which is why he's in 3 of these lol


</❤️/_-*-°oO (( S A K U Y A )) Oo°-*-_\❤️\>



<~❤️~❤️~❤️~ H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !!! 8( >//////<)8 ~❤️~❤️~❤️~>

so the whole day is dedicated to  Y O U !! (b *////*)b~
I wish you the best,
happiness, cheerfulness, sunny days, a lot of time to spend with your friends, every CD you wanna hear, as much as Okonomiyakis you can eat, CAKE, …. everything you dearly wish for ;w;) <3 !!

I love your dorkiness, your yandereness, your hair, DAT CURL, your eyes, your cheekiness and also your vulnerable heart… <3
Idk I could list endless why I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, kiisssuuusssss ! >3>
How about we use foxy-Tsubakyun(-plush) as a pinata ( ᐛ )ᕗ? ~ so he can beat him as many times as he adores <3
lol, that’d be funny imo x'DD notforTsubakyunbuthegottamakeanexception >v>)~~~ höhöhööh :M  PINATAKYUN !

so, for tonight I drew these 7 Sakkuns >w>)!
the main Sakuya, the Yandere, the Maid, the Valentine, the SleepyLifeOfServamp-one, le child and SummerSakkun *-* ! <3
ahahha….I actually wanted to draw much more but DINA4 is not big enough :‘DD
Which one is your favoooo ? ~ nice to know.
I tend to like the Yandere one the most ( ᐛ )❤️ but I also like the main one, and SummerSakkun…  whatamIevensayingIlikeeverysakkunduh.

But I also have a digi drawing which I’ll submit (much?) later c: !

HOPE U LIKE THIS ONE >//^//>) !!

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so because I love hidoku shinaide and I reread the entire series (for like the billionth time lmao wtf is wrong with me that is 6 whole volumes) yk ofc there will always be things u miss no matter how many times u read so...I was just wondering maybe I am overthinking everyone's relationship BUT did Jutta like his own brotHER AKIRA ??? HES ALWAYS BLUSHY BLUSHY AND BADUMP AND HE EVEN KISSED HIS BRO SO was that something I missed LOL and did Akira like maya ??? is that why naoya hates him ??? :o

Nothing is wrong with you, you’re perfectly fine, you should read it 2 billion times more! :3

First of all: No, Akira doesn’t like Maya in a romantic way.
The cousins are just close, which is also due to Maya’s parents being away for work a lot imo.
Naoya was fine with it at the beginning and him and Maya had a good relationship, but he started to get super jealous, so he started to bully and tease Maya.

Since you mentioned “6 volumes”… Have you read Akira’s story? That’s really important.
Juuta seems to be in love with Akira but Sensei didn’t give us the whole picture yet. I hope she will give us more info in the future.

In case you’re afraid you could’ve missed something, go to ninisyaoi.blogspot.com

You’ll find a link list there with everything Hidoku Shinaide related in the correct chronological order. If you work with that list, you won’t miss anything :)


A Very Compromising Situation (A Mycroft x Adlock Ficlet)

(Requested by @realestofgeek whose lewd thoughts *hahaha* rooted from this post by @randombiochemist – which I’m still not over with btw. It’s been a while since I’ve written something like this, but hey, prompts are prompts. Lol.)

Originally posted by imaginemycroftholmes

Mycroft rarely checks up on his brother personally, but after the recent incident with Eurus, measures need to be taken into his own hands. 

Upon verifying that neither John, Molly, nor Mrs. Hudson is available to attend to his little brother, the older Holmes decided upon himself to visit 221B, suspicious as to why Sherlock came home precisely 3 hours early from Bart’s than expected. 

Unable to help himself, he straightened the knocker before entering. 

Mycroft halted at the door, hearing strange thumps and noises from above him. Gripping his umbrella firmly, he observed the place curiously, wondering what his brother might be up to. 

He scanned the door for any sign as to what situation might he encounter, sniffing for scents, shoe marks, and all sorts, but coming to no conclusion. Sherlock has indeed been careful – too careful – that raised his alert higher. 

Heading up the stairs only to find the door closed, Mycroft heard muffled gasps from behind the wall. Dismissing the first idea that came into his mind, he searched his coat pocket for the spare key, his fingers racing even faster upon hearing a rather loud groan. 

Unlocking the door swiftly, he found himself alone in the main living room, appalled at how much louder the moaning actually was.

Pulling his tie down to give him breathing space, he sighed, wondering what kind of hallucinating state his brother is in. Of course, it was obvious. The meth-lab of a kitchen is fairly visible from his view, which gave him the likely option. 

Any other variable, like the familiar scent he whiffed through upon opening the door, or Sherlock’s chair 10 degrees shifted to the left unlike its usual position was gravely dismissed. Mycroft kept on shaking what his logical mind was pointing to and was willing to settle with his stubborn initial conclusion. 

