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like I think its good to remember which Layer of engagement you’re talking about when talking about Homestuck related things/theories, because theres a few

1: How it feels to the characters inside the universe story, their own personal biases of what they think or see from their perspective  (Any character really)

2: what it looks like to characters/places/objects outside the bounds of timelines or universes, but who are still within the narrative/story of homestuck itself (Most characters eventually kinda reach this level its like an inuniverse/incanon dimension shift)

3: what it looks like from outside of the narrative of Homestuck, so us, the audience viewing the story, or the author, Hussie in real life’s, intentions and this is where writing conventions rather than “in canon universe rules” comes into play

(and then John is like a 2.5. He’s a character from inside the story, out of universal bounds, who gained limited access to this 3rd dimension, but his understanding of what it actually is is limited to his 2 Dimensional perspective)

cuz when one of you is on a 2 level and the other is a 3, arguing isnt gonna be productive, you both either gotta be a 2 or a 3, that way you know ur talking about the same things

not only was guan shan’s phone on the inbox screen for he tian, but his phone is literally about to turn off from low battery. so he has been lying there for who knows how many hours wasting his battery and refreshing the screen so it doesn’t dim/turn off, waiting for a message (inevitably) to come through

I ended up using my entire morning to contemplate the relations in Noragami. The majority of this may not even make sense and is probably pretty very wrong/coincidental, but hey–no one ever said speculating was a 100% definite truth! (Okay warning this DOES get a little crazy sounding…rip.)

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so many wonderful people have helped me, not only on this website, but in real life, too!!! the thing is…. i wish i knew how to help /them/..


Hey, guys! I’m just popping up here to let you all know I’m alive and well! I’ve just been taking some time off from this blog due to lack of inspiration when it comes to writing your requests (what is muse?) and I needed some time to recover from the holidays.

Anyways, the good news is, I plan on getting back to posting sometime around February… The BAD news though…  

I’ve decided that I don’t enjoy keeping up with my queue. So, instead of feeding it and breaking my back to keep it up to 25+, I’m going to back off and start posting just a few times a week. In short, you’ll only get new imagines roughly 3-4 times a week rather than once a day.

Thank you!

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EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

I don’t normally engage in fandom discourse, but I see a lot of people saying “I don’t want blizzard to say who the canon lgbt characters are in Overwatch, because I think it’s better for fans to have their own headcanons.” And I 100% disagree.

Representation in a game that reaches people all over the world, many of whom are from a homophobic subculture that might otherwise not encounter any queer characters in any of their other media, is more important than your ships. 

Shipping is not why lgbt characters are necessary. They are necessary because real, actual lgbt people exist and now more than ever need to be normalized in media. Subtext alone is not enough. We need to be allowed to exist as more than a head tilt and a wink, as more than something that has to be coded and guessed at like we’re some sort of dirty secret.

basically, If your ship is more important than real life representation on a global scale, I really think you’ve missed the point, and maybe you should think about your priorities. :\

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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In the new series, Cumberbatch’s detective is less of the irritatingly smug know-it-all we saw in earlier episodes. Moffat elaborates: “Being a hero isn’t being bigger, richer, more powerful than somebody else. It’s being wiser and kinder.” He pauses and adds: “I think it’s time for the less-of-a-dick Sherlock.”
WHO IS THAT!?!?! oh, steve, you scared me, i didnt recognize you in that baseball hat, hoodie, and sunglasses