which is why he's in 3 of these lol


~ November 29, 2017 ~

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU Style - feat. Yuuri with Yurio & Shura

For Best Boy’s birthday, attempting to do a countdown-like thing with Yuuri being happy with his family <3

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Yuuri with Otabek & Saya 🎉


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to six mates and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.


PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. More detailed rules available on my Rules & FAQ Post.


There are so many things wrong with this BLCD!

1) okay first…“Fuck you” 😂
2) THE PAIRING. It’s Eguchi Takuya X Murase Ayumu. I mean just how many time I heard that Eguchi was turned on when he heard Ayu’s cute voice. Is this going to be alright?! Lol ( Let’s pray for Ayu-chan’s safety )
3) Apparently the uke is a student who just come back from America. That’s why he speaks english. Which is perfect role for Ayu. Cause you know, he’s from America too and totally can speak English. So who want to hear more of Ayu’s English? *rise hand*


</❤️/_-*-°oO (( S A K U Y A )) Oo°-*-_\❤️\>



<~❤️~❤️~❤️~ H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !!! 8( >//////<)8 ~❤️~❤️~❤️~>

so the whole day is dedicated to  Y O U !! (b *////*)b~
I wish you the best,
happiness, cheerfulness, sunny days, a lot of time to spend with your friends, every CD you wanna hear, as much as Okonomiyakis you can eat, CAKE, …. everything you dearly wish for ;w;) <3 !!

I love your dorkiness, your yandereness, your hair, DAT CURL, your eyes, your cheekiness and also your vulnerable heart… <3
Idk I could list endless why I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, kiisssuuusssss ! >3>
How about we use foxy-Tsubakyun(-plush) as a pinata ( ᐛ )ᕗ? ~ so he can beat him as many times as he adores <3
lol, that’d be funny imo x'DD notforTsubakyunbuthegottamakeanexception >v>)~~~ höhöhööh :M  PINATAKYUN !

so, for tonight I drew these 7 Sakkuns >w>)!
the main Sakuya, the Yandere, the Maid, the Valentine, the SleepyLifeOfServamp-one, le child and SummerSakkun *-* ! <3
ahahha….I actually wanted to draw much more but DINA4 is not big enough :‘DD
Which one is your favoooo ? ~ nice to know.
I tend to like the Yandere one the most ( ᐛ )❤️ but I also like the main one, and SummerSakkun…  whatamIevensayingIlikeeverysakkunduh.

But I also have a digi drawing which I’ll submit (much?) later c: !

HOPE U LIKE THIS ONE >//^//>) !!

Star vs Toffee

I don’t know how many of you seen Battle of Mewni but it left a lot more questions then answers for me.

At first I thought Moon and Toffee relationship was like Star and Marcos when they where younger but then they had a “falling out"which I thought Toffee had killed her mother or someone close to her which was confirmed to be mother in Battle of Mewni but apparently Moon didn’t meet him until after he killed her mother. Why did he kill her mother when she was trying to sign a peace treaty with the monster king?

It also appears that he knows a lot about the butterfly family like how he knew about the whispering spell, the secrets of the wand, the book, and etc. He even knew Glossaryck and what his personality was like. Glossaryck seemed to know him as well like they met before.

He treated and spoke soft spokenly to Star like a child and even though he kidnapped Marco he didn’t treat him badly more like a authoritive figure(though he did try to squish him-.-) and it seemed that he knew Macros monster side wasn’t completely gone.

Even though he kept his promise in ep 13 he didn’t when he was resurrected. I think that’s partially why Toffee wanted Star to preform the whispering spell because it traps anyone near it inside the wand and he knew his finger was inside. Which why Star preformed it again to kill Toffee inside the wand but it ended backfiring cause toffee used it as leverage to get his finger back from Moon so he could resurrect himself. Though he didn’t keep his promise when he destroyed his half of the wand which cursed Star to a purgatory like place with Glossaryck until she found a little magic left to allow her dip down and transform into her full Mewman form that allowed her to escape.

I thought it was also weird that he just walked away after he was resurrected, he didn’t even try to kill Moon. I’m not surprised that the dark curse didn’t work when Moon tried to cast it again(I think it’s ethier once per castor or because the wand was technically not hers anymore) but I was surprised that Marco was strong enough to punch a hole right through Toffee’s chest but given the circumstances he had enough rage to do it.

