which is where i found that quote

  Build me a city and call it Jerusalem. Build me another and call it 


                            We have come back from Jerusalem where we found not 

what we sought, so do it over, give me another version, 

             a different room, another hallway, the kitchen painted over 

and over, 

             another bowl of soup. 

The entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell. 

             Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time. 

—  Richard Siken, “Litany In Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out”

So apparently one of Tumblr Mobile’s many many many many glitches is that on my phone, it rewrites the source on every single quotation post as 

Welcome to Night Vale Peter Nureyev’s romantic philosophy

Which would be easily identifiable as miscoded gibberish if it didn’t apply perfectly to EVERY SINGLE QUOTE I’VE FOUND. To the point where I seriously thought it was some kind of meme. 

To which my reaction has pretty much been “I like that you guys enjoyed it so much, but can you please cite the actual people who said that thing???”

And then I realized it was just a glitch.

And I felt silly.


Things to note:

  • I draw all these by hand so these are not edits
  • please send me references for both design and color as well as a basic idea of your character for optimum results
    • if I have a better grasp on your character, I can show more of their personality through pose, which is commonly seen in Fates as opposed to Awakening
    • in the case of the criticals, sending me their quotes will also be a big help in the design of the expressions
  • if you are unhappy with anything regarding the finished product (expressions or pose) I will be happy to fix it up for you for no extra charge
    • expressions like happy, sad, laughing, and angry are ones I usually use
  • the reason the files are 256x256 is because that’s the size I found works best for support-esque conversations where you use the FEITS generator as a template
  • this is specifically for Fatesonas and other Fates OCs I doubt I’ll be doing this for anything else

If you are interested in commissioning me please shoot me a message on tumblr or email me at jessettee@gmail.com

I’m considering trying my hand at generating designs for enamel pins. y/n???? I think they’re awesome and it’d be a fun way to get some art out there. What sort of designs would people like to see??

Writing net

just a reminder that I run a writing network which can be found here.

you can submit spilled ink, quotes, words, and other forms of writing anytime. it’s not exclusive or anything, I wanted to make a place where others could share their work and develop their craft. We are always accepting new members and submissions and you can submit your work here.

You can find other information there on how to get involved and join. that’s all!

He loved her with all he had, which she found out later wasn’t as much as you would think. He yelled at her because her ribs where showing again and he said that if you don’t eat anything you will fucking die. But she smiled and said that it was all okay, let’s go out. He nodded his head and kissed her forehead, knowing she was dying and lying. I love you he whispered, unsure of he meant it anymore because she wasn’t the same person as before, and it was just the sickness he thought, he told himself that. So he held the door open for them and walked out into the cold night, let’s go get coffee he said because he knew that coffee always made her smile. She shook her head, no I’m alright, she said and took his hand and began walking. And after that she was everywhere, and he tried to save her, but sometimes love isn’t enough and people just don’t get better.
—  A story about sickness

Paul and Martha appreciation post, why? I love both :) Paul found Martha at a breeder in High Weycombe named Ann Davis. She became Paul’s first pet and was a lovable klutzy and cuddly ball of fur.

“Martha was my first ever pet I never had a dog or a cat at home. My parents both went out to work, which was why we couldn’t have any. even when one terrible day they were giving away puppies! Just a hundred yards away from where we lived We came screaming home, my brother and I, ‘They’re giving 'em away! We can get one if you tell us now, we can go and get one, we’ve chosen the one we want!’ They said 'You can’t have one son Me and your mum go out to work and it wouldn’t be fair on a dog’ 'We’ll look after it, we’ll do it’ 'You’re at school’ 'We’ll come back at lunchtime. Surely?’ 'No!No!No!’ Crying, crying, crying, We just couldn’t understand because they were free! We could understand not buying one because weren’t that well off, but passing up a freebie puppy! He was quite firm about stuff like that and I suppose he was right.”

