which is why dad was installing it for me in the first place

Oh, it’s not your job? It is now.

This is a long story.

Intro and Backstory

My dad was a mechanic for 20+ years, and for as long as I can remember, I drove him nuts because I would go around the house with a screw driver he left out and take everything apart because I wanted to see how it work. As I grew older I developed an affinity towards computers and electronics, which led me to be “that kid” in High School who changed his grades, crashed the school districts servers, and used the NETSEND command with great success. I would spend my weekends either with my grandparents and uncle working on science projects or dragging my dad outside to help me fix my car (which consisted of him telling me that he would help once I got it taken apart). Those “figure it out” lessons were the probably the greatest gift he could’ve given me growing up.

I joined the US Army in 2004 and went into communications or “commo” for short (25U) where I managed to go from PVT (E1) when I joined to SGT (E5) by the time I returned from my deployment in 2006. After returning home, I was subsequently transferred from a Light Infantry Unit (walking everywhere) to a Mechanized Infantry Unit (Riding in an armored vehicle everywhere) and placed in charge of the Battalion Commo Shop as the current person running the commo shop was scheduled to retire in a few months and I was the only other NCO. This is where things got interesting and my Commo vs. Mechanics ProRevenge story starts…

Commo vs. Mechanics

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“It” 2017

-this film had me exhausted and pumped with adrenaline at the end. It was visceral, terrifying, sweet, and so damn satisfying

-what I also liked about it was how tender and thoughtful it was towards its child characters; it really made us care for them via patience and watched behaviors, which made their fear and tensions ours to share

-the first scene with pennywise and Georgie might be the most disturbing
+put aside the clown make up, and the dialogue (“now we know each other, and aren’t strangers, right? So we can play together”) and actions sounds like how a predator would court a child. Unnerving

-the moment where Georgie realizes his mistake and the film hangs in the air had the audience in stunned silence

-Mike Hanlon’s experience with his grandfather and how “there are two choices; the sheep in there or the decider out here” is presented “a sad but necessary” to grasp way. It is perfectly underscored by him being black in a predominately white US town
+personally, even if one has to accept it, I still find it upsetting and would do anything to change it

-I don’t think there is a single appearance of a healthy, happy parent couple. All of the adults are alone and miserable(do we ever see Georgie’s mom?), which certainly adds to the deeply buried bitterness the town
seems to exude

-the moments with the initial members of the losers club being themselves and bickering about summer time off etc is so endearing and goofy

-so if pennywise comes ever 27 years, and the film predominately takes place in 1989 U.S., does that mean when he comes back in 2016 he’s going to scare everyone -create bitterness by running for president?

-Sophia Lillis does an outstanding job as Beverley. Bev’s determination to survive and outwit rumors, bullying, and a frighteningly abusive dad makes her the most relatable and compelling character to me. Lillis nails it in every scene.

-the scene where Ben is reading about Derry and keeps flipping the pages to reveal a decapitated child’s head blown into a tree is so damn creepy

-note also how the librarian who brought the book is by herself in the background, looking intently at Ben, as if to rush him at any minute. Then we see the librarian ask Ben a question from the other side of the room…

-nice touch with the smoldering Easter eggs leading him down a path to a trap

-really effective stuff like the headless body stumbling and dropping eggs

-it’s been a really, really long time since I’ve seen a muscularity publicized horror film that is willing to cheat reality via film techniques to create truly spooky and creepy imagery (as opposed to jump scares);
+its immensely satisfying to just see a film like this go to the (fear) jugular

-among those who have read the book, one thing they mentioned was the part with the adults was cosmically weird, and the mini series couldn’t touch it, budget wise. This film is teasing and rubber banding reality, and it might well shatter it in the future

-the motormouth kid character is actually pretty funny, and the film goes to create length to craft the lines and leave space for the audience to digest them

-“if someone comes, do what you do best. Talk.
+"hey, it’s a gift!”

-all of Beverley’s dad ultra disgusting obsession with her sexuality reminds me so much of those U.S. Christian dads who ask their daughters to pledge their virginity to them until marriage (and then symbolic dancing)
+This is something so very controlling and sexist about that mentality, and it says something about it that it seems at home with an adult sexually abusing a child

-speaking of Bev, the scene with the hair dragging her face to the sink and then exploding it with blood is amazing in its willingness to go far

-this film has so many musical interludes that come like leaves in the wind; some linger, some whisp in and out

-I don’t know why it took this film for me to realize it, but the cure is one of those bands that everyone thinks of when they think the eighties (whether that is the early not quite prime eighties, or capital E Eighties)

-backing up a bit, I like the part of the young Jewish boy who is completely disinterested in the religious aspect of the culture, much to the chagrin of the rabbi father

-one of the best moments is all the boys in their underwear, scared to jump into the lake (20 feet below) but Beverley showing them up

-Henry must be one demented motherfucker if he wants to bully a kid then carve his entire name via knife on the stomach of said kid

-I get that we later see his dad as abusive monster, but people come out of those situations without turning to sadists. To a certain extent, perhaps Henry can only turn to what he knows

-I don’t think it’s a coincidence that later with blood in his face, he looks just like pennywise

-speaking of which, when that older couple drives by Henry carving Ben, they don’t even slow down, but a red balloon shows up in the back window

-how much does pennywise control? Where does the illusion for fear begin and reality end? That blurring is one of the strongest reasons this film gets under the skin

-did anyone else think that the film was going to end after they escaped the house when they said they gotta life? (The “dear god” musical segment)? I sure did

-the part where Beverly beats the shit out of her dad and kills him is so satisfying

- almost as good is when Edfie tells his mom to stop trying to control him, stop feeding him pulls he doesn’t need
+“I know these are gazebos! They’re bullshit!”

-nice touch with the cast saying loser, but trying to v it to lover

-the sight of all the children floating in air took my breath away

-I can’t think of any other word than jaw dropping to describe the scene when Bill knows that his brother Georgie is dead and summons all his courage to shoot pennywise in the head

-by the time we get to the losers club beating up pennywise, I was so emotionally exhausted from him terrorizing them, that it felt like I just finished a marathon; burning victory

-the visual pleasure of seeing the clown get beaten and speared is so beautiful;
+the representational reality like a Jackson pollack for the heart

-this film had me utterly entranced from the first scene to the last. I for once eagerly await the second installment , because it more than delivered the goods here (rather than hold back to tease us for sequels)

-this is a horror film proud to play with that world and tradition, and works great at the primal instincts that the genre taps so well into. A monumental viewing experience and film I had a blast with


request: “Barry Imagine where reader is Barry’s gf and goes to the family Christmas party and meets Team Flash for the first time? thanks for taking requests!!!!!!!” — by anon

a/n: sure sure, i hope you like this one! 😊 oh and i made this imagine take place in season 3 just to let anyone know lol

Masterlist + Request here!

Barry had been trying hard not to laugh at how rattled and nervous you seemed as he drove all the way to Joe West’s household. You were looking back at the window, counting each tree that you passed by to calm your nerves, and your knee was frankly bouncing up and down too much.

“Y/N.” He called your attention, placing a gentle hand on your mentioned knee with a smirk on his face. “If you don’t stop doing that, you might actually find yourself flying out of this car.” he teased, in which you rolled your eyes and slapped his hand.

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t even notice that I was doing it.” you let out a shaky laugh.

Barry frowned slightly at the way your voice shook, knowing that you were getting nervous once again for what was installed for you tonight.

You were going to spend your Christmas Eve with Barry for the first time, but that wasn’t the reason why your head seemed to be all over the place, but it was because you were also going to spend it with his family as well with Team Flash, as Barry had already confessed that he was indeed the red speedster protecting Central City.

You feel his thumb rub comforting circles on the back of your hand and although you appreciated it so much, you were still goddamn anxious.

“They’re not going to hate you.” he reminded you just as he stopped the engine and parked the car in front of the house.

You sighed, “I hope they won’t.”

“They won’t.” Barry repeated, removing your seatbelts for you. “I’m sure of it. And even if they did, which they wouldn’t, I’d still be with you. We can be like Romeo and Juliet or something.” he teased, making you laugh.

“You should really win a noble prize for doing amazing pep talks, Barry Allen.” you teased back and he grinned, leaning in to give you a swift kiss of assurance.

“I’m serious, though. Don’t worry much. They’re going to absolutely love you.” Barry said before going out of the car to rush towards the other side, opening the door for you like the true gentleman he was.

You smiled at his words, “Thanks, Bare. I needed that.” you kissed his cheek.

The two of you headed to the front door. You were pleased to meet Iris first, since she was the one who answered it for you, and was surprised when she suddenly pulled you in a tight hug when you were just about to extend your hand out.

“It’s good to finally meet you, Y/N!” Iris grinned as she lets you go. “I’ve been looking forward to this night ever since Barry told me you were coming and I must say, the pictures that he showed me doesn’t do you any justice.”

You blushed at her words and Barry silently groaned.

“Okay, Iris, you don’t want to scare her off.” he said which made you shake your head.

“No, it’s fine.” You told him. “Actually, I could say the same to you, Iris. You are far more beautiful than what I imagined you to be.”

Iris smirked, “I like you already, Y/N.” she laughed. “Anyway, come inside, both of you. Dad’s in the kitchen, serving Grandma Esther’s famous eggnog.”

You raised your eyebrows just as Iris gently grabs your wrist, dragging you inside while you look at Barry, watching him shrug and smile.

“Dad!” she called the attention of a familiar looking man you once saw inside the precinct when you visited Barry once. “This is Y/N, she’s Barry’s special girl.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Detective West.” you shook his hand.

Barry abruptly cleared his throat beside you, “You know, Iris, from what I remember, it is supposed to be my job to introduce my girlfriend to the family and not yours.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle because of what he said, feeling a light weight on your shoulders and realizing that it was only his arm.

“Well, you were too slow so I had to take the matter to my own hands.”

“Please, I’m called the fastest man alive for a reason.” Barry bragged.

Joe West sighed and locked his eyes with yours, “Kids. They will always be kids.” he sent you a gentle smile. “Want some eggnog? It’s a famous recipe and you cannot simply leave this place before you try one.”

“Then count me in.” you smiled back.

Just as you were about to grab the cup between his hands, someone beat you to it and immediately place his lips on it to take a sip, causing Joe to quite hardly slap the person’s arm.

“Cisco, that was supposed to be for Y/N.” he scolded.

The boy widened his eyes, “Y/N?” he glanced sideways and saw you. “As in the girl who Barry cannot stop talking about and gush about for the past weeks? That Y/N?”

“Yes, Cisco, thanks for giving me away.” Barry answered for you instead.

You laughed, “Francisco Ramon, I assume?”

“Franchesco as I like to call him.” a middle aged man interrupted you, shaking your hand then. “I’m Harrison Wells 3.0, also known as H.R., also known as the better and handsomest of all the Harrison Wells.” he grinned.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you returned the gesture.

Barry was delighted to see that everybody was welcoming you with open arms. Caitlin had soon walked over and introduced herself along with Julian Albert, whom you already knew because you visited Barry’s lab a lot, and Wally West who was also very happy to meet you. He knew your course when you were back in college had something to do with the track he was pursuing as well, and that made the two of you click almost instantly.

