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Quick thing for @springtrap-trash! Happy birthday!

It’s Knot Just Sex

A late, surprise Valentine’s gift for @glassesgirl0401! I know you’ve been down because some parts of the holiday didn’t go as you had hoped, so I thought I’d write this for you as a little pick-me-up!

(I think I remember you saying you wanted some ABO eruri, forgive me if I remembered wrong, and I hope you enjoy anyway)

Also, LMAO, I’m so sorry you had to name your own gift fic, I am terrible XD

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The Piano Player

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Matt Murdock x Reader

The Piano Player

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a story with Matt Murdock where the reader is his neighbor and he often listens as she plays the piano, and becomes concerned when she stops, so he talks to her to find out what’s wrong since playing made her happy.

Note: Awwww. This is really super cute. I play piano, so I feel.

For the tenth night in a row, there was no music from next door. Matt stood from the couch and grabbed his stick, tap-tap-tapping until he was out of the apartment and standing at your door. Matt had crossed paths with you a few times, but you weren’t really friends, just neighbors, acquaintances.

Matt felt like he knew you a little better than he let on. Every night, you played the piano, and thanks to his superior hearing, he got to enjoy countless personal concerts. He liked your taste in music.

He knocked on the door. You answered it about a minute later.

“Oh, hi Mr. Murdock,” You greeted, flustered. You weren’t prepared for visitors. “Come on in. Be careful, it’s kind of a mess. Can I get you some coffee?”

“Um, sure,” Matt said. You took his arm and carefully guided him to the table before pouring two mugs of coffee from your coffee pot. You sat across the table from him.

“So, how are you doing?” you asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

“I’ve been better,” Matt sighed. “But um, how are you doing?”

“I’ve been really busy. My sister’s been in California, so I’ve been taking care of my niece and nephew.” You said. “I just got them down for a nap,”

“I was just wondering why you hadn’t been playing piano. I like to listen to you play.” Matt admitted, taking a sip from the mug of coffee.

“I don’t play too loud, do I?” You asked, not wanting to disturb him or any of your other neighbors.

“Oh no, never. You’re an amazing player. And you have a pretty great taste in music, too, which is a plus.” Matt laughed.

“Thank you,” you said, brushing a lock of hair.

“Aunt (Y/N)!” a little voice whines. Your nephew David came out of the bedroom, dressed in his little blue pajamas and carrying his little teddy bear.

“David, sweetheart, what’s wrong?” You asked as his tiny lip quivered.

“I had a nightmare,” he pouted. He walked to you and you pulled him up onto your knee. “Who’s this?”

“David, this is Mr. Murdock from next door.” you said. Matt nodded and smiled.

“Why is he wearing sunglasses?”

“I’m blind,” Matt answered carefully. You nodded.

“Oh. Cool.” David replied. Matt laughed a little, certainly surprised by your nephew’s reaction. “Aunt (Y/N), will you tuck me in? I think I’m okay now.”

“Of course,” you nodded.


It was a few weeks later that you received a package. You hadn’t heard anything from your sister, so your niece and nephew were still staying at your apartment. Not knowing what to expect, you opened the small box to find a book of Disney piano music.

You opened the front cover and found a small note.


Here’s something you can play for the kids.

-Matt Murdock

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Answer me this: how tall is Hillary? Nobody seems to know!

It’s a bit of a mystery, there’s all kinds of different numbers listed on various sites online and so I think it’s more accurate to go on people’s personal experience and estimates after they’ve met her, and there’s some discussion of that in this post if you go through the notes and read what people have said! But I think the general consensus seems to be that she’s around 5′4 🤔

These photos are my artworks. For years, I’ve been trying out different styles and types of artwork. But it’s just really last year that I got to figure out a style that I could call my own.

My favorite scenes are the ones that involves coffee. Mornings, bed, flatlays and workspaces, those are my kind of things. As much as possible I try to use the same textures and tones so that there will be consistency in my works. Also, I want people to instantly know that it’s mine and have that sense of recognition because I’ve been using the same style in every artwork. I have this deep connection with my art. This is my passion. I live and breathe for it. Because of my craft I am able to express myself.

Clean and minimalist, that’s what I’m all about. Just like the life I want to live. I find happiness not through things but from life itself. I don’t need much but I’m find with it. There’s nothing bad about wanting material things. But I’d rather live a meaningful life - a life full of happiness and freedom, self discovery, personal growth, and healthy relationships. That is what a well lived life is for me. Minimalism not just comes in the form of art but also in your everyday life. It is a way of living. And this is how I chose mine. To live a simple yet beautiful life.

