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Chapter 32: part 2

“Say I love you daddy,” I said. Putting the call on speaker, holding it up to Elle’s mouth. She and I had been in my bed most of the evening watching Disney movies.

Elle looked at the phone carelessly, turning her attention back to princess and the frog.

“What is she doing?” Chris asked.

I sighed, “watching tv.”

Chris kissed his teeth, “Kels, I know that you are doing the best you can, in such circumstances, but I think she is watching entirely to much television.”

I bit my tongue, something that I’d perfected, since I started at RocNation.

“Be quick to listen and slow to react.” I could hear Jay ’ s chastising baritone, haunting me. Shaking his oddly shaped head, looking as if he regretted Ty ’ s decision to hire me.

“I can work on it,” I mumbled, through clenched teeth.

“Excuse me?” Chris asked quickly, in a high pitched squeek.

“What?” I asked, playing in Elle’s hair, while she continued to watch her movie.

“You actually just agreed to something I said. What is this a joke or something?”

“No, you’re her father and I know you have her best interest at heart. Plus, you have a point, she’s becoming a little wrapped up in something that can be her down fall later on.”

“Nah, forreal now, where is my Kelsy and what have you done with her?” I could tell he was smiling, which put a smile on my face.

“I’m being serious doofus,” I said, letting a light heart, laugh escape.

“I know. So, how’s the little intern shit, going?”

“Hm, was that rhetorical or theoratical?” I asked sarcastically.

“I seriously want to know. Hell, I need to send them a fruit basket, some flowers or something.”

“A fruit basket?” I asked, giggling.

“Yeah, they deserve every apple and orange in that muthafucka. Anybody, that can teach you some manners, deserves their props.”

“Don’t it push Brown, don’t do it.”

“Aye, I’m just saying.” He said, chuckling.

“It’s been two weeks from hell. I shadow TyTy around, sit through long drawn out meetings, and complete odd tasks. I’m learning nothing and I feel like it is, yet again, a waste of my time.”

“Honestly Kels, I think you’re being a bit of brat, which I take full responsibility for. Your first real job was with me, and I let you get away with murder. I feel that a little structure, would do you a lot of justice.”

I rolled my eyes, “yeah, and who’s side are you actually on?”

“Their side, who else side would I be on?”

“You cold-blooded my dude,” I mumbled.

“Nah, I’m just playing. I think you should stop whining though, and just eat up whatever they throw at you. The industry is harder on women than anything, so you gotta display your strengths and hide your weaknesses.”


The beginning of week three, at RocNation had officially begun today. I had Ty ’ s secretary fetch his breakfast and coffee. His assistant Justin and I, had already gone over the notes for today’s morning meeting. So, hopefully today could be a smooth transition towards positive energy.

What Chris said to me last night, left a impact on me. This was a chance to turn over a new leaf and actually try to learn something I could use in the future.

“Didn’t expect to see you here before me,” He looked at his desk and then me, “and you have my breakfast here.”

Grabbing Ty’s brief case out of his hand, placing it on the side of his desk, I waited until he took his seat to bombard him with details consisting his meeting.

Ty and I touched bases for a few moments, before I left him to enjoy his meal.

Assisted Justin with prepping the large meeting area, insuring refreshments were properly displayed and program books handy. Keeping myself busy was a must. I’d given the wrong impression, since I’d ungratefully entered the door. Now, I had to prove myself and everyone else wrong.


“I observed you taking notes during the meeting,” Ty said walking into the meeting room where I was straightening up. I figured it’d be one less task Justin would have to do. He’d been out in the city, competing tedious tasks all morning.

Placing the pamphlets I’d collected, down on the oak wood table. I flashed him an apologetic glare.

“I’m sorry. Was I not allowed too?”

“It’s not that,” he replied, reassuringly. Pulling out a chair, he motioned for me to have a seat as well.

“What is your main career goal?” He asked, leaning back in his chair. One arm stretched across the table.

“I want to be a successful business woman.”

Uncertainty in my voice, as I looked to him. Searching for a confirmation that I had given the correct answer.

“What are your plans towards achieving that goal?”

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, chewing on the inside of my jaw. Ty sat patiently, across from me, awaiting my response.

I felt like a kid again, taking a pop quiz.

“I plan on working hard towards climbing to the top,” I finally said, after weighing my options in my head.

Ty scratched his bold head, leaning forward, to rest both arms on the table for support.

“For two weeks you’ve come into these office doors, like a repellent. Resisting all the knowledge and first hand experiences, that most college students would sell their souls for.

"I asked you two simple questions, and if I had the chance to vote again, I would still turn down your business proposal.