After what seemed like hours of talking with every single one in the room, whether it be about you, about them, about your relationship with Barry, the thought of them ever hating you quickly vanished as the night dawned deeper. You felt ridiculous for ever thinking such thoughts and had the urge to apologize for thinking that way.

The door closed just as the both of you said your goodbyes, walking hand in hand towards the car that has been waiting patiently at the sidewalk.

“Come on, I know you’ve been dying to say it.” You said, stopping at the pavement to talk to him before you got inside the vehicle.

Barry arched an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?” he questioned but it was obvious he did.

“Okay, I might have been overreacting a little bit about what they would think of me. I’m just honestly relieved that they didn’t pull a ‘if you hurt Barry, I’ll hurt you’ kind of talk.” you joked.

“I told you so.” he finally said which made you snort. “And they know you wouldn’t hurt me. You love me too much, right?” he teased, wrapping his arms around your body.

“Wow, someone’s a little too confident.”

“What, is it not true?” he taunted.

You raised your hands up in surrender, “Hey, I neither denied nor confirmed the statement.”

“Ouch.” he touched his chest where his heart was dramatically and the both of you laughed. Barry then grinned and got something from his pocket, “Which reminds me …” he dangled a mistletoe on top of your heads. “You know the drill.”

You chuckled, “If you wanted to kiss me, all you had to do was ask.”

The two of you leaned towards each other and kissed, your hands travelling through his hair while his own squeezed you waist tightly. Before things can get heated of course, you heard Cisco’s shout from the household, you pulling away to look.

“Ha! Told you he would pull that stunt with Y/N. Where’s my money, Caitlin?”

You laughed at what you heard, Barry’s eyes rolling while his cheeks flush and in that moment, you knew this wasn’t going to be the last time you’ll be hearing from Cisco or the rest of Team Flash for that matter.

Second Chances || 01 (A)

Word Count: 4.9k
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut, College!AU
Synopsis: You run into your ex-boyfriend, Jungkook, at a frat party one night. Tension builds between the both of you once again after another argument about his infidelity. Will you finally look past his mistake and forgive him, or will you go on forever hating him?
A/N: Thanks so much to the lovely @seoulscapes for beta-ing my first fic! This series will have about eleven chapters to it and will be updated as time goes on. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy the first chapter of my “Second Chances” series!

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Something Worth Fighting For- 3

Summary: You’ve just begun to settle into life as an Avenger when a mission gone awry divides the team in half, and a familiar face shows up just in time to make you second guess your every choice. Third installment of the Worth Fighting For Series

Words: 1595

Masterlist    Part 2

You sat between Steve and Sam, staring straight ahead as the funeral proceeded. It was a long, arduous affair, but well deserved. Ahead, you could see the arrangement of flowers surrounding a photo of Peggy- taken before the end of the second world war. She was beautiful, young, and you couldn’t help but wonder when her hair had started to turn grey.

After losing Bucky, and then Steve, it felt like the world was coming down around you. Buildings began to decay, countries formed and reformed. People had children or they died; Peggy’s hair turned grey, Howard got married. Dugan and Jones and Morita- the Howling Commandos- most of them were killed or retired to live out the rest of their lives as civilians. They were all gone, now, and Peggy was the last of them. It was just you, Steve and Bucky now.

 That is, if Bucky was still alive.

Please tell Rogers: when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Young Justice Batmom: Part 6

Prompt: Batmom in the young Justice universe


AN: I love diving into this universe. This first part is a little short, but the next parts will be longer. Thanks to my wonderful Beta’s who are plowing through my stories!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You just grin as Dick climbs into the car. His hair is slicked back, and he looks so different from his usual look. As always, he’s all smiles. You wait for him to buckle his seatbelt before pulling away from the curb, “So how was your first day of high school?”

“Still the youngest in my class, still the smartest in my class.”

You grin, “Yes, well your mom was very diligent in your homeschooling.” The small smile that crosses Dick’s face tells you that he’s thinking of Mary, of the Circus, of the life taken away from him. You don’t say anything more, you let him have his memory.

He comes out of it on his own, grin back in place, “I saw Artemis today.”

“Yeah, how’s she adjusting?”

“Okay I think. I said a quick hello, but she has no clue that it’s me.” He goes silent for a minute before saying, “You’re in jeans. Didn’t you just get off work?”

“Your dad and I took half a day. He’ll be gone for a bit on a League mission. Since he’s gone, I figured we’d get in a little mother son time before heading to the cave.”

His eyes go wide, “You mean?”

You nod, “Junk food here we come.”

          As far as Bruce and Alfred are concerned fast food is the devil’s food, and not something to be eaten. You and Dick however, like to live on the dangerous side, which means every once in a while you indulge when Bruce is away on a mission.

          After a few hours of fried goodness and Dick telling you about his classes and a few other things the two of you head to the safe house. He changes into his robin uniform and you simply slip your mask into place. The two of you go out the secret entrance and into the alley. All of a sudden Dick is sprinting ahead.

          You smile as you spot Artemis up ahead. Your sneakers crunch against the garbage as you come to a stop behind Artemis, right as Dick disappears through the zeta tube. You smile at the girl, “How was your first day of school?”

          “It was fine, not as bad as I thought it would be.”

          The smile never leaves your face as you motion for her to go on ahead. The moment she disappears you go through, and the next thing you know, you’re being pulled to the ground as fire streams above you, and then you’re being pulled onto your feet and down a corridor.

          Your heart is going a mile a minute, and takes several deep breaths to calm yourself, and force the flashbacks away. Then you’re taking the lead, as you run out of the hanger and into the showers. The kids catch on without you saying a word, as you turn the shower heads on, Dick tries to radio for help, but you know it won’t do any good.

          Then you’re on the run again, making your way into the kitchen. You can see the worry on Dick’s face as Artemis points out the air vent. You give him a small smile and say, “I’m not completely helpless in a fight.” Before climbing up yourself.

          You follow the kids, keeping to their pace. The movements flow from your body as naturally as the day you learned them, but you’re not as fast as you once were, and you’re certainly not as smooth. And you’re quite sure that if you weren’t fighting for your lives Dick would already be four questions into his interrogation on how a company CEO is keeping up with them.

          As the kids look at video footage you do your best to collect yourself. You focus your breathing, and then your mind, and you go to a place you haven’t been in years. You go to a place where survival comes first.

That’s why when Red Tornado’s siblings call for surrender, you almost don’t follow your son. Then, some part of our brain tells you that you aren’t her anymore. That it’s not only your life on the line but children’s as well. Your son’s life is on the line.

          You listen as Dick does his best to focus Artemis, to get her “traught.” You take one more breath before placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder and saying, “Focus Artemis, like he taught you to.” Her eyes go wide and you give her a small smile, “Our past doesn’t define us Artemis, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use pieces of it to survive.”

          Her voice is a whisper, “You know.”

          You nod, “Since the beginning.”

          “And you still?”

          “Like I said our past doesn’t define us.” She just nods. You can feel Dick’s gaze on you and you simply say, “Once we’re out of this mess I’ll explain.”

          His voice goes a bit high pitch, “Mom?”

          “I’m okay sweetheart. I promise. Now what’s the plan?”

          He shrugs, “I don’t know, they’re literally machines.” He takes a deep breath and smiles, “That’s it. They’re machines, and EMP device.”

          You raise an eyebrow, “You have that in your utility belt?”

          He grins, “No, but we can make one.  Isn’t that right KF?”

          Wally’s voice comes in loud and clear as he gives instructions, but when Dick goes to install it, you hold out your hand. He looks at you with wide eyes, “Mom, you can’t…  You don’t know how…”

          “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Dick, but trust me when I say I can do this.” You can see his hesitation, “Trust me.”

          It’s something in your eyes that makes him hold out the device and the grappling gun. It doesn’t take you long to find your center, and then you’re going. The silence comes back naturally as you touch down and make your way to the generator. You get in place and have to bite back a curse at the incomplete circuit. Then your body is moving out of the way as water comes crashing down around you.

          You find the foot holds easily, as you scale the generator. You meet Dick’s eyes from across the room and you hold up three fingers. He nods and begins pulling Artemis back. When they’re out of sight you stand up, and you wait, and sure enough they come. And with your son safely away, you allow yourself to sink into the last stage, and then you see nothing but red.

          “What is up with your mom? Did you know she could do that? She evaded that water like it was nothing, and what was with the three fingers?”

          Dick looks at Artemis as they drop soundlessly into the souvenir room. “I honestly don’t know. She’s never been a part of our missions. The most she does is stitch us up, or work the computers.”

          “But she kept up with us. She climbed, and ran, and dodged like she’s been doing it her whole life!”

          Dick just shrugs, “I honestly don’t know. But the 3 represents rule three: When outnumbered retreat and regroup.”

          “And how are we supposed to do that?”

          “The circuit was incomplete; we have to find a way to complete it before they take my mom out.”

          There’s a moment of silence before Artemis says “We could just hide, wait for the League.” Dick watches as her eyes focus on that mask.

          “Is that really what you want to do?”

          She shrugs, “It’s all I know.”

          Dick places a hand on her shoulder, “I’d like to think you’ve learned a little something in your time with us.”

          She looks back at him and says, “You know too, don’t you? About my family.”

          He just smiles and says, “Like my mom said, our pasts don’t define us.”

          Artemis’s eyes focus on the arrow, and she smiles, “Yeah, your mom is pretty smart.”

          “Yeah, she always wins at Boggle too, even against Batman.”

          She just laughs, grabs the arrow and they’re off.

          You’re bruised, you’re bloody, and you’re beaten. You’re fairly certain that you have at least one cracked rib, and the black eye is going to be hell to explain away. On the flip side, adrenaline is still pumping through your system, and you haven’t been captured yet. You’ve even managed to take off one of Red Torpedo’s arms. It’s limited his power slightly, but Red Inferno is still going strong.

          You’re not going to last much longer, you’re too out of practice. Too out of shape. It’s been nearly ten years since you’ve done this sort of thing, but you have to keep going, at least to give Artemis and Dick a chance to get out. You’re just about ready to spring from your hiding places when the elevator dings, and Artemis and Dick step out; arms held high ready to surrender. You move silently and quickly, just in time to see Dick strike out, and see Artemis fly.

          The arrow sores through the air and the next thing you know the machines are dropping to the ground. As a head count is taken, you let out a painful breath of relief. Then your knees are buckling and the pain takes over your body. The adrenaline had been keeping the worst of it away, but now it was slowly fading away. The last thing you hear is Dick calling out for you, before everything goes black.  

Marichat May Day 12 - Sleepover

When Chat Noir mentions that he’s never had a sleepover, Marinette is determined to give him the best first sleepover ever. Out comes the best fort known to mankind.

Rated G || 3,007 Words

Cross posted to Ao3 || FF

The Fort

“Wait you’re telling me you’ve never had a sleepover before?” Marinette had been talking about a recent time when Alya had spent the night when Chat admitted he’d never had a sleepover with someone.

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “No, my dad is a little over protective. I didn’t even start going to public school until this year.” He knew there was a slight blush peeking out from below his mask. He was kind of embarrassed that he’d never spent the night at someone else’s house.

“That’s it, you’re staying the night. I’m going to make sure you have the entire sleepover experience, as least how I do it anyway. First, we need a fort, I’ll be right back.” Marinette ran down the stairs, leaving a shell-shocked Chat Noir in her wake.

