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Best friends with secret feelings for each other AUs

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  • “We’ve been best friends for years and barely ever argued although whenever we HAVE argued there’s always been this weird sexual tension and recently we’ve been arguing more and more even though we hardly ever disagree on anything oh my god what is HAPPENING just kiss me already or I swear one day I’m gonna do it myself” au 
  • “I’ve had a crush on you FOREVER and recently we became friends but you’re always playfully slapping my butt and kissing me on the cheek etc and I have no idea if you actually like me and are just super bad at emotions or if you’re like that with everybody help” au
  • “You’re really sick/terminally ill and I know it would only hurt both of us to start a relationship now since you won’t be here forever or maybe even like another month so I’m just satisfying myself with spending every day I can with you, doing dumb shit like throwing candies at you and you trying to catch them in your mouth oh god I love you so much and little do I know but you feel the exact same way” au
  • “I was feeling really upset so you sat me down and looked me in the eyes and told me all the things you love about me and somehow it went from words of affirmation to the slowest, most intense kiss I’ve ever experienced but when it was over you just got up and pretended like nothing happened and now I don’t know what to do I think I might have legitimately just fallen in love with you?? !” au
  • “I’m super popular and you’re more of a loner and you probably think you have no chance with me which is really upsetting because I stg I’m just a nerd who never asked for this, I wish I could talk to you about this without it coming off badly, you intrigue me so damn much” au
  • “You’re generally a really tactile person and I’m naturally just not but with you I 100% embrace it and whenever people who know me see us together they give me the weirdest looks and tbh everyone knew before I did that I was in love with you oh shit wait what do you mean you aren’t touchy feely with everybody either…………” au
welcome to the hellmouth

Mr. Chisholm has been a Watcher for a time, now: long before his sister was chosen and long after she passed. He comes to Rose Creek chasing rumors of an open hell mouth and the next Slayer, with a kid in tow who’s half foster, half Watcher-in-training, and a hint of something else entirely.

They find her, a high school girl mourning the death of her boyfriend some weeks past. Unexplained circumstances. Mr. Chisholm enrolls the kid, finds a job in the school library, and waits for her there. One day between second and third period he tells her about the one girl in each generation that’s chosen–about vampires and vampire slayers. He tells her who she is.

She’s quiet, and he smiles, not unkindly: “It’s all right if it’s a lot to take in. It’s all right to be scared.” He’s not equipped with the gentlest of manners, but he tries his best with the slayers. He thinks every time of his sister.

“I’m not afraid,” she says, furious. “Tell me everything.”

Saw some great vampire gif sets featuring Goody and Billy, but honestly, if vampires are involved, I’m always going to want some Buffy action.

I am not sure how Faraday and Vasquez fit into all of this, but I will note that La Llorona (the crying woman) is generally named Maria, which is too perfect. One of them is a werewolf, maybe, fuck.

Similarly did not know what Horne was until a Google search answered that question for me (demon, not vamp).

Goody is a re-souled vampire, and Billy is a demon hunter. Goody knows that if he experiences a moment of pure happiness he’ll lose his soul. Theirs is a sad and chaste relationship. Pining happens.

how to approach/greet the boys if you meet them

so there is a lot of posts going around about paparazzi (not even real paps just some stupid teens) harassing Ashton while he was out with his family and after having told the teens to stop taking photos multiple times and they had not listened and carried on following them and even dropped as low as to leaking their address….and Ashton got pissed chucked one of their phones to The ground (it happened to be a female) and yeah but I am so mad at the teens who have taken the role of paps in Aus/Syd cause Aus/Syd generally doesn’t have paps that follow celebs around anyway…but what they did was harassment, stalking and a breach of privacy all of which I believe are ILLEGAL to do so in Australia (correct me if I’m wrong but it’s still wrong to do any of this)…So I’ve decided to make a dos and donts list of how to approach the boys and how you should behave/act so that they are most likely to respond to you/acknowledge you…


- DO NOT harass or ask questions that you yourself would not like to answer
- DO NOT shove your phone or any other recording device in their face or force them to take a picture with you
- DO NOT touch them without their consent
- DO NOT approach/touch their family members without their consent or the consent of the person themselves
- DO NOT yell or scream (they will most likely ignore you and keep walking if you do)
- DO NOT make sexual remarks
- DO NOT throw shade or insult one of their friends, family members AND their girlfriends and yes this includes Arzaylea too (if you see her with them DO NOT INSULT HER OR BE MEAN SHE IS HUMAN TOO AND NO IM NOT A FAN OF HERS BUT I ACKNOWLEDGE HER HUMANITY AND THE FACT SHE IS HUMAN AND HAS FEELINGS)
- DO NOT do anything that you would not like being done to you by a stranger
- DO NOT hug them if you have not asked/ or they are shown signs of wanting to not be touched
- DO NOT throw a fit (temper tantrum) if they refuse for a photo
- basically don’t do anything that you wouldn’t enjoy being done to yourself