Rubbing his temples, he knocked at his brother’s bedroom demandingly. 

“Sherlock, open the door. I need to talk to you.” he asked as civil as he could, all the alarms in his head raising the possibilities. 

Instead of a reply, Mycroft’s jaw dropped, finding himself frozen at the commotion from behind the wooden panels of the room.

“Is… that… the … best you can do?” he heard what unmistakably was Irene Adler’s panting voice, followed by louder grunts and moans. 

Immediately driven by his impulse to put a stop to the mess that was happening, Mycroft realised that he made a big mistake upon blasting the unlocked door open.

Sherlock was thrusting against The Woman in full passion as she sat on top of him, breasts being kneaded by the detective earnestly with one hand, the other tangled in Irene’s hair, pulling her tresses slightly as each movement deepens. Their lips were in between battling each other’s aggression and panting for air, both lost at the loudness of their own making, and the intensity of their current position.

It wasn’t until Mycroft exclaimed “Oh, for God’s sake!” did they halt, Sherlock covering himself and Irene with the blanket immediately.

“Mycroft!” Sherlock’s expression was filled with pure annoyance. “What… Why are you here?”

With his hands dramatically held over his eyes, Mycroft scoffed. “I was worried about you, brother mine. I didn’t expect you have company.”

Irene gave Sherlock one teasing grind before moving to sit beside him instead, causing the detective to breathe in loudly before giving her a glare. Mycroft whimpered in disgust.

“There’s a reason why we closed the door. Oh, and hello, by the way.” Irene commented with a smirk. 

“What are you doing here?” Mycroft spat. 

Irene rolled her eyes. “Shagging your little brother, I thought that was fairly obvious.”

Sherlock fought the urge to grin. 

Mycroft, noticing that the two had their parts covered, looked at them with spite, exasperatedly shaking his head. “Just… I’ll take my leave. Sherlock, don’t think we’re finished with this matter.”

He never went to 221B unannounced, or without advise from Mrs. Hudson, ever again.

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Can you tell us some facts about Tarjei?? I don't know much about him and since I saw you're one his fans I thought you could tell me something more!

Lmao I don’t know much either but sure why not lemme try ahahha

1) His full name Tarjei Sandvik Moe

2) He is 17 years old and his birthday is 24th May 1999

3) He is a theatre kid, he has always done plays, musicals, and theatre, but SKAM is his first official job as an actor.

4) He studies music, dance, and drama at Hartvig Nissens Skole, which is the exact same school used in SKAM. He’s also the same age as the character he plays.

5) It’s revealed in his current play “Det går bra” that he suffers from social anxiety since kindergarten. (This might be a character exaggeration for the play but it’s not that farfetched really) 

6) Hence why he does not have any public social media. He deleted his Instagram right before season 3 took off, and his Facebook is private apart from a few public posts.

7) He has 5 best friends which he goes to school with which is Rumen, David (Magnus on SKAM), Alfred, Jakob, and Shaun. I mention this because they’re kinda a clique lol. They are always together and there’s even a fan Instagram account dedicated to them called boyzsquad4443

8) Tarjei is relatively shy and awkward in fan encounters but he’s completely confident on stage performing.

9) He is currently filiming 2 shows which is season 4 of Skam, and Østkant/Vestkant, and he is performing in Antiteateret’s play “Det går bra”

10) He is nominated for Best Actor in Gullruten 2017!


so i really wanted to do a photoset of my selfies from 2016 during december and i thought what better time to do it than for the last blackout of the year right??

even though i had to wait six months to start, this year i got to begin hormone replacement therapy (because i’m transgender), and this set kind of shows my facial progress from pre-testosterone to five months on testosterone! (as of today, i’m supposed to be six months on t, but i haven’t been able to do my shot for about six weeks so i’m still considering myself at five months, which is why the last two pictures don’t have any weeks/months listed.)

the first picture (march 31st) was from trans day of visibility (tdov), and marked the one year anniversary of me coming out to my mom which was pretty exciting tbh! the picture from sept 6th was from the last blackout, and the pictures from sept 9th were from darkskin appreciation day, i believe!

anyway, happy blackout!! i hope today (and the rest of 2016 tbh) treats yall well! ✊😊

he/him pronouns only

Kyuhyun Accuses Ahn Jae Hyun Of Spooning Him On “New Journey To The West 3”

After Kyuhyun accused Ahn Jae Hyun of spooning him, the actor was teased once again about his famous newlywed status on “New Journey to the West 3”!

While the cast members were sitting down for a late breakfast in January 29’s episode of the travel reality show, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun asked Ahn Jae Hyun, “Were you spooning me in your sleep last night?”