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Draco Malfoy appreciation post/ personal rant

Okay but can we all just take a moment to really appreciate Draco Malfoy. Although intended to be just another representation on mean, racist and spoiled children, Draco Malfoy is one of the best and most complex characters ever and I will never truly forgive JKR for not writing a proper redemption arc for him (and no I do not count Cursed Child).

Take a seat everybody cause I’m about to give you a few reasons as to why Draco Malfoy should be loved a lot more than he is.

1. He is smart. Literally there are people out there that still think Draco got through his Hogwarts years based off his Malfoy name (money) and Snape giving him an easy ride which IRKS me. The latter maybe true but I highly doubt that Draco MALFOY, who comes from a family that believes in their worth over others, would have parents that allows him to slack off on his studies. The Malfoys literally believe they are the best of the best and in order to be that they have to be SMART! Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy would definitely not let their one and only heir ride off on his name and money only and would believe they would have to prove their worth with wits. Um and must I bring up the obvious fact that Draco single handedly fixed the vanishing cabinet which is probably a very complex assignment for any wizard let alone a 16 year old boy?!?! And don’t give me that “he was under extreme orders to do so which helped push him to do it” bull because speaking from personal experience, not everyone works well under so much stress and anxiety so fight me. (and if this isn’t a great example on how he would totally match wits with Hermione then idk what is but we’re not here for dramione today)

2. He defies the odds. Get comfy guys cause this is a long one. I’m not going to talk about him and the cabinet again, although he does defies odds there, but I’m talking about how he literally defies his family as he gets older - realizing right from wrong. Draco Malfoy grew up in unfortunate circumstances where he was surrounded by bigotry and racism. Should we fault him, a child, who was only surrounded by such hate growing up, for his actions? As an adult maybe, but we are talking about Draco in his adolescence where he is still learning and growing. Yes he was a bully. Yes he was mean. But we get a glimpse of what could have been in the sixth instalment where he finally shows his vulnerable side in - which the audience finally realize that he is just a boy. At 15/16 where he was forced to get the dark mark and complete an almost impossible task (cabinet and murder) in order repay his FATHERS MISTAKES AND at the age of 16/17 where he had to share his house with not just a cult of death eaters BUT THE LORD OF DEATH AND UGLY HIMSELF. Even so he a. couldn’t bring himself to kill Dumbledore and b. wouldn’t identify his former schoolmates (also his ultimate nemesis). That is called character growth mfs. Whether it was because he just couldn’t will himself to see anymore death, especially people he knew, or if it was because he saw Harry as the only option to end Voldemort - we may never know, but the important thing is that he never brought himself to do what would have been seen as unredeemable acts.

2.5. He defies ALOT of odds. Oh did you think I was done. Well you thought wrong. We’re not just going to talk about his teenage years, no we’re dwelling into his childhood as well. Draco may have been an angry little boy but he still had his moments where readers never took him as a serious threat. Besides the fact that he was a child and too pompous to be taken seriously, there have been times when he wasn’t such an evil little git. Like the time he basically warned hermione and the others that Death eaters were looking for muggles and muggleborns to torture during the tournament. Why did he bring that up? If he really wanted harm to come to Hermione why did he (albeit in a rude/snide manner) warn her to hide - unless he seriously lacked common sense, which I highly doubt b/c you would have to be really stupid to not realize what kind of information you’re giving away. And I find that sort of endearing in a way as even with the hate he grew up with regarding muggleborns, he still doesn’t want to see people he knows die, despite what he said about the Chamber of Secrets cause that was all talk and no walk tbh let’s be honest here.

3. He’s human. If those last few points didn’t convince you that Draco is a severely grey character then hopefully this one will. There is nothing more humanizing (don’t @ me if you disagree) than the ability to love. Draco obviously is able to do so as shown in his utter devotion to his family. What was that again that Voldemort low-ket threatened him with? Oh right, it was Draco’s family, his own mom and dad, in exchange for murdering his headmaster. Like what the fucking fuck kind of mental trauma this poor boy. ALSO, god let’s not forget when Crabbe (or Goyle if you’ve only watched the movies) died, Draco was a mess because his friend had just DIED in front of him. If thats not all types of fucked up and more importantly, doesn’t prove to you that Draco can love and show how deeply he cares then idek. 

Honestly, JKR had the audacity (still love you Row) to say she was “unnerved” by the fact that so many fell in love with Draco like she didn’t write all these things about him in the first place. We’re not romanticizing what’s not already there. We know there isn’t a heart of a true born hero underneath the prejudice little shit that is Draco Malfoy but SHE WROTE THESE MOMENTS THAT HELPED HUMANIZE HIM and what kind of world would it be if we couldn’t learn to forgive and see the good in people. Draco is all shades of grey and JKR def. intended this or she would have wrote him into a better villain. Humans aren’t perfect and we relate to anti-heroes because thats what makes them human. “The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” Draco Malfoy has shown multiple redeemable qualities because he hasn’t fully acted out on his dark side which makes him redeemable in my eyes. People are allowed to grow up and out of their mistakes.

Okay rant done, if you’ve read all of this then I congratulate you cause this was longer then intended lol. Carry on your merry little ways fellow potterheads.

Negan Imagines - The Blame

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Spoilers obviously

A/N: Okay so that episode killed me several times and of course this fucker ^ killed two of my favourites like seriously I burst into tears when he hit Abraham cause it felt like he hit me in the heart with Lucille. And I don’t even want to talk about Glenn cause that just wasn’t fucking okay. However I know a lot of you (including myself) probably fucking hate this piece of shit but I also know a lot of you love to hate this man (and hate to love him) so even though I could barely watch the episode cause I was crying so much, I did kinda die when Negan started saying everything was his cause dayum I don’t care if he killed my children, he does things to me. 

I left out the end where Maggie tells the others to leave because it was just too painful for me to watch let alone write it. So I hope you don’t mind.

Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Basically an episode based on the season 6 finale and season 7 premiere but Negan is crushing on you, Rick’s daughter.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 3,921 (oops…Guess I got a little carried away.)

Warning: Well, if you all have seen the episode be prepare to go through the hell of Ab’s and Glenn’s deaths again and the violence. Strong language. Age difference.

It was your fault. It was all your fault. That’s what you thought. That’s what you believed as you stared down at the blood and brains on the ground in front of you. 

You had gone out for a walk, you hated being trapped inside Alexandria some days so you had to sneak out for some air. To practise your fight on nearby walkers. You knew if your dad found out, you’d never be left alone ever again, you’d always have someone keep an eye on you which is why you were usually extra careful.

Only a handful of people knew you snuck out; your brother, Sasha, Abraham and Aaron. None of them liked it but none of them stopped you. On occasion, Sasha or Abraham would join you but that day you had gone alone. 

You had gone further you normally would go, you were in the mood for exploring and you were heavily armed so assumed it was safe to go so far. 

Eventually you heard voices, then you saw them. You were hid behind a tree, the foliage around you would hid you even if you moved from behind the tree. There was only five of them, the ringleader stood bold and clear. He was tall, handsome, with a salt and pepper beard and a leather jacket. 

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The strongest Talon: part 3

A scream woke up everyone in the manor. Immediately, they all were running to their sister y/n’s room. You had been having nonstop nightmares ever since the night you had come home.

Damian was the first to reach your room since his was the closest. He threw the door open and ran to where you were writhing on the bed. Tears were streaming down your face and your pain filled cries broke his heart.

“Y/n! Y/n come on, it’s just a dream! Wake up please! Please, al'ukht alkubraa!(big sister in Arabic)” Damian pleaded. His brothers entered the room and Dick came forward.

He grabbed your hand and tried to wrap his arms around you, but your eyes shot open. Before anyone knew what was happening, you had broken his grip and wrapped your hands around his throat. Tim was yelling and trying to help Damian get you off of their older brother when you finally came to your senses.

You let go of him and backed away from your family until your back was against the wall. You had a hand over your mouth to stifle your sobbing and you sank to your knees.

“I’m sorry, Dick. I’m so so sorry. I didn’t know what was going on or where I was and my body took over. I-I know that’s not a good excuse but…” You trailed off as another choking sob reverberated through your body.

Your father moved towards you and tried to put his hand on your arm to calm you down. You flinched away and growled at him.

“Don’t touch me!” You cried as you backed farther into your corner. Your brothers watched you and they felt small holes being actively punched in their hearts. It hurt to see you like this so scared and afraid.

It hurt even worse that you were so afraid of them.

They all started to leave the room as they noticed your shaking begin to stop. Dick slowly walked towards you and sat down next to you.

“Is it okay if I hug you, little bat?” He asked quietly. You sniffled and looks at him.

“A-aren’t you mad at me? I t-tried to kill you.” You whispered. He shook his head as he put an arm on your shoulders.

“You were having a nightmare and your instincts took over when you thought that you were getting attacked. It’s perfectly natural. Jason must’ve done the same thing to me about fifty times now.”

"I-I remember the first time I saw him having a nightmare. When I tried to wake him up, he flinched and backhanded me into the wall.”

Dick laughed a little at your story. “I remember that. Then Alfred had to patch you up and we both got the lecture to be careful with you. You were so little back then.”

"And you were always so happy. You always cheered me up when I was sad.” You smiled up at your brother. He grinned a little and slowly drew you in for a hug.

You rested against him for a while, struggling to keep your eyes open. All the nights that you hadn’t slept after your nightmares were catching up on you.

"Go to sleep, little bat. You need it.” Dick whispered. You shook your head.

"I-I can’t. Every Time I close my eyes, I see them. They’re always there, hurting me and laughing.” You said. Dick kissed your forehead before picking you up.

"I’ll stay with you y/n. I’ll fight the nightmares off.” He said.

"Dick, you can’t exactly fight nightmares. They’re just terrors from your subconscious. And my subconscious just wants to torture me.” You muttered as he placed the covers over your small frame.

"There’s only one way to find out.” He whispered. Your head hit the pillow and the exhaustion of the last few days took over. Dick shook his head slightly as you drifted off to sleep.


When you woke up in the morning, no one was there. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. You looked at your nightstand and saw a bowl of cereal that Dick had left for you. Smiling slightly, you began to dig in.

A knock on the door had you shooting out of bed. You saw Jason in your doorway, watching you with a smile on his face.

“B told me to tell you that they’re all going to be gone today. Demon spawn has school, and the rest of them have jobs they need to be at. Alfred left earlier to visit some relatives in central city.” He said.

“Then why’re you here? Does dad really think that I need a babysitter?” You said. He shrugged.

“Nah, I’m technically dead which means that I don’t have a job. Perks of being a zombie, I guess. I figured you might want to spar a little if you’re feeling up to it.” He said. You looked down at your feet.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jay. I don’t want to risk anything, especially since the chip the court installed is still inside me. What if it didn’t break and they’re just biding their time? Something bad could happen and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Jason laughed a little. “Well, we can sit around here all day and complain about the others or we can get something done and catch up a little. You might not’ve missed me, but I sure as hell missed you.”

You thought it over a little in your head, weighing the pros and cons. You figured it couldn’t go too badly.

“Sure, why not?” You grinned.

