which is still older than me

psa to my fellow gd stans and like, the vip fandom in general ♡

i, a gd stan, feel the need to make this post personally even tho i hate getting involved in fandom drama, bc others speaking out for us are constantly being shut down and attacked on social media for having different opinions, and honestly this has to stop.

for those who don’t know me, i’m bonezz, i’m 29 yrs old and i’ve been a fan of bigbang since 2008. i’m one yr older than jiyong so we basically “grew up” together for the past 9 yrs. i’ve been w him through thick and thin, i was there for most of his scandals and trust me, going through all the stress, drama and constant worrying wasn’t/isn’t easy.

but i love him, and i believe he can do better and be better, which is the reason why i’m still here. and i’m only sharing this for those who don’t know me, like i’m in no way trying to brag or anything. being a long-time fan doesn’t make me better than any of u who just met bigbang, we all share the same interests and if anything that should bring us together.

anyways, going straight to the point now otherwise this will get too long: lately i’ve been noticing a certain type of behaviour (especially on twitter) that is upsetting not only myself, but a lot of other people as well. and yeah, mostly coming from gd stans.

i feel dumb for actually having to point out the obvious but, jiyong is a person, like u and me, and as a human being, he’s bound to make mistakes. we all are.

so when jiyong screws up, its normal (trust me, it! is! normal!) to get upset. and when i get upset or sad or disappointed in him, i need to be able to share my opinions and my feelings w/o being attacked. this fandom isn’t letting others express themselves on their OWN accs bc they share a different view and that is not ok.

if jiyong does something that upset other people, u let them be upset! if i STILL get disappointed after all these yrs is bc i STILL care. if i didn’t care about jiyong or, if i were “a fake stan” or a “gd anti pretending to be a vip” or a “ot4 stan” (those are actual quotes from twitter trust me its this bad) i wouldn’t give a shit about what he does.

and like, its also ok to stay quiet. there was a time when i had issues w criticising him, so if u rather keep it to yourself i understand and that doesn’t make u less of a fan or w/e.

but we rly, rly need to stop attacking others. attacking others for being upset, attacking others for having a different opinion, attacking others for stanning another group or bias.

i know we can’t always share the same opinions, but we can always respect each other.

and lastly, forreals, if u have been attacked or had ur feelings invalidated by other vips, i am truly sorry. if u ever need to talk or yell or complain, i’m here.

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it always fucks me up when i remember scourge is older than firestar

really?? u gotta remember that at the time of the darkest hour fire was still less than 2 yrs old….so scourge was prob around age 4 which would make sense considering he had an empire to build an all

I was honestly so confused when I checked my follower count and it was over a hundred, but literally thank all of you guys so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! And every time I check there are more omfg, I’m at like 130 right now?? Which is more than I have anywhere else, and literally 2 days ago I was barely pushing 60.

So to celebrate, we’re gonna do my first M!A: M!A 4 YEARS OLDER

SO for the next week, all asks are gonna be answered by Older! Yuri and Otabek, you can still ask them anything you want, they’ll just be older and in this style instead of the usual lineless.

  • Listen some people may think Gabe and Clem shouldn't be a thing at all but at least it isn't cluke
  • Honestly if telltale decided to go down the path of Gabe and Clementine together (which honestly I'm all for lmao I'm not sorry I'll kms.) I think even if some of us hate the idea of gabexclem or of we love it it's better for her to be with someone her age or close to her age than someone way older than her.
  • Even if it's like older Clem and Luke it still kinda feels uncomfortable maybe it's just me but that shits kinda uh not a o k.

Rick Riordan’s intention in creating the Percy Jackson series was to give his son a book in which he was like the characters, and I love that once he gained a huge following and realized that his audience was made up of children who weren’t seeing themselves in books he added new and more diverse characters so that they COULD see themselves.

People make fun of me when I tell them that Rick Riordan is still one of my favorite authors, but I really don’t see why, because this man is doing amazing things with his stories and is helping to shape a generation of kids that will have more self worth than their counterparts in older generations.

