which is why i love it so much

i’ve seen ghostbusters three times at the movies now, and i kinda just want to talk about why i loved it so much for a second or two.

it was a complete breath of fresh air to walk into the cinema and see a group of women (of different shapes, sizes, colours, might i add) on that screen supporting each other, having one another’s backs, saving an entire city together. there was absolutely no gratuitous scenes involving sex, nudity, relationships and whatever other bullshit hollywood likes to throw into female roles. no, it was just four ordinary women being passionate about something they loved, and that’s exactly one of the reasons why i love this movie so much. little girls are going to walk into theatres across the globe and see women up there who have dedicated their entire lives to something which EVERYONE else looked down on. they’re going to see four different women: a teacher, who was picked on as a kid for being ‘different’ and is extremely goofy, caring and loveable, a queer nerdy scientist who adores making machinery and fighting ghosts and will never apologise to anyone for it, a woman of colour who works in a subway station and has an insane interest in history and reading and busting ghosts, and a dedicated ghost lover who’s devoted her entire life to finding paranormal creatures when so many people tore her down. and she proved those bitches wrong. people of all ages and genders (but especially those little girls) finally have the chance to see women up there, kicking ass for a full 1 hour and 57 minutes with no catch. no relationships. no sex. just straight up girl power. 

also, they’ll get to see a woman openly flirt with another woman. an openly gay actress. a character who is gay (well, i’m assuming, along with the rest of the internet) is just living her life, and her sexuality isn’t explicitly mentioned once, or is the sole purpose of her character. she’s busting those ghosts, while subtly flirting with everyone, wearing whatever clothes she fuckin wants to, because she can. it’s just so refreshing to sit in a theatre and see someone so accurately close to yourself up there in a family movie. 

girls being there for other girls is so important to me in terms of seeing it on the big screen. holtzmann was consistently supportive and protective of erin, especially after hearing how she’d been dismissed as a child, abby and erin put their tiny disagreement behind them and reminisced and laughed and cared and didn’t leave each other for a second time, and patty. well. she was just a fucking star. a complete angel. “kids is mean man, i believe you.”

another thing which i loved, even as a gay woman, yes, was chris hemsworth’s character. one of the only male lead characters in the movie was portrayed as a complete and utter goofy dork. it was so incredible to see these woman kick ass SO hard, and then have the contrast of kevin in the background. and despite his many, many flaws, at the end of the day, the women still went back to save their ridiculously dorky receptionist, even if he did suck really hard at his job, because they were a family.

holtzmann’s speech. erin saving her friends with the swiss army knife jillian gave her. abby and erin having a moment in the middle of a fucking vortex. holtzmann singing her little “abby come and get ya sandwich” song. patty’s knowledge of new york city. “i believe the word we’re looking for is apocalypse”. “oh god, i can only think of soup. what else is good in the world? um. salad.”  the cameos from the original ghostbusters cast. cecily strong’s little role, another amazing snl cast member. the whole “cat out of the bag” thing. fucking ozzy osbourne. 

go and support this movie. prove those weird men (who sit at home and write creepy imdb reviews all day) wrong. loose yourself for a few hours in the shitty year that is 2016, because this movie is important. it’s everything. it’s the year 2040, and our president is a plant.

ankkiela  asked:

Hi! I really love and admire your art (I kinda wanna express emotions through art like you) and after seeing that you made some religious-themed works I was curious: are you religious? If so, why or why not? (Sorry in advance if you find this nosy)

Thanks, and nope I’m an atheist. I was raised going to church though, so I’ve always had a fascination with religion. The stories in the bible are so incredibly strange and fucked up, I loved reading them when I was a kid. Now it doesn’t have any place in my life, I believe in being a good person because it’s the right thing, but I can understand why so many people are drawn to it. I also enjoy doing paintings based in art history, much of which is deeply entrenched with religion.