A/n: So how is it so far? I’m going with an idea that Icosplay4u gave to me, where basically each chapter is the boys bonding with the reader and helping her get to normal. Then she’ll drop the big bombshell.

“Uh-Yeah, I’m A Dad!” *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Summary: You meet Steve for dinner, planning on telling him the news of the kid you had together, only you get a phone call from your friend about Joesph and Steve insists on coming with you- having no idea who he is about to meet.
Warnings: Swearing, asthma attacks
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clints Barton and Natasha Romanoff

The fifth instalment of this We Protect Each Other | No Intention | You’re Poison | I’m Poison, Remember?

You had arranged to meet up with Steve for dinner in the evening, a nice quiet little place a few blocks from your hotel. This was going to be the night you’d reveal that you both, in fact, have a child with one another. You had planned out the long speech in your head, repeated it a few dozen times in the mirror, and even recited it to your friend, Katie. It was tonight or never, you had to tell him.

You never kept Joseph in dark about whom his dad is, well you missed out the part that he’s Captain America. You had told him his name is Steve, he was a long-time friend of yours and by the time you had found out about having him, you were long gone and had no means to contact him; so you kinda lied. You didn’t ever think you’d run into Steve again, nor did you think he’d want to talk to you; it wasn’t complicated as it is now.

You zipped the side of your dress, taking a long, deep breath as you looked yourself over in the mirror. Your hair straight, makeup natural looking, dress looked amazing. You didn’t know what to expect from tonight. You saw a million and one different scenarios. You kinda hoped for the first, him accepting the news greatly and hopefully, building a relationship up to be a family. Your gut was saying something different; you were doing this for Joseph, not yourself. He deserves to have his father in the picture.

“Okay, I’ll be back before ten, you listen to Aunt Katie.” You bend down in front of Joseph who sat on the couch; he nodded with a small tired smile. You leant forward and kissed his head, wiping the lipstick mark you had left behind as he went back to watching the TV.

You were about to repeat everything to Katie before she ordered you out of the room, wishing you luck and softly shutting the hotel room door behind you before you had a chance to back out. You sighed and got yourself together, leaving the hotel and heading towards the restaurant.

It didn’t surprise you to know that Steve was already there, waiting as you arrived.

He looked good, better than what you remembered from a few days ago. Dress shirt and pants, a huge smile on his face as he obviously, gave you a slow once over. He stands up, embracing you and giving you a soft kiss on the cheek, helping you into your chair also; chivalry will never die as long as Steve’s lives. Steve orders the wine knowing your favourite, falling into uneasy silence as the waiter pours and leaves the bottle- Steve’s request.

“You look really pretty, Y/N.” Steve sighs out, chuckling at himself as you blush and smile lightly, although frowning at his tone of voice. “Bucky got into my head that this dinner was your way of trying to apologise or something, told me that I wouldn’t see you after this. Told me not to expect too much out of it, ya’know.”

You nodded, Bucky always looking out for his buddy. “He has every right to question my motives behind this dinner,” you say gently, “I don’t hate him for saying that to you, preparing for whatever this was gonna be. I’m not really sure why you agreed.” You chuckled, sipping the wine.

“I told you I forgave you,” Steve shrugged, “I wanted to see you again, I never wanted you to leave, no one did.” You raised your eyebrows, “if this is the last time I see you then… so be it, I’m not gonna waste it spending time talking about the past.”

You gave a gentle sigh, knowing you’d have to bring up the past at some point in order to tell him the news. Before you can, you are being asked what you’d like and then it’s talk of how the Avengers are. How Nat never stopped looking for you, although you had told Clint to tell her you’re okay. Bucky and Sam still argue but they’re getting better, which seemed hard to believe because those two will always argue over everything.

“I heard from a little birdie that you and Sharon had a thing,” You chuckled as Steve sighed, leaning back in his chair and nodded once. “She’s nice and pretty, what happened?”

He had raised eyebrows, probably, wondering why you’re asking what happened between him and another woman. “We both just weren’t feeling that… spark, I guess. We had a few dates but it was friendlier, how Clint and Nat hang out.” He shrugged and you nodded, “I think Sam is cosying up to her now, which is great, happy that’s he finally found someone to talk to other than yell at Barnes.”

You both laughed at that, “Tell Sam I approve and to ask her out already.”

“I will,” Steve nods as the food is served. “So… you got anyone or…?” Steve trailed off and not looking at you, you smiled lightly and shake your head.

“Not in the way you’d think,” He looked up and frowned, “it’s complicated. I didn’t really find him, he sort of just… appeared through a few months, when I saw him it was love at first sight.” You glanced up and Steve looks a little defeated, thinking you had found someone. “Steve, life is about making mistakes, right?” He nods, “And I’m an example of that, I ruined our friendship, trust by making a stupid mistake, then I left and that was a mistake too. But out of our-my-mistake came something great and I should have told you but I was scared to come back, rejection or I don’t know what it was. Another mistake I made was keeping this from you but-“ you’re cut off by your mobile going off.

You sighed gently at Steve, who nods as an indication you were able to take it. You stand up and head out of the restaurant with your phone, seeing Katie’s I.D flashing, you answer it quickly.

“Hello Y/N?” Katie’s panicked voice rushes through the receiver, “God, I am sorry to disturb the meal but it’s Joseph, we were watching TV and then he started to breathe heavily. I tried using his inhaler but it didn’t work, it got worse and he couldn’t breathe- I didn’t know what to do, I phoned the ambulance and we are on our way to the hospital. It was so bad, they need you here. NOW.”

You heart picks up its pace, “Okay, okay. I gotta get my things and get a cab, I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay? Stay with him.” Katie says a quick goodbye before you’re rushing inside the restaurant, Steve looks concerned at your panicked face and rushing to collect your coat. “Sorry Steve I gotta go, I have an emergency, and my friend is at the hospital.”

“Shit,” Steve frowned and began to leave money on the table. “Need a lift there? I have Sam’s car since my bike is with Tony.”

Not really thinking straight you nod and allow Steve to take your forearm and lead you to his car parked outside, you hardly registered him throwing on his leather jacket till you’re driving to the hospital. You prayed Joseph was okay; your heart beating a little fast and you couldn’t really breathe properly. You were too busy remembering the last time this had happened, him almost losing his breath.  

You hated not being there for him, to calm him down. He must have been so scared, your heart clenched tighter at the flash of his face, tears prickling in your eyes and then you felt something warm take a hold of your hand. You looked to see Steve’s hand holding your own, giving it a soft, reassuring squeeze.

He parked as close to the hospital as he could, you flew out of the car and watched as Steve followed, you would have told him to just leave but you knew him. He wouldn’t leave you alone to deal with this, this was gonna end badly. He held the small of your back as you walked inside, rushing to the counter where a woman looked up.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, my son Joseph was rushed in.” Steve did a double take as you spoke to the woman, eyebrows furrowing with confusion as the woman nodded before she could talk your name is being called. You both turn to see a tear-stained Katie running towards you.

She grabbed you and hugged you tightly, “I am so, so, sorry.” You nod and held her closely, “she’s the mum of Joseph Rogers.” Katie is saying to a doctor behind her, the man nods holding a clipboard.

“Joseph James Rogers, born October-“

“17 2012, he’s five years old and has type 1 diabetes and asthma. A list of health problems, I can go on, I just want to know if he’s okay?” Your voice stern but cracking at the end.

The doctor nodded, “I’m afraid only family can visit him as of now.” He tells Steve and Katie solemnly, Steve looks at you with minor confusion and concern.

“Uh- he’s the dad, he can come.” You say quickly and the Doctor nods looking through the files he had presented in front of him.

“Steve Grant Rogers, I assume?” He asked Steve, who is looking directly at you and you just stare ahead, not really wanting to deal with that look right now. He just nods once at the doctor, you hug Katie one last time before leaving and following the doctor towards the children’s ward.

He opens a door that has three other patients inside, one of them being your son and you rush to his bedside faster than lightening. Leaning over him as machines beeped showing his –somewhat- steady heartbeat. He always had heart conditions, much like how his father was back before the serum.

“He suffered a severe asthma attack,” the doctor tells Steve gently who is perplexed by the situation before him. “He’s stable enough now, he will have to run tests to make sure he is okay but he’s breathing on his own, strong boy you got.”  Steve with a permanent frown just nods staring at you running a hand through… his son’s hair?

He blinks a few times, “Can I-uh-have that?” He asks gesturing to the report on Joseph; the doctor nods and passes it Steve before going over to another kid for the moment. His blue eyes scan over the many, so many, conditions Joseph has before he settles the clipboard at the end of the bed.

He remains silent at the end of the bed, looking over his son. That was an odd thing to say or think about, he sighed gently remembering what you were trying to say before you got a phone call. You glanced up and gave a nervous, shy smile at Steve; he tries to give the same back.

“This isn’t how I planned on telling you,” you sigh gently and sit in the chair beside Joseph’s bed and Steve can’t help but chuckle. “I guess, this is Joseph and he’s your son, this was life’s way of payback for hurting you that night.” You shrugged and looked at your hands.

He timidly stepped closer to the bed, opposite side to you and hands in his pockets, standing over the small boy. Blonde hair, very small and glasses settled on the bedside table near him. Uncanny how he looked like Steve when he was small, he couldn’t fight the small smile that appeared on his face.

“I wish you called,” Steve sighed and you nodded biting your lip.

“You were busy being Captain America, doing what you do best; I didn’t want to get in the way of that.” Steve looked at you, “I didn’t want to raise Joseph in that world.”

Steve gave a soft exhale. “It was still my decision to make, two of us agreed to that night, one of us under false pretences’ and now again the same person was kept in the dark about another thing.” He ran a hand through his hair to stop from exploding at the sudden rush of anger.

“I’m sorry,” you mumble. “I came back here for Joseph,” Steve looked at you, “he’s at that age where he wants to know why he doesn’t have a dad, why I’m a single mum. I figured if you were in that diner on Tuesday, I’d take a chance and slowly ease you into it. If you weren’t there then that was it, I left it down to fate. Stupid I know, I should have called but would you have honestly answered if I did call you?”

“I would have answered because…” he trailed off, “well, you know why.”

“I did something stupid, I know, it’s a recurring thing with me.” You looked at Joseph and sighed gently, “What happened, happened. I left, I found out about him and I dealt with it the best I could. If you don’t want to be part of his life or mine, that’s okay. You don’t have to be, we’re fine without you. I just didn’t want to be lying to him anymore or to you.”

Steve rolls his eyes, “you think I can just walk away after finding out this?”

“I’m giving you the option to, Steve.” You tell him flatly, “you can walk out that door and he’d be none the wiser, I won’t judge you either. Having a child with me is the last thing you want, anyone wants. If you do, then that’s okay and we can arrange how you can be part of his life.”

“You still don’t get it do you?” Steve asked with a frown, “Why do you think I met you for dinner tonight? Or asked you for that matter?” You slump back against the chair, “The same reason I let you into my apartment, the same reason I spent the night with you, nothing has changed from then to now with me.”

It’s silent between you both for a few seconds, you taking in his confession of still being in love with you and him taking in the fact he’s a dad, not how expected to end this night. Before either, you or Steve can talk.

“Mum?” A soft, whisper asks and you’re instant on your feet. “Where am I?” He asks timidly.