"You were so indecisive with each reply, it bothered me. If you don’t have a passion for something, what makes you think people will invest their time into it?

"Now, with the bad, comes a little good. Today, you impressed myself and the other staffers. I mentioned you taking notes, because for the first time, I seen you giving something your all. It displayed your willingness to learn.”

I nodded my head, soaking in his words.

“I promise there’s a change in me for the better. I just want to learn how to navigate my way to my goal, ” I said, whole heartedly.

“Now that was convincing,” Ty said. Smiling he stood up, “Prove people wrong, and make them see why you’re really here.”


“What are you and Elle doing?” I asked, while typing.

“Watching these damn hoes on love and hip hop,” Vickie replied.

I rolled my eyes, “Vick no, turn that off please. I bought some books the other day, please just read them to her before bed instead of television.”

“But Kels we all in, a fight about to happen when the commercial go off.”

“That’s fine, but I don’t want Lyric watching so much tv. Just read until she’s sleep.”

“Fine,” she said surrendering.

My line beeped, “look, I will see you when I leave work Vick.”

She hung up and I clicked over.


“If I knew I’d miss you this much, I would have never let you leave, ” Drake said, causing me to cut my eyes at the phone.

I spun around in the comfortable desk chair, staring out into the city’s bright lights. For some reason, the midnight skies, always suited the busy streets better.

“Sorry, to ruin it for you babe, but I was coming regardless,” I said seriously. My tone still playful. It’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it.

He let a small chuckle escape, “You right, but I still can’t help it. Got a nigga feeling like you wrote him a dear John letter, the way you just up and left.”

I covered my mouth, to hold in the laughter awaiting to be freed.

“Now don’t go getting any ideas, graham cracker. You know you famous for making a song about a bitch.”

Our laughter took over for a brief moment before he replied.

“Ah man, that was a good one,” he said still chuckling.

“Hey Ty man-”

I twirled the chair around, startled by the sudden outburst. The closed door was now halfway opened, and he was leaning in.

Dropping my phone to my lap, I sat up straight, pulling the chair closer to the desk.

Jay ’ s hard glare intimidated me. On the sly, I hung up on Aubrey, it was already a bad look that I got caught on the phone, when I should be solely working.

“What you doing in here?”

Authority in his tone, it was more like he was checking me, rather than asking.

“I - I stayed over to, um, to finish sorting over Ty’s files,” I embarrassingly babbled. Pointing at the computer as if it were a foreign object.

His hard facial expression never let up, staring at me a for a few more seconds he finally said something.

“I’ll be in my office if you need anything, ” he mumbled, before pulling the door closed, leaving me by myself.

I let out a sigh of frustration, sliding the palm of my hand over my flustered face. Once again, I’d put a bad taste in his mouth. Had I’d known he would be making middle of the night pop ups, I wouldn’t have been slacking; talking to Aubrey, staring off into the night sky.

The RocNation office, was one that never slept. Jay and I weren’t alone, infact there were a few others, somewhere within these halls; working endless hours to complete work.


About an hour and three cups of coffee later, I was still sitting alone in Ty’s office, sorting files.

Prying my tired eyes away from the computer screen, I sat back, relaxing my tensed shoulders. Ready to go back to the suite, cuddle with my baby, and rest my body.

Three modest knocks were applied to the door, causing my body to tense right back up.

“Come in,” I called out, rushing to busy myself.

The door opened, but he never came in. Leaning against the doorway, arm raised above his head.

In the vast pace I did looking up from the screen, to glance at him. I beat the record with how quickly I returned it back to my work.

“Anything you need,” I asked, awkwardly adding ‘sir’ to the end of my sentence.

The hand that wasn’t supporting his pose, slid into his pants pocket.

“Get your things and be in the lobby, you got five minutes.”


I knew better than to question his command, I was hanging on by the last thread at this job. Glancing at my phone, I rolled my eyes. Five minutes before midnight and he chooses now to embody jigsaw.

The elevator doors weren’t completely parted and I was already being ushered out of the elevator by two big men.

The two men, I assume security, escorted me in a urgent pace towards a black truck parked in front of the door.

Jay was already sitting in the back, focused on his phone. Before I could finally take my seat, the back door shut and the car took off.

Silent the ride was, I was quite fond of it, truthfully. This had been the first time, I’d actually seen New York while being here. My hotel was a block away from the office, so I saw the same sights dozen of times. Vickie and Elle on the other hand, had been all over the city.

“Take your heart off your sleeve girl,” the NY accent sounded thick, as the words rolled off his tounge.

My eyes pried away from the window, and I gave him my attention.