Admirer | Jimin, You

Okay, I actually loved writing this so there probably will be a part two :)

Pairing: Jimin, You

Genre: College Au, Fluff

Words: 1336

Summary: You called it a celebrity crush which would only explain why you thought you would never meet

Originally posted by jjks

You didn’t really know that much about him. All you knew was that he was a year older than you, studying in the Performing Arts section of your College which was next to your department. He had a few friends, whom you saw him hanging with all the time, he apparently was an amazing dancer and could sing. Another thing you knew about him was that one of his classes finished right during your break, and during that time you would reside in the library spot next to the window – the window facing the exit to his room obviously – and just watch as he walked out, sometimes his friends running up behind him and swinging their arms around his neck and  pulling him into a headlock, making them fall into fits of laughter, and other times he would exit by himself, swaggering down the path with two hands in his pockets, enjoying the lively and colourful view in front of him. You didn’t know what to call your admiration for him, but you settled for a celebrity crush. And it was true, in the fact that you wouldn’t ever have a chance with him, and that you spent several hours in the week thinking about him, looking at him. Although you didn’t really know much about him, there was something you knew for certain which was that man was he easy on the eyes. On a good day he wore a simple shirt, and black skinny jeans, often ripped at the knees, with sneakers or timberlands and a snapback on his head. When he wasn’t wearing a cap over his head, you guessed that originally he had his brown hair styled in a middle parting because when he left his studio, it was all dishevelled and messy, but still looked 100% as good, if not better. When his friends would join him and he laughed with them, you were able to see how his eyes shrunk to little slits and his wide smile caused your heart to flip completely over itself.

It just made you wish you could meet him properly one day.

Just once.

Today, when you sat next to the window and waited for him to leave his department block, you didn’t see him leave. It was weird for you because you remember that every day for the past year he had left that building at that time without fail. You waited a little longer, because there was always that possibility that he was slightly late. When he didn’t show up in the next half hour, you slowly packed up your things and left the library.

What am I doing?

You thought to yourself as you found your feet walking their way to the performing arts department.

Why am I doing this?

You didn’t have a good feeling about his absence and you wanted to check that everything was okay.

There was no harm in that… right?

You were just being a genuine, caring person.

Like anybody else would be.

As you pushed open the heavy door that lead to the countless recording studios and dance practice rooms, you strode up the hallway, your head peeking into every room to check if he was inside.

All the rooms were dark, and you didn’t like that this was the way you were being introduced to the studio for the first time, especially with its eerie and chilling atmosphere. But you quickened your pace when you saw a small light illuminating the room farthest down the corridor and held your breath, standing at the doorway. The door was left slightly ajar and so you peeked your head in, widening your vision to see what was inside.

You refrained from gasping when you saw the back of someone wearing a white singlet and black skinny jeans, but of course, his singlet was drenched in sweat. The music started playing, and it was as if a gear turned in him because he suddenly started moving, and moving vigorously. He moved like water transformed by music, flowing in graceful arcs, limbs in constant motion, painting a picture sound alone can never achieve. His dance brought a wordless interpretation of the beats, of the soft strings, in a way the people watching could understand no matter what language they spoke. While watching, you found something about dancing you had never realised before, and that was in a way his dance wasn’t simply movement, but the most honest form of communication you knew.

You thought: Isn’t that how we humans are, saying what we think we ought but showing how we truly feel in our art?

When the music stopped, you slowly retreated back, behind the door, ready to leave. The reason you came here in the first place was to check on the guy, and not only did you get your answer but you also got to watch him dance, and it was truly a gift.

You saw a glimpse of him as he sunk to the floor after grabbing his water bottle, before you walked away but-

“Why don’t you come out now?” you heard him call from inside the practice room.

You froze.

Is he talking to me?

“Yes, you,” he called again, as if he could read your mind, “I would like to see the face of the one stalking me.”

“I wasn’t sta-” you burst in the room to correct him but stopped when you saw him watching you from the mirror, a smug smile plastered across his face.