“What are you talking about?!” said Ahn Jae Hyun with a laugh. Kyuhyun replied, “I think you did though.”

“You dreamt it!” said Ahn Jae Hyun. “You must be lonely.”

Lee Soo Geun then jumped in to tease Ahn Jae Hyun by saying that it must have become a habit for him by now. Producing director (PD) Na Young Suk commented that Ahn Jae Hyun has said that he tries to hug his wife Ku Hye Sun like that often, but she tells him off. “Is that why you’re doing it here?” he joked.

Kang Ho Dong chimed in to add, “You know that when your wife says something is annoying, she doesn’t really think so, right?”

Ahn Jae Hyun replied that she was really annoyed. But when Kang Ho Dong insisted he was right, Ahn Jae Hyun asked him, “Is that what was going on?”, which cracked the others up.

Check out January 29’s episode of “New Journey to the West 3” for more of the guys’ fun adventures!

Spoo Spp


Spooning Him at night

Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Let’s hope I don’t get writer’s block. I’m testing out this angst lol tbh some of these events have happened to me 

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5.

Out of all people. Why did it have to be Jeon Jungkook? You had run into him again after the last incident that happened between the both of you which was nearly five years ago.

Your parents wanted the both of you to get married to one another and carry on the family names. You wanted to marry Jungkook because you were sincerely in love with him. However, he was not with you. He hated your guts. He wanted to ruin you for being put into this forced relationship whilst ruining the other potential relationship he had with another girl. He thought you were ugly. He thought you were stupid. He thought you were overly dramatic. He thought you were desperate. He didn’t want anything to do with you.

You accidentally bumped into him after grabbing your jacket and running out of your apartment, late to work. “Aish, I’m sorry…” You looked up and fear overwhelmed you. You remembered the names he called you. You remembered the things he had done to you. You began to back away from the man.

“Ah- Y/N-ah, it’s been awhile.”

You felt your eyes welling up with tears. “Y-yeah. It has. Well. I’m late for work. I have to go before my boss scolds me.” And with that you ran away. You couldn’t deal with the trauma anymore. Tears were falling. You got to your workplace and your boss noticed your red-flushed face.

“Y/N-ah! What’s wrong?!” She screeched. Your ears ringing after that screech.

“Oh nothing, I’m okay. I just remembered something a little scary that’s all.”

She looked at you with worry. “Alright then. Just know I’m here if you want to talk.”

You dragged yourself to your office. You couldn’t concentrate. You began having flashbacks to when you were engaged to Jungkook.

“YOU RUINED MY LIFE!” He pointed at you. He pushed you to the door, slamming your back against the hardwood.  “If  you weren’t such a desperate little brat, I would actually consider being your friend.” He sneered. He began ripping your journal apart. He burned the pieces. He threw the burnt pages on you; slightly burning your clothes. He pulled you by your shirt collar, “YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF MY LIFE. YOU RUINED MY LIFE, YOU DESERVE TO SUFFER. I DON’T WANT TO MARRY SOME LOSER THAT EVERYONE SAYS IS A LOW-LIFE LEECH!” He proceeded to push you onto the ground again. You cried.

You shook your head and tried to focus on work. All you heard were his words again.

“You whore. You probably got sold because your family is dirt poor.”


“Gold digger.”

“Piece of sh-”

You were broken out of your thoughts when your best friend, Park Jimin came into your office.

“Y/N!! I missed you so I came here!” You didn’t reply. Usually, you would make a sarcastic remark about him being your soulmate, but you didn’t and he noticed. He looked at your face and he saw your puffy red eyes and the look in your eyes made it easy to notice that you were lost in your thoughts.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

You slowly shook your head. He pulled up a chair by your side and sat down. “You know you can tell me anything right?”

You barely whispered his name. “Jungkook”

Jimin’s eyes widened. He knew what Jungkook did to you and he knew the fear that was in your system right now. He was worried that something might happen to you if you were stressed out about it.

He pulled your head onto his shoulder and he pat your head. “It’s okay, I’ll be here to protect you. Y/N-ah, you’re my best friend and I can’t let you be hurt again by that jerk.”

You had a feeling of worry in your gut. You didn’t want your best friend to be hurt if anything did happen. You were scared that Jungkook was going to find you again and try to hurt you like he did last time. You held onto Jimin’s arm sleeve and thought about what to do if Jungkook did find you again. You were terrified and your sobs got louder. Jimin was genuinely scared and he loved you too much to let you get hurt.

“Jimin, can I stay over tonight?”

He looked at you, and answered without any hesitation. “Of course.” After work, the both of you walked back to your apartment. The day never got better. Flashbacks kept coming and showed up through random part of the day. You remembered when your parents kicked you out after the engagement was called off.

