which is probably more useful let's be honest

Things I assume about Ford because she’s a stage manager: 

  • has a penchant for dealing with drama (but not acting drama) 
  • knows how to fall asleep at any given opportunity 
  • flip side: knows how to run on three hours of sleep and only act “generally tired”
  • has literally seen/heard everything and therefore is not phased by nudity, sex stories, stories about about really dumb shit people did while on drugs
  • will not fix your love life for you, but will lend an ear while you work on the shit you’re supposed to be doing 
  • will give you sex talks because you probably don’t know as much as you think 
  • is completely used to people breaking out into song 
  • even if she didn’t play an instrument, she can read music well enough
  • probably was in choir at some point, probably needs to be reminded that her voice is nice 
  • is a blow dart champion 
  • is actually wonderful at improv 
  • always has tape, a pen, and paper on hand 
  • is used to muttering to herself “you’re doing your job if no one notices you doing it” 
  • has probably told countless people the same thing 
  • despite being great at yelling, she definitely gives Bitty a run for his money in the “passive aggressive” banter department
  • has more cardigans than dex has flannel
  • often looks like she has her life more put together than the rest of us, sometimes this is accurate
  • you want to divert the conversation? Ask her what her favorite show is or ask her if she’s seen ___ and prepare yourself for a very lovely (if not long) conversation
  • has a Gordon Ramsey like temperament: which is to say if you made an honest mistake “hey no harm, let me help you” if she’s told you how/why to do something eight times and you fucked up? You better run bitch

Source: literally years of observing/befriending an ASM

follow forever ♡

credit for the edit @minsvga thanks buttface

WOW SO, I don’t even know where to start but I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long ass time and I figured right now would be as good a time as any because I JUST HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS. 10k WHAT. it’s so insane to me because when I first started writing on here I had no idea I was even gonna get passed 1k so it means so much that people have actually enjoyed my writing and continued to stay with me even when I have little moments where I’m literally doing nothing except for reblogging jikook pics and gifs (like right now its literally the only thing on my blog.) I know I haven’t said it in a while but I’m so happy that I decided to make this blog because its made me so much more confident in my writing & I’ve made such amazing friends along the way!!! ♡

under the cut will be a few little things about my closest friends on here, as well as a list of all my fav blogs that I’ve followed throughout the year that I’ve been on here. again, thank you everyone for sticking around with me ily :-)

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can i get hc's for ryuji, akira, and yusuke for when their s/o kisses them randomly/unexpectedly please? thank you !! 💖

Oooh, this request is making me my heart melt <3 Thank you for asking this anon; I hope it lives up to your expectations! My writing has been getting rusty.


  • At first; he’d be quite surprised by how impulsive their S/O can get.
  • The very first few times S/O does this to him, he can’t do anything but look at them with astonishment in his eyes; but he will quickly get used to it. Now the fun begins.
  • He’d start guessing when they might do it and noticing the signs building up to it.
  • After a while, whenever S/O kisses him randomly, he’d immediately reciprocate with a kiss. Which usually turns the cute, unexpected kiss into a deep, affectionate one.
  • Not only that but he might also start doing it himself.
  • He’s not the type to let it end on a kiss. in fact; the random kiss is his cue to start the action. Ho boy


  • He gets absolutely flustered whenever S/O kisses him randomly; even more so in public.
  • But let’s be honest here; he’d probably be the one to give the random kisses/unexpected kisses himself due to his impulsive nature.
  • His face would heat up, turning red and he would shy away.
  • He can almost never get used to it, but he can try to cope with it. Trying to understand the motives behind the kiss and overthinking the action.
  • This won’t stop him though; usually, in private, it turns him on.


  • Yusuke would be lost in bewilderment and awe.
  • He may go through a short phase of consternation, which can only be broken by him inquiring S/O about their actions.
  • Once he understands this unfamiliar method of showing love; his face would be reddening and flushing.
  • He prefers more thought-out methods of showing love, but he’ll try his best to adapt.
  • He loves the unique and different ways S/O shows their love; after a bit of observing other couples, he realized this was a unique trait in S/O.
  • He’d definitely cherish these moments, and he’ll actually start enjoying them a lot more than he expected.

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i'm so thirsty for jarchie

here i wrote some words

Jughead’s skin is cool to the touch when Archie scoots closer to him under the covers, and he frowns as he pulls the teen towards him, an arm falling around Jughead’s waist. Jughead makes a sleepy noise, annoyed almost, but he shivers, which only confirms Archie’s fears.