“You weren’t?” he turned around and looked up at you, standing up to be in eye level.

You dropped your head, trying not to make eye contact with him.

All you were thinking was God how can someone look so amazing while sweating like he was?

“Are you a Dance student?” he asked, leaning down to peer at your face, “I haven’t seen you before.”

And yet I’ve seen you so much.

You shook your head. “I’m not a Dance student.”

“Then… Music?”

You shook your head again.

“Uhm… Drama?” he was running out of choices when he just sighed and asked, “What do you study here?”

If you told him, that would mean you give up your ‘not a stalker’ image.

“You don’t want to tell me…” he said after your reply of silence. “Hm… I wonder why that would be… stalker.”

“I’m not a stalker!” you defended yourself, “I just came to check if you were oka-”


He chuckled at you and ran his fingers through his hair.

Seeing him do this from afar was brutal enough, but seeing him do it right in front of you didn’t help your anxiety levels.

“Okay, I major in Biology, okay, happy?”

“Biology,” he mused, his eyebrows lifting, “Somebody from the other side of the spectrum, well hello there.”

You bit your smile back; He was actually pretty cute too.

“I was going to ask you why you were here, but I guess you’re pretty persistent on the ‘not a stalker’ image.”

“I’m not a-”

“Yeah, yeah,” he rolled his eyes and you furrowed your eyebrows. “Well, I got to get back to practice, so if there anything you would like, not a stalker?”

“No,” you shook your head and bowed your head, “Sorry to intrude.”

Before you left the room, you got a quick peek at his amused smile before you glued your eyes to the floor as you walked out.

While you were about to exit the department altogether, something in you made your body turn around and sprint back to the practice room he was in and there was nothing in you that could stop yourself.

You burst in back through the doors and startled him while he was in the middle of dancing, staring at you wide-eyed.

“I…” you began to speak and cleared your throat, “I realised I never got your name…”

“Oh,” he smiled, turning around to face you and you almost melted right there and then, “I’m Jimin. Park Jimin.”

Fic: How to Create a Circuit Breaker (Abby Yates & Jillian Holtzmann gen, PG13)

Title: How to Create a Circuit Breaker

Fandom: Ghostbusters 2016

Characters: Abby Yates & Jillian Holtzmann

Summary: In which Holtzmann is still jittery about her encounter with possessed Abby, and Abby helps to settle those jitters.

Author’s Notes: I don’t know why I needed to write platonic hurt/comfort consensual choking fic as my entry piece for this fandom, but I did, and I’ve written it, and I love all of these girls so much it is ridiculous.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7597561

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which are the couples who you prefer and why?

Merder : they were my first otp and probably always will be. I didn’t like Derek all that much, he was often too arrogant and presumptuous, yet Meredith and Derek worked SO well together I still miss him a lot and there’s a part of me that dreads Meredith moving on and finding someone else (even though I want her to) because that was just too perfect in its imperfection.

Slexie : I just loved them to bits and still think they are one of grey’s truest, most reliable couples ever. they never stopped loving each other, it was just a wrong place, wrong time kind of issue that separated them.

Crowen : when it happened I wanted nothing more than Cristina finding someone better than Burke. Owen was a mysterious guy coming out of nowhere, stapling himself and taking icicles from her chest and kissing her like that. It was magical. they were perfect until real life happened and it all went down the toilet. Crowen was awesome balls until the pregnancy/abortion storyline, after that I just desperately wanted Cristina to be happy and not hurt and back then Owen was the one hurting her, so…

Calzona : does it need explaining? I think I spent season eleven convinced they were still together and season twelve convinced they were getting back together in the finale. seriously, history was made by those two.

Teddy/Henry : they were just the cutest and I miss them, but Teddy in particular, so damn much. as a whole it was a storyline that was so genuine and Henry was such an awesome character, I truly do miss them.

