which is why i multi ship her

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I am a white female and I honestly do not know who I am or what I want. And yet I find my self so connect with Kat. I've never felt this way with any f/f ship. I think I relate to Kat because she also isn't sure of herself. Kat has people in her life who are there for her & understanding and I don't. There are so many things Things this show talks bout Which is why this show needs to be renewed. Not just because Kadena is effin goals but because it shows people even if your 21 it's ok to not kno

Exactly! the characters are multi dimensional which makes them real and very relatable. i also really liked how even though kat is this confident girl that goes after what she wants, she still has insecurities–she doesnt have all the answers and its honestly so refreshing. thanks for sharing anon!