“She was a dear pet of mine. I remember John being so amazed to see me so loving to an animal.He said 'I’ve never seen you like that before’ I’ve since thought, you know he wouldn’t have. It’s only when you’re cuddling around with a dog that you’re in that mode, and she was a very cuddly dog.”
Paul, Many Years From Now

anonymous asked:

Can u rec the quote blogs u follow and love alot? I'm always looking for more good ones to follow and i trust ur tastes esp w/ the quotes u use for your sanvers edits

the main one i use is @wnq-writers, if you ever see me reblogging quotes chances are that’s where i found the, but i also follow @quotemadness which is also pretty good. between those two you’ll probably have a pretty good variety of quotes on your dash every day.

also! if you ever seen a gifset with a quote you like, usually the op will have a link to where they found it or to the blog of the person that originally wrote it, and if you follow the trail it will probably lead you to more quotes from that specific author that you’ll probably like

“I was literally obsessed. I love painters like Marcel Duchamp, Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh, to the point where I thought that what I was doing with music was so distant to this form of expression that it wasn’t worth the effort.

Finally I realised that I had neither the talent nor the technical skills of these great artists and that the only form of artistic work in which I was capable of expressing my feelings and my emotions was music, and my guitar naturally found its way back into my hands. 

Today when I write music, I focus on making sure that every note is heard clearly in each whole piece, just like the way each touch of colour is a crucial element in an entire picture.I feel so privileged to be able to use an instrument of expression like the guitar and to be able to say on it almost everything that I want. I could never just paint a blue sky or reach a direct emotion as I am always striving to do on my guitar. 

To give up the study of those great painters, I had to realise what an incredible work discipline they followed, and that I would try to do the same on my own level with music.”

Name: Sarah

Age: 19

Where I Live: Canada


I’m a Canadian university student who caught the travel bug when I was sixteen. If I’m not day dreaming about my time abroad, I can usually be found with my nose in a book and a tea in my hand (it’s probably my fourth cup of the day). I adore the books lining my bedroom, indie music, fashion, the arts, and keeping busy. I’ve fallen in love with European culture and history, which is probably why I’m learning French and Danish on the side. My sketchbook can always be found in my bag, scribbles and my favourite quotes adorning its once fresh pages. I know way too much about Harry Potter and currently work at a book shop. I love hearing about other people and where they’re from, their favourite travel spot, favourite tea, etc. 

Perfect Pen Pal:

My perfect pen pal would be someone who loves the simple things in life and traveling. I’m a sucker for good music and someone who loves the little things in life. I’d love to have someone who likes to talk about random things, ranging from politics, to their favourite music groups, to art museums. I’d love to have someone who speaks another language (French or Danish maybe ??) as I’d love to learn about other cultures and I feel like the only way to properly do that id through language. 

You can find me at daiscrownns.tumblr.com

Feel free to message me! I’d love to know where you’re from!

Languages I Speak: English (Native), French, and Danish. I can read a little Norwegian and Swedish too!

I’ve been told by several people now that when I reblog something from them, it’s like turning the heat of the sun onto their blog with a magnifying glass. Some people don’t mind, others are severely anxious over it because it’s more attention than they’re comfortable with, especially on tumblr where, and to quote Pratchett for a moment: the crowd that applauds your coronation, is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.

Which yes. I completely understand. I’ve had several people try to “pull receipts” on me now, and inevitably they have found some things which prove that unfortunately yes I am human and therefore not entirely infallible. It’s an uncomfortable experience, even if all they found was a livejournal post that’s quite literally older than them and uses what would now be considered problematic language. (Because as we all know language never changes, and neither do people. It’s not like people go through character development as they experience life or anything. Oh but hey this villainous white male character in my show who just straight up fucking murdered a puppy in front of some children is just misunderstood you guys) Anyway, yes, what I am saying is, I understand if you don’t want to feel like tumblr is breathing down your neck via me. So if you’d rather have me not reblog things from you for the sake of your mental health, please tell me.

The thought of someone else messaging me in a tizzy because that one thing they said jokingly intended for friends is now being picked apart by strangers and analyzed like political debate, honestly makes me feel quite queasy. So, please, let me know and I’ll keep track of it. I don’t want to be the cause of your discomfort.

Also while I am making this post, please let me know if I ever miss a tag on something, or if you need me to tag something for you. Your triggers and mental well being are important to me and I’ll do all in my power to accommodate them.

Okay, serious post over. Back to shitposting and causing people to question their moral character via boot porn and other questionable kinks 👌.

-tumblr-mom xx

Do you ever have that moment where you’re talking with someone and you mention Les Mis and they say something like, “Oh yeah I love Les Mis!”

