which is so emotionally draining

Miss It. (Angsty Harry Styles Blurb)

a/n: Here it is! This is my first ever angst piece, so please be nice haha! But, I hope you enjoy the outcome as much I enjoyed the writing. All the love as always, L. xx

- in which Harry feels like Y/N doesn’t love him anymore.

Harry was so tired. Emotionally drained, one might say. His brain had become too torn on what to think, and his eyes dry from crying. He felt like he couldn’t find peace, even though deep down something was keeping him awake, every single night.

“You know what, Y/N? I miss it.”

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major love to ariana, who we know has been a wreck since the attack, and must be feeling so destroyed and torn up, but has dedicated her time to visiting all the victims in the hospital and paying for the funerals of the poor souls who didn’t make it, showing kindness to the affected families in whatever way she can. and now she’s doing a benefit concert, which is gonna be unspeakably emotionally draining, but so very brave of her. she’s not letting this tragedy tear people apart; she’s making sure it brings them closer together. what a strong angel. 💕

kiss-kiss-die-in-love  asked:

Could you maybe please do how the RFA would react to MC being athletic and maybe playing an aggressive sport like rugby ? :)

If I was more athletic, I would totally do a sport like rugby or lacrosse. Let me get out my unresolved anger issues plz and have a cute girlfriend/boyfriend to CHEER ME ON

~Admin MP


  • Lor d y 
  • He doesn’t even know what rugby is, this poor child
  • Yeah it’s a sport but like……what do people do??
  • MC tells him “oh, it’s like a mixture of football and soccer” 
  • So he doesn’t think it’s that bad and he’s excited to go watch MC play and cheer them on!
  • When he gets there he makes sure to pick a seat near the front of the bleachers
  • MC walks onto the field with the other players, looking super cute in their uniform
  • Yoosung shOUTS “GO MC!! THAT’S MY S/O!!!!”
  • Beams when MC waves at him and he’s super excited about the game
  • Ten minutes into the game he’s gripping onto the railing of the bleachers, knuckles white 
  • Because he’s about to pass out
  • MC keeps getting tackled and it looks like it hurts
  • But they just get back up and dive right back into the game
  • Yoosung gets on the RFA group chat and is like “PLEASE GUYS MC IS GOING TO DIE AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING!!!”
  • If anybody touches MC, he’d be ready to leap onto the field and kick ass
  • As it is, he gives them the death glare of their life
  • After the game, which they won, Yoosung is so emotionally drained because he was on edge the entire time
  • But!!! MC won!!!
  • So he’s super happy that MC won so he shoves aside some of his anxiety and gives them a huge hug when they run up to him!
  • Over the next few weeks, he’d come to terms with how aggressive the game is and even starts helping MC practice
  • He has a calendar and all the dates of the games are written in bright green pen
  • Although watching MC be so aggressive on the field does really worry him, he’s still super supportive and cheers them on, hiding his anxiety
  • If MC ever got seriously hurt, he’d actually run off the bleachers and go to them with tears in his eyes making sure that they’re okay


  • He loves football, okay?
  • Whenever he’s bored he sometimes likes to look up awesome football plays on YouTube
  • Makes dramatic noises whenever intense things happen in the videos
  • So when he finds out MC is in football he’s like “God Bless”
  • He’d immediately start helping them practice and commentate the whole thing
  • “MC takes the ball for a pass and runs, dodging imaginary tacklers, jumping over a pair of fallen foes before sprinting and taking the ball to the goal!!!! MC has SCORED!!!” 
  • The two of them dramatically run to each other and hug like it’s a real fucking game
  • When MC invites him to a game, he gets decked out in gear from their team, of course
  • Brings a giant sign that says “GO # 4, MY S/O” and underneath that in tiny writing it says “yea we’re datin”
  • MC comes onto the field and he SCREAMS 
  • MC points at him and winks and he pretends to swoon
  • The whole game, he’d be cheering MC on and commending them on cool moves
  • When MC shoves someone over he fucking laughs
  • After the game, no matter what the outcome, he’d tell MC how great they did and give play by play reenactments of awesome moments 
  • If the other team won, Seven would make dumb faces at them and loudly talk about how great MC is at football
  • Always ends up making out with them in the car after games duh
  • Then he takes them out for ice cream and they both gush over every single second of the match and discuss it in detail
  • If MC ever got seriously injured, at first he’d be like “YOU CAN DO IT MC–” but his anxiety would get the better of him and he’d run off the bleachers to demand to know how they’re doing


  • At first, MC is a little afraid to ask Jaehee if she can help her with their Judo but thinks Jaehee will say it’s too aggressive
  • But listen
  • Jaehee likes to do Judo too so she’s no stranger to aggressive sports
  • Of course Jaehee knows the finer details of tackling and taking people down
  • So when Jaehee learns of MC’s involvement in Judo, she’d give her pointers on the best ways to win matches
  • She’d also train with them
  • Like I’m talking going to the gym and Jaehee’s in EXERCISE clothing and shows MC how to practice with a punching bag and gives them examples of tackles
  • Lets MC tackle her to get the hang of the tackles but MC keeps getting distracted by Jaehee because those leggings are really tight??
  • After a good day of training/working out, Jaehee always gives MC a high five and smiles brightly and MC feels like they’ve gone to heaven for getting that praise and smile
  • At the matches, Jaehee is always there to cheer
  • MC expects Jaehee to silently watch or at least to be a quiet cheerer 
  • She’s not
  • Actually, Jaehee SHOUTS
  • It’s a bit terrifying?
  • It sort of charges MC up, though, and makes them want to prove their girlfriend proud
  • After matches, Jaehee gives MC that high five and smile and most of the time a kiss too, especially if MC did a great job
  • No matter the outcome of the match, Jaehee is proud of them, just like Seven
  • Does tend to give pointers and tips afterwards though
  • If MC ever got seriously hurt, Jaehee would already have the paramedics on the phone and would be asking if she needed to do anything and be completely serious and calm (but internally freaking the fuck out)


