which is so hard to color

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Hi, Vetyr! You mentioned that you work on 4000 x 4000 canvas. I wonder how long does it take you to finish a painting on average. Do you actually spend lots of time polishing the soft/hard edges? They seem to be so effortless. ;_; another question is how do you achieve such smooth transition? Does it have anything to do with pressure or flow setting of the brush?

It usually takes about 2.5-4 hours, and yeah I definitely spend a lot of time getting the edges just the way I want them.  Every so often, I’ll touch up areas with a soft brush, but much of the time I can get a pretty smooth transition between values/colors with a hard round brush w/ transfer enabled and set to ‘pen pressure’ (I don’t use flow), and excessive use of the eyedropper tool.  Also, a note for the gif below (which is running at 3x speed): when I’m blending colors and I don’t want the gradient to be muddy, I add a saturated color- in this case, pink- to the mix to keep it vibrant.

obligatory extra pic:


(Is hard to make dialogues with app _(:з」∠)_ but don’t have time use computer tho…(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`))

Basically the pervert diaplushies are talking about panties’ colors. Which one do you prefer to wear? ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

Damn Ruki and Shu have That Kind Of Taste. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_.

(New panties so no worry I dirty diaplushies. Oh and the misspelling please ignore as well _(:з」∠)_)

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i hate that your empurata windblade looks prettier than actual windblade. do you know how hard that is.

I’m not a huge fan of her design, there’s a kernel of something cool there but it’s covered by glitter and standardization. I think the reason it looks better is because it’s not as busy, her whole head and face have way too much details so it looks uninteresting since the only thing separating the face is different color. Designs need contrast and not only color one, and there’s little of that in hers. She needs either a more plain helmet, which I would personally prefer, or removal of face paint.

So I was asked to do some headcanons for my shiny cutiefly, Chou, (which is now a Ribombee now as ya’ll can see) I bred for a while ago, and I figured why not? :3

* When she first hatched, she was the most timid cutiefly I’ve ever met. She’d try to hide herself in pieces of eggshell from when she hatched.

* She always flew around so fast that it was hard to see her, even with her bright pink color. It was also pretty easy for her to blend in with all my fuzzy clothes and she’d often sleep inside the sleeves of my sweaters.

* She was always so startled by loud noises (like me sometimes) so when we hear a noise we both jump a little and Chou will try to hide in my hair.


[ revision log printable + google sheets ] — reviewing course material is an excellent way to retain information over the long term! to use for my exams, i made a little revision google sheet and a matching printable, which i’ve decided to share with the community (●っゝω・)っ~☆

✨ — at the time i didn’t realize it, but this is inspired by @s0manythings​‘ beautiful grade tracker printable + sheet set! go have a look!

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•  printable pdfs, available in 5 colors ( bubblegum, lavender moon, seafoam, silver & gold, studykyt colors ) + b&w version ( skyscraper ) + bonus color ( field berries ).

•  google sheets, available in 5 colors + bonus sheet ( field berries ). to use file in your drive, file ↬  make a copy. no drive? file ↬ download as ↬ microsoft excel.

• instructions manual on how to use the google sheet.

🔗 — printables  google sheet • manual

☆ — originals  more printables

—— happy studying! :: kyt / studykyt

“If you take anything from this eight years of us being in this White House, I want you to take that message with you, particularly all the young people here today, all the young women here today. I want you to see that it does not matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter how much money your parents have—none of that matters. Skin color, gender is the most ridiculous defining trait that we cling to. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you believe in your own potential, and that’s for sure. You have to believe in you first. Because people will try to tear you down, I guarantee you that. There will never be a point at which people will 100 percent be cheering you on. So when you hit those barriers in life, all you have is your belief in yourself. That’s all you have to fall back on.

What also matters is how hard you’re willing to work.  Because none of this is easy—and it’s not supposed to be.  Because then everybody could do it, right? How much work you want to put into the things you care about—President Obama works very hard.  He is a serious man who takes his job seriously. And we are counting on you to be that in whatever you choose to be, whether it’s science or math or dance or teaching—you name it. None of these men and women here achieved what they achieved without working hard at it and making some sacrifices and overcoming a lot of failure. So we want you to take that away.

As Katherine Johnson has said—and these are her words—she said, ‘Stick with it. No matter the problem, it can be solved.’ And that’s really good advice. Look at this eight years. We were supposed to be hidden. People didn’t even want to believe we were real. But here we are, eight years later.