“How can you be so stupid Y/N?” Your mom yelled at you. She was truly disappointed in you. You just looked at her without any remorse. “Mom, I told you I never wanted to–” -Smack- She slapped you across the face. You turned to her with shock. “Eomm-”

“I’m not your Eomma anymore. Leave this house immediately. Breaking the engagement because you thought you were doing the right thing. Leave now. You are no longer my daughter. That marriage would have saved our family’s name.”

You begged your father to let you stay. “Appa, please, I don’t understand. He was never happy with me! I didn’t want to force him into a marriage that would kill him on the inside. We’re still young! Appa! I’m only 17. Please. “

Your father turned away from you. “Leave this house.”

You stood up and wiped your tears. You went up to your room and packed quietly. You were happy there wasn’t much in your room. You packed the essentials and you left to start a new life elsewhere. Ever since then, you never contacted your parents or anyone back in Ulsan. You missed the beaches, but you left for Seoul to find a new life and start over again. Now you’re 22 and living the life that you want. But ever since you left him, things became quiet and light. You haven’t heard or seen from your family in the past five years you’ve been gone. It was lonely. Until you met Jimin.

You sat down on Jimin’s bed exhausted. You never wanted to remember any of these memories. They were painful. Even the dates you went on with Jungkook. You thought that he was finally reciprocating the feelings you had for him, but they were fake. He was never happy when he was with you. He intentionally ignored every word you said, every smile you gave him and every laugh that was sounded. Jimin sat next to you. “You okay?”

You just stared blankly at the bed and didn’t hear him. Until you felt a hand on top of your head patting your hair. “Y/N-ah, you know if you ask to be at my place, please be sure to talk to me. I get worried when you space out.”

“Mian. I know, but what if he came back to torture me again?” Jimin looked at you. He knew you were being serious. He gave smile that could melt any girl. “He’ll have to go through this!” He started tickling you. “AhahahahahaJimin-ahaahahahahhhplease”

“There, I love to see you smile.” You were grateful for Jimin. He’s been there ever since you left your hometown. You were happy. You gave Jimin the biggest hug. “Jimin-ah, I love you so much.Thank you for staying by my side even though I’m super depressing and negative.”

His face flushed red. He felt his heart race. He loved being in your presence and seeing you smile. He loved it. He loved everything about you.

“No, No Y/N, it’s okay! I’m always here for you”

“Jiminie, let’s go to sleep.” You turned around and you cuddled into his arms and fell straight asleep. However, Jimin on the other hand was nervous to where he didn’t know when he was going to sleep.

Once you woke up the next morning, you smelled food in the air in Jimin’s apartment. You had to give it to Jimin for being the awesome best friend he was to make food for you when you were feeling down. Honestly. He would make a good boyfri- Wait. What were you thinking. Jimin didn’t like you that way. It’s purely platonic right? He was there only to be support and to guide you when you were in times of need. You felt your cheeks warm up at the thought of him being a potential boyfriend.

You almost died from shock when Jimin ran into the room yelling that the food was done. After breakfast, you both got ready and headed out to work. You both walked to the company since it was literally a five-minute walk.

The first half of the day was tedious. Your boss gave both you and Jimin stacks and stacks of paperwork to do and it was draining the life out of you.

You put your head down onto the desk for a second and you immediately fell asleep.

Jimin watched you while you slept. You looked more at peace than you did last night. It was a great relief and thank goodness you did most of the paperwork. He would have to finish up the last couple of pages and you would be done for the day.

He nudged you softly, “Y/N-ah”

You lulled in your sleep. “I like you too”

He stared at you, he didn’t know if he heard you correctly, did she say I like you too?

“Y/N-ah? Wake up you ugly troll, you’re drooling on everything.”

Your head snapped up. “I swear Park Jimin. For some reason I always hear that name in my sleep and it makes me want to deck you straight in the face. “UGLY TROLL???? What are you trying to say??”

“Y/N, you can’t deck me in the face, I need to stay good-looking.”

“I don’t care Park Jimin” It was cute how you said his full name when you were annoyed. “You can’t call me an ugly troll because I was sleeping WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M AN UGLY TROLL? LIKE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???!?!?!”

It was now or never, Jimin interrupted your little fire. “I like you”

Your breath hitched a little. Your eyes became as big as the moon. You wanted to cry of happiness. But at the same time you wanted to run away it was weird to have him confess to you in the office so nonchalantly.

“I-..I li-”

Right before you reciprocate your feelings, your boss came in screeching about something and both you and Jimin stared at each other as if she was crazy. She dragged the both of you to her office and introduced you to a new co-worker.

“Jimin, Y/N, this will be your new co-worker. I hope you all get along!”

You made eye contact with the newcomer and felt like your legs were stiff.

