But unfortunately she did not have the skill nor the experience to win that battle. She is not Lorraine, who barely came out the mission alive!
  • This is a spy film about the Cold War, there were going to be many, many casualties. Lorraine (Another Queer) was the only one to make it out alive.
  • When Lorraine found Delphine, I truly felt for her then. This is the first time we see her fully shut down as she Empathetically mourns her girlfriend (which we hardly get to see in general, the LGBT Hero mourning the death of their lover).
  • At this point, after all that she has gone through (the beatings, the betrayals, the loss of intelligence, etc) this is the one thing that finally breaks her, and LORRAINE. IS. FUCKING. DONE.
  • She is done with everything around her, and we see this as she goes from on-the-ground vulnerable to STONE. COLD. NOTHING. And she goes out for blood, and Damn-It does she get it! She shows no mercy for Delphine’s killer, and it is obvious that this is revenge in its most raw form.
  • In the end this is a story about a spy in the Cold War, and in a genre like this things are going to be very brutal. We see this brutality play out on Lorraine, and how it affects her and all of those involved. She made it out with her life, and that was her reward. 
  • So Delphine’s death, to me, was the final Plot Point to move us into the final act, as it was portrayed as the one act of Evil that Crossed That Line, and to further the Characterization of Lorraine.
  • I could go one about the phenomenal action sequences, because I have never witnessed such raw and realistic fighting in an action movie, and to have a Female Bisexual as the lead taking as much as she dishes out was both horrifying yet empowering!

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you think this film will seriously trigger you, then by all means please take care of your well-being, because that is ultimately the most important thing.

Was I sad that Delphine died? Yes, of course! Did I see it as strictly because she was gay? No, I did not. Do I see this as good representation? Ultimately, yes because I still felt incredibly valid as a Bisexual in more ways than one with this film, and the last time I felt this good about myself was when I first saw Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes in theaters (which nothing will ever top that film).

But for everyone else, please GO SEE THIS FILM. For the one negative we must also see all it’s Astonishing Positives this film has, and for it to get the attention and praise that it has is such a big deal for all of us, because if we show our support for this truly Rare Gem then they will make a sequel, and other films like it! Only then can we move forward!

UPDATE: So I just saw Atomic Blonde today for the second time in one week, and upon my second viewing I’ve come to realize just how much I love this film, and why it beat out my expectations originally! And it mainly falls back to what I discussed earlier, about Lorraine and Delphine’s romance and Lorraine herself, for instance:

  • Again, I love Lorraine’s characterization! Being more aware of the story my second time-round, I got to focus more on Lorraine herself, and I think I underestimated just how cold and numb and positively DONE she is by the “end” of her mission (again, in reference to her interrogation).
  • The physical and emotional toll on her and her body really is just as prominent as I remember, and my goodness I cannot recall another film where I actually left the theatre physically exhausted by what I just watched. Everything she’s endured sort of rubs off on you, and if that isn’t the most engrossing experience a character can portray, than I do not know what is.
  • Delphine and Lorraine, my god I love their relationship! It is the only relationship in the whole film solely built on attraction and Mutual Trust, so much so where they would rather protect each other over their mission.
  • In fact, going in this movie the first time all I was expecting between them was the “One Night Stand” that was so heavily portrayed in the trailers-which I would of been happy with-and, (just like in the trailers) I prepared myself for Delphine’s demise soon after-But we had an entire subplot dedicated to their relationship, right up to the very end!
  • Because of this Lorraine’s and Delphine’s romance felt genuine, filled with love and tenderness and worry and drive to protect each other-and that really is beautiful representation.
  • Which, I believe, is why Lorraine truly shuts down when it all goes south, and why we see the Lorraine we do in her interrogation. SHE IS COLD. SHE IS BEATEN. AND SHE IS TIRED.
  • In the end, I do think she cared more for Delphine than past lovers, which is why she seems so utterly broken when we first see her. She went back to Delphine even after her superiors threatened to end her, and she lied about Delphine to protect her from them, even though she was gone.

Anyway, as you can see this film really did a number on me, and I am absolutely fine with that! I apologize for making my crazy long post even longer, but there were things I still wanted to get off my chest, because this really is a Dream Film-a Queer, Female Lead 80′s Spy Film actually exists, and I think Atomic Blonde really hit it out of the park-and has ruined all other action films for me here-on out!

Jaime got it bad...

I’ve got so many emotions leading up to this Sundays episode of Game of Thrones so i just need to vent some of my thoughts….

 What i love about season 8 so far is actually seeing Jaime swap places from being the handsome golden lion he once was, filled with arrogance in order to be loved by Cersei, to now (still being very handsome) feeling he needs to PROVE himself worthy of Brienne even though she loves him completely as he is.

We actually see him pining after her a lot in episode 2, and i love that Brienne as a character is meant to be somebody viewed as unattractive, different from the norm and ridiculed and bullied her entire life for the way she looks and made to feel like she will never be loved for how she looks or the person she is. Yet Jaime, somebody viewed as extremely attractive and privileged, actually feels a bit intimidated by Brienne and the amazing person she is, not knowing whether he feels he can be worthy of her, that first scene whenever Brienne stands up for Jaime in his trial, Nik does such an amazing job of portraying every emotion on his face,from love to adoration to surprise to realisation. 