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HEY !! do u have any book suggestions ?? (Fontcestnstuff related) my favorite artists/book creators (including u what up) are taking a while to post content (WHICH I DO NOT JUDGE THEM FOR THEY HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE THE INTERNET!!) But they are unlike me I don't have a life and !! I Have no cute gay to see which kinda sounds selfish now that I type it but still !! Maybe u can still tell me some books that were pretty great ?? You don't have to respond I UNDERSTAND This came out as long sorry FUVK?

if you’re talking about fanfic, then yes! i have some recs!

how about some older fontcest fics?

Red Oni, Blue Oni by Tangerine_Catnip: it’s a cute oneshot with pining sans trying to hide his feelings for paps, and papyrus having none of that.

just bros being bros by guiltyfanfic: sans and papyrus coming to terms with their more-than-familial feelings for eachother. a little tense, but also fluffy.

Breaking Point by sizzlinteapot: more pining sans! paps accidentally finds out sans romantically loves him, and realizes that he loves sans too. wooing and fluffy dates ensue.

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Hey Tee, I've been thinking about starting the elder scrolls games, which one do you recommend I start with?

Which one do you want to play with the most?

I went back-ass-wards, Skyrim > Oblivion > Morrowind. This is basically a difficulty setting as well, because to me: older games = getting my ass handed to me quicker.

You want dragons, pretty scenery, flying mammoths, Great™ music, glitch fest, gravity-defying horses, 1 billion mods for everything and shouting cabbages off the highest mountain only to see them freeze in the air? Go to Skyrim.

You want potato people, OP poison apples, great AI, Great™ music, having your horse still beat up more people than you, see Sean Bean die in video game format as well, have Patrick Stewart dream about you, have Wes Johnson scream at you everytime you accidentally touch a fork, become a knight, become a god? Go to Oblivion.

You want 50 cliff racers in your face every 5 seconds, getting told you’re scum on the land by literally everyone, Great™ music, get killed by a door like me, kill a god, and another, and maybe another, let your momAzura pat you on the head for you’re the only one doing work, get 1000 acrobatic lvl and jump across the map ‘cause walking is the plebeian way then land in a pit of lava. Go to Morrowind.

There are also the older games that need emulator to work.

See Arena for the first baby steps. Get aggravated a lot. Flail your weapon around a lot and pray. Now you left the first dungeon, only 66 to go and you don’t know where you’re going.

See Daggerfall for wow biggest map Bethesdad ever gave us, flail your weapon around a lot again and pray, but hey, it’s slightly better, forget what quest the Emperor gave you and just buy a house and loot others’.

See Redguard for failed Tomb Raider knock-off with some pretty witty and pretty weird writing in places, hey look, a race we’ve never seen before and since. 

See Battlespire for- why are you even playing this, do you hate yourself? At least the writing can be hilarious.

I’d recommend Skyrim, to ease your way into the whole thing. But whichever is the most promising to you.


I feel like a proud umma even though 5 of them are older than me and I’m Junhong ’ noona BUT STILL!!! 😢😢😢 I’m glad they’re happy which makes me happy too! Lol~ Daehyun forever photobombing the members.

@frogquartet exactly – a lot of the time its easier for me to enjoy things that are flawed on a surface level which can only go uphill from my initial impression of it, than it is to enjoy things that build up my trust in them only to disappoint me. excepting stuff thats so flawed that theres nothing else to it.

that’s part of why i’m more into older anime & shounen, because i go in knowing what to expect. when i see a weird boob joke in 90s anime i go “oh, ok, because it was the 90s” but when i see a weird boob joke in 2017 anime im like Are We Still Doing This

Follower milestone

I’ve just reached 100 followers which I know is not at all a lot but I really appreciate knowing that there are people that enjoy the content on my blog! I’ve loved tumblr ever since I got it, I loved how involved I was able to feel in the bellarke fandom and I was surprised by this considering I’m only 15, and I’ve got people ten years older than me accepting my opinions as valid and treating me as an equal which I love! I’ve talked to some really lovely people, some of which I still talk to regularly:)

Just going to tag some mutuals (so sorry to bother you all lmao)
These are all quality blogs that I love, go follow!

