which is probably 5 too many

recently added this cutie to my lair- and the notn apparel looks so pretty on him i’m so in love TwT

he needs a lore makeover, and a new name probably. (named zant rn) I think it’d be cool if he was a descendant of the stars or a celestial being, but i’ve already got so many magic dragons bumbling around idk if my clan can handle another one. 

Why furries should be added to lgbt!

1. We are totally oppressed. We are hated by a so many and being added to this could really help out our community.
2. Furry is a gender. Many people think we are a fandom but I personally identify as a fire duck.
3. So little people are uncultured about furries. We often get asked “what are furries” which shows that not many people are aware of what they are. Being added to lgbt would be good to help understand what we are.
4. Lgbt is for all genders and sexualities yet us furries are not in there.
5. People hate us furries but are super supportive of lgbt+ and other genders. Adding us too lgbt could bring a lot of support and would probably help us furries feel more secure about coming out.

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Ooh please do a top 10 krizi gifs! When you get a chance :)

DON’T. ASK. ME. TWICE. AGSAJHDGSJHA. Again I feel this is going to be 150% unfair bc there’s just so many and amazing!!! ♥♥♥

1. This hug, from which I have like THREE DIFFERENT ANGLES

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2. All the hotline bling moments (normally followed by a head kiss)

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3.THIS (And all their warm-up interactions)

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4. The whole press conference banter.

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5. This goal celebration was quite epic too.

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6. This whole sequence. (Click on the gif)

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7. When Antoine missed a penalty and Koke was there to comfort him.

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8. Whenever they talk about the other on interviews (x and x)

9. Have I already mentioned kisses?

10. And all the small cute gentle moments between them <3333

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Name: Elina

Nicknames: I don’t really have any nicknames lol

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: This is a hard one cuz I’m about 164cm which is like between 5′4 and 5′5

Orientation: Straight now and always have been

Ethnicity: I’m white af

Favorite fruit: I don’t really have one

Favorite season: Spring ^.^

Favorite book series: Night School is my favorite but I like many others too

Favorite flower: Probably rose :D

Favorite scent: Uhm..

Favorite color: Red all the way

Favorite animal: Cat or dog. I have a dog and he’s cute af but cat’s are easier :D

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Hot cocoa but tea works too

Average sleep hours: 8 but I need 9 or 10 hours if I don’t wanna be tired lol

Cat or dog person? Both

Favorite fictional characters: This is way too hard so I’m not even saying anything (low key I’m a nerd and I love Haldir from Lord of the Rings)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: Right now I really want to go to the States because my amazing boyfriend lives there (99 days now, I’m so excited !!)

Blog created: Probably in like 2014 but I didn’t really use it until last fall

Number of followers: 1,091 (thank you everyone so much for following me, I love you all except the few porn blogs I still have to block ♥)

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OC Questions

1.  Which oc is unabashedly selfish?

2.  Which oc would serenade another character to earn brownie points?

3.  Which oc sweeps all their problems under the rug?

4.  Which oc is most likely to create a living abomination in the kitchen when asked to cook?

5.  Which oc would win in a cooking or handicraft contest?

6.  Which oc tries to re-sew a button to their shirt and screws it up?

7.  Which oc tries to tackle too many things at once?

8.  Which oc has a spare bed in their place for their friend/relative who always ends up crashing there?

9.  Which oc is the one who always crashes at someone else’s place?

10.  Which oc crashes high-society parties?

11.  Which oc throws high-society parties?

12.  Which oc probably owns a theme park?

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Nicknames: Uh, I’ve got too many. There’s Ska, Ligan, Ellior, Fran, Francy, Fra, Francé, Frankie, Pacio, Daisy, Fyrn, Franz, Franzilla, Fran Puddi, Melinda… A ton of these, but I can’t name some of them: too personal.

Star Sign: Taurus.

Height: I’m 1.67cm tall, which is something like 5"6’ for y'all crazy people, lol. Not entirely sure, though.

Time right now: 6:14 p.m.

Last thing you googled: probably cellphone models, ‘cause mine is not doing so great lately.

Fave music artist: I don’t have a fave, I love so much music.

Song stuck in my head: I can’t get enough of A.I. by OneRepublic.