But because he didn’t do anything it ended being his down fall because he underestimated Star. But he still didn’t die even when she reduced him to goopy skeleton, It looks like he’s dead when Ludo dropped a piller on him. But I still don’t think Toffee is gone completely, someone like Toffee refuses to die and always has a back up plan and judging by Marcos nightmares it might have to do with him….

(It was really cute when Buff frog saw again though her mom didn’t really trust him because her predijuce against monsters. It shows how close they have gotten and how Star has learned not all monsters are bad. We can see that when Star shows how much she loves his babies :3 Buff frog not only think of Star like but like one of his kids, we could see that when he affectionately calls her “his little potato” and when he was worried she wasn’t going to plan how to face Toffee because he knows she usaully charges first. Which is why he put his home on locked down so she couldn’t get out. Moon began to trust him because of that, I thought it was funny when they both said"Go to your room!“ together lol XP

anonymous asked:

so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

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POST EDITED 22/08/2017     ch. 71 information added

edit 01: “Keep Reading” since the post is starting to be very long.
edit 02:  New hints. New wording.
edit 03:  High Katsuyu content, as much as spoilers if you are not updated.
edit 04:  Excuse my grammar, I’m trying to improve it
edit 05:  Anon, I’m truly sorry for turning your question into a Manifesto post TT

here we go then: 

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10 things I sickly love about Martin Freeman.

1. His perfect height. Yes, perfect. Gives a sense of equality and feet on the ground.

2. His voice. First, unmistakable, special, soft, kind of nasal, or not, I don’t know. Second, his intonation, which I have no way to describe, only know how it makes me feel. Third, my native language is not English, so yes, fuck it, his accent and the fact it’s not Spanish.

3. His hair, swoop or no swoop, although I like the swoop. Someone explain, why does everyone say his hair is blond? Is it? When it’s not greyish I see it brown. My hair is black as my conscience, and blond hair for me is yellow lol.

4. His swagger, oh, he has swagger. Swoop and swagger. I’m going back to bed.

5. I’m up. The way he crosses his leg, and touches it, lol. OK, bed again.

6. His eyes, it’s not only the color, it’s his stare, su mirada. Cliché yeah, but I swear I can see his soul and I don’t fucking believe in any of that.

7. Well, obviously everything his mouth does, eating, smiling, licking, talking, swearing, kissing, saying sexy things while a toothbrush is inside and singing take on me, oh and purring. Everything I can’t and never will see his mouth do.

8. Obviamente, his style, his socks, his earphones, headphones or whatever. The music inside them, well, some of it.

9. His oh my fucking figurative god, send me to figurative hell and lock me in it, hips. His delicious and delicious and delicious (deleting English vocabulary) hips. And how they look in the clothes he wears. No, por favor, alguien máteme.

10. His hands, I don’t know, his hands are fucking figurative heaven, I honestly don’t know what else to say, they’re just gorgeous hands.

11. Well, extra obviously, his disrespectfully magnificent acting skills. Give him any role, any role. And I’m just in Martin Freeman 101. I have tons of things to watch.

12. His damn brain and all the language that comes out of it, I know some find his swearing endearing, the sass and all, I do too, but, really, he’s just outsmarting us, he’s just telling us our ordinary brains and attitude towards the world are way simplistic. Get your act together, go read some books, talk to interesting people, listen to some good music, and then come back, if you dare. God, I love the bastard.

13. Oh I like his neck. Fffffuck.

14. Chubby Martin, slim Martin. Soft muscles Martin, fit Martin. All Martin.

15. His new film Y tu papi también, directed by @geek-royalty featuring Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal.

16. I could go on, but my stomach needs breakfast.

17. Thanks to @unexplored-girl for pointing this out. Something only a Spanish speaking girl would understand: the way he says cafecito (once I understood that’s what he was saying). Fucking Saint of coffee lands, that was soooooo sexy.


Okay so I’ve been wondering since i first saw the show who Draal’s mom is and here’s my idea, a growly, punchy, t-rex/dragon momma, with naturally braided horns because I’m a sucker for those ;A; 

I believe something (probably not good) happened to her, which is why Kanjigar is so adamant about convincing Jim to keep his friends out of his Trollhunting duties and why he pushed away his son after becoming the Trollhunter, because he didn’t want to loose him too.. 