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Why I'm Not Against Greenflame

Because the Greenflame debate is still raging strong, I decided to give another opinion to the mix.

So, this is why I’m not against Greenflame:

As I said in my post “Lloyd’s Age”, I believe that Lloyd is only chronologically a child. His body and mind are that of a teen/adult.

Many people are anti-Greenflame because of the age difference. But think about it: Lloyd acts mature. Lloyd acts more mature than Kai. Even though Kai is Lloyd’s protector/older brother figure, I have a feeling that Lloyd would be the adult in the relationship.

Which brings me to another point. Lots of people say that Lloyd and Kai have a brotherly relationship- and ONLY a brotherly relationship, nothing more. And I respect that opinion- that’s the canon, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be any more than that. Lloyd treats Kai basically the same as he treats the rest of the ninja, except that he looks up to Kai more.

But when you look at the way Kai treats Lloyd, you can start to see where all the shipping comes from.

Kai is very close friends with Cole, Zane, and Jay. They’re all extremely tight. In my opinion, Kai’s relationship with the other original three ninja is a brotherly relationship.

Then we have the way he treats Nya. She’s his sister- he loves her with all his heart. They are very much like real siblings, at least in my experience with my own sister (I’m the Nya one, even though she’s younger).

But the way he treats Lloyd… that’s different from anything we’ve ever seen in Kai before. As much as you try to deny it, they have a special bond. And I fully believe that yes, Kai loves Lloyd.
This love can be interpreted in different ways. I think that he loves Lloyd, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would have a romantic or sexual relationship. It just means he has a special devotion to Lloyd that he doesn’t have with anyone else.

I think, although Lloyd obviously sees Kai as a role model and really looks up to him, Kai doesn’t always feel like it. I think sometimes he’s in awe of Lloyd, in his eyes this young child who is already the most powerful person Ninjago has seen since the First Spinjitzu Master. So, Kai may look at Lloyd and be amazed. He used to be jealous, but Kai’s come to terms with his jealousy and realized that Lloyd is truly meant to be the Green Ninja. He accepts it, and knows that he will never be as good of a leader or ninja as Lloyd is.

Kai does not feel that he is superior to Lloyd. He does not feel that he can control Lloyd. His main mission is to protect Lloyd from harm. This kind of unconditional attachment and love (yes, I’m still convinced it’s love even if I’m not sure what kind) is not the kind of relationship that encourages or breeds abuse. It’s the kind of relationship that’s mutually beneficial.

Greenflame is very controversial. Many people don’t like it because they don’t like boy x boy ships in general, which I can also respect. (Unless you’re against LGBTQA people, in which case I DO NOT RESPECT YOU, I’M SORRY) (Homophobia, racism, slut-shaming and sexism are where I draw my lines of respect). The point is, there’s a lot of different reasons why the Ninjago fandom is divided over this ship. But this is my opinion on why it’s okay, and why I, personally, lowkey ship it myself.


Thank you if you have gotten to the end of my rant :)

the restriction of lgbt content on youtube genuinely pisses me off even if it’s not “intentional” which… honestly it wouldnt surprise me if it is, there are so many videos made by lgbt content creators for lgbt youth that are being restricted and though it can be easy to make another account and make your birthdate so youre older than 18 or whatever so you can then see the videos it’s still a Huge problem like what the fuck

Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. She passed away last night but something she said before she died has been keeping me up.

by reddit user defnotleland

Last night my grandmother passed away. She was 79 years old. Which I guess is a pretty long time. It’s actually .3 years older than the US average. So I guess I can’t complain. But, still. It sucks.

My grandma’s death wasn’t unexpected. For the past 5+ years she’s suffered from Alzheimer’s. She was always a little ditzy, so at first no one really noticed something was wrong. Then slowly over time, things became more apparent.

