which is why i'm on the internet so much

Maybe the reason why the majority of woc (especially those living in poverty) don’t connect with tumblr radical feminism is because yall spend time arguing over things that really aren’t at all relevant to our lives. Sitting on the internet arguing about how the concept of motherhood upholds patriarchy does just about nothing for black and brown women who are single mothers living in poverty which is the reality for most of the women I know. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m so disillusioned with radical feminism - too much theoretical “analysis” that is so far removed from our lived experiences.


@bergliot-manner said: ST OP OH MY GOD and Goshiki is so flustered to be caught drooling he accidentally wipes his face on Shirabu’s back in a panic. His hair fluffs up like Ghibli and he just pulls his shirt over his head to muffle his embarrassed groaning.

While getting Goshiki all embarrassed is super cute and does weird things to Shirabu’s heart, he doesn’t like him feeling like he’s being a nuisance or anythng like that, so the next time Shirabu finds Goshiki drooling on him, he just wipes his face with a tissue before gently waking him up.

Shirabu probably carries around a pack of tissues because he has a leaky little boyfriend sometimes.  He always sneezes all over his hands and he drools in his sleep and he tears up when he gets too excited about something.  He probably carries around Goshiki’s favorite hard candy too so if he ever gets too excited, Shirabu just hands him one and his attention turns to not biting the candy into pieces rather than screaming in Shirabu’s ear.

But that rarely happens because Shirabu really likes to listen to Goshiki talk.  He has a very nice rambling voice, so even if he’s not talking about anything in particular, its still just nice to listen to the way his voice sounds.  Sometimes Shirabu has to fight falling asleep when Goshiki is going on and talking so much around him.  And its not because he’s bored (which is why he fights to stay awake, he doesnt want Goshiki to think he’s bored of him), but rather, Goshiki’s voice just calms him down and lulls him to sleep.

They have been found sleeping on each other before.  Shirabu lulled to sleep by Goshiki’s voice, and Goshiki drooling all over Shirabu’s shoulder.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I've never sent you a message but you're the only thing on the internet I check up on on a daily basis. I've been doing this for what feels like ages. Your posts are truly terrific. It's difficult to find stuff that's really disturbing and I find it a drag to search. Not even mentioning the weird internet/google search history you will obtain, which is exactly why I'm thankful for this blog. Anyways! Figured I'd show some love after such a long time. Hope you have a nice day!

Thank you so much. These mean so much to me and it’s sort of corny but I used to save all these nice messages and look back at them when I was sad. ❤🎀

Mind = Blown

Today is a “Blue Moon” because it’s the second full moon in a month. It’s called a “Blue Moon” because it’s something that rarely happens, that’s why people always refer to something absurd happening as “once in a blue moon” so according to my logic, that means if Frank Ocean were to drop his album today it can be understood as “Frank Ocean drops albums once in a blue moon” which makes soooo much sense because it RARELY HAPPENS. If this was Frank Ocean’s plan all along then I seriously applaud him for being the biggest troll on the Internet.

Cheers, you mysterious Tumblr-radar-editor-people!

May I say, that I love you? Because I do! And - in case I meet you somewhere in a dark alley - I will cuddle the living hell out of you, you beautiful people!

Let me have a glass on you! And in case you want to, click on the following link, which totally describes, what I am feeling right now:


ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDD: Thank you all out there for all the notes! I’m more than grateful! That’s why I wear my internet-hat.

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