Regarding the Klance bedroom scene: I can totally see both sides. Because you can definitely see really clearly that Lance is not comforted in the slightest by “things will work themselves out”. Which is understandable, that’s a pretty shitty line tbh. 

But we have to remember, this is Keith, a guy not exactly known for comfort or tact. Like, and this is 100% NOT a slight towards Lance, insecurities are a mind killer, but let’s be real, Keith is normally the blunt, facts of the matter guy, if he really thought the team would be strong without Lance he probably would have straight up agreed with him. And not even to be mean! Just because it’s what he thought! But he didn’t, he immediately was like “what are you talking about?” and I think that says a lot.

But even beyond that, I think the “Leave the math to Pidge” line is actually really important as far as redeeming Keith’s attempt at comfort, in my eyes at least.  I think he realized that what he said was Not Helpful, and that’s why he stopped Lance before he could leave. And Lance is normally a humorous guy, so I could see poor socially-inept Keith being like ‘shit shit how do I comfort this guy who I care about but that I would never have expected to come to me for comfort, what makes Lance feel better, jokes? Lance likes jokes right? Yeah solid it’s foolproof’. And then he smiles at him! Keith! The guy who does not do that often! And he’s all soft and open! And I think that even if it didn’t necessarily ease all his insecurities (which I don’t think could be done in a single conversation regardless of how well executed it was) Lance could still see the intention there, and that’s why he smiled back. 

So like, I agree it wasn’t the most effective comfort, absolutely. But I do think it was sweet, and pretty realistic for two boys who are only just starting to really become closer.

Baby Daddies Part 6

Requested: idk why but i’m having some serious baby fever. could you something with a character(s) of your choosing with kids that’s super fluffy and amazing like the rest of your writing?

(you have two children with two different baby daddies lol bye)

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Issac Lahey x Reader

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

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But like… what if Thor loves snakes so much because they always reminded him of Loki? I don’t mean the fact that Loki shapeshifts into them, but more personality-wise. They’re sneaky, quiet, and clever like Loki, but they sometimes bite, which Loki does whenever he betrays him… I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just thought it was a good idea because naturally it didn’t make sense why a good soul™ like Thor would be fascinated with snakes for no reason lol

Thoughts on He Like That mv

This is what I’m talking about. You can do a non-concept video and still make it not boring.

Down, while it was cute and had stunning color palette, was pretty much a downer because it was boring and empty.

Angel, infinitely better than Down, and with cool visuals and experimental vibe, still failed to excite me. Because it was just beauty shots from start to finish.

Finally, with He Like That, despite it being another PWP (Plot, What Plot?) mv, I totally loved it, and, no, it’s not because the video was sizzling sexy (although I’m not against it lol)… Now let me tell you why.

• there are other people, which fills up the shot, which automatically tricks our minds to believe that it’s not boring. The more stuff there is in a frame, the more our eyes would be stimulated and excite our visual senses. It’s not just them anymore, our eyes aren’t focused on one thing anymore. Which should be a good thing for 3-4 minute music videos without a story.

• cool backdrops and set design.

• most importantly, they’re finally playing off on each girl’s strengths. This video is highly individualized as much as it is a group thing, because they gave each girl their own screen time, and they did choreo according to each girl’s capabilities! 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Norminah (my favorite part of the video) had the most complex dance choreo because they’re the strongest dancers in the group. they both had routines together and solo, and they absolutely carried the mv. They slayed it 💯👌🏼.

Lauren, (I had seizure just looking at her, I swear) is, as always, Lauren. She’s there to massacre heterosexuality. And she did it using her incredibly toned abs and thighs, and the most amazing emerald eyes in the world. 😂 she slayed too lol.

And thank god they did Ally justice! The simplicity of her choreo, plus the use of wide shots and close ups of the camera was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼. They used wide shots when she’s doing her routine, and alternated it with slo-mo and close-ups to mask the fact that she’s not really doing anything complicated like Norminah, but they made it look like she is slaying. It worked really well.