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Tristan Durant meets Hierarch Severius for the first time in this exclusive excerpt from Orrin Grey’s forthcoming novel GODLESS, Fire & Faith Volume 1

 “So, this is the young priest who comes to me with the vision,” Hierarch Severius said. Tristan could feel the older man’s eyes upon him, though they were hidden by the hierarch’s mask of office. To his left, Vindictus stood at his full height now, towering over the kneeling Tristan and even over the hierarch, though something in Severius’ bearing, in the holiness which seemed to pour off of him in waves, gave him a greater presence than the younger, taller vice scrutator.

To his right, Decimus still knelt, his head bowed, clearly as overcome as Tristan himself was in the presence of the pillar of their shared faith. Even in that moment, where his spirit was filled with awe and terror, Tristan felt a tug of sadness, of regret that he and the seneschal could never seem to see eye to eye. In that moment, he felt the similarity of their deep faith, even where they seemed to disagree on so much else, and he vowed to work harder to meet the knight on his own terms in the future.

“Obviously, you felt a great urgency in this vision,” Hierarch Severius said, his voice inscrutable, his words impossible for Tristan to parse. Was there a hint of rebuke in them or perhaps a note of intrigue? Perhaps both.

“Something that would press you to abandon your duties and rush to seek an audience with me,” Severius continued. “So, please, delay no longer. Rise and tell me of what you have seen.”

Tristan rose, though doing so felt like moving through water, his shoulders and arms heavy with the burden of standing before the hierarch. He raised his head and met Severius’ gaze, and it took all of his will not to flinch away, even as the hierarch’s eyes remained hidden in the shadows of his mask, impossible to read.

Tristan’s mouth felt dry and somehow sticky; it was difficult to find his voice. Before he could, the hierarch turned aside for a moment, looking down at Decimus.

“Seneschal,” he said, “your piety and dedication are admirable, but please rise and stand with us. We are all servants of Menoth here.”

Slowly, with obvious reluctance, the Knight Exemplar stood as well, his gaze forward.

“Now,” Severius said, turning his attention back to Tristan, “tell me of this vision, and have no fear. If you put your faith in the Creator, then there is nothing that cannot be overcome.”

So, Tristan told him—about the men and women of the Protectorate bound in heavy chains, about the splitting of the Menite temple, about the serpents of black smoke assailing the Holy See, the Synod, and the hierarch himself. About a heroic sovereign priest, struggling against an unseen foe. He spoke of every image that had flashed through his mind, those that still burned there with such vivid clarity, save one…

“This priest you saw, he was unfamiliar to you?” the hierarch asked, as if sensing Tristan’s hesitation.

Tristan’s mouth went dry. Within his helmet, his eyes darted to the side, where he could just see Decimus standing at attention, as he would stand if he were being inspected by a superior. Tristan knew Decimus’ feelings about him, believed the seneschal thought he sought elevation above his rank faster than he had earned, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. He wished he could tell the knight he had never even wanted to be so much as a warcaster.

“I cannot be certain,” he finally said to the hierarch, his eyes downcast.

The hierarch studied him for what seemed like forever but what could not have been more than a moment—the duration of time between when you drop a cup and when it shatters on the floor—but when he spoke, it was simply to say, “And what do you make of these visions?”

“I do not presume to interpret Menoth’s will,” Tristan replied, “but to me, they seem to hint at great danger to the faithful, to the Synod, perhaps even to yourself.”

Vindictus shifted slightly, beginning to raise one of his hands as if he were about to speak, but Severius silenced him by speaking first. “I fear you may be at least partially correct. Perhaps we shall have the opportunity to discuss these visions in greater detail on our journey.”

“Journey?” the young warcaster asked before he could catch himself.

Severius nodded, and again, something about the deliberateness of the movement reminded Tristan of the hierarch’s advanced age. “Yes. I’m afraid that whatever else might be afoot, one thing is clear from these visions. The Lawgiver has sent you to me to signify it is time to return to Imer and ensure the heart of the Protectorate remains strong in the face of whatever threat may be upon our doorstep or is already within our halls.”

Tristan didn’t get an opportunity to ask what the hierarch meant by this last remark, even if he had been able to gather the courage to do so. For now, however, Vindictus did speak up, addressing Severius directly. “And the Crusade?”