Omelia : let’s just say I love Amelia and when she came on the show (knowing what she’d been through in pp) I wanted her to find happiness, whatever that meant. the potential with her and Owen was there and I do love the on and off thing they do because it resonates with their growth and characters, but we’ll see, as long as Amelia’s happy, I’m happy.

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I love the fact that you are reading the broadchurch novel in German. But at the same time I have to ask: why?? I did watch Broadchurch in German and it is rather uncomfortable. Ellie just loses so much in her voice. and Hardy doesn't sound scottish anymore (which is the worst).

short answer: I’m garbage

long answer: because I’m an absolute beginner at German and I need to learn it fast for academic reasons and this is the only way I can force myself to study

because I’m garbage 

SO, AS THE IMAGE EXPLAINS, THIS IS ME SPREADING POSITIVITY. I’ve done this before and it really worked out well in the walking dead fandom. I did a promo train, in which, everyone can reblog and put down a rper who needs some love tonight, who you admire, or just think is so AWESOME that they just needed to be reminded again. Now, why I did this? Well back in the walking dead fandom, there was hate and some doubt about each others writing. Let me just say, don’t you ever think your a burden, your portrayal isn’t good enough, and you should NOT delete. Ignore the nasty anon’s because this is suppose to be fun. ( ship who you want to ship, do as much crack if you want, and don’t let some jerk tell you what to do because they can’t do it off anon…even than..there still jerks ) 

bonus —————— those who write oc’s are fantastic! you put just as much effort as canon writers or even more. to create such a wonderful character that comes to life.

@gothamyti @ofconfinement @phoenixbred @weiirdwitch @mutxntrage @krivicudo @massivesncb @impotensterra @txssxract @themxdtitan @instinctsarebad @ofeterniiity @ofentrcpy @cxeruleus @verpiissdiich @missperegcine @miimicked

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I'm rewatching Bones again and I'm curious which are your top 5 seasons in partuculare order. I think mine are 9, 5, 1, 3, 8. And which season you don't like so very much and why? I love some episodes from season 6, but the season i don't like so much, maybe the episodes after Hannah. But watching Bones so hurt , i don't know, I didn't like it very much. I think it's my least favourite.

Wow, your list is pretty good, mine would be very similar, but I’m not sure. I know S9 would go first, let’s be honest, as a die-hard B&B fan, that season is heaven for me, but it’s great in my other ways. S6 is tough but without the Hannah episodes (I mean the one she’s physically present, with the exception of The Doctor In The Photo of course) it’s actually a pretty interesting season IMO. I love it. I mean, it’s not my favourite, obviously, though episodes 6x15, 6x16, 6x21, 6x22 are some of the very best episodes of the show ever, at least in my opinion. I always think of a quote from Pride and Prejudice “a girl likes to be crossed in love a little now and then. It is something to think of, and gives her a sort of distinction among her companions”, I don’t know if that’s just girls or simply people in general, but I think there’s something about having characters go through really tough times, especially when it’s love related (if it makes sense, of course) because it gives you something to agonize over, lol, and I think sometimes people enjoy the angst, you can like listen to very sad love songs and think about your OTP, lol, that’s part of the fun. So there’s definitely something about it, but of course I wouldn’t go back now that we have B&B happily married.