“This is Jungkook” 

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Hi, as you've mentioned a lot of times The Crossroads of Destiny episode was where the writers were originally planning on Zutara to start happening but of course That's not how it played out, but even if that episode ended the way it did, I still see a lot of evidence in Zutara still happening, when Zuko joins the GAANG mid Book 3, him and Katara spend the most time with each other out of all the other characters, the fought, joked and slept next to each other 1 episode lol, what do you think?

Oh, I totally agree. The decision to go with Kataang came up well after the general story for Book 3 was thought up, so a lot of Zuko and Katara’s moments together were no doubt conceived back when they were still planned to wind up together. Like Aang getting so jealous of them during the play. And he even brings up his issue with opening his final chakra, then Katara rejects his kiss. And all of that…led to nothing. Which is why so many of the writers were so surprised when the final draft had the Kataang kiss. It’s very easy to see why.

They still have many very important moments together, they spend a lot of time with each other and their personalities are very compatible. This is why it was so important for Bryke to come up with a contrived way for her to hate Zuko for most of Book 3. Otherwise, they’d have too much obvious chemistry and Kataang would seem even more forced than it already was.

But you can still see times where they did have special moments, even in canon. Especially in episodes by Joshua Hamilton, and the Ehasz couple, who all shipped Zutara. There are little hints that constantly show how he wanted to make them a couple.

And the show constantly parallels their characters. Zuko is dealing with Ozai during The Awakening, written by Aaron Ehasz and directed by Giancarlo Volpe, both Zutara supporters.

And at the exact same time, Katara is dealing with her pain about Hakoda. This was completely intentional.

The same is true during The Eclipse. Zuko is having a character-defining moment confronting Ozai and leaving for good.

And Katara is having to separate from her father. 

Katara tells Zuko the story of how her mother was murdered. This is something deeply painful that she never shares with Aang. And by the end, she feels grateful to Zuko for going with her, unlike with Aang, who judged her.

Zuko’s feelings about Iroh are so fundamental to his character, and it is only Katara who he feels safe confiding his worries in. He never once talks about anything like this to Mai, and Katara is far more supportive than she ever was.

Zuko is so happy when Katara is reunited with her father and the episode goes out of its way to show that in the same episode he dumped Mai.

Katara is there for Zuko’s reunion with Iroh. And it is Katara who helps Zuko take on his sister, something vital to his character arc.

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Nice to hear from Ron after such a long time. I nearly forgot he's the showrunner LOL. Honestly why the secrecy about his SA visit?

Hi nonnie

I don’t think there was a secrecy IMO Ron just came around had a look at Black Sails sets , said this will do and bye, I am off to do my new show. 

I just hope he will be so busy with his new project that he won’t have time to edit season 3, because “Faith” Jamie and Claire scene edit still makes me so ragey and a lot of deleted scenes which he left on the editing room floor in favor of Franklander and king pooping.

Originally posted by zodiacexplanations

This is page 3 of my series Reasons why you should love Kim Sunggyu. For me, he’s my ultimate bias and I find him absolutely beautiful in a very masculine way to look at. These few little pictures in no way can cover the infinite variety of his expressions, how his smile makes me smile, or the emotion which he portrays when he sings. I genuinely think he’s gorgeous, talented, and ridiculous… evidently that’s what I like in my idols LOL. Anyways, please check him and Infinite out, they are my bias group, and they are the best of the best in my humble opinion. Thank you for reading and for celebrating with me one year of having this blog. Affectionately, Bunny aka @becuzgyu.


[D-Day] Woozi Birthday Countdown ;
Happy birthday to Seventeen’s producer, who is the embodiment of talent, passion, and modesty. Never change! | cr: 1 2 3 4

Too Cute (Part 3)



Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Hi! I love your writing!!! Can you write a one shot where the reader goes to a concert with the avengers and Bucky and Steve lets her get on his shoulders so she can see and they like each other so it’s all cute and the team knows it too. Fluffy! lol thanks!
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 1. Part 2. As it was so heavily requested for here is Part 3 in the ‘Too Cute’ series. And don’t worry there will be a Part 4 coming soon… Enjoy!