In conclusion, this video is a 10/10 for me, not because it’s a “super awesome great revolutionary mv”, but simply because it hit all the right spots and it served its purpose. It’s a good visual mv. It’s not boring because they were actually doing something this time, and it’s not predictable because they’re just not standing there smiling or kicking the sand. There’s interaction and there’s movement.

Of course, in their next single, I wanna see a different video. Something with a story and more heart. But for HLT, I think this video is perfect for the lyrics and sound.

And I think we’ll get that one day. Hopefully for DSYLM or Bridges or Messy. I would love for Lonely Night to be a single as well.

SIDE NOTE (this is only for the haters, who I see dropping comments everywhere how much 5H is trash): I don’t want to see shit about 5h being sluts and all that stupidity okay? If you don’t like the video or what they’re doing, move the fuck on and Stan other wholesome artists. Don’t go to my ASKS or comment in here slutshaming them or telling me you don’t like it. It’s okay if you didn’t like the video and the song, because that’s just a matter of preference. That’s totally okay, we all have different tastes, and I would be happy to talk about music with you. I didn’t like the chorus before, but now I do.

BUT, if you come in here and say you didn’t like it simply because the girls are “sluts”? Get the fuck outta here because I don’t need people dragging girls simply because they’re comfortable in their own skin and are confident with their sexuality. Beyoncé and Rihanna did it, the girls have every right to be as sensual and sexual all they want, as well.

I can understand if your values are against women being sexual, I really do, especially if you grew up in a sheltered upbringing (I did too. A religious and a conservative society), but please try to expand your understanding that just because you don’t approve of it makes 5h sluts in a bad way. We can discuss more about feminism in this patriarchal society. But if you’re here to hate for the sake of hating, if you’re here calling 5h sluts because you think it validates your own idols, if you’re here slutshaming 5h simply because you can’t find any other insults to hurl at them, then girl bye. Don’t invalidate a woman’s choice to flaunt their sexuality just because other women/artists don’t. To each her own. We all have different choices and ways to live. Stop being a hater.

It’s 2017. It’s high time we all stop acting like women can’t celebrate her own skin and femininity. Any woman could be as sexual as they want as long as they own it, as long as they have control over it. Don’t be a part of a backward movement that suppresses female expression, for the most hypocritical reasons.

If you don’t like this era, or if your “moral sensitivities” get offended by this new 5h, please just stan someone else. There are hundreds of artists out there, go spend your energies some place else instead of spreading hate and negativity in this fandom.

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Bros before *insert respectful word here*
  • Drunk! Dick, clinging on Roy: Aww, man! You look like my boyfriend!
  • Wally: No, Dick. He doesn't.
  • Dick: And you too!
  • Roy& Wally: No--
  • Dick: Oh my god, I have a thing for redheads!
  • Wally: Your boyfriend is not redheaded.
  • Dick: Really? Why?
  • Roy: Yeh, why?
  • Wally: NO YOU DON'T--
  • -
  • I mean, in old Titans cartoon(and TTGO), they made Dick and Roy look very similar and even joked about it. Then in N52, people( or just Kory?) said that Jason looked really like Dick. So if we combine all of this that will make them look similar to each other, which is pretty creepy lol
  • And again, my favorite Jason is redheaded Jason <3

Not sure if anyone cares, but my friend shows her plastic surgeon dad a pic of Katie, asking him if he thinks her face is good-looking or not, and her dad’s exact words are:「他們要是多拍她就好了,幹嘛老是把鏡頭對著那個鼻孔一大一小的傢伙。」

Which translates to “It would’ve been better if they give her more screen time. Why did they keep pointing the camera at that dude with asymmetrical nostrils?”

Her dad didn’t even answer her question. He was so pissed about Chris’s nose that he completely ignored the question just so he could drag him one more time. I’m WHEEZING.