Last movie I watched: Sky Fighters.

Last TV show I watched: Riverdale.

What I’m wearing right now: A some kind of pajamas. It’s Sunday, don’t judge me.

When did I create this blog: Around April 2015.

What kind of stuff I post: Ships and Tv shows I’m into, videogames I play and everything that I feel is worth reblogging for a reason or another.

Do I get asks regularly: Regularly is kind of a stretch, but from time to time yes.

Gender: Female.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor.

Pockemon team: Don’t have one.

Favorite color: I don’t like to pick up faves, but I resonate with some shades of purple.

Average hours of sleep: Boy, do I even get some? I suck at sleeping, this is all you need to know.

Lucky number: Don’t have one.

Favorite characters: Sweet hell, I can’t fairly answer to this question. Let’s just say that my one true love is commander Lexa and my current obsession is Lena Luthor.

Dream job: Something linked to writing and creating stories.

Number of blankets I sleep with: Shockingly it changes from season to season! (currently 4, ‘cause I’m sick .-.)

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The most dangerous thing I've done on the job...

Ok, so I work on the sales floor at a second-hand store. Last night I went to the back to ask if I could grab something from my locker. The manager said yes, and then asked the Donation Clerk if his phone had a light, which it didn’t.

So, I said mine does, and I could grab it too. The manager said “Yeah, can you?” so I did. Apparently the outgoing truck filled with stuff we wouldn’t accept, things that didn’t sell, and trash didn’t have lights, so they needed a light to see what on earth was leaving, as it wasn’t recorded properly.

All of the items were in labeled skids (huge cardboard boxes- armpit height on this 5'2" girl and probably close to that long) but first we had to find out how many skids were in the truck. There were 2-wide, so they were 2 very close together. There was 1 stacked ontop of another, and we had no idea how many rows there were.

So, this lady who works in the back grabbed a… thing (I don’t work in the back, I didn’t know the names of the cardboard boxes aside from the labels until last night) and pulled out the first row on each side.

Turns out there were 3 more rows.

Then, without prompting, I started moving between the skids to check the labels to save us time. Manager freaks out. Thankfully, I’m not claustrophobic. I actually like being in small spaces. It makes me feel safe. So I wasn’t scared.

Anyway, the manager is freaking out because I could’ve gotten stuck or a skid could have fallen on me (they were too close together, and they were all on pallets- wood… holders to make moving them easier- so if a skid couldn’t hold a pallet after who knows how long in the truck, something was wrong with the skid)

Meanwhile, I’m in the back, shouting the labels at her. The lady who worked in the back said “Where are you, baby doll?” (side note: please don’t call me that.) The manager said that I was in the back of the truck, and that I “shimmied on back there”.

I worked from the back to the front, so the last label was the last one before I left the area between skids. Anyway, it was up high, and stapled to the box in a way that my flashlight on my phone made everything in shadows, then I noticed a smell. I looked up, and saw garbage bags.

“And we’ve got another trash!” I called, or something similar to that anyway, and left the land of the skids.

The manager was basically in shock. I just went back there like it was no problem.

It might’ve been a problem a few months ago, but I’ve lost a lot of weight (going down from size 16 to about size 12 pants) and I only got stuck for about 5 seconds once. And that’s because I’m… well-endowed in the chest area.

Anyway, I’m safe, and I actually had fun hanging out with the skids. Aside from the garbage one.

tl;dr: tiny person goes between giant cardboard boxes and calls what they’re labeled because someone didn’t record them.

And I enjoyed it.


HWSK Final Chapter (Part 8)

Here it is folks, the final installment of the last chapter. So sorry it took a while. I was busy catching up with life and all its problems. >_<  Again, there are probably more translation errors (and grammatical errors which I’m too lazy to correct) here than in the last batch, so please lower your expectations even more. ( ^ ^ ) Many many thanks to seby64 for her efforts and generosity in providing the scans!

Please do not upload the scans anywhere
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Previous parts :   1 |  2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


I’ve seen so many posts about the ridiculousness of only having ONE wizarding school in the US cause of the amount of people. Which is actually not true, so I’m gonna break it down for you with some math.

The US only has 4.5 times more people than the UK+Ireland - who might get students from other places in Europe too, and they do ok with one school.