Leaning against the doorjamb Bucky cringed internally, why did he always have to act like such a fool when he was around you, it was like he just forgot how to act like an ordinary human being. Which in his defense he didn’t really qualify for, what with being an ex-brainwashed Russian assassin with a metal arm. Hiding his face in the palms of his hands he let out a small groan, flushing a deeper red than he previously thought possible. “Hey Buck, you okay there?” the deep voice of Steve caused Bucky’s head to snap up. “Oh what me? Oh yeah…” He babbled, completely unconvincingly. “Come on, you clearly need to talk about whatever it is that’s bothering you.” Steve grinned, knowing exactly what was on his friends mind. After the two super soldiers had headed down to the common room, Bucky slouched down onto one of the plush leather sofas, a large huff leaving his lips as he did so. “So what’s been bugging you so much lately?” Steve smirked slightly, throwing himself down next to his friend.  “You know exactly what it is Punk, don’t you play dumb with me.” Bucky groaned, throwing his arm across his eyes. “I do.” Steve nodded, a full out grin now plastered across his face, “I also know that your acting like an idiot, just tell her how you feel, I know she feels the same way, Nat and Clint have been teasing her about you for weeks!” Steve pestered his friend, shoving him gently in the shoulder to get his point across. “Really?” Bucky questioned, peaking his eyes out from behind his arm. “Yes, you jerk.” Steve chuckled, shaking his head at his childlike manner. “Talk to her, you won’t regret it.” Steve smiled, patting Bucky on the shoulder before pushing himself off of the sofa and walking out of the room.


It had been 3 days since the concert and the team had finally recovered from consuming that much alcohol. For the last couple of days it had been a common occurrence to find an Avenger slumped on a sofa or falling asleep where they stood. Clint was the worst, often finding him underneath tables or curled up in a stairwell. Other than that everyone had been acting fairly normally, with the exception of your best friend, Bucky, who seemed to forget how to put a normal sentence together whenever you walked in the room. Your memory was a little foggy on the night in question and you were worried you had done something to make him feel awkward or uncomfortable, worse you were worried you had said something about your deep-rooted romantic feelings for him. So instead of confronting him about it, asking him why he was suddenly acting so strangely, you did what any normal person would do, you hid. Of course hiding from an assassin probably wasn’t the best idea you’d ever had.

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You have a TURTLE? Did my screen lie? I'm so jealous!!! Also your hair is gorgeous wtf give me

Yes !!!!  This is Rakushka, Russian tortoise extraordinaire, my pride and joy !!! He doesn’t like being held & he has a tendency to climb in my comforter when I knock it to the floor (as pictured!) but he is the light of my life <3

& thank you !!! My hair is definitely my best feature, lol, which is why now I refuse to cut it. So unfortunately, it stays with me ! 

Anyway, thank you for sending this in !!! c:

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p10-11)

I could finally finish translating the interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri Katsuki) & Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky) published in the 2016 Dec. issue of Pash!, on pages 10-11. Actually I started translating it last Wednesday (afternoon), but then episode 7 caused me to be brain-dead for the next following days… Not in a negative way, but yeah I’m sure you can understand what I mean @_@

By the way, it wasn’t viewed a lot because when I posted it I had just created a Tumblr account and so for some time it did not show up in any kind of search (tag search included), but I actually translated a similar interview with the same 2 seiyuu from Animage, which you can find here. Normally when interviews with the same people are published in the same period they tend to be similar, but actually these two interviews are quite different and both very interesting to read, so I do suggest that you take a look at that one too. I find myself nodding a lot when reading them, I feel that both Toyonaga and Uchiyama are very much into their roles and what they say about the characters makes a lot of sense to me.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Kouki Uchiyama Cross Talk

Toyonaga-san and Uchiyama-san play the two “Yuri”. In a friendly atmosphere we have asked them about their roles and the relationship between them and also about what they think of each other’s acting.

Yuri starts to develop manliness and Yurio starts feeling nervous.

—First of all, let us know what you think about the character of Yuri Katsuki.

Toyonaga: Yuri-kun is an athlete qualified enough to participate in the GP series, yet he is mentally weak. But I think he has very good technical and acting skills. The fact that he’s a late bloomer is very Japanese in a way.

Uchiyama: While he seems psychologically weak at first, as the story progresses he becomes more manly, like he develops a backbone. We see that he’s not only weak, which makes us understand that he is a person with many different sides to him. He’s 23, which is still young, but in figure skating that’s not necessarily young, and he himself realizes that this might be his last season. Seeing the story through his eyes makes you realize how tough the world of figure skating is.

—What do you think about him finding eros in katsudon?

T: Yeah well I had kind of mixed feelings (LOL). But the way he is always serious about things is cool, and seen from an external point of view it’s also somewhat amusing, and I think this, together with the world created by (Mitsurou) Kubo-san, is one of the selling points of the series. Besides, Yuri-kun chose katsudon, but in the real world too there might be skaters who choose bizarre things as their theme. In this anime we know that he is visualizing katsudon, but if we watched without knowing it we would just normally think that his skating is fascinating or erotic.

—Regarding “Yuri’s manliness” as you mentioned before, in the series there are scenes where he declares love during a press conference, or he suddenly lets out that he wants to be hated as the man who stole Victor from the world.

U: If you asked me whether I could do the same… I’m not sure. Yuri has been living in the high-level figure skating world, so he might perceive things in a different way than us. It’s probably not the first time he deals with the mass media. I don’t think it’s easy to understand the state of mind of someone like him.

