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Hey I got a favor to ask you guys

My little 10 year old brother has a YouTube account that has only four subscribers which are me, my older brother, and two of my little brother’s friends.

If you can handle extremely amateur Let’s Plays of Roblox games, check his channel out, Block The Gamer

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t even watch most of his videos I just mute them and let them play in the background while I do something else, but I still wanna encourage him. If you just give him a comment saying “good job!” or like some of his videos, that’ll be good enough.

Thanks for your time

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Hi , I have a question , how many words is a chapter supposed to be ? Cause I have no idea how many words do I write in a chapter . And when I start writing , I keep writing and writing , and it ends up like 3500 words ! I also have another question , can I write more than just one chapter on the same actions ? Furthermore , does every chapter have to be on a different day and occasion ? Or not ?

It’s funny because I have a post coming at 5pm that has some chapter tips, but I’m not sure it covers all these questions (which are good questions).

How many words is a chapter supposed to be?

There are no set rules for chapter length, but I can give you two guidelines (that still have their exceptions). 

- Based purely on average reader attention span (mixed with a steady story pace), a chapter should be 2,000-5,000 words. I like to use attention span as a basic rule because it maximizes the potential for “just one more chapter” thought from the reader, but the content is generally more important than the word count. 

- Chapters should generally contain 2-3 related scenes. Some scenes are longer, some are shorter. Some may take up a full chapter if they’re that pivotal, and a pivotal scenes is not always a long one.

So it’s not about word count, it’s about scene organization and content. A really long chapter can be an indicator of an important part of a story or that the writer is being too long-winded. It depends on the situation. Still, if you want to use that guideline then it’s a decent element for a newer writer to work with.

Can I write more than just one chapter on the same actions?

I don’t actually know what you mean here by “actions”, but I’m guessing that you’re referring to the idea of an event stretching out over more than one chapter? For example, a festival that happens to take place over the course of 3 chapters. 

Yes, that’s fine! You just have to make sure that the event is relevant enough to be worth three chapters in the first place. Chapters aren’t an isolated part of writing, they’re related to scenes, pacing, relevance, organization, etc. 

I’d also be careful about splitting directly-continuous scenes, unless they’re longer and have natural points that make sense to chapter-jump at (like cliffhangers). Otherwise your reader will likely get confused as to why you have so many scene breaks for the exact same event. 

Does every chapter have to be on a different day and occasion?

Nope! It’s perfectly fine to have multiple chapters encompass the same in-story day. Some in-story days are more significant than others, so those days would have more documented events and naturally stretch out over a few chapter instead of one 10,000 word one that never gives a reader a place to pause.

Since you seem a little worried about your chapters, I’d avoid trying to use the breaks as special places. Instead, focus on your scenes and where they break, then when you’re finished with the draft, go back and group the scenes into chapters. 

Good luck with your chapters!

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All the Losers are stunned when it's Stan's birthday or something and Richie shows up with this expertly decorated and baked cake and they make him prove he didn't buy it by making a cake exactly like it, which he obviously nails. They just don't believe that he would pay attention to details for that long and even really care about making a cake look at good.


Richie can’t sit still but he Can focus, as long as he’s moving, so when he’s looking for something to eat and he comes across an old cake mix and a tin of icing in the back of the cupboard he just, follows the instructions and makes it, and while he’s putting on the icing he starts to find it oddly entertaining to use a spoon to put shapes and patterns on the cake - he really rummages through the kitchen until he finds icing bags and tips and then finds his old bin of play-doh and whenever he has free time or his mom is drunk or his dad is yelling he just, practices on the back of a hard cover book or a board or whatever he can find

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i love your fic so much because it manages to bring a good story but it's more slice of life and i enjoy more internal conflicts than external ones,, and while it does all of that it's still really goofy and it embraces silly tropes without the whole story seeming like one massive joke

i just love slice of life stories. not to say that drama isn’t good but i just enjoy those light hearted fuzzy feeling stories so much, which is why i write them :) 

and i just find the characters to be really interesting which is why i enjoy writing internal conflicts - it’s just FUN writing about emotional struggle 

humor has been one of those things i never thought i was good at until i started writing tpi tbh so i’m really proud that i can incorporate the silliness and the tropes in a way thats funny but doesn’t ruin the plot of the story :) 

anyway - thank you for the ask! :D

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I agree on the *insert character* day rant, but the points made there has been bugging me. What about Ty? He just got one hate ask and suddenly there was a day dedicated for him even though he's 99% loved by the fandom. I love Ty Day, but I'm just confused.