Then the scene where he and Tyrion are on the battlements and as soon as Jaime hears Brienne’s voice he zones out and goes into this Brienne bubble just staring at her longingly and lovingly mirroring when Brienne did the exact same thing at Riverrun in season 6. When he goes to talk to her as she is watching Pod train you can tell he is nervous to be in her company, wanting to be near her and impress her but terrified to say anything wrong, hence why he offers to insult her when she questions him even though he doesn’t want to, he just wants to do whatever he can to keep her happy, and the fact he doesn’t have the confidence to tell her that she was the reason he came to Winterfell, i think he is super scared of rejection.

That’s so powerful to show in a mainstream TV show, that actually yeah the seemingly ‘unattractive’ woman can attract the good looking guy and cause him to feel nervous and unworthy, even though her entire life has been based on the lie that she is the one who needs to feel that way. 

The knighting scene is an important scene for many reasons but i think that it is mainly important because i think it depicts the exact moment they both do realise that they love each other. Brienne put herself completely on the line letting Jaime do that because of all the trauma she has experienced prior, being publicly shamed, she had to completely break down her walls and trust Jaime implicitly that he would not ridicule her, which of course he wouldn’t and Brienne must of known that deep down too. And for Jaime this moment is him being publicly open about how he feels about Brienne, he loves her and he wants to give her something that she has never had before; A show of respect and admiration publicly for all she has done and all she will do. 

I just love these characters and this relationship so much <3 

Can’t Help but Love Him - Part 2

Hi!!! I’m so glad you all liked the first part of this story! Here is the second :) Sorry if it’s kinda messy, I didn’t fully proof read because I just really really wanted to get it out to you guys! Let me know what you think! <3

Part 1

Tags: @harriemelonsugar 

WORD COUNT: 4,235 

“How was staying at Harry’s last night?” Sarah teased once Y/N sat down across from her in the booth of the tiny cafe, “Did you guys cuddle?”

“Shut up.” Y/N groaned, rolling her eyes, “this whole getting over him thing is not working, the party should have made it easier but then he took me home instead of that girl, and to answer your question, no we didn’t. He slept on the couch.”

Sarah let out a long coo, causing Y/N’s cheeks to turn bright red covering her face with her hands, her friends hands coming across the table and playfully hitting them away, giggling as she sees Y/N’s rosy cheeks.

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The One with The Video - S.P X Fem!Reader


Plot: Seeing a video of Sweet Pea standing up for her is enough to remind Y/N just how much she loves him

Requested: Yes! By many people, but those who wanted to be tagged are: @maryland03 @poolpartyingwithjaws @jolomez @satellitesweetpea

Warnings: Swearing, nothing else I guess??? they overcome the angst

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Support Older Girl Groups Pt. 1: f(x)

This week on Support Older Girl Groups we are supporting f(x). If you want to know why you should participate even if this week isn’t about a group you stan, check out this post

So what this is is sort of a masterpost of ways to support the group of the week. And since it’s my favorite group and people have been taking about their status as a group a lot lately, I thought a logical place to start would be f(x).

This is far from everything f(x) has released, I just chose a few for each category so it would be easier to get the view up in a noticeable way. If you can’t put your effort into everything on this list, put your effort into 4 Walls, Free Somebody, All Mine, and On My Own. 

About the group

F(x) is an SM girl group that debuted in 2009. They were originally considered Asia’s Dance Group by SM.The members are Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal. Sulli also used to be part of the group. If you are looking for some different concepts, f(x) is definitely for you! They have done so many different concepts. I think you will notice their individuality as a group immediately!

Title tracks

4 Walls was their last music video and album to be released. It was released in 2015, so quite a while ago. It’s currently at 27,161,327 views, but deserves way more. Let’s get it to 30mil!

Red Light came out in 2014 and was their last music video and album with Sulli. It currently has 36,027,739 views, so it’s close to 40mil! it would be really awesome to get it to 50 mil sooner rather than later too. 

Rum Pum Pum Pum is pretty close to 50 mil, and it would be really great for them it! It currently has 46,309,778 views. 


All Mine was the last music video f(x) has released. it was released in July of 2016 and currently has 8,411,608 views. Let’s get it to 10mil! This is a really special music video and song because it had been so long since f(x) had any activities together, and it has been a long time since, Also the music video was directed by Amber! I would be really great if this music video in particular had a big spike in views! 

Heartbeat is an amazing and sweet song by Amber and Luna. It’s honestly such a great song and Amber and Luna make such a could unit (they really should be a subunit.) But the music video is still yet to reach 1mil views! It’s currently at 901,491 views. That’s not that bad for a Station song but Heartbeat and the group deserve so much more. Let’s get it to 1mil and then much farther from there!

Borders is an Amber solo that she wrote and is very special to her. Honestly I cried to first time I heard it, it’s just too dang relatable lmao. Another thing that you might like is it is in English, and it has subtitles in both Korean and English. It currently has 5,221,617 views, which is actually pretty good for a Station song. But Amber has really been having hard times with her solo work an SM, so a spike in the views could really help. 


Free Somebody is Luna’s solo debut from May 2016. It’s such a great song that shows off both her beautiful voice and dance skills. Sadly it was not promoted well and got overshadowed by other SM comebacks, so it didn’t do nearly as well as it should. It currently has 8,154,679 views. Let’s get it to 10mil! 