And you have this excitement of “I’ve Found My People” and start rapid-fire explaining how you have two tattoos and one of them is the French of this quote from between Enjolras and Grantaire in the Brick, which you have like seven copies of, and how you’ve seen it on West End and Broadway and the US Tour and in Fresno and co-produced/directed and wrote for this fan vlog series about it which—

…And then halfway through rambling you suddenly see the fearful, lost look in their eyes and are stricken with the dawning realization that, oh, oh, they meant they love Les Mis, like, from a distance, as an artistic work, not ‘I treat this 19th century French classic novel on the social condition along with its accompanying stage musical as a Fandom™’

And you can just SEE them regretting it and you’re like, 'Fuck’


…Asking for a friend.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so happily situated.

Elizabeth Bennet, Price and Prejudice 1995

They gradually ascended for half-a-mile, and then found themselves at the top of a considerable eminence, where the wood ceased, and the eye was instantly caught by Pemberley House, situated on the opposite side of a valley, into which the road with some abruptness wound. It was a large, handsome stone building, standing well on rising ground, and backed by a ridge of high woody hills; and in front, a stream of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance. Its banks were neither formal nor falsely adorned. Elizabeth was delighted. She had never seen a place for which nature had done more, or where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste. They were all of them warm in their admiration; and at that moment she felt that to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

I made another quote drawing. I can’t find where the quote came from, it was just a random one I found a while back floating around.
It’s rebornica’s persona this time hehe

If you want to see my last quote drawing which includes vendetta and Mahogany it is here : http://monsterinside13.tumblr.com/post/112822021491/i-really-like-this-quote-have-the-step-by-step

«She [Freddie] never feels unjustified. I think that’s a big thing. I think there’s a clear purpose and motivation to everything that she does. And that in itself takes her away from feeling that she’s a villain in any way. And she’s human. In the finale of Season 2 there’s a line where she talks about her start, which is authentic to the Thomas Harris novel [RED DRAGON], that she started as a cancer editor at a tabloid, writing about all these cures for cancer. And in that scene in particular I found in the writing a profound sense of loneliness to this girl. And that kind of isolation that she consistently has makes her to me — because I love her and I love playing her — not a villain in my eyes and therefore makes it pretty easy to not play a villain. And because of that need for truth and this kind of isolation, I think ultimately she is admirable in her own mind»  —  Lara Jean Chorostecki

“Which brings us to the season-finale bloodbath, and that moment where Will approaches Hannibal. I found myself wanting to shout, “Why are you going up to Hannibal and getting that close to him? Don’t you know he’s going to gut you!” Yes, he’s in shock over seeing Abigail alive — and he’s maybe envisioning this whole alternate life with the teacup being rebuilt that Hannibal’s laid out. What did you think as you were reading that script?”

Hugh Dancy: “The first season was more clearly laid out from the get-go, probably because there was more time to do that. Yeah, it was still bats–t crazy in its own way, but it was somewhat more traditional in the narrative. Nonetheless, in the first season, Bryan had described to me right from the beginning that, “Okay, at the end of this season you’re going to vomit up an ear. And you’re not going to know how it got there.” And that was very helpful for me actually, as an understanding of where I had to get to. In the second season, the equivalent was the idea of being gutted, being cut open by Hannibal. I talked about this with Mads and Bryan, and I saw it not just as, “Oh God, my guts are spilling out!” but almost as kind of consummation of their relationship – or whatever you want to call it… friendship, mutual obsession, whatever it is. As I said, at that point, there’s no good outcome for Will and somewhere, even though he can’t know that Hannibal has a knife in his hand — in another part of his brain, he knows exactly what he’s turning into, and he wants it. He wants that ending and he wants to be cut open and he wants whatever he has internalized to be brought out. And actually Bryan did kind of make that literal by having, as I lie there on the floor bleeding out in that last image in the kitchen, you see that stag in the kitchen, bleeding out too. We’ll have to see where that lands us in terms of who Will is next season. But yeah, if you approach that scene on a literal basis, you’ve got to think, “Will, what the hell are you doing?” First of all I had a gun! But the intoxication of their friendship has overcome them both at that point.” [Hugh Dancy interview for TVLine on June 20, 2014]

Details of Hannibal