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Is it me or the more ziam media linkage we get, more ugly sophiam signs pop up on shows? I don't remember so many people claiming to be in concert JUST for Sophia and worshiping her more than Liam and other boys. Well this fandom has strange tandancy to worship beards even though they never even uttered a single word and never addressed fans. Like WTF?? Maybe they are planted like those NB ones and Larry ones that Liam kept reading? What are your thoughts regarding this?

That’s a very interesting thought, my dear. Generally, I think we’re seeing unprecedented stuntin’ from 1D (which is really saying something). Like, there’s nothing we’re seeing or hearing lately that isn’t a calculated move. Now, I don’t mean that Liam and Zayn don’t sincerely wish each other the best (obviously). I mean the only reason we’re seeing and hearing it is for official narrative purposes. Because you know 1DHQ has always been really shady about certain band member’s public interactions.

So to your point, I say it’s very possible the pro-Sophia signs are yet another calculated move. We know management, working via update accounts, can directly contact fans. We know in the past they’ve promised to signal boost fan stuff to their followers (which sometimes number well into the hundreds of thousands). It’s very possible an update account suggested privately to fans that they bring pro-Sophia signs promising that they’d make sure the fans get high profile shout-outs. It’s totally do-able. Also, the Liam-saw-my-sign stories cropping up all of a sudden are very suspect–none of them have come with any receipts.

Liam’s profile has been noticeably higher the past couple of weeks and it’s continuing into this week. The cheating narrative isn’t off the table. Whipping up pro-Sophia sentiment would ensure the rumors of cheating hit especially hard and therefore will be widely discussed and provide distractions regarding the larger Zayn leaving stunt (same as babygate). Remember, this storyline could potentially suit the incoming and outgoing team’s agendas.

  • Incoming Team: Use a cheating scandal as a means to further destroy the boyband image by portraying Liam–and by extension all of 1D–as grown up, having sex and having adult problems like fidelity and monogamy issues. It also ups Liam’s individual celebrity, which is good for him and the band. Buy 1D’s new single, Drag Me Down and be on the lookout for the new album, coming this fall! 
  • Outgoing Team: One Direction is a trainwreck with scandals popping off left and right. They’ve always been a mess. But we held it together for as long as we possibly could and led them to record breaking success. We are not incompetent. P.S. Liam is straight. What is a Ziam? Buy 1D’s new single, Drag Me Down and be on the lookout for the new album, coming this fall! 

I think of all the potential Sophiam narratives, this would probably bother Liam the least. Although it would certainly cast aspersions on his character, at least it would lay the foundation for him to potentially be rid of her. And he will be rid of her sooner rather than later. We’re talking a matter of months now. Let’s goooo. 

honestly i hate that “jesus was canon asexual” post because if you read a bible the point is that he “resists temptation” not that he “doesnt experience” it at all.. which obviously creates the SEX IS BAD CHASTITY IS GOOD dichotomy which is something the bible is really big about so like, saying jesus is asexual is kind of like ignoring the fact that biblical values champion resisting “temptation” and condemn any kind of sexuality

anti-sjws have this new thing where they’re constantly saying “this never happened the mostest” or some variation, and it’s so cringe worthy (much like everything they do). and I get that some people make up stories on tumblr (people… make up stories in general), but they say this about the most basic stories that happen countless times to countless people every day.

I guess that’s a lot easier than actually listening and acknowledging harmful trends, which they absolutely refuse to do. but it really says something when they automatically disbelieve people so readily with no reason whatsoever, even when SO MANY PEOPLE have very similar experiences

Yeah we’re here to talk about vocal line! So here’s some vocal observations I’ve picked up on since BTS has debuted:

Jin - He has a very clear tone, with no vibrato whatsoever. His voice sounds best in middle range, and while his range isn’t very wide, when he’s in his comfort zone it really is something else. Which is saying something, because most singers aren’t comfortable vocally in their middle range, I can really see his improvements. I can see him having a lot of potential with his falsetto if he focuses on developing it more.

Jimin - Jimin’s voice has developed so much since debut, probably the most out of all vocal line. For starters, he’s widened his range so that he can not only sing much higher, but i’ve noticed him focusing on his lower range as well. Also, he’s developed a vibrato, something he didn’t have when he first debuted. You can really hear this when he sings in his middle range. He needs to open his mouth more when he sings so we can really hear that angelic voice.

Taehyung - Tone wise, very rich and warm. He has a husky timbre to his voice so that he not only sounds amazing singing bass but also in his falsetto. His voice tends to get more light and airy when singing in his falsetto and it’s a very nice contrast to his lower chocolatey tones. He’s a very dynamic singer, and I personally don’t think BigHit is doing a very good job showcasing that in their promotional songs.