You smile lightly. “Hey, you’re at the hospital. You had a bad asthma attack, worried poor Aunt Katie but you’re okay now, a doctor was saying how strong you was; proud of you.” You tell him gently and he nods, Steve passes you his glasses and you smile and help place them on him.

“Why is Captain America here?” He was looking at Steve who chuckled lightly, giving a little wave as you sighed gently.

After a long discussion of yourself and Steve telling Joseph that, Steve is his dad, you having to remind Joseph not to get too excited otherwise he’ll trigger another attack; he fell asleep, not without asking Steve a bunch of questions. It was cute to see them both interacting, you never thought that they’d meet, not like this anyhow.

You both sat in the chairs beside his bed talking; it felt like old times, like nothing had changed between you both. You eventually fell asleep in your chair after listening to Steve talk about how he’d like to be part of Joseph’s life, it made you smile that he was so willing to be there.


“You know, I didn’t know that.” A deep voice began to wake you from your slumber, “eight pounds seems excessive, doesn’t it? I bet Starks weighs like twenty cause of how big it is.” You recognised the laugh, it was yours sons. You fluttered your eyes open to see Steve at the end of the bed, chuckling with Joseph.

You shifted and watched as Joseph leant against many pillows, glasses on and eating what you assume is the breakfast served to him, cereal and yoghurt. Steve’s phone chimed a few times and he glanced at it, typing back a quick response.

“Who that?” Joseph asked and Steve grinned.

“Just a nuisance called Bucky,” Joseph chuckled. “Asking where I am, I don’t usually stay out all night, I’m kind of old in that sense.”

Joseph stop eating and looks at Steve, “you’re ninety-eight, makes sense that you’re tired of fighting crime.” You couldn’t hold in that laughter that erupted from inside of you, Steve wants to look offended but ends up chuckling.

“That’s it,” Steve sighed, “You’re grounded.” You and Joseph laugh at him, shaking your heads at his stern ‘fatherly’ demeanour.

After a few more tests and Joseph getting dressed he can be signed out, you hold his hand as you walk through the hospital, Steve towing beside Joseph as they talk about random things with one another. Having way more in common than you originally thought, it was like he had been around since the beginning, only little hesitation on Joseph’s part but he seemed… at ease beside Steve.

You walked to the counter, leaving Joseph with Steve as you signed his forms. Grinning as the receptionist commented on how adorable Joseph is, you nodded in agreement.

“Looks just like his dad,” she nodded and you turned to see Steve kneeling down in front of Joseph, smiling as he straightened Joseph shirt as he blabbered on about something to his son. “Very cute, indeed.”

You walk out of the hospital, this time Joseph holding Steve’s hand and he was such in a deep jumble of words that Steve seemed to be able to follow, you were in the car before you knew it. “Uh, where’s your hotel?” Steve asked.

“Can’t we go with him to the Avengers place?” Joseph asked you, you gave a small frown and shakes your head.

Steve is silent, “You know, later if you’re not doing anything and you want to, you both can stop by?” He didn’t look at you as he asked, “to maybe go over how we’re gonna go about this… whatever this is?” his voice drops to a whisper and you nod once.

“Um, sure, I’ll text you or something.” He nods as he pulls up outside your hotel, helping you and Joseph out of the car and into the building, “thank you for… I guess, being so you.” He chuckles as he hugs you tightly, kissing your cheek again.

Steve pulls away and looks at you, “I meant what I said last night, by the way.” You nodded with a small smile, Steve’s eyes look down at Joseph who is looking between you both, “see you later little guy, don’t give any trouble to your ma`” You grin at him.

“He may be your kid but he doesn’t go around fighting everyone,” you muse lightly.

Steve chuckled at that, “Bucky always over exaggerated those stories, you know.” You both laugh knowing Bucky never did that, it was all true, every single one he remembers and probably, forgotten.

Joseph reaches out and hugs Steve leg, tightly. You smile apologetically at Steve who is busy prying the boy off, then he leans down and hugs Joseph smiling, small arms wrapping around his neck and you can’t help but feel ashamed, plus guilty for keeping these two apart. Although it was like a magnetic bond between them both; they just instantly got along.

Steve held him a little tighter before he let go, smiling and nodding at something Joseph said before giving you a little shy smile. “He wants to know if he can come back with me… now to hang out.”

Joseph turns and looks hopeful at you, pleading green eyes and you sighed, “you can join us later after you change and talk to Katie, pleaaaaasseeeee.” He sucks in another breath as he loses his last, determined to carry on the word ‘please’.

“Okay, okay, fine.” You sigh with a little smile, “you need his inhaler and-“

Steve chuckled, “Bruce has one plus we got the medbay, remember?” You nod with a sigh, looking at Joseph with a little concern. “He’s gonna be fine, I promise. Text me when you arrive, yeah?” You nod watching as Steve takes Joseph hand, smiling as they walk out together.


Steve walked back into the base with a permanent smile on his face, till Bucky Barnes was stalking up to him, Natasha and Clint in toe; both of their eyes drop to Joseph who hides shyly behind Steve, Bucky eyes trained on his best friend.

“Well, well, look who decides to show up.” Bucky crossed his arms, “please, for the life of me tell me you didn’t do what I think you did with Y/N? Again.”

Steve chuckled nervously, “no, nothing like that, Buck.” His eye drops down to the small toddler clinging to his leg, Bucky follows his eyes and his steel ones widen, “uh… yeah, I’m a dad.”

Bucky’s eyes remained fixated on Joseph and then look to Steve, his friend gives a one shoulder shrug but before anyone can say anything, Natasha is skipping up to Steve and dropping to the floor with a grin and offering a hand to Joseph; introducing herself with a bright grin, she always had a soft spot for children.

Clint not too far behind is offering a smile and wave, Joseph still somewhat, shy and hesitant smiles at both but still clinging to Steve’s jeans as he looks from Nat to Clint.

“He looks exactly like you,” Bucky mutters, “well you know when you were cute and small, not tall and ugly.” Steve sarcastically laughs at him.

Bucky makes no move to get closer to the boy, making Steve frown at his best friend and Bucky just shrugs, knowing that’s enough explanation. “Joseph, that’s Bucky my best friend, he’s a little nervous about meeting you too.” Joseph widens his eyes looking at Bucky, who is stood a little behind Natasha. “Wanna go introduce yourself?”

Steve following a little behind Joseph, who tentatively walks up to Bucky, looking up behind his glasses frames at Barnes. “Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?” He asked Bucky, Steve held back a chuckle, must be an ice breaker for him.

“Uh-I actually didn’t know that,” Bucky frowns but smiles, “Sam’s must weigh double that amount because he has a fat head.” That makes Joseph laugh, Steve gives a little ‘tut’ of disagreement.

“It only weighs that much because of the human brain,” Joseph states and Bucky kneels down with a quirk of an eyebrow. “So, you’re assuming he has a big brain.” Bucky chuckles and looks at Steve with a big grin, “Falcons have tiny brains.”

“I love this kid.” Bucky sat on the floor, almost pulling Joseph into his lap but holding his shoulders with his human hand.

(I don’t know if this is the finale part, I am uncertain of that. I am just happy that I got this one done, took a heck of a long time. Let me know what you think. - Rosalee)

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overworked dad

seventeen’s mingyu

word count: 2594
synopsis: Mingyu is so excited about you coming home with your newborn son that he forgets to take care of himself.
a/n: if you read this lil thing i wrote, thank you so much ♡ (i also posted this on aff lmao) (the title sucks :( im sorry ay)

“Ready to go home today, ma’am?” You were cradling your newborn son when one of your nurses came in with a wheelchair. “You and your husband must be excited to bring home little Minjae, huh?”

You smiled at her. “Actually, I think my husband is more excited than me,” you joked. It wasn’t really a joke; throughout your whole pregnancy, Mingyu was always the one reading up on parenting books and some nights you had to pry the books out of his hands so that he can finally get some sleep. (Also, you could’ve sworn he bought those books way before you two even began discussing having children.)

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Bad Night - Installment 1

This is an AU with a different timeline. Veronica and Betty are best friends with Veronica dating Archie after Betty was the one to confess she never had feelings for Archie beyond friendship. Jughead just recently reestablished his friendship with Archie and is receiving the full Archie Andrews treatment. Jughead’s dad isn’t in jail because in this universe, Cheryl Blossom’s brother wasn’t murdered but he did run away.

​Authors Note:

​Jughead and Betty’s relationship in Riverdale made me weep with joy and I wanted to experiment with a new situation. This is the first installment and I hope you all like it!

The night was crisp and cloudy and smelt of dead leaves. One of Riverdale’s only bars was packed and dirty, reeking of beer and regret. It wasn’t helpful that I was standing in solitude, holding a pitcher, while waiting for Archie to return from the bathroom. As people pushed up against me, I’d shift violently to my right and then to my left, beer spilling out from the top of the container. I didn’t normally drink, in fact, before this night, I’d never been drunk, but endless prodding from an overly excited Archie Andrews convinced me otherwise. I felt it in my head; the sweet sensation of euphoria that was the continuous death of my brain cells as I took another sip of beer from the plastic cup in my other hand. I liked it, and that worried me.

​“See any potential?” I was nudged from the back, a little too forcefully that I had to put a foot forward to stop myself from falling.

​“Ey’, took you long enough! What the hell? Did you jerk off in there too?” I shoved him back, laughing as he stumbled.

​“Awe, shut it.” He laughed and regained his balance. He started to look around. “Seriously. Anything?” His words blended in to one another, making it hard for an alcohol soaked mind to tell when one word ended and another began.

​“I don’t know. Should you be this watchful of other women? What would Veronica think?” I eyed him, trying to gage how far gone he was.

​ “Veronica is out of town with her mother and I am here as YOUR wingman. This isn’t for me, Juggy. Tonight is all about you.” He poked me on the shoulder and I shook my head, grinning. I may have been tipsy but I didn’t have as much courage as Archie was expecting me to. Had I known that reestablishing a friendship meant reestablishing my social life as well, I might have reconsidered.

​ “Here, its your turn to hold this.” I shoved the pitcher into his chest and he grabbed it, some beer trickling down his shirt. He was too drunk to notice and now the pitcher was half empty. He managed to find a cup and transferred the beer to its new container, taking a huge gulp. After watching him for some time, I resolved to only holding my drink for the rest of the night. I was feeling pretty good but messy drunk just wasn’t appealing to me.

​ “Hey, Archie!” I immediately recognized the voice coming from behind me and rolled my eyes, groaning. Shit.

​“Oh! Hey, Reggie!” Archie made double guns with his hands and walked past me towards the voice. I could hear the slapping of a bro hug and I didn’t dare turn around. Then my beanie was yanked off my head.

​ “What’s up, freak?” Reggie’s demanding voice boomed behind me and I sighed, turning around to face him. Great. The whole football team’s here too.

​“Hey, Reg.” I always knew what Reggie was about. I understood his intentions and was more than aware of the status of our relationship. Archie, on the other hand, with a hopeful heart of gold, only saw the best in people, even when it wasn’t there.

​“You know, you should really try life without this stupid hat. Maybe you’d actually get lucky for once.” Reggie held my beanie up in the air, as if he was expecting me to jump for it like a dog.