On My Own was part of Amber’s Crossing series that she was making on her own Youtube Channel. Sadly, Crossing was never finished. We are not sure what happened to it, but based off of her cryptic Instagram posts (still the last two she posted if you want to go read them), it doesn’t sound like it was good. On My Own is a really important song to support for the same reason as Borders. It’s currenly at 1,040,418 views. Let’s get it to 2mil! and then maybe even 5mil!

I Don’t Want to Love You was not exactly a solo, but a collaboration between Krystal and June One Kim. It’s also not under SM and it’s not in Korean so it wasn’t that popular. But watching it will still help support f(x)! Also, it’s a really interesting and different song. The music video is actually a little spooky (also the intro kinda drags on) But still please support it becasue it’s a good song! It currently has 453,638 views. Let’s get it to 1mil!

Other Stuff to Check Out

Luna’s Alphabet is a vlog series on Youtube that Luna has been making, and it’s getting a season 3 soon! The videos usually range from around 5 to 15 mins long. And don’t worry, there are English subtitles!

Amber’s channel is where she posted her Crossing songs. There are only 4 videos but it wouldn’t hurt to subscribe anyway!

What The Pineapple was Amber’s Youtube channel for basiclly anything else she wanted to post. There are lots of funny things on it you should really check it out! Also it is primarily in English but there are Korean subtitles. Sadly it has been a long time since she last posted to it, but maybe if the views spike she will bring it back, or get to start something like Luna’s Alphabet.

Ending Notes

Please reblog this and share this as much as possible! This project will do no real good unless it is a group effort. And please watch the videos as much as possible! It would do the most good if you guys watched each one (or at least the title tracks) multiple times a day this week (and weeks to come.) I’m not expecting you to take the time to watch all of Luna’s Alphabet or What the Pineapple, but if you could watch all the music videos that would really help not only f(x), but all older girl groups! If you want people to put the effort to help out your favorite older girl groups, help out other people’s faves too! Remember, next week’s post could be your favorite group!

Also remember!

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Why Jon Snow’s Climax Shouldn’t Involve a Battle

How should Jon Snow’s story end? What are we supposed to think about his character this season? Does he deserve to end up on the Throne, perhaps married to Sansa Stark?

To understand my view on Jon’s story and why I don’t hold anything against him so far in Season 8…I think we need to go back to the root of his story. 

Generally speaking, it helps me to analyze a character by asking myself “what’s the ONE THING they want more than anything else?” I’ve come to one big over-arching conclusion: Jon Snow just wants to be loved and “belong” in the context of a family.

That might seem simple but it’s so deeply relatable and complex that I can’t help but feel like it’s been layered many times over within his story.

I’ve written before how Jon Snow shares a ton of similarities to Superman/Clark Kent. A hidden prince from a lost civilization. Raised as a son by a morally upstanding man (the Catelyn issues are a twist on Jon’s upbringing). Confronted by the “last of his kind” and forced to choose between the world he grew up in or the world where he biologically came from. Both Superman and Jon deeply desire to “belong” and it’s something that works in any literary tale.

Superman has every power you can imagine but the second a person feels alone and isolated, they become instantly relatable and sympathetic. 

In a lot of ways, Jon Snow is the same way. He left Winterfell because he just never truly felt he “belonged” though he ached to every day. He joined a sacred order who, no matter their pasts, become his new “family”. Certainly appealing to someone like Jon. He wants to be a Stark, but that seems impossible. So he will remove himself from that environment. 

His most meaningful relationships are formed upon the realization that these different people he meets at the Wall really CAN be like family to him. Sam, Grenn, Pyp, Edd, etc. They all hold a special place in his heart. And yet…Winterfell still calls to him. 

He nearly abandons the Watch on more than one occasion when he gets word of the goings on in the south. And yet he works. And works. And he makes friends of wildlings. He betrays them. He fights them. He makes friends of them again after his brothers elevate him to command.

Then his brothers kill him.

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she is perfection //james march

pairing: james march x mute!reader 

word count: 2324

warnings: self-deprecation, low self-esteem, mention of cheating, sexual assault, swearing, mention of alcohol, light choking, physical violence, angst. 

a/n: this is a collab with the lovely @ahswitchy. our parts are separated by a simple insert line, starting with her. we hope you enjoy! x


i took one last place in the mirror before nodding my head to myself and spinning on my heels to leave mine and james’ shared room.

the dress i was wearing was pretty simple. plain, black fabric with long sleeves, the skirt resting by knees length. on my feet, just flats. even though my friends liz and elizabeth would try their best to persuade me into wearing more fancy and revealing outfits, i simply couldn’t. catching people attention had always made me feel anxious, and the thought of so many eyes staring right at me made me feel sick to my stomach. 

that would be my first time joining devils night. at first i didnt want to go. but, still, james insisted so much that i ended up just accepting it. he’d always done everything for me, so why couldn’t i? 

knowing i stil had 20 minutes or so left until devil’s night actually began, i decided to make my way to the bar, knowing liz would hound me later if she didn’t get to see me all dressed up. anytime i wear anything dressier than jeans and a sweatshirt liz practically coos over me because, “sweetie, with just a little lipstick and some heels, you could just about sweep any man off his feet.”

making my way through the halls, i turn a corner to find james and elizabeth. quickly, i duck behind one of the walls, hoping i wasn’t seen.

you see, despite james loving me no matter what i wear, he especially adores when i get dressed up, even if it is just with a simple dress. knowing this, i informed him that we would meet at the dinner instead of just going together, wanting to surprise him so i could see him get all flustered. unsurprisingly, he refused, insisting that we greet the guests together, with me by his side. but he also knew that he was already walking on thin ice, considering that i had barely agreed to attend in the first place, so he reluctantly complied. 