“It will fare just fine without me for a time,” Severius replied. “I have you and the invictor here to see that Leryn remains a stronghold of the faith and the intercessor and the mightiest warriors of the Lawgiver to lead the faithful in the battles to come. For now, I believe Menoth requires my presence elsewhere.”

GODLESS by Orrin Grey debuts in April from Skull Island eXpeditions. Now’s the time to preorder! Check out Amazon for your chance to secure your copy!

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consider: roxytula

uh i dont really like to ship the dancestors with any non dancestor since theyre significantly older than everyone in the main cast

something you don’t hear much is how being borderline often comes with hallucinations. i remember when i was like 14 seeing an enormous spider lowering itself onto my head from the ceiling and being terrified. i’ve since learned not to look up too often cuz this is a hallucination i’ve had to live with ever since. most of them don’t repeat that often but i have a huge fear of spiders and my brain hates me so of course im gonna see spiders.

even when i was older and had been diagnosed and everything i didn’t know that this was a symptom of bpd. i was 28 or so when i first had what i would call a psychotic episode, in which i was hearing demonic voices all the time and had to be hospitalized. now this tends to happen every time i get more suicidal than usual (i.e. very). it sucks because not only am i still afraid of the dark anyway but i have to contend with the very real possibility of seeing something that isn’t there. i’m constantly questioning reality to try to stay ahead of this, which is exhausting.

and my therapists have for the most part not really educated me on this or even taught me how to deal with psychosis. i guess as long as you’re not acting out it’s not a big deal to them, but it’s internally terrifying even if you don’t show it. i wish there was more focus on this from professionals, at least the ones i’ve seen.

So it just occurred to me over a year and a quarter after XY68 aired.

Garchomp is a fair bit older than Charizard, given that she was fully evolved when Charizard was still a Charmander.

So Alain almost certainly didn’t have his own Pokemon at this point.

Which means that he would have had to catch and subdue an angry, frightened Gible, basically 20kg of pure muscle and sharp teeth, on his own.

And he’s covered in dirt and sweat and one of his sleeves is coming off.

You are now picturing a scrawny teenager attempting to wrestle a Gible down with his bare hands so he can take her back to the labs so she can get HEALED, DAMMIT.

And the first thing he says is, “Please heal this little one’s wounds!” and not, “SO THIS LITTLE SHIT HERE -” he’s such a pure babbu.

The Twin

The original prompt, by @heavenlytheshield, was for JJ to have a twin that she wasn’t aware of, who came to work at the BAU, and for her to fall in love with Spencer, but for the sake of time and efficiency, I altered it so that JJ already knew she had a twin. :) 

Side note: I was so happy because there’s all these pictures of AJ and Matthew that I could use for this fic. <3

My twin sister’s name is Jennifer Jareau (LaMontagne), and she’s older than me by all of two minutes, which she never flaunted in my face because that’s not who JJ is, but I’m still a little bitter about it, because that’s who I am. Jennifer has always been the more level-headed of the two of us, while I’ve always been the more emotional. For me, it’s the little things that get me-all the time. For her, she gets really, really, really emotional-when she gets emotional, which happens about once every 10 years. 

Did I mention that I’m the one who’s prone to exaggerate, as well? 

I’ve never really been one to take things that belong to my sister. I tried that once, and it ended very badly for me. There’s a reason she’s tactically trained and I’m not, let’s just say that. 

However, when I was offered a position as an assistant technical analyst with the BAU, it was a job I couldn’t resist taking. JJ or not, this job was a dream. I couldn’t quite figure out how to tell her, so I just didn’t. I accepted the job and showed up. 

Of course, there’s that thing where I look exactly like my sister, who works with these people every day. So when I walked into Penelope Garcia’s lab, she stared. 

“Um, hi,” she said. 

“Hey, I’m (Y/N), the new assistant.”

“You-I’m sorry, I just…you look like someone we work with,” she said. “Like, freaky-scary look a lot like her.” I smiled. 

“Jennifer Jareau, right?” I said. 

“Yeah, did you meet her already?” she asked. 

“I’ve…literally known her longer than anyone else. I’m her twin sister.” 