​ “That’s what I tell him, but he doesn’t listen to me.” Archie, again with the damn heart of gold. He’d understood Reggie’s comment to be a real friendly gift of advice, but I knew better. As oblivious as he was, he’d unintentionally saved me a hassle by grabbing my beanie out of Reggie’s hand and giving it back to me. “But he’s attached, and I couldn’t imagine Jughead without his signature beanie.”

​ “Thanks, Arch.” I took my beanie back and desperately placed it back on my head. It felt weird not having it on.

​“Alright, losers. Well, I’ll catch you later, Archie.” Reggie smacked Archie on the back, some weird male social indication of a friendly goodbye. To be expected, he didn’t even look my way as he left, his pack of steroid goons following him.

​“JUGHEAD.” Archie grabbed my shoulders and started violently shaking me, to which I instantly grew wide-eyed and yelled back at him.

​ “WHAT?!” I’d always loved Archie’s enthusiasm but sometimes when he got a little too excited, he was overbearing.

​“C’mon. You must see SOMEONE interesting.”

​“Look, Arch. My goal here isn’t –“ And that’s when she walked in. Betty Cooper, linked at the arms with Cheryl Blossom. Betty was the type of girl to care for someone who spat in her face, being why I wasn’t all too surprised to see her attending to Cheryl, despite their previous altercations I’d been witness to. Cheryl had been having a tough week, which wasn’t uncommon for her as she was pretty dramatic about every piece of information that came her way.

​“Jughead?” Archie waved a hand in front of my face. I realized I’d frozen mid sentence and probably looked crazy just staring into the distance.

​“Yeah.” I mumbled a response and Archie followed my line of sight to see what I was looking at. I’d never really spoke to Betty, just heard her and Archie in passing conversation, but every time I saw her my heart ached. I wouldn’t know what to call my feelings towards her because I didn’t understand them myself; all I knew was that the heart ache felt good.

​ She’d walked up to the bar, Cheryl trailing behind her like a whimpering puppy, probably manipulating Betty into doing her bidding. She ordered them drinks and they chatted, waiting for their beverages to arrive. I wondered what they could be talking about. I couldn’t imagine their conversations to be deep considering they had nothing in common.

​ “It’s Betty!” Archie found what I spied and was about to call her over. My heart started pumping faster to the point of discomfort but it wasn’t because of hers and mines potential conversation. My heart started pumping faster because Betty caught someone else’s eye as well, and that someone else was advancing towards her like a brute hunting prey. Reggie’s body language dripped with mal intent and I clenched my fists, filling with rage.

Unwilling and unable to face everyone on her own when it comes time to attend Auggie and Ava’s wedding, Riley Matthews hires a solution in Lucas Friar. Loosely based on The Wedding Date.

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

Rating: Around a PG 13/14

Notes: Sorry this took me a little bit longer than anticipated between vacation and then fighting to get the dynamics just how I wanted them… My best guess is that this sort of wait is what you can approximately expect for updates as we move forward. 

Thanks to everyone who has read, reblogged, commented, liked…whatever you’ve done to support the fic. It means the world to me. And just a reminder, I’m more than happy to chat about this or any of my other fics if you pop into my inbox. I promise I’m friendly. 

In this installment, Riley and Lucas are late to dinner, there’s some hand-holding, and Riley has a small chat with her dad. 

“It went fine.” Lucas repeats his assurance with a sigh. It’s only the umpteenth time since they had officially checked into their room that he’s said something similar but it doesn’t do anything to stop Riley’s frenzied work at unpacking her things and getting everything in the room set up ‘just so’, something he is almost positive is a manifestation of her nerves over the whole week.

 Of all the clients he’s had since he started working as an escort, Riley is definitely the biggest bundle of nerves and insecurities.

She’s also the prettiest, but Lucas really does his best to make sure he’s not actively thinking about that; it has nothing to do with the job and thinking like that is one of the fastest ways to start forming attachments. Not a good business practice.

“How can you say that?” Riley asks, hanging some of her clothing up in the room’s wardrobe. “I was completely flustered…”

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Every you Every me (10/?)

Pairing : Tony!Father x Reader!Daughter x Steve x Avengers

Warnings: swearing, some tears, fight, violence, idk 

Summary: You are Tony’s daughter, everything was normal until you recall your past in your nightmares.

A/N : I’m so sorry for not posting in so long, I’m back in the Uni and it’s getting me out of my mind, so sad it’s not even a month and I’m fucking dying again. 

Chapter 1   Chapter 2.1  Chapter 2   Chapter 3  Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Chapter 6   Chapter 7     Chapter 8 

Originally posted by collisionofdcandmarvel

You are in Steve’s arms, sleeping safe and sound, his soft breathing keep you calm and relaxed, until the alarm came to life as the room filled with the red color, which means, a new mission.

You open your eyes and untangled yourself from Steve, just when you are going to get out of bed, he grabs your forearm, so you look at him with a soft smile. 

“Y/N, stay in bed” he tells you with a tired voice, his eyes still closed.

“Come on Steve, I’m better now” you tell him as you lean to kiss his cheek

“Y/N, stay” his voice let you know that there was no other option.

A deep frown made its way to your face when you realized the tone of voice he is using, you turn your face to look at him at the eyes.

“Steve, I’m going you like it or not” with that, you got out of bed to grab your suit.

You heard Steve’s voice as an echo while you walked through the bathroom to change.

“Seriously, what the fuck it’s wrong with him” you told yourself as you tried to change in less than five minutes.

When you walked into your shared room, you saw Steve still doing his suit, his back towards you. You walked out of the room without him realizing you were gone.

You took the elevator towards the roof, you looked at your reflection and you smiled, god you were so happy to be back, you knew you were going to talk to Steve later, but really, this feels so good,  you were excited to return to the field, since you waked up you haven’t go to any mission, first you understood why, even Bruce told you about rest and all that shit, but now, God you felt more alive than ever and what better way to let it out than a mission against-

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Tony asked you when you stepped inside the Quinjet. You looked at your father, he wasn’t anything but happy with the situation, just like Steve. 

“Good morning to you too dad, I’m going with all of you, I want to be back” you told him, still smiling as you walked inside the Quinjet, but soon he held you back with his hand.

“Y/N, I thought we were clear, no missions-”

“No mission until you are fine!, Yes I know! I’m fine, look at me! I can do this!” you told him smiling, but his face didn’t change at all, instead the frown grew deeper. .

“Y/N, go back to your room” he told you once again, in the same voice as Steve.

“But I’m okay! I can deal with these I swear, just-”

“Y/N! go back, you will not come!” Tony said with anger and his hold in your shoulder get tighter.

You felt like a child in that moment, you felt so small and somehow out of place. You smile faded and the shine in your eyes of course died too, you looked behind him, everyone of your team was looking at you, but no one moved, no one wanted you to be there?

“Tony, I had trained all these months to be here again, I think I deserve this chance-”

“Y/N, stop”

“I had break my fucking back training more than usual! , every fucking night I go the the gym to train harder than the night before! I know I’m ready! I did my medical check up and I’m fine! and I found the way to control my powers! I can do this!”


“I just don’t understand! Five months have passed and first I understood why, but now? I really don’t get it, I know I can d-”

“Y/N! You are NOT longer in the team! That means you are not coming to missions anymore!” Tony spat with anger again and you shocked, you were sure as hell that your eyes went maximun wide. 

“W-what?, wait what?” your first told yourself and you felt tears from anger in your eyes. 

“Tony this is my life! Being an Avenger is the most treasured thing to me and you know that! You can’t take that away from me!” You told him with anger as tears started to run down your cheeks. 

“Steve approved it Y/N! and it’s final!” He told you as he let you go. 

Once again you looked at everyone, all of them looked everywhere except towards you and you felt sick. They all knew, all your ’friends’ knew that you weren’t an Avenger any longer, you felt betrayed by everyone in that moment. 

“If I’m not longer in the team, then don’t expect to be here when you arrive, bon voyage” you told them as you got out of the Quinjet. 

For your luck, you collided with Steve’s chest, when you looked up, he placed a hand in your shoulder, which you took out aggressively, you didn’t let him say anything, when you looked at his face you really wanted to punch him.  

“Don’t fucking touch me!, This is the best fucking choice you made?!, go fuck yourself Steve!, ‘ Am sorry, Captain!, ” you told him as you walked away from him. 

Again, you heard him in your back, calling over and over your name, but you walked until you were inside the elevator, way down to your room. You looked at your reflection again and it broke your heart, if you weren’t an Avenger, then who are you now? 

You arrived to your room and you closed the door like an angry teenager, you ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y to not open the door until you said so. You were so fucking angry, frustrated, sad, you felt like shit honestly, you felt so useless in high new levels that you didn’t realized that you fell asleep.

You waked up around 9, when you stomach couldn’t hold hunger anymore. You stripped out of your suit to dressed with other clothes, then you went to the kitchen to make yourself some breakfast.

While you were eating, you grabbed some mail to read and you felt, again, the anger boiling your blood as you read:

Request Accepted: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Congratulations Y/N Stark for being a proud mutant, in this institution you’ll learn how to control your powers in order to help the world you are living in’

“F.R.I.D.A.Y?” you called the A.I, still holding the letter in your hands.

“Yes, Lady Stark?” the A.I asked you.

“Can you send a message for my father?” you asked.

“Yes Lady Stark, recording message” The A.I told you.

“Of all the most idiotic things you could possibly do, this is by far one of the worsts. Not only you banned me from being an Avenger but you wanted me to go to this weirdos school, fucking really? and it goes better, ‘to learn how to control your powers’, plus the golden price, 'to help the world you are living in’, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! if all of you didn’t want me to be in the fucking team just say it!. Really dad, you gotta be shitting on me, so just GO AND FUCK YOURSELF, end of the message F.R.I.D.A.Y” you told the A.I. as you broke the letter.

“Message sent Lady Stark, any other thing I could do for you?” the A.I asked you, but you denied, instead you went to the gym to practice in your powers.

So now, you are sweating in the gym, you have a really big problem or dilemma in your mind, should you really stay and fight again to be an Avenger? or just go away? because maybe, you really don’t have a chance to be an Avenger again, plus if Steve approved it, it means that Fury did too, and that was one hell of a problem.

“There’s an anomaly in Spooky 5” you heard F.R.I.D.A.Y.

“You gotta be kidding me” you said under your breath as you stopped your training.

“When you say ’anomaly’, what do you really mean F.R.I.D.A.Y.? something about tech, or maybe a rat running in the cables?” you asked the A.I. before drinking some water, but you had no answer.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y?” you asked but there wasn’t an answer, once again.

“So it’s a tech problem” you said as you walked outside the gym.

You arrived to the second scariest part of the new Tower, the basement or how F.R.I.D.A.Y. and Tony called it, Spooky 5, because, Tony. But when you went down in the stairs, you understood him, hell this place was darker than Bucky’s eyeliner, this really was scary as fuck.

You were checking around the multiples systems that Tony installed, but everything looked okay, so what the fuck was wrong?

There wasn’t sounds in that area, just your monologue while checking the systems, so of course you hit your head with a shelf when you heard the doorbell out of nowhere. You left everything behind to go to the front door. 

You kind of smile when you saw Mr. Lee confused with the new Tower, this man was like a sunshine every time you see him, he was so cute. When he saw you coming he smiled as he searched for a pen inside his pants.