yeah, I kind of felt that, but it was for a reason, you know? like there are still antis saying he’s bad autistic rep (which he isnt, i know a lot of autistic people can relate to him and say he’s good rep so). but yeah he’s definitely not under-appreciated, but it’s always good to share characters that rep marginalised groups of people.
although i dont think it was necessary, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. but the excess amount of days for characters who are over appreciated is really not necessary, and most of them arent lgbt+, poc, etc.,

If Ty Day was after all these other days it would be excessive and i don’t think i would participate in it to be honest. The thing is, the hate anon was really /really/ ableist to the point that it was really upsetting (since i’m not autistic but im neuroatypical, and a lot of the things they ‘hated’ on him for affect me and yeah), and yeah, it was fun as a one off.

since this anon is about ty day and not any other days, I won’t talk about them here, but yeah, I do partially agree with you anon.

What should I wear when I visit my therapist on Tuesday?

This question is occupying a disproportionate amount of space in my thoughts. I respond to it by thinking it doesn’t matter what I wear, anything comfortable will be fine - especially as I’ve got a long drive there and back. But then in response to that, I immediately start considering how to carefully contrive an outfit that looks like I just casually pulled it on and didn’t spend hours deliberating over what to wear 🙄 So I’m still not decided. I can’t even decide on which top and cardigan combination. I hate being cold and often am, on the other hand, I may be anxious and overheated. I definitely need layers. Then what about jeans? Loose jeans are very comfy and hide my legs, skinny jeans may look good but urgh then she’d see my legs and it would look like I was confident with the size of them when I’m not 🙄 It’s all just one big eye roll because I know it really doesn’t matter, but I still have to wear *something* so I do have to make a decision.

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In your Guardian AU, do the ponies have cutie marks?

Yes, and that includes the ones in Mistral too. They may not be able to use magic but their bodies still retain it, just like every other thing in their world. This is what allows children to be such good candidates for Tantabus embedding and why they can still get their cutie marks, but maybe after their cutie marks are obtained (AKA puberty) what little magic their body retains becomes entirely inert or it somehow diminishes, which could be why post-puberty Orphans become unstable (meaning children without cutie marks would be the best candidates) and adults make such poor hosts in the first place.

You know, so far in my writing, I know my strength is lyricism. Like, I can put together a pretty sentence, sentences that flow and sound good both reading aloud and in the head. I think starting out it was pretty strong? and I think I’ve been able to temper it, especially this past year writing in a less flowery style with my mass effect fics, and come to a happier medium for me. Like i was doing a bit tew much in my opinion which is why i tried something sharper with the ME fics to start with. 

I’m pretty sure nice sentences carry a lot of my early fanfic (I say this like it hasn’t been more than two years lol), primarily my LOTR fic and Moon. But working on a completely original, high-fantasy project really does throw all my insecurities about character development, world building pacing, plot, in my face constantly. Just smacking me up like: 

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

I don’t know. I just want to be my personal best in all aspects. I want this book done. I want some more confidence. Blah blah blah. 

I love when you point out a fact about someone’s sacred movie/character/book/director/what-the-fuck-ever and people automatically tell you all of the ways that this thing/person is 100% perfect and infallible. Newsflash: It is okay to like something and realize that it is problematic. For example, as much as I love Daredevil/Charlie Cox, I realize that it would have been better for that role to have gone to a blind or VI person. I still fangirl harder for that show and Charlie than just about anything else, but I realize that things aren’t PERFECT and have a few problematic things here and there. Pointing out that something is problematic is not hate. My criticism of the casting of The Shape of Water doesn’t mean that I hate the movie–which would be very stupid to do being that I haven’t seen the damn thing. I will probably go see it and it very likely is a good movie, but I won’t recant the statement that the fact that they did not cast an ASL speaking person for an ASL speaking part diminishes my excitement for the movie. YOU can be as excited as you want for it. 

Don’t put bullshit hate in my inbox on anon because you can’t handle Guillermo Del Toro being called anything less than a flawless person or speculation that this movie may have problematic casting. 

This Week I Have Been Mostly Reading

As of 20th October 2017, there are 2307 Mad Max works on AO3 and I’m going to read each and every one of them…and review five of those I’ve bookmarked, each and every week.