although james would never admit to getting flustered around me, i still see it. when his voice gets caught in his throat and his eyes drag up my body to meet mine. but of course, he never lets his composure fall for more than a moment before he’s already gathered himself and greeted me with a compliment that would make any woman blush. although those moments are quick, the look we share says that we both know it won’t be long before my dress and his trousers are tossed upon the carpet. 

dragging my attention back to the two, i let out a sigh relief, praising whatever higher power there is that they hadn’t spotted me. more importantly, that james hadn’t spotted me. elizabeth seeing me wasn’t really a concern. given, she’s wasn’t exactly the lover i was trying to woo. 

watching them quietly, which is a routine i seem to have mastered. no doubt, owing it all to the time i’ve spent toward perfecting my body language and movement, as they are the focal points to my communication. 

seeing james and elizabeth together had never bothered me much, for elizabeth has always been one of my closest friends in the hotel and i knew she wasn’t interested in james. and don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t second guessing her intentions now, but i couldn’t help but feel something in the pit of my stomach as i watched them. 

i wasn’t close enough to hear the two but i could see them just fine. james was already dressed for devil’s night, he switched out his usual formal attire for something a bit darker and more crisp. he looked utterly handsome, even more so than usual, which is saying a lot. 

elizabeth was adorned in one of her many stunning gowns. i couldn’t help but glance back down at my dress and compare the two. sure, my dress was simple, but i had thought it was elegant. but looking at elizabeth’s gown was starting to make me second guess my choice of attire. i mean hell, she wasn’t even trying. she wore prada on her lazy days and here i was, thinking i went all out, wearing a plain black dress and flats to james’ most important event of the year. even james was taken with her gown, or rather, what was underneath

an unfaithful man was something james would never be, i knew this as a fact. but that didn’t stop his eyes from roaming about her figure. i could see elizabeth roll her eyes at him, clearly uninterested, confirming what i already knew to be true. 

they continued to talk and although i couldn’t hear them, i had no doubt her voice sounded like honey. i mean, the woman could quote a book about politics and still make it sound sexy. how is that even possible? 

taking a deep breath, i leaned back against the wall, letting myself slide down until i was finally just sitting. thoughts filled my mind, some were of betrayal, but mostly just insecurity. my thoughts of betrayal were immediately followed by thoughts of guilt. after all, it wasn’t like he actually cheated on me or did anything wrong. all he did was look at her, and how could he not? she was alluring in every aspect, the way she looked, the way she smelled, the way she moved, the way she felt, the way she talked. she was, in theory, his perfect match. 

“dearest? what are you doing on the floor in a dress?” 

suddenly, my thoughts froze as i noticed james’ black dress shoes planted in front of me. 

i could feel my cheeks burning at the awkward sensation of getting caught in such a…humiliating position.

“darling, how come you are not ready yet? the guests are about to arrive, and you are still not dressed properly!” james mumbled as he reached a hand out to me.

i felt my heart drop as his words roamed about my mind, replaying over and over again in a cruel, twisted form.

how come you are not ready yet?  

i thought i looked better than usual, but my temporary self-love had been crushed into pieces and now everything was scattered all over the floor. my feelings. my heart.

my gaze remained locked on his shoes as the unshed tears started to fill my (y/e/c) eyes.

“dearest?” james called again and gently touched my arms, frowning when i flinched away from his touch. “what is this nonsense!?”

he sunk his fingers in my skin and forcefully pulled me up so i was properly standing in front of him with my back pressed against the wall.

“now now, head right back to our suite and change into some lavishing, elegant dress.” he smiled and pointed his chin towards the countess. “perhaps, you might wish to use elizabeth as a reference.”

i felt my breath hitching, as if i was drowning myself in a damned mix of feelings. bitterness, hatred, sadness, jealousy…my body reacted as soon as my husband had finished his sentence.

my muscles tensed under his touch and the tears drifted down my cheeks like an overflowing sink. james’ eyes got wide as he tried to understand the situation, for he seemed lost. and that’s probably what had hurt the most.

he just didn’t know he’d said something hurtful…

james leaned forward and hugged me tightly, resting his chin on top of my head. my lips contorted in anger, and almost instantly, i brought my fists to his chest, frantically shoving him away from me, my hands colliding with his aimed wall of muscles.

he backed off, startled, his head slightly cracked to the side.

“my de-” as he tried to approach me again, i lifted one hand to stop him, which worked.

“fuck you.” my hands trembled in emotion as i signed.

james furrowed his eyebrows and straightened his broad shoulders. before he could say anything to protest, i started to sign again.

“take your queen with you, then.” i pointed my index finger at the countess, who held her chest as she witnessed our fight. “i am not good enough for you, anyway.”

i pushed him out of the way and scrambled out of the lobby with my face hid behind my hand. i quickly got into the elevator, instantly pressing the button to my floor.

before the golden doors were closed, i could hear the conversation between james and elizabeth…

“you fucked up, james. you really did. she was actually already ready. she just wanted to hear a compliment from you. you should hear yourself…what you said to lovely (y/n) was mean.”