“Hello Mr. Lee, so long no see” You opened the crystal door and you waited for him to give you the package. 

“Likewise, young lady” He told you when he finally found the pen. 

“So, what’s in the box?” you asked him as he gave you the box. 

“It’s a package for Tony Stark” he told you and in that moment you knew something was wrong. 

First of all, the box didn’t have any instruction, like anything not even the name of company of the sender, the Fedex sticker wasn’t everywhere. Second, the van didn’t have the brand stickers anywhere, Three, Mr. Lee always answers with another movie reference to you and Four, he always says Stank

“Oh, well, I’ll give it to him, thank you, Mr. Lee, How’s Wolfie?” you told him as you leaned in the doorframe. You tried to hide your hand to activate the iron suit, just in case of a danger of course.  

“Fine, fine. Please, sign here sweetheart” he told you as he give you the pen. 

You took the pen but then he grabbed your wrist fucking tight. You looked at him with wide eyes, and you saw how his eyes changed colors. 

“Hail Hydra” he told you with a different voice as the color in his hand changed.

In a swift motion you hit him in the face with the box, when it collided with his face the package opened, revealing a thing similar to Red Wing. Mr. Lee changed it appearance but you ran away.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y! Code Red! Inform my father!” you shouted as you ran towards the command room, but there wasn’t no answer.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y! Code Red!“ you shouted once more as you kept running. 

And then something cutted your arm, you looked behind and you saw the robot shooting at you, you breaked it with your powers as you keep running, you need it to tell the others and found a way out.

And then the windows broken beside you, you screamed when some glasses cutted your skin, you looked at the windows and saw many Hydra agents.

“fuck fuck fuck” you said under your breath as you tried to keep running, you used your powers once again to protect yourself when some agents tried to shoot you, but then, they stopped working.

“You have no more powers lady, just come with us” an Agent told you as he showed you some artifact, maybe that thing acted like a field to disable powers.

“I know some tricks beside my powers asshole” you told him as you launched yourself towards him.

You were in mode destruction in that moment. You kicked, punched against the Hydra agents. Of course they made you bleed but, seriously?, you have fighted against them before, you knew them, and for God’s sake, you are a Stark you are a fucking Avenger.

You breath calmed when you saw your surroundings, no Hydra agents left, you smiled at yourself while you realized this, really? Steve should see this!, you can fight better than before. You were so proud of yourseld that you didn’t realize how badly your wound were, well, you knew you were bleeding, but it felt so cool in that moment.

And then, a fucking sting in your arm, you looked behind you and saw another agent, with diferent custome, but hell, the big octopus was from Hydra.

“Time to go home” the man said with his gun pointing towards you.

“Fuck you” you told him with a spat, you activated you iron suit to protect yourself from the bullets and to kick the his ass, but you couldn’t move.

“Okay… WHAT. THE. FUCK!” you asked the A.I. inside your suit, but nothing worked, not even motor skills, you were just a fucking shell, and then in the visor you saw a message:

Sorry Kiddo, no fun for you this time, you can hate me later- Your awesome Dad’

“Fucking hell Tony!” you said inside the suit and then you heard that same voice.

“What?, no more tricks?” you heard him say.

You started to feel numb, you could feel your legs and you were tired. And then, you don’t know how, put he disabled your iron suit, making you fall to the ground.

“You know, this is way easier than I thought” he told you while caressing your cheeks.

You tried to speak, but you couldn’t, the only thing you could possible do was move your eyes.

“Let me leave a message to your friends before we go” he told you as he got up to place a device in front of him.

“Hello Avengers! I hope you’re having fun with the fake mission, well I just wanted to let you know… thank you for preparing everything to take ‘Y/N’, how you call her, away from you, nice touch from you.  Well, this message should be her goodbye, it’s the last time you will see 'Y/N’, have fun trying to find her, Auf wiedersehen”

With that the device turned off and he walked towards you again.

“Time to go, sorry but this may hurt later” he told you before he kicked your face, making you faint.

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Sacrificial Friend - Part 3

Thanks so much to those of you that like, reblogged and commented on my last fic zero-for-starters.  

I apologise to those that have been waiting for this next instalment.  The other parts are here if you need to catchup: sacrificial-friend & sacrificial-friend-part-2

I was lucky enough to have the writing wizard @madfatty look over this part for me, hence the much better grammar and punctuation etc.  Thanks for fixing all my errors and making some great suggestions.  You are so helpful and totally lovely💕.

Sacrificial Friend- Part 3

Friday night arrived and Chloe was excited to hang out with Rae the next day.  

They gossiped on the phone every night, regardless of the fact they’d lunched together at school, and Rae had even visited her new house on Wednesday for cocktails and a swim.  It was so much fun, like they’d never drifted apart in the first place.  Rae looked nervous to enter the pool at first, but Chloe granted her permission to change the music, which put her at ease.  After she drained a few Cosmopolitans, Rae was giggly and raring to go; she dared Chloe to race her to the pool, which she cheerfully accepted.  The route Rae took didn’t make sense, and Chloe suspected it was because she didn’t want her to see her legs, which only made her more curious.  Despite Rae’s attempts to hide, she saw that they were covered in cuts, some of them extremely deep.  Chloe was concerned but also aware that her friend didn’t want to discuss them.  Hopefully she would confide in her when she was ready.  

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MBTI types as dreams I had

ENFJ: My grade 10 English class was on a boat trip. Once our casual lessons were done, I went onto the deck of the ship and just lay down on my front, completely naked. Some people walked by and I realized I should probably put on some clothes, so I did. There were two memelord girls sitting on the deck, but when I tried to ask them for their Tumblr URLs, all that came out was “Cracking open. With the. A cold one. Boys. I can’t sentence structure.” After the trip, my entire city was taken over by like… Reese’s or Hershey’s or Skittles or something like that. All the store windows were filled with carnival/circus-themed clothing and candy ads. Is taking over every single store in the city even legal? It was really noisy (even in my house you could hear the event) and I was freaking out, so I tried to call my grandparents to take me to their home in the suburbs, but they weren’t home, so I tried to walk. Weird guard people kept stopping me and forcing me to play this “clone game” where you just make weird hand symbols at each other. I didn’t even know how to play, but I knew I lost. 

ENFP: I was a grade older than I really was and everyone in my entire school dressed either goth or Hawaiian. Instead of desks, all lessons were held on a gigantic bean bag. A really cool kid I admired sat on a chandelier, though. My friends walked by and asked if I had heard of the “monkey man”, and I had not. Then a teacher (who was dressed neither goth nor Hawaiian) told me to go to Starbucks and buy him a coffee, but I had to pass the gym in order to get to the school doors and I heard weird bongo music coming from the gym. When I looked inside, there was a 7-foot-tall man dancing with a banana cane. He saw me and chased me back into my class, where I climbed onto the chandelier to avoid him, but the cool kid fell off and the monkey man grabbed her. I jumped off the chandelier and charged at the monkey man, causing him to release the girl, fall back and break the window. I think he fell to his death.

ENTJ: There was a school wolf cult with kids who dressed up like emo wolves and ran in the forest arrogantly. This one girl, who was inexplicably as fast as a real wolf, sat on rocks and yelled/argued with everyone, even people who complimented her. When she seemed sad, I tried to ask her what was wrong, but she told me to f*ck off because I was pathetic and stupid.  My teacher said that this girl was actually quite weak, despite her bragging, and had feet like a mouse.

ENTP: My dad was reading a book about a weird tree, and then suddenly my family was standing in front of the tree. It started producing a bunch of green slime and a wind vortex that sucked us into it. Inside, there was a girl around my age and her parents, who told us that we were safe with them. My parents started making small talk, while the girl and my sister went to a back room and started breakdancing to a self-playing mini piano. I decided to go upstairs, but there were only two staircases: One was filled with animatronics, and the other was made out of gigantic kid scissors. I chose the latter, because animatronics freak me out, but apparently the scissor stairs were ill-advisable. I started to climb the stairs so I could find a way out of the tree, but I looked out the window and it was floating upwards into space. Then my family and I suddenly appeared outside a McDonald’s.

ESFJ: I had a third sister who was more spoiled than anyone else in my family. She was having a Monster High-themed birthday party, and I was just sitting on the stairs with my other sister. Suddenly witches started flying past the window, so I hid and said “The evil is coming! THE EVIL I S  C O M I N G !” Then the doorbell rang and some random teenage dude turned up, and was immediately invited in by the third sister. He sat on a chair, and just as I was getting used to him, he turned around and suddenly was a vampire. I got really scared but the sister just said “Nice costume!”. After a while, she got bored of the party and made everyone go to an ice rink. We were all forced to perform a skating routine, except I couldn’t skate and had severe stage fright. Just when my turn was coming up, my classmate broke through the ceiling, sending glass flying everywhere, and started breakdancing on the ice rink. He distracted everyone so I could leave the rink, but then my third sister appeared and told me to go to the spa. I was just waiting in line for a hot tub (yes, there was a line), but then Francis from The Fairly OddParents appeared and held me down, trying to drown me. I got saved by Vicky, though, and the minute I thanked her she said it was just so she could drown me herself. I managed to break free of her grip and run out of the hot tub, but outside the spa a bunch of cops surrounded me, guns pointed at my head. One of the guns shot gum, but the rest shot bullets. The third sister grabbed me and saved me, though.

ESFP: I was in a car and desperately looking for conch shells (?) and then I almost screamed because I couldn’t find any. Then suddenly whoever was driving me (I forget who it was) opened a box filled with like 7 conchs of varying colours and sizes and I just went “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”. Then I got out of the car, which was parked near a crazy greenhouse with gigantic purple plants, and I started blowing on on the conch shells like trumpets for no reason. I started hugging the crazy plants. Later on, there was a terrible street protest full of Trump supporters. They had these weird spray cans of brightly-coloured gas that somehow was slightly bad for the health of black people and females, but not white males. Two black girls were trying to get through the crowd when someone threw a spray can at them. The girls just smiled though, and put on golden masquerade masks that somehow protected them? They then ran into my school’s auditorium and suddenly looked like anime characters. They had a concert and were doing that weird cat girl dance. Some people next to me asked if I was going to play an instrument or do backup dancing on the stage, to which I yelled no because even the idea appalled me. Some people stole the Trump protest signs and changed them to say “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “EQUALITY FOR ALL”. Then biodegradable confetti fell and everyone got free candy.

ESTJ: I was at an indoor amusement park, which was surprisingly well spaced-out and quiet. The lights were kind of dim and there were lots of plants. It was actually a tent, but it was somehow air conditioned. I was just getting used to it when a couple walked over to the roller coaster. The girlfriend (who was dressed from head to toe in cultural appropriation) got on and said something to her boyfriend. Then he got on, too. The roller coaster started, and I was really concerned because they were both lying down and not wearing seatbelts. I tried to say something to them, but they ignored me and started taking off their clothes. I left the tent just as they started to do That Thing. I did not need to see that. I just relaxed outside and ate some ice cream. Then a caption appeared in the sky that said “40 years later…”. The couple left the tent. They’d been mating on a moving roller coaster for FORTY YEARS.