“Hey, are you cold?”

“Mm,” Jughead murmurs, shivering again. “M’fine. Used to it.”

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An analysis of Keith and Lance’s relationship from s2 to s3

OKAY SO. I saw some posts that made me rethink some things about Klance.

This post is going to focus solely on Lance and his view of Keith and how that has shifted from s2 to s3, and before I really go in depth I’m just gonna lay out the main bullet points this is going to cover.

  • Shipping goggles prevented us from seeing Lance’s shift in attitude toward Keith in s2 for what it really was, the beginnings of Lance starting to like Keith as a person, truly value him as a team member, and not thinking of Keith solely as his rival.
  • Lance still thinks of Keith as a rival in the beginning of s3
  • Lance (probably) has some romantic feelings for Keith in s2 but they’re so small and he’s so distracted he just hasn’t noticed.

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Batmom x Jason Todd Drabble

A/N: Yep, got another one. I’ll sort the batboys out, then move onto the batgirls.

Warnings: Swearing


The Red Hood often smoked, whenever you found him out in Gotham or even in the Batcave on those extremely rare occasions, he would be smoking 90% of those times which was much more than he used to, leading to a growth in concern. So, when finding him leaning on his motorcycle lighting up a cigarette while shopping you decided to confront him about it.

“Smoking is bad for you, ever thought about cutting down?” You greeted happily, not wanting to appear as nagging him - especially not Jason.

“Hey (y/n), what are you doing outside of the manor by yourself? The others might get worried or somethin’.” He smiled turning to you, to be honest you were probably his favourite person out of the Bat Clan since you just let him get on with his life rather than tell him it was wrong, irresponsible or reckless.

“Grabbing some items from the shop, you want anything? No cigarettes though.” You calmly stated which earned you a look of disappointment from Jason.

“Why do you even care about this?” The man questioned, not sure as to why you kept bringing his smoking habit up.

“Because I care about you and your health smartass, plus you’re smoking way more than usual and I don’t want you to get sick or anything.” You replied, sarcasm lacing your tone slightly surprised that he seemed to think you didn’t care.

“I’ll be fine (y/n), I died remember? Until you know what that feels like you don’t get to tell me what I should be doing.” He bluntly responded, although you were used to this, whenever someone showed they cared he would immediately get defensive.

“I kinda know what it feels like, part of me died along with you Todd. See, it hurts when you lose your son - adoptive or not.” You retorted, with slightly more aggression than intended, you left him to it after that.

Jason was slightly shocked at your tone and words, they would never usually get to him but because it was you they had a rather unexpected impact. It felt like a dagger right to the heart, was it guilt? He thought he was way past that - whenever he brought up the whole death thing to anyone, that was the end of the conservation since hardly any of them could say they lived twice.
Not you though, you fired back at him and the fact you thought of him as your son actually warmed his heart, he felt happy and loved which only strengthened the guilt. The biker took a long painful sign, throwing his head back in the process, he got on his motorcycle and sped down the dark streets of Gotham.

The next day Jason had actually come to Wayne Manor in search of you, as much as he hated it you were more important. Just this once.
Upon finding you he handed you the box of chocolates he’d brought which you gratefully accepted with a smile.

“I’m - (y/n) I’m sorry, I was out of order yesterday. I know you care and - um, thanks for always being there for me y'know.” His voice quietening with every word and he sheepishly rubbed the back his neck which you found quite amusing.

“I’m sorry too Jay, you can smoke if you want I shouldn’t have let my worry get the better of me.” You replied and engulfed him into a hug, to which at first the man was resistant but soon melted into it.

“I’m not goin’ soft. Just so you know.” He assured both you and himself.

“Bullshit.” You whispered, earning a glare as Jason hastily left the Manor before anyone else saw him.

Much to your appraisal, Jason had put in an effort to never smoke while you were around which the others had also noticed but you threatened them to never mention it.

Types of TCs

I think the most challenging part of liking a teacher is not knowing where you stand. Is it real? Is it in your head? Is he just toying with you because it’s fun? Is it just flirting? Is his personality just friendly? Is he like that with all girls? What does it mean? Do you mean anything? Is there a future?

These are the questions that plague our minds from nightfall into the early hours of the mornings, when all these doubts and thoughts float from our subconscious and fill our brains with frustrating uncertainty.