“oh my goodness…what have I done?”

i stumbled out of the elevator into the dimly-lit hallways of the sixth floor, the tears staining my eyes turning my vision blurry, as my body shook with the cry emerging from my soul.

i brought my small arms to wrap around my pathetic frame out of instinct, as i suddenly felt the cold hitting me.

suddenly, i felt a large hand grasping my bicep and pulling me into a big wall of muscles. i gasped out of shock, my eyes unconsciously shooting up to meet bright blue orbs.

john lowe.

i could tell he was drunk by the way his eyelids were hanging slightly, and a little smirk was plastered across his lips. unconsciously, i tried to pull my arm away, but his grip was too tight.

“why are you crying, [Y/N]? has someone hurt you?” john reached his free hand to hold my other arm.  

i hung my head and shut my eyes. he shook me slightly to get my attention, making my heart race.

“it’s nothing.” I sheepishly signed, hoping it’d convince him.

john shook his head and pulled me into his arms, tightly wrapping his arms around my waist. i tried to squirm away, but he simply put more strength into the embrace.

“shhh, don’t waste your energy, [Y/N]. i gotcha, and i won’t be letting you go…” john’s voice had gained an incredibly dark tone all of the sudden, which caused the hairs on the back of my neck to raise. “you are upset because james keeps chasing after his former slut.” i gulped, trying my best to hold back the tears, that i am positive he knew i was holding. “hmm?” he tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear. “you’re hot, [Y/N]. you being mute…it kinda turns me on, you know?” a single tear had slipped down my cheek. “it means I can do whatever I want with you…”

right after he finished his sentence, he turned on his heels and shoved me, causing me to trip and hit my back against the hallway red wall, ripping a gasp out of me. john was quick to pin me there by grabbing my throat.

“you squeak, huh?” he whispered in my ear, seeming unfazed by my countless attempts at kicking him or shoving him off. “it’s not beautiful when they squeak, [Y/N]…”

when i tried to kick him again, he looped his arms underneath my thighs and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. the tears were now dropping freely from my [y/e/c] as he forcefully grinded his clothed bulge against me, placing disgusting sloppy kisses on my neck.

his hands were everywhere…

and i knew, that no matter how many showers i took after that, they’d never be enough to wash away all of the remnants of john lowe’s putrid.

“fuck…” he grunted as he dug his filthy nails in my breasts.

he was implacable. he was like a wild animal, yielding to the profane and animalistic carnal desire, which was only being increased by the absinthe running through his veins, intoxicating his system.

though john was not the most ferocious predator…

i gasped in surprise when he was suddenly yanked away from me. i wrapped my arms around myself as i stared at my savior.

it was james…

“ja-” john started, but he was cut off by my husband’s fist colliding with his jaw. john instantly brought his hand to hold the spot.

“what was this nonsense!?” james practically howled, his shoulders tense, his jaw clenched, his face red…john was in a lot of trouble. before he could answer, james grabbed the collar of his jacket and slammed him against the wall.

“you. shall. never. put. your. disgusting. hands. on. my. wife. ever. again.” with each bitter word, james gave john a punch on the face. by the time he was done, the detective was lying unconscious on the floor.  

james punched the wall in front of him, still completely outraged, causing me to flinch. i forced myself to walk towards him, because suddenly all of the rage i held towards him had melted. hesitantly, i placed my hand on his broad shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze to catch his attention.

as he let his gaze wander down my baffled frame, his eyes softened.

“darling, forgive m-”

i pressed my index finger against his lips before he could finish his sentence. i wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my cheek against his chest. james didn’t hesitate to hug me back. i cling to him, digging my nails into the black fabric of his suit.

“dearest, i am taking you back to our suite,” he whispered as he stroked my hair.

to his surprise, i shook my head and pulled away. heading towards john’s limp body, my lips trembled as i took in his defeated form. i shot james a quick glance over my shoulder. my eyes had acquired a sinister darker shade.

i turned on my heels so i was facing my husband.

“i need rope.” i coldly signed. “and a sledgehammer, please.”  

as his brain processed what was roaming my mind, a devious smirk broke through his face. clearing his throat, james bounced on his heels with his head slightly cracked to the side.

“splendid, darling! splendid!”

Another Chance

Summary: The reader ends up on a double date with Dean. Will they have a good time or will they drive themselves and everyone else crazy?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,979


“I can’t do this. I’m leaving your ass here. Call me when you need to be picked up!” You declare strongly, ignoring the sheer panic flashing across your best friend’s pretty features.

“Don’t you dare. Let’s go!” Jenny huffs theatrically, grabbing a hold of your bicep and refusing to set you free.

“I did not agree to this.” You whine dramatically making your best friend suddenly shoot daggers at you.

“You agreed to go on this double date! Come on, Y/N. This is my first date with Sam and I’m really nervous. I need a buffer.”

“I figured my date would be someone I actually like. Sam has so many cute friends and he picked his god damn brother. What the fuck?”

“Sam had someone picked out but then Dean said he wanted to go…” Jenny adds, casually avoiding eye contact.

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Ways To Kill Yourself

This is a random thing to say, but I hope that it gets across.


At the moment, this blog (which I’m honestly not really attached to at all) has 9 followers. If you have any more than I do, please, if 1/9 of you could spread this in any way possible, that’d be very helpful.

My friends have a very morbid and cruel sense of humor. As some sort of sick joke, one of them decided to look up “ways to kill yourself”.