This is my official entry to @applepiethon‘s blog give-away. I think one of the people I’m following here reblogged a photo of you and it immediately got my attention because of your outfits so I instantly followed you. I don’t really know what’s my kind of style when it comes to clothing not until recently. It’s cool that you know what you like and that you have your own style. You carry yourself and your clothing pretty great too which I admire. We tend to express ourselves in different ways and I think you express yours through your clothing.

Upon replaying Re:CoM I’ve come to the conclusion that I do actually like Vexen. Sure, he’s a pain in the ass to fight (why is a boss ever allowed to block attacks from the front?!), but as a character he’s easily the most interesting of all of the CoM Organization crew and his animations are the best (he’s super emotive and that’s fun).

Different Sports AU!

TAlright guys, so I got to thinking about sports- since the olympics is on pretty much every channel and you can’t go more than one commercial without some kind of sponsored item being shown- But i started wondering about what would have happened if none of our boys had discovered volleyball. Imagine the sports they would have played otherwise, if they’d have been stellar or average or just kinda sucked. But like-

  • Daichi- soccer goalie- can you see it? Those goddamn thighs in those soccer shorts and he literally is the best person ever nothing gets by him. When he plays offense he’s a great leader and his footwork is so smooth and his whole team plays easier when they know Diachi has their backs at the goal.
  • Suga- I just feel like he would have been a great swimmer. Like, sweet precious baby as captain of the swim team and he’s just so sweet and nurturing to the underclassmen and helps them develop their strokes but when he’s swimming he’s like a demon.
  • Asahi- Def basketball, he has the height so that’s why he joined but he sucks ass. He’s too timid to steal the ball and he’s kinda clumsy when he’s nervous so he gets penalized for travelling a lot. He’s mostly a bench warmer and plays a lot of practice matches, which he enjoys.
  • Kinoshita- baseball- absolutely great at catching, he’s got a pretty good throw too but he can catch anything that’s thrown his way. It’s almost magical how amazing it is. He can sync up with any pitcher and guarantee that no matter the pitch, he’ll get it.
  • Narita- karate kid but he’s pretty average, he doesn’t really stand out but he enjoys it and likes the feeling of slamming someone into the mat and winning. He’s def hit himself in the face with nunchucks multiple times and refuses to admit it.
  • Ennoshita- TENNIS - I just see Enno as this preppy goody two shoes that plays tennis and always gets really into his matches and he will crush who he’s playing against or he’ll kill himself in practice
  • Tanaka- wrestling and he gets really aggressive before a match but if his opponent so much as gets a nosebleed he’ll freak out and apologize like crazy and he’s pathetic but he’s a good wrestler
  • Noya- I really wanna say he’d be a cheerleader. LIke really really really- can you guess what I’ve been watching?- but like, imagine him as the guy they throw up in the air to do splits and stuff, he could totally do it- has worn the skirt before- will pout constantly about girls teasing him
  • Yamaguchi- judo but only becuase I think it’d be hilarious if bullies tried picking on him again and he just flipped them over his shoulder 
  • HInata- track and field- all that energy and speed he needs somewhere to run it off- he’s a super great runner but he can’t do the long jumpy thing with the pole at all he just rams his body into it hoping he’ll go over
  • Tsukishima- I think he’d do swim team too and because he’s so tall he gets farther on his strokes and he’s pretty good at regulating his breathing but he hates butterfly with a burning passion and will skip a meet if he’s required to swim that stroke (I literally did that once and my mom beat my ass for it)
  • Kageyama- I feel like he’d try basketball cuz it looks cool and he’s an ok player but he can’t pass for shit he’s too competitive he just tries to do everything himself and he’s awful to work with all his teammates hate him

omgod kill me all this sport stuff is taking me back. I played a good number of these sports (swimming and soccer the longest) U don’t understand the pain I felt watching free when Rei’s goggles slipped that was literally the worst it made me physically hurt. I hate the olympics it’s everywhere and i just wanna watch jeopardy again. Well, goodnight everyone see ya again when I get creativity back.

Also to the person who liked about twenty of my posts at once (you know who you are) thank you that literally made my day.