Is there a way to know the answers?

Not quite. However, there are a few ways to better understand your TC and his motivations. There are four major types of TCs and I will be outlining ways to figure out which yours is. In doing this, you will be able to determine whether or not he is seriously interested or not.

TYPE 1: The Mid-Life Crisis Man

The type is pretty self-evident. This is the older guy that can be married, single, or divorced. He recently went through a stressful situation in his life that made him question either his career, his marriage, his life choices, or anything else, and he is seeking some kind of anchor to remind him of who he is. He’s sort of like the guy that has driven a four-door Ford since his 18th birthday, who suddenly, spontaneously, decides to buy himself a shiny new convertible. You’re the convertible. This isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes these relationships can work because sometimes the guy genuinely does want to change his life, but most times… he will revert back to his old life after realizing that that’s where he belongs.

Signs that your guy is this type will be hot and cold behaviour. He’s flirty and interested one day, while he’s distant or more reserved another. This indicates uncertainty in what he wants.  He has a hard time making a decision and his personal life is usually rocky because of this.

To deal with this kind of personality, it is important to be independent, sure of yourself, and strong. Types like this will gravitate towards those that know what they want in the hopes of figuring out their own lives. Inspire him and make him want to be better. This is the crossroads. He can either grow and mature with you, or his immaturity and indecisiveness will become so apparent that you will lose interest.

Even if this type likes you one moment, his feelings are constantly changing and evolving and there are no guarantees. The best way to keep this type interested is to show him that you are spontaneous and fun, yet mature and grounded. If he can have both sides of you, he will stick around for the long hall.

FLIRTING TIP: Surprise him. Constantly. When he expects you to go out, say if he asks you what you did for New Year’s Eve, tell him you stayed in with a novel by the fireplace. A few days letter, let him overhear you talking about how you were awake until 3 a.m. dancing. Make him feel like he’s always one step away from totally figuring you out. Keeping this guy on his toes will make him feel like his life with you would be exciting, which is exactly what this guy craves.


This is the heartbreaker, ladies. Some of you will read this, recognize all the signs, but still deny that this is your guy. But trust me, save yourself some pain and drop him like it’s hot before it’s too late.

This guy is the one that’s after you only because you make him feel young. The attraction to you actually isn’t about you. It’s about how you make him feel. Young. Hip. Alive. Some girls might be flattered by that, but don’t be. If you’re guy is interested in your age, it’s not only creepy, but you don’t matter to him. He’ll trade you in for the younger upgrade once you’ve served his purpose.

This guy will try to impress you with his knowledge of teenage slang. He may even discuss wild parties he attends, rebellious things that he does, or even his own experiences when he was your age (which he will imply was basically yesterday). This guy will try to connect with you by making himself as youthful as he can possibly be. Instead of being a figure of authority, he tries to be your friend. His main priority in class is coming across as “cool”. He’s more interested with your weekend social life, than your class performance, and his reputation around the school is the cool, easy teacher.

This type will show interest, but he will never genuinely care for you. His feelings are as phony as his hair colour. He probably regularly tans, works out, dyes his hair, and applies wrinkle creams. He’s also probably perpetually single, with a history of short but dramatic relationships. He may even have a reputation for flirting with students.

FLIRT TIP: Don’t waste your time. Seriously. At most, he will use you. I promise you that whatever you believe your feelings are, you’ve fallen for a guy that doesn’t exist. Nothing about him is authentic.


Ladies, isn’t it the worst when we feel like we’ve really connected with someone only to realize he talks to every girl the exact same one? This type of guy guarantees a whirlwind of emotions.

His personality is super friendly. He’s an outgoing guy that can relate to all of his students and he’s very personable. He’s easy to talk to and he likes to flirt. He was probably popular in high school, and carried that natural charisma into adulthood.

This type is hard because it’s necessary to determine if he’s just being a flirt or if he’s flirting. If you think your guy fits in this category, observation needs to become your new best friend. Watch how he interacts with others as much as you can. See if his flirting is sort of just a natural way of interacting then compare it to the way he is with you. Genuine flirting that shows interest, as opposed to flirting as a habit, is indicated through individualisation. Does he tease you about things he knows about you? Ex: call you a book worm because he knows how much you love to read. This is specific to you and your personality. Or does he just tease you about something that could easily be applicable to any girl. Does he make an effort to get to know you and retain the information? Or do you find that he asks you the same questions repeatedly.