Welcome to PART 7!

It’s funny, every week there are some in my bookmarks list I don’t recall just from the title and I think ‘uh oh what’s this one?’ And there’s others I see upcoming and I rub hands ‘woop, that was a good one’. But either way and, indeed in equal measure, the reread makes for much weeping and hand flailing…

This week, four single short-ish works, plus one 40K multi-chapter! Which still counts as one. Might grab an extra quote out of that one though.

and reason quite decay (@takiki16)

What? An account of Max’s last travelling companions, pre-Fury Road.

Why? You can just feel the desperation as the group dwindles and Max knows they’re all fucked. *weeps* Really really good.

When? 31st May 2015

Quote: A little girl with dark, wiry curls who called him Pa until neither of them could remember whether he really was her father or not. Further back, in the dangerous place where better memories lie, there is a little boy. A little boy and a woman whose name he can’t ever speak again, but when he tries to imagine them they blow away in the wind like dust.

A Tale of Valhalla (LadyByakko)

What? Fury Road told as an epic saga by future generations.

Why? Stuff of legends. Really.

When? 31st May 2015

Quote: But in that moment, the wind howled like a thousand war cries, and from the sands rose the Mad One, sent by the desert itself to come to their aid. He joined hands with Furiosa, and together they struck down the Dread Immortal and all his War Boys in one mighty blow, burning them to ashes so they could not rise again. [EVERYTHING IN THIS IS QUOTABLE, but this reminded me of Max’s shaky emergence from his sandpile, less dignified in reality than posterity would suggest]

Hope In A Handful Of Dust (FayJay)

What? How Toast, Dag, Cheedo, Angharad and Capable were captured from their subterranean world.

Why? An interesting read. All sorts of cloning and stuff going on, in contrast to the ‘old-fashioned way’ of doing things.

When? 1st June 2015 (yes we finally made it out of May!)

Quote: They’re all too pale to do well in this scorched world. They’re the leftovers. Crow and Gamilla and Jasmin and Spider and all the others, the ones with the good strong deenay and all the melanin in their skin, they were dragged away in the first convoy, with the Fisher of Men smiling at the helm, cackling about what a fine price he would get for them at the Market.

Half Life Filled (ThereIsOnlyZuul)

What? A brief and effective Nux-trication from the War Rig.

Why? Effective in its simplicity.

When? 3rd June 2015

Quote: He could.

Blood, Coffee and Motor Oil (underwater_owl)

What? The aforementioned 40K+. A café au. A badass Canadian mechanic Furiosa. A taciturn barista Max. Even more badass elderly biker aunties. Motorbike sex. A crime mystery. Villains aplenty (guess who). Much action and proper drama.

Why? I like AUs. And it’s engrossing. And there’s a sequel, but we’ll get to that another day.

When? 4th June 2015

Quote 1: Where an employee ID pin might normally rest, someone has stuck a ‘HELLO my name is’ sticker.

Quote 2: She washes carrots in her sink and fantasizes idly about a desert of anarchy, where fair might be fair, and Immortan Joe might be a dead with her bullet in his skull.

Previous weeks can be found HERE

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Happy reading!


hey friends!!!!! I know we don’t talk much, i’ve never been good at generating conversation with my followers on here, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still reading this and invested.


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I’m going to be suspending my use of this blog.  It’s going to stay active for a while.  I might eventually delete it.  But for the most part, I just want to make things easier to use, which means no longer keeping sterek separate from the rest of my fandom loving trash blog.  

Everything you love about this blog I’ll be posting about as @inthearmsofathief instead.  Which should make things easier on you guys too, because that’s my AO3 handle. 

I love you guys, i love this fandom, and Sterek will always be my OTP, and i’m not giving it up, but it is time to give up this side blog.  Hope you all understand and continue to support me on my other blog. 


let’s talk about Benny Boo…

Hey, so Ben Fankhauser doesn’t have a wikipedia page which is so weird like what?

But anyway, because of that, a lot of stuff that he has done isn’t well known so here’s two things I think a lot of people don’t know about him but totally should.

1. Have you seen him sing “Just Like Me”? well, there’s a professional recording of that but he doesn’t sing it lol (but it’s still very good when Justin Guarini sings it). Anyway, he sings a song called “Gone” on the album which is the last one on the album (I think) but it’s like the best song ever actually and it really showcases his talent and ugh go listen to it and fangirl about it with me.