  • Zen knew that MC did something to do with ice skating
  • He just assumed his pure wonderful MC was an ice skater
  • Nope, they were in ice hockey
  • When MC told Zen this, also inviting him to their first game, he was a little bit in shock
  • He couldn’t imagine his MC putting on a bunch of hockey gear and getting slammed against plastic panels 
  • So of course he’s super protective and doesn’t want to see MC get hurt but he also wants to be supportive
  • The two would work out together and MC would tell him about the drills they would do for hockey and he’s actually kind of interested so he asks if he can come watch practice one day
  • Seeing MC on their skates, super graceful and in control, makes him feel a lot better about the whole ‘hockey is a dangerous and aggressive game’ thing
  • Until he goes to a game
  • Bundled up in his best coat (he wants everyone to know that MC’s boyfriend is a classy and attractive dude) he sits near the front, ready to cheer MC on 
  • Within the first five minutes of the game, MC has been checked three times and Zen is stressed out as fuck and clenching his fist on his thigh
  • He’s just so protective that he wants to get on the ice and punch anybody who gets too close to MC 
  • After he gets over his panicking (which lasts until halftime) he begins to notice how good MC is 
  • They’re really good at passing and making quick decisions on the ice, not to mention how sure and solid they are on the slippery surface with their skates
  • Afterwards, he’d wrap his arms around a sweaty MC and mutter about how worried he was and how he hates seeing them get hurt like that
  • MC just giggles and ruffles his hair
  • If MC ever got seriously injured, he’d be sprinting up to the plastic (because he can’t really get on the field or anything) and pound his fist against it, worried beyond belief with panic dancing down his spine
  • Finds a way to get to them even if it means jumping onto the ice


  • Jumin wondered where the bruises came from, of course
  • At first, he thought someone was abusing them, but then when he found out that it was from boxing, he was like “….interesting.”
  • Always traces the bruises with his fingertips gently since he doesn’t want to hurt MC 
  • Kisses them before they go off to work out or train
  • MC doesn’t invite him to any matches and at first he’s a little confused and hurt
  • But then they explain that they’re afraid he wouldn’t like it or that he would find it too aggressive and rowdy
  • Jumin promises MC that if MC is doing it, he’ll find it amazing and that he wants to cheer them on
  • (Jumin, probably: i’d pay MC to punch me in the face)
  • So MC invites him to an upcoming match and starts practicing a lot more 
  • How could Jumin not have noticed their muscles before now??
  • But now that he knows what those muscles are used for, he’s secretly excited to see MC kick some ass
  • At the match, he’d get some VIP seat or something jfc but he’d still be close to MC 
  • Is impressed by how aggressive MC is, though his mouth flattens into a thin line if anybody manages to get a hit on MC back 
  • Secretly super into MC beating the shit out of people
  • Gets jealous of the bruises others leave on MC and always has to thoroughly kiss them to make sure that the touch of the other person is gone
  • After matches, Jumin always always picks them up bridal style to carry them out, even if they won
  • Helps them ice any injuries they have and proceed to make out in the locker room usually
  • If MC ever got seriously hurt, Jumin would start shouting about how he was going to sue and that they better watch out and everything while holding MC

*** Can you do a thing where everyone in the pack depends on you the most for things but you don’t burden them and they’re all really shocked when you break down about something ??***

I really had no idea where to go with this one. I’m really sorry if it’s not what you wanted

You could feel yourself fracturing underneath the smile that was ever present on your face. Piece by piece you could feel yourself falling apart. You try to grasp at them but it’s as useless as trying to grab water.  The pack doesn’t notice, mainly because they’ve never seen you as the broken china doll you feel like. You were there for Lydia when Jackson left, there for Scott when Allison died, there for Stiles when he was up every night afraid to go to sleep and be haunted by the faces of the people who ended at his hands. You were just there. 

It’s not like you were saying that they wouldn’t be there for you if you asked but your problems just seemed so small in comparison. Who wants to hear about your slipping mind state when they feel like it’s their fault for the death of some random, probably innocent, people? At least that’s what you tell yourself as you let your phone drop onto your bed, once gain not being able to gain the courage to call one of them for help. You rub your hands over your red and puffy face muffling a sob into them as you do. 

You hear people bounding up the stairs from you position on the floor. You dismiss it, assuming that your brother and his friends had just arrived home from practice until your bedroom door flings open. Your back goes as rigid as the wall you’re leaning against.

“(Y/n)?” Scott asks, the other pack members staring at you with the same sense of confusion found in Scott’s voice. 

You close your eyes slowly and gently let your head hit the hall. The pack meeting was today, how could you have forgotten? 

“Are you crying?” Stiles questions, which is followed by a slap on his arm from Lydia. 

You’re so emotionally drained, you need to use one hand and the wall to help you up while the other wipes at the far too obvious tears trailing down your face. You feel like you’ve been caught out. Then appears the fake smile. “No, of course not.”

“I don’t need werewolf senses to tell you’re lying.” Lydia says coming up to you and wiping away a runaway tear. She envelopes you in a hug and the other join in.

“You know we’re hear for you right?” Stiles whispers.