which is what the caption part of the song is

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You should make a dating would include for the other boys omggg (Edwin first if possible😉). They're so cute and make my heart so happy I can't 💕

damn so i guess y’all really are trying to kill me

also you’re so pure omg i agree they do make my heart happy 

DATING ZION | NICK WOULD INCLUDE (request for the other boys!)


  • So. many. couple. fit. pics. Sooo many. 
  • Making it your mission to make Edwin smile during outfit of the day shoots ‘cause he’s always so serious
  • Him doodling you whenever you’re not paying attention to anything, just lost in your own little world
  • Him leaving the doodles all over your room, books, even your luggage sometimes and you put them on your wall (your entire wall above your desk is a collage dedicated to Edwin’s art works of you)
  • Getting a lot of poems written about you posted on his insta and the fans always making cute edits of pictures of you guys together put next to poems Edwin writes for you
  • “Eggwin!”
  • “Yes, my dear omelette?”
  • “Oh god, no.”
  • “No to the omelette? How about scrambled eggs?”
  • “Yeeaah….it’s still a no.”
  • “Hmm, I don’t know. I think I’m on to something, omelette.”
  • Him trusting your opinion 10001%
  • This resulting in texts at 1 am, spammed by outfit pics taken from different angles, with different filters and the caption: ‘which one do you like baby??
  • your reply: babe what the fuck its 1 am go to bed
  • But you don’t mind when it’s a bunch of short covers of amazing songs he’s currently obsessed with and he’s asking you which part is the best for instagram
  • ‘This one’ ‘wait no’ ‘definitely this one’ ‘wait’ ‘ugh’ ‘cant you just make this endless torture stop and post the whole thing on youtube :(’
  • Going to concerts and festivals together
  • Fans spotting you at said concerts and asking for pictures with you before him because they think you’re absolute “goals”
  • They probably even motivate you to make your own youtube where you do outfit of the week videos because they think your style is to die for 
  • Edwin and the other boys instantly being your #1 supporters and always filming/editing/taking pictures for you
  • Edwin being your ‘director’, Brandon your ‘music supervisor’, Austin your ‘editor’, Nick and Zion your ‘hype men’ and designated ‘holders of (y/n)’s things’
  • Gym dates aka him making you try all the weird machines and you making him try yoga/zumba classes
  • Him kicking your ass in zumba and going harder than all the middle aged ladies in the class
  • You’re always there in all of his random little livestreams and the fans just get used to it so they ask you questions too
  • “Hey babe! @prettymuchwoohoo wants to know what your favorite song is right now.”
  • “Baaabe, someone’s asking what that lipstick shade you wore at the VMA’s is called”
  • Him taking you to New York and being super proud ‘cause he’s a tour guide and you’re such a tourist
  • “And here we have….babe? Are you paying attention? Are you on snapchat right now? Ohmygod, if you don’t get off your phone right now i’m not gonna’ get you any pizza.”
  • But of course all it’ll take is a little frown and Edwin will break, kissing your frown away
  • Meeting his family in New York and getting to see all the monumental places Ed grew up in
  • “This is where Ed had his first kiss, but he thinks we don’t know about it so we never really say anything.” his cousins would say, shrugging innocently.
  • “Wait, what?!” Edwin’s eyes would widen. 
  • Him always inviting you to the PM house for dinner dates and he’d have to bribe all the boys with different things to get them out of the house for at least a few hours
  • You always asking for kisses because HIS LIPS
  • Him complaining about how ‘clingy’ you are but secretly loving it when you ask for kisses, especially when you’re lying half-awake in his bed, hands outstretched towards him with a sleepy pout on your lips as you ask, “kiss?” 
today is the anniversary of the 1965 beatles cartoon airing so im gonna share a story with yall

Last summer, I was really obsessed with The Beatles and they were my favourite band. I liked other stuff but nothing came out on top of The Beatles. Around that time, I’d found out about the existence of this cartoon. Also around that time was when I invited to a group called Banama Club (which is also the biggest friend group I’m apart of). One of the things I did for Banama Club was show movies and shows on Cytube for us on Saturdays/Sundays. One day, I got the idea to show The Beebles Cartoon™ which resulted in the overall reactions of “what the actual hell is this floyd” and positivity because of how ridiculous it was.

The best part about this whole thing was that my friends knew next to nothing about The Beatles, so this resulted in the mass idea that The Beatles sang songs and also did some really weird stuff in their free time. It was beautiful.

It got to the point where one of the biggest inside jokes from 2016 Banama was a picture of Ringo I posted one day with the caption “he stretch he leggy out REAL far.” This Ringo was dubbed Leggy and was practically a mascot for us.

The talk of The Beatles Cartoon and movie nights eventually died down around December or so, but it’s still one of those ridiculous things I like to look back upon. The Beatles Cartoon was awful but it got my friends interested in the actual band and brought us closer together. Thanks, really shitty Beatles cartoon with practically no budget or self-awareness.

“Once again, oh rain, pour down
and don’t ever stop.
Should you bring forth a hurricane,
It is still what my heart pleads.
My love is overflowing,
my emotions are screaming in joy
when it rains and I’m with you.”

- a small part from the song Tuwing Umuulan (which I poorly translated in English)

But really, if my caption is honest I would have said “Viktor and Yuuri just like to get wet and sick together smh these children.” but I want to act poetic for once so… 

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Let's talk about how much more time Tayvin will get to spend together when Taylor goes on her break, and maybe then we'll get our fucking selfie!

I feel like Tayvin while Taylor is on break would probably be just as nonexistent as Tayvin on tour tbh. But that’s just my opinion though. They’re both homebodies. They’ve figured out where to go and how to not get caught while they’re out. Even Calvin said they go out without being hounded most of the time because no one ever catches them. It will be interesting to see if the amount of posts about each other increase though. Would they be completely natural and fluent about each other on social media like any other celebrity couple of would they make it a rarity to see a “friendly relations….” or a “she cooks too” you know? Idk….I can’t wait honestly no one wants this tour to end but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down the days until the final stop. Not because I want Tayvin (honestly only a small part of the reason) but mostly because everything is so routine right now. Over hearing sound check surprise songs. M&G. Seeing song being performed. Performance pics that MUST have captions or else you won’t be able to tell which night they’re from because they’re the same. Loft. SM posts about everything we just saw. Repeat. I sound like I’m whining so much right now. I love this tour so much….I just don’t know what else there is to like….see? When she’s done touring it’ll probably be peaceful but at least there wouldn’t be repetition. It’ll be like that time before the tour started when she took one of her first tumblr breaks and it was so serene and nice to chill out here. During tour it’s like watching a tidal wave pass through here on schedule. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about anything I’m just a girl eating popcorn in the dark and on her phone