T: I kind of understand him in a way. When I was around 23 I also wasn’t very discreet about what I thought, in both a good and a bad way. I remember that I used to speak out loud what I thought and felt without really being careful about it. I didn’t really think about how what I said could shock or affect the people around me. When I recall this I think that indeed Yuri-kun is just 23, he’s pretty young in the end. But I do believe that he must have been under a lot of pressure, both because of his psychological weakness and because he had to face the truth that Victor had become his coach. Maybe that press conference in episode 3 is actually the moment where he became determined to skate with Victor despite all the pressure.

—What about Yurio, then?

U: Yurio is about to advance to the senior tournaments after obtaining very good results in his junior years and being praised as a genius. He has an ambition to make a grand senior debut to show himself to the world.

—The electric guitar BGM that plays when he shows up is quite impressive.

U: Yeah, it’s pretty flashy. There are a lot of scenes where he shows an aggressive behavior… (LOL)

T: He bullied me (LOL).

U: But I think that the gap between his hostile behavior and the moments where you can feel his real age is one of the elements that makes his character interesting.

T: Yurio has kind of a bad temper (LOL).

U: He’s a bit unusual.

T: Personally, I was actually looking forward to seeing how Ucchi would play him. In the end that sharp personality does suit a 15 years old boy. As we can see in some scenes like in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, he is also able to acknowledge his own defeat, which means that he’s not just selfish and that at his age he already understands that recognizing when you lost is the key to becoming strong. That’s what makes him a genius, in my opinion. People like him have the qualities of a star, and that’s why other people follow them or are attracted to them. …I envy his popularity! (LOL)

U: (LOL) Well, Yurio is catchy. Including his looks.

—What impression did you (Toyonaga-san) receive from Uchiyama-san’s Yurio?

T: It’s presumptuous for me to say this, but I’ve always thought that Ucchi has a flair for sensing other people’s acting. In this series too, when we discussed with sound director (Youji) Shimizu, director (Sayo) Yamamoto and Kubo-san and it was decided how to flesh out Yurio, he responded right away. Same goes for my Yuri Katsuki. When playing Yuri-kun I decided to make him really “flat”, and I personally had the feeling that both in the recording test and the actual performance Ucchi was adapting his acting to that, like “I see, Tosshi is playing Yuri in a flat way. Then I’ll do this other way (for Yurio)”. I think that’s quite remarkable.

U: I think that in a way Toyonaga-san is a stubborn person, as in he usually has his own idea on how he wants to play something. I’m not really like that, so when someone tells me “please do this way” I don’t have a reason to object and I just change my acting as requested. But when Toyonaga-san is told “please try to do this way”, sometimes if he has a different opinion he will speak what he believes out loud. It’s a different style, but I respect him.

T: I’m not sure which one is better though (LOL). But actually it’s not something that happens so often to me. I can also do like Ucchi, usually. Just that for Yuri Katsuki, I have the feeling that I can’t play him properly if when they tell me how to act I can’t understand the reason Yuri is feeling that way. So it happens that, during recording, we spend time talking Yuri’s lines over. The thing is that if I just do what they ask me without actually being convinced of it I’m worried that it might reflect in my acting, that it won’t sound convincing… Yeah, I guess I am stubborn, indeed! (LOL.)

U: I don’t think that’s a bad thing (LOL). Maybe if there was a better word? “Stubborn” kind of tends to have a negative image.

T: Nah, I think that I really am stubborn. That’s why I’m very envious of your ability to reset all you’ve done until that point and just restart from scratch. I’m not really good at that.

U: Sure thing is that Yuri really speaks a lot in every episode. He’s a perfect example of a protagonist.

T: Kubo-san too told me “sorry that there are so many lines, but actually there’s gonna be even more later on” (LOL). But to be honest, what I found most difficult is not the number of lines but the fact that comedy parts and realistic parts are mixed up. This series has a very fast pace, and sometimes my acting mind can’t keep up with the speed. Like the sudden switch when the mini charas show up, it’s not something that happens very often in other series.

U: When watching it might not feel as fast, but yeah, playing it is quite tough (LOL).

—How do Yuri and Yurio feel about each other?

T: I don’t think Yuri thinks that much about Yurio…

U: He doesn’t look like he cares a lot about him.

T: Yeah, it looks like he doesn’t really think anything. He has stronger feelings regarding the fact that Victor came to his place. Yurio feels that Yuri stole Victor from him so of course he lashes out at him continuously. As for Yuri, he’s like “there’s no point in taking it out on me..”. In the end it’s not like he personally asked Victor to come there.