Jungkook - He’s improved immensely since debut on controlling his falsetto and now sings those difficult high notes without hesitation, where as before, he seemed a bit unconfident in his falsetto. I’ve noticed when he sings in his lower range he gets a more jazzy and soulful timbre to his voice- accentuating the first pitches more and executing his trills flawlessly.

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Pia is Albion's swimming ability compromised in his trueform now? Is that going to cause him problems with his marine power base?

Oh yeah, his swimming ability has definitely been compromised. He’s still able to swim, but he’ll be lacking speed and certain types of turns/shifts will be more difficult than before. If he’s ever relegated back to the seas, he’ll be compromised, and he’ll be vulnerable because of it. Sea fae aren’t exactly…the most disability-friendly of all the fae.

Not Everyone Can Be a Sugar Baby

So I saw this post earlier to brownstatuesquesugarbaby and it really stuck with me enough that it’s still bothering me now. Without roasting the anonymous asker over the coals which is never my intention, the anon did say something that really bothered me which is that she or he is afraid of becoming addicted to sugaring because you receive the money for “little to no work”…

Now that strikes me as being a little shady, but I digress. I wanted to first address that point by saying sugaring is hard work. It’s exhausting emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. There is a massive amount of time you spend prepping and bettering yourself that you don’t get paid for, you have to deduct it out of whatever allowance your SD deems you worthy enough. The job doesn’t come with benefits. There is zero job security. You get jerked around a lot. You have to constantly worry that if anyone discovers what you do that it will literally ruin your life. You have to basically be an actress most of the time. Like any other person who works in a sales industry (because this is a sales industry, you are the product, the salesperson etc.) you have to develop a thick skin and be creative in your sales pitches. I could really go on and on and on.

Which brings me to this point: not everyone can be a sugar baby. I’m not even talking about, “oh you aren’t pretty enough” or whatever non SBs think I’m talking about. First, no matter what you look like, somebody finds you attractive. Second, whatever stereotype you have of a Sugar Baby, throw it out of your head. I’ve been in this long enough to know that SBs come from all nationalities, all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, all educational backgrounds, etc. There is no stereotypical SB so throw that out of your pretty little head right now.

People don’t talk about this enough, but most girls aren’t successful. In my experience, and this is all I have to go on because there’s no numerical data out there on this, but in my experience most girls are not successful at being SBs. And we, the girls on the internet who glamorize this lifestyle, need to be more honest and say that for every one of us, there’s another girl who failed.

Not everyone can be a successful SB because it’s hard. It takes an emotional toll so hard that it takes someone with a lot of steel in them to stand up to it. You’re going to be rejected. You’re going to be hurt and taken advantage of. You’re going to eventually develop feelings and have to realize that what you have with that person isn’t real. It’s difficult to lie to your friends and family. It’s difficult feeling isolated and alone. It’s difficult feeling the judgment of the general public. It’s difficult to keep trying and keep looking and keep putting yourself out there when things fall apart.

To be a SB, you have to be able to bury your emotions. You have to be able to put aside your real feelings, slap on a fake smile and play the part of the fantasy. You have to be able to manipulate without feeling guilty. You have to be intuitive enough and intelligent enough to know what your SD or POT’s next move is so you can stay ahead of him. To be a really successful SB, I think you have to be a little bit cold-hearted, you have to have some steel in you, you have to be charismatic, you have to be manipulative, and you have to be a good actress. 

This isn’t romance, this is a job. It’s a job with its own challenges, and it’s a job that not everyone can do. 

So when you say something like, “I want to get into sugaring because it looks so easy and fun!” you’re being insulting and also, you’re in for a rude awakening.

so this morning when I went to the store I spent a ridiculous amount of money on some organic peaches bc the regular ones were rock hard and the organic ones just looked so good

I am pleased to report that was money well spent these are the best fucking peaches I’ve ever eaten

The Lounge Singer

Pairing: Taemin/Key
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~9.3k
Warnings: Somewhat angsty (but not regarding their relationship), Drinking. Hinted Sex. 
Author’s Notes: Happy *Belated* Birthday to Taemin! I was like.. yeah I’ll write 3k! and here I am am. Also, lets pretend this is set in the 1940s. Yeah.

Forgetting who he was came easy to Taemin. His eyes opened wide enough to portray the innocence etched onto his face by genetics and hide the malice burning in his heart. He could lose himself in the scotch offered at his favorite place but he much preferred to forget on the lap of the lounge singer that frequently stole Taemin’s breath with his voice. The man was hired to set the mood, but all he did was set Taemin’s blood on fire.