I’d say my least favourite are… S7 and 10, not to say I don’t like them, I do, just less than others, I mean, we have so many seasons! I just think these are a little weaker. In S7 in particular, I have some issues with certain aspects of the pregnancy storyline, certain ways things were done, and some of the cases… I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with S10, it just feels a little less engaging compared to some other seasons. S1 will forever have that special feel to it because they are all just babies and the nostalgia is strong! Then there’s season 2 which has special meaning to me, since that’s what I first saw of that show and IMO it has some of the strongest episodes if we’re talking about cases, and the Hodgela stuff is awesome and B&B have so many amazing moments! But at the same time, there’s Booth dating Cam, and Brennan dating Sully, plus I feel like B&B are jumping from being nice to each vs kind being jerks to each other and I don’t always know why, lol (there are episodes where I get it, like 2x17, but sometimes I don’t). Season 3 is super fun! I love that season. S8 and S11 are great, I think they’re probably on the same level for me. I think Season 5 is also a little angsty and takes me back to the quote about having something to think of and go crazy about, but more from Booth’s POV, while S6 is Brennan’s. There’s something really good about that season. And season 4, I think, is where the show became a little different, a little lighter, even the cases seem a little less serious from the first three, I don’t have particularly strong feelings about S4, I’m neither here nor there. But it’s easily as good as any season.

I’m not really answering your question, the problem is I’m not sure, what would be my Top 5 seasons (except for S9 taking the first place, as I’ve already stated). I’m probably the least decisive person ever! I’m sorry, I can’t do better, lol. 

wntersoldier  asked:

I really love your blog and I couldn't agree with you more about Jared. I am so sick and tired of having to justify why I like him :(

Thank you, so much. You don’t have to justify shit. His haters are ridiculous. Try not to take them seriously. I’m not really gonna be on here much anymore. At least not until Justice League and pretty much the entire DCEU is no longer “cancelled”, which I’m guessing will be never, because, well…this is Tumblr. The word forgiveness or redemption isn’t recognized. But I will definitely pop my head in on August 6, to watch all the Jared Leto antis losing their shit, because everyone (outside of Tumblr) is praising his performance. Get the popcorn ready, y'all.

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Hey! Underrated fic coming up. it's Loose me from hard care by gaydarwilliams . I don't understand why this fic only has 100 kudos... It's ancient Rome it's gripping, well written and just pretty amazing. Thks for being you. You rock

loose me from hard care (and all my heart cares to accomplish) by gaydarwilliams (millbot)

i actually really love history fics so i’ll definitely look at this one. i agree tho, a lot of underrated fics don’t get much kudos and comments and it confuses me too. i think it’s mainly the au idea - like ancient rome, for some reason it’s not a popular one (which i don’t get, but it’s probably because i like history and i know some people don’t) 

about the queen

let’s get started

  • um
  • hello alien
  • my name is athena
  • nice to meet ya
  • now i get asked question frequently in private
  • so i thought i should just answer them all
  • right here
  • right now

Who the hell are you?

  • that is an excellent question that deserves an excellent answer
  • again, athena
  • 17 years old, almost eighteen
  • born on october 30
  • going on to college
  • kpop whore supreme
  • i am a hoe in a bunch of hoes
  • i’ve been crowned the queen of hell
  • bow down
  • no, jk jk
  • i’m your mommy
  • so love me please
  • <3

Do you take requests?

  • no, i currently don’t. 
  • only because it typically can take me days, weeks, sometimes even months to write any type of fic. 
  • not to mention, i usually have writers block, so that’s why. 
  • i have a to-do list of all the things i need to accomplish
  • but that’s pretty much it until another request day
  • which probably won’t happen in a couple months
  • so please be patient and be respectful of my pace. 

Can you help me on a fic?

  • i will try my best, but i have been writing for a couple of years now
  • not on Tumblr exactly, but i have been writing for quite a while
  • i can try my best to help, but i can help with certain topics and key points
  • although, i am not good with plots and things, i’m cool with little details. 

What/Who do you write about?

  • i write scenarios of multiple genres
  • like adventure to fluff to smut
  • although i’m totally not experienced, i try to write good smuts but fail 
  • i personally don’t think they’re good
  • i usually write stuff when I’m bored
  • sometimes it’s good, other times it’s cringe-worthy
  • but as for who i write about
  • it’s typically seventeen, bts, got7, and exo. 
  • i’m hoping to do some girl groups soon 
  • cuz i’m a hoe.
  • and for the girl groups, for far it’s f(x)
  • they slay my soul so haaarddd.