I fucking love my friend’s dad, the great Dr. Chang, who managed to drag Chris Wood even though my friend didn’t bring him up lol

(Part 3 of ?)


so i really wanted to do a photoset of my selfies from 2016 during december and i thought what better time to do it than for the last blackout of the year right??

even though i had to wait six months to start, this year i got to begin hormone replacement therapy (because i’m transgender), and this set kind of shows my facial progress from pre-testosterone to five months on testosterone! (as of today, i’m supposed to be six months on t, but i haven’t been able to do my shot for about six weeks so i’m still considering myself at five months, which is why the last two pictures don’t have any weeks/months listed.)

the first picture (march 31st) was from trans day of visibility (tdov), and marked the one year anniversary of me coming out to my mom which was pretty exciting tbh! the picture from sept 6th was from the last blackout, and the pictures from sept 9th were from darkskin appreciation day, i believe!

anyway, happy blackout!! i hope today (and the rest of 2016 tbh) treats yall well! ✊😊

he/him pronouns only

The Moon Room.

First of my 2017!Phan fic prompts for @snowdangel , hope you like it Zayan! <3


If somebody ever asked Dan ‘Why a moon room? ’
He’d say ‘calming, ethereal and pale’ was his aesthetic with a wink and you could interpret it any way you liked watching from outside the glass closet.

Word count: 2,343

Ao3: *

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My Top 10 Favourite Anime Guys

This is really late. Sorry! I got caught up in school. Thank you to @lemonadethefifth and @rays-of-fire-and-ice for tagging me! ^_^

I’ve never done this before (I’m really bad at essays), but here goes nothing (beware the incoming fangirl):

10. Li Syaoran (Card Captor Sakura)

I haven’t watched CCS in a long time, but I can still remember this adorable tsundere. :3 At first, he struck me as some sort of arrogant little boy, but as the story progressed, I began to like him, especially when he became protective of Sakura. I was a teenager when I watched CCS, but I literally squealed whenever he had moments with her. It was embarrassing that I was so giddy over two kids and their cute love story, but there was no helping it!

9. Hyuuga Natsume (Gakuen Alice)

I could not find any good faces of him in the anime, so I picked this one from the manga.

He was a bad-boy type, something which amused and intrigued me at the same time. Sort of like Syaoran, he was a little arrogant at first, but what I liked about him was that he never thought twice about protecting someone dear to him. Everything he sacrificed for those he treasured really moved me to tears! I love him so much; I just wish that he’d never suffer again!

That open ending though *cries*

8. Sohma Yuki (Fruits Basket)

Ahh, this reminds of the ship I wanted to become canon (Yukiru) but didn’t. *cries quietly in the corner* But that’s been done and there’s nothing I can do about it, so… Anyway! I like him because of his personality the most. It was interesting that he could be really kind and polite (prince-like, even) yet have a dark, traumatic past at the same time. He also had sides of him that could get annoyed (sides that he mostly showed to Kyo, lol). I was really sad when I found out about his backstory. It must’ve been difficult for him… But I’m glad that he was happy in the end! <3

7. Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Some people love this character, and some hate him. I, personally, don’t think that he’s a bad character. He’s just misunderstood, and because he was messed with mentally, he became too reluctant to forgive himself for everything that he had done. That really made me sympathize with him, especially because he didn’t really mean them. He is a good person deep inside, and that’s what I like about him!

Plus, he has an amazing magic that I like so much! I had hoped it would shine more in the manga/anime, but sadly…

6. Sasori of the Red Sand (Naruto Shippuden)

(I have a weakness to bishies) Lol, I admit, I placed him here mostly because of his looks. XD Aside from that, though, I think he was just really lonely and became empty inside, just like a puppet who dully controls his own strings. I always wonder what he could have turned out to be if his parents never died. Would he still eventually become the same person, or would he have other unexplored sides of his personality?

I may never know.

5. Usui Takumi (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!)

ADNASKFAIFG I like his looks more in the manga, but he has really nice eyes in the anime! <3 Ahh, this guy really makes me squeal inside! He never hesitates in doing something, and he is great at almost everything! Also, he’s actually really quiet (introverted, too) and keeps to himself. I guess that’s what attracted me to him!