FLIRT TIP: If you’re ballsy, call him out on it. Say something like “I’m sure you say that to all the girls” or something like “Has that line ever worked for you before?” Use a light, teasing tone of voice, and make eye contact so you can judge the sincerity of his answer. If he gets defensive in any way, it’s probably because he’s been accused of playing girls before. Not a good sign, but this type can be trained. If you play hard to get, he will work harder if he’s interested.


This is the guy that was probably mercilessly teased as a kid. He probably wore glasses, had his lunch money stolen, and became a teacher because he loves school so much. This is the ideal teacher crush on one hand. It’s easy for all types of girls to connect with him. If you’re nerdy and shy, he will feel a kinship to you. If you’re outgoing and popular, he will be drawn to you and flattered that you’re interested. It’s like his second chance at dating the prom queen, and not many guys would pass that up! The down side to this type is they usually have a strong sense of right and wrong. Dating a student? Wrong.

To help him overcome the moral dilemma, it’s important to connect on an intellectual level. This guy is a nerd. You don’t have to be a nerd, but you have to show him that you appreciate his intelligence and you are a smart girl that is on his level.

To show you that he likes you, he’s subtle. He may blush slightly or try to make a joke (which will probably fail miserably). He listens attentively when you talk and you find him watching you often. He’s more quiet and reserved than the other types, and you’ll have to pursue him instead of the other way around.

There’s a 90% that this guy will not act on his feelings until you’ve graduated, at least. He’s too honorable for that (which is a good thing in the long run)! He is respectful, honest, and attentive.

FLIRT TIP: Compliment him. Guys like this aren’t used to flattery. Compliment him on something unique. Tell him he has nice hands. Or that you like his writing. Let him overhear you telling a friend that you have a soft spot for nerds.


These are not the only types, but they are definitely very frequent in most schools. I tried to go in-depth without making this post ridiculously long, so if anyone would like me to expand, don’t hesitate to message me in my ask box.

Have a lovely weekend, my darlings.

anonymous asked:

I'm a latina girl who has always found East-Asian/Souhteast-Asian features very attractive (mainly because of the eyes) and much like the girl next-door would love to go out with a green-eyed guy, I'd love to date an Asian men, provided he has a nice personality. No, I wouldn't turn out a western guy just cause he's not Asian, or travel to Asian countries in order to find myself a husband or pay for sex. I just find Asian men particularly beautiful, how is that wrong to admit?

It’s wrong to think that because what you’re saying is based on generalizations about our appearances that aren’t true of all of us as well as exclude and devalue mixed race East and Southeast Asian men.

It’s wrong to think that because to call East and Southeast Asian men “particularly beautiful” is exotification, since you could only be saying that based on what’s supposedly different about us. Saying it’s because of “the eyes” is particularly exotifying; people of literally any race can have eyes like that. It’s just more common in certain Asian demographics (not all of which are East and Southeast, btw).

It’s wrong to think that because if you have a mixed child they will pick up on your fetishization, especially if it involves exotifying them, and they’ll probably be creeped out as well as embarrassed that they were the product of a fetishistic parent.

But despite it being a wrong thing to think about us, it’s not a wrong thing to -admit- if you do think it, because being honest with us about how horizontally aggressive you are lets us know that if we have any respect for ourselves, we should reject you and possibly file a restraining order.


jobs are bullshit

or at least the typical american concept of 9-5 work and jobs

healthy people should get 7-8 hours of sleep generally, so if you do that you got 16 hours left in the day

society wants us to work 8 of those hours. the vast majority of available jobs are boring and unfulfilling and even the ones that aren’t that bad most of us probably wouldn’t do them if they didn’t pay us (and almost no job pays anywhere near enough to account for stealing away a literal third of your day)

or more really, because in the remaining 8 hours, what are you supposed to do? have fun? you can’t have too much fun, because you still need some of those hours to sleep. if you don’t get enough sleep, your health suffers and you feel like shit at work which makes you worse at your job

and lets be honest, probably most people aren’t “having fun” in those remaining 8 hours, they’re just unwinding because they just slaved away all day at work. they probably just literally spent the entire day working. they won’t get to enjoy the sunlight, businesses are getting ready to close.

