which is probably why it's not very popular

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Is there something i don't know for why everyone hates cassandra clare - like other than the writing style is a bit shit? I was obsessed with them when i was probably too old to read them idk im just curious

very brief run down; she was basically a BNIF in early harry potter days when she wrote The Draco Trilogy which was a crazy popular fic, like people preferred it to the books popular and basically its responsible for a *lot* of standard fan interpretations of draco these days, a lot of it bled over into hp fanon. however she was also a massive cyber-bully who stirred up hate against people who left her less than perfect reviews, and basically her and a few other so called big names had this weird clique mentality where they thought they ruled the fandom and weren’t above bullying and doxxing anyone who disagreed (remember Cassie was basically an adult at this time and a lot of the people she bullied where kids)

anyway she pretty much plagiarised whole swathes of her writing from lesser known sci-fi and fantasy which is kinda fine in fic but then changed all the hp names and published it for real and also kept plagiarising in all her other books but here’s the fanlore page on all that which explains it better: https://fanlore.org/wiki/The_Cassandra_Claire_Plagiarism_Debacle

also she once got her ‘fans’ to buy her a new laptop

basically she’s a bully and a plagiarist and i also hate her personally because of how much influence she’s had over everyone’s interpretation of a lot of harry potter because she wrote TDT in the summer between books 4 and 5 when a lot of characterisation was still being settled and the harry/hermione vs rom/hermione shop wars where blazing so there was a lot of room for speculation and she speculated in every way i hate (not as bad as plagiarism but still annoying to me)