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TVLine | Outlander Stars React to [Spoiler]'s Death and [Spoiler]'s Reappearance
By Kimberly Roots

As much as we appreciate Outlander‘s devotion to Diana Gabaldon’s novels, we’rereally OK with the decision to part with the source material in this week’s episode.

TVLINE | Murtagh is alive!

SAM HEUGHAN | Yeah! It is a departure from the books, and I think people are going to like it. He’s a great character… He’s such a fan favorite.

TVLINE | But he’s not doing so well when we first see him.

HEUGHAN | Yeah. There’s a responsibility for Jamie there in prison now, and he doesn’t really want the responsibility. He’s trying to live a simple life in the shadows and not deal with anything, but constantly he’s being forced to stand for the men or to look after Murtagh. So once again he’s forced into the situation of being responsible for people… Then, when he hears the story that there’s this white lady that possibly could be here, I mean, he knows it’s foolish but he can’t help himself but go and look for her. And I think that’s the point, when he gets to the island, he swims out there and he realizes what an idiot he’s been. It’s like ‘Oh, I’ve been fooling myself. She is actually gone.’ It’s very sad, but I think that’s why he can then tell John Grey about her, you know, because he’s like, oh, there’s some sort of piece there, some sort of consideration that okay, that’s part of my life which is over.

TVLINE | And then even when he starts to build a friendship with John Grey, even that falls apart after Grey makes his overture.

HEUGHAN | You know, that whole chess game was interesting, and I think it’s because Jamie is very wary of him. He has the Black Jack Randall, Redcoat [thing] hanging over him. But he starts to find a respect for John Grey, and that moment when his hand is touched, it’s terrifying for Jamie because of what’s happened to him before, and the power that John Grey has. But also he’s more terrified of what he will do to John Grey. It’s sad for him. He’s like, ‘Oh, I thought that you were a friend or something, that we could have a friendship. And actually, maybe you want something else from me.’ And that’s really sad, you know?



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Sherlock x reader. Mycroft thinks Sherlock new girlfriend has history with self harm. Cutting her self and burning herself. But it turned out to be an abusive ex that Sherlock is fighting against. This name was James Moriarty.

Warnings: mentions of self harm and abuse.

“Tea, Mycroft?” You asked the eldest Holmes brother. He was over at 221B trying to convince Sherlock to take a certain case.

“No thank you,” He replied. “I had some earlier.”

“Okay.” You continued to make a cup of tea for yourself and Sherlock. You had been dating the famous Sherlock Holmes for around a month however no one knew until last week when John and Mrs Hudson walked in on you both asleep on the settee in each other’s arms. Although John teased you about it, he was worried as he did not want you to get hurt. You made them promise not to tell. John kept the secret but Mrs Hudson couldn’t contain herself. She’d made a bet with Lestrade on whether you and Sherlock would hook up. She won of course. She’d always adored you both and she was a huge shipper of you both. You knew she wouldn’t keep the secret but it was worth a try. In approximately 32 minutes, you phone was bombarded with texts from your friends. All of which were concerning Sherlock. Mycroft was not surprised. He could tell his brother had fallen for you. Mycroft was disappointed with him for caring but he was glad he was happy. You were lovely so he was happy with his brother’s choice of partner despite you not being as intelligent as them. There was one problem though as Mycroft thought you were a self harmer. He had caught glimpses of burns and scars up your arms and he could tell you were trying to hide them. Little did he know…



“Ah you came!” Mycroft said with a fake smile plastered to his face as his brother walked through the door.

“Well it is particularly hard to avoid your demands,” He replied and sat down in the chair opposite Mycroft at his desk.

“So, brother mine, have you decided to take me case?”

“Both you and I know that that is not why I’m here. What am I here for?”

Mycroft sighed. “There is something you should know. Y/N… Well… I have reason to believe she self harms.”

Sherlock paused. “I know. I know that she does.”

Mycroft analysed Sherlock. “You’re lying.”

“Why would I lie?”

“You’re not telling me something. She doesn’t self harm does she?”

Sherlock sighed. “Before I met her, which was three years ago, she was in a terrible state. Y/N had been abused by her former boyfriend. John and I had managed to make her feel safer and secure but she was still emotionally scarred. She was wary when she first dated me but she seemed to have been fine. That was until I mentioned the name of her ex after coming across him. At the time, I did not realise who it was but when she broke down, I worked it out.”

“And this man was?”

“James Moriarty.”

“For Christ’s sake.” Mycroft put his head in his hands. This would not be easy.

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Headcanon: John Watson x Holmes!Reader???

Dating John Watson as a Holmes:

  • “Are there any other siblings you’ve been hiding from me, Sherlock?” “Nope, I assure you y/n is the last one, John.”
  • You being just as intelligent as Sherlock, but more compassionate, which John is surprised by.
  • Him always being wary at first whenever you’re being really sweet or showing PDA, because he thinks it’s some joke or prank that Sherlock has set up.
  • “You do realize my brothers don’t control everything I do, right?” “…did Sherlock tell you to say that?” 
  • Eventually warming up to you, and him genuinely enjoying your company.
  • Gradually, you end up being all John talks about to Sherlock, who gets annoyed.
  • “y/n is just so lovely, why can’t you be more like them, Sherlock?” “Oh, shut up, John.”
  • John trying to do all these things to impress you when you join him and Sherlock on a case, but it never usually works.
  • “…that’s an interesting deduction, John.” “You’ve already thought of it, haven’t you.” “Yeah, and it’s impossible. But kudos to you for trying.”
  • Sherlock is eventually the one who asks you out for John, because John gets too anxious to do so.
  • (Of course, you’ve already deducted John’s crush on you ages ago, but you just never bring it up)
  • Him getting annoyed when you and your brothers can just exchange one look and know what the other is thinking.
  • So you guys start giving each other looks that don’t mean anything, but just doing it to annoy John.
  • Always trying to be really sweet and romantic on dates, which Sherlock usually ruins by dragging the two of you on a case, but you just think John looks cuter when he’s flustered.
  • Him always telling you how lucky he is to have you.