As I had expected and hoped, the first result was the phone number for a suicide-prevention hotline. The second was an article entitled “7 Easiest Painless Ways of Killing Yourself”. When she clicked on it, there was a note stating that there are so many reasons to live, and my friend could not access the link connecting to the article (though I’m not sure if anyone else can).

The third result was an article of ways to kill yourself. No note, just cold, hard facts.

This is the worst I think I’ve ever felt.

Imagine how easily someone could do it. If it were the second or third thing that popped up on their computer screen when they were sitting on their bed with a rope or a gun next to them. It would be over in five minutes. Maybe even less.

I cannot look at these girls the same way ever again, knowing that, after reading the instructions on how to tie the right knots in silly accents and pretending to be principals and students in a school assembly reading out statistics, not one person could say that maybe what they were doing was ridiculously, terrifyingly fucked up.

And to the dim-witted authors who write articles instructing how to kill one’s self,

In an age where a generation of children cannot remember a time without smart phones or computer screens, please, please, just really think about exactly who you’re affecting. Because it sure as hell matters.

Imagine coming into a room to see your loved one dead in a closet.

Imagine looking at their face, lifeless and empty.

Imagine walking around the room, looking for the weapon they used.

Imagine coming across instructions on a screen.

The last thing they did before killing themselves would have been seeing those instructions on how to do so.


Please. Even if you have absolutely nowhere to turn but there, there’s a tunnel closer than you think to a better path for you. Tell someone, and they will help. It just has to be the right person. Telling them is going to be the hardest thing you will ever have to do, but it won’t be as hard as looking down on the life you could have had from up above. Tell someone you love and trust, and maybe practice it to your wall beforehand to steady yourself. Someone in the world loves you. Maybe travel to a new place in the world or think about things you could take up or accomplish from within a day to within ten years. Or maybe just dream. You weren’t born to take up space. You were brought into the universe to live a life.

I’m not dim, I know this probably won’t get anywhere far, even though I really hope it can.

And, nine followers, do you want to know why?

Because it’s not the third thing to appear on your google page under “ways to kill yourself”.

Blackout (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: Steve helps you when you come back to the tower drunk and he’s the first person to see you in that kind of state

Warnings: drunk!reader, light fluff

Marvel Masterlist II Prompt List (Requests Open)


Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

When Nat said the words ‘Girls Night Out’ you knew things were going to end badly. It had been a long week for everyone in the team and Nat was the one that wanted to take a load off. But she didn’t want to do it alone. And so, you let her drag you into a bar.

You had lost count of how many shots she made you take. Nat had just kept on handing them to you and even though you tried to turn them down, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. “I’m not getting drunk without you,” she would tell you.

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The Great Famine of Westeros: Or, why Sansa is on the right path. 

Sansa learned one thing growing up in the North. “Winter is coming.” (”Father always promised”) and what does that mean? Cold? Yes. Snow? Aye. The consequence? Everyone will starve if there are no provisions made during the summer. It’s like the story of The Grasshopper and the Ants. Think further ahead, think of the bad times coming, think of the food you will need when there is no food left outside. 

While we see the other two “Queens” assuming their money, dragons and other means of power will get them and their respective “people” through the Winter (and the fights to come), Sansa seems the only one asking the question: Is there enough food for everyone? 

After the loot train disaster, we can answer that question: No, there is not. 

And like many posters here have pointed out, this will become a bigger issue than a lot of people seem to realize. Currently, the precious provisions of food are being destroyed by the double force of ice (Winter) and fire (loot train barbecue fest). Possible food shortages had always been a problem in Westeros, like think back to the news at the beginning of the show that the long summer is over and the power players in KL discussing if there would be enough food (and deciding that the farmers will probably starve, but the city itself will be ok). 

So who will be affected by this? 

Kingslanding: Pretty sure they are going to suffer a different “fate” than starvation tbh (*dragons roaring in background*)

The Reach, the Westerlands, Crown lands etc: After all the food was demonstrably burned, this is the responsibility of both dumbass Queens Cersei (who rules over this land) and Daenerys (who wants to rule over this land, but conveniently burned her future “people”s food) 

The North and the Vale: Sansa rules the North and as far as I understood is also to some degree or by proxy in charge of the Vale with LF gone (please correct me if I’m wrong, but no one seems to take Sweetrobin serious as Lord of the Vale). She is therefore responsible for the welfare of all the Northerners and possibly the people of the Vale, as well as all the Wildlings who made it to this side of the Wall. Apart from training and preparing everyone for battle against the Night King and the WW, Sansa is heard making provisions and keeping track of the food for everyone in her charge. Whether she will manage to provide for everyone is questionable, but we have explicitly seen and heard her *try* to keep everyone fed. 

What makes this even more pivotal for the final outcome of the story is exactly reflected in Sansa’s last conversation with Ramsay: 

Even the most loyal subjects (Ramsay’s dogs) will turn on their ruler (master) when they are starving. 

I never thought of this scene as foreshadowing before, but now it seems absolutely obvious: 

Which queen will the people be loyal to? The one who wears the crown and owns lots of gold (none of which you can eat), the one who has two dragons and uses them to burn tons of good food that could have kept people alive…

…or the girl up North who asks: “Do we have enough food for everyone?” 

The Dragons looking for food in the “wrong” places had already been an issue in Meereen, so another question is, whose children will be the first to get eaten once the two dragons can’t find sheep and other meat. Similarly, does anyone actually think the Dothraki will be patiently waiting for Daenerys to “provide” food when they are starving? Hardly. 