U: I think that Yurio is profoundly convinced that Victor was supposed to become someone that would greatly influence him, and that he was stolen from him. He is also nervous because he wants to keep up his good results from the junior era and he fears that if he doesn’t start properly he will lose the best period for an athlete. He is also afraid that if Yuri Katsuki blossoms he might become an amazing athlete. It’s for all these reasons that he is determined to pull apart Yuri and Victor. That’s how I picture him when I play him.

Victor is to Yuri the same as Jackie is to Toyonaga-san!?

—What is Victor to Yuri and Yurio?

T: To Yuri I guess he’s basically like a god. He has always admired him. I used to be a big fan of Jackie Chan, I think it’s probably the same.

U: I see. So it’s as if Jackie Chan suddenly showed up at your place and told you “I’m going to teach you action stunts”.

T: …I guess it would be like that. “Eeeh! No, wait, my room is full of your posters!!”. Kind of.

U: Ok, maybe not really the same (LOL).

T: Probably not (LOL). Well, it’s not like I wanted to do stunts like him anyway!

U: You should be an action star of a certain level for it to be the same (LOL).

T: Yeah. I’m not really on the same level as Yuri-kun (LOL). Well I do think that it’s somewhat like that. In the beginning Yuri-kun was probably ecstatic, but after some time he’ll likely get worried of what people start to think about him, considering that Victor is giving up his life as an athlete to coach him. I think he will realize that he cannot keep on just worshipping him like before.

—Who is your favorite character?

T: I like Popovich, absolutely! I really want you to look forward to his spirit (LOL).

U: I’m sure people will love his character. (Wataru) Hatano-san did a good job.

T: Yes! He’s really pitiful, but when you see that from the outside it’s kind of funny! Mind, I’m not talking bad about him, but isn’t it true that sometimes people who are seriously sad, surprised or scared look a bit funny seen from an external point of view?

U: Depending on the point of view the same thing can feel like either a comedy or a tragedy.

T: He’s the perfect embodiment of that. You can completely understand his feelings, but he’s still funny.

U: I like Kenjiro Minami quite a lot. He looks up to Yuri, right? I really liked how he shaked Yuri up when he was feeling embarassed about his past performances.

T: To Minami-kun Yuri was probably the same as what Victor was to Yuri.

—What scenes impressed you?

U: I liked when in episode 1 we see the recollections of Yuri’s life. I thought it was really well done how in such a short amount of time they showed many sides of his past. It had a great impact and I like it a lot.

T: I liked the scene in episode 2 where Yuri hastily hides all the posters in his room and then when he’s in his bed he suddenly realizes how happy and excited he is that Victor is there. I think it’s very much like him. Also, who is that guy, Takao, that Mari neechan was talking about?? (LOL). He just appears for an instant but I can’t help wondering who he is. Also, the night before “Onsen on ICE”, when Yuri goes to Minako-sensei’s place to practice the choreography, and the scene in episode 4 where he sits next to Victor on the beach and they talk, they all fit Yuri’s character and had me impressed.

—Could you tell us some anecdotes about recording?

U: The 3 skate nerd sisters played by (Akiko) Yajima-san are amusing. They are entertaining to watch on the screen as well.

T: Those 3 sisters are funny. They first record the 1st one, then the 2nd and the 3rd, so basically Yajima-san is doing the recording in 3 times. Sometimes the picture just shows the lineart and sometimes it’s just the storyboard, so not even sound director Shimizu understands what line is said by which sister (LOL). But apparently in Yajima-san’s mind they are different and actually she changes her acting slightly for each sister, I think that’s really amazing.

—Lastly, please leave a message for our readers!

T: What is interesting about this series is that the meaning of “growing up” is a bit different than in most others. Yuri-kun already has skills, so it doesn’t really feel like he’s “growing”… more like that Victor is opening doors for him that he wasn’t able to open before. When he’s not performing he still is his usual meek self, so his original personality does not really change, but by being with Victor he’s influenced by him little by little. I think you are all cheering on the GP series of the real world, but in the meantime the GP series in the anime is also getting to its most interesting part and the China tournament is about to end.

U: Yurio is waiting for you in the Russia tournament coming next.

T: Yeah. There will finally be the confrontation with Yurio. Stay tuned to see how they will end up eventually. In the next episode, ep. 7, my favorite guy Popovich is going to show an amazing performance (LOL), enjoy that and the rest of the series too!

U: We are going to see lots of characters with varied personalities, coming from different countries and grown up in different conditions. This series is an original anime, so actually we’re also very excited when doing recordings because not even we know what’s going to happen in the long run. I hope that you can feel the same while watching. Be sure to follow the series until the end!

T: …Actually, I heard how it ends~… from Kubo-san.

U: I don’t think you should have.

T: It’s not how you think! I couldn’t help it… She got drunk at a dinner meeting and just let it slip out (LOL).

U: Don’t make her drink! (LOL)