But it’s up to all of you, our young people, to continue that legacy.” —First Lady Michelle Obama speaking at a screening of the film Hidden Figures


even the air is different today

[ exo : lotto : 2016 ]

You know when you bring up fandom racism and someone (or several people, usually) responds with some kind of version of ‘your view is invalid because you’re only considering race as a factor for why CoC is unpopular (or white side character is super popular), without comprehending other factors’? 

Not only is that incredibly patronizing, it’s also totally backwards. Because over and over again, I’ll watch movies and TV shows and see a story being told with important characters of color, and then watch as fandom ignores them to embrace white characters, no matter how minor. Over and over. 

That is what I and others notice. And to those people trying to invalidate our observations, I say: We’re not the ones disregarding the story to focus on race – you are

I mean, they’re not consciously thinking about race, which is why the whole discussion is so hard for them, but the result is always that CoC don’t matter as much as white characters. There are always a million non-racial reasons why, but in fan spaces like Tumblr and AO3, it always comes down to whiteness mattering more. 


Huevember 1- 3

It’s hard for me to tell the difference between yellows so I kept second-guessing whether I had the color right! Anyway, tried to capture the look of each show without worrying too much about being on model or not (Star was especially hard compared to AT or Bee, which are closer to how I naturally draw anyway).

so there’s this item on neopets called chia flour and what it does is basically, you’re in the battledome against someone else’s pet and you lob it at em and it turns them into a yellow chia. the thing is, the effect doesn’t end when the battle does. like… your pet literally becomes a yellow chia forever. so you could be in there with a really expensive plushie draik or something, a restricted hard-to-get species with a ridiculously expensive color, and suddenly its a chia.

its terrifying, and there have been stories of like, dedicated griefers with millions of neopoints to spend going out of their way to ruin people’s pets. the item has been retired for a while now, so theyre actually in limited supply so people arent really concerned about having chia flour lobbed at their pets anymore…

but it turns out using this illegal neopets site you can just blow 40 bucks on some and really really really really really mess up someone’s day

I have heard recently that Camila wrote Sensitive and that she also wrote Stitches. I tried to do a research to prove it, and there you go. This is the proof that Camila contributed for writing Stitches. However, I still can’t find the proof that she wrote Sensitive, because:

1) Sensitive is a leaked song. So, it’s hard to trace who the writers are and so on.

2) Camila is a “low-key” songwriter or more like a “behind-the-scene” songwriter. You can see her name is black color in this picture. The ones in blue (like “Mendes Shawn”) are the ones which we can search in the website. We can’t search the names with the black color. It’s like as if the names were not officially registered yet or…. I don’t know… it’s hard to trace the songs Camila has written. In addition, I’m not really good at research skills especially in music industry. But for now, this is what I got.

@singasong17 The picture I’ve promised before



After letting these doodles/sketches rot on my harddrive for months, it’s time to just slap ‘em up here so they don’t meet the same fate ast 99% of my other art lol

These were doodled like 4-5 months ago (or at least that’s what it feels like) except for the colored one which I did in 10 minutes today

I seriously need suggestions or something to stop letting myself give up art OTL

Some anons asked for Xros Wars! Lapidot and I couldn’t say no :3c so here a redraw from a scene from ep 50~

Headcanon #3

Lance is actually not that oblivious to change if it’s subtle. Pidge’s gender reveal was a surprise because it was so abrupt, but with everything else he takes it in stride and goes with the flow. He comes from a big family so obvious things are changing all the time so he’s used to it.

Which is why when Keith’s skin starts getting purple spots he’s a bit nervous at first because “Is that supposed to happen?” But as the days go on and with no change in Keith besides the slight color change in his appearance he just shrugs it off, accepting it since no one else has said anything, granted the spots are on places like his arms and just under his collar, so it’d be hard to see them.

Sometimes Keith’s eyes will flash yellow, but Lance noticed it’s only during periods of high stress or anger. Which may or may not mostly had to do with Lance himself.

Sometimes Lance will see purple ear tips poke out  from Keith’s hair and he may or may not have thought about how soft they would be.

There was one time where Keith fell asleep sitting, his skin purple and ears poking out (Luckily no one else but Lance was there) so Lance snuck in a few ear rubs and almost woke up Keith laughing when he started purring in his sleep.

Sometimes Keith will start keening if he’s having a nightmare and LAnce will rub his ears to help him settle.

So it’s kind of a shock for everyone when everyone else finds out during training (The sparring bot landed a pretty hard hit so Keith pretty much tore it apart with his bare claws) and they’re all just surrounding him looking at him with a fear of “What the hell?”