- DO be polite
- DO ask for a photo
- DO ask if they have time for a quick chat
- DO ask for a hug
- DO acknowledge the presence of the people around them (just say hi or wave But don’t just go up in their face and be like hiiii omg)
- DO ask them about their day or their plans for the day
- DO great them politely (don’t just go up and hug them cause what if a stranger came up and randomly hugged you? you wouldn’t like it so they might not as well) e.g. Hi Ashton how was your day? do you have time for a quick chat or a hug?
- DO RESPECT their wished if they refuse to take a photo or give a hug
- DO be nice
- DO tell them how much they mean to you
- DO ask them about their music and their musical plans for the future

And for those wondering I did meet Ashton and Bryana this week and I have indeed met the boys on the street (I live extremely close to them so yeah) and random places like maccas (McDonalds) just idk I didn’t want to post about (meeting ash this week) as it was very brief max like 2 mins and two he refused photos so I didn’t take any….

EDIT!!!! if you want to know all about my encounters with 5sos over the past 4 years then let me know ill make a separate post… Cheers

Riiiiiiight, gather around children, its time for THE TALK.

We have all by now seen Sebastian’s mustache that he is sporting for I Tonya, and both here and on facebook i have seen the resulting discussions as some people aren’t sure how to handle the content of the film, and are worried how the fandom (and those outside of the fandom) will react to Sebastian playing a ‘negative’ role - ie someone who in real life is a very horrible person.

This very much reminds me of about 2 ½ years ago when Tom Hiddleston signed on to play Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, a movie about the tragic singers life. He transformed physically, he lost a drastic amount of weight and a few people did not find him attractive. Others were concerned about romanticising aspects of a persons life that were far from pretty or kind, in fanfiction. Well, what happened was a pleasant surprise. There was very little to no erotica fanfics written about Hank. There are some out there which are AU Tom ones, the kind where someone hooks up with him in his trailer after a days shooting etc, but generally everyone just kind of thought as a collective ‘smut aint right for this’. And THAT is what i am sure will happen in the Standom. You can however do as you damn well please as its your blog and no-one can/should/has the right to, police a fandom.

I personally am looking forward to Sebastian really pulling on those acting muscles (yes i know there technically isnt a muscle but just shhh), as I Tonya is the kind of film that would hopefully do the Festival circuit, and be the kind of thing that gets labelled with that ‘Critical Acclaim’ tag, perhaps even win some awards. And dammit that boy deserves it, he’s been working so hard, and i think this coming year will really prove that he is more than Bucky (a role we all love), as we’ve got what, at least 4 independent movies coming out that all cover darker tones and genres? When you look at his TV back catalogue, with Political Animals, Kings, even Once Upon A Time, all were roles with deep characters, and he was completely believable in every. single. one. 

So a big thumbs up from me for the mustache, and an even bigger double thumbs up for that boy doing some awesome movies

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carolynlve  asked:

I saw you mention wanting to talk about hp, so I was wondering what your favourite sirius/remus headcannons are? How do you think things would have turned out in an 'everyone lives' AU, or if pettigrew had actually been captured instead of Sirius?

Nice!! Thank u!!

Some pre-war headcanons that get me through:

  • Sirius has feelings first, but doesn’t recognize them. Until about 6th year he’s super unintentionally flirty w Remus. I think he’s a very tactile person anyways, but he’s always touching Remus, either just casually slinging an arm over his shoulder or sorta playing w his hair after the full moon. One day he realizes he likes Moony and it hits him like a ton of bricks and he just. panics lmao
  • Remus is quieter about it, rather insecure and afraid of 1. messing up the dynamic of the group and 2. ruining his friendship with Sirius. Remus knows he’s bi since like 3rd or 4th year (5th year secret closet makeouts w a Ravenclaw quidditch player). I think he starts to develop feelings for Sirius maybe during the summer going into the 6th year, or late in 5th year.
  • Capital T ‘Things’ don’t happen btwn them until midway/towards the end of 6th year and aren’t ~together~ until beginning of 7th year.
  • The Apartment is one of my fave headcanons. Despite not having any canon evidence, it’s basically become canon for a lot of people. A collective headcanon. So, it’s this shitty London apartment right? That Sirius gets after he moves out of the Potters’ place when his uncle dies n leaves him $$$
  • It’s dingy and he constantly has to cast heating charms but he fucking loves it. Remus moves in w him after graduation. Remus tries to make it on his own but he can’t hold down a job and is probably literally starving. He gets money from James but hates to. Sirius is constantly telling him he should just move in, why are u doing this to urself Moony. He caves after nearly 3 months. 
  • Remus brings his stuff to the place and puts it into the spare bedroom but they just spend all their time in Sirius’s bedroom. R never moves his stuff in there, he just pops into the other room to get his things, but he sleeps in S’s room.
  • I love this apartment. Things are so good here at first (later when things are bad it feels suffocating). It’s messy and all the furniture is second hand. They’ve got photos on the walls (not in frames just charmed up) and lots and lots of books (one book throw itself at u bc it knows you’re supposed to be reading it). Neither of them are great at cooking so the place smells of carry-out. The plumbing is probably bad but they magic their way around that. There’s a balcony in the back. It’s almost too small for two people, but they sit out there and smoke sometimes and look at the stars.
  • The place is honestly a mess. They have weird shit all over the place. Muggle albums and potted plants that are almost always on the verge of dying. Stacks of books on the shelves and the floors… their clothes constantly get mixed up and Sirius will just lounge around in Remus’s sweaters (that Sirius Black is a notorious sweater thief). Gifts from Lily. James’s quidditch jersey he left over one time. The Leather Jacket. Magic junk everywhere. Cauldrons and potions, lil experiments bc Sirius blew all his money on a motorbike and is trying to make it FLY of all things. Small occasional explosions. It smells like tea and motor oil if you can get through the Indian food smell. 
  • It’s really good for both of them, to feel like they have this safe place and being independent is really nice, esp for Sirius (Remus, too, doesn’t get along w his dad). 
  • In these first few months they’re so happy and feel rly mentally healthy and James and Lily and Peter come over and it’s Good.
  • There’s a photo of Remus and Sirius that, whenever no one but RS are in the room, make out w each other
  • Remus falls in love w Sirius because he’s funny and fun and confident and loved and so much of what he wants to be and cannot be, and he admires Sirius’s fierceness and capacity for joy and let it all out. Sirius throws himself whole heartedly into things and Remus loves that and admires it.
  • Sirius falls in love w Remus because of his wit and how he appears Good and Responsible, but can be wicked af and smarmy and sarcastic and a really good prankster and you would never expect it from the quiet, well-behaved boy in class.  Sirius admires Remus’s bravery and optimism and kindness. 
  • Lots of UST until 7th year. They argue a lot and banter, but it’s mostly good. They can piss each other off. Remus is a silent treatment kind of guy. Sirius complains to James and huffs loudly. 
  • They’re both smart and witty and rather isolated and had hard childhoods so they connect in that way. They both recognize the ~darkness~ each of them has and it makes their relationship stronger or weaker depending on circumstance (ie the war). 

AU stuff behind the cut!

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Steven Universe AU (Closed)

Nebula or the Might Glow Cloud (all Hail) was feeling, a bit confused. Which was rare and normal the cause for red dawns and a generally apocalyptic event. Though fortunately for Nightvale that did not happen. What was was that they had woken up with a gem, a Black Diamond in specific on their right hand, also they could not morph out of their human form. A small issue. SO they went to Former Mayor Pamela Winchell, current Director of Emergency Press Conferences to show them. “ P̸̀a҉̧m̸è̢͘͝l͏̴̧̕a̶̢͢͡͠?͞͝ ͜͡͠T̶̢̛͠͠h̶͘͜͠è̢͘͜͟ŕ̴e̢҉̀͡ ̷̢̀͞i͏̧̀͠s͡ ̸̨̀͞a̴̵҉̛̛n̸̵͠ ̵̨̡̀̕i̧͢͝s̸̷̷͞s̡̨͟͠͝ų̵̷͜e̵̢͟͡!̨̛͠ ”

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“That’s messed up.” (pegleg-hiccup)

Send my muse “That’s messed up.” and I’ll generate an AU in which our muses are in a forbidden relationship.

  • 5. Lord/Lady and Commoner: In a word where aristocrats are kept aristocratic, what happens when one falls for a common peasant?

This was insanity. Absolutely crazy. Why was the young lord risking so much?! Jack half cursed the nobleman for calling on him more frequently now. Originally meeting in Jack’s family’s orchards had sufficed for them to play in the trees when they were younger… but now?

Curse those hands and that voice that made him test the limits even more of his place in society! Jack thought as he walked up a side path towards the large manner that served as the lord of the town’s home. All about the grounds people bustled and worked, which made it easier for a dirty farmer’s boy like Jack to slip through at first. 

But once he got to the back stairs he had to be more cautious. Why did he let Lord Hiccup call him like some pup? Because he and I are more than our classes? Jack had always hoped that, but often feared that wasn’t the case. After all, Hiccup was probably arranged to marry some noblewoman by now. It’d be over soon… but Jack didn’t exactly want it over… did he? 

After several flights, Jack quietly went through a door into a dusty hall then down the path he’d memorized till he found the right room. After using the roughly made key he went in, then waited. Like he always had to on Hiccup, after all the young Lord had his… noble whatever stuff to do. This was so wrong. So many secrets, and if they were caught? That thought always made Jack uneasy, unlike Hiccup it would be his life on the line. But he did it all anyways.