There will be three battles in Season 8: one will be against the Night King – one will be for the Iron Throne — and one will be for the one thing they ALL need: food. 

And when everything is said and done: not only the North will remember that there was one Lady Stark who cared for her people not to go hungry - exactly like the one true and good Queen of Westeros would do. 

Breaking Curfew

Originally posted by straycuties

Genre: fluffy!! kinda but not really enemies to lovers?? ravenclaw prefect!seungmin, gryffindor!y/n

Word Count: 3,263

A/N: the first installment of my hogwarts au! i hope you enjoy reading as much as i enjoyed writing it (’: (plus this au should be a nice break from the angsty disaster that was the purge au fsakfja). also im dedicating this to my baby @softtrasshh bc its her birthday today and she voted for seungmin and his circle glasses ass!!! ily

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The Woman In The Purple Coat

The old woman comes every day at the same time and throws a handful of coins into his open violin case.

Then she gives him a wide, honest smile and listens to him play. With her head slightly crooked and her eyes closed. Devoutly.

She isn’t happy. He can see it. In the way she walks. Slightly bent down, as if she were carrying a heavy load. Powerless.
But she is there every day. Every day at the same time. And somehow, Sherlock gets used to her. Waits for her. Looks for her reddish hair and her purple coat in the crowd.

When the winter comes and his fingers tremble and burn in the freezing cold, she brings him a thermos full of hot tea and some homemade biscuits.
This is the first time she talks to him.
“It’s way too cold to stand out on the street, young man,” she says, frowning as she fills the cap of the thermo with tea and passes it to him.
“Thank you, Miss,” Sherlock says hoarsely, and the warmth of the tea is almost a shock after the hours of rattling cold. “I’m fine.”
She raises her eyebrows doubtfully, and lets her gaze wander over his figure.
He knows what she sees. The shadows on his pale face, the bloodshot eyes. The worn out jacket, which is too big for him. The shoes, which have more holes in them than the Swiss cheese in the window of the French Delicacies shop behind him.
He lowers his eyes and drinks the tea. He doesn’t want to see her pity.
“Where do you go when you’re done playing?” She suddenly asks gently. “Do you have a place to sleep?”
Sherlock hesitates with the answer. In the last few days he has had a very well sheltered place under a bridge. It’s not warm, nowhere is warm, but it is dry, and there are not as many rats as in his last shelter. He sleeps with his head on his violin case, full of fear that it could be stolen. His only source of income. All that remained to him. He could not bear to lose it.
“I’ll get along,” he says indeterminately to the woman, taking the biscuit she is offering him. “Thank you.”
She looks at him firmly and he has the unpleasant feeling that she could look right through him. As if she was looking beyond the wall, he had meticulously and painstakingly around himself. He avoids her gaze.
“You look like him,” she suddenly says in a strangely stifled tone.
He looks up, frightened, and sees that her friendly eyes are full of tears. He swallows. The situation makes him nervous. He wants to run away. Escape. But he is frozen in place.
The woman shakes her head and then she turns around, walking away quickly, a hand firmly pressed to her mouth.
Sherlock looks after her, the biscuit still in his hand, and does not quite know what to think of it.
So he eats the biscuit mechanically, it tastes of lemon and vanilla. Then he takes up his violin again.

Sherlock plays and plays until the darkness comes and takes away the colors of the world.
When the woman comes the next day and watches him play, her eyes are red and a bruise is decorating her right cheek.
He stumbles in his playing at the sight.
She stops before him, and gives him a timid smile. It doesn’t reach her eyes.
Sherlock plays the song to its end and doesn’t take his eyes from the conspicuous mark on her face. It registers all color nuances. The spotted red at the edges. The light blue in the middle, traversed by violet shimmers.
His fingers tighten around the bow as he feels the first touch of involuntary rage rising in him.
What bastard beats such a friendly, attentive woman? He asks himself grimly and bewildered.
Despite the winter cold, he gets boiling hot.
And yet he has no idea why he feels this way …

When he’s done, he drops the violin and watches her rummaging in her pocket for her purse.
The thoughts are racing through his head.
He should not ask her about it … it should not bother him … he can not help her. He can not even help himself. It’s not his problem. It is not his problem.
And yet he asks the question.
He just doesn’t know exactly why.

“Who did that?”

Her head goes up. Her eyes widen in surprise.
Her mouth opens and closes again.
She obviously didn’t expect the question.
“Who did that?” He asks again, and this time the woman involuntarily touches the bruise on her cheek gently with her fingertips.
“Oh, that … I’ve stumbled against something while I was cleaning the flat,” she says half-heartedly, and Sherlock doesn’t believe her. “I am very clumsy, you know,” she continues.
He snorts.
“A friend of my mother said the same for a long time. Until her lover broke her arm and beat her bloody,” he says dryly, and she shakes her head hastily.
“It’s not like that,” she mutters. Then she finds her purse and rummages through it. She hastily throws all the coins she has into his case, and then she goes away without another word.
Slightly bent down, as always. As if she wants to make herself smaller than she really is …