“Look, after the stunt you pulled the last time I met with you. It left an everlasting impression; put a bad taste in my mouth. Ty saw the potential in you though.” Jay stopped talking.

“I apologize for my rude behavior, that act of immaturity has left me very embarrassed,” I replied.

The last person I wanted to piss off was a a person of his status. Being blacklisted still existed and I feared being a part of that entourage.

“We’re going to visit June Ambrose,” he replied casually. The way he said the woman’s name, any outsider would have swore the three of us had been friends since diapers.

Who? I Thought to myself.

“Ok,” I mumbled.

“You don’t have any clue who I’m talking about?” He asked, shaking his head.

With the shake of my head, I admitted that I was a social outcast. He went on to inform me of this woman’s status as a style guru.

As cool and laid back he was at the moment, his authoritative side came back. Stressing the importance of networking.


I’d literally just got in the bed an hour ago, and now I was stumbling on my own two feet getting out the door.

Shades covering my baggy eyelids, my hair in a messy bun, the only thing I accomplished was a nice hot shower. I would have to finish getting dressed in the ladies room, before Ty’s meeting.

Last night, was mad real. The witching hour, was all hard work and ambition. He took me on set, while he shot scenes for the trailer with Sean Penn and Don Cheadle, to the upcoming ‘on the run tour’ with his wife.

I met the infamous June, who in so many flattering words, told me my style was shitty.

Each person I did meet, gave me words of wisdom and tips towards my ultimate goal. Jay, still was a intimidating person throughout the night, but he schooled me the entire time.

“No matter how small the role a person might play, get to know them, because you never know where the cards might shuffle yall tomorrow.”

“You gotta sacrifice sleep for success.”

“Never let your right hand know what the left is doing.”

His phrases I repeated in my head, all the way to work. I was determined to manifest my drive to stand on my own two feet.


4 weeks later

I jogged across the parking lot, coat over my head, protecting me from midnight rain shower.

I was lucky enough to catch the door right before it closed; following behind someone who’d just entered the building.

It took a few moments for the elevator to drop me off at my designated floor. I contemplated whether I should turn around and leave, or complete this act of spontaneity.

Standing in the hallway, pacing infront of the door, I prepped myself for whatever outcome, that would transpire once I knock on the door.

I knocked twice, standing back from the door. I heard her yelling for me to hold on.

Seconds later, the door opened slightly, her head peaking out. Her eyes traveled from my feet, up towards my face.

Her face soften, swinging the door completely open.

“How?” She asked, anxiously throwing her body into mines.

“I kept my release a secret. I didn’t want to get yall hopes up and then worse case, I would have more time to serve.”

“I missed you,” she mumbled into my chest. Tightening the hold she had around my torso.

Pulling Kelsy closer, I ran my fingers through her hair, kissing her forehead. We stood in the doorway to her apartment, in that position for a while.

This was the first time, we’ve ever been apart this long.

Kelsy finally let go, looking up at me, placing her hand gently on my face.

“You’ve gotten so chunky,” she said in awe.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when all you do is eat and sleep,” I replied, following her into the house.

Closing the door, I looked around, and noticed she’d had the holes, fixed in the walls.

I guess she could sense the regret i was feeling, because her small hand, grabbed mine.

“Go check on your daughter,” Kels said, pointing towards the back.


Elle had fallen fast asleep in my arms. I placed her back in her crib, turning on the night light.

Closing her door halfway, I began walking down the hall towards Kelsy ’ s room.

Her room door was open, but I still knocked to make my presence known.

“In here,” she yelled from her closet.

My heart skipped a beat, upon approaching the closet door. Skin oiled and glowing, hair wet because she’d just got out the shower. Kelsy stood on her tip toes, hanging something up, in a black lace bra and panty set.

Her body looked more toned, it wasn’t a huge difference, but I did notice a little more curve to her petite frame.

“What’s wrong?” Kelsy asked turning around to face me.

Holding my fist up towards my mouth, I cleared throat. Looking at everything in the closet, except her.

“You mind if I crash on the couch? I kinda wanna be here when Elle wakes up in the morning. ”

“Sure,” she said, grabbing a red silk robe and putting it on, “I still have a few of your things. I’ll get them for you to sleep in.”

I followed closely behind her, walking back into the bedroom.

“I thought you dropped all my shit off at Karrueche’s.” I said, checking her out from behind, switching.

She abruptly stopped, turning around, pushing me on the bed, “I did, everything that I don’t wear of yours.”

I laughed, as she pulled out damn near an entire outfit. Shorts, shirt, and boxers.

“Damn, you got all a niggas essentials,” I joked.