In the typical set up, people work monday through friday and have weekends off. To quote Doug Stanhope “you work 5 days to enjoy 2. i don’t know if you gamble but them’s shit odds.”

If you get 7 hours of sleep, working 40 hours a week, 5 days a week is. literally. 33 percent. of. your waking life.

You might disagree, but personally I think that’s bullshit and I refuse

anonymous asked:

You're bio States you're a feminist, but I'm a man and I want to follow you're blog.. Are you a feminist to the point you say things such as "all men are idiots, all men intend on bad deeds etc." ?

You can follow my blog if you are a man. Feminism isn’t about y’know hating on men 24/7. It’s more about dismantling oppressive power structrues and gender roles and examining privilege.

I mean you’ll see me hating on the patriarchy a lot which is a system upheld by men that privileges men, but not on individual men for being men. I mean obviously there may be some pricks out there I hate on who are men, but it’s not just me going, oh look, a male of the species, let us destroy them!

Your message gives me vibes that you probably won’t like my blog though. I just get that impression to be totally honest. You seem to equate feminism to being anti-men which y’know, I’m not here for. Feminism isn’t even about men. It’s about liberation from the patriarchy for all genders, especially women. I always get a bit miffed when people make feminism about men. Defending and supporting the rights of women doesn’t mean you have to despise men. It’s not that you pick a gender and that’s it, that’s where your alliegence is, all others are scum. I mean looking at it in that way is pretty rubbish anyway because it’s assuming there are two genders and you must love one and hate the other. When obviously there are more than two genders and the situation is far more complex than that.

Anyway, no, I won’t say all men are idiots. (I don’t like that word anyway).

I will probably say that a lot of men are pricks due to growing up in an oppressive system with a ton of privilege they probably can’t recognise and being groomed since birth to aspire to the patriarchal male gender role which is pretty toxic in itself. 

But that’s as far as I go.

My favourite person in the world is a bloke. I am very fond of them/you  individually. I’m just not fond of being treated disrespectfully, denied opportunities, and demeaned because I am a woman.

Again I feel uncomfortable with having to assert that I like/love men as though that’s somehow something I should have to do because I proudly call myself a feminist, but there you go, I’ve done it for you. Hope this answer helps you decide whether to follow or not.


"You okay?"

How many times has Daryl asked Carol this question, in different ways, verbally or none verbally. I think I’ve lost count.

He does it more than anyone else because to him its important. He needs to know that she is ok.  To him it really doesn’t matter  whats she’s done or planning to do, it’s how it affects her. Its her well-being that is important to him.

How she feels

Even if the question isn’t verbal its still there.

‘You okay?’

if you want to tell me its ok if not that’s that’s okay too..

Physically and emotionally. It don’t matter. It only matters if she’s alright or if she’s not and if can help in any way. Even though he may not know what to do. Her well-being is top priority to him.

Its the first thing he thinks of when he comes in the door is checking on her.  And of course he asks her again..

'Are you goo?’


(gifs by @oohhshiny)

There is such and honesty to this caring and concern, and it comes from the love he has for her. This need to look after her even though he knows she’s capable of taking care of herself. To protect her because he knows she’s not damn invincible and these things hurt her.

It gives him the need to  ask the questions no one else seems to.

Because he knows she’s not okay. She’s not handling whatever it is that’s hurting and that look says 'you can tell me..  you can tell me anything.'  Because he’s not gonna think she’s terrible or a monster or anything. All her cares about is how its affecting her. The concern isn’t fake here. It’s real.

And she trusts him probably more than anyone else, Which allows her to be as honest as possible. To let some of that pain and vulnerability seep through.

“They didn’t do anything to us..’

Its what we did to them…

Both of the last examples are as honest as she’s been and its with him. He knows somethings not right with her, when everyone else buys the act.

(last 3 by @hypernovadust])

Daryl loves Carol and understands her better than anyone. And when it comes down to it its always about how she feels  not his own feelings on the on the matter. He does have them, but hers are what’s important to him. He wants to help, but doesn’t always know how.  Maybe he doesn’t realize that’s he’s been doing a pretty damn good job of it in spite of what he may think.

Now he himself is a mess as well, stuck in his own painful cycle but I want people to remember, that if he knew Carol was gone, Dwight would cease to matter to him. She would be the priority.

Because that man loves her. In that beautiful, wounded way of his.  And no one else loves her like that. It gives me the feels something awful..

(credited gifs where makere are know, none of them are mine)