Can you link me to your masterlist?

Why do you refer to @kawaiimikachu as your mommy?

  • bc i fucking want to
  • she’s a lot of things to me
  • she’s my unnie, mommy, daddy, hedgehog, main hoe, wife, love and my kitten
  • if you’ve got a problem with that
  • speak now or forever hold you tongue
  • i’m happily married to my savage wife
  • we have an amazing family with gifts to uphold to the kids

Who are your biases/bias groups?

  • okay
  • i am a hoe clearly  
  • so no judgy
  • jk judge me all you want
  • Svt: Chan, Hansol and Jihoon
  • Exo: Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Yixing
  • Got7: Jaebum
  • Bts: Taehyung and Jungkook
  • Monsta X: Wonho
  • Vixx: Hakyeon
  • Block B: Minhyuk
  • Ikon: Hanbin
  • F(x): Amber and Victoria
  • Astro: Eunwoo
  • 2ne1: Dara
  • CNBLUE: Jonghyun
  • they all fuck me up.
  • and fun fact: I love making friends
  • granted, i forget the smallest info
  • but that’s okay
  • my friends think i’m weird
  • as does my family
  • you probably think i’m weird
  • you know what the best part is? 
  • i know i’m weird. 
  • i have a crazy imagination and i go a little mad sometimes, but who doesn’t? 
  • if you think i’m demented, i’m not. 
  • my reality is just different from yours
  • and i intend on keeping my reality as insane as possible.
  • “Friendship is falalala!” #RAMMIEQUOTE2K16 
  • if you want to ask me anything or want to talk to me, my ask box is always open. 
  • come talk to your mommy


i was tagged by @writingruna AND @jarnesbrnes which leaves me with very few tagging options because i have no friends guys thanks

jk ily you both please love me

A) Age: 23
B) Biggest Fear: i have a case of trypophobia that makes me wanna vomit every time i see those nasty photoshopped pictures guy i hate it i hate it so much if you don’t know what it is already don’t even google it it’s so nasty
C) Current Time: 21:51
D) Drink You Last Had: orange juice
E) Easiest Person To Talk To: my friend anna and @writingruna probably because they don’t judge me and my emo self
F) Favorite Song: saturn by sleeping at last
G) Ghosts, are they real: i think so
I) In Love With: lizzie and my dog
J) Jealous Of: everyone
K) Killed Someone: ….i’ll never tell
L) Last Time You Cried: it’s been a while but i’m pmsing so it’s only a matter of time
M) Middle Name: sariah
N) Number Of Siblings: 1 full and 5 half
O) One Wish: to move out of my parents house lmao
P) Person You Last Called: the employee health nurse
Q) Question You Are Always Asked: “is it tall-ya or tAl-ya?” (it’s tall-ya)
R) Reason To Smile: my dog, the fact that sebastian stan exists
S) Song Last Sang: can’t help falling in love? i think?
T) Time You Woke Up: 9:00
U) Underwear Color: purple
V) Vacation Destination: idk i haven’t been many exciting places but i really want to go to europe but i guess where i live is a cool vacation place
W) Worst Habit: procrastinating probably. or maybe being a whiny baby.
X) X-rays You’ve Had: my teeth, my lungs, my abdomen
Y) Your Favorite Food: mexican food makes my whole life better
Z) Zodiac Sign: aquarius

i’m gonna tag @thebrittybratt and @jamesb4rnes and @yourplumbucky

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Sweetie, I hate that people keep having a go at you for posting your confessions. You're a good person and a wonderful blog, and I want you to know that the effort you put in is so appreciated! It's not your fault if a confession doesn't please all or you have to edit it to make other happy. You are doing everything right, and you shouldn't change anything in your blog for anyone. It's perfect, so keep it that way 💜 Just wanted to spread some love after seeing quite a few negative comments!xx

Hello Anon :). I can honestly not thank you enough for taking the time to send this in to me. I means so much to me to hear that all of the work that goes into running this blog is appreciated. I don’t think that some people realise how time consuming running a blog like this can be. 