(Misaki’s such a lucky girl darn)

4. Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

Another severely misunderstood character in the series. Actually, his personality in part 2 (shippuden) is not who he really is. Sasuke is a kind and pure character in reality. It’s just that he has his ups and downs, especially because of the trauma he experienced when he was a child. He can be really awkward at times and not very good at expressing his thoughts through words (especially because he’s very blunt, so he’s also misunderstood because of it), but he finally redeemed himself in the end and had a lovely family of his own. (hell yeah SasuSaku)

So, yeah, that’s why I like him. ^_^

3. Hitsugaya Tōshirō (Bleach)

This really cute character makes me squeal whenever he appears! He’s always irritated and angry, something which I find adorable, lol. But whenever he gets pissed off, he can be really dangerous. His devotion is also something that can’t be laughed at (like his fervent promise to himself that he would protect Hinamori at all costs). Plus, his powers are both beautiful and deadly. <3

2. Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

I’m pretty sure(?) that the movie is an anime, so I’m placing him here! <3

he stole my heart ever since I played the game

Damnn, he was just a pixelated character back in my Playstation years ago, but when the movie came out, I was like BGUAUFOAADMKSAFN they all looked so amazing! I was so happy. Vincent has always been a mysterious character, and with his tragic backstory, it just made me love him more. Having been experimented without consent like that… it was surely a horrible experience. It makes me amazed that he still has bits of his sanity left. He’s broken inside, but someday, I believe that he can be completely whole again!

I can’t wait to see what he looks like and how he interacts in the remake!

1. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

I guess you can see a pattern here: (I have a weakness for quiet guys lmao)

Cloud… oh, how he suffered. T.T (Stupid Hojo) He had been so confused in the game as to who he really was. Was he a clone? Was he a real person? Who was he? Was he just a puppet?

It’s why I’m glad that he started to pick himself up at the end of the game and in the movie. Him being a family with Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel really warms my heart. When the Geostigma incident finally ended, he at long last found his closure. Both Zack and Aerith forgave him (it was so beautiful) and Cloud now erased the lingering guilt he had and could move on in the end with a new beginning! <3

Tagging @theclosetpoet7, @remedy-ad, and @aubreycanalaine. Only if you want to do it, too! :)

[Sorry for my awkward English!]

amaizingyanchan  asked:

Can you do head cannon of the 104th kids reacting to Snk memes? Thanks! <3

Ooh, this is interesting! I’m mostly going to be doing memes about themselves, because those are the ones they’d have the most reaction to. 

Eren would be really angry that everyone portrays him as nothing but a stupid ball of rage, and would probably start World War III over it. It also might affect the poor cinnamon roll’s self esteem because everyone talking about how much of a failure he is in some of the memes might actually make him start to believe it (which is why I kinda want to protect this poor baby from the internet lol). 

Mikasa, not being a Spanish speaker, wouldn’t understand the whole “mikasa su casa” thing. Plus she’d probably kill whoever started up the trend of portraying her as obsessed with Eren, if she could find them. 

Armin would probably be just done hearing about him screaming being a meme, but also downright flustered. Not his proudest moment right there. At the same time he might be pretty offended, because he did think his best friend was dead right in that moment, and yeah that shit shouldn’t be joked about. 

Jean would be angry with the horse-face memes, and would blame Eren for starting it, leading to some insane argument. 

Marco would probably side with the people crying over his death, and feel bad that everyone was joking about it and making everyone sad. But he wouldn’t really take it personally, I don’t think. Jean, on the other hand, would. 

Annie just doesn’t understand what the big deal is about her nose. But she doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on it. Also…”Is my laugh really that creepy?”

Reiner knew that nobody was going to let him live that ass joke down, but he didn’t expect it to be ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

Bertholdt honestly doesn’t know why him sweating is suddenly a big deal, but is glad that people at least acknowledge the stress he’s been put through. 

Connie honestly doesn’t know why he’s either always next to Sasha or being compared to a different character entirely. But he does want to know who these characters are. 

Sasha unironically finds the thing with the potato funny. She is also fine with the nickname “potato girl” so long as it’s not used in a derogatory and/or patronizing tone. 

Ymir is glad that everyone understands that Historia is hers. And of course will rub it into Reiner’s face a little. 

Historia wonders why there’s so few memes about her (seriously I couldn’t really find any fml) 

johji spam 1/?

so i’ve decided to start w/ the secret rendezvous johgisa cuz:

       1) it’s one of my favorites and it’s Soft which is what i need rn

       2) it’s christmasy which is also what i need rn

        3) aaaaaaaaaaaaaabs

ok follow johji santa

(NSFW – i’ll be honest, i didn’t even try 😰)

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