ESTP: I was being bullied by the class I had in grade 9, so I tried to brag to them by saying “You fools! I know at least 7 dance routines!” They responded by laughing because apparently most teenagers knew 15-29 dances, which made me pathetic. Then they chased me in yellow Heelys on the school roof.

INFJ: My mom and I were shopping for clothes at a store, and I took interest in a fluffy mauve sweater and a weird sequined top. Inside the store, a TV was playing a terrible song devoted to Donald Trump, so we left. On the way home, we met Donald Trump and his wife, who was a fat lady named Mary. When I logged into my computer, there was a “Mary app” installed on it. I was scared it might be a virus. I told my dad about it and he opened the app (even though he thought it was a virus, too). It was a pop-up window designed to look like a magazine, with “Mary” written in large, hot pink, slightly cursive letters. There was a picture of Mary on the front, and an index/menu on the bottom right. It looked like something made in 2005. I tried clicking various links from the index. They led to Mary’s biography, a weird image of her dressed up like a sexy cow (if you hovered your mouse over it, suggestive phrases would appear) and photo of Mary and Donald Trump on a pirate ship. My dad said he recognized the pirate ship, because he rode in it as a kid. We drove all the way to the place he grew up, and found a small pirate ship lying in some reeds. We opened the door. It was Bigger On The Inside. There were some weird, glowing, lime-green fish-things that said we were at war with the Trump ship, which then appeared. A bunch of ghost pirates started fighting the Trumps.

INFP: I was going for a walk with a friend-person, talking about various paradoxes. She was going on about how you could be dreaming about a simulation in which you are dreaming about a simulation. I didn’t really care. Then I tripped on grass, and a big patch of grass/dirt fell on me and I nearly got buried alive. I then went to a park, which contained a grassy, chicken wire-surrounded area filled with waterfowl and peacocks. One of the ducks had died, and was emitting smoke for some reason. I shed 3 tears. On the other side of the park, in another chicken-wired area, a bunch of goth-looking kids started pelvic thrusting to loud pop music. It was annoying, so I left. I walked down a street that had a lot of Indian shops, selling things such as naan (I freakin’ love naan) and bright fabrics. Then some random old white man said “those kids at the park were annoying, huh?” I agreed. The only way to leave was through a pawn shop’s hatch/door-thing. At home, I nearly gave birth to a full-sized lizard. At first I was concerned, but I figured that a lizard is better than a child, so whatever. It didn’t even hurt. But the lizard wasn’t ready to be born yet, so it just kinda stayed in my body. Then my dad and I were outside a random house at night. I told my dad that there was a creepy moving lady Halloween decoration in the window, but he said there was something in the way and he could not see it. It was late November. Shouldn’t the decorations be down by now? Two girls ran out of the house, followed by a monster. My dad and I ran, too. For some reason we were having an interactive horror story thing?? Like we were mostly there but also just an audience??? I wondered if my dad or the girls were actually the monster in disguise, which for some reason was a completely original idea no one had ever thought of before. No one believed me, but I was right.

INTJ: There was annoying music playing in my classroom so I left and went into the hallway but there was a Minotaur there. I refused to listen to any more of that obnoxious music though, so I started running away from the Minotaur but I wasn’t fast enough so I started running on my hands with my legs high up in the air like a handstand and somehow that was way faster.

INTP: Everyone was informed about the news: Neptune (or Uranus, or any of the large, blue-coloured planets) was “out of orbit.” I asked why everyone was talking about it, what the big deal was. They said that this is a very rare occurrence, likely to happen every 10 million years or so, and that Neptune was heading closer to the sun. They said that due to its size and the direction of its current path, it was very, very likely to hit Earth and kill pretty much everyone. I panicked a bit, and then asked when it is expected to hit Earth. They said any time after the next 7 years. Could be a decade after, could be a day after. I was able to calm down… a little. Then I suggested that we try to do something about it. They said scientists are working on that. I asked what their plans were. They said they didn’t know, and that the scientists hadn’t really thought of anything. I am no scientist, but I tried to suggest some things anyway, such as using broken satellites and other metals to build a giant cosmic shield, which would then be securely held by jetpacks or something so it could push against Neptune and not hit the Earth on contact. They said that Neptune was moving too fast, and that it would probably just break the shield, and its water could extinguish the jetpacks. So I suggested that we try to divert its orbit somehow.  They said that scientists are trying to do that, but they don’t really have a plan yet, and that I should just stay out of it. That made me kinda angry. Just because I’m not a scientist doesn’t mean I can’t help, and just because Earth will probably get destroyed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. 

ISFJ: My computer got a virus, but the only real change that happened was that there were these little pastel pop-up boxes in the corner that said things like “Hello, little boy. I am your daddy.” or “Little boy, have you watched episode 32 of Naruto yet? It’s really good!” but they’d always call me a little boy, pretend to be my daddy and recommend anime. Also I later went to a small suburban town at night, something very Twilight Zone-y, where Ron Weasley apparently was a murderous and malicious knife-wielding psycho. But then it turned out it was his dad who was the psycho, and for some reason his whole face was covered in stubble. Including his forehead. He kept turning off all the lights and grinning evilly. Then, I learned that in Japan or Korea, I forget which, there were too many marathon runners so they forced some of them to wear ghost costumes and run in those, and it was hard ‘cause they kept tripping on the costume.

ISFP: A friend-person had taught herself a bunch of new languages, and said I could pick 5 to learn, and she would teach me them. After a few hours, I was fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and cat language. She then revealed that she was currently learning a new language… soul language. I asked what the heck that was, and she said it was exactly what it sounded like: speaking with and to the soul. She said it was mostly intuition, which I was quite good at, but if you needed to ask a question to a soul or get it to do something, you were to make a guttural noise in your throat. She demonstrated, and I asked how she even made those inhuman sounds. She just asked me to try it myself. I did, but it was very quiet and often my voice would just silence for a second or two when I couldn’t hit a certain pitch. I asked how I could try this, and she lead me to the bathtub which dad was relaxing in. He didn’t even notice we were there. I made the noises, louder and clearer this time, and waited for a reaction from dad. The sound was not as good as my instructor’s, and it hurt my throat A LOT. To my surprise, my dad sunk deeper into the bath and started moving his limbs weirdly and slowly, as if pulled by invisible strings. I was really shocked and immediately stopped making the sounds, but my dad was still being crazy and his face had sunk into the bath. He was drowning. I asked my friend what to do and she told me to say another sound that she demonstrated, but I pronounced it wrong and just ended up shaking my dad crazily until he was back to normal. He was super confused, and I said I’ll explain later. Then I added “Ew, you’re naked!” and ran out of the washroom to wash my hands in a different washroom. I decided to never do the question-and-control part of soul language again, as it seemed like an evil Satanic ritual to me. I had sinned enough for today.

ISTJ: I read a book called Died by Neil Gaiman, which was about a small alien creature that came to Earth. He saw a poster saying that art isn’t art if there’s more of it than nature (?) and then he killed everyone in sight with nothing but a knife. Everyone except for a dog and his owner that is. He then followed them to their condo, where there were many old people, and decided “They have lived for so long. Long enough.” Then he killed them, too. He taught the dog to do whatever he told it to by giving it treats, but then it lay limp because the alien didn’t know that dogs couldn’t eat chocolate. He then killed the owner, and decided that, in order to repopulate the Earth, he would put the owner lying forward on the sofa and put my cat between his limbs. He cloned this action, and he was happy. There was also a stop-motion movie made of this.

ISTP: There was some sort of thing going on where we were in the halls of a school, and the Batman characters were banding together in groups of 8 who rode on horses or camels with rainbow hammocks attached to the saddles under the horse/camel’s stomach. I thought I knew how to fly but it turned out I was just really tired and upside down. I was running away from the Joker, who had gotten stabbed and needed to go to the hospital, where they planned to arrest him. Our groups of 8 were enemies, and included camels, cops and actors who kept smirking and trying to be attractive and failing. Eventually, Batman put me in a huge car and said the only way to stop this was if the 16 people all were together and not enemies. I was the first passenger, and I tried to escape when Batman played music but he said “at least you’re getting a ride”. I screamed at him and tried to explain my mental illnesses. Also, there were 2 Jokers but one was not actually the Joker?? Like he had brown hair and only wore burgundy and was not a sociopath and the two of us went into a school gym where I jumped up and used monkeybar-esque things on the ceiling with ease and decided to stay there because “the Joker can’t fly”. Then, through a window I saw the Joker and a kid we was trying to assault, and then police went into the gym room we were using so I told them about the Joker. They went to arrest him but said that I couldn’t talk about this anymore or else I would be tried “for being related to or knowing of such crime”.

Teaser ~ The Longest Night


For @holdbeast. A somber first look at the next installment of the Tailwind series, and the sequel to “White Lies”: The Longest Night.


It rained all night, only letting up in the early morning. By the time Sojiro had arrived at Cafe Leblanc to set up for the day, the fog was all but impenetrable.

Equally impenetrable were the looks on Akira, Ryuji, and Ann’s faces. A cloud hung over them, one just as thick as the fog outside. For his part, Sojiro didn’t say anything- just ladled them plates of curry for breakfast, which they dug into with muted thanks.

Akira ate in silence, keeping an eye on his friends. Ann only picked at her food. She looked exhausted; drained. Compared to the vibrant girl she normally was, it was almost physically painful to see her like this. She was scrolling down her phone, distracted. Ryuji, meanwhile, ate with gusto, as if focusing on his food would push all his other worries away.

Ryuji finished first. He stood up, and nodded politely to Sojiro.

“Thank you for the food, sir,” he said.

Ann got up and echoed Ryuji, leaving her plate half-finished. The two of them stepped outside.

Akira stacked their plates and set them on the counter. He lingered there, feeling Sojiro’s heavy gaze upon him.

“Are we going to talk about why you had two friends- one of them a girl- in this place overnight? Without asking me first?”

Akira swallowed. “I’m sorry, sir. There was-”

“An emergency. I get it.” Sojiro nodded, somber. “So. Is it her boyfriend, or her dad?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not blind, kid. Your friend Ann there. Her eyes are red- probably crying all night. And I can see the bruises. So. Is it her boyfriend, or her dad?”

Akira looked away. “…She didn’t say.”

“Look at me.”

Akira caught and held Sojiro’s gaze.

“I want you to know that you did a good thing, taking her here,” Sojiro said firmly. “You tell her that she can stay as long as she needs.”

“I will.”

“Good,” Sojiro said. “Whatever else you are, probation or not, I know you’re someone who takes care of his own. Now, you don’t have school today, right? Where are you headed?”

“We’re meeting a friend,” Akira said, and it was the truth, if not all of it. “She’s from school, too.”

“This friend,” Sojiro said. “Is she in some sort of trouble?”

Akira blinked, lowering his eyes.

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Look at me.”

Akira looked up.

“You take good care of her, too, you hear me?” Sojiro said. “Your friends are waiting. Now go on and get this done.”

“We will, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“And would you stop calling me ‘sir’?” Sojiro grumbled. “You’re making me feel old.”

Akira nodded, and smiled. 

Sojiro’s concern was touching. It almost made Akira want to tell him what was really behind Ann’s haunted look, what was really casting a shadow over an already gloomy day. 

Not that Sojiro would believe him, if he did. 

It was time to go. Shiho was waiting for them, somewhere out there.

Akira turned, and stepped out into the fog…