There’s about 300 students at Hogwarts. If we assume the frequency of magical blood is the same as in the UK, that means there’s probably only around 1300-1400 magical children in that age range in the US.

Hogwarts is age 11-18, aka 7 grades, which is pretty much the same as Middle School + High School. The average number of a students in a US Middle School is 595, and in a High School it’s 752. Which adds up to 1347. 

It’s a bigger school than Hogwarts, but it’s still a pretty reasonably size.

So despite all the other things that don’t make sense about her worldbuilding, for once when it comes to JKR, the math pretty much checks out.

That Soulmate Preference Deal- Part 5

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

The club was too loud and too full of bodies for me to make out much of anyone beyond three feet ahead of me, which made it exceptionally difficult to find Calum, Michael or Luke in the sea of strobe lights and scantily clad Australians. 

I had probably had a shot too many, and the night no longer seemed as fun or as stable as it had a few hours ago when Calum had rung and demanded it. I tried to remain upright, though with every turn of my head the room spun an extra few times and I was suddenly very, very sad. I ached to be back at the apartment, to have a good cry and fall asleep in Michael’s arms and sleep off my misuse of depressants. But, the boys were nowhere in sight. 

Some girl reached her hand out, looking worried. “Hey, sweetie, are you okay?”

I started shaking my head, pulling away from her. “I just need my boyfriend.” I didn’t want to make a scene, the crying girl searching for MIchael Clifford. 

She nodded. “Well, you let me know if you need help, okay?” Her eyes were bright blue and though I couldn’t bother to identify her hair in the dark, I realized the hand on my shoulder had a wrist with a neat name scripted on it. My heart clenched even tighter. 

It had been a couple months in Sydney, and I found myself wishing every day that the name on my wrist would just go away and be replaced with Michael’s. We were going to be celebrating a year soon enough, I remembered as I checked my phone to see if any of the boys had answered my group message calling for help. 

When I looked up, relief swept over me as I saw a familiar mop of brown hair tied up in a man-bun. I couldn’t remember a time, other than our first meeting, that I had ever been so happy to see Ashton Irwin. 

However, I was dismayed to realize that he was pressed heavily against some girl, swaying with her to the pounding music. I tried to weight the repercussions, wondering if a drunk Ashton would be confused at me cutting off his time with a girl, or angry. 

But then, another wave of dizziness threatened to let tears spring out, so I found myself lurching forward and grabbing for his shoulder. 

Ashton spun around quickly, his green eyes glassy from the booze. “What? Oh, it’s you.” He spoke loud enough that I could hear him, but when I tried to respond, he steppped closer. “I can’t hear you, what do you want?” 

I stood on my toes to reach his ear. “I wanna go home.”

Ashton pulled back, looking bewildered. “Then, find Mikey and go home. Why are you tryin’ to mess me up over that?” His words were pretty slurred, I realized, and he reeked of alcohol, though I was sure I did too. He gestured to the girl, as if he needed to get back to her quickly. 

“I can’t find him or anybody!” I glanced behind myself. “Have you seen them?” 

“Look, you’re just drunk, go have some fun, drink some water…” He waved a hand, beginning to turn him away. 

“Ashton.” I grabbed his shoulder, trying to guide him back to focusing on me. “You’re the one driving.” 

Ashton shrugged. “We’ve got awhile, just go have a few more beers, you’ll be okay. Go suck Mikey off in the bathroom, I don’t care.” 

I felt like I’d been stabbed in the gut. “Ash, please, just help me find him for five minutes!” 

Ashton was trying to pull away, but the the girl who had been waiting for him was shaking her head. “Sorry, mate, I’m really not interested, you need to take care of your friend.” Clearly, some higher power was shining down on me, because she was urging Ashton towards me. 

Ashton sighed heavily once the girl had left. “You literally fuck everything up, Xandra. Like you show up here in my life, and just fuck everything over. You’re such a shitty…. I don’t know what, but you’re shitty.” 

I tried to keep my face straight and not let him see that I was about to cry. “Let’s just find Mikey and go home.” 

Ashton stood on his toes, craning his neck to see over the crowd. “There, there’s Luke,” he mumbled. “And Cal’s over that way with two girls, you wanna ruin his fun too?” 