And Lance walks in, takes one look and he’s just like “Huh…the claws are new, when’d you get those.”

Everyone’s looks at him like, “What?!?!?!”

“You knew???”

“I thought everyone did to be honest.”

And during all the commotion Keith is on his knees digging claws into his scalp keening because he doesn’t know what to do this is too much.

And Lance just tells everyone to shut up(excuse my language princess) and walks over and hugs him to his chest rubbing at his ears and Keith calms down because it’s familiar and helps and he’ll never admit it but it feels nice to have Lance’s scent around him, the idiot whispering reassurances in his ear in Spanish and just holding him.

Lance motions for everyone to leave, that they’ll talk about it later but not now and they just leave the two be.

Hello, Arda family!

This is Amy, creative director at Arda and one of the company’s cofounders. My wife, Crystina, and I have worked hard to build this company as a reflection of the world we want to live in. Arda is LGBT- and woman-owned and operated, and we do our very best to provide a safe and supportive work environment for the people of color, immigrants, women, gender and sexual minorities, and people with disabilities who make up our staff. At Arda we believe that diversity is our greatest strength – not passive diversity, but active acceptance and ongoing work to always improve, doing the best we can by the people who make up our company as well as by every one of our customers.

We are a US-based company; our nation like any other has always been a work in progress, but we now find ourselves at a point in history at which so much of the hard-fought progress we have made stands to be undone. Arda has always been committed to giving back to our community – local, national, and global. Now more than ever we believe that silence is not an option. Going forward, we intend to recommit to supporting an array of nonprofit groups working to protect our civil rights and our environment.

Three of the Arda team – Crystina, Miya, and myself – recently went on a short trip to Tokyo to bring back Yuri!!! On ICE merchandise and doujin for upcoming conventions, as a fun event for fans and to introduce our new ita bags. In light of the events of the past few days and the difficult work that we know they will continue to face in the months to come, I’ve decided to donate all profit from the sale of these items to the ACLU.

If gay figure skaters and civil liberties sound like your thing, stop by and see us at Katsucon or Anime Boston. If you’re not into winter sports, keep watching our newsletter and social media for future fundraising efforts.

Stay safe, and take care of one another. Constant vigilance!

Amy and the Arda Team


  • ok so Phichit is holding the selfie stick which means that this was his idea and he somehow got even the most asocial skaters to pose for the photo 
  • Yuuri has his hand on Phichit’s shoulder 
  • Viktor has his hand on one of Yuuri’s shoulders 
  • Yurio claimed Yuuri’s other shoulder in order to lean on it and pose 
  • pretty much right besides Viktor is JJ doing his signature pose (someone call Joe Johnson) 
  • Minami is, of course, right behind Yuuri 
  • Leo is a little hard to see cause his outfit matches Minami’s hair color but him and Guang Hong are posing together 
  • Michele looks like Emil dragged him there as he is still kinda glaring at him, but at least Emil seems happy that he is there 
  • Otabek probably guessed that there wasn’t enough space so he simply crouched down to fit behind Guang Hong 
  • Chris and Georgi could also tell that they weren’t going to show that far back so they simply jumped into it
  • Seung-Gil, who never hangs out with anyone, didn’t bother to smile but he still looks less dragged in than Michele does though maybe he just didn’t want to be only one not involved cause that would look bad :P
  • if this is considered canon then I would expect this to be during the World’s tournament since that’s the only one all skaters can be apart of besides the Grand Prix series, cause otherwise Europe’s and Four Continents separates them in 2 groups (European and non-European)
  • that said some of them are wearing their FS outfits while some like Seung-Gil and Leo are wearing their SP one… ¿?

Hey guys! So I took my cat to the vet today, and it turned out she has gingivitis and signs of infection, which can cause a lot of complications. She’s doing okay but she’ll need dental work, which can get pricy!

It’s not unreasonable (about $550) but unfortunately I’m also moving in a month and a half, and it’s going to be hard to afford with a minimum wage gig.

SO commissions!! In addition to the stuff you see above, I’m fine with any combination of sketch/ink and no color/flat color/full color. More art examples can be found on this blog. I also sell stickers on my redbubble (and you can also commission me to make you a sticker!)

If you want anything else, such as pixels or short comics or what have you, just ask me and I’ll give you an estimate!

I’m fine with shipping, anthro, some nsfw, OCs - just ask if you’re not sure I’ll do it. 

Please email me at kitp.scs@gmail.com if you’re interested. Reblogs and signal boosts are greatly appreciated!!