In fact, if I am being completely honest, lately I haven’t really been feeling that motivated to make the confessions, which is why I have been so slow at posting them. I just had such a crazy amount in my inbox following exam season that it was getting really hard for me to keep on top of them and I felt like it was becoming more of a chore more than anything else, so taking a break from posting as frequently as I was used to has definitely made me feel more motivated to post again.

I’m not going to deny that it did feel slightly disheartening to receive those messages, not because the Anon was being horrible in any way, I completely understand where they are coming from and respect their view/opinion, but just because I felt that I was doing a decent job at keeping things moderated and less negative/hateful lately. Of course I don’t want anyone to feel upset or hurt by any of the confessions being posted, but as you say, not every confession will please everyone and it is sometimes so hard to predict how people will react to the opinions being posted.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough lovely, lovely Anon :)! Your message was honestly so sweet and lovely to receive :)♥! I honestly really appreciate you taking the time to send me that! *Hugs. You’ve made my day :).xx

Random Things About Me

If you receive this, post 10 random things about yourself & then tag!

I was tagged by the @la-petite-schu! Thanks ily a lot :))

Let’s see…

1. Some of my followersd know this bc they’re on it too, but I’ve been a member of a Muppet fan forum for 3 years.

2. I saw this commercial (apparently in 2009, so I would have been in 8th grade) and made some cute lil crayon ppl of my own. They’re around here somewhere…

3. I’m a huge magic nerd, although I don’t do much myself. But I love watching it and learning about it.

4. My least favorite word is “tender”.

5. My eye doctor says my eyes are physically larger than average, which is why I blink about twice as much as most people.

6. One of my favorite tags on my blog is “wook hug” bc it’s completely pure photos of Ryeowook hugging things.

7. No show will ever replace “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “3rd Rock from the Sun” as my favorite shows. The Barones and Solomons are my extended family.

8. I have a throaty, gruff sneeze, so a lot of the time when I sneeze, ppl think I’m coughing.

9. There’s a baby Pegasus plushie sitting next to me that I bought in WDW. It was the only Hercules merch I could find in all the parks :(

10. I’ve never understood ppl naming inanimate objects like their car or laptop, or even my stuffed animals as a kid. None of my stuffed animals have ever had names.

I’ll tag @gracefarrell, @harposqueaks, @shupahmin, @thewrite-of-a-blackbird

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Hey I saw that you had gotten some negative asks. I just wanted to say that I really love your blog. I love seeing astro and astro related posts mixed in with all the other groups I pay attention to. You do a great job of making that happen! Stay Awesome! Don't let the negative anon's get to you.

aHHH i try very much to maintain this blog at least 99% astro, which is pretty hard because the fandom is still d e a d. i’m glad to know that multifandom blogs notice my posts!!!! i really appreciate you saying this though, god why is everyone so nice. i’m all heart eyes, thank you ♥

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his head slowly turns towards you, the mask still on, you can see his eyes just barely through the glistening circular glass slots where he looks through, the smoke still billowing up…

Episode 33: Reunions (2.09/2.12)


I love that video.

He could have said “Thanks for 6 years. Can’t wait for you guys to see what we all do next.” Or something a lot more ambiguous in terms of the future of the band, but he was so careful with his words to make it present tense, to make it feel like a true “thank you” video instead of a “goodbye” video, which, frankly, would have been easy to do after the last 48 hours.

But he’s so careful with US, the fans, so cognizant of our feelings and general fandom mood.

The video was about 6 years, but it was also as much reassuring us as he could do about the future at this point in time. I just can’t believe they all systemically made choices like this to string us along about the future of the band for months on end.

So thank YOU, Louis. What a lovely gesture. It’s why we’re all still here.


The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U