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PROMPT: Loki's in a mental hospital. He has vivid hallucinations of people by the names of Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint and Nat. Most of them don't like him (which really says something about how he feels about himself) but he and Tony get on like a house on fire. When it's clear Loki isn't making any progress in therapy, the doctor threatens to give him a new medication to eradicate his hallucinations. Tony convinces the others that they need to help Loki escape or they'll cease to exist.

I am conflicted anon because this seems really awesome, but also really sad. Thanks for the prompt!

i guess i have to work on getting a job first and foremost, but afterwards i think i want to start on putting togethera  god tier dave cosplay???

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haha okay so he isn't a fictional character but your personality actually reminds me a lot of phil. just in your general niceness/warmth and the way you seem to want everyone to be happy, idk, you're both very positive forces on the internet i think

mILES yo srsly have no idea how much this means to me well maybe u do bc i never shut up abouT phil (or dan) buT SRSLY phil’s kindness/warmth he brings ppl is something i rly aim to do myself and to hear that you (and maybe others?) have seen that same kindness meaNS SO MUCH omg im so happy thank you so much you are l o vely <333

which fictional character do i remind you of; looks and/or personality? no more pls!

“Stille Nacht, Heil’ge Nacht…”

Kitty looked up at the ceiling of her bedroom. It was near midnight. “Is that ‘Silent Night’?” she murmured to herself. 

“Alles schläft…”

“Kurt?” she asked. “Are you in the air ducts again?”

There was a brief moment of silence.

“I know you’re up there!” she said. She flipped her head over on her pillow and pulled her blanket over her head. “Your cover’s been blown. Go back to sleep.”

Instead, she heard, in a soft tenor that echoed off the metal air vents, “Schlafe im himmlischer Rue. Schlafe im himmlischer Rue.”

  1. ryo-maybe said: ahwbhbwha oh man I still cannot get over Nagato’s Naka voice pre-anime VA evolution strats

You can REALLY hear the Naka in her lines, and it had to be a hint of Naka, of all other boats she voices, and for Nagato, again, of all other boats she voices. It’s the most noticeable combination that could have happened.

Big Seven da yo!!!

lol this is a weird question, but can anyone link me to social scripts/a guide on how to let someone know that you want to be friends with them or like them?

FUUUUUUUUUCK. Eyman’s latest initiative is going to the November ballot

Back in May we were like “hey please don’t sign any initiative having to do with Tim Eyman because he is the actual worst” but APPARENTLY not everyone listened because I-1366 is going to be on the November ballot.

The Spokesman-Review reports:

I-1366 attempts to force the Legislature to send voters a constitutional amendment that would require super-majorities from each chamber to approve any new tax increase. The initiative is sponsored by Voters Want More Choices, an organization operated by Eyman and two associates from Spokane, Mike Fagan and Jack Fagan.

This is, as we have explained a million times, a bad idea, put forth by bad people. These bad people:

Photo via Voters Want More Choices. The .PNG is entitled “Boyz”

It has literally been called his “worst idea ever.” Which is really saying something because Tim Eyman basically wakes up in the morning and just immediately begins pooping out bad ideas. He is made of bad ideas. 

So! Once more, with feeling: Do not vote for this. Vote absolutely fucking not on I-1366. You’ll remember it because it’s very close to “666.”

UPDATE!!! A legal challenge was filed this morning! Thanks to the hot-tippers at NW Progressive for letting us know. We’ll see how this goes!

Patterns in HHD

I’m probably the odd one in I feel that it’s almost wasted? >> Unless you do get a home for yourself later (which, even then, I found I didn’t use many patterns inside my actual house in the game and could only see a couple I’d use outside), since the game mostly has you decorating for Villagers and making them happy, I don’t feel they’d react to what is on the pattern?

I mean, I guess it could be a nice addition to a room sometimes? I don’t know, it just seems so weird to me. Like I’m trying really hard to think of a reason to be excited for patterns being in this game and I can’t really think of one. 

That said, I think the “card” format when you save one is adorable. 

Regardless, I guess I’ll go save a bunch of my designs now just incase. Also, I really hope we have this kind of onhand space in the next main game–it’d be nice to not have to make 4 characters. And to have all of them on one character in general (and maybe actually be able to switch as freely as I’d like among all 9 dresses). 

I watched Descendants last night and it was really adorable. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, which is saying something because I expected to like it. It was really cute. I wish it had been longer so we could get to know the characters better, especially the Auldron kids. They were kind of flat. I hope it does well so we get more books, toys, merch, etc.

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