Fall Days

This ridiculous bit of fluff was written for eisschirmchen, who has been sick and drowning in angst week.  She wanted Fall study break fluff, and so I threw this together–wish it were better, but I hope it soothes, even a little.

Something was poking his cheek mercilessly, so he swatted it away and blinked open his eyes blearily, only to be greeted by a pale, rounded face, curtained in gold.  Her loose hair tickled his forehead as Maka brought her finger in for another cheek poke, her mouth moving wordlessly, green eyes tinged with annoyance.

All he could hear was the smooth jazz still piped into his ear canals through his overpriced (but worth it, damnitall!) cans, so Soul shoved them up to catch the tail end of whatever his roommate was griping about.

“–last time I’m going to be nice about it.  Get up, we’re going out.”

“Do you not know the meaning of the word nap?” he groused, because he had been comfortable and he was exhausted from all the studying he’d been doing.  Like pretty much every other college student ever, he really hated midterms.  Still, the grousing was halfhearted at best–if Maka wanted them to go out, he wasn’t about to deny her. In truth, though he might gripe, he rarely denied her anything she really wanted, and the determined expression in her eyes said she really wanted.  

“I know it means you need to get off your ass eventually,” she said, poking his cheek again.   Swatting her finger away, Soul pushed up on the arm of the couch to sit, grimacing at her.  He should really try not to fall asleep on the thing; it was old, lumpy, and hard on the neck.

“Alright, I’m up.  Mind telling me what crawled up your ass?”

She sat on the coffee table across from him and crossed her arms in annoyance.  “Nothing ‘crawled up my ass,’ I just thought we could use a little study break, and the orchard across campus is offering free apple picking, so I thought–”

“What you mean is you’re done studying, early as usual, and you’re out of new books to read, don’t you?”

“Whatever,” she said with a small shrug, a tiny pout forming on her mouth.  “You gonna come or not?”

“Mmmmmm,” he said, appearing to consider, then shrugged.  “Sure, why the fuck not.”

“Great!” She beamed.  “You’re driving!”  

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hi~ I was wondering if you had any more fic recs? I read all of the stories by the writers you recommended, and they were all so good. And I love your writing, too !! Thank you and hwaiting, cat-ssi !!^^~

Thank you for the compliment! So, I basically only read stories by those writers that I’ve listed in my ficrecs (and min-tokkiwriter and minearebigger for SHINee scenarios), but I decided to procrastinate from studying and poked around tumblr to find some more amazing writers yesterday and today. Here’s the talented people I found and my favorite stories by them so far, but you probably already read all their stories before hahah:

ʚ hitchhikingbabeh - She writes for EXO, SHINee, and BTS, and her writing is 110% satisfaction guarantee. Really. I’m not joking. She should probably teach all of us how to write like her. She also has smut scenarios if you’re looking for that. I sent her a message before, and we have talked very briefly, but from that, I know that she’s a very kind and thoughtful person who takes the time to respond to each and every one of her messages. My recommendations would be Nyctophilia [Baekhyun] and her Lygerastia AU series for SHINee.

ʚ jongtothedae​ - I have read all of her scenarios, and they are all so amazingly written with such descriptive language and dialogue. It’s a wonder how she can write so flawlessly. She really puts you into the story, and wow yeah, just go read her writing and experience it for yourself. She has some SHINee scenarios, but is writing for EXO only currently. She seems really nice as well. I quite enjoy Librarian Checkouts [Chen] and her current multi-part Kai scenario, Unscripted. Yes, I highly recommend Unscripted. It’s a work of art. She’s fantastic at writing, and I can’t wait for Unscripted’s Part 4!

ʚ an-exotic-writer - I spent a good couple of hours reading through her writing, and holy shizzle, there’s practically a library of scenarios so I’ll have to go back and continue reading later on. And she writes for five groups. Five. Five. Five. That takes pure dedication and determination, man. There’s a variety of Big Bang, BTS, Winner, iKON, and of course, EXO scenarios to read from. She’s an exceptionally talented human being, and her writing is phenomenal. She practically posts something new everyday, too, so yay for more reading material! She also seems like a lovely person from her responses to her askers. My favorites would include her EXO AU series here and basically anything she writes now.