My phone began buzzing in my hand though, a message from Michael in the group chat, Ashton was pulling out his phone to see the same message. 

Baby, if you wanna go home, we’ll go. Meet me on the sidewalk. Boys, round up time? 

Ashton was chuckling sarcastically, shaking his head. He gripped me roughly and began towards the entrance to the club. But, his grip caused a seam to break loose on my dress. 

“Ashton, let go.” 

Ashton kept shaking his head. “No, you wanna go home, we’re going.” 

“Let go!” I tried to pull away, his fingers were on my skin and my arm was starting to burn. 

A nearby crowd of guys realized what was going on, and started to step between Ash and I. “Hey, leave her alone.” 

“Lady, this guy bothering you?” One guy asked. 

“Fuck mate, you’re ripping your girl’s dress, you better shape up!”

Now the tears were real and making my vision even worse, but I was shaking my head and assuring the college-age boys that I was fine and thank you anyways but Ash was just trying to get me home. 

Soon enough, we were out in the cool night air, and tears were streaming down my face as Ashton took back up mumbling about how I had ruined the whole evening. 

“You know, I could’ve slept with that girl, and you fucked it up. Guess you’re the only one who gets to be laid.” He rolled his eyes. “Spend so much time catering to your depression, you know, you’re not the center of the universe.” 

I bit my lip. “I know I’m not.” 

“I mean, look what you’ve done to our damn band, like you think because you’ve got some dumb tattoo you can come in here and fuck up everything we’ve done.”

“I haven’t done anything to your band, Ashton!” I protested. “And, it’s not a fucking tattoo!” I practically screeched.

“Oh, then what is it?” Ashton replied hotly, grabbing me by the wrist and holding my arm so we both had to look at his name on my skin. “It’s your mark? Me and you are soulmates? Because I absolutely can’t stand you!”

He had my wrist firmly in his hand, and I was trying to pull away, praying for Michael to hurry the hell up with Luke and Cal. 

But, then, his face softened and he looked calm. “Look, here, look.” He started giggling, his hand still tight on me, pulling me closer to him. “I’ve got an idea.” His words were so slurred, but he looked absolutely devious. 

“What do you mean?” 

“To prove that you’re lying. Because I’ll know, because this won’t mean anything.” He brought an arm around my waist with a swaggered step towards me, bringing me into his chest and mashing his lips up against mine. 

I expected it to hurt, once I realized that he was fully touching me now, but for once, my mark seemed relaxed. However, I wanted nothing to do with this moment, drunk as I was. My face was still hot from tears and my throat was sore, aching to be home already and I decisively pushed him back from me, and he stumbled backwards. 

“Fuck, Ashton, what the hell?” I spat on the ground, the taste of whatever he’d had to drink on my tongue. 

But then, Michael was beside me, with Calum and Luke close behind. Again, relief radiated to my fingertips and I reached out to wrap my arms around Michael. 

However, he was stopping my at arms length, looking aversive. “Baby, were you just kissing Ashton?” 

I already started to shake my head, trying to explain when I wasn’t even sure myself. “No! He was yelling at me, and then he said he was going to prove I was lying and he just grabbed me!” 

Michael’s eyes went to Ashton, and I followed suit. “Mate, are you forcing yourself on my girlfriend?” He seemed like he wanted to sound tough, but there was also a weakness somewhere in his tone. 

Ashton, however, wasn’t looking at anyone but instead had his eyes all screwed up, fixed on his left wrist. “Alexandra Monroe…” He murmured. 

“Yeah, that’d be her.” Michael was gaining confidence now. “Why the fuck are you kissing my girlfriend, Ashton? You treat her like shit for a year and then try to kiss her?” 

Ashton was shaking his head, his eyes wide with what seemed to be terror. 

“What’s wrong, mate?” Calum spoke up. 

“Oh no….” Luke started in a whisper. “He’s got it.” 

“Got what?” Michael glanced back at Luke. 

Ashton merely flipped his wrist, holding it in the air for all of us to see. 

Alexandra Monroe was neatly scripted across his tanned skin. My name. 

“I’ve got my mark.” His eyes fixated on me, and I felt my heart drop into my gut.