Sherlock frowns.
When the woman comes the next day, he doesn’t play.
He sits on the ground and holds his right arm. It’s broken. Certainly.
Blood drips from his nose to his lip, slowly and steadily.
He stares at his violin case with empty eyes. The case is useless now.
Because the violin is gone. And without a violin, there is no money in the case.
It’s the first time Sherlock seriously thinks about the golden shot.
He would have enough cocaine left for it.
Simply dissolving into the atmosphere would now be a relief.
Simply disappear …
People hurry past him and their shadows fall on his huddled figure.
At some point it begins to rain.
Sherlock hardly feels the slight drops. He also barely feels the pain in his arm. There seems to be no place in his body that doesn’t hurt. And so everything has become a muffled fog.
Suddenly, a shadow doesn’t pass, but remains standing in front of him.
And talks.
“Oh, no, my dear boy, what happened?”
She kneels in front of him and lifts his chin, and he looks into worried, bright eyes.
It’s the woman who listens to him every day.
The woman with the bruise on her face.
She takes a handkerchief from somewhere and holds it to his bleeding nose. He lets her do it. He is too stunned to do anything.
“What happened?” She asks again.
Yes, what happened?
Blurred shadows in his head … people. Screaming. Aggressive. There were…
“Too many,” he muttered dizzyly. The blow he had gotten to his head was probably harder than he had initially assumed. “They have … my violin … Going to sell it somewhere probably.”
A sharp pain strikes him at these words …
His violin … The last thing that had reminded him of better times.
He lost it.
It is gone.
All has gone so fast.
He can feel tears in his eyes. He blinks them away.
“Oh no,” the woman murmurs in front of him, still resolutely holding the handkerchief to his nose. “No, no, no … these terrible people.”
Her gaze falls on his shapeless right arm. She breathes sharply through her nose.
“The arm must be treated,” she says to herself, shaking her head. The handkerchief is soaked with blood.
The rain gets stronger. The people walk faster, throwing only glances of astonishment at the two figures on the ground.
The woman looks up at the gray sky, then at Sherlock, and shakes her head.
“You can’t stay here. You’ll catch your death.”
Sherlock laughs bitterly.
"Catch my death …” he gasps. “That would be preferable, yes.”
“Don’t be silly, my boy,” she says sternly, taking the handkerchief away. “Life doesn’t only consist of bright moments. There are always some rain clouds. But they will drift away again. Sometime. And now come with me. We must get you out of this rain and to a doctor. I know someone who can help us without making too much trouble …”
He’s too weak to protest in any way.
Too dazed and exhausted to get rid of her as she pulls him to a stand at his healthy arm.
He stumbles up and follows her through the rain keeping his head down.
“Martha Hudson, by the way,” she says to him at some point.
“Sherlock,” he murmurs dizzyly. “Sherlock Holmes.”
In the next few days, Sherlock learns a lot about Mrs. Hudson.
He learns about her son, who looked a lot like him. Who died in a car crash a long time ago.
He learns about her abusive husband, who isn’t in London most of the time. He finds out a lot about this husband. Things, that eventually results in the husband’s arrest and execution in the US. After that, Mrs. Hudson never walks bent down again. 
He learns about her own problems with drugs in the past.
He moves into the empty flat in her building.
Sometimes, he still plays the violin for her.
Sometimes, they sit together and talk about the good and bad sides of life.
Sometimes, they play music on the old radio in her flat and dance to it. She giggles and he smiles.
They become family.

The violinist and the woman in the purple coat.

My version of their first meeting.
I noticed that I never wrote a first meeting of Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson before! So now, here it is. I hope you like it.

Corrected by my wonderful beta @bakerstreet-irregular <3

Tags are under the cut. Did I forget you, or do you want to be tagged in future works? Tell me :)

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Double Agent Vader fic: The Slave Who Makes Free

This is another story that skips around in the timeline. I am getting closer to Bespin, I swear, but before we can get there I needed to establish some things about Anakin, Luke, the Tatooine freedom trail, and several other minor characters - and all the ways they’re connected.

The first scene here takes place about five years after Shape-Changer and Words in the Heart. The final scene takes place when Luke and Leia are about 11.

In which Palpatine makes the mistake of sending Vader back to Tatooine, Anakin builds a scanner, we finally learn the old Grandmother’s name, quite a lot of people escape from slavery, Luke Skywalker has been a rebel most of his life, and the often-mentioned Captain Altor finally makes an appearance. And there are quite a lot of Ekkreth stories.

There’s a lot of Amatakka in this one. The translations should be pretty clear from context, but if anything’s confusing, feel free to ask me.

Warnings for: slavery, transphobia, misgendering, threatened dog attacks, serious injury, mention of blood, body horror

The Slave Who Makes Free

Listen, children, here is a story.

Once, long ago, as Ekkreth was going along, they passed by Depur’s palace and saw the people there hard at work, building a great cage of metal and stone. And Depur’s enforcers drove them cruelly, so their groans filled the air.

Then Ekkreth took a shape like a wealthy merchant, and stopping beside the chief enforcer they asked, “What is it you are building here, and why do your slaves groan so loudly?”

The enforcer saw that he was addressing a rich outlander, and so he answered respectfully. “They are building a cage, sir,” he said. “And when it is completed we will lock them away in it when their day’s work is done. For they are a rebellious lot, and too many have tried to run away.”

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Originally posted by ethanhes

won’t cross my heart | ethan dolan x reader

she fill my mind up with ideas

summary: you never could have prepared yourself for half of the situations you’ve gotten into. meeting ethan dolan at a party? and actually hitting it off with him? certainly not one of those situations.

a/n: this is my first story in awhile so 🥰 it gets a lil smutty bc sinning with ethan is a dream. lemme know what you guys think!!

hope i make it out of here

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