ʚ writewhatyoulove - I quite like love her writing because I don’t particularly like smut myself, and she has a whole collection of fluff, angst, slice of life, everything besides smut lol (and she also has SHINee). Her scenarios are practically the epitomes of bias wreckers. She can make you change your bias with just one sentence. And, her AUs are literally perfect, oh my goodness. From her adorable Cat!EXO boys to Robot!Chen to my absolute favorite, The Art Of Being Kim Minseok, I’m just a puddle of feels from her writing. So, kindly step over the puddle and go straight to her masterlist and read your heart’s desire. Additionally, I wish her good luck on her exams if I’m not too late!

ʚ keypea - TFLN. That’s all I have to say. Her TFLN series make my day, night, week, everything. The idea is so creative, and she aces it perfectly. She’s a brilliant writer with an abundance of mind blowing scenario plot lines up her sleeve. So go read her EXO TFLN stories as well as Take My Heart [Suga]. I don’t even listen to BTS or even know who any of the members are, but her writing makes me want to go learn about them now lol. I have never read BTS scenarios before, but she definitely got me into them today after reading all her hybrid!AUs for them, oh gosh. Also, she has smut if you’re into that. She writes for EXO, BTS, SHINee, and GOT7. She’s a very sweet (and also really gorgeous) person from what I see in her replies.

ʚ thesammtimes - Okay, why have I never found her scenarios before? This is a real tragedy because I shouldn’t be reading these when I’m supposed to be studying for AP exams and finals and SAT subject tests, but damn, her stories are addicting, especially her Villain!EXO AUs and Wolf!EXO AU collaboration with her friend, ModestlyDreaming. But I can’t forget to mention Bodyguard!Xiumin either because that AU is probably the bane of my existence. Basically, she offers a whole lot of amazeballs AUs (and smut) to read from and writes for EXO, SHINee, GOT7, and BTS. She also does a lot of drabble games to interact with her readers, which looks absolutely fun to take part in and it’s so nice of her to do them.

ʚ causekpop- Love. Love. Love. All of these writers have so many muses and AUs to choose from, and she has her own muses as well, whom I absolutely adore to bits. My absolute favorites are CEO!Luhan and Playboy!Sehun. Her character development is done thoroughly, and just her style of writing is to die for. Each scenario punches you in the feels quite effectively, and she has smut scenarios, too if you like that. She updates with scenarios frequently and doesn’t disappoint. She writes primarily for EXO, GOT7, and B.A.P. She seems like a lovely person to talk to as well and does hold drabble games, too, which is pretty great, isn’t it?

ʚ babyitsfiction - Where to even begin.. I very rarely read smut, and her writing is one of the exceptions. She phrases everything so beautifully, and her Wolf!EXO scenarios give me life. I would list them all, but it’s probably easier to just go here and see for yourself. She writes for EXO, BTS, Infinite, SHINee, and Winner. For now, I’m pretty sure she’s focusing more on BTS, but whatever she writes I’ll read because holy fudge, everything she writes just attacks you with feels and probably came down from the heavens or something close to that. Every scenario, every paragraph, every sentence, every word that she writes just gives that effect. It’s unexplainable, but yes, read her writing. What can I say– she has a lovely personality, lovely music edits, and lovely stories.

ʚ krismebaobei -  Like woah. From her replies to messages, you can tell that she’s a beautiful, thoughtful human being who deserves D.O. or Kaisoo or maybe both. Her writing is also really incredible and does have smut most of the time. I personally think her 12 Days of EXO is the best as well as Love Note [Chanyeol] and Say I Love You [Luhan]. She also has this super helpful page filled with writing resources, bless her soul. She’s crazy talented (and super duper pretty omg) and wow, can I have just an eighth of her talent or can her writing talent maybe rub onto me a little bit please? Basically, she’s an amazeballs writer, and her writing will most likely make you go on one hell of a roller coaster of emotions, but that’s okay because don’t the best writers all do that to their readers?

ʚ duizhangdeluxe - If you haven’t read her writing yet, please march yourself over to her blog and start. Robot!Suho and Drummer!Chanyeol really hits you in the feels hard. My absolute favorite would have to be the Robot!Suho scenario where they get Dyson. And, there’s wolf!EXO, too! There’s so many different AUs to choose from, so why not read them all? She also has smut if you’re in the mood for that. She seems really friendly and seems like a wonderful person to talk to, putting time and effort into replying to the messages she receives. I’m in love with all her muses and her writing. Seriously, how is even it possible to write like her?

I’m sorry I took a while, and I hope this helps you, anon. If you have any more questions or would just like to talk, feel free to send me another message. :) Please remember to stay safe and healthy as well as be happy, and I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! ♡

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1. I have a question about Gossip Girl. It's a show that my teenage self loved very much and shipped (rightfully or not) Derena and Chair. I didn't particularly see the chemistry of Dair, but it's relative. However, you said that Dair is more profound than Chair. I might agree on that. But what would you say about Derena vs. Dair? Because sure, the show screwed with Derena in weird ways, but in season 1, when they started dating, I felt like Dan was the love of Serena's life. She grew so much

“I have a question about Gossip Girl. It’s a show that my teenage self loved very much and shipped (rightfully or not) Derena and Chair. I didn’t particularly see the chemistry of Dair, but it’s relative. However, you said that Dair is more profound than Chair. I might agree on that. But what would you say about Derena vs. Dair? Because sure, the show screwed with Derena in weird ways, but in season 1, when they started dating, I felt like Dan was the love of Serena’s life. She grew so much being around him. And I don’t know, maybe my impression is wrong, but I felt like he was just as much in love with her. That, had it not been for all the ridiculous drama, they’d have had a much more meaningful relationship. They didn’t like the same stuff like Dair, but they did open up to each other, especially Serena (it was really hard for her). And I just disliked the fact that Blair knew Serena still had feelings for Dan, B for Chuck, yet she chose to go after Dan… It’s all messed up.“

First of all, I will be the first one to say that I shipped Chair for the first two seasons and the first one to say that Leighton and Ed had outstanding chemistry, like it’s a fact. One of my favourite moments between them and in GG is when Blair tells Chuck she loves him and he looks at her so pained and says it doesn’t mean anything to him and the way Blair closes her eyes as he walks away, I was just like, I feel you, girl. So I understand why people ship Chair even though I resolutely do not. And with Derena. Penn and Blake had great chemistry too, which made for some pretty intense scenes between Dan and Serena … when he shows up to the cotillion is also one of my favourite scenes and when they dance in season 1 and Serena tells him he can let go of her since the photographer’s away and he says “I don’t want to…” like I love that moment.


Derena and Chair to me, are high school romances and my issue with Gossip Girl is that the show seemed too afraid to let these characters grow up and shift dynamics. I do think that Dan and Serena were great together. For a time. When Dan and Serena were together it was the first time she really understood her privilege and what came with it and it was the first time she met a genuine person and they had the intensity that comes with first loves, with experiencing what it’s like to truly care about another person for the first time in your life and that’s wonderful and sweet and so so significant but they didn’t grow from that moment. They didn’t become mature adults with each other, every time they were together, it was back to high school, back to Serena being pigheaded about her privilege and Dan being resentful and judgemental, back to Dan just waiting for Serena to make up her mind and take into account other people’s time and feelings and him just ready to rescue her whenever she did something that inevitably gets her in trouble so I don’t see their relationship as meaningful past high school. And with Dair … they spoke about *real* things and experienced *real* things and they were grownups together, as adults Dan and Blair are the people who complement each other the most and they make each other better people instead of reduce one another to pettiness like Derena and Chair did. So, that’s my opinion on that :)

”I hate your stupid face.”

“No, you don’t…”

Ishida-sensei's replies to fans - part 2

Ishida-sensei is sweet, hard-working, and smart.

Fan: I made Kaneki-kun’s mask ^^ But I don’t know whether I made it correctly… I hope to see lots of him in future chapters! w

Ishida: Good job!

(This was actually Yokota Mamoru, from the anime team, responding to the 2016 Calendar previews)

Yokota: A tear-off calendar! You must have drawn a lot.

Ishida: I’m far from finished, and recently I’ve been in a daze… !

(These types of riddles are pretty much impossible to translate without explanation as they rely heavily on Japanese synonyms.)

Fan: Hello Sui-sensei! I’ve thought up of a riddle. What do you think? [Paper] What do Arima and twinned eggs have in common? Why, they are both “kishou.” (貴将 = (Arima’s given name) Kishou, 希少 = rare)

Ishida: What do Arima Kishou and a toupee-wearer have in common? They both avoid “tokutou kaigi.” (特等懐疑 = skepticism on Arima’s rank as Special Class, 禿頭懐疑 = suspicions of baldness)

Well crafted, sensei, well crafted. Appare.

Bonus: the same person replied with another riddle. What do Nishio Nishiki and mayonnaise have in common? Why, “kimi” is important to them both. (貴未 = Nishino Kimi, 黄身 = egg yolk)


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)