“Yeah, well be glad. Now go shower and I’ll make you something to eat,” She demanded, closing the dresser with her knee.

I stood up to my feet, grabbing her arm before she left out of the room.

She turned towards me with a look of perplexity, “What’s wrong Chris?” She asked.

Placing my hand firmly, on the back of her neck, I pulled Kelsy’ s face closer. Hovering for a moment, our locked on one another. Taking me by surprise, She leaned in on her tip toes and kissed me, indicating that I was taking to long.

“Damn, you really did miss a nigga,” I mumbled. She giggled, pecking my lips twice more.

“I did,” she admitted, shifting back onto her feet.

I pulled her closer, wrapping my arms around her body.

“You getting a little thicker, ” I admitted, rubbing on her derriere.

“And I see your dick is getting thicker, as we’re standing here.” Kels said, above a seductive whisper.

I grabbed a handful of her ass, massaging it, “How could you expect a nigga to stay on soft, prancing around in yo’ come fuck me panties,” I replied, giving her ass cheek the nice firm spank it needed.

“And that muthafucka giggling, damn. ” I said, looking down at her.

Her hands went under my shirt, rubbing on my abs.

Looking me squarely in the eyes, her lips parted, “Fuck me.”

Her tone was so sexy. The look in her eye mischievous; begging me to take control.

“I guess, that shower and meal can wait,” I replied, kicking the door shut.

My arms around her waist, I bagged her up towards the bed.

Kelsy ’ s small frame fell back onto the bed, hovering over her, my lips lowered to connect with hers.

Standing up, I tugged at my pants to unbuckle my belt.

“Get naked,” I demanded.

I’m finna yeet all in this pussy. We bout to wake the neighbors up, Elle bet not cock block. I ain’t had no pussy in two months, I’m in that thang.

I snapped out my thoughts, when her small hand touched mine. Pulling my hand away from my pants, she unfastened them, slow and seductively.

Slowly unzipping my jeans, she looked me in the eyes. “Once I take these pants off you, you’re going to let me strip for you.”

I couldn’t control myself, I was beyond aroused. I was caught in a sexual euphoria and Kelsy was keeping me on my toes with these tricks up her sleeve.

Her slick robe twirled to the floor, posed infront of me, with her underwear on.

Slowly winding her hips, Kels looked across her shoulder at me giving me a smirk.

“Stop playing with me,” I groaned. Grabbing her arm, pulling her between my legs.

“We usually don’t allow customers to touch the dancers, ” She joked, as I trailed kissed along her stomach.

“So glad I own this muthafucka, cause I always get first taste,” I mumbled, ripping her panties off her body.

She moaned, shocked at my aggression, but turned on. You could see it in her eyes.

“Slow down baby, all we got is time,” She moaned, pushing me back. undoing her bra, she tossed it aimlessly on the floor.

Climbing ontop of the bed, stradling me, Kelsy began to roll her hips on my erect penis.

I bit down on my lip, trying to control the nut i so desperately needed to bust. Giving her ass another hard smack.

“Ooo, spank me daddy. I’ve been a bad bad girl,” she purred.

I couldn’t take anymore. Flipping her over on her back, I was now the one on top.

She was trying to take control.

“It’s been a long time,” I said inbetween the kisses I trailed along her nipples.

“I’m bout to fuck the shit outta yo ’ lil ass tho,” I mumbled.

In one motion, I pulled my dick out of my underwear, sliding right into her moist intersection.

Kelsy’s back arched, slinging her head backwards, I began slow stroking.

“I still fit it like a glove, you aint been too bad,” I said. Pulling all the way out and ramming back into her.

This was my pussy.


My eyes opened lazily, the smell of food easily awoken my senses. Getting out of bed, I jogged to the bathroom for my morning piss.

Glancing at myself in the mirror before washing my hands, I was shocked at my war wounds.

Bite marks, hickies, and clawing were visible; on my neck, shoulder, and chest.

After last night, Kelsy almost had a nigga ready to go buy a ring. Something about her was so different. During our sessions she was confident, sexy, mysterious, and freaky.

For a moment, she and I were in competition to bring one another to our climax first.

After fucking me good, she was now In the kitchen fixing my breakfast. Had a nigga feeling like a king. This was what a woman was supposed to do.


“You done laid it down, now you feeding him. I see a relationship in the future.” Vickie said.

She and I, had been talking since I started breakfast.

“I told you, him and Karrueche supposed to be working things out. This is just my welcome home gift to him.”

“Why does it seem like I should be reading between the lines right now? ”

“Because you should.” I replied, scrambling the eggs.

“Explain to me please,” Vickie sighed.

“I’m just showing him his options, that’s all.”