I watched Penelope’s jaw drop. 

“Her-JJ has a twin?” she asked. 

“She does,” I confirmed. 

“Wow. Why didn’t she tell me that my new assistant was her twin?” Garcia asked. When I cringed, she seemed to realize what was going on. 

“Ohh, she doesn’t know, does she?” she asked, and I shook my head. 

“I couldn’t quite figure out how to tell her,” I answered. 

“Well, she’s going to know very soon,” Penelope said, “because we have a team meeting.” 

I was so nervous as I followed Garcia into the conference room. Of course, just my luck, Jennifer was already there. She looked up and stared at me. 

“(Y/N)?” she said. 

“Hey,” I replied. 

“Are you-did you get the analyst job?” she asked. I nodded. 

“Um, JJ?”

I looked up at the sound of a voice, and made eye contact with a tall, thin man with messy curls and hazel eyes. There was something about him that just looked interesting on sight, and I held his gaze. 

“I didn’t know you had a twin,” he said to JJ, his eyes flickering to her before back to me. 

“Well, I do,” she replied. “Clearly.” 

“Guys, this is (Y/N), who is obviously my twin sister,” JJ said. 

“Why didn’t you tell us that she was Garcia’s new assistant?” the dark-haired female Agent asked. 

“I didn’t know,” Jennifer told them. 


“Which I’ll deal with later,” JJ continued, giving me her JJ look, which I’ve never been able to replicate, even though she and I are identical. 

“For now, let’s introduce you to everyone,” she said. She pointed at the dark-haired woman first. “Agent Emily Prentiss,” she said. She went around the table, introducing me to Agents Morgan, Rossi, and Hotchner. She got around to the tall guy, who smiled at me. 

“(Y/N), this is Dr.Spencer Reid,” she said. 

“Hi,” I said. 

“Alright, let’s get to work,” Hotchner said. 

I’d been working with the BAU for nearly a week, and JJ and I had come to an agreement. I was in the lab when there was a knock against the doorframe. I glanced around to find Spencer Reid standing there. 

“Hey, Dr.Reid,” I said. 

“You don’t have to call me that,” he replied. “Spencer or Reid is fine.” I smiled and nodded as he handed me a cup of coffee. I looked between him and the cup quizzically. 

“Non-alcoholic Irish cream, liberal amounts of sugar, a little bit of vanilla,” he rattled off. “Right?” I nodded slowly, raising the cup to my lips and taking a drink. It was perfect; better, even, than the way I make it. 

“Yeah,” I replied, and smiled. “Thank you, Spencer.” 

“You’re welcome. I-I have an eidetic memory, so that’s why I knew how you take your coffee,” he explained. 

“You have an eidetic memory?” I asked, and he nodded. 

“That’s…absolutely incredible,” I replied. “Eidetic memory in adults is exceedingly rare.” He nodded his head. 

“Yes. But so is my IQ and the number of words I read per minute.” 

“Which is?” I prompted. 

“My IQ or my word count?” he asked. 


“I have an IQ of 187, and read twenty thousand words per minute,” he said. I stared at him. 

“That’s unreal,” I said. “You’re actually a genius.” 

“Well, I don’t believe in the accurate quantification of intelligence, but essentially, yes,” he told me. I smiled at him. 

“You are really something, Spencer Reid,” I said. 

“What do you mean by that?” he asked. 

“I mean you’re…extraordinary,” I replied. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.” 

“Most people aren’t particularly fond of me,” he said. 


“Because I rattle off facts and statistics, because I grew up in Vegas and win every game of cards, not to mention every game of chess. Because I sometimes come off as a know-it-all, and it frustrates people.” 

“It doesn’t frustrate me,” I said. “I find you very likable, actually.” 

“You do?” he asked, sounding surprised. 

“Yes,” I nodded. “I can’t imagine why anyone doesn’t like you.” 

“That’s…kind of you,” he said. I shrugged my shoulders. 

“I’m only being honest.” There was a moment of silence. 



“I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me sometime?” His words came out in a rush, and I smiled. 

“I would love to, Spencer.”