2. He played Ernest (a replacement) who is gay and makes out with another male character and there’s a bootleg out there so… (also Christy Altomare played Wendla and I love her more than anyone)

More needs to be figured out about him :( (not like in a creepy invading his personal life type of way but his career life)

Reblog if you read The Property of Hate

I’m genuinely curious as to how far our little Tellyhead comic fandom goes!


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

things i love about Bakugou include:

  • his adorable spiky hair
  • his orange/red eyes
  • his eyes are so pretty??? he’s got long eyelashes and they’re just… so damn pretty…. wtf
  • he’s just so pretty and he looks like a tiny, angrier version of his mom and that’s adorable
  • his adorable baby sideburns
  • how fucking creative he is with his powers?? like?? he’s so good at controlling his explosions and coming up with super creative ways to use them???
  • his adorable little cocky smirks
  • his “i give no fucks except actually i do but i will never fucking admit to it so shut your fucking mouth before i blow your ass up” attitude
  • how he’s an angry crier and super emotional 
  • how he’s actually pretty chill too??? when he’s not pissed off????
  • how he shows kindness by being an aggressive, angry little shit
  • how he’s a little shit in general
  • mr. “only time he smiles is when Deku gets punched in the nuts” 
  • and then he calls the kid cute
  • Bakugou no
  • how he doesn’t wear socks
  • his dumbass baggy pants. child. child pull up your pants. please. 
  • his tanktops
  • how he shows off his teeth when he’s in battle as if he’s trying to intimidate his opponents by showing his teeth like animals do
  • how tiny he looks with sleeves on but then he looks fucking hUGE in tank tops 
  • his dumbass adorable little description for his hero outfit (including KILL WITH MY KNEES and SOMETHING AWESOME!!!)
  • also his shitty little doodles of himself and the how he actually kinda sucks at art when he’s so good at everything else
  • how he’s SUPER SMART but doesn’t know how to friend
  • “how does one show concern? oh, i know, by telling them WATCH YOUR DAMN SELF”
  • how he admires All Might so much and wants to be just like him and has built his entire view of heroes on the person he admires the most b/c in the end he’s still just a kid and still has those pure, child-like admiration and goals ten years later and nothing is going to stop him from reaching those goals 
  • (which sometimes isn’t healthy or good but. still. he’s working on it)
  • how he comes up with dumbass nicknames for people he doesn’t care about b/c he’s too lazy to remember their names unless they catch his attention and earn his respect
  • how he’s slowly growing as a person and how he’s giving out advice to his classmates and doing it willingly and helping when they feel down and he’s slowly making friends even without really knowing how but the rest of the class is noticing that he’s not just an angry little rage machine but he’s slowly getting better and trying and they’re getting inspired by him 
  • i just love everything ok

im so fucking angry because terezi pyrope’s personal system of ethics is one of the most nuanced and detailed examples of CLS paired with a critique of justice that i’ve ever seen in a piece of fiction and it’s homestuck

shiro, a traumatized young adult who doesn’t really know what’s going on and is still pretending like he’s got his life together and isnt five seconds from falling apart at any given moment and yet still manages to do his best to keep his team alive and work for the freedom of the galaxy? it’s more likely than you’d think

Afterbuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer: I was 100% convinced that [Matt’s death] was real. You have no idea how much I bought that, so kudos to you.

Lauren: Well that’s great. That was the intention! And it was actually Joaquim’s idea, the whole fake-out at the grave. It was a really awesome, dramatic moment, but it was beautiful!

Joaquim: It was beautifully story-boarded, and Bex’s performance.

Jeremy: Oh my gosh, yes. No seriously, I didn’t know any of that. Because when we’re recording and stuff sometimes—Like that episode, I don’t even know if I’m in that episode. …

Lauren: You had one line about fluto beans.

Jeremy: Which we just recorded later, basically. So I was watching that not knowing any of it. And it’s such a good episode, oh my gosh that scene. And I know that he comes back, obviously. But I was like, “Maybe he doesn’t? I mean he’s recorded on this show a lot, but I don’t think—” …

Joaquim: I mean we were affected by her performance, when she did it in the booth. …

Lauren: I still cry when I watch the episode, and I knew from Day 1 that I was like, “Matt’s going to be back, he’s going to be a rebel, and he’s going to be an action star!”

Lauren, Joaquim, and Jeremy talk about the